Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bill Self to visit nation’s top-ranked preps


Julius Randle and Jabari Parker — the Nos. 1- and 2-rated high school basketball prospects in the country by — are playing host to Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self this week.

Self on Wednesday visited top-ranked Randle, a 6-foot-9, 240-pound power forward from Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano, Texas. Randle has a list of KU, Baylor, Duke, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas.

Kentucky coach John Calipari visited Randle earlier this week.

“There are a few coaches that Julius is willing to confide in, and that he reaches out to with questions,” Prestonwood coach Chris Mayberry told “But, I think that Calipari is by far the one that Julius is most comfortable with. Comfort in his recruitment is going to be huge, so I think that’s great that Julius and John (Calipari) have that type of early relationship.”

On Friday, Self will travel to Chicago to visit the home of No. 2-ranked Parker, a 6-8, 220-pound power forward from Simeon High.

Florida coach Billy Donovan on Tuesday visited Parker, who is considering KU, Florida, Brigham Young, DePaul, Duke, Georgetown, Kentucky, Michigan State, North Carolina and Stanford.

“I am looking for how the coaches explain their style of play to Jabari,” Sonny Parker, Jabari’s dad and high school coach, told “I want to see how the coaches are going to set up a player of Jabari’s size and talent so he can handle the ball on the break and in the half court. Jabari needs to be allowed to make plays.”

Of Parker, ESPN’s Reggie Rankin wrote: “He has the ability to rebound, lead the break, come off screens, pick and pop to drive or shoot the three. Not to mention, if his defender is smaller than him, he will attack from the low post, where he has the feel, moves and footwork of an NBA veteran and the basketball IQ to go with it.”

Both Parker and Randle are expected to sign in the spring.


KULA 8 years ago

Based on what his dad said, I doubt we have a snowball's chance of signing Parker.

And Brigham Young's still in the running? The Elder's must've opened up the coffers on this one.

Chris1955 8 years ago

I don't think that we'll land either of these guys. I can't wait until David Stern's days as NBA commissioner are over. Either let these players try the NBA out of high school and likely fail to make it in the NBA, or don't accept players players into the NBA until after their junior season. This one and done rule is major problem.

Ted Hume 8 years ago

I'm surprised how few people have talked about a 2-year requirement as the alternative, rather than the often-quoted "Junior year" or nothing option. To me if any requirement is mandated by the NBA, two years seems fair and logical. Then again, nothing about the sports industrial complex know as the NCAA-NBA/Stern corp. is logical, i suppose.

jaybate 8 years ago


Sez: "But, I think that Calipari is by far the one that Julius is most comfortable with." --Randle's HS coach

Meenz: WWW is da man.

Soe-lution: Tell Julius he can play at KU if the NCAA turns Lexington into Forfeitville USA.

Sez: "Jabari needs to be allowed to make plays.” --Father Parker

Meenz: He wants to play for Self, but he's afraid Self will make him play bang ball at the 4.

Soe-lution: Start talking about a new position called "the point four."

MartyrMangino 8 years ago

Disclaimer: Jaybate has expressed his indignation on multiple occasions about Turner Gill's firing.

Tony Bandle 8 years ago

Disclaimer: MartyMangino has expressed his indignation on multiple occasions about Jaybate expressing his indignation on multiple occasions about Turner Gill's firing.

jaybate 8 years ago

You're on your game today, Oak. :-)

jaybate 8 years ago


Did you not like SnailDartyr for a new serial alias? :-)

Okay, I can go with SerialMartyr, if your serial alias generating routine has a bug and you are on hold with customer service in Delhi and struggling with the language barrier.

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When serial aliases want to play, I want to play maker-takes with them.

This is the logonasium.

Time for our work out today, SerialMartyr. :-)

wildjayhawk 8 years ago

You are stupid, ignorantand a moron.

jaybate 8 years ago


Great to see your serial alias generator is working again.

Serialwildjayhawk, you get the Invertebrate Redundancy Award.

Whoooo Hawwwwww!

joeloveshawks 8 years ago

I agree with Chris 1955 that we don't land either of these guys. If I had to guess I see Randall at UK and Parker at UNC. Seems like the style of play they want, etc. I was thrilled yesterday to see Cat Barber with a list sans Kentucky and UNC.

Robert Brock 8 years ago

I have Randle going to UNC and Parker choosing Michigan State.

jhox 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

jhox 8 years ago

I would love to know what I said that violated the usage agreement. This was a pretty tame comment as I recall. Certainly nothing that's not being said by others in relation to this same story.

jaybate 8 years ago

jjox, you seem disingenous and wrong; that's quite a combination. Email the online editor and I suspect you will learn exactly what violation you committed.

april28 8 years ago

I think that Parker's dad and Xavier's dad should form a club: Dad's Who Want College Basketball Programs to Adjust What Their Style of Play so That Our Sons Will Be Lottery Picks After One Year. The Acronym for the club will be: The "DA's" for Dad's With Attitude (or you can use another meaning behind DA's, if you want).

Every time I read one of these types of article I shudder. Then I think: Bill Self is amazing. How he can continue to go into these recruit's homes and listen to this stuff, I just don't know.

jhox 8 years ago

Let's not forget and leave off Pete Padgett. He was duped by Pitino into believing his son would get to play out on the floor at Louisville. Never mind that he didn't even have quick enough feet to defend the low post, let alone a wing player.

If a kid is good enough and quick enough to act as a point forward, it will happen on its own. A coach won't need to be manipulated into playing a kid that way.

addlime 8 years ago

I agree. Once T-Rob got his handles together, he started initiating breaks from long rebounds and steals. It only works to a high percentage when it happens naturally in the flow of the game. And, of course, when the kid has the adequate abilities.

nuleafjhawk 8 years ago

I think I could do it too (the home visits) - for 4+ mil per year - or whatever ridiculous amount of money he makes !!

Tony Bandle 8 years ago

Answer to your question......earplugs!!

Freedman Moor 8 years ago

Micah Downs' people thought he was prep to pro material.

David Black 8 years ago

+100 on these know it all parents

RJ King 8 years ago

How great that you all saw and heard - first hand - all the attitude and selfish demands made by his father! Without this research, I could not possibly have known of Dad's pompous selfishness by simply reading comments like, “...looking for how the coaches explain their style of play," or "Jabari needs to be allowed to make plays.” If it weren't for such a well-informed group, I would've assumed Dad just wanted clarity and a good fit for all.

"Pre-bashing" out of fear of not landing Parker??? Let's blast his family now, in case we don't get him.

Can we not go there? (Kind of juvenile and insecure.) In spite of those (who apparently attended all of Jabari's HS practices and games, I hope that if Self wants him, we still have a good chance of landing him.

Andy Godwin 8 years ago

Unfortunately, with the mentality of these young players and their families looking for a big payday after only one year in college (potentially earlier if they go to Lexington), they really don't fit well into Bill Self's system. Everyone will get Calipari's sloppy seconds until the NBA changes the one and done rule and the NCAA forces Calipari out of college basketball by truly investigating his recruiting practices (he has serous violations at every stop and it has not encumbered his rise to the top).

Alex Peekeaton 8 years ago

RE: Calipari has serious violations at every stop?

Can you list them for me? TIA

Jack Wilson 8 years ago

BBall2012: I'm not a Calipari basher at all. But he had his final four appearance vacated by the NCAA while at UMass, and the same for his 2008 final four trip with Memphis.

There is just a cloud of impropriety. But some of the talk and speculation comes from folks that enjoy attacking him because of his success on the court, and in recruiting .. it makes us all feel better to vilify Calipari when a guy we want, goes to Kentucky. Automatically it's dirty and can't be for some other reason.

I think he is an excellent coach. His job last season with an extremely young (albeit talented) team was impressive. He's always been a good coach and he certainly relates well to the players as they seem to love playing for him.

My view .. weird maybe .. but I think Coach Cal at Kentucky is good for KU. I'm not sure that I've determined why I feel that way. But at the core of it all is that competition is good, and competition that provides a clear contrast is even better.

KGphoto 8 years ago

The fact that he's had two trips vacated for cheating is all the reason I need to believe he's still doing it. Nobody is vilifying him, they are just recognizing that he IS a villain.

I don't even mind losing players to another school, but he should have been banned from coaching college basketball after the Memphis season. Period. Good coach or not, he's a cheater at heart, and that's not good for college basketball. Therefore it is not good for Kansas basketball, IMHO.

Robin Smith 8 years ago

It's pretty simple: In the last 51 years there have been 204 Final Fours teams, 11 total vacated Final Fours and 2 were Calipari and 2 were Steve Fisher.

Additionally the four coaches with the most vacated anythings are Jim O'Brien (tOSU; fired) Steve Fisher (Mich; fired) Jerry Tarkanian (LBST; fled to UNLV; resigned) and John Calipari (UMass; fled to NBA then Memphis; fled to Kentucky).

There's only two coaches EVER to have vacated anythings at more than one school: Tarkanian and Calipari. The writing is on the wall.

jaybate 8 years ago

I posted this below with my cell phone, which won't let me attach responses anywhere but the end of the thread, but Robin Smith's post is so right on I have to get the props in again where they belong. To wit....

Robin Smith, PHOF! One of the best posts (re vacates and Cal) I have ever read.

Alex Peekeaton 8 years ago

UMass had their final four appearance vacated because Marcus Camby took $28K from two agents - both UMass & Calipari have been cleared by NCAA of not knowing about the transaction. Memphis had their final four vacated because the Educational Testing Service, which administers the SAT, threw out Rose's score AFTER the season. Funny thing is the NCAA Clearing House whose job is to investigate eligibility cleared Derek Rose to play!!!

HEM - You couldn't have said it any better..."But some of the talk and speculation comes from folks that enjoy attacking him because of his success on the court, and in recruiting .. it makes us all feel better to vilify Calipari when a guy we want, goes to Kentucky. Automatically it's dirty and can't be for some other reason."

Just think of all the speculation that is about to occur if Cal signs the Harrison twins, Randle, Young, and Wiggins (if he reclassifies which is probable)!!!

jaybate 8 years ago

Sometimes I think board rats need to be more clear about Cal.

His schools have had to vacate more combined total wins without him knowing what happened than has any other group of schools with a coach that did not know what happened.

~Not one, but two schools had to vacate wins for infractions Cal did not know about.

~At one school, Cal did not know about infractions that required his school to vacate wins in multiple seasons.

The clear indication is: if a school hires John Calipari, there is a very high probability that the school will have to vacate a season or more of wins that John Calipari will not know about.

Put another way, when a school hires John Calipari, it can be pretty sure that infractions will occur that John Calipari will not know about, but which the school will have to vacate wins for.

Based only on John Calipari's record at UMass and Memphis, of course.

jaybate 8 years ago

Erratum: I meant to say: His schools have probably had to vacate more combined total wins without him knowing what happened than has any other group of schools with the same coach that did not know what had happened. :-)

Ben Simonett 8 years ago

Well, were not landing either of these guys. Randles a UK lean and Self's balanced team offensive attack does not fit the description of what Sonny Parker is looking for for Jabari.

That's ok, I've wanted Jermaine Lawrence over these 2 anyway.

jayhawkinATL 8 years ago

We are just going to have to MAKE IT with 3 and 4-year players. LOL

jayhawkinATL 8 years ago


Jack Wilson 8 years ago

I posted this on the prior thread last night when I saw the ESPN article referred to above -- sorry for the repost, but it's the best I've got ----

Parker's dad is quoted as saying "I want to see how the coaches are going to set up a player of Jabari's size (6-foot-8, 220 pounds) and talent so he can handle the ball on the break and in the half court. Jabari needs to be allowed to make plays."

Hmmm. Personally, I'd suggest he go make plays at Kentucky, or Florida, or Georgetown, or wherever, and we'll kick his a** with our "team."

I get what Parker's dad is doing. I get demands. I get that he is looking out for his kid. But does he really get that if he comes to KU it is about KU, not Jabari Parker? I doubt it, and I just want no part of that garbage.

Try an alternative quote: " I want to hear how each of the coaches intend to develop my son. Jabari's a talented young man and can do a lot of things, but he can get better with the right guidance. There's no question Jabari wants to play in the NBA, but college is special experience. We're looking for a coach and school where he can improve as a person and player, while continuing to develop as part of a team."

I don't know, maybe I just don't get it. Give me the next tier who isn't a sure-fire 1st round pick. A kid whose professional playing career will be decided by how well he develops at KU. We seem to have had pretty good success with that.

John Boyle 8 years ago

What makes me sad is the fact that Parker's dad is a high school coach. I wouldn't have wanted to be a player on that team. I'm sure the whole team revolved around Parker. That is not what high school ball is about. The coaches (me included) should be about helping every player become the best player they can be and to learn how to function as a team. It is a life lesson not just a basketball lesson. Sorry for the sermon, it is just a sore point with me because of what I have witnessed over the years as a coach.

jhox 8 years ago

Good point, Highelite. Funny thing is that I've seen NBA scouts comment off the record how ill prepared Kentucky players have been in coming to the NBA after a year or two under Calipari. What these kids don't realize is that Calipari doesn't do a great job of developing players, most of the ones who have gone high in the draft are the same guys who would have gone high if they could have gone straight to the pros out of high school. Most of the KU guys who have gone high are guys who have been developed after arriving on campus. I'd like to see what Self could do with the kind of players Calipari has been getting.

HawkKlaw 8 years ago

Wait, HEM. Correct me if I'm wrong, but by saying "Give me the next tier who isn't a sure-fire 1st round pick" didn't you just make a case for not necessarily recruiting the top-ranked players from and instead opt to go after...gasp...players that better fit KU's system? I think you did!

Jack Wilson 8 years ago

HawkKlaw: Yes, I did. Rankings matter. The best players are usually the highest ranked guys. But for coach Self, his system, what he requires .. the best thing usually is to skip the player that presumes that he will be an OAD and focus on the kids just below that.

If the rules were different .. perhaps requiring them to stay at least two seasons, I might think otherwise. Regardless, I can't stand the OAD attitude. It's difficult. A presumed OAD worked out .. Brandon Rush. Without him, we likely don't win the title.

HawkKlaw 8 years ago

Welcome to your age of KU basketball enlightenment, Mr. Hem.

Tony Bandle 8 years ago


Curtis Stutz 8 years ago

I'd say wait and watch Releford and Ellis make plays this year Mr. Parker. If Self's style of play doesn't give them opportunities to make plays maybe your son is better off elsewhere, but if those two have great seasons you'll know Jabari will have opportunities to make plays at KU.

Freedman Moor 8 years ago

I'm sick of all the Vaccaros and WWWs of the world!

jaybate 8 years ago

Seeing the glass half full, they make us look like saints. :-)

KGphoto 8 years ago

Calhoun is done. Good timing too. No way would I want to trudge through all that crud for a couple more years, at 70 years old, before having a chance to make another run. I think UConn is down for the count. The Big East is just imploding!

jaybate 8 years ago

The Big East lost their minds and didn't jump at what Lew Perkins was engineering for them--a merger with the Big 12. They read everything completely wrong. And then when they cherry picked Boise State they burned their bridge with the Big 12, because the Big 12 had their eye on Boise State and BYU. The Big East leadership snatched defeat from the jaws of victory beyond their wildest dreams. If there were an Athletic Directors and Conference Commissioners Hall of Shame, a special wing would have to be built for the Big East, which turned itself into the Big Least entirely on its own. Human stupidity is one of the greatest forces of nature. There is almost nothing is cannot screw up.

p2d2kuhawks 8 years ago

Unfortunately in this day and age of instant gratification, selfishness and it's all about me mentality. Many kids grow up believing that they are more important than anyone or anything else. Thirty years ago if a kid had that attitude they most likely did not learn it at home. If they brought it to class or to practice, their teacher or coach wouldn't hesitate to put them in their place and attempt to teach them what is really important. We fast forward 30 years and now it's the parent who is instilling this thought process in their children. Sports and life in general would be much better off without the participation of these individuals, but that is not likely to change anytime soon. HCBS is wise enough to determine whether a player is more likely to help his team or hurt it. Sometime it is just the parent with this thought process and fortunately their child has not allowed it to change them. Some of these players with parents who make these comments to the media probably just wish they would be quiet and quit embarrassing them.

AverageCitizen 8 years ago

There was a standard for centuries that the wisest men were the oldest and children learned from them and did what they said. I agree, P2, that now children/young adults seem to be running the asylum. What THEY want seems to determine their choices without the benefit of life experiences/wisdom to back it up. (My side comment: this is contributing to the demise of the family and community as much as other more commonly mentioned issues.) Self's common refrain that if the team concentrates on passing the ball and defense, instead of ball hogging or worrying about their numbers, their chance to shine will come. Many a player, half way through the season, has said "Gosh, Self is right!" but it seemed to take them a while to buy into that. Parkers father should know this as a coach but seems to be side tracked by the stars in his eyes over his son's future.

p2d2kuhawks 8 years ago

AC, having been a dyed in the wool, sold out for my team Jahawk fan since my Dad first took me to a KU game in the mid 70's. I believe I have a little bit of insight into the program and the development of the Jayhawks under TO, LB, RW and HCBS. I would never profess to be an expert or an insider. I have raised two boys that cried when the Jayhawks played their final game each year with the exception of two incredible years. Their mother does not define that as one of my finest traits, but I digress, I am what I am. I have attended a number of games over the years and only missed a handful of others, either on TV or Radio. We, as a Jayhawk Nation have been blessed by a program with coaches who have been more concerned by the good of the program and the team. And I believe, the Jayhawks have been more successful, and will be going forward, by continuing to subscribe to this school of thought. I believe there are few, if any players that leave HCBS's program that are sorry that they chose to play there. I am proud to be a Jayhawk and always will be.

Tony Bandle 8 years ago

I'm still cheering for The Cat and KShep. to go with Brannen and Conner and BenMac to stay one more year!! That will make 2013 unlucky for any of our opponents.

jaybate 8 years ago

"Some Things Basketball Court Dads Have Said to Bill Self Over the Years that Have Not Been Reported"

~My son, 7-6 Manute Bol, dribbled well enough to have played the point for you, Coach Self.

~My son, 6-10 Kevin Love, is money from three, Coach Self, so we are looking for a place that will let Kevin feel those good vibrations at the 2 position.

~My son, 7-1 Nick Pino, could really get up and down the floor once upon a time, Coach Self. He would have been ideal in your system.

~My son, Dennis Rodman, could rebound, and guard the four alright, but he also had a fabulous trifecta and would have loved to have played the 2 for you.

~My son, Mugsy Bogues, could really jump once upon a time, and I always felt he could have impacted more at the 4, or 5, and I know you would have recognized this, Coach Self.

~I know my son, Mardell, at 5'11 and 347 pounds, outweighs Sherron Collins a little, but trust me: he can do the same things at the point for you that Sherron did.

~I know my son, Brad, smokes more pot in a week than what comes ashore on twenty ponga boats in Southern California, but he is a quick-read, Coach Self, and on the floor he could make all the rapid fire decisions you would need.

~I know my son, Juan, has a vertical of 12", and keeps trying to kick the ball instead of dribbling it, but trust me, Coach Self, if you put the ball in his hands, he can get to the rim like nobody's business.

~I know my son, 6-8 Chen Li Tze, distracts himself on the bench over there with fuzzy logic algorithms and thought experiments about freezing photons in matrices as a new means of high speed data processing, but believe me Coach Self, he picks games up very fast and I just know that he could learn basketball and be your point guard within two weeks.

~I know my son, John Mbah a Mugabe is 7'9" and 112 pounds, and you doubt his ability to play grind it out with Ratso Izzo's Spartans, but I have had his elbows surgically sharpened with the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and I have no doubt that John can post up on the blocks and enforce for you.

~I know my 5-7 son, Steven, looks like a mensch going to temple, Coach Self, but at 227 pounds of cut muscle, as god is my witness, he will beast in the paint for you at the 4, like no goyim ever.

~I know Billy Bob is 6-8 and lost his right arm in a hay baler last year, but I'm telling you, Coach Self, my son can go right and distribute from the point like nobody's business, even without the prosthetic.

jaybate 8 years ago

~I know Gisela is a girl, and 8 months pregnant, and only 4-9, but you've never seen a kid that can guard the post like her. She can take any boy in the paint, anytime, with or without the bun in the oven.

~I know my son jaybate is in late middle age, nearly deaf, hasn't had an erection since the late 80s, and fights the heart break of psoriasis, but he could bring energy and spark off the bench at all five positions and run numbers for Coach Dooley, while Joe Do is using those antennae dish ears to eaves drop on the opposing team's bench.

(Note: All fiction. No malice. And I'll tell you this: if you don't fight for your kid's interest in America today, no one else will. So, even though I'm poking fun here, more power to every parent, no matter the race, religion, gender, or place of origin, that runs interference for his/her kid. And personally, I look forward to a time when girls finally get big and strong enough to play with the boys. It will happen one day, if they are allowed and encouraged to pursue the game over enough generations. And it would happen sooner, rather than later, if the fouls were called the way they ought to be. I just taught my wife to shoot one handed and she beat me at horse. Its never too late to learn!!!! Not saying women can be better. Just saying women can be as good over time as men, given the same inputs and access. I know we're different and time and evolution have delivered us to sometimes differing abilities in this moment in time. But I really believe men and women can learn from each other and use each other as benchmarks of what can be achieved, rather than just say boys over here and girls over there. Outside child bearing, men can look at women and say, "If they can do that, we can, too" just as women can look at men and say, "If they can do it, then we can, too." We are two genders of the same species separated by acculturation, a gene, or two, some different hormonal recipes, and (vive l'difference) different gentials. I know, on average they are better multi-taskers and we are physically stronger, but we have so much more in common than we have differences. Just saying nothing is written. For anyone. Ever. Rock Chalk!)

soapisurfriend 8 years ago

I hate to see parents coming in and commenting like this because it looks bad on the player. Pops Parker's comments in no way incapsulate the personality of the younger Parker. This is why J.P. will not be going to Kentucky. He is a great kid with a sterling grade point average and spends countless hours volunteering in his community. Sonny reminds me of Bazz's old man last year.

jaybate 8 years ago

Hope you are right. Alas, Bazz's dad got Bazz into UCHellA. JP picks KU. If he's the player you say, it would be awesome what he could do with Self's coaching.

p2d2kuhawks 8 years ago

About 10 years ago when my youngest son was in middle school, I asked our local high school Guidance Counselor and a very respected man in our community, (who had previousley been the head varsity football coach for over 15 years with two state titles and had one of the best winning percentages in the state for his career, and was not even close to retirement age). So I asked him, "why did you step down as the head football coach", and he said "the kids are not the same, they don't learn respect at home and when they get into high school, I can't teach that to them and also coach football. I love what I do and I love teaching the kids, but the respect is gone and I just can't deal with that anymore." Scenarios like his are sad, and a real shame. They most likely have occured all over this country. Sign of the times, our culture, or to be politically correct, we must let young people figure things out and make their own choices.

Brian Skelly 8 years ago

I saw Parker's team play in the Illinois State Finals this past year. There's a reason the team revolved around Parker -- hes phenomenal. It wasnt just that he was the best player on the four teams I saw (watched the 3rd/4th place game as well). It's that he was the best player BY FAR. And it wasnt close. And there was probably 6 to 8 other guys going to D-I schools this year or next playing.

He's big, he can ball handle, he can shoot, he can rebound, and he can (and is willing) to defend. I actually see him more as a 3 than a 4 or 2 though. He'd be a big thick 3 three, likely get beat around a bit as a 4... it wouldnt be the best utilization of his skill set. I'd think as a 2 though he'd have trouble with shorter and quicker guards.

The KU guy id say he most remind me of in recent memory is Brandon Rush. He seems fundamentally sounds, at least for a H.S. kid. He scored about 25 points, but they were all within the flow of the game, and wasnt him just jacking up shots. His team also had a big guy who was going to either Marquette or Cincinnati who was banging well on the inside. As said there were others who were going to D-I schools. But Parker was light years ahead of them on the floor. I know there's a ton of hype around this kid, which in all actuality isnt doing him any favors. Didnt S.I. have him on the cover as the best recruit since LeBron? I dont know about all that. I just know when seeing him against his peers -- good ones at that -- he stood out above them to 'man among boys' levels.

Apparently his family are devout Mormons. The BYU thing is serious. Im quite sure coach Cal will have the inside track. Lets just hope Self's Chicago influence helps. It's no crime if we dont get this kid, but he is awesome.

Robert Brock 8 years ago

He will join Coach Izzo. Take it to the bank.

Alex Peekeaton 8 years ago

Coach Cal wants Andrew Wiggins at the SF position....

Dick Murdock 8 years ago

I'd bet Cal would convert to Mormonism to get this kid.

notjustbread 8 years ago

Self knows when to pour it on.....and, no, I am not just talking about syrup.

jaybate 8 years ago


With all due respect to a man who coached well, People who blame parents for kids lack of respect and quit on kids are using that as an excuse for letting go. The real reason they are letting go is after a period of time high school coaching becomes a real job. And the salary and retirement bennies aren't near enough to justify the long hours. They don't like to admit they are quitting over money, and by then they are sick of the friction with parents, so the parents become the face saving excuse. Pay these HS coaches even an eighth of what Self makes and none would quit. I have gotten to know half a dozen good ones as an adult and everyone of them just finally resented they were almost working for nothing.

p2d2kuhawks 8 years ago

That is a good thought, and maybe it is an excuse. And for some, even if they are successful, some people have only so much to give. They do it until they cannot do it anymore, for whatever reason. For the sake of my children and others in our community, I appreciate those who have given so much and like you said, are not compensated properly.

jaybate 8 years ago

Robin Smith,


One of the best posts (re vacates and Cal) I have ever read.

jaybate 8 years ago

Self is an amazing, tireless competitor.

Julius Randle's coach practically says Julius Randle is going to UK.

Jabari Parker's dad practically says Jabari needs to be show cased as an impact player in transition, something Self never does with players Parker's size (ask Perry Ellis).

Yet Self straps'em up, and marches into the valley of the shadow recruiting death fearing no evil, his defense and his commitment to team making him fear no evil. Thy slide and thy manning-up, they comfort him.

God, Phog Allen and Henry Iba would love this guy.

Jeezus, I love this guy.

Go, Bill, Go!!!!!!

jaybate 8 years ago

One more suggestion Jabari, Bill: POINT FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin Rosenblum 8 years ago

Since Calipari has come up so frequently in this thread, I'll share a funny story.

Recently went with my wife to her Catholic church's 75th annuversary dinner. Very nice affair with speakers and a slide presentation. A sort of walk down memory lane over the many years the church has been in existence. Of course the presentation started with the older memories and progressed through the years until the current time. A lot of applause from the audience when they saw photos of some of their old school and church events. A very touching presentation for sure. Then, a photo appeared showing several kids in the church gym with Calipari n the middle. Of course, he was playing to the camera as he is prone to do whenever there is a camera. After all of he positive energy, emotional memories, etc. that one photo of Cal resulted in "boos" from the crowd at a decibel level more than any of the applause preceeeding. This church is actually a few blocks from the campus and Cal, being Catholic, made appearances more than once for PR I'm sure.

I found this to be so nteresting that in 2012, the sentiment is still so much alive that he brought such shame to this community.

Steve Gantz 8 years ago

I feel like I get all the leftovers on these conversations. Time doesn't permit me to check this site in the morning and read the comments. Wish I could get in earlier, but it is fun to read all the comments.

texashawk10 8 years ago

Jabari Parker's recruitment has turned into a mirror image of Xavier Henry's recruitment. Sonny Parker is a former pro basketball player now coaching at the HS level who has a highly rated son and is trying to make demands of schools on how they should use his son. Switch out Sonny Parker for Carl Henry and it's the exact same story. I do feel bad for Jabari because by all accounts Jabari seems like a perfectly good kid who doesn't have near the ego his dad does. Again, switch out Jabari and put in Xavier and it's just as true.

jaybate 8 years ago

"Possible Summary Template for Stories about Recruits:"

Player Name (Birth Certificate/Nickname)

Height (Listed/Actual):

Weight (Listed/Actual):

No. of Children Being Supported (legitimate/illegitimate):

Gang Affiliation (if any):

No. of High Schools Attended and Likely Eligibility Delay:

Position (Desired/Actual):

Probable Years to Join Rotation (Promised/Actual):

% Probability of Being OAD:

If OAD, % Probability Player Will Play to Minimize Injury Risk:

% Probability of Being OAF:

If OAF, % Probability Player Will Stay Positive at Exit:

High School/JUCO Coach Using Player to Get Job: Y/N

Player's Father a Former Pro/College Player Prone to Hype: Y/N

Player's Mother's Primary Preference (wants son to get degree, or wants son to buy her a house):

Player's Willingness to Play Self Defense:

Player's Ability to Learn 1,000 Page Play Book:

Probable Number of Seasons Before Player Can Protect, Feed Post, Guard Position, and Help Defend Against Conference Competition:

Forecasted Time in Toughening Box:

Amount of Swagger on a Ten Scale (10 being highest and 1 being lowest):

(Note: All just a little Friday fun.)

HawkKlaw 8 years ago

"...where he has the feel, moves and footwork of an NBA veteran and the basketball IQ to go with it."

Seems like a bold statement to describe a high schooler, eh? Let's come back to reality a little bit, shall we Mr. Rankin?

Tony Bandle 8 years ago

Not that I disagree with you, but I remember almost the exact same quote regarding a high school senior from Ohio about a decade ago.

jaybate 8 years ago


Do you ever stop trolling ever? :-)

Note: this post is meant to complete a hi-lo of TexasSquawk.22short below. :-)

TexasHawk44 8 years ago

Do you ever shut up? Seriously: ever?

jaybate 8 years ago


You delight me. You exhibit the same kind of unapologetic degeneracy that serial aliases do, but you are not a serial alias. Truly an amazing fete. :-)

johnnyphoton 8 years ago

Bill Self has the reputation of being a disciplinarian and there's nothing wrong with that. Bill Self doesn't have cool hair. Calipari does. (Does this mean a Romney victory?). Self's style of play isn't conducive to a more individualistic style of play. I'd rather have my kid go to Self's program if I was seriously interested in the development of my son's game, i.e., getting ready for a potential pro career. All that said, Self is going to miss out on his fair share of the top college recruits, like most college coaches do.

TexasHawk44 8 years ago

Didn't even have to name you. At least you recognize your own egomaniacal stupidity. I think I was wrong about your IQ. More like 30 than 10. How is that new pipe working out for you? Bet it is the envy of the trailer park. Roar, little mouse, roar! Just remember that the rest of the world hears a tiny squeak, where your little brain hears your mighty growl. You are so ridiculous it is comical.

Please never stop your ignorant rants. As you have no job or social life, nobody will know if you overdo the pipe except your clownish converts on this board. We don't want to have to send Keegan out with a search party to scour all of the trailer parks in the Midwest looking for a middle aged loser with a well worn thesaurus and a thirty year old collection of encyclopedias, wearing Scooby Doo slipppers and eating Captain Crunch. OK I am waiting for same lame comeback. Keep insulting Texas , idiot...

jumpinjayhawk 8 years ago

Everyone knows Calapari pays the most to one and done recruits.

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