Friday, September 7, 2012 staff’s Week 2 college football picks college football staff picks. college football staff picks.


The following are the Journal-World staffers' picks for Week 2 of the college football season.

Week 2 games

Rice at Kansas

Miami (Fla.) at Kansas State

Georgia at Missouri

Iowa State at Iowa

Florida at Texas A&M;

Nebraska at UCLA

Off-the-wall question: What are three positive character traits that you don't have?

Sports editor Tom Keegan (6-0 overall)

Kansas 41, Rice 28

Kansas State 28, Miami 27

Georgia 20, Missouri 17

Iowa 24, Iowa State 21

Texas A&M; 28, Florida 27

UCLA 31, Nebraska 24

Question: Disciplined, patient, trusting.

Associate sports editor Drew Hartsock (6-0 overall)

Kansas 21, Rice 17

Miami 35, Kansas State 28

Georgia 42, Missouri 28

Iowa 45, Iowa State 28

Florida 42, Texas A&M; 35

Nebraska 21, UCLA 3

Question: Only three? Wittiness, charm, patience, to name just a few.

Sports copy editor Nick Gerik (6-0 overall)

Kansas 35, Rice 26

Kansas State 27, Miami 24

Georgia 30, Missouri 17

Iowa State 19, Iowa 14

Texas A&M; 24, Florida 21

Nebraska 33, UCLA 27

Question: Tact to convincingly feign interest in baseball; patience to pace myself when watching a new series on Netflix; self awareness to stop singing along to the stereo at signal lights

Sports copy editor Chris Cottrell (5-1 overall)

Kansas 24, Rice 17

Kansas State 24, Miami 21

Georgia 30, Missouri 21

Iowa 35, Iowa State 21

Texas A&M; 24, Florida 23

Nebraska 31, UCLA 21

Question: Adaptability, loquaciousness, flexibility.

KU football beat writer Matt Tait (4-2 overall)

Kansas 40, Rice 27

Kansas State 33, Miami 24

Georgia 28, Missouri 24

Iowa State 27, Iowa 23

Florida 34, Texas A&M; 19

Nebraska 35, UCLA 23

Question: Patience, Efficiency and Punctuality ...

KU men's basketball beat writer Gary Bedore (4-2 overall)

Kansas 28, Rice 24

Kansas State 37, Miami 36

Missouri 28, Georgia 17

Iowa 21, Iowa State 17

Florida 37, Texas A&M; 31

Nebraska 26, UCLA 10

Question: Ability to cook, ability to fix plumbing, ability to catch fish.

High school beat reporter Benton Smith (4-2 overall)

Kansas 34, Rice 31

Miami 28, Kansas State 24

Georgia 30, Missouri 26

Iowa 23, Iowa State 20

Florida 30, Texas A&M; 24

Nebraska 34, UCLA 27

Question: 1. The ability to thoroughly answer questions. 2. ... online editor Jesse Newell (4-2 overall)

Kansas 34, Rice 21

Miami 24, Kansas State 21

Georgia 35, Missouri 20

Iowa 20, Iowa State 17

Florida 38, Texas A&M; 28

Nebraska 21, UCLA 10

Question: Being organized, being brave (especially around mice) and being decisive.


actorman 9 years, 3 months ago

Got to give it to Benton Smith, I love his answer to the question.

Ryan Shelton 9 years, 3 months ago

We left a lot of points on the field last week. I have to think that Tom and Matt are closer on KU's scoring total than the rest.

Micky Baker 9 years, 3 months ago

Kansas 49 Rice 16 (Turnovers) Miami 27 Kansas State 17 Georgia 30 Missouri 20 Iowa State 24 Iowa 20 Florida 41 Texas A&M 20 UCLA 24 Nebraska 23

texashawk10 9 years, 3 months ago

Rice 21

Kansas 45

KU's offense clicks better this week while the defense forces 3 more turnovers to KU's 1.

Miami 31

KState 34

Miami is not the Miami of 10 years ago and KState is the legitimately better team.

Georgia 42

Missouri 28

Missouri DT Sheldon Richardson wrote a check that Missouri just isn't good enough to cash.

Iowa St. 21

Iowa 24

This is usually a very competitive game and with neither team looking all that special last week, this should be another good one and I have to give the home team a slight advantage and the win.

Florida 20

Texas A&M 13

This will be an ugly offensive game as neither of Florida's QB's are any good for the school they're at and the Aggies are starting a freshman at QB.

Nebraska 52


Nebraska looked pretty good against USM last week and is going to be one of the favorites in the Big 10 this year. UCLA is a mid-pack Pac 12 team that's going to finish 3rd or 4th in their division this year.

I'm not always patient, I'm not a very sympathetic person, and something about finishing.

JJHAWK 9 years, 3 months ago

FUN BUT WORTHLESS information: Data cumulative from the writers predictions

Team picked to score the most points: Kansas - 257

Next to score the most points: Florida - 252

Team picked to score the least points: UCLA - 152

Next picked to score the least points: Iowa State - 170

Game with largest point differential: UCLA vs Nebraska - Nebraska by 73

Next game with larget point differential: Kansas vs Rice - Kansas by 66

Game with the smallest point differential: K-State vs Miami - K-State by 3

Next game with smallest point differrential: Iowa vs Iowa State - Iowa by 35

april28 9 years, 3 months ago

Interesting. Add in the cumulative "pick" by all the writers and it would be interesting to see how the group does against the actual results.

justinryman 9 years, 3 months ago

Rice at Kansas Rice 17 Kansas 38

Miami (Fla.) at Kansas State Miami 45 KSU 31

Georgia at Missouri Georgia 31 mu 13

Iowa State at Iowa ISU 17 Iowa 14

Florida at Texas A&M Florida 24 a&M 17

Nebraska at UCLA NU 28 UCLA 14

Off-the-wall question: Patience, filtering my mouth, when to say enough is enough

SEsco10 9 years, 3 months ago

Kansas 31 Rice 24

KSU 21 The U 17

Georgia 28 Missouri 20

Iowa 20, Iowa State 7

Florida 38, Texas A&M 28

Nebraska 21, UCLA 17

Randy Bombardier 9 years, 3 months ago

KU 52 Rice 14 K-State 45 Miami 24 Georgia 42 Missouri 17 Iowa State 20, Iowa 17 TAMU 38, Florida 41 NU 35 UCLA 10

Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence otherwise these wouldn't be guesses, KU would never lose another game, and I'd never miss one.

dochambers 9 years, 3 months ago

I have no idea of the relative quality of the teams Georgia and Missouri will put on the field tomorrow. It does occur to me that there may be a small bias against those defectors from the state to the East of us.

Jeff Coffman 9 years, 3 months ago

Who is this third best Tiget team in the SEC that every one is referring to and why would we want them even as a pick that will happen this week? I'm not even sure I would include the Aggies in our weekly picks either!

april28 9 years, 3 months ago

My new favorite tigger is that Richardson kid. "Old man football"....friggin' hilarious. They should put a statue of "Old Man Football" in Athens next year when methzou visits.

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