Tuesday, October 30, 2012

KU’s Jamari Traylor sees wait, work rewarded with start vs. Emporia State

Red team coach, Jamari Traylor sticks his tongue out after a bucket by his team on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at the Horejsi Center.

Red team coach, Jamari Traylor sticks his tongue out after a bucket by his team on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at the Horejsi Center.


The long wait is over for Kansas University red-shirt freshman basketball power forward Jamari Traylor.

The 6-foot-8, 220-pounder from Chicago — who, as a partial qualifier was ineligible to play in games all last season — has been slotted a spot in the starting lineup for today’s exhibition opener against Emporia State.

Tipoff is 7 p.m., in Allen Fieldhouse.

“He’s played the hardest, and in the last week, he’s played the best of the other guys, so he’s going to start and Perry (Ellis) will be our first (big) guy off the bench,” KU coach Bill Self said Monday.

Self noted that Traylor has been, “competing hard, playing to his athletic ability. ... He is relentless now. He’ll go after the ball.”

Traylor, who is eager to shake off the rust, said he’s thankful he’s been accorded his first start at KU.

“I would say so,” Traylor said, asked if he considered the start a result of his work at practice. “I definitely bring my hard hat every day. I’m guessing coach really just threw me a bone, I guess.

“I wouldn’t say that, but I guess I’m rewarded for my energy and my effort. I’m just happy they (coaches) believe in me. I’m going to go out there and give my all,” Traylor added.

Traylor admits he’s been impatient at times while waiting to play in his first game since his senior year at IMG Academy in Florida. Before that, the late-starter in basketball played one season at Chicago’s Julian High.

“This is definitely a huge moment for me,” Traylor said. “Not really me starting, it’s not about that ... it’s my first game. I’ve been sitting out a whole year. Late Night was like a weight lifted. This is another weight lifted. I just want to get out there and play.”

As to what fans should expect ... “I am always a tough player. I’m one of the first guys to dive on the floor for a loose ball, getting 50/50 balls. I am a smart player when out there. I know I will bring energy and toughness,” Traylor said.

He’s be joined in the starting lineup by seniors Jeff Withey, Elijah Johnson and Travis Releford, plus another red-shirt frosh who sat out all last season, Ben McLemore.

“I think it’s going to be great he’ll be starting. He’ll bring a lot of energy to our team,” said McLemore, a 6-5 guard from St. Louis. “I think there will be a lot of nervousness out there, especially as far as me and Jamari and all the other freshmen. It will be our first college basketball game. I think it’ll be good for us.”

Self said Andrew White III, a 6-6 freshman from Richmond, Va., would likely be first perimeter player off the bench and 6-8 Wichita frosh Ellis the first big off the bench.

“He goes hard all the time,” Ellis said of Traylor. “He is doing everything as hard as he can. It definitely could rub off on me, too.”

Asked if he’ll be a bit nervous making his KU debut, former Wichita Heights standout Ellis said: “That’s for every game. I’m always a little nervous. It comes with it.”

Self said he’s eager to see how his freshmen react in a home game before 16,300 fans. He’s hoping they are aggressive.

“This is my deal. I asked Travis, ‘Has anybody (in frosh class) told you, ‘Hey don’t get hurt because if you get hurt you may not get your spot back?’ Nobody’s told Travis that. Nobody’s walked up to Elijah and said, ‘Hey I know you’re the guy now but don’t sleep on me.’ We don’t have that yet. We have nice kids and nice kids are great, but we need the mindset that, ‘Hey, wake up every morning and I’m going to do whatever I can to take your spot, so just don’t stub your toe.’ I don’t say that to be mean or belligerent or anything, but that’s good for the old guys. The old guys want that. We don’t need blenders. We need guys to take charge.”

Teammates to tangle: Emporia State freshman Terrence Moore is a high school teammate of KU’s Ellis. The 6-1 guard scored 12 points in ESU’s 60-49 loss to Danny Manning’s Tulsa team on Saturday in Tulsa.

“We’re both looking forward to it, just getting the season started,” Ellis said.

Self on having a team with four scholarship seniors and seven scholarship freshmen: “I mean it’s the hand we’ve been dealt, but I like that hand. It’s a good hand and there are a lot of people that would like to have our hand.”

Self on former KU center Cole Aldrich being traded from the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder to the Houston Rockets: “He needs to get a new contract (after rookie contract runs out this year) and this is a very important year. He needs to get on the floor in order to get that and he really believes this is a good move for him. So he thinks he’ll have more opportunities there (to play). He had a pretty good preseason. He had a couple of double-doubles and did some things. I was disappointed because I like Oklahoma City so much, but I think it might be better for his career.”

Injuries: Freshman forward Zach Peters, who has a rotator cuff injury in his left (shooting) shoulder, doesn’t figure to start practicing anytime soon. “Apparently he is doing better with exercises and all that stuff but I asked him the other the day if he could shoot and he said it hurts too bad,” Self said. “So I don’t see any immediate resolution on that at all. He gets his arm in a certain position and it still bothers him a lot.”

Also, freshman walk-on guard Evan Manning will not play because of a right foot injury that requires him to wear a boot. He’s yet to practice this season. ... Senior Kevin Young is out with a broken bone in his right hand that will keep him out the entire exhibition season and likely the first regular-season game (SE Missouri State, Nov. 9).

Recruiting: Tyler Roberson, a 6-8 senior forward from Roselle (N.J.) Catholic, has narrowed his list of colleges to KU, Villanova and Syracuse.’s No. 31-rated player has eliminated Kentucky, Rutgers and SMU from consideration and is hoping to choose a school in the “next week or so.”

This, that: KU has won 36 straight home exhibition games dating to the 1994 season. ... KU is 13-3 versus Emporia State including a 5-0 mark in exhibitions. ... ESU is coached by former Colorado player Shaun Vandiver. The Hornets went 9-18 in his first season. ESU returns two starters from last year’s squad and was picked to finish 10th of 15 teams in this year’s MIAA poll.


Priest Fontaine 1 year, 5 months ago

and links to watch the game online?


wrwlumpy 1 year, 5 months ago

McLemore has been with Reliford and Johnson and in the flow for almost 10 months.

Freshmen, just remember,defense first, then no turnovers on offense and the minutes will come to you. And play with the energy of Kevin until he gets back.

Even though Tractor Traylor does't have the Offensive of TRob, he will take up a lot of space underneath and get to the boards, leaving Jeff to do what he did last year plus score 5 more points per game.

Can't wait til 7pm.


lookinggood 1 year, 5 months ago

I was watching for a while until games started not showing. Now-a-days use Wait for big blue boxed "X" to show in upperleft corner, travel the cursor over it, then close the tiny little "x" in the bottomleft corner to clear screen of ads. They have the esu v ku game already listed so let's hope they find a good stream. RCJH!


Jack Wilson 1 year, 5 months ago

The most interesting story lines:

  1. Traylor, Lucas or Wesley - Is one really better than the others?

  2. McLemore - As good as advertised?

  3. Releford - Assertive on offense?

  4. EJ - Can he shoot with accuracy?

  5. Withey - Will he fill the TRob void on the boards? More scoring?

  6. Tharpe - Progress?

  7. Traylor - Merely being thrown a bone, or really deserving?

  8. Lucas - Anywhere near ready for primetime?

  9. White - Could we have a real, long range sniper?

  10. Ellis - Can he surpass Marcus' pedestrian freshman performance?

  11. Adams - Anywhere near the rotation?

  12. Wesley - Has he bumped against his ceiling already?


jaybate 1 year, 5 months ago

If Self's going to start Jamari during the regular season, then it time to reindex him to 6-9 and 230.


HawkKlaw 1 year, 5 months ago

Good work Jamari!

Nobody should be worried about Perry Ellis. We see Bill Self do this all the time, especially with talented freshmen. Ellis will be the starter, probably before the non-conference season is over. This move will make Jamari and Perry both better in the long run.

Bill Self is at it again.


jayhawkfan614 1 year, 5 months ago

So is ESPN3 the only option this evening then, or did someone verify that Full Court is going to have it. Here in Ohio the Time Warner menu doesnt state any team names for the usual Full Court channels.

Also, I cant wait to see the new cameras, fuzzyvision in standard def on the Jayhawk network is a killer....

On that note - not to highjack the thread - but does anyone know if Full Court is planning any HD channels? At least here last year it was all standard definition for non-ESPN/2/U broadcasts.


JayhawkBonedoc 1 year, 5 months ago

I'm so excited for the new season. I have one problem though. Looking ahead at the national contenders schedules I noted that UK plays MU on Feb. 23(UK being the contender in this case Fizzou is only an after thought as far as I'm concerned). I have absolutly no idea who to root for (really who to root hardest against). Can anyone help me out with this issue.


Priest Fontaine 1 year, 5 months ago

Did anyone else notice this article on Jayhawkslant that has a list of projected starters for both teams? They have the exact same height/weight for each player (position).

Projected Starters

G - Elijah Johnson (Senior, 6-foot-4, 195 pounds)

G - Ben McLemore (Freshman, 6-foot-5, 195 pounds)

G - Travis Releford (Senior, 6-foot-6, 210 pounds)

F - Jamari Traylor (Freshman, 6-foot-8, 220 pounds)

C - Jeff Withey (Senior, 7-foot, 235 pounds)

Projected Starters (Emporia State)

G - Taylor Euler (Senior, 6-foot-4, 195 pounds)

G - Chris Sights (Freshman, 6-foot-5, 195 pounds)

G - Kaleb Wright (Senior, 6-foot-6, 210 pounds)

F - Michael Harris (Freshman, 6-foot-8, 220 pounds)

F - Gavin Brown (Senior, 7-foot, 235 pounds)


Tony Bandle 1 year, 5 months ago

Reasons to start Jamari over Perry.

1] Bill squints his eyes when Semi is on the court and believes it's TRob.

2] "J" comes before "P" in the alphabet.

3] KU COMBO..Jamari softens them up, then Perry kills them softly!!

4] Bill wants to see Jaybate and TexasHawk44 go to posting war over the decision.

5] Maybe we should wait and see who starts against Michigan State??

6] If healthy, it would have been Kevin, but Perry lost two out of three hands of Rock, Paper, Scissors to Jamari.

7] It's Turner Gill's fault.

8] It's Lew's fault.

9] It's a thank you for all the hard work, it's a message to Perry, it's coaching strategy or it's none of the above.


LittleRockJayhawker 1 year, 5 months ago

RANDOM AND UNRELATED: The front page of FoxNews has a picture of flooded taxis in Hoboken, NJ. Isn't that Tyshawn Taylor's home? I wonder if we could get any updates on that.


Larry Smith 1 year, 5 months ago

Lot's being interpreted from the starting line-up for an exhibition game. As Traylor said, "I’m guessing coach really just threw me a bone, I guess."

Nothing to see here.


Joe Baker 1 year, 5 months ago

So Roberson is saying, "WE HAVE A CHANCE." Seriously, his comment about Self's "honesty" is really telling.

"Coach [Bill] Self was honest with me and answered my questions. I got to talk to the players in the team and hang out with them while on my visit."

What do you think Self told Roberson?


jaybate 1 year, 5 months ago

Starting Jam Tray is right. It takes a ton of pressure off Perry and respects the older player's longer contribution. And without Zach for this year, JT becomes crucial to the violence factor. But The Complex is going to use this on the bigs Self is recruiting for sure.

Self is sitting a POY for a #144 who has only played 1 yr of ball in his life. Don't go to KU if you want to be an OAD.

But I like Self doing this, because it's best for both players. Self knows Perry can play at this level. He has to get JamTray as much PT as possible before Ratso in Atlanta, or KU will get beat up for sure. Both guys are going to see way more violence this season than ever dreamed possible. They are going to be praying for Zach to get back and he is not coming back for a long while, if at all.


Miguel Colón 1 year, 5 months ago

Why am I singing, ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR?????????? Help me!


Alex Resnik 1 year, 5 months ago

I don't think I've ever been this excited for a season to start. So many new freshman to see, will Withey be "The Man"? Will EJ be able to run the team? Will Tharpe pull his head out of his butt and be an actuall PG? Who will be the starting PF for the majority of the season? How good is BMac? Will Rio be good or another transfer? So many questions and only one way to find out, CAN'T WAIT!


BucknellJayhawk3 1 year, 5 months ago

Man, Naadir Tharpe, I was hoping big things out of him. Maybe when he's a senior he'll get to shine a la Eljah having to wait his turn.


KGphoto 1 year, 5 months ago

“He goes hard all the time,” Ellis said of Traylor. “He is doing everything as hard as he can. It definitely could rub off on me, too.”

In the background, coach Self rubs his hands together and grins and evil grin.


Jayhawk470 1 year, 5 months ago

How does Perry Ellis not get the starting nod? He's every bit as talented as Ben McLemore if not more so, and he has taken good care of his academics too.


REHawk 1 year, 5 months ago

Bill Self has emitted some meaningful messages with his Traylor and AW3 announcements.


REHawk 1 year, 5 months ago

Gonna be interesting, watching the Tharpe saga play out this season. If Elijah stays healthy, Naadir had best make the most of any harscrabble minutes, or his dreams are toast for another season.


AsadZ 1 year, 5 months ago

Roberson, Come to KU for below reasons:

Best place for college BB Best arena in College BB Best athletic trainer in College BB Best fans in College BB Best coach in College


Brad Farha 1 year, 5 months ago

They should try acupuncture with Zach Peters. I injured my rotator cuff in TKD years ago, and it bothered me for what felt like ages. Tried two rounds of rehab with minimal benefit. Finally took the advice of a co-worker, and went to his acupuncturist. So glad I did -- great results within a few weeks, and good as new after 6 weeks. Might not be a bad idea for them to explore some additional options.


akgjenkintown 1 year, 5 months ago

It is a shame that Peters is not improving. It will be difficult to get into the rotation after missing practice and early games. Once Self finds a combination he will stick with it going into the Big XII games.


bennybob 1 year, 5 months ago

Kentucky didn't even get a visit from Roberson,

I like that kid already!


notigers4me 1 year, 5 months ago

ESPN3 is carrying the game at least in my area,


hotrodm 1 year, 5 months ago

Tyler Roberson, come on down!


KansasComet 1 year, 5 months ago

After sitting out a year, practicing hard, being patient, and making good grades, Jamari Traylor gets to start tonight. I am good with that.


Chris Bruning 1 year, 5 months ago

They are playing the f'n kstate game over ku tonight on my tv.......WTF


Jay Dogger 1 year, 5 months ago

Kinda' thought Tharpe would be the first perimeter guy off the bench...hmm...

I think starting Traylor was a message sent to Ellis. I bet Young would have started if healthy but am glad to see Traylor good enough (and/or hard enough working) to get the nod, even if only for exhibition game. Still curious to see how Lucas fits in.




Jason Bruner 1 year, 5 months ago

Does anybody know of somewhere to watch the games online or download them? I'm going to be deployed for the whole college basketball season and don't want to miss every game.


RJ King 1 year, 5 months ago

We don't need no stinking blenders.


PSM 1 year, 5 months ago

I'm excited to see Rio Adams in action. The behind the back pass he made during Late Night was awesome. I hope Andrew White III can knock down some shots since he's apparently a 3 point specialist.


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