Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thomas Robinson aiming high in upcoming NBA draft


Former Kansas University power forward Thomas Robinson, who is projected as the No. 2 pick overall in the NBA Draft by and — and No. 4 selection by — still thinks he has a shot at the top spot.

“I think I’m very capable of being the No. 1 pick,” Robinson told on Tuesday following a workout at an undisclosed location. “No disrespect to Anthony Davis (of Kentucky). He’s a great player. But at the same time, as a competitor, I do feel that I’m worthy of the No. 1 pick.”

The 6-foot-9 Robinson, a first-team All-American and Big 12 Player of the Year, impressed Hoopsworld on Tuesday by showing a soft touch from three-point land.

“It’s just a confidence thing,” Robinson said. “I feel like I’ve been a good shooter, I just needed the time and reps to get it up, and now is the time to do it since I’m going to the next level. I just want to show people that I can step out and hit the shot too.”

The full Robinson interview is available at

The 2012 NBA Draft will be held on June 28 in Newark, N.J.

Combine invites: KU’s Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor are two of 60 college players invited to the NBA Draft combine June 7-8 in Chicago, according to Missouri’s Marcus Denmon and Kim English, Baylor’s Quincy Acy, Quincy Miller and Perry Jones, Texas’ J’Covan Brown, A&M;’s Khris Middleton and Iowa State’s Royce White have also been invited.

Roundball Classic: The fourth-annual Rock Chalk Roundball Classic will be held at 7 p.m., June 14, at Free State High’s gym.

Over 20 former KU basketball players will participate in a game to raise money for three local families fighting cancer. There will be a pregame concert beginning at 5:30 p.m. and a postgame autograph and pictures session, plus a chance to win a car at half-time from For information go to


ukanjhox 8 years, 8 months ago

I love ya T-Rob, immensely. But I've got about as good a shot at being the number 1 pick as you do. It's Davis, hands down. You're a solid 2 though.

Jeff Coffman 8 years, 8 months ago

I've said it before that AD is incredible on the defensive side of the ball; however, in the NBA he is lining up against centers. And don't forget how he faired against Jeff Withey. He will be going up against some pretty big guys day in and day out in the NBA. I'd be interested in how he does.

TRob I think was the best person at his position all year long, and that is why he has a shot at the #1.

Also it depends how the lottery falls and which team needs a #4 versus a #5.

Ted Hume 8 years, 8 months ago

What people are forgetting is that, as one expert scout commented, "we know Robinson's not 6'10"" And that's the issue: he's a legit 6"8 - 6 6'9", and doesn't have long arms, but he's not the typical 6'11 big man that can eat up the lane i the NBA. I know it's only an inch or two (but remember every inch in height equals 2 inches in reach, and just that little bit more matters a whole lot to teams when they evaluated players. Crazy, I know, but if T-Rob were 6'11" instead of 6'9", all other things being equal, he'd probably be your #1 pick this year.

Jeff Smith 8 years, 8 months ago

This isnt even close really. Davis is like 19. He will get bigger and stronger. He dribbles well, passes well and has a better knowledge for the game. We have to quit overating TRob. Maybe, an above average NBA player

Sam Constance 8 years, 8 months ago

There is absolutely no guarantee that Davis will get bigger.

I again point to my Tyrus Thomas analogy. Still 6'10" and 220 lbs after seven years in the league.

Kansas fans may be overrating Robinson, but it seems hard to deny that EVERYONE is overrating Davis. Unless he's going to be the next Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett, which I find highly unlikely.

Redlandsjhawk 8 years, 8 months ago

He needs just one more growth spurt to put his nose above that mustache on his forehead.

Cameron Cederlind 8 years, 8 months ago

I agree that AD will be #1 no doubt but TROB will definitely be the better player. Anyone remember Hasheem Thabeet? Amazing defensive player but very little size. Went 2nd overall and has done very little in the NBA.

Chris Shaw 8 years, 8 months ago

Anybody remember all-star center Roy Hibbert? He went 17th! It's not an exact science, but I'm not sure T-Rob will be the better player. I think AD is only going to get better. He has a knack for getting the basketball. He will be in the league for quite a while.

Cameron Cederlind 8 years, 8 months ago

I agree, you never really know how a player is going to pan out or how they'll fit with the team they go to. I think one thing though is that you need some size and aggression if you're going to stay down low, kevin durant is a skinny guy but does amazing because he can shoot it from anywhere on the court. I think if AD is going to make an immediate splash, he's going to need to really amp up his shooting.

Chris Shaw 8 years, 8 months ago

Doesn't it sound weird to say all-star center Roy Hibbert? It does to me, but the kid is playing his tale off.

Curtis Stutz 8 years, 8 months ago

Well I will say TRob's body is a lot more ready for the NBA than AD's. I don't think it's quite as unlikely as you suggest ukanjox, NBA front offices do crazy stuff all the time. If the Bullets get the top pick it's possible they'd stick with the hometown selection.

JHawk74 8 years, 8 months ago

Who is the Bullets? It has been the Wizards since 1997.

LAJayhawk 8 years, 8 months ago

But what if the top pick goes to the Kentucky Colonels or the Anaheim Amigos?

Curtis Stutz 8 years, 8 months ago

The Amigos have almost no shot at the top pick, they finished the season too strong

KULA 8 years, 8 months ago

Hmmm, John Wall penetrating and dishing to TRob--that's an intriguing thought.

And then there's the Lakers, who need a real power forward--bad! And they will make a move to get a better draft pick. Unfortunately, Pau Gasol isn't worthy of a 2-4 pick. They also need a point guard bad. And they could trade up enough to take a chance on Tyshawn. I'd love to see them do something to make me a Laker fan again, lol.

JHawk06 8 years, 8 months ago

No Way!

I hope Taylor goes to my Mavs. We need a young PG bad

(we won't have a high enough pick for Robinson)

nuleafjhawk 8 years, 8 months ago

Thomas could very well be the first pick in the draft.

Not EVERY NBA team has expensive eyebrow shearing equipment.

nuleafjhawk 8 years, 8 months ago

("every" and "nba" were capitalized. Thanks again ljw caps lock nazis)

Martin Rosenblum 8 years, 8 months ago

Maybe he'll start a new trend. The Hair Club For Men could enhance their marketing. "..Be like the #1 NBA draft pick, Anthony Davis - The Hair Club For Men can turn your unsightly double brows into one spectacular brow, just like Anthony!" "Raising eyebrows" will really mean something now!

Chris1955 8 years, 8 months ago

AD should have eyebrow donor listed on his drivers license. I'm sure there are folks who would love to be recipients.

clevelandjayhawker 8 years, 8 months ago

Can someone help me remember the word that a poster butchered a week or two ago on a post? They literally spelled it out in a weird way....example "in conceive a bull" or "in two it on” something to that affect.

Anyone who can remember would make my day. Thanks

NebraskaJayhawk 8 years, 8 months ago

Had something to do with oil, didn't it? Maybe that was a different comment.

FoCoCoHawk 8 years, 8 months ago

For all intensive porpoises, this is a phonetic venyou.

Jack Wilson 8 years, 8 months ago

Aside from Davis getting hit by a bus, there is zero chance Davis doesn't go #1.

We're comparing Davis and TRob. Remember, Davis was a freshman. TRob, a junior. Davis has wildly high upside and has had 2 fewer seasons to develop.

The only place there would actually be this discussion would be on a KU message board. It certainly isn't happening in any NBA GM's office. If you were an NBA GM, would you really take TRob over Davis?

KGphoto 8 years, 8 months ago

Wasn't it an NBA GM that took Darko Milicic over Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony in 2003? Our own Kevin Pritchard who drafted "potential" in Greg Oden?

That's right where I have Davis. Shaky potential. Even if he pans out, by the time he gets stronger (slower), improves his post moves, jump shot and free throws and figures out how to be a leader, he'll be at the end of his first NBA contract. An owner will have paid about 10-20 million depending on options for a losing record and a guy still trying to fill out his potential.

At least with Robinson you have a chance to see the potential maximized within his first contract.

It doesn't really matter to me anyway. I'd rather see Thomas go to a team with a heartbeat. If Charlotte, for example somehow ends up with the pick, I'd rather see Davis flailing around in that worthless organization than Robinson.

Jack Wilson 8 years, 8 months ago

I am not saying that GMs make the right decisions all the time. Of course they don't. By the way, Oden's a bad example because that was injury based, not performance based as with your excellent example on Milicic.

We saw Davis play at a high level, vs. high level competition. He played well. Lots of positives. But it's not a perfect science. We are operating on the info we have now. And Davis looks like the real deal. But heck, he could end up with microfracture surgery too. Who knows?

I just have not seen anyone suggest .. NBA GM, analyst .. anyone except here .. that TRob should go ahead of Davis.

If I was an NBA GM, and I had the #2 pick, I'd love to be sitting behind you.

And you nailed it on Charlotte .. better Davis than TRob.

Chris Shaw 8 years, 8 months ago

Trust me, T-Rob doesn't want to come play for the Charlotte Bobcats. It's possibly the worst franchise in the league starting with previous owner Bob Johnson and now run by absentee owner Michael Jordan.

Look, I am a Jordan (Player and Jordan Brand) fan, but he is an awful executive, owner, manager, etc. His ego and his vision on what success actually blinded by his success as a player IMO.

Anyway, I also agree that Oden is a bad example. Nobody faults Kevin Pritchard for drafting him because Oden was the biggest center prospect since Shaq and Ewing. IMO, you can't put Oden in the same class as Sam Bowie and Darko because the severity of his injuries.

With that said, Pritchard and Portland may have failed in the category of really diagnosing what was on the physical and the health overview. Hindsight 20/20 though. If healthy though, there was doubt that Oden would have had a decent/good career clogging up the middle.

texashawk10 8 years, 8 months ago

Darko Milicic was drafted by Joe Dumars when the Pistons were at their peak and could afford to take a chance on a player. Rip Hamilton, Chauncey Billups, Ben Wallace, and Rasheed Wallace were all at or near the prime of their careers. Dwayne Wade wasn't going to supplant Hamilton or Billups at the time, Chris Bosh wasn't replacing 'Sheed. Carmelo was the only player that could've started for that team but he would've killed the chemistry of that team and Dumars knew that. Detroit took a chance on a project player because they were in position to and it didn't work out. Milicic may be an all-time bust for being a #2 pick overall, but it wasn't a franchise killing pick because he was intended to be a project player for the future.

Sam Constance 8 years, 8 months ago

First off, I'll agree that forum this is the only place in the world where this discussion is happening. But I chalk that up--at least partly--to the psychosis the talent identifiers and acquirers in the NBA as much as anything else.

The NBA is obsessed with potential. Everyone wants to find the next Kobe and no one wants to miss out on the next Jordan. And while this approach is rooted in an intelligent mindset--wanting to maximize value and capture someone who will make your franchise competitive for a decade or more--it's become valued at a premium that isn't borne out in the actual results. There are many guys who are projected as "sure things" who never pan out, but they just seem to fade into obscurity, rather than anyone going back and acknowledging the initial miscalculation--or really, the over-emphasis on potential. Taking KGphoto's example of Darko, everyone blasts Joe Dumars for taking Milicic that high, given the presence of Wade, Anthony, etc. after him in the draft, but leading up to the draft, there were quite a few people who were high on Darko because of... [drumroll] ...potential. It wasn't Joe Dumars being an ignorant risk-taker, it was a pervasive mindset throughout scouts, execs and analysts associated with the NBA.

For a player to compare who is more analogous to Anthony Davis, just look at Tyrus Thomas, who came in with a fair amount of hype and excitement, given his ability to be an elite defender and his athleticism. He's also a good comparison because he hasn't been a "bust", per se, but he's just a guy. I don't think Davis will be a bust, but I think the projection of him as a instant difference maker and potential star are absurd at this point. Being a star involves more than being an effective post player on a team full of college all-stars. Robinson has shown star potential. Davis has shown skill potential. Also, the analogy works between AD and TT because Tyrus Thomas is 6'10" and 225 lbs., compared to AD's is 6'10" and 220 lbs.

Potential is another way of saying "hasn't been exposed yet". And that's not to say that everyone who is projected as 'high potential' is guaranteed to be exposed. Just noting that it's a mistake to assume that Anthony Davis (for example) is the surefire pick. Yes, he's an amazingly gifted athlete, and only a Freshman compared to Robinson being a Junior, but there's a flipside to that coin:

(to be continued...)

Chris Shaw 8 years, 8 months ago

I would say that you are right in that KG and Kobe did start the movement of "Potential" base drafting, which ultimately IMO set the league back like 5 years because of all the busts by high school kids.

With that said, I am not seeing the TT and AD comparison at all. Yeah, their stats may be similar, but the attitude and personalities are totally different IMO.

If it weren't for Thomas' life experience he's gone through at Kansas, I would say that TT and T-Rob are actually a better comparison. The difference is that I think T-Rob's head is on straight for the most part. I hope he doesn't get off path with all the "Bling" and the new found money. I don't think he will, but you never know. Same can be said about AD, but the one glaring difference about AD and T-Rob is their personalities. AD is calm and quiet and T-Rob is the opposite. Not saying one is better than other, but just an observation.

AD's wing span has been measured at 7'4 and 7'5. TT's was measured at 7'3 and T-Rob's was measured at 7'1. Just some other stats to throw out there.

Sam Constance 8 years, 8 months ago

Good points, but I tend to think that the difference in personality between Tyrus Thomas and Anthony Davis is less significant than the fact that their builds and skill sets are similar.

But hey, it's entirely possible that Tyrus Thomas' attitude has played a big part in the fact that he hasn't tapped into the ceiling that many saw for him coming out of LSU. If that was the case, Thomas' lackluster production thus far wouldn't have as much to do with his slight frame, making the relevancy to Davis markedly less.

Chris Shaw 8 years, 8 months ago

I think Tyrus Thomas attitude, personality, and work ethic is the #1 reason the kid isn't thriving in the NBA right now.

I hate to say it, but AD playing at Kentucky and Calipari controlling all those "Egos" is the best thing that could have happened to those 6 kids about to be drafted in next month's draft.

Kentucky played against some great competition this previous year from Top to Bottom and if you remember Thomas' year at LSU, they had a couple tough games during the season against Ohio State and UConn, but the SEC was weak and their only other tough games in the NCAA Tourny were against Duke, Texas, and a loss to UCLA.

My only other point, is that outside of "Baby Davis" Thomas was the man at LSU, which could have led to him being the way he is with his attitude. Who knows?

It was also, at the time of the 2006 NBA draft as well, as one of the weakest drafts ever at that time and I believe it's been rated one of the worst drafts of all time.

This isn't a negative, but I actually see more T-Rob vs TT than I do AD. I am just hoping that T-Rob's unfortuante rate of maturing and growth over the last couple of years helps him in the long run. I think it will just like you've stated with all the positive statistics and comments.

Sam Constance 8 years, 8 months ago

"I think Tyrus Thomas attitude, personality, and work ethic is the #1 reason the kid isn't thriving in the NBA right now."

Entirely possible. Although we've seen head cases thrive in the NBA before. Maybe not as members of a championship team, but I can think of plenty of "me first" guys whose production hasn't suffered due to their attitudes.

As far as the 2006 Draft, yes it was weak, but I'm not sure I buy the 'worst of all time' label.

There were no Lebron James' in that draft, but there were several servicable, quality NBA players:

Bargnani (maybe not in the context of being a #1 overall, but still very talented)

Rajon Rondo

LaMarcus Aldridge

Brandon Roy

Rudy Gay

Paul Millsap

Thabo Sefolosha

Randy Foye

Shannon Brown

Daniel Gibson (okay, starting to stretch...)

If you know where that analysis of the comparative drafts can be found, I would be very curious about the results, as well as how the measured it, since it's not an easy thing to quantify.

Sam Constance 8 years, 8 months ago


Robinson has a portfolio of work. Given that we've seen him over three years (rather than just a season), we KNOW that:

1 > He's a driven, relentless worker 2 > He's consistent 3 > He has the ability to learn and improve (btw, this supports the idea that Robinson too has potential--we haven't seen him plateau in any successive season thus far) 4 > He has the ability to grow an "NBA frame" 5 > He can be "the man" on a team 6 > He can continue to put up outrageous stats even when he is the focal point of opposing defenses

Not one of those things can be attributed to Anthony Davis as of today, even though all of them may eventually be true. If you get creative, you can say that Davis probably has shown some degree of #2 and #3, albeit in one-third of the timeframe. I will say this in his defense--a writer I love to read (Bill Simmons) often mentions an anecdote there are two ways to stick in the NBA--be really good at most things (defense, rebounding, passing, scoring, etc), or be ELITE at one thing (rebounding or shotblocking, for example).

The poster child for this line of thinking is Dennis Rodman. Overall, a pretty flawed player, but he was the best rebounder in the NBA for the majority of the time he played. Ben Wallace is another good example for this idea.

Davis is an elite shotblocker. So for whatever other question marks may exist about him, he will stick in the NBA because he has excellent timing and length, and at the very least will rack up weak-side blocks like they are going out of style. Robinson, by comparison, is an elite rebounder. Not Dennis Rodman level (not now, anyway--Robinson has potential as well...), but anyone who pulls down 12 boards/game in a year when opposing teams would crash the glass with multiple players to keep him off the boards, is an elite rebounder. Plus he has the body to create space in the paint.

All that being said, I harbor no illusions that Robinson will go first overall. It's not happening. But I think the case for him going #1 is far closer than anyone at the Anthony Davis Hype Network (ESPN) would admit. There's a reason he was the only unanimous AA 1st team selection in college basketball this year, and there's a reason he was the CLEAR leader in the POY race until Jay Bilas got on his soapbox about what a specimen Anthony Davis was.

KGphoto 8 years, 8 months ago

I agree totally with jhawkrulz, Anthony Davis is just not that impressive. He blocks shots really well, he rebounds okay and his scoring is hot/cold. Since when does this make you a lock #1 pick? He is more a product of the Squid's blue chip/NBA/Worldwide Wes/#1 draft pick hype machine than he is good.

I'd take Robinson -NBA power forward body -More productive and consistent rebounding -More productive, consistant and versatile scorer -Outside shooting touch -Maturity -Two eyebrows -Kansas education

NebraskaJayhawk 8 years, 8 months ago

As much as I like TRob, Davis is hands down the #1 pick in the draft in my opinion.

I'd take Davis: -Huge upside in physical is the limit for him. -Great shot blocker/adjuster and will only get better as he gets stronger. -True center with a massive wingspan. -Young, but carries himself very well. -Only one eyebrow to maintain.

KGphoto 8 years, 8 months ago

I just don't see all the potential. First of all, how much upside in physical ability are we talking? So much that he might equal Robinson's current physical ability one day?

Shot blocker? Check.

True center? Me thinks not. He has no arse. He'll never, and I mean never be able to back down the likes of Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum. Heck JaVale McGee will shut this guy down the first 6 years of his career until he finally puts on the 25 pounds he needs. And even then he'll be losing the quickness.

He does carry himself well. I like the kid. But his game doesn't translate into NBA superstardom. He could be like JaVale McGee in time, and athletic shot blocker and awesome dunker, but NBA superstars are offensive juggernauts, and I just don't see it happening.

He may very well have the better pro career when all is said and done, but I'd utilize all this hype and absorb several draft picks by trading down and waiting for the next Derrick Rose or Kevin Durant to spend them on.

Chris Shaw 8 years, 8 months ago

I can slightly see your argument KGphoto and I understand it, but AD is on par with the other #1 picks of the last 4 years with Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin, John Wall, and Kyrie Irving.

Blake Griffin is the most athletically gifted player in the league and he got dismantled by the San Antonio Spurs. He struggles against true centers who can keep up with him, which he did at times in the Memphis series as well.

T-Rob is IMO a little bit better fundamentally than Blake Griffin, but I see him having an Elton Brand and or Zach Randolph career. Consistent guys that go about their business. The question you think Elton Brand was deserving of the #1 pick back in the day. He probably was because there really wasn't a true center in that class.

With that said, AD is a little on the skinny side, but he's proved he can hang with strength as he did in the Championship game against Kansas. You can't teach "Length". He single handidly changed the entire outcome of the game all the while having his worst offensive performance of the season shooting 1-10. He grabbed 16 boards, dished 5 assists, had 3 steals, and blocked 6 shots. I don't care who you are...................that is impressive! If I was a GM, I try to build my franchise around a player like that. The only problem is that you need point guards, a scorer, and other potential all-star players around him in order to utilize AD's effectiveness. IMO you can't pass up a player like AD.

KGphoto 8 years, 8 months ago

Anthony Davis is on par with Derrick Rose? I want some of what you're smoking!

Blake Griffin got dismantled by the Spurs. You haven't officially had an NBA career the last 15 years if you haven't been dismantled by the Spurs. AD wouldn't fare any better.

I like the kid. He's a great player, but the only 6'10" wiry player in the last 20-30 years (maybe ever) to be considered elite is Kevin Durant, and he is an offensive freak which translates perfectly to the league.

KGphoto 8 years, 8 months ago

Team needs definitely play into the selection, especially this year without a real superstar to choose from. I'm guessing TRob could go anywhere from 2-7 depending on those factors, but the team that wins the lottery will probably take AD based on fan and media pressure alone.

If I'm the GM who wins the lottery this year, I'm trading out. In fact I've long subscribed to a theory of my own. Trade out of the first round and collect picks in an effort to be prepared to trade up when their are superstars available. Unlike the NFL, you have small rosters and a much smaller elite talent pool, and very few chances to draft an elite talent.

You can't win championships without superstars in the NBA. and there are very few. Flocks of 2nd tier players, but only a handful of superstars. You can pick up 2nd tier players via trades all day long. Look at Denver, they have a stack of these guys and can only manage first round playoff exits. I don't see the point of drafting a guy in the top 5-10 and paying him that money based on potential when you can trade for a proven talent of the same skill level. Eventually though, you need one or even two elites, and unless you're a big market you have to get one through the draft.

Davis is never going to be a superstar IMO. He's 2nd tier in the NBA much like Robinson. If Kevin Durant was in this draft people would rightfully rank him #1 overall and easily slot AD in that 2nd tier with Thomas.

Tony Bandle 8 years, 8 months ago

I will put down my Crimson and Blue colored glasses and speak the truth....

no GM, no matter how stupid they are [and some are pretty stupid], would dare pass up the National Player of the Year, the National Freshman of the Year and the defending National Champion as his first pick.

His owner, his PR guy and his fans would kill him. This is as safe a pick as he can possibly make from a job security standpoint.

If Davis doesn't work out, everybody else [the coach, the staff, the player himself] will be blamed, because everyone would have made the same choice on Draft Day.

End of discussion.

KGphoto 8 years, 8 months ago

So true. That doesn't mean the job security is real, but it feels better. If Davis becomes injury prone and flames out, while Robinson kicks tail and becomes and All-Star, the GM is still getting fired, a la Kevin Pritchard.

bradynsdad 8 years, 8 months ago

Anthony Davis will be the number one pick. Trob is more NBA ready though. Right now trob can hang with the power forwards in the NBA. Imagine Davis trying to hold his ground against Bynum, Howard, Ibaka, griffin or some of the other guys who have 50 to a 100 lbs on Davis. Davis could be a great player over time but his first year I believe he will get pushed around a lot! Also NBA G.M.'s drafting on potential will always be the case, of course it's had it's massive share of downfalls. We all remember Durant vs. Oden, Thabeet is another great example of "upside" and "potential". Either way Trob has earned it just as much if not more than any other kid out there.

jenneking 8 years, 8 months ago

I'm just excited to see a Jayhawk in the Top 5. It's been a while. Good luck TRob!

Chris Shaw 8 years, 8 months ago

With all the comments on this board I think there is one thing that is being left out. I think people are forgetting about how "Team" oriented and unselfish this kid is. He probably could care less who is in the spotlight as long as his team wins.

To me, this kid seems more on par with a Tim Duncan personality than say a Andrew Byum or Dwight Howard personality.

Getting off subject here, but has anybody noticed how well the Spurs franchise is run? Utah Jazz and Jerry sloan were run like this also. I mean, when Tim Duncan came into the league, David Robinson literally passed the reigns over to "Little Timmy" (As T. Parker would say). Now, "Little Timmy" has virtually passed the team over to Tony Parker. I think it's fantastic and I also think it shows how terrific the Spurs franchise is as well as Buford, Big Poppa, Duncan, and David Robinson.

From my one year of watching AD play on the big stage at Kentucky, you can tell he kind of has this personality as well. Granted, it's all going to depend on the franchise, personnell, and the coach who manages all this, but if Charlotte could bring in a guy like Jerry Sloan as their coach (Have begun talks) than AD I think could thrive in a situation like that. But, we all know, it depends on coaches, management, and owners making good decisions as well. Maybe Jordan will make the right decision in hiring Sloan. Maybe Sloan is too old right now, like Larry Brown was.

texashawk10 8 years, 8 months ago

It won't matter who the Bobcats bring in as coach because they are the worst run franchise in the NBA. The Wizards are not far behind which is why those two teams are consistently in the running for the top pick every year. I sincerely hope T-Rob doesn't end up on either team because his development will be severely hindered in either place. Cleveland, Brooklyn, Detroit, or Milwaukee would be the best places for T-Rob to end up at for his long term development.

Sam Constance 8 years, 8 months ago

I put this in my response to HEM, but I'm curious what others think about a comparison of Tyrus Thomas to Anthony Davis?

Thomas came in as an athletic specimen with high marks for defensive ability and athleticism. He also was slight of build (currently sits at 220 lbs.) but extremely long (6'10" with a crazy wingspan). Sound familiar?

Obviously, Thomas wasn't they POY, and he didn't play for a national title team (although they did go to the Final Four). But he also wasn't surrounded by four other starters who went in the first round of the draft like Kentucky's starting five are likely to do (possibly top 20 for all five).

What makes Davis so different than Thomas? Thomas, who's seven-year career stats in the NBA are nothing spectacular:

7.9 ppg 5.0 rpg 0.9 apg 1.5 bpg 0.8 spg 44% shooting

Clearly, those numbers aren't even all-star caliber, let alone superstar. So while I'm not projecting Anthony Davis to be Tyrus Thomas 2.0, I think there are enough similarities (especially on the physical build aspect), that similar numbers are entirely plausible for Davis. Or maybe somewhat better, if you want to account for the fact that most scouts would probably say Davis is a better prospect than Thomas was.

Even so, I hope I'm illustrating this problem here. To project Davis as a "sure thing" or a "superstar", as I've heard many NBA fans, analysts, etc. do, we have to assume that he's not only going to exceed the production from an analogous player, but he's going to have to blow them out of the water. And to further illustrate that issue, I'd love for anyone to provide me the name of the last NBA power forward or center (with the offensive shortcomings that Davis has) with a 6'10"/225lb frame who was a "superstar". Heck, I'd even concede an multiple-time all-star.

I just don't see it, although I agree Davis will have a productive career in the NBA. I suppose time will tell.

master16 8 years, 8 months ago

Anthony Davis won NPOY. He won the National Championship. He's probably going to be (deservedly) the overall #1 pick. And he's probably going to have the better NBA career simply because of his length and upside (in my opinion). Fair or not, that's just how life works out sometimes.

However, TRob is going to be top 3 or 4 pick and he's going to have a tremendous career as well. When it's all said and done, he may have more rings than Davis will at the end of his career.

Love his confidence.

master16 8 years, 8 months ago

Oh and to add more salt to the injury, with all this media hype going on about him, Davis may very well end up with Rookie of the year too if he has a half decent season.

jaybate 8 years, 8 months ago

Davis did what he did as a freshman.

TRob did what he did as a junior.

AD won a ring as a freshman and dominated defensively and on the boards, though he folded offensively against a footer named Jeff Withey in the Finals.

I like Thomas as a pro, because he seems to have quite a bit of offensive upside and the freakish strength useful in the L.

But Thomas is the shortest 6'10" player I have ever seen.

And AD seems his reported length.

It does not take a rocket scientist to plot AD's probable trend line and see that two years from now he is apt to be waaaay better than Thomas is now.

Two years from now, Thomas is apt to be sharply better also, so me might still be slightly ahead of AD.

But in 4 years, when trajectories start to plateau, AD is very likely to be an awesome force, where as Thomas is apt to be a very solid NBA professional.

The one thing I cannot factor into the forecast is whether or not AD can get the equivalent development of fundamentals, and the equivalent learning of how to learn that Thomas got in three years of tutelage under Self and Manning. Learning how to learn college/grad school is everything in determining just how high you can fly in your professional career, regardless of what field you are in.

Thomas looks like he has learned how to learn; this means that he can just keep adding weapons to his arsenal over time, even without coaching.

I did not see AD enough to know where he is on that score.

I know if I were drafting, I would take AD first, if I thought he had learned how to learn, because he's longer and younger, and I would take Thomas first, if I thought there was a question about AD's ability learn how to learn.

Learning how to learn is critical, because it means you can keep adapting to the changes in competition and changes in your physical abilities over the course of your career.

jaybate 8 years, 8 months ago

P.S.: One thing I would really be tempted to do try with Thomas would be to move him to the 3 position in the pros. Thomas can certainly be bulked up some more in the lower body, in order to be an effective banger/power forward type in the NBA, but he will lose a lot athleticism, when he does. And at the end of the conversion, he will not be all that tall. But because he is a great natural rebounder, and proved this season he has the eye for becoming a trey shooter, there will be much temptation to send him down that track. But I always like to look a great physical specimen and ask: where could you put him that would create the most MUA? The answer with Thomas is: invest a few years of developing him at the 3 and watch him absolutely overwhelm most of the NBA 3s and perhaps reach equivalence with the greats at the position. Thomas showed an amazing ability to run the floor and handle the ball in transition for being someone that had been coached for three years to be a stud in the paint. There is great athleticism inside Thomas crying to be unleashed. No one can go up and get balls and catch balls and dunk them down with the combination of grace and force that Thomas does. He is a rare, rare, rare potential perimeter talent currently viewed through the lens of a rebounder and power forward.

I believe Thomas has Karl Malone inside him. By this I mean he is very likely going to develop an NBA three by his third season, if he lands with a guy as smart as Jerry Sloan. Malone was just a muscle man that could run the floor coming into the league. But he had learned how to learn. And he could keep adding weapons.

The difference between Thomas and Malone is this: Malone was truly 6'9" and he could carry 20-25 pounds more than Thomas and still be as athletic as Malone was. Thus, Malone was the true, pure do-everything NBA power forward. I don't think Thomas is 6'9", much less 6'10" and I don't think Thomas can carry 265 and stay athletic on a level of Malone.

So: Thomas to me is a sleeper at the 3. Frankly, Thomas could bring the same kind of overwhelming force to the 3 that Malone brought to the 4. Thomas at the 3, could put real pressure on these superman perimeter players in the NBA. It would take him a good 2-3 years to transition, but my god you would have an incredible weapon at the end of that time.

Curtis Stutz 8 years, 8 months ago

I didn't read everything above Jaybate, but sounds like you've got Drew Gooden in mind. Went to a team that desperately needed him at center, had to bulk up, lost a lot of his explosiveness. Who knows what would've happened with Gooden had he been needed at the 3, he had the potential to be much more of a skill player in the NBA. It's really not TRob's mentality, but his ball handling ability and quickness should allow him to put a lot of pressure on NBA 4s away from the basket.

I'd say Malone was still a 4, he just had the ability to put it on the floor, cut to the basket and bank in some jump shots.

Robin Smith 8 years, 8 months ago

There's one stat that translates from college to NBA and that's rebounding.

TROB was a beast on the boards in college and will be a beast in the NBA

Think Paul Millsap and Kenneth Farried. Instant production.

Let's hope he falls in the draft so he can go to a good team.

Chris Shaw 8 years, 8 months ago

I agree, it's not always great being a Top 5 pick! Kenneth Farried didn't have to do anything......................Ben Wallace never had to do anything.................Paul Millsap never had to do anything............................Dennis Rodman never had to do anything............................except REBOUND, be a team player, and fill the role that was given to them by the other good/great players on the team.

I think that's why Roy Hibbert is doing so well. He has so many good players surrounding him that he can thrive in that offense and concentrate on getting rebounds, blocks, and scoring when needed.

jaybate 8 years, 8 months ago

I tend to agree, but I keep recalling the difficulty Cole has had getting caroms in the L.

Robin Smith 8 years, 8 months ago

very true, but luckily TROB is not ponderously slow. I still think Cole is gonna be big time after some more prepping and playing behind the guy's he's playing behind. TROB on the other hand could be an instant contributor on a midlevel team. Some of the mock drafts have him going to the Hornets and I think that could be good with him basically being David West part two. The thing I love about TROB and which I think spells success for him is his intensity, that motor, his heart. In that way I think David West is a great model for him. Semi-all-star caliber if not full blow all-star caliber.

Curtis Stutz 8 years, 8 months ago

as far as I'm concerned nobody knows how good Cole will be as a pro, 'cause he's playing behind too many good bigs I like having a couple Jayhawks and a player I like in Durant on OKC so it's easy to root for them, but I'd love to see Cole go somewhere without such an impressive front line. How great would it be if he'd ended up in Boston out of the Perkins deal? Unfortunately I think OKC knows they've got a good thing with him on the bench in case someone gets injured.

robot, I'm asking you nicely to please, please never compare TRob to David West again, that guy's a flat out punk

Luke Kay 8 years, 8 months ago

Okay, so in attempting to be rational and unbiased (which is hard sometimes) I will go by the old saying "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" AD has potential, maybe he will acheive it maybe he wont. History in the NBA has shown that odds are not in his favor. Does anybody remember Hasheem Thabeet??? All the hype surrounding his defensive skills and shot blocking, ESPN called him a game changer even though he had zero offense. Where is he now? D-league. It hurts me to do this... But what about Cole? Insane defensive presence, big body (which AD does not have), and a great shot blocker. Coles biggest flaw was his hot and cold Offensive presence, which has hindered him in the pros. Now I will not try to fool anybody into thinking that I am comparing them to AD, but their skill sets are the same, and both are having their struggles in the league. Thabeet will never be a "player". One dimensional players get exposed in the pros. And centers are the biggest question mark in the draft. Not to mention if you look at the draft in the last 10 years, history has shown that if Michael Jordan wants you early... you are doomed for failure! The championship game should have said everything that needed to be said. TRob played like a man among boys, the thng is... those"boys" were all potential first round draft picks. He did absolutely what he needed to do and he was dominant. Again, in attempts to be impartial, if I were a team GM I would seriously have to ask myself "do I want a "maybe could be" or do I want an "already is"". I could be wrong, but I am prone to having attacks of common sense. NBA execs cant really be accused of that problem, but it would be a simple decision for me. One thing is clear though... we should all hopeTRob doesnt get picked by the Bobcats

CrimsonBlue22 8 years, 8 months ago

Hello fellow Jayhawk fans! Lifetime time fan, first time poster.

Something cool happened yesterday..Wichita Heights had their graduation ceremony yesterday..I was there for one of my cousins graduating. My mother, my aunt, and my grandmother all went to Heights (My dad and all his brothers went to North High). Anyways, as were hanging out in the parking lot afterwards, here comes Perry Ellis by himself walking to his car..obviously, we flag him down and start chattin with him..let me tell you..he's a down-to-earth, real chill cat and I'm glad he's playing for KU. We took pictures with him and discussed KU and the national title run and he said he is SUPER excited to play for Bill Self..we then shook hands and wished him all the best. So cool..

CrimsonBlue22 8 years, 8 months ago

Oh, and for this article..

Davis will be #1 TROB could easily be #2 if he can convince some of those teams going after him that his outside game is improving. He'll be a double double producer very soon in the NBA

FoCoCoHawk 8 years, 8 months ago

I personally hate the NBA and regard it mostly as a means to keep track of ex-Jayhawks. I am unsure what an NBA coach does except maybe keep the four players who don't like him away from the four who are undecided. How many times have you seen an NBA timeout huddle when the players are not even paying attention to the coach? I suppose they figure out match-ups within the context of minimally controlled violence and work the refs to get an edge. But when was the last time there was an NBA equivalent to this past year's KU story?

Are you listening Bill?

Tony Bandle 8 years, 8 months ago

Try Oklahoma City and San Antonio...this year. They play ball the right way....the team way!!!

KGphoto 8 years, 8 months ago

That's gonna be a helluva series. Go Thunder!

Jeff Kilgore 8 years, 8 months ago

Agreed 1000%. Last year when the Thunder played in the Western Finals, I got on giving love to the youngest kids whoever reached this deep in either of the US major sports--instead of agreement, a group of idiotic Canadians told me that this "wasn't a big deal" and then Gretzsky 1983 Oilers, etc.

I completely lost it. This Thunder team, for their age, is remarkable and they make the NBA a blast to watch. I hope that they can beat the Spurs, but it will be harder to beat them than either Miami or Boston/Philly.

Kristen Downing 8 years, 8 months ago

I might be mistaken, but didn't TRob have knee issues? GM's are very aware of big guy's knees. Davis goes number one. Less wear and tear.

Sam Constance 8 years, 8 months ago

Options for Anthony Davis' NBA nickname:

A) Anthony "Sure Thing" Davis

B) Anthony "Can't Miss" Davis

C) Anthony "Eat A Sandwich" Davis

D) Anthony "HOF" Davis

Martin Rosenblum 8 years, 8 months ago

  • Anthony "So, Coach Cal's having the National Championship taken away for violations and now KU is being named National Champions for '11/'12" Davis.

Jeff Kilgore 8 years, 8 months ago

You really have to look at endurance. Years ago around the lunch table, I was the only person who thought that Durant would be a better pick than Oden. They laughed at me. They aren't laughing now. (smug look)

So those who might pick Robinson or anyone else against Davis might not be wrong to do so. I like the Durant type--not comparing TRob to KD--better than the UK kid.

Luke Kay 8 years, 8 months ago

I liked Durant way better than Oden in that draft. I always thought there was something wrong with Oden. He looked like a 50 year old man in college LOL

Curtis Stutz 8 years, 8 months ago

I think everyone knows AD has amazing athleticism as well as impeccable timing when it comes to blocking shots. That said everyone knows he's got a light frame, which works A LOT better in college than the NBA. You've got guys like Marcus Camby that never really bulked up, very good NBA player, but people are obviously hoping for more from AD. If he bulks up will it hurt a lot of parts of his game? Can he be the next KG? I don't think he's the next KG personally. I also don't think TRob is exactly a proven player 'cause the NBA is different from the NCAAs, just is. Is there zero chance TRob goes #1, heck no, there's a chance. Is there an 80-85% chance AD goes #1, sure. Heck Bradley Beal could be killing it in workouts, MKG's jumper could be coming around moving him up, who knows? If a team is looking for a wing/guard they'll go with 1 of those last 2, need a big guy probably AD unless they favor TRob's post abilities to AD's hops/length. Would Cody Zeller be in the #1 overall debate if he had entered the draft, pretty sure he outplayed AD both times, but again, his frame is slight and he doesn't have as much athleticism as AD. But he's young and has all that bottom line is people make judgement calls.

Freedman Moor 8 years, 8 months ago

Is anyone interested in organizing a non-denominational group prayer on draft day? The pain of what the Clippers' jinx did to Danny Manning is still fresh in my mind. I don't want to relive that nightmare by seeing Robinson get picked by the Bobcats.

jaybate 8 years, 8 months ago

This is the great silver lining to TRob's likely going second to AD. The bone headed organization with the worst record will undoubtedly pick AD first; that will leave a merely struggling organization with some new brains in management to pick TRob.

mikehawk 8 years, 8 months ago

More and more it seems it's not what pick (whether first or second round), but what team you go to, and what their needs are or are not. Examples...Marcus Morris. Marcus was drafted by a team glutted at his position. His brother by another team that needed the help at his natural position. Cole is trapped in the same boat at OKC. Wherever TRob goes, let's hope it is a team that needs his help now and he doesn't have to D-League or waste two or more years of skills sitting on the bench. TRob needs to play, using his motor and getting rebounds.

jaybate 8 years, 8 months ago


I tried to do right by TRob. I would rather have him in my fox hole than AD. He is by far the sounder basketball player. And TRob has proven stellar as a human being, where as AD has not apparently yet faced such adversity.

But AD did a lot for a freshman, especially in comparison to what Thomas did and seemed able to do both as a freshman and as a sophomore.

AD could easily flame out in the NBA, as all OADs can do, when their talent is not enough and they must resort to skill and technique to survive.

TRob has show that he knows how learn skill and master technique; this he holds the clear advantage over AD in.

And TRob did what he did with bailing wire for a team, where as AD did what he did with a cast of Micky Ds.

But when I stop and think about the gap between what AD did his freshman season and what Thomas did his freshman season, I cannot help but suspect he will carry on developing and be quite a monster in two seasons...if he lands with a decent organization capable of continuing his development.

jaybate 8 years, 8 months ago

And I do apologize if I wronged one of KU's greatest players ever.

Jeff Kilgore 8 years, 8 months ago

Or in a fistfight? Still, Davis is one he@@ of a college freshman, so I don't think that anyone disagreeing with TRob means to be disrespectful. We're really going to miss him next year.

RJ King 8 years, 8 months ago

All the speculation in the world will go down the toilet in the flurry of trades that will follow the picks.

I wonder the percentage of first rounders who don't end up with the team that drafted them. Also it seems, over their first few years, that rookies join new teams faster than Kentucky sophomores. So, even if T-Robb gets mired in a bad situation, we can hope it won't last long, however - would be tough for Jayla to move around.

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