Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Allen Fieldhouse to open Saturday night for viewing of KU game against Ohio State on video board


Allen Fieldhouse will open on Saturday evening to allow basketball fans to watch Kansas University’s Final Four game on the fieldhouse’s giant video board.

The Kansas University Alumni Association sent a message to its members Wednesday announcing the fieldhouse will open at 6 p.m. for fans to watch KU’s game against the Ohio State Buckeyes in New Orleans.

A spokeswoman for the alumni association said there will be no admission fee to enter the fieldhouse, and seating will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The association also announced the location of a pre-game pep rally it will host in New Orleans. The pep rally will run from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Celestin Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans. Admission is $10, and tickets can be purchased at the KU team hotel, which is the JW Marriott, 614 Canal St. in New Orleans. Tickets also can be purchased at Walk-On’s, 1009 Poydras Street in New Orleans, which will serve as the “official bar of the KU Alumni Association” during the Final Four.


justinryman 8 years ago

Over under on the # of people there?

4,500 o/u

longhawk 8 years ago

Way over. It'll be half-full, at least. Completely full if we play Monday.

aaaKU 8 years ago

way way way over. there were more people than that on sunday/monday morning to welcome the team back from st. louis

Jean Robart 8 years ago

How many people does the fieldhouse hold?

John Randall 8 years ago

I believe they say 16,300 for a sell-out.

aaaKU 8 years ago

how do you not know this? 16300

Nathan Scholl 8 years ago

Yeah, how do you not know that? Sell out 16,300 every game for a LOONNNNNGGGG time.

justinryman 8 years ago

If they play on Monday night, I might try and make the trek from Omaha down to enjoy with KU fans!!!!

Terry Sexton 8 years ago

Love F&H! We were at one in Winston-Salem last October & just visited one in Tucson earlier this month. Didn't work out as we watched Baylor trip us up in the tourney, but the food was great & the beer was cold.. There's an F&H in Overland Park, I found out. I shall eat there. Yum!

justinryman 8 years ago

Not sure, I might,

But I like to watch the games in solitude and be able to yell at the TV as much as I can, plus it's funny to watch my wife and kids go running out of the house at the under 12 timeout in the 1st half.

It's really not that far from my place, the one on Center st anyway.

mom_of_three 8 years ago

in 2008, the semi final was about 1/3 full (people stretched out so looked fuller), and the final was probably 2/3 full - maybe. It was a great place to watch. Check out the videos on youtube.

Joel Hood 8 years ago

I was there and agree on the 1/3 - 2/3 estimate. It was a ton of fun - great experience for everyone. Wish they could have done that in 1988.

Joel Hood 8 years ago

sorry Cole... 1929 Jayhawk has been mine since 2006. I don't post as often as I used to.

Cole Hogan 8 years ago

Below I pasted a link to a video of the reaction in Allen from Chalmer's shot:

Below I pasted a link to a video of the reaction in Allen from the end of OT:

I was not there for the semi-final game in '08, so i cannot comment on the atmosphere of that game, to the atmosphere of the championship game, it wasbolutely amazing! I am 17 now, but i was only 12 or 13 back then, and admittedly, did not know much about basketball. It was the first season i had really payed attention to KU, or sports in general, what a year to start on eh?! But seriously folks, if you are free on saturday night, you should make sure you make it out to Naismith Drive. Its one of my favorite memories -- ever. Theres one moment, right before KU started their epic comeback, that the game was on commercial break, I turned to my dad who was sitting beside me that night in Allen. I asked him, "Dad, has anyone ever come back from this far down with this ittle time left?" He thought about it for a second, and sorely said, "I'm not sure, probably, but not often." My next words are ones i will never forget, and neither will my dad, I said "I think we're gonna do it!" Lo and behold, after that break, KU became the most memorable comeback in a big game in the history of the school concluded by 'The Shot.' After we won the game in OT, most everyone young enough to run, proceeded to storm the court. It was one of the greatest nights of my entire life. The night was concluded for me by lying on the tip of the beak near center-court and watching 'One Shining Moment' on the video board directly over-head. I still have the newspaper they handed out that night tucked safely away in a box under my bed, I also have the KC Star's front page and Sports section along with the important articles hung on my walls throughout the room. Those pages are from April 7, 2008.

If what I experienced that night does not give you the itch to be at Allen on Saturday (and Monday!) you do not truly understand the joy KU brings to it's fans. Please show up and show some support for KU and enjoy the game with 12,000+ fellow KU fans.


91TEKU 8 years ago


I watched the 2008 Champ. Game at AFH with two of my sons, ages 7 and 4 at the time. Shortly after we beat UNC on Sunday they both asked if we could watch the Final 4 at Allen Field House this year. The KU/Memphis game was one of the most special father/son experiences we've had to date and assured two future Jayhawks at Mt. Oread in the future.

Jocelyn Kennedy 8 years ago

What a great story, Cole! My son and I were fortunate enough to go to San Antonio and experience it first hand but after seeing the videos - Allen sure seemed like a great second choice - maybe better! I honestly didn't think anything could ever surpass the games that year but this year has been amazing and I am so happy for the boys and the fans!! We are going to New Orleans - I can't wait!!! But part of us would like to be here as well.

kcglowboy 8 years ago

I watched both games at AFH in 2008 and it really was the next best thing to seeing it in person. At least 10,000 in the stands, concessions, even a mascot if I remember correctly. The AFH staff treated it like a gameday experience.

James Hagedorn 8 years ago

Danny Manning leaving for Tulsa? What??

Steve Brown 8 years ago

Saturday night part at our house, NOLA flavors, lots of shrimp.

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