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Tyshawn Taylor’s career shouldn’t, won’t be defined by UNC game

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor laughs between teammates Thomas Robinson, front, and Jeff Withey after it was brought to his attention by a media member that he is yet to make a three-pointer in the NCAA tournament when playing in a dome, Saturday, March 24, 2012 at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor laughs between teammates Thomas Robinson, front, and Jeff Withey after it was brought to his attention by a media member that he is yet to make a three-pointer in the NCAA tournament when playing in a dome, Saturday, March 24, 2012 at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.


— Shielded more from the media during the season, when the locker rooms are off limits to reporters, Kansas University basketball players get questions fired at them on a far more regular basis during the NCAA Tournament.

It can add to the pressure they feel when the questions zero in on the enormity of the upcoming game.

Could this (Sunday’s Elite Eight game against North Carolina), somebody asked on Saturday of KU senior guard Tyshawn Taylor, be the “defining game of your career?”

How much pressure can one tire take, for crying out loud.

“I think it could be because offensively I haven’t been playing too well,” Taylor said. “I don’t want to put extra pressure on myself, but I just know I can’t play too much worse offensively. I’m actually looking forward to playing.”

Somebody else wanted to know: “Do you think much about your legacy at Kansas?”

Responded Taylor: “I think it crosses my mind, time to time, because I’ve been one of those players who have been criticized a lot. Fans love me, they hate me. I think about it time to time, you know, being in a position where you come behind so many great players who people were embracing and showed so much love to. You want to be one of those guys.”

Another question thrown his way Saturday: “Tyshawn, I was looking back through past tournaments today and in a dome you’ve never hit a three-pointer. Is there anything to that?”

Taylor: “Honestly, I haven’t noticed that, so thank you for putting that in my head. I appreciate that. I don’t know what it is, man. I don’t know what it is. I’m going to keep shooting it confidently. I feel like they’re good when they leave my hand, and so I’m going to keep shooting it.”

Sunday’s game is in the Edward Jones Dome, where he misfired on all six three-point attempts in Friday’s three-point victory against North Carolina State, but it appears the NCAA Tournament atmosphere, not the dome background, has been the issue throughout his career. In 12 NCAA Tournament games, Taylor has made just 3 of 32 three-point shots, which makes him a 9-percent three-point shooter. In the other 131 games, he has been a 41-percent long-distance shooter. It’s true he hasn’t made one in a dome in 12 attempts in three different domes, which makes him 3 for 20 (15 percent elsewhere).

Nobody can question his effort. He brings that every game. It’s evident he badly wants to win, sometimes too badly. He hasn’t looked loose shooting three-pointers and is 0 for 12 in the three NCAA Tournament games. It’s not a new development.

If Taylor’s thinking about legacy and the 144th game of his career defining that career and that other vague nonsense, his head’s in the wrong place.

“I think as far as my work on the court, I think I could possibly be one of those guys,” Taylor said when asked the legacy question. “(Today’s) game is a step in the right direction, but it’s not something I’m driving myself crazy thinking about because I think my teammates, the teams I played on, my coaching staff, I think they all understand what I’ve done to help us be an elite team the past four years. I’ve been a big part of all four of those teams.”

One game, regardless of his performance, can’t change that.

“I think they all understand that whether I get the love of a Jacque Vaughn or Kirk Hinrich or not, I think the people who matter the most understand,” Taylor said.

That’s the mindset Taylor needs to take into this game: The people he cares about most won’t change their opinion of him no matter how his shots fly today.

Taylor shot so poorly Friday, the pressure mounting with each miss, that it’s possible the tire took on so much pressure it blew up and now he can start over with a fresh one.

“It can’t get any worse,” Taylor said. “It can only go up from here.”

Taylor is averaging 8.7 points, 3.3 assists and 3.3 turnovers this tourney.

“It’s hard not to get down when you’re getting good shots, wide open, and they don’t go down,” Taylor said. “Once you miss it, you can’t think about it. It’s over. You’ve got to think next play. I’ve had games where I’ve scored three points in the first half and I’ve come in at halftime and said, ‘Yo, I suck right now,’ and then came out and scored 20 in the second half. It’s a long game. You can’t get down on yourself.”

So easy to say.

“I think for a second there (Friday) night, I did, but when it came down to crunch time and we needed to get stops and make big plays, I just forgot about it. It didn’t even cross my mind until I got in the locker room after the game. I was like, ‘Yo, I played pretty bad.’ It’s definitely hard, but you’ve just got to think next play.”


Spencer Goff 9 years ago

Man, I hope our shooting rights itself real fast.

Matt Bowers 9 years ago

Where is that reporter out of? Who asks those types of questions during a tournament and a college kids senior class, none! TT play your game and know that even though it has been tough at times, Kansas fans love your grit and game. Remember this, you never gave up...NEVER!!!

Rock Chalk

Spencer Goff 9 years ago

Yeah I've never been a big fan of the "doomsday" questions reporters like to ask.

DDDHawk 9 years ago

Tyshawn- You have tons of fans behind you. You have made so much progress, worked so hard, and are so exciting to watch, we won't ever forget you! It has been a joy to watch you develop as a player and a man. Congratulations!

Kevin Studer 9 years ago

We would not be sitting in the Elite 8 with 30 wins if Taylor wasn't a great player this year. Period.

Kevin Studer 9 years ago

We would not be sitting in the Elite 8 with 30 wins if Taylor wasn't a great player this year. Period.

Kevin Studer 9 years ago

We would not be sitting in the Elite 8 with 30 wins if Taylor wasn't a great player this year. Period.

pizzashuttle 9 years ago

Ty now's not the time to lose your confidence. Step up and hit some shots.

gojhawx 9 years ago

Tyshawn, I and many others love you for all you've done for KU. And, yes even if your next game you go o-fer. Win or lose, you're the best. Thanks for everything. Rock Chalk!

Jeffhawk 9 years ago


It is far from over, but I wanted to thank you for all you have done for KU. I am a believer in your skillis and ability to find a way to win. Your comment "thanks for putting that in my head" made me laugh. Writers write....but you play ball. As my dear old mom and dad used to say...."bring home a winner". You are a special player.

thmdmph 9 years ago

Ty and Robinson are great players. As well as Withey. Remember during regular season when they were just playing and not be distracted with all of the tourney pressures? They were amazing and seemed unstoppable. Not so much with Withey nor Robinson, but Ty are so overly concerned with legacy and how he is perceived.

Ty, legacy will work out on it's own, just play your game and things will work out on it's own. Don't let things get into your head like the first three years and this tourney, so far. Just play like you've played all your life. Remember what it felt like during the regular season? Just let it go and play BB and have fun. You owe it to yourself, for all we know, this may be your last college game.

Justin Kruse 9 years ago

Tyshawn's KU career shouldn't be defined by the UNC game, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was!?! Kind of like Mario's defining KU moment was The Shot against Memphis. I hope he takes this game over. Be aggressive, drive to the hole, get some easy lay-ups, and build confidence, then hopefully the 3's will start falling. Rock Chalk Tyshawn

ejlumus 9 years ago

This team is probably my favorite and I have watching KU basketball since 1965-66 season. Lots of grit, tough, tough team, no ounce of quit. TT & Trob leaders .... Sunday will be their day! Big games for both.

bbeckum 9 years ago

I haven't been following the Hawks quite that long, but this is my favorite team too. Love Releford and Conner playing major parts after redshirting. EJ's growing confidence and Kevin's hustle and Justin and Nadir...

Mandie Eutsler 9 years ago

So glad they red-shirted! Need them this season...

Vittorio1224 9 years ago

Wow! That's a LOT of games, and GREAT historical perspective ejlumus! Thanks for sharing your insights with us "younger lads" ;)

Jack Wilson 9 years ago

Should TT's career be defined by his first 3 1/2 seasons, or his last 1/2 season?

Should he be defined by the lack final fours in his first 3 season, or the result of this season?

Should a coach be defined by his success in March, or the regular season?

The fact is, if we do not in tomorrow, there is no way that TT is ever considered in the same breath as those that have been to the Final Four.

The same fate is Jacque Vaughn's. However, Jacque Vaughn provided four years of more consistent play.

If TT flops tomorrow and we lose, the last two months of excellent play become the exception not the rule. Not an ascent, but hot stretch that saw him brought hard back to reality. If we win, then his play doesn't matter.

Hinrich, Collins, Chalmers, Miles, Prichard, etc. Final Fours define. It is the way it is. We don't specifically remember exactly how each played. We just recall the results.

bbeckum 9 years ago

I have to respectfully disagree. When I think of J Vaughn, I don't remember final fours or chamionships. I remember a 3/4 court bounce pass for a layup assist. I remember him lurking in the background of the camera shot when the other team shot freethrows...

Vittorio1224 9 years ago

BBeckum, I have to respectfully disagree with your memories of Jacque Vaughn....when I think of Jacque, I think of the poet, who was as graceful with his artistry on court, as he was off of it, in how he sculpted the English language into sonnets of glory as sweet as the sound of net cords being ripped to shreds by a 3-pointer off the hands of Billy Thomas (flashback!)

burnmu 9 years ago

I think I just figured out the loser that asked TT those questions and he/she is pretending to be a Kansas fan! What to support the team you tool

Clarence Haynes 9 years ago

+1 Yeah. TT has as good a winning record as any! I think that we will prefer to remember TT than the frigging writer!

kuspiderman 9 years ago

So I guess Paul Pierce, Raef and Eric Chenowith are in the same category b/c they never got to a final four? Ridiculous argument. Evaluate talent on the basis of what it did when given the opportunity. Tyshawn this year has played better at moments than any point guard at KU. I, like others, SMH at times at his play/behavior over the last four years. But nobody will ever question his heart and "want-to" because I can't remember another KU player who wanted to win more than Tyshawn. And that includes Sherron, who apparently wanted to win as long as it didn't interfere with his love of buffets. But for some reason he is revered more than Tyshawn, who gives all he has every damn day.

Kye Clark 9 years ago

"But for some reason he is revered more than Tyshawn"

Really? "For some reason"?

'08 Championship game. Check yourself.

No one is questioning Tyshawn's heart or "want to." But if you really don't know why a player who was part of two of the biggest plays of KU's history is more revered than someone who has played great for two or three months, then you're clueless.

Honestly this really bugs me, as fans have the most revisionist historical view of Sherron. He was a part of those 8 straight conference titles too, the starting point guard and leader for two of those seasons, one of which was supposed to be as much of a "down" year as this year was. Yeah he fought his weight at times, but if I asked you what would you rather have - a player who was as important to us winning the championship game as anybody not named Mario Chalmers, that would later have some conditioning issues (although he was still highly effective), or would you rather have someone who didn't have that National Championship clutch performance, but at least he kept his weight down for four years, what would you take? One could frame the same negative portrayal of Tyshawn. I could say, "here's Tyshawn, a player who wanted to win as long as it didn't interfere with his love of twitter, facebook, fighting the football team, getting it on in AFH, and getting suspended." Those issues don't define Tyshawn anymore than Collins weight issues defined him. If we lose tomorrow, Tyshawn will be remembered largely for his hot play during his senior season, just like Sherron will be remembered for his steal & subsequent 3-pointer that cut the Memphis lead to 4, and his falling down scoop pass to Mario for the miracle.

RJ King 9 years ago

yeah. Too bad Darnell Valentine was such a slouch.

Kye Clark 9 years ago

You're taking a lot of flack for this, but to a large extent you're right. Everyone loves & appreciates what Tyshawn has done this year - helping to carry us to another conference title in this "down" year. And that should definitely be part of his legacy, regardless. But you are definitely right. For 3+ years his play was wildly inconsistent, and it is yet to be determined whether the past few months are indeed the rise of an amazingly talented player finally figuring it out, or just a "hot stretch" as you put it. The phenomenon of fans to focus solely on the present will fade eventually when they look back on his career. With time they will be able to look upon his whole body of work objectively.

Some of the legacy - the part defined by team success - cannot be helped. A single player doesn't have total control over how far his team advances. The most important factor in this is surrounding talent. But this is Kansas. Not very many players can claim that they didn't have a good enough supporting cast, at least not for four years as Taylor (and Vaughn) have played. During Tyshawn's last three seasons KU has entered the tournament as a #1, #1, & #2 seeds, two of those years they were heavy favorites to reach the Final Four, if not win the whole tournament outright. Ironic that in a year in which he is surrounded by maybe the least amount of talent during his four years (although his freshman year might also qualify), he is getting one last look at the Final Four. It his his first true chance at leading the team to such heights, rather than playing a supporting role behind previous teams' stars. Can he find that switch one more time to add his name to the players you mentioned? Or was his magnum opus finding a way to fend off the best team Mizery had fielded to keep our string of conference championships alive? Whatever the case, as Keegan says this game won't define his career, but it is definitely a pivotal chapter.

You give the indictment "If TT flops tomorrow and we lose...", followed by the "If we win..." caveat. I'm curious, what if he plays great tomorrow and we still lose? How will you view him then? Obviously, as you say, results define. So he won't be mentioned alongside point guards that led their teams to the promised land. But if he excels and we lose, how do you view these last few months - ascent or hot stretch?

Steve Gantz 9 years ago

TT's career will always be remembered by me as a disappointment. Yes he's been amazing this year, but he could have been the last several years as well. Immaturity cost him some productive years, but that's what college does for a lot of us. So let's continue this tomorrow!

Ethan Berger 9 years ago

to each be his own buzzkilllington...

RJ King 9 years ago

I'd hate to be your child. Living in fear of disappointing if I was less than perfect.

That is, until comments like, "immaturity cost him some productive years, but that's what college does for a lot of us." After that, I'd be left thinking, "huh?"

Steve Gantz 9 years ago

In other words Bayhawk, a lot of us go into college with maturity issues and do some growing up. Sorry for the confusion. So I see you're in a can't lose today, you've picked UNC, but I assume you're cheering for the 'Hawks. Brilliant!

packywacky88 9 years ago

Just picked up a cheap ticket for tomorrow. I'm headed to St. Louis BABY !!!!!!

Vittorio1224 9 years ago

Wave the wheat for us, PackyWacky!

jaywalkinhawk 9 years ago

Tyshawn, my favorite part of your game is watching you make everyone on the floor look like they are standing still as you blow by them. For me you will be remembered as one of the fastest point guards Kansas has ever had. In this last year you have picked up your game and it shows. Amazing to watch you take the ball end to end and score.

bbeckum 9 years ago

I agree. I'll remember watching him become unstoppable at times, taking it to the rack.

Mandie Eutsler 9 years ago

4 Big 12 Conference titles, yeah we appreciate Tyshawn Taylor! No matter what happens tomorrow, a win would be phenomenal, but a loss can't take away all the hard work you've put in and it can't take away your college degree. I am proud of this team. You've worked hard and you deserve nothing but praise and encouragement. You've all been great role models and we appreciate it.

KU_Phogified 9 years ago

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I'm quite proud of our players and coaches for an outstanding season.

Best of luck fellas - let those jumpers fly!!

Charles Peffer 9 years ago

The question was obviously from the ESPN St Louis clown who is an MU alum... Same guy who asked about "happenstance" (read luck) is Self's interview last night. TT handled the question well... he makes plays that Hunter, Pritchard, Jordan, Hinrich, Miles, Chalmers and Collins have never been able to make... Good luck tomorrow, Tyshawn

FLJHK 9 years ago

As far as I, and the vast majority of Jayhawk nation, am concerned, TT's legacy is alreadiy secure. He's among the all-time greats. He has been in the starting line-up through one of the greatest stretches in Kansas basketball history. Being in the starting line-up is no accident; it's based on Coach Self's determination that he deserves to be there. It is a statement that he has been the best we have at his position as it has evolved over the years. He has nothing left to prove. Consistency is largely an illusion as it relates to tangible measures. Everyone has good and bad games statistically. But never is there a question of TT's effort; it is 100% every game.

All that being said, I look for TT to have a break-out offensive game tomorrow, and lead the Jayhawks to the Final Four.

Rock Chalk.

Vittorio1224 9 years ago

Right on! Great post and observation. Tyshawn's legacy as one of the WINNINGEST point guards in KU history has already been solidified. A Final Four berth would only AUGMENT his chances to "get his" once the season is over and we put his accomplishments into historical perspective!

MimiHawk 9 years ago

I will ALWAYS remember this team for beating Mizzou the last time we ever had to have them cross the threshold of AFH.

And I really like the fact that they came from 19 down to do it, because Mizzou was just that much more devastated after the loss.

I've heard people compare Tyshawn to a greyhound because of his speed, but if I had to pick a breed I'd compare him to a rhodesian ridgeback... they were bred to hunt lions, and are known for their bravery as well as their speed.

Tyshawn Taylor, point guard for K A N S A S.

Alohahawk 9 years ago

Rhodesian Ridgeback? Thought you were referring to those dragons in the Harry Potter books. Looked them up in my dictionary and they don't look like they'd be very fast. But, that's what the definition said of them. So, I'll trust your judgement. That, and that they must be brave and tough, since they were developed to hunt in Africa. >However, your choice of MU in the Final Four? You should have considered the name on the back of the jerseys. BTW, I also picked KU, UK and FSU. My choice from the West regional was Marq., which barely did better than Mizzery. >Come on, TT. KU needs you at your best from now on. Anyone have the tally on how many games TT has won as a Jayhawk?

Alohahawk 9 years ago

Rhodesian Ridgeback? Thought you were referring to those dragons in the Harry Potter books. Looked them up in my dictionary and they don't look like they'd be very fast. But, that's what the definition said of them. So, I'll trust your judgement. That, and that they must be brave and tough, since they were developed to hunt in Africa. >However, your choice of MU in the Final Four? You should have considered the name on the back of the jerseys. BTW, I also picked KU, UK and FSU. My choice from the West regional was Marq., which barely did better than Mizzery. >Come on, TT. KU needs you at your best from now on. Anyone have the tally on how many games TT has won as a Jayhawk?

FoCoCoHawk 9 years ago

For me, TT's legacy will be the 9 pts in OT against Mizzou.

lucentbuffalo 9 years ago

Dear highelitemajor...perhaps you should reread your comment then go look in The mirror and ask yourself (and you should probably be REALLY honest) 1. Am I actually a ku fan, perhaps I prefer missouri? 2. Am I a D-bag?

Good luck on your journey of self-discovery!

Ps Tyshawn is the heart of this team!

Kye Clark 9 years ago

Not the HEM needs anyone defending him, but you (like many of Jayhawk nation) need to check yourself.

So many fans, every year, get out their pom poms and proclaim "this is my favorite jayhawk team ever!" OK. But to lose all objectivity, and then to chastise those who have it, is the mark of a real D-bag. If you can honestly (and be REALLY honest) say that you have been in Tyshawn's corner for four years, that you have never once yelled at your television for Self to get him out of the game because he was melting down, if you've thought for four years that he was an elite point guard, then OK. You're wrong, but at least you're consistent. All HEM is saying is that we shouldn't ignore his first 3 years when remembering his legacy.

Honestly I don't know how many of you people survive in the real world when you can't focus on anything outside of the short attention span of the last couple of months.

Steve Gantz 9 years ago

I wrote basically the same thing as HEM, so I guess I too am a Missouri fan, a D-bag and on some journey of self discovery.
Who makes you the arbiter of who's a true Jayhawk fan? Maybe appointed you this important job. Maybe the chancellor of the university appointed you to find us out. Well you've done it. Go UNC, beat those Jayhawks!

aadhawk 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

jaybate 9 years ago

Good for !@#$%ing you, whether you like ict's posting, or my posting, anybody's posting, or dislike us all.

What took you so long?

Strap it up and keep posting.

We need all hands every time a lot is riding on a game.

The living myth depends on it.

Just one more positive vibration might mean the difference between Tyshawn getting his gun back and not, between Thomas persevering through the fouling and not, between Self pulling a rabbit out of the hat and not, between Jeff igniting and not, between EJ overcoming his hesitations and not, between Conner streaking now or later from trinity, between Kevin stepping the right way, or the wrong way on defense, between Justin guarding, or fouling, between Danny seeing a tell in an opposing big, or not, between Joe finding a tendency in the numbers and not, between Kurtis recognizing the moment a player needs a boost and not, the moment Barry whispers the right thing in Self's ear, or not.

It all matters.

Everything at the margin.

Everything at the center.




The old players and coaches.

Every fan in the stands.

Every fan at home.

This is the difference between Kansas and the rest.

Its a living myth.

REHawk 9 years ago

And Andrea. Please don't omit Andrea!

jaybate 9 years ago

Oh, yes, The Madame of Muscle, the Queen of Quads, the Baroness of Bicepts, the Goddess of Glutes, the doyen of deltoids, Dr. Hudy matters in a very weighty way!!!

Go, Andrea, go!!!!

jaybate 9 years ago

Tyshawn Taylor,

Listen up. You are loved. You are respected. People who understand basketball think you are an amazing player. And what you have done this year ranks among the finest point guard performances of all time at Kansas.

You've only played two years at the point. No other great point guard started playing the point so late in his KU career. You have come farther in a single season than any point guard ever. Had you not had to play with broken digits last season, you almost certainly would have cured your TO and concentration problems last season, rather than having to cure both this season.

"Poem for Tyshawn Taylor"

You are beauty with a ball, You are lightening in laces. You are star dust at the rim, You are golden at the goal. You are magnetic on the ball, You are omnipresent off. You are Quantum T-- The fastest guard there ever was The fastest there will be."

Now go get 'em Tyshawn.

You leadeth not just a team, but a nation.

It doesn't matter whether your shot is on, or off.

You were born a difference maker.

And you made yourself our point.

Where you lead, we follow.

You da man.

We're not gonna love you less, win or lose.



Feed the post.

Go to iron.

Pull the trigger.

At your best when you need your best.

Competitive greatness.

Heroism is enduring a moment longer.


You are the Lawrence Airmen.

Fly the plane.

The W's will take care of themselves.

Rock Chalk!!

Vittorio1224 9 years ago

Good post jaybate; I have to admit, I don't always get around to reading the entirety of your posts, particularly as you "wax poetic" from time to time (haha), but well-said. Rock Chalk and let's bring home a Regional Championship today!

REHawk 9 years ago

Lightening in laces. Ah, good stuff, jb.

Shelli Baker 9 years ago

Beautifully said. Thank you for that.

Vittorio1224 9 years ago

Dear "Ty" (as all authentic non-fair weather KU apologists know you):

My late mother -- who raised 3 kids who all went to KU and proudly watched all the tourney games with us while we raised the banner of the Crimson & Blue in Lawrence -- used to say, "It's not the number of times you fall down in life, but the number of times you get back up."

Thank you for not staying DOWN, and not listening to all the naysayers pontificate about how you have no leadership abilities, and can't drive to the hoop and dish the rock and create opportunities for your teammates. You've given everything you have for four years, and we PROUD Jayhawk fans THANK YOU from the depths of our soul, and all that is the history, tradition, folklore and richness of KANSAS JAYHAWK basketball!

Rock Chalk and the Big Easy isn't a bad place to spend a weekend....let's give it a try! ;)

Kent Kossoy 9 years ago

Both Ty and TROB need a good game. They get it and KU wins. They don't and we go home. It's that simple.

Kevin Crook 9 years ago

I love TT's effort, but there are simply times in too many games where I ask myself if we are experiencing a "BlueChips" moment and watching TT on the take, shaving points. I can't believe how bad he can play at times. I am physically aching for him to have a good game. You watch these kids grow up for four years, and TT has come a long way. I was so happy for him at the end of the Mizz game because he came through on the free throw line. I hope so badly for him that no matter what the outcome is today, he plays lights out like he did so many time this season in conference. I will admit that he has been very tough to watch at times over these four years. I really hope he can decide today that if he's going down, he's going down with guns blazing.RCJH!

Steve Reigle 9 years ago

I continue to be dismayed when the media proclaims that Taylor had a bad game. For crying out loud, he had 10 rebounds and 5 assists! That's not a bad game. Bad offensively, sure. But look at what else he did to help the team win the game. The media can sometimes be so short-sighted. Anything for a headline.

REHawk 9 years ago

Lace 'em up for lightening this afternoon, Tyshawn. Show this nation that you can compete successfully with a team overflowing with surplus McDonald's All Americans. One more tally in the win column for your determined growth and body of work as one of the most memorable point guards in the long storied history of Jayhawk Basketball.

REHawk 9 years ago

jb, thanks for the lightening laces. At heart, I am a sorry plagiarist.

dtdjayhawk 9 years ago

Tyshawn is one of my favorite Jayhawks without question. He needs to get back to playing his game which was exceeding all of our expectations. Drive the basket, take your defender to the whole, sink your floaters in the lane, play with composure and you will get back to your 18+ points per game. All of Jayhawk Nation is behind you Tyshawn, at least those that are truly Jayhawks. We want nothing more then to keep watching you play and we believe in this team. I'm so pumped up for this game I can't type anymore.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!

ajhk 9 years ago

Tyshawn- I think the thick of Jayhawk nation loves you.

Some were very frustrated with your play as I'm sure you were at one time. It wasn't because they didn't like you. Rather, I think many saw the extraordinary talent and superhuman physical gifts and wanted and needed better from you. I'm sure you felt the same.

I feel like your head has finally caught up to your lightning quick body. We do love you Tyshawn!

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