Friday, March 23, 2012

Jayhawks big fans of women’s team, too


— If Kansas University’s basketball team wins tonight against North Carolina State in the Edward Jones Dome, it will spend the entire weekend in St. Louis. But for two hours Saturday, the players’ hearts will be in Des Moines, Iowa, rooting for their female counterparts, Angel and the Miracles.

Angel Goodrich, the KU women’s basketball team’s 5-foot-4 junior point guard, led the 11th-seeded Jayhawks into the Sweet 16 with a pair of upsets. She scored 20 points in the Nebraska game and 27 points in the shocker against Delaware.

“Our girls are playing good right now,” junior power forward Thomas Robinson said. “They’re playing with a lot of confidence, and that’s all you need at this time of year.”

Asked for his thoughts on Goodrich, Robinson said, “I’ve been thinking (for a long time), ‘Angel’s amazing, man.’ She’s good. She’s a great player.”

Point guard Tyshawn Taylor has nearly a foot on Goodrich, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t learn from her.

“Love Angel’s game,” Taylor said. “Love Angel’s game, man. Every time I watch her, I take some stuff out of her game. She’s got look-away passes. She’s nice, real nice, man. I’ve been watching her for three years now, and I’m impressed. I’m really impressed with her game.”

Junior guard Elijah Johnson used the same word as Taylor to describe Goodrich’s game.

“I think Angel’s nice, honestly,” Johnson said. “I said that when I first got here. We were in the gym my first day on campus. We were in the gym shooting, and I was watching her, and I always thought she was nice. She went through some injuries, and she stuck it out.

“I think she could play with us. If she needed to come practice with us, I think she could do it. I’m not blowing smoke. I honestly think she can come practice with us. She’s tough. I like her.”

Junior Travis Releford watched the Delaware game in his room, and he laughed when asked if any particular player had impressed him.

“Of course, I mean, Angel,” Releford said. “Everybody would say that. She stole the show. And getting a win on top of it was great.”

Center Jeff Withey watched the game and said he wished their busy schedules allowed for catching more of the women’s games.

“Angel was great against Delaware,” Withey said. “Stealing the ball, passing. Aishah (Sutherland, the team’s lone senior) also played awesome. They’ve been struck by injuries all season. For them to still be able to win games like they are, it just shows how tough they are. ... They have such a young team. It just shows how good they are going to be in the future.”

Goodrich scores buckets on drives to the hoop against far taller players. Could she score on the 7-foot Withey?

“I don’t know,” Withey said. “She’s awfully good, but I pride myself on blocking shots, so I don’t know.”

The women tip off against perennial powerhouse Tennessee at 11 a.m. Saturday on ESPN.


Benjamin Piehler 9 years, 8 months ago

Gosh, I love this years team... so much heart. They've given so much to KU; it's apparent they care deeply for the institution, and not just the Men's Basketball program. At KU and Kansas in general, we apreciate individuals with character. Perhaps we miss out on a recruit or two in this fashion; but I usually feel in retrospect those aren't the kind of kids we want here anyway.

Hard to imagine the one and dones over at Kentucky or wherever are concerned with anything beyond getting out of College ball ASAP with an optimal draft position and signing bonus; let alone the schools name on their jersey.

Let's go KU ladies and gents! Male it a weekend to remember!

Benjamin Piehler 9 years, 8 months ago

Ugh. Make* it a weekend to remember. What an unfortunate typo.

Benjamin Piehler 9 years, 8 months ago

:-p perhaps, haha. Typing on an iPad doesn't help either. Those "K"s and "L"s are pretty close.

ohjayhawk 9 years, 8 months ago

I think you may be right hawk - considering Kentucky just had one of it's freshmen declare for the NBA draft even while they are still in the Sweet 16! That blows my mind. Why can't you wait, at the longest, another week and a half to do that?

Code_2008 9 years, 8 months ago

I hope to god Indiana beats them then.

ohjayhawk 9 years, 8 months ago

Ok. After reading the article, and not going by the blurb I saw whizzing by on the bottom line of ESPN, apparently, Kidd-Gilchrist did not make the announcement. Multiple "sources" are saying that he will go pro, and he is saying he is undecided. I guess I will reserve judgment for now. However, if he does go pro after the season is over, I will be inclined to believe that he had made up his mind and was running his mouth to people that ended up talking to the media, which is still a bad decision on his part.

Michael Bratisax 9 years, 8 months ago

Love the last line but agree w/your sentiment... This team has expectantly become on of my all-time favorites. And put down EJ as a candidate for next year's POY!

Curtis Stutz 9 years, 8 months ago

You definitely appreciate that the Kansas players see themselves as college kids and part of the broader university. I'm sure seeing the women find success in their tournament is making things more enjoyable for the men's team, which is great. I think they can look at the women's team and know that if they lose their next game, they are still happy for them for what they accomplished. Hopefully they can see that and it helps take pressure off the guys who have already accomplished so much this season of their own. Not content to be where they are, but extremely happy I hope.

Displayhawk 9 years, 8 months ago

Kansas is ballin', while Missouri is bawlin'!

Brak 9 years, 8 months ago

You would think those slavers would be used to failure by now or maybe all that meth destroys their memory and their have to be reminded every year how terrible they are.

9 years, 8 months ago

Enjoyed the men’s team perspective of the women’s team. You rarely hear about that. Thanks, Tom.

rhollinshed 9 years, 8 months ago

You all deserve only the BEST! Stick it to Tennessee!

Alohahawk 9 years, 8 months ago

Unfortunately, KU's LadyHawks lost to Tennessee, 84 to 73. However, they did shoot a better percentage from the field, something like 47%, to 43% by Tennessee. But the Vols shot 21 of 24 at the freethrow line, and made 14 more than KU did.

Still, a great end of season run. With only one senior (if I remember correctly) the LadyHawks should be good next season.

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