Saturday, March 17, 2012

How former Jayhawks fared (March 17)


Cole Aldrich, Okla. City

Did not play (coach’s decision).

Darrell Arthur, Memphis

Inactive (out for season).

Mario Chalmers, Miami

Pts: 10. FGs: 4-6. FTs: 0-0.

Nick Collison, Okla. City

Pts: 2. FGs: 1-3. FTs: 0-0.

Drew Gooden, Milwaukee

Pts: 16. FGs: 6-14. FTs: 4-4.

Kirk Hinrich, Atlanta

Pts: 5. FGs: 2-8. FTs: 0-0.

Markieff Morris, Phoenix

Pts: 4. FGs: 2-4. FTs: 0-0.

Paul Pierce, Boston

Pts: 19. FGs: 5-15. FTs: 9-9.

Brandon Rush, Golden State

Pts: 10. FGs: 3-10. FTs: 2-2.

Josh Selby, Memphis

Did not play (coach’s decision).


Marcia Parsons 8 years, 6 months ago

Why don't you use the date the games actually took place? When I read the headline above, it looks like you are making predictions rather than reporting results.

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