Saturday, June 2, 2012

KU signee Ellis named national player of the year


Incoming Kansas University forward Perry Ellis has been named high school boys basketball player of the year, the National High School Coaches Association announced Friday.

Ellis, a 6-8, 220-pounder out of Wichita Heights, averaged 25.8 points and 9.8 rebounds a game last season for the four-time defending state champions. The McDonald’s All-American and four-time Kansas Gatorade Player of the Year, who is ranked No. 24 overall in the Class of 2012 by, finished his career as leading scorer in Wichita City League history (2,231 points). He passed former KU center Greg Dreiling, now runner-up with 1,888 points.

The mission statement of the NHSCA, which was formed in 1989, is to provide leadership and support to coaches and administrators and their programs. The NHSCA selects National Coaches and Senior Athletes of the Year in 22 boys and girls sports.

Merv to visit UNM: Former KU forward Merv Lindsay will take a recruiting visit to the University of New Mexico next week. He scored 11 points off 5-of-11 shooting while logging 2.2 minutes a game in 12 games his freshman season at KU.

Royce’s dad dies: Former NBA standout Orlando Woolridge, the father of former KU guard Royce Woolridge, died Thursday at the age of 52 in Mansfield, La. The coroner told the AP Woolridge died while under hospice care for a chronic heart condition. Royce Woolridge will be a sophomore at Washington State this season.

No news on recruiting trail: Nothing is new regarding the recruiting status of Milton Doyle, a 6-4 senior guard from Chicago’s Marshall High, who visited KU in mid-May.

Doyle, who decommitted from Florida International following the firing of Isiah Thomas as coach, has not made any other campus visits. It is believed Doyle will likely attend KU if he, as expected, qualifies academically. He’s still in school with graduation set for June 9.

Meanwile, Anrio Adams, a 6-3 senior guard from Seattle, who orally committed to KU last November, also figures to join the KU team as a freshman, if he, as expected, qualifies academically.

Doyle and his family members are not commenting publicly on his recruitment at this time. The third-team Chicago Tribune all-stater averaged 19 points, seven rebounds and nearly five assists a game last season.

Adams has posted periodically on Facebook and Twitter that he will be KU bound sometime in June. Adams averaged 23.0 points and 6.0 assists a game last season and was named the Associated Press Class 3A basketball player of the year in the state of Washington.


Kevin Studer 7 years, 8 months ago

KU's recruiting class is obviously very post-heavy, so getting Doyle and Adams in would be huge, even if Doyle is a 10th man at best this year. Adams is a very solid recruit.

KULA 7 years, 8 months ago

Incoming Kansas University forward Perry Ellis has been named high school boys basketball player of the year, the National High School Coaches Association announced Friday.

Ellis immediately de-committed from the University of Kansas and announced his intention to play for Kentucky.

Scott MacWilliams 7 years, 8 months ago

Congratulations Perry!!! This guy just looks more amazing every day. I can hardly wait until he steps on the floor of AFH for the first time. Looks like we're in for some very special hoops next year.

BTW, a nice piece on 'shot blockers' on ESPN, with a lot of ink on our own swatter Jeff Withey. What a breakout season, JW!! heres the link>

Rock Chalk, and how many days till Late Night????

Alohahawk 7 years, 8 months ago

Currently, on their college BB page, has a poll asking which school will win the Big 12 Conference BB championship next season. Not surprisingly, with about 2500 votes in, KU leads with 65% over Baylor at 15%. Texas has about 5%, and K State 4%. Newby W. Virginia has about 14%. I'd move Texas up to third and Iowa State about even with W.V. K State lost too many players and Martin, so they should fall big time. Oklahoma State should be good. The rest (Oklahoma, TCU and T. Tech will have to prove they have any chance to win games.

Add my congratulations to Mr. Perry Ellis for another well deserved award. All he needs to complete his amateur status is to add a National College Scholastic award, and an NCAA BB Championship.

My question about Ellis: What will his major be while attending KU? My guess? Business.

Alex Resnik 7 years, 8 months ago

I agree with everything you said minus the Kstate thing. The cats are going to be pretty good this year. They really only lost Samuels and McGruder is going to be tough to stop again this year. They did lose their highest ranked recruit, but they have a very solid core and Henriquez is going to battle Withey for best center in the Big12. I'm not saying they are going to beat us, all I'm saying is that they will be pretty good.

Ben Simonett 7 years, 8 months ago


i don't understand baylor as #2. I bought into that hype last year and will never make that mistake again. Scott Drew does less with more talent than anyone in the country sans rick barnes. not to mention he lost all the talent he did have to the draft.

Steve Stucky 7 years, 8 months ago

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tarhawker 7 years, 8 months ago

Boy that sounds awfully ignorant and prejudiced. Perhaps you did not realze Perry was valedictorian of his class.

Fletcher Anderson 7 years, 8 months ago

Congratulation Ellis! Doyle is a stud and would be great addition.

Kevin Studer 7 years, 8 months ago

Doyle is not a stud, but he may be a serviceable practice player.

TexasHawk44 7 years, 8 months ago

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Martin Rosenblum 7 years, 8 months ago

Wow, I wish I had logged on before that comment was removed! Sounds like it must have been a pretty offensive one. Glad LJW works on Saturdays.

KansasComet 7 years, 8 months ago

National Player of the Year for High School! Great! Let's hope he wins National Player of the Year in College, with a Nation Championship, of course!

Jeeveshawk 7 years, 8 months ago

Winning national player of the year over other bigs like Nerleans Noel and Tony Parker is very impressive. I only hope that he is that good at the collegiate level. Because unless we get some really good big guy recruit, we may have to play small in 2014, and Perry would be our entire starting frontcourt. Here is what the starters look like as of today:

  1. Naadir Tharpe(5-11) or Anrio Adams(6-3)
  2. Ben McLemore(6-5) or Conner Frankamp (6-0)
  3. Andrew White (6-6)
  4. Brannen Greene (6-7)
  5. Perry Ellis (6-8)

Or if Self wants size he could put in less talented players and have a starting lineup of:

  1. Tharpe/Adams
  2. McLemore/Frankamp
  3. White/Greene/McLemore
  4. Ellis
  5. Zach Peters(6-9) or Jamari Traylor (6-8) or Landen Lucas(6-8)

Martin Rosenblum 7 years, 8 months ago

You do remember that EJ and Withey are still on the team, don't you?

Martin Rosenblum 7 years, 8 months ago

Let's worry about one year at a time. Anything can and does happen to affect future seasons. Nice to plan, but plans can be altered in a hearbeat in this sport.

Ben Simonett 7 years, 8 months ago

Brennan Greene will not play the 4, no way!

Mclemore, Greene, and White will be a 3 man rotation for the two wing spots

Jeeveshawk 7 years, 8 months ago

He may have to if Peters, Lucas, and Traylor don't develop into the players they need to be, which may happen without Danny Manning.

Benz Junque 7 years, 8 months ago

My assumption would be that they will actually have more recruits for that year than they presently have signed. Crazy, I know.

Jeeveshawk 7 years, 8 months ago

We may not get ones good enough that we won't have to play like this.

addlime 7 years, 8 months ago

Congrats to Ellis! Can't wait to see him at KU. No doubt in my mind that his great scholastic work was a factor, as well as his obvious leadership qualities. Just looks like a dream to coach!

Woolridge news makes me sad, although it sounds like it wasn't a surprise.

I like the idea of adding a couple more guards to get some competition going. Tharpe showed some signs, but the cupboard looks pretty bare after next season.

kellerman411 7 years, 8 months ago

Serious question - Is it normal for a guy like Perry to average less than 10 rebounds per game in high school? I mean, 9 rebounds is solid but we're talking about an athletic guy who goes at least 6' 8". 10 rebounds in high school translates to about 3 rebounds in major college ball. Grant it, Perry was playing 6A ball against pretty tough competition. I'm sure Self and his kronies will get him toughened up enough to grab a dozen boards per game, I just find it odd that someone so big and athletic didn't dominate the boards in high school.

Alex Resnik 7 years, 8 months ago

I don't know if rebounding is as much skill as it is mind set. T-Rob was getting every rebound because he set out to do that, yes he did have the skill, but if you don't hustle after every board they just aren't going to fall into your lap because you have the skill. It's more hustle than skill.

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