Sunday, January 8, 2012

KU track and field continues strong start


Kansas University’s track and field teams swept both relay events, and 10 athletes won 11 individual titles Saturday in the Bill Easton Classic at Anschutz Pavilion.

The meet was the second of the season. The Jayhawks had not competed since the Bob Timmons Challenge on Dec. 2.

Next, KU will travel to Columbia, Mo., on Jan. 13 to take on the Missouri Tigers in a dual meet.


Clarence Glasse 10 years ago

Most of us can't do the things our track and field teams do. Its good to see that they are doing them very well!


Paul Brozik 10 years ago

This is the laziest report I have ever seen. This tells us nothing. Whoever is responsible for this should be embarrassed.

John Gallup 10 years ago

Yes track and field teams have rankings but you would think Tack and cross country are club sports by the reporting.

Jerry Rockhold 10 years ago

Come on J/W, I've posted this before regarding other KU "Olympic" sports articles. If you're goint to post a story AT LEAST give your readers some pertinent info. to go wih it.

Jeff Coffman 10 years ago

You could at least give us the 10 athletes that won 11 titles. You could possibly tell us what other teams competed in the event. You could give us the final total of points and where the overall teams scored.

You shouldn't expect people to read articles if you aren't going to give us a hint of what is going on.

ShockNAwe 10 years ago

KU Athletics site:

Looks like UMKC was the only other Division I school to participate on both sides. N. Illinois brought a women's team. Lots of jucos and unattached competitors.

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