Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oklahoma football transfer Justin McCay on hand for hoops


Former Bishop Miege High wide receiver Justin McCay, who has announced that he will transfer from Oklahoma, was in Lawrence on Wednesday night to take in the KU-K-State men’s basketball game. McCay, a red-shirt freshman who played in three games this season because of injury, sat in the KU student section with a handful of other recruits and Tim Grunhard, who coached McCay in high school.

McCay has received a release from OU and reportedly is deciding between KU and K-State. Missouri also may remain in the mix for McCay, a former five-star prospect who was the top-ranked player in Kansas according to during his senior year of high school.


kusportsdotcom 5 years ago

Any news on whether he'll be granted the hardship waiver?

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

Have you not paid attention to the NCAA when deciding matters like this? It will probably come down as the team meets before the home opener next that early!

Cmill1221 5 years ago

p> reports he has committed to KU!!!!!!

DSommersby 5 years ago

I believe Coach Stoops and OU gave permission for him to transfer without losing a year for going in conference. Not sure how fast he could play or if he has to sit out one year??? He would be a great pick up for KU. He would be a great target to match up with this pro-style high octane offense. Let's get him in there KU!

Bangkok_Jayhawk 5 years ago

I could be wrong but I think the permission is just for transferring. I believe the NCAA has to approve the immediate eligibility.

Sf Boggsz 5 years ago

I don't believe it's the NCAA that he needs the approval for transfer. First he has to be a student in good standing. Second, OU has to give him his release. Third if he transfers within the Big Twelve Conference, the Big Twelve (collectively the 9 other schools) has to give it's approval.

Sf Boggsz 5 years ago

As a follow up, the approval need by the Big Twelve schools prevents a 1 year loss of eligibility. In other words, because it's a hardship transfer if he has OU and Big Twelve Faculty Representatives approval, the Big Twelve will waive the loss of 1 year eligibility.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

They gave him permission to transfer without losing two years, as is the rule for transferring within the same conference.

As of now, he would lose a year but still have two years of eligibility.

treed14ku 5 years ago

Just one more comment regarding Gehrig Dieter. Yesterday he made this comment on his twitter, "SMU has Garrett Gilbert. Better than heaps and crist." More classless comments coming from this kid that make me perfectly fine w/ him not picking KU. What is the point of knocking on Heaps and Crist and I like how he failed to capitalize their names as if showcasing some junior high diss ala Mizzou calling KU "kU". The kid seems like such a tool and he will soon be a forgotten footnote on the college landscape. The other day he also said, "KU fans are a bunch of haters". His ego drove his recruitment and he craved gaining twitter followers, which makes his 600+ drop in followers even funnier. Btw, if you are still following him, please unfollow immediately.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Did he post anything about his coach leaving or league collapsing during his time at smu?

Clarence Haynes 5 years ago

Well, we don't have to worry about him unless we play the Ponies in a bowl! C'est le passé!

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Did he say anything about Mccay being better than him?

shelleysue 5 years ago

Thanks dieter for helping us dodge a bullet. Sounds like we owe you one.

Jim Jackson 5 years ago

Gilbert is a buster, he was benched and never showed any promise playing big boy, Big 12 ball. Gilbert was benched for 2 younger QBs. Unlike Crist, who has proven he can play, (respectable #'s 15 td's 7 picks, approximately) he was benched because Brian Kelly is a notrorious prick and wanted to play his own recruit, Tommry Reese.

As far as this rat bad Dieter, no reason to hate on him for choosing SMU but this buster did not get a single other BCS offer, not even from brokeass Indiana, his home state. What a clown.

Ryan Shelton 5 years ago

"KU fans are a bunch of haters".

Apparently he has been on this website before. Still, the broad brushstroke he paints is ignorant and immature.

BillSelf4Prez 5 years ago

haha. He tweeted how Gilbert is better than our QBs at me, HAHAHA im @KUownsTheBig12 no joke. Thats hilarious. Im gonna send him some more nice messages.

Cmill1221 5 years ago

I don't have twitter and never will but please ask him why is he only a 3star recruit. And if he knows he committed to SMU no LSU. And just for the hell of it: McCray > Dieter

John Mueller 5 years ago

Free advice in the rules of life column: Never follow an 18 yr. old kid on twitter. What the hell could he possibly have to say of value?

I sent this to Tait the other day, and I love me some Matt Tait, but i said "Isn't that what we have you for? I lost a ton of respect for Carl Henry thru the whole recruiting escapade of his kid, can't say his name and he is such a footnote in KU basketball, I can't even remember it.

But, the point is: If you really need that much attention, we don't need you.

We're Kansas. If you want to be a Jayhawk, get on board and enjoy the experience and blessing of the University of Kansas, the Wheel, Joe's donuts, the Yellow sub, Memorial Stadium on a gorgeous fall Saturday, helping move some hottie into GSP and "swimming" in the Chi O fountain sans clothing, not to mention sitting in the shrine of college basketball for 60 or so games while your here.

If you pass on that opportunity, we'll be fine without you. But, for the love of God, take three life doses of humility and shut the hell up. You're not that important.

Kansas is much, much bigger than you are.

FSUJHAWK 5 years ago



PS......i miss me some Yellow Sub...

Bellator 5 years ago

Great post and I know that this is a football article but when you say

"If you want to be a Jayhawk, get on board and enjoy the experience and blessing of the University of Kansas"

I can't help but think of Travis Releford who is a KC kid who had to sit on the bench a couple of years and then yesterday has his best game when we needed it most against K-State.

I love to root for kids like this and I hope we continue to get a lot of them in Basketball and Football.

blackhawkjayhawk 5 years ago

+1. I hope that we are done with the one-and-dones. Just ask Butler U. if you can be successful with players who stick around. Heck, just ask Self and Williams. Congrats to Travis. This kid is an exemplary Jayhawk!

baldwinjhawk 5 years ago

Amen! love me some Treleford! Great game with your cross over moves and especially getting that second jump ball! lol

middleoftheroader 5 years ago

Not post of the day... this is the Post Of The Year... cept for the Yellow sub comment... I have tried and tried to like Yellow sub... I'm sorry but it sux.

Al Martin 5 years ago

Gotta go with the veggie, dude. I have friends in Lawrence, and they torture me texting veggie pictures whenever they go...

blackhawkjayhawk 5 years ago

Perhaps the most perfect post that I've ever read on this board.

Al Martin 5 years ago

Closed down a couple of years ago. I want to go back to Lawrence and reopen it, but my wife thinks that's a HORRIBLE idea. She's not ready to be a donut widow :-)

Michael Pannacciulli 5 years ago

Between 93 and 97 I spent a mini fortune there.

Ludwig Supraphonic 5 years ago

In the early 80s my Joe's bill was much higher than KU tuition.

Shelly Harshaw 5 years ago

Right up there with the best posts ever!!! RCJH ~ KU!

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

If it only worked that way, but it doesn't!

So bust out the 40's, throw some strippers on the private jet, and start giving some $100 hand shakes like everyone else does.

escaped_labrat 5 years ago

if they start doing that, I want to be recruited!!

Ryan Shelton 5 years ago

"Free advice in the rules of life column: Never follow an 18 yr. old kid on twitter. What the hell could he possibly have to say of value?"

I saw Christina Aguilera on tv when she was about 16, giving love advice to a bunch of girls, and I had the same thoughts run through my head. Great post springtxhawk!

Bee Bee 5 years ago

Last i looked, Joe s is closed. That sucks!

jayhwkroks 5 years ago

That was an awesome post springtxhawk!!!!! You were thinking what we all should be thinking!!!!!! It's a privaledge to play for KU!!!!!!! This isn't Kentucky!!!!! Let your play do all the talking!!!!!!! Not your twitter page or facebook postings!!!!! I know they are kids but "Common Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ROCKCHALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

Thank God you didn't mention Rudy's Pizza. I may have attempted to eat my laptop....

actorman 5 years ago


Let's not forget Minsky's Pizza, either. It wasn't there long, but it sure was great when it was there.

jahoward77 5 years ago

Excellent post Spring, brought back some great memories (ah, the Chi O fountain runs . . .)!

lurkerhawk 5 years ago

+1 those were the best of times and the worst of times

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Just another 4/5 star player ready to play for us, yawn.

(Sarcasm noted. What really is implied is Holy $#!+ HCCW is creating a monster)

blackhawkjayhawk 5 years ago

One thought on the coaching staff and the inclusion of Wyatt. Perhaps Weis is wanting to keep some continuity in order to speed up the process next year. By keeping one guy on offense, who can recruit, and keeping one guy on defense, who can recruit, Weis is keeping two guys who can fill him in on the personnel he already has and speed up the transition.

Re: McCay. We've got his high school coach. We've got two 5-star QB's on the way. And we'll have an offense that will throw the ball. If it's between us, the purple plaque and coach DUI, we've got to be able to close the deal on this one.

Mike Kendall 5 years ago

All you have to do is say, "yes," young fella---uh, Mr. Cay. Rock Chalk!

ozzzy 5 years ago

Mr. McCay-- Trying to be completely unbaised, I think KU gives you the best chance to make it to the NFL. At KU you will be a primary target in a NFL style of offense. Please make the right choice. We would love to see you represent KU. Good luck with your decision.

Eric Williams 5 years ago

I agree Weis's offense is more NFL-style, but there's a guy playing in Green Bay that played for Snyder.

I think Snyder is a solid coach that adjusts his style to his roster. Last year they rarely passed because Collin Klein's strength was running.

Bangkok_Jayhawk 5 years ago

Nelson was more of a Ron Prince era guy.

McCay would double his production by coming to KU. If this was a running back or a running quarterback, I would keep my mouth shut. McCay will be a 1000 yard caliber guy in our offense.

shelleysue 5 years ago

Justin - it doesn't get any better at any school than what you saw last night. Help us bring that kind of excitement to Memorial Stadium. Rock Chalk!

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

Somebody on here a couple days ago posted that McCay is a heavy KSU lean. Anybody else seen that? I don't subscribe to any recruiting mags, just curious if there's anything behind that. It's hard not to like what you see of the guy in terms of athletic ability.

Kansashawk 5 years ago

Don't know that "I seen that", but I did "see" it. Just bustin some chops

Yes I did see it and not quite sure what the comment was based on other than blogger board BS

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

Like I said, I don't follow it real closely, but I did see that coming out of HS, his choices didn't include KSU. That, combined with his HS coach being on the staff, would make me think KU would lead. Oh well, I guess we'll find out.

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

Somebody on here a couple days ago posted that McCay is a heavy KSU lean. Anybody else seen that? I don't subscribe to any recruiting mags, just curious if there's anything behind that. It's hard not to like what you see of the guy in terms of athletic ability.

Randy Bombardier 5 years ago

I can understand the McCay thing. He looks like he really enjoys blocking downfield. The linebacker in him is coming out. Maybe he wants to play D only. Maybe he doesn't see himself snagging balls in the NFL.

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

It certainly does seem like an odd fit for a WR...if that is indeed where he wants to go.

Eric Williams 5 years ago

Jordy Nelson wasn't an odd fit with Snyder...just sayin.

Chris Bailey 5 years ago

True but Klein wasn't the guy throwing the ball then either. It was Josh Freeman for most of it. He's not Klein. And I'm not doggin Klein he's just more of a runner that's all I'm saying.

tical523 5 years ago

J Nelson was mainly with Ron Prince, Josh Freeman.

Jim Jackson 5 years ago

He can't be a KSU lean, him and Grunhard (his HS coach) have a great relationship.

Any news on D coordinator? Any concrete rumors? I feel like we're losing quality defensive players with out an official D coordinator.

JayHok 5 years ago

That's a good point. I wonder too how Snyder's recruits would feel about their commitment to Snyder, if they could read his mind after the game Friday night as he thinks about living in Madagascar for a little R and R.

I'm rooting big for Snyder Friday night. But seriously, no matter what he says, the old man obviously doesn't want KSU's recruiting to take another hit like it did when he announced leaving last time.

I'm wondering if he is planning on retiring after the Cotton Bowl, will he tell his recruits or wait until they've signed. Snyder is a very respectable gentleman, but I highly doubt he'll make the same mistake twice. He realistically has a plan of some sort lined up for retirement whether it happens anytime between this weekend and 24 months. I sort of wonder if he'll try a transition in mid-season in the next year or two if he doesn't retire this weekend.

Anyway, with the deepest respect to Snyder, but father time does come after us all and retirement is something most of us have a plan for if we're still working past 65. I believe he's 72. I would love us to beat Snyder one more time before he retires, but I also kind of wonder if he'll give us another chance after having such a great season this year topped off by the fact he's beaten us two years in a row soundly against HCTG's gameplans.

It's all speculation, but it would make a good betting ticket in Vegas----Will Snyder retire before or after Weis has a chance to beat him?

Randy Bombardier 5 years ago

I don't think Snyder will leave until K-State gets a national championship this time.

JayHok 5 years ago

Snyder will win the national championship this time?

danmoore 5 years ago

I've speculated the same thing. If he were to win the Cotton Bowl I don't think there would be a better time to call it a career and secure his legacy. If he stays he runs the risk of tarnishing his legacy the way Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden did.

I'm more interested in who his successor will be.

actorman 5 years ago

Let's sure hope he doesn't tarnish his legacy the way Joe Paterno did!!!

741hawk 5 years ago

Univ of Washington is starting over, and thire $250 million stadium renovation will NOT include a track.

JayHawkFanToo 5 years ago

I recall Tait posting that there was a press conference scheduled for today; any news on that?

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Chargers just canned their DC, wasn't he rumored for a possible fit here?

David Friend 5 years ago

I once got food poisoning from a tuna sub from yellow sub.. But when I was better I got right back on that bike and got another tuna sub from yellow sub. Because it was soooooooooo good! BTW that was 1984!!!!

actorman 5 years ago

I'm not surprised (that you would go right back, I mean, not about the food poisoning).

There's a lot of great food in the Bay Area, but I still miss Yellow Sub.

kellerman411 5 years ago

After last night, this kid will be here at KU.

beebe1 5 years ago

With slowness in the hire, it looks more and more like the '49's. If they get lucky and play thru the Super bowl, hopefully no harm done. There have been comments to that effect, 'March is not too late'.

I still think the matter has been cleared by Z!

blackhawkjayhawk 5 years ago

If it's Leavitt, why can't they announce it?

texashawk10 5 years ago

Out of respect for the 49ers still having at least one more game this season.

Seth Nesmith 5 years ago

I would like to ask how KU fans root for KSU? I was born and bred KU, I have never understood when I read posters on here who root for KSU. Yes, I know they are a Kansas team and a conference member, but I hope Arkansas beats them by a 100. I hate KSU- they beat us 17-1 in sports last year. Screw Bill Snyder and every wildcat out there!


Lash 5 years ago

For years even K-state fans didn't root openly for KSU, they were closet kittycats. Now they are purple pussycat fans but you only see them when they win. I'm from Kansas and I root for KU and whoever is playing K-state.

Sam Brockert 5 years ago

Two reasons. One is that, for me and I suspect a decent amount of others, is that ksu fans are also friends and family members. The rivalry for us is much more of a bragging rights rivalry than it is a hatred rivalry. I will leave the hate rivalry for missouri, even when they leave. My wife is a kstater as is her family. The other reason is that I hate the sec as much as I hate missouri.

actorman 5 years ago

One of the things I mentioned in another post was that they may be KSUck but they're still Kansans, and Kansas doesn't exactly have a good image in the rest of the country. So when a Kansas team is playing a team from another state, I find it hard not to root for the Kansas team.

Another factor is that, last year (and the recent stretch in football) notwithstanding, we've generally been able to wipe the floor with them in most sports. So it's hard to build up a big hatred for a team that you regularly abuse. They've always been more like the bratty little brother than a genuinely bitter rival. Misuse has always been on a whole different level.

Chris Shaw 5 years ago

I completely agree with this! While football is the driving force (I hate this as it completely irritates me as I'm a basketball guy) KSU beating Arkansas is good for the University of Kansas and the State. You have to look at it Nationally rather than Regionally and Locally.

Chris Shaw 5 years ago

I don't venture over and post on the football columns much, but this post caught my attention. Like you, jhawkin, I was born and bred KU (I was born in Lawrence) even though I'm the only one in my family not to attend the great University of Kansas.

With that said, having grown up in Kansas for much of my youth and early college years..............I use to have the mindset that KSU and Mizzou were nothing better than the rubber on the bottom part of my shoes.

Over the last 15 years I have lived in some great cities and for me, I don't think of my fanhood as "Regional" anymore like I use to when I lived and only knew of Kansas. I think of everything from a National perspective and how it affects the University of Kansas.

With all the crap with conference alignment and college football rapidly forcing changes within all institutions over the last couple of years, the loyalty that KU and KSU showed one another was fantastic. I know we have a "Me First" society, but think what would have happened if the "Midwest" schools like OU, Kansas, and Texas didn't stick together?

Like it or not, but this conference realignment stuff could have most likely eliminated everything with the "Great Midwest". To some degree, over the last 20 years it already has, but we don't need college football, greedy Instituitions and TV companies forcing those decisons.

For me, I tend to look at KU, KU and KSU together, and the Big 12 as 3 entitites that are tied together from a National perspective. I know people don't like to be tied to KSU and vice versa, but from where I sit on the East Coast...................everybody is trying to protect what is theirs and the only way they can expand is towards the Midwest! That's why I will never forgive Nebraska and Mizzou for selling out! They forgot about their roots.

As for Texas, I will never forgive them either, but I think they finally realized that their greed very well could have destroyed The Great Plains! It's a shame they realized that concept in the last hour.

BillSelf4Prez 5 years ago

dieter just tweeted KU is the worst team in the BIG 12.

BillSelf4Prez 5 years ago

dieter just tweeted KU is the worst team in the BIG 12.

treed14ku 5 years ago

Yeah, I saw that. It's becoming extremely clear that he was never seriously interested in KU and he was just trying to exploit the recruiting process to get a little extra limelight and some more twitter followers. No down to earth recruit who genuinely considered KU would make the following comments, "KU fans are a bunch of haters", "SMU has Garrett Gilbert. Better than heaps and crist." and "KU is the worst team in the Big 12". Normally I would say best of luck to the recruit who picks another school, but for this kid and his attitude, I hope he fades into oblivion.

BillSelf4Prez 5 years ago

That qb tweet was @ me! Haha I've been sending him some nice . tweets. Kid is so full of himself.

wildjayhawk 5 years ago

Sounds like the whole state is rooting for Kansas State tomorrow night in the football game. Thats great.

Jeff Coffman 5 years ago

I think you forgot the word "NOT" in front of "rooting", because clearly who would ever root for the purple head stepchild.

Eric Williams 5 years ago

I think you forgot that you don't speak for all jayhawk fans. I'm rooting for K-State and I always root for K-State when they aren't playing KU.

A strong KSU program brings more attention to the KU-KSU rivalry in any sport.

actorman 5 years ago


I would bet that most KU fans are rooting for KSU in this one.

esque 5 years ago

Interesting article featuring Gabe Toomey whom some of you might remember was a player during the beginning of Mangino's regime. I always wondered what became of him following his sudden and seemingly strange decision to leave the program during a productive career.

Christopher Hauser 5 years ago

DT Tyler Holmes just verbaled to Kansas per

texashawk10 5 years ago

Good to have another body, but this isn't a signing that will get very many people excited. KU, Western Kentucky, Arkansas State, and North Texas are the only FBS schools that offered him.

Christopher Hauser 5 years ago

I agree, DT's are tough to come by though

JayHok 5 years ago

This is his junior highlight tape from high school. For a 6'3" 275 pounder, he fills it up well, fights with a purpose, fights through double teams, has good speed for a big man and has severe intensity always looking for the ball. You'd think the Kansas plan is to get Weis' strength coach working with him ASAP. Personally I say this a very solid get considering we don't even have a DC officially named yet!

Bangkok_Jayhawk 5 years ago

Welcome Holmes... DTs are hard to come by. There are a lot of 6'4" 300 pound bodies out there, but that doesn't necessarily translate into an effective D Tackle. Hope this kid is good.

Does James McClinton have any eligibility left? That would be sweet.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

FYI, for those interested...

Slant is reporting that Keon Stowers, our new JuCo DL is attempting to do some "recruiting" of his own. He's working to get Cordarelle Patterson, the nation's number 1 JuCo wide receiver out of Hutchinson CC, to come to KU. Paterson is Stowers cousin and they played in high school. We're currently not listed on Patterson's profile, but I have to think we will be soon if Stowers keeps making a push. We see how that unfolds....

Hank Cross 5 years ago

Did I just read that a FBer might transfer to KU FROM OU?

JHawk06 5 years ago

+1 Great Post

Memories...I miss all those things, including my Tijuana taxi

(except fountain swimming as I never did it)

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