Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Four KU football players earn second-team All-Big 12 honors

Kansas running back James Sims salutes a pack of KU fans after his touchdown against Texas Tech during the first quarter on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012 at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas.

Kansas running back James Sims salutes a pack of KU fans after his touchdown against Texas Tech during the first quarter on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012 at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas.


Four Jayhawks earned second-team All-Big 12 postseason honors from the league coaches, Kansas University officials announced Wednesday.

Junior running back James Sims, senior offensive lineman Tanner Hawkinson, senior safety Bradley McDougald and sophomore linebacker Ben Heeney were named to the second team by the league’s coaches, who were not allowed to vote for their own players.

Sims led the Big 12 in rushing, finished 18th in the nation and also earned second-team All-Big 12 honors from the Associated Press, CBS Sports and San Antonio Express-News.

Hawkinson also received second team All-Big 12 honors from the Associated Press and San Antonio Express-News after playing an instrumental part in helping the KU rushing offense rank 24th nationally and third in the Big 12.

Heeney, who finished third in the conference in total tackles with 112, also was named second team all-league by the AP.

McDougald finished second on the team with 92 tackles, 72 solo, and added three interceptions, two forced fumbles and four tackles-for-loss. McDougald also was named honorable mention All-Big 12 by the AP.

A handful of Jayhawks also earned honorable mention all-league honors from the Big 12 coaches or AP. They were: sophomore running back Tony Pierson, sophomore tight end Jimmay Mundine and senior offensive lineman Duane Zlatnik.


Ron Prichard 7 years ago

Congratulations, Jayhawks! You are all well deserving. I am curious who beat out Sims for first team. Randle at OSU I would guess is one, but aren't there typically two RBs selected per team? (I know I could look this up but I only had a minute to check out the site before heading to a meeting.)

ltownatrain 7 years ago

I know it seems strange that he would be second team if he truly finished 1st in the Big 12 in rushing and 18th in the nation.

Saguaro_Jayhawk 7 years ago

oSu's Randle led Big XII in yards rushing, but he played all 12 games on their schedule. If you average their yards/game, Randle and Sims are tied at 112.6/game.

texashawk10 7 years ago

Randle was ahead was him. If you round to tenths, they were tied in ypg, but go to hundredths like the NCAA's website does and Randle has Sims by .02 ypg at 112.58 to 112.56 so no Sims did not lead the Big 12 in rushing.

ltownatrain 7 years ago

Actually if you get on the Big 12's website they only count Big 12 games when compiling stats. Because of this Sims finished 1st in the league with an average of 115 yards a game in 8 games and Randall finished 2nd with 112 yards a game in 9 games. So technically Sims was the best RB in the Big 12 according to the conference website.

lawyermog 7 years ago

First team backs were Randle (unanimous choice) and Hubert from State.

Congrats to our guys and thank you for your efforts during a difficult year. Rock Chalk!

Brad Avery 7 years ago

How many all B12 players does a team require to win a league game?

Ron Prichard 7 years ago

Now that is funny. Sad, but funny.

Reuben_J_Cogburn 7 years ago

I'm sorry, but I think it's absolutely absurd that Hubert was First Team over Sims.

Regardless of record, Sims had the better season, hands down. Randle you can argue, but Hubert? Not so much.

Bob Forer 7 years ago

I agree. Had KU won a few games, then the nod would have gone to Sims, imho. It's not fair that Sims was penalized for playing on the worst team in the league, but that's life.

lawyermog 7 years ago

The AP did it differently; only 1 running back on each team. Randle first team, Sims second.

Here is an AP link:

Reuben_J_Cogburn 7 years ago

How can the leading rusher in the Big XII not receive First-Team honors?

Is this a reasonable question, or am I way off course?

Someone please elaborate.

Reuben_J_Cogburn 7 years ago

Figured. I'd guess TDs scored matters too. Of which I assume Randle had more.

Just interesting.

texashawk10 7 years ago

Depends on how you define leading rusher because Randle for the season had more yards, TD's, and yards per game than Sims did and more total yards in Big 12 games. The only category Sims beat Randle in was ypg in Big 12 games and that was only by 3 yards. Randle deserves all the first team accolades even ahead of Sims this year. All Big 12 teams with two RB's on the first team should be Randle and Sims and the ones with just one should be Randle.

Phil Leister 7 years ago

CBS, I believe, named Sims to first-team.

VaJay 7 years ago

CBS did so because they didn't go by pure statistics as many on this blog have done. Basically, Sims & Randle were very close with the mathematical edge going to Randle.

Sims is and should be First Team All Big-12, because he earned his yards when EVERYONE knew he was going to run. The defensive lines were continually stacked and they were just daring us to throw the ball, because they knew we sucked at it.

Randle did not face that at all, AND he played on a far superior team, with better blocking and a dangerous passing attack.

Can anyone imagine the kind of season Sims might have had if we actually had a passing game?? I hope next year we do, and then it will be really fun watching him run.

Reuben_J_Cogburn 7 years ago

Either way...Sims is the man

One of the few bright spots of the season. Hard-nosed, powerful, and fearless. And above all this, he has the character to come back for his senior season and prove that he is the premier back in the country.

Bob Forer 7 years ago

Sims is a beast. Barring injuries, I am sure he will playing on Sundays in a couple of years.

ccarp 7 years ago

So glad this came out today. This morning I read the weak 1st team Big 12/SEC from the KC Star and was not surprise to see Jayhawks absent from the first team, but if they went so far to make a stretch of Big 12 AND SEC 1st team, there was plenty of talent to make 2nd, 3rd, HM teams as well.

I am very proud of the hawks and glad to see the recognition, despite our record. RCJH!

Jim Jackson 7 years ago

I look for a huge season from Sims next year. With Heaps, McCay and an improved passing game, I'm hoping for big things as we will be more balanced.

Rock Chalk!

vd 7 years ago

If the passing game improves, he might not get as many carries, ie. fewer yards.

Sayers44 7 years ago

What Sims accomplished without a quarterback and passing game is truely remarkable.

Also good to see Jimmay Mundine get some ink. I was very surprised all year that Wies did not use Mundine more in passing game.

How hard is it to throw a ten yard pass to the tight end?

Jimmay hopefully will be used more next year and will show all that he is a very talented player.

Jack Jones 7 years ago


vd 7 years ago

So if you get a DWI, you have a better chance of getting post season awards?

Marcus Balzer 7 years ago

Interesting that Greg Brown didn't garner any attention.

KGphoto 7 years ago

Ben Heeney for two more years. This is good. He'll be a captain next year, and a great piece to build a defense around.

MoralVictory 7 years ago

Let's see....1st in the league in rushing....only 9 games played...for the worst team in the league...and 2nd team all-conference? This conference is a joke.

Kevin Studer 7 years ago

Hubert - 15 TDs, Randle -14 TDs; Sims - 9 TDs.

K-State - 11-1, OSU - 7-5, KU - 1-11.

That's why. And, let's be honest, it's fair.

MoralVictory 7 years ago

So, using your logic, the first team should be K-State, the 2nd team should be OU and honorable mention can be split among the rest of the teams?

These aren't team awards - they are player awards. Sims out-performed the other two pretty decisively. So let's be's a joke.

Kevin Studer 7 years ago

Actually yes. The first team should be K-State, and the second team should be OU, in terms of people on the All Big 12 Team, and KU should be dead last...and it pretty much worked out that way. The touchdown differential should hurt Sims, and it does, and the fact that he was suspended for 3 games isn't a bonus, as some of us are trying to make it; it is actually a bad thing. Sims is a very solid back, but he didn't deserve to be first team.

vd 7 years ago

So using your logic, a player who 40 carries, 120 yds, and plays on a winnless team, deserves it more then a RB with 15 carries, 119 yds per game and plays on a winning team, doesn't deserve it?

Kman_blue 7 years ago

Big 12 Conference Games only which is what should be looked at as these are conference awards.

1. Sims - 115.2yds/game, 4.6 per carry and a long of 64 yards

2. Randle - 112.9yds/game, 4.9 per carry and a long of 69 yards

8. Hubert - 66.2 yds/game, 4.6 per carry and a long of 36 yards

Granted Hubert is a tough little bowling ball who's tough to bring down at times, but he's not 1 of the top 2 backs in the conference. I don't even think he's in the top 5 personally.

And as was said, with the 1 dimensional run dominant O KU was forced to run this year, Sims still lead the conference in rushing, versus Randle running in a wide open high powered spread O with a legitimate passing game that had to be respected, which definitely gave him some easier yards a lot of the time. I think objective people could go either way with Sims and Randle, but I don't see Hubert being in their league.

Sims 37 TD run against Okie St. was a thing of beauty (1 of the most impressive TD runs I saw in the conference this year) and showed what kind of talent he has. Glad at least CBS gave him the 1st team honors I think he deserved.

Kman_blue 7 years ago

Obviously I meant a 37 yard TD run, not a TD run that counted for 37 TD's!

And how'd I manage to post such a HUGE font?? Oh well, can't edit it now.

Micky Baker 7 years ago

That's okay, because KU might place a 1st and 2nd team RB on the all conference teams next year.

Pierson needs to get a little bigger and I think he will.

If these new recruits plus the red-shirts this year perform to expectations, this team could surprise a few team next year, but there will be no Klein, Geno Smith, Landry Jones, Doege.

I also do like the final home game next season at home against K-State. There are going to be some upgrades in speed and size on defense as well. The key is though, to sustain drives, 6 to 8 sustained drives per game that result in scores. Of course, if we get a kicker and our passing game improves significantly, that is possible. We'll know a bit more when the recruiting class is filled out.

Scott Bonnet 7 years ago

Hawkinson will go ahead of some "first teamers" in the NFL draft. He was a huge reason for our rushing success. Hawkinson deserved first team.

741hawk 7 years ago

And remember who converted Hawkinson from TE to tackle?
Yep. The Fat Man told him he could have a career in the NFL if he bulked up and moved to tackle. Mangino knows football. Rock Chalk.

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