Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big 12 commish gets (more) familiar with KU

League leader — already acquainted with coaches Weis, Self — tours Jayhawks’ facilities

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby made a visit to the Kansas University campus on Thursday, Aug. 23., 2012, one of nine stops he hopes to make during a 14-day span as he gets the lay of the land at each Big 12 school.

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby made a visit to the Kansas University campus on Thursday, Aug. 23., 2012, one of nine stops he hopes to make during a 14-day span as he gets the lay of the land at each Big 12 school.


Bob Bowlsby, the Big 12’s first-year commissioner, toured Kansas University’s campus and athletic-department facilities Wednesday and Thursday.

During a late-Wednesday afternoon stroll, he was able to “even peek through the crack and watch a little bit of football practice,” Bowlsby said during a Thursday afternoon news conference in the Allen Fieldhouse media room.

“I had a business card ready in case they were going to chase me away,” the 60-year-old former Stanford, Iowa and Northern Iowa athletic director added, smiling.

Bowlsby, who in the span of two weeks will be traveling to nine of the 10 Big 12 campuses (he’ll trek to West Virginia in late September), need not have worried about being shooed away from KU’s closed football practice.

He’s on good terms with both KU football coach Charlie Weis and basketball coach Bill Self.

“I’ve known coach Self a long time. I was six years on the men’s basketball committee,” Bowlsby said. “I think a lot of him. We played Notre Dame four times while coach Weis was at Notre Dame. It’s a fairly small fraternity.

“I look forward to being around them and watching what they do with their programs; obviously they are in different situations. One (program) is fully mature and competing at the very top of the country, and the other is in its infancy in terms of a new regime. Both are fun to watch. I think both will do a lot of good things. I expect to get here frequently during the course of the year. That’ll do nothing but enhance those relationships.”

Bowlsby said he was impressed with KU’s hoops and football facilities.

“Going through Allen Fieldhouse ... it is a classic venue, and the things that have been done around it are really spectacular,” Bowlsby said. “The support facilities, administrative facilities, the new football complex ... all of that is as good as there is anyplace in college athletics.

“I think men’s and women’s basketball and football are in great shape. The baseball diamond is terrific. Developmental facilities are great. I think KU probably has as good of weight-room facilities in terms of both quality and volume as I’ve ever seen. There are an awful lot of pieces of the puzzle in place. It sounds like plans are in place for improvements in a lot of other areas that will support the Olympic sports,” he added.

In the breaking-news department, Bowlsby said the league should soon be finalizing its multiyear TV deal that has been estimated in media reports at $2.6 billion. FOX and ABC/ESPN are expected to share broadcast and cable rights in the deal that could cover as many as 13 years. He said exposure for all sports “will be unprecedented.”

“We’re not working under any sort of deadline,” Bowlsby said. “We have an agreement on almost all elements of it.”

Also, a joint announcement with the SEC over the location for the newly created Champions Bowl should be coming soon. The AP reported that cities under consideration are Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, San Antonio and Arlington, Texas.

Bowlsby reiterated that he felt league administrators were in favor of staying at 10 teams, but that the conference would always be open to considering expansion.

“I think we are also feeling good about the fact we brought in two ranked football teams (TCU, West Virginia) in exchange for the two that moved out (Missouri, Texas A&M),” he said. “I think that’s a real source of strength for the Big 12.”

He said he has heard other schools are interested in joining the Big 12.

“We are contacted all the time by institutions that say ... it’s kind of like junior high dating: ‘Would you like him if he liked you?’ and that sort of back-channel stuff. You can’t afford to ignore it, but you can’t afford to dwell on it. We have too many other important things to do,” he said.

As far as the number 10 ... “It’s fair to say that some (conferences) that have gotten larger are now wondering if it’s going to be worth it,’’ Bowlsby said, “because there’s going to be complexities, especially regarding some of the scheduling issues that have really caused some problems. In the ACC and the SEC, there are some institutions that have 100-year histories of playing each other that aren’t going to be playing each other. And I think the reality of the larger number has kind of sunk in.’’

Bowlsby’s tour of the league continues today at Kansas State.


CrimsonAndBlueForLife 1 year, 8 months ago

“I think we are also feeling good about the fact we brought in two ranked football teams (TCU, West Virginia) in exchange for the two that moved out (Missouri, Texas A&M)."



Terry N Tom Denner 1 year, 8 months ago

I think this yoyo has sowed his lips onto the Texas AD Dobbs A$$ !! Get this conference back to 12 teams and take Texas behind the woodshed and tell them to either beg the Pac 12 to take them or become Independent in football.


Konkis Dongington III 1 year, 8 months ago

Today and tomorrow the under armor elite 24 camp is being held:

Good news: Two Jayhawk commits on the Lewis roster. Better news: The bigs on the Lewis roster are a who's who of top Kansas targets including Julius Randle, Jermaine Lawrence, Aaron Gordon, and Marcus Lee.

I hope HCBS put the word out to Frankamp and Greene that this is a recruiting opportunity that shouldn't be missed. Out of the group, I'd rate may wants as Lawrence, Gordon, Lee, Randle, though I'm sure most KU fans would list Randle first. All of them are top flight talent though.


Jack Wilson 1 year, 8 months ago

12 is the number.

It's good negotiating. You don't want to appear that you're shopping or that you're needy. Further, you don't want to upset other conferences with the appearance that you may be tampering or waiting to pounce. The Big 12 was on the edge. The last thing that the Big 12 wants is another round of this stuff. 10 is good because you're still in existence, but moving forward, it's not.

12 is the number. A football championship game is gold. The more patient we are, the bigger fish we might land.

I like Louisville because of the hoops (but, it is way inferior to KU .. did you hear that, Mr. Barber?).

But adding Florida St. and Clemson, or a Notre Dame and BYU, casts a shadow far greater even than my carbon footprint.

I bet we'll have our 11th and 12th members decided by mid-year 2013.


Stephen Young 1 year, 8 months ago

Don't know much about Bowlsby, and am hoping for the best. But it might bear mentioning that the tremendous success Stanford has enjoyed in athletics (probably) has little to do with him, or any other AD. A very wealthy developer has, over several years, provided a massive multi-million dollar endowment to the athletics program. So revenue is never a problem there. Keeping the fat cat happy is the biggest part of that job.


jgkojak 1 year, 8 months ago

I could see us going old Big 10 and having 11 teams - simply adding Notre Dame and stopping there -

it gets everyone (including ND) out of a championship game, its a manageable schedule to still play everyone twice in basketball and once in football


Tony Bandle 1 year, 8 months ago

Just read the story regarding the plans for displaying "The Rules" as part of a new student center. Some other suggestions would include:

  • Projected on a 10'-0" x 20'-0" two-sided 24/7/365 LED billboard along Naismith.

  • Erect a bronze jumbo-sized replica statue of the rules and place in front of Allen.

  • Align flags along Naismith with one rule reproduced on each flaf and set in order.

  • Project a Holograph image of the rules over center court at every Kansas game.

  • Have the rules set in a bulletproof case protected by two guards dressed as Jayhawks

  • Place a framed copy of the rules over every urinal in Allen Fieldhouse

Maybe just have the rules set in a respectful simple case in a room with no other decorations or distractions....uummm....NNAAHH!!!!!


William Blake 1 year, 8 months ago

I don't believe there was enough thought into this realignment business before movement took place.

I recently watched a news documentary stating that within a very short time as many as 75% of the college diplomas will come from online schools. If this happens where will the $$$ and crowds come from for these super conferences?

I can see most of the smaller sports cut from programs because of the travel expenses.

Then big $$$ may go towards other sports; primarily, soccer and cricket because the student population may be mostly foreign students.

I would like to see some of you respond to my concerns.


Chris1955 1 year, 8 months ago

What a great way to spend the week before football season, talking about conference realignment.

I guess that Jaybate is campaigning for what I would categorize as super leagues. For example, a combination of the Big Ten and Big XII conferences, plus Notre Dame and 1 poached university (Rutgers?) could become the All-American League. You shift Nebraska and Iowa into what is now the Big XII, and add Notre Dame and Rutgers into what is now the Big Ten. You end up with two 12 team conferences with captive TV markets in 3 of the 4 largest population centers in the U.S.; New York, Chicago, and Houston.

You force the SEC and ACC into a similar arrangement, let's call it the Dixie League. The PAC 12 is left by itself. In football, you could create the equivalent of the Superbowl every year, where the champion of the All-American League plays the champion of the Dixie League.

It doesn't cover 3 time zones, but imagine the TV revenue clout it would create!


Robert Brock 1 year, 8 months ago

Jaybate has started the day with a little extra green in his breakfast brownies.


jaybate 1 year, 8 months ago

Bowlsby has fascinated me as a choice all along. He is a green AD with Stanford and Iowa connections. Long term, the Big 12/10 has to expand to 4 time zones, or be slowly poached to death. It has to play three games at once.

Game 1 is get to four time zones of football basketball content in increments.

Game 2 is to use that four time zone coverage to begin using television to ramp up the "Olympic sports" into a revenue generating monster that feeds seamlessly into the Olympic monster.

Game 3 is to use this four time zone monster conference as the university pork conduit apparatus to buy the influence in constituent states to lay the big resource, transportation, power and water infrastructures across North America the rest of the 21st century.

The Big 12/10 has to expand up the Ohio Valley to extend the northeast branch of the super corridor. It has to expand northwest to Canada, where the mineral resources have to be stripped out to pay down the national debt. And its got to expand west because part or all of the Colorado River basin states will eventually stand to make more cooperating with this continental infrastructure expansion than obstructing it.

So: Its got to have a mountain west div., a central div., and an eastern div. at a minimum. And the best deal would be to have a Pacific div. to span all 4 time zones.

Long term, it needs to chip away at the Big Ten members, or alternatively find common ground with Big Ten states.

And it needs to do the same with the Pac 12 states.

Bowlsby's back ground with both conferences makes him suited to those tasks. a couple top programs in each time zone.

Bowlsby knows fast expansion depends on who gets elected President.

If Mitt, all ahead full on expansion in all directions.

If Obama, then hunker down another four years.


bradynsdad 1 year, 8 months ago

I know this is not about the new commish but it's worth talking about. Yesterday Biancardi posted a picture of Conner Frankcamp and Brannen Greene standing next to each at a tourney. Someone is drastically lying about their height! Greene was a minimum of 7 to 10 inches taller than Frankcamp. So either Conner is not the advertised 6'1 or Greene is not 6'3. The only other alternative is that Greene was wearing high heels and Conner had not shoes on at all. Just thought I would throw this out there.


REHawk 1 year, 8 months ago

Speaking of 100 year rivalries, let's never reward those deserting east border turdmongers with another penny of gate money in any sport.


JakeBarnes 1 year, 8 months ago

Bull! The Conference is better off with TCU and West Virginia, at least in football, than with having Texas A&M (mostly hype) and Missouri (mostly, well you know what to keep it clean). Layoff of Texas. They are with us.


JHWKDW 1 year, 8 months ago

Bob Bowlsby you are a good guy, and you did a hell of a job at Stanford do not get me wrong, but until you get the Longhorns under control things will look more Jerry Springer like than a happy family. Honestly did anyone know about the crap Texas tried to pull on Texas Tech with their game against Texas State? Texas Longhorns tried to in a hostile matter take over the game and against T Tech's wishes and put it on the Longhorn Network against their wishes. Texas Tech almost cancelled the game because of this.You know this happened this summer and it didn't even get mentioned by any local press. The only reason this did not happen was ESPN stopped it.

Need I say that it was pathetic that Texas Longhorns flew Florida State and Clemson the middle finger when they showed interest in the Big XII when everyone else kept quiet. Do not tell me that you are happy at 10, hey you think any team worth their weight in salt wants to come to us after what Texas did to Florida State and Clemson, and how they bully everyone? I know for example Iowa State has said they wanted the Big 12 to be a super conference You sound like Deloss Dodds saying you are happy at 10..

Bob Like I said I like you but going and complaining about teams that left before you came in makes us look bad! If you want to blame anyone blame that prick commissioner Beebe for being the Longhorns lapdog and making team leave because he catered to Texas to much.

Bob I hope you can turn it around.Best of luck to you.


Jeff Soisson 1 year, 8 months ago

No one cares about Notre Dame, they are irrelevant, Sorry, like Michigan. You all have sucked for years. The Big whatever sucks and the BIG 12/10 will roll. You will never be better than us, because you won't play us. Signed, Losers! You are the past, we are the future.


wats211 1 year, 8 months ago

We know the clout Chuck Neinas had and he handpicked Bowlsby...great hire and look for Notre Dame to be first on his list to restore the league to twelve and people are mentioning Louisville....not so fast....Arkansas is a possibility...because the SEC west is so tough..and if ND comes in...the BIG12 is a better league than the SEC and that will mean more TV money and money the hogs miss Texas and the recruiting there


okiedave 1 year, 8 months ago

Bowlsby does not have any idea how lucky he is -- he does not need to make a tour of the Mizzou facilities. People have been known to contract diseases over there.


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