Friday, April 27, 2012

Eastern Michigan names KU women’s basketball assistant as coach


Eastern Michigan named Kansas women’s basketball assistant coach Tory Verdi as its new head coach Thursday afternoon. Verdi resigned from his position with the Jayhawks after two years on coach Bonnie Henrickson’s staff. In addition to recruiting and scouting, Verdi worked with the team’s post players, including 2012 all-America honorable mention forward Carolyn Davis.


phogthedog 7 years ago

This is a BIG blow for our program. The emergence of Aisha this year is directly related to Tory Verdi. I wish him well, but I am very disappointed for us.

kubiggestfan 7 years ago

Coach Verdi was good for the program and had that personality about him that made the girls wants to play for him, but lets get real....Aishah's emergence this year was no coming out party, it was her ability to be allowed to do more. KU was so used to playing the 1-2 game that they could not win anything like that for nearly seven years(as evident by their low ranking in the Big 12 prior). When Carolyn Davis went down, HCBH was forced to allow everyone to play their game including Aishah and that is what changed! If HCBH wants to continue the success she has experienced in 2012, going back to the basics of years past will not do it for her. Athletic players need not be handcuffed and every offensive set cannot just run through one player. This year I saw a group of young ladies that were happy to be there, wanted to play for the coaches that were on the sidelines and were willing to give their all for the sake of the team.....Hope that doesn't change with all of the coaching changes taking place. In order to get back to the NCAA Tournament, or event the Sweet Sixteen we will have to continue to play as a team and allow players (all players) to play without shackles on them.

Waylon Cook 7 years ago

Just get thru next season and then lets CLEAN HOUSE! Bonnie is a joke but she wins two games in the tourney and now people think shes "the one".

Phog you are correct we have gotten better in the paint when Bonnie hired Tony.

Tom Shelton 7 years ago

Question for onlyoneUinKansas, your comment about Bonnie hiring Tony is another example of a good coach, identifing an assistant and hiring them, to help team, this is called " program management ". Also, look at end of this season, overcoming injury to key player. Plus, remember, Kansas women have only been to NCAA sweet 16 twice in history before Bonnie, not exactly a dominating program ( do not get them confused with the men's program ). In the future Bonnie will build on this year and elevate the women's program to where you can actually compare it to the men's program. You need to get realistic about the program.

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