Thursday, April 19, 2012

South Carolina transfer has KU on his list


Damontre Harris, a 6-foot-9 sophomore who has announced plans to transfer from the University of South Carolina, has Kansas University on his list of schools, the Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer reports.

Harris averaged 6.8 points, 5.5 rebounds and 2.3 blocks a game last season and was named to the SEC all-defensive team. He was’s No. 64-rated player in the Class of 2010. He’s also considering Florida and others. Wake Forest and Maryland were on his final list of schools in high school.

Ellis honored: KU signee Perry Ellis, a 6-8 senior forward from Wichita Heights, has been named second-team All-America by USA Today. First team: Nerlens Noel, Jabari Parker, Kyle Anderson, Shabazz Muhammad and Marcus Smart. Parker, a 6-8 junior from Chicago’s Simeon High, has KU on his list.


REHawk 1 year, 12 months ago

Aloha, I was stretching more than somewhat, referring to Little as a transfer. In terms of his two year notoriety as one of the best j.c. players in the country, however, he is similar to D. Harris, who, in his second Div. I season, led a major league as best defender. It has taken awhile for Withey to earn his keep, but, in all fairness, he faced injuries early at KU, and played behind Cole and Markieff, two lottery picks. Jeff is our best transfer player to arrive at AFH during the Bill Self years. Young stepped into a much needed sub role, and made a more immediate gametime impact than Withey, though not so talented in terms of future NBA selection. This Harris kid has proved that he can defend vs. some of the best that Kentucky and Florida had to offer. If his profile fits one of the blueprints for Jayhawk play in 2013-14 and beyond, then I view him as a more valuable newcomer than an unproven top 20 recruit who might be iffy as a dependable fit, or who might bolt after one season. Which is not to say that Harris, too, might bolt after playing one year in a Jayhawk singlet. However, he would bolster our practice squads next season, perhaps make even a more resounding practice impact than did BenMac and Jamari this past semester. Sizing up all facets of a noteworthy recruit is something of a crapshoot. Calipari struck the jackpot this season with Teague, Kidd-Gilchrist and Davis...the fact that those 3 blended so well with his two returning sophs and Miller. Arizona and Texas fell somewhat flat with their super recruits. And Roy, with his stable of McDeez. Well, I ramble with verbosity. My point is, D. Harris has proved that he can defend as one of the best, and is a noteworthy shot blocker who is seeking a better team fit than he sees with the coaching change at South Carolina. I've gotta think that Bill Self sees a tremendous upside to bringing this kid aboard for a couple of more major runs at a national title. Just imagine, a recruit already well established as a bigtime defender! (p.s. Although Wesley was a transfer, he arrived as an unrecruited walk-on whose brother financed his first rear. Otherwise, Appleton is the only other player that I can remember coming into Self's program from a jr. college. So, Self and Co. have gotten good production from the two recruited transfers, Withey and Young. Oops! Forgot C.J. Henry. Technically, I suppose that Xavier, too, was a transfer, even though he did not play for Memphis after Calipari roared away to Lexington. But if we delve into decommits, then we must mention the twins, Tyshawn, no telling who else!)


ATexasJayhawk 1 year, 12 months ago

Should Tony P opt to Georgia, UCLA, or Kentucky, this kid, an SEC starter, steps in in a year and plays the low big allowing talented 4's like Ellis and Lucas (yes I said Lucas - much better than scouting services have rated - google his accomplishments this year) to bang down 15 ft jump shots. Plus gives HCBS more options in gambling defensively. This should be looked at as a huge upside!


HAWKTOPIA 1 year, 12 months ago

On a beautiful Friday like today, looking out over the water, i feel Conner Frankenkamp will be a 4 year player who will stabilize the hawks for years to come. The bigs will come running in. i'll take a quick point guard with great hands and a gun every time.

When it comes to tourney time, it is the ball handlers that get you deep. the reason you need bigs is that they cannot take the pace and foul too often when they are tired.

Elijah handsd off to Conner.


Lebowski 1 year, 12 months ago

I personally wouldn't have any problem w this guy.

A big guy that shoots 80% from the line.. averaged over a couple blocks and almost a steal per game in about 26 minutes. Led his team in FG% by a huge margin. A defensive-first big guy who is efficient.. you can't have enough of.


Alohahawk 1 year, 12 months ago

I've never been one of those "twitter" people, don't have an account or whatever it takes to get their messages, so thanks for the update on Walker. Walker and/or Randle? A lot could depend on what Parker decides to do. Since Randle looks doubtful (Coach K seems to be his idol), and he's pretty much a lock for OAD, I'd really hope Self's going all out for Walker, who I'd guess could be in college for 2 or possibly even 3 years. He just needs to add some weight/muscle before heading to the NBA. At 6'10", and as a 5 star - top 5 to 7 ranked recruit, Walker would be spot on in Self's high/low offense. >As for Freeman, KU might have a slight advantage over the 3 schools he just added, because he has had KU's attention pretty much since day one. And having Greene in his ear can't hurt. >As for Harris, KU would only have him one year, even though it would be the year after Withey leaves. With a few exceptions, Withey being a recent one, KU hasn't had the best of luck with transfers over the years. And KU got Jeff early (after just one semester at Arizona), so it fit perfectly with KU's established bigs.


RecruitHawk 1 year, 12 months ago

Recruiting Updates and Opinions:

  • 2013 Chris Walker (6'10" combo forward,ranked # 7 espn FL) has verbally been expressing his love for KU on twitter. In past three days he has had over 15 post about KU and 0 for any other school. He also recently posted a picture in a Jayhawk hat. Just speculation but I am starting to feel a heavy lean towards the Hawks. It also helps that his good AAU friend Brannen Greene is recruiting him hard. They both have tournaments in Vegas this weekend which will only help.

  • Like Walker, Al Freeman (6'4" combo guard, ranked # 13 espn NC) has been heavy on the Hawks. In early March he cut his list to KU and Nova but since then has added UCLA, Duke, and Ohio State. While KU and Nova are still leaders, I believe the Hawks are loosing momentum especially with in state Duke involved. He is also close to Greene.

  • Even though this kid has great D i'm hoping Self takes a pass and saves the scholly for 2013 class. We already have Frankamp and Greene and we are in running with many more. This WILL be Ku's best class in years.


Tony Bandle 1 year, 12 months ago


I will be thrilled to join in..ten biggest complaints on this site [in no particular order]:

1] Jaybate's post are too long..I skip them.!! 2] You're a [K-State, Mizzou, UK - pick one] troll and need to go away!! 3] For the friggin millionth time it's the University of Kansas!! 4] HCBS can't recruit anyone!! 5] Keegan is a washed up hack!! 6] Morningstar____ [fill in the blank]!! 7] ahpersecoachingexperience_ _ ___ [fill in the blanks] 8] Posted with no malice intended...yeah, right!!!! 9] Take that track in the Memorial Stadium and shove it!! 10] Strictly from OakvilleJHawk...why can't we play basketball all 12 months of the year??!!


phogphan2000 1 year, 12 months ago

Seriously, how many people need to come on here just to post "trust HCBS" Wow, your insight amazes me Were you talking last year about how you thought this past team could make a FF run? I was, but I don't come on here and suggest that nobody that roots for KU should ever be disappointed if HCBS doesn't land certain recruits. It's not like it's his fault when a top recruit chooses to play elsewhere, say Tarczewski, but that doesn't mean it isn't disappointing and we should all take the Candide response of "all that happens is for the best."

Like ALBerg said earlier I like the idea of this kid and spreading the scholarships to a different class. I assume he'd be a junior then when he starts playing and it would add a body to Tharpe's class. All-SEC defender, 'nuff said, proven, if you can get him you want him.

It's unfortunate he'll have to sit when he has a new coach coming in, doesn't seem right, but I guess they make the rules that way so schools don't have a mass exodus every time they change coaches.

Jaybate I don't believe the NC St. assistant had anything to do with his recruitment to USC. Also sounds like if he really wants to go to NCSt. and has to walk on red-shirt his HS coach thinks they can make it work. The fact that his HS coach is so up in arms about the NCSt. block makes you think that's where he really wants to go.

Doubt KU will get this one, but we keep seeing more and more high profile transfers in cbb and it's exciting that KU has a chance with some of these guys. Kudos to drgnslyr's comments.

Congrats to Perry Ellis on making 2nd Team HS AA, look forward to watching you compete at KU.


texashawk10 1 year, 12 months ago

Damontre Harris is a shorter version of Jeff Withey. He's not a great scorer or rebounder, but he is a good shot blocker (2.3 per game in 26 minutes per game last year). I think he would be a nice fall back if Tony Parker goes elsewhere because in all honesty Tony Parker would not be much of a factor at KU next year because of his weight. Harris would have his redshirt sit out season to learn the system and let Hudy put some weight on him. He's already a very good defensive player which we all know is something that Self values more than anything else on the floor. I think given Parker's lack of vertical ability, I would rather have Harris because the most successful Bill Self teams have been the ones that have a shot blocker patrolling the paint and two years with Harris with this core of players could very easily result in a national title in the next 3 years for KU.


jaybate 1 year, 12 months ago

Am I the only one that noticed BrockIII's post on the Andrew White thread about Andrew being interviewed and saying he has a 33" one step jump?

Only 33"?

Tyrel Reed went up 40"!

Good lord, Travis must go up 42", right?

BRush had to be able to get up to 38, didn't he?

Think about it. At 6-6 and and 33" Tyrel Reed and Travis Releford, both 6-4, and 40", or more, could block almost all of Andrew White's shots on the perimeter, and eat him at the rim!

Is there an error in the 33" number?

What gives here?


barackchalkjhawk 2 years ago

What's the word on Anrio Adams? I have been leaving in a cave (aka - a conference) for the past few days.


William Blake 2 years ago

I'm pretty sure Norm is already impacting our program. I'm meaning that in a positive way!

I'm not sure I understand many posters in here. Many of the same posters that have been bashing CS for over a year now about not bringing good recruits suddenly slams the news of a respect transfer putting KU in his decision-making.

Lets get this straight... any players who list KU on their radars is helping KU recruiting status in the global picture... so rejoice that another player thinks positive enough about Kansas to consider us.

It would be nice to see a bit more faith for our coach (who has won more games than anyone the past 5 years). Harris hasn't announced he will transfer to KU so hold the negativity until it is confirmed that we want him and he commits.

As far as the argument that we have enough bigs... we will lose Mr. W and Young next year and who knows if we keep all our incoming players (or they pan out). Yes it would be great to land another guard and that may still be possible through scholarship adjustments. Yes there will be other great bigs available in another year... but look at the possibilities of adding a transfer who will sit a year and use it to absorb the CS system while building his body with Hudy? Imagine having our post players playing together for several years to develop their bond?

I think we will know a lot more come tomorrow, when Parker puts his hat on. I'm not trying to read the tea leaves... but I do wonder if this Harris announcement timing has anything to do with where Parker will go (or won't go)?


Jason Roberts 2 years ago

A possibility but it looks like he's trying to transfer to North Carolina State with an alleged block from the university's athletic director. If we throw in the Bo Ryan factor then Florida might be on the "block" list as well.

Aside from lack of help on his team I wonder how much Frank Martin becoming the new head coach really factored into this decision.


cvhindustries 2 years ago

Will there be a highlight video of this year's KU basketball team like the one after we won it all in '08? I know a lot of you will say, "We don't celebrate coming in 2nd place at Kansas." It was still a great year though, and I'd like to have any sort of commemoration available.


bennybob 2 years ago

No thank you,

Another guy that will need a couple years to develop into the system, only this guy doesn't have the years of eligibility to spare.


HawkKlaw 2 years ago


Last offseason, there were a lot of board rats here saying things like "Bill Self can't recruit", "HCBS lost his recruiting touch", "why can't Bill Self bring in top 50 talent?" and even a few "we need a better recruiter as head coach." Ye of little faith!

Then the 2011-12 Final Four season happened (maybe Bill Self heard you guys?), and now the sentiment is "Trust Bill Self" and "I don't care what recruits we get, Bill Self knows what he's doing."

Oh, how the tables have turned. As some of us have maintained all along, it pays to believe in HCBS!


brojoe 2 years ago

I agree with Stanleys. Not only do most of u not know what ur talking about but I can't stand when some of u bag on these 18 yr old kids when ur sour about them not comong here, and u know some of them come in here and read this stuff. And I also don't know where I'm going with this but there u have it


Joe Baker 2 years ago

This is only a window shopping opportunity for KU. I doubt it will amount to much. However, it does raise some concern with our chances at Parker at this point. If we were getting Parker or the coaches know something, why would we go after this kid? Is it just a routine coaching check? It's probably just a routine interest. It would be good to have a kid with some D1 experience. South Carolina was physcial and gave uk fits too.

I thnk it's down to KU, UCLA, and Georgia. I really think its between KU and UCLA, with a very slight edge to KU. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he chooses to stay home either. I hope Parker is reading this kid's transfer story. In the end, you have to make your own decisions and not do or pick what others want you to. You could be left in the lurch with a very unfortunate situation.


WilburNether 2 years ago

I guess he didn't like the prospect of someone going Frank Martin on him?


stanleys 2 years ago

Ya know, there's not any of us that has a clue what our needs are. Sure we can speculate and say this guy and that guy but HCBS has the solid grip on this situation.
He said next years recruiting class isn't complete yet. So while we ALL say KU needs this guy or that guy leave it to Bill, I think he knows wht he's doing!!!!


IrishCharlie 2 years ago

there is NO kansas univerity.


april28 2 years ago

I know I must have missed this.....Frank Martin has to sit out a year too, right?

No? Oh so it's just the kids who can't change schools without being punished. The coaches and the AD's can leave, literally, any time they want, go anywhere they want for any reason they want and make more money than they did at the last stop.


Sounds perfectly fair to me. Thank goodness we have a group of College Presidents making sure that the rules are equitable - especially for the students.


KemDooKU 2 years ago

Last year we had no depth and a weak bench - with only one or two decent players coming off the bench and we made it to the final game. The year before we were loaded with NBA talent and a deep bench and don't make it past a play-in team. Is it luck or team unity - Feast or famine - not sure which way is better but with all the new recruits I guess well find out which way works the best - Rock Chalk


Ron Franklin 2 years ago

Anybody know if we have much of a chance with Jabari? Not that any of us REALLY know, it's just that I have not heard his name come up repeatedly like we ave with Tony Parker.


jaybate 2 years ago

"Dis and Dat"

• Matt Doherty gets replaced by great coaches...Roy...then Larry.

• Dalmonte ought to go to Tulsa, if he doesn't do NCSU or KU.

• Frank Martin could be in real trouble unless Dalonte rejoins him.

• Imagine Parker in boot camp. He will need his own personal trash basket.

• Who will replace Ben Howland. I say LB, which will get Janks his head job at SMOO.


Danny Hernandez 2 years ago

IF HCBS wants him, then so do I. And if he doesn't, then neither do I!

Bill Self won't be listening to us and thank goodness he doesn't. None of us know crap and if one of us did, that person would be the coach


jaybate 2 years ago

USC team is bailing out on playing for Martin, so Harris wants to too. Harris probably wants to transfer to NCSU, where his old assistant coach that recruited him to USC now is. The USC AD thinks the old assistant tampered with Harris. The USC AD says Harris can transfer anywhere but NCSU. Harris high school is running interference for Harris. Says Martin does not care where Harris goes. Says AD is upset with tampering by NCSU assistant. Messy situation.

Harris can defend, board and block. No offense. Slender 6-9 and 214. But Defensive POY in SEC. Of course we would take him. Build him up a year, then play him a year. Killer practice player.

KU connection? Joe probably recruited him back in high school. Florida did too. Norm saw him last season. Knows kid is a talent. KU wants a presence in Carolinas. Contacting him is free PR.

Almost no chance we get him.

He apparently wants to go to NCSU to reunite with former asst coach and stay near home.


Jonathan Andrews 2 years ago

I for one feel that he would be a great addition. USC was a mess this year, but he proved he can be a defensive juggernaut. I could see Damontre turning into a Sean Williams or even Ekpe Udoh type of presence in the paint. Young and perhaps Wesley will be gone after next year, MAYBE even Ellis if the NBA scouts like him enough. Peters and Lucas are going to be good rotation guys for us, but I'm not sure either will be ready for monster minutes in their sophomore years. And neither is a shot-blocker, which is Harris' calling card.

I agree that it would be preferable to have a blue-chip 2013 prospect. Basically, I see Harris as a great fallback option to Chris Walker. But to say we just plain shouldn't pursue him is short-sighted. HCBS and company know what they're doing.

P.S. I can't wait for the Josiah Turner updates!


trustyourSelf 2 years ago

I think it would be good to get him. Especially since he would have to sit out a year anyway (right?) The year after when Withey and Young are gone we may find him valuable.


ahpersecoachingexperience 2 years ago

If our football team is becoming "Quarterback U" or hoops team is becoming "Transfer U"


Cmill1221 2 years ago

If we don't get our friend on Monday, then I would love to have him. Depth down low is always a good thing! Like in 08 rotating in 4 solid big men. HCBS did that at Illinois as well, when he beat us. He just had so many big men he kept bringing in off the bench. The term "foul trouble" never existed.


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