Sunday, April 15, 2012

Georgia prep to pick Friday

Kansas among finalists for Tony Parker


Blue-chip high school basketball prospect Tony Parker need only purchase five hats for Friday’s news conference in which he’ll announce his college choice.

Parker, a 6-foot-9, 280-pound senior center from Miller Grove High in Lithonia, Ga. — who had joked to the Charlotte Observer he’d like to chop his list from seven to five because he has to “pay 30 dollars a hat” — on Sunday eliminated Memphis and Georgetown, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Parker,’s No. 27-rated player, has a final list of Kansas University, UCLA, Duke, Georgia and Ohio State.

“Tony is ready for it to get over with,” Miller Grove coach Sharman White told the Journal-Constitution on Sunday. “He’s planning on doing it on Friday. We haven’t set a time yet but when we do, we’ll let everybody know.”

He said reports that Parker had chosen UCLA were not true.

“That’s something that got started at (Jordan Classic all-star game last weekend). It doesn’t have any legs to it,” White told the paper. “Tony has not committed yet.”

Parker — he’s ranked No. 21 by ESPNU — scored eight points off 5-of-15 shooting and grabbed 12 rebounds in Saturday’s Jordan Brand Classic.

The Journal-Constitution listed reasons UCLA might be the favorite. Korey McCray, his former Atlanta Celtics AAU coach, was hired last summer as an assistant at UCLA. Former Celtics teammate Jordan Adams has signed with UCLA.

Also, the Nos. 1 (Shabazz Muhammad) and 3 (Kyle Anderson) players have signed with UCLA and have asked Parker to join them to form a strong recruiting class in Westwood.

“I can’t wait until he decides to come to UCLA hopefully,” Muhammad, who had 20 points in the Jordan Classic, told The Sporting News. “He’s such a good player, and if we get him, that’s the icing on the cake.

“It’s a big-time program and needs big-time players. When you get big-time players at big-time programs, you are successful on that level so I think if he puts himself in there with me, Kyle and the other McDonald’s All-Americans they have, I think it will be a great opportunity for us.”

Parker has publicly praised KU strength coach Andrea Hudy and indicated he’d like to be part of her strength program.

“I’ve got to go somewhere that has a crazy trainer like KP,” Parker told ESPN, referring to his trainer, Kevin Peoples. “That’s one of the things I love about Kansas. I love Hudy.

“She’s a monster,” Parker added. “She’ll get you where you need to be. Kansas has a lot of things I like. They love me there.”

It has been said his mother favors Georgia, yet also likes Duke.

In his recent diary entry for SLAM Magazine, Parker said: “I still have a lot to work on and right now I’m focused on expanding my game. I’ve been working on a variety of ways to score, especially away from the block. During high school, I was usually bigger and stronger than everyone else, so I would bully my way to the bucket, but at the next level that’s not going to work most of the time. I’m trying to stretch my game and work on my outside moves so guys will have to come out and defend me at different areas every trip down the court.”

Runner-up: Archie Goodwin, a 6-4 senior guard from Sylvan Hills High in Little Rock, Ark., who has signed with Kentucky, told his runner-up school was KU.

“I love coach Bill Self and I loved Kansas. The school was great, the fans were great and they did a great job recruiting me, but, honestly, there wasn’t anything they could’ve done to get me. I had been saying since the ninth grade that I wanted to play for coach (John) Calipari. I tried to give everyone a chance, but I never got the same feeling I did with Coach Cal,” Goodwin said.

Signing day for White: Andrew White, a 6-6, 210-pound senior guard/forward from Miller School in Charlottesville, Va., will sign his letter of intent with KU today at his high school. White, who committed to KU in December and is ranked No. 56 by, averaged 22.9 points and 10 rebounds for 20-10 Miller School. He chose KU over North Carolina State, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Richmond, Texas, Georgetown and others. He will play in the Capital Classic all-star game Saturday in Alexandria, Va.


245Trioxin 2 years ago

Between KU's Andrea Hudy's strength conditioning and Bill Self's boot camp... come next season you'll be a Rockstar!

Hope to see you in the Phog playing with KU Nation at your back. The feeling, the energy, the power, the love... is indescribable (and that's just from the crowd).


RecruitHawk 2 years ago

KU needs to go hard for Mr. Parker, however I see him UCLA bound (SMH).If we don't get him then skip Josiah and anyone else to save the scholly for next year. We already have Greene (13 rank) and Frankamp (65) but I see the best class in years coming up. Al Freeman (14) is heavily leaning towards being a Jayhawk with Greene helping on the recruiting pitch. Chris Walker (7) has KU in a "top 4" with FSU,FU, and UK. He was quoted saying KU was the leader in December but no real update. KU is also in mix for Jabari Parker (1) and Julius Randle (2) to name a few... I see Freeman as a potential lock and don't be surprised if Walker joins him. The other are a bit of a stretch but still doable.


Ralster Jayhawk 2 years ago

Yep. Thinking about Travis Releford. Calm, cool on-court demeanor. I was remembering Self's quote from 2 seasons ago: "Travis has the chance to be a 1000+point scorer at KU"...


MeanderingHawk 2 years ago

I agree jaybate.....but HCBS showed what he could do playing to the strength of TROB and the play making ability of Taylor in a rebuilding year.

This coming year there is a lot of green but the talent should allow for more of spread in terms of focus and flexibility in matching up to other teams. Elijah was stepping up in the tournament, Travis is solid and both will be better when they step on the court next year. Not that I'm not a little on edge about the new players hitting the court next, but I still feel good about what is coming and HCBS ability to play to their strengths.


midwest_muser 2 years ago

Tony sans Hudy at UCLA with Josh Smith = twin chow'ers...


jaybate 2 years ago

But all of my handwringing would stop, if Jeff Withey were able to come in next year at 250 pounds of cut muscle able to carry guys up with him, when he has to finish, and able to keep hold of the rebounds that come his way; that kind of a center becomes one that you can much more easily shore up the gaps around with the particular kinds of players that we will have around him next season.

But I just don't see that happening. Jeff is a fine, fine player. But a muscle-it-up bang baller I do not foresee.

Perhaps this is why Manning and Self kept hinting at the sky hook. But in the end I never saw Jeff shoot any hook that I would characterize as a sky hook. And so I conclude he doesn't have one. And in the XTReme game today, I don't know how anyone could make a sky hook consistently with all the banging during shots that is allowed.

But if it were to happen and Jeff were to be able to become a dominant, 250 pound rebounder and take-it-up-and-finish offender, then we might be a Final Four type team by March, yet again. That kind of player, can carry a lot of green wood on his back, just as Thomas carried a lot on his back this season.

But don't kid yourselves, Thomas Robinson carried a lot of green wood on his back this season. A lot!

So: Bill gets to worry less about one injury causing a .500 season, but a lot more about depending on lots of bigs that either aren't that long, or aren't that strong, and in many cases playing their first year of D1 ball. Relying on too short, too weak, or too green bigs in the age of Bang Ball is a recipe for more hair loss than last season, and last season thinned old Bill out a good bit.

P.S.: I have not mentioned Naadir, whom I think will progress and be a decent player next season, but even if he blossoms by next season, I do not see his blossoming sharply altering what I sees as the points/strength/size deficit in the paint, and the problem of our other perimeter defenders like EJ and BenMac having trouble with XTReme Moving Picks both offensively and defensively come tourney time.


jaybate 2 years ago

Part 4

And replacing Tyshawn's combination of get to the rim and also 38% trey shooting from the point on a lot of shots is nothing to sneeze at either. As I said, EJ's trey shooting proved to be weak even taking open looks on spot ups, so it seems hardly fair to expect him to suddenly spike from 33% to 38%, while also having to run the team full time.

I said a few years ago, when we began crapping out on a lot of high end recruits, because of what appeared to me to be a spike in check book recruiting, coincident with Scalpinggate and Realignmentgate image-staining, that Self's toughest year was not going to be last season, but this coming season, from a rebuilding/reloading stand point.

Last season kind of took everyone's eye (including mine) off the structural problem of this season, because so much anomalous misfortune struck the beginning of last season. There was a circle-the-wagons reflex that kicked in with the team and with the fans. Everything reduced to avoiding disaster last season. It was a magnificent avoidance of the rebuilding bullet. But, again, it obscured that this coming season was the structural problem in terms of rebuilding.

Why? Two words: young bigs.

Last season we had to relie on unproven, but at least mature bigs, and one of them a footer at that.

This season we have to work with young bigs, none of whom seems of the stud caliber capable of playing bang ball plus being a 15/10 man out of the box.

There are more bodies to work with this coming season for sure and perhaps more total talent as a result, but last season had the better "effective" talent, thin as it was.

The question marks going into this season seem greater in number and spread more evenly across offense, defense and rebounding than last season, where the defense and rebounding seemed solid, the scoring out of the first five seemed feasible, and the big question was can Withey play 10, 20, 30, or 40 minutes, and can we avoid injuries.

This coming season will see more starters back, and so on the surface that is much better than last season.

But the starters returning, except perhaps for Travis, do not seem the kind of guys that can necessarily ramp their total games as much as whom they are replacing, and the incoming players we must depend on seem pretty young and error prone to me.


jaybate 2 years ago

Part 3

This likely lack of punch against powerful teams inside brings us to BenMac--the reputed perimeter scoring machine. He's going to have to be a scoring machine and he's going to have to be able to defend, too, if we are to make a serious run at a conference title and at the ring again next season. BenMac is going to have to be a serious trey threat that can deal with the moving picks by the big and brawny! My problem with BenMac without having seen him play is that he is too skinny to take the abuse and score, once he becomes as the guy to muscle to stop. But maybe he will muscle up by then.

And the question marks just accumulate and cascade beyond this.

No doubt, there are going to be more bodies capable of spending time on the floor this season than there were last.

But the bodies and minds are not as far along and, by seasons end, should not be as far along as the bodies and minds were at the end of this season in most cases.

The best eight will almost certainly be in total more talented basketball players than this year's first eight.

But I doubt that the first seven can become as good as this past season's first seven, even with the very limited Conner and Kevin this year. Conner and Kevin were limited, but they were very mature and so could bring what little they brought effectively and dependably by the last third of the season. Next year's newbies are still going to be trying to figure out how to stay on the floor and protect by season's end.

The first five almost certainly will not be better than last year's first five at the beginning, middle, or end of the season, unless I am vastly underestimating Perry Ellis--unless I am wrong to doubt that he can come in and replace Thomas Robinson without losing any rebounding, defense and scoring.

Thomas Robinson is just a very hard guy to replace--march harder to replace than Marcus Morris, or Kief Morris, and they were hard to replace. Thomas was so good he could rebound for two bigs. He was so strong offensively he could get you 18 points against double teams and 15 against triple teams. The only two players I have ever seen be able to do that combination of scoring against double and triple teams, plus grabbing 15 reebs for an extended period at KU were Chamberlain and Manning. Maybe Marcus, or Kieff could have if they had had to, but the fact is they never had to. I really doubt Nick Collison could have either and he didn't have to. I suspect Drew Gooden had the body to do it, but he never seemed to have the mind for it all, and he didn't have to. So replacing Thomas is a tall order. Not impossible, but very tall and very broad shouldered, if you know what I mean. :-)


jaybate 2 years ago

Part 2

Jeff, whom I am a big fan of, seems the most problematic position for next year. He had a great season as a shot blocker and he guarded the post exceptionally well as the season wore on. Frankly, he destroyed Anthony Davis's offense, leaving him a pitiful 1-10 from the field vs UK, and Jeff created similar bad shooting performances for other bigs he faced. He's quite a defender. But he did all of this riding Thomas Robinson's fabulously strong rebounding, good back-up defense, good chase defense and relentless offense. Jeff did not have to score and could not chase defend. And Jeff often could not score, when Thomas did get bottled up. He's going to score a ton early this next season, because Self is going to try to get him untracked, but I just don't see him being able to take it up and finish even with another year of weight work, once the doubles and triples the long and strongs confront him. His best role is the one he played this season: guarding the post and blocking shots, while gluing on offense. He just will likely not be strong enough to take double and triple teaming and produce anything on offense. Thomas was quite freakish that way. Again, it will be deceiving, because Jeff will have some triple doubles in pre conference and against some conference teams, too, so everyone will get inflated expectations. But those expectations will get punctured when he comes up against the caliber of a Royce White. Jeff will guard him well, but not be able to score, because of doubles. And they will double him at least, because if they do it will shut him off and force Self out of his beloved, high efficiency inside game.

And who else does KU have to go to inside for offense next season? Kevin? He could become a threat, but not the kind of threat that can muscle the ball down when the opposing coaches really put the wood on him.

Ellis, when he isn't playing 3? Maybe, but if Thomas and Marcus could not dominate at the 4 as freshman, and could only begin to be forces the second half of their sophomore years, can we really expect Perry Ellis to step into the four and muscle D1 style?

And then what? Traylor is a rebounder with limited offense.

Peters? Though bullishly strong, and maybe the best compliment on the surface to a slender Withey and a slight Kevin, will have to learn to score against guys his size and bigger; that takes a couple of years. So: we've got a real problem with points in the paint, even if some of our newbies and freshmen can learn how to guard the blocks out of the box.


jaybate 2 years ago

"Will Next Year Be a Bigger Coaching Challenge than This Year for Self?"

HEM et al,

Heretic time.

If Traylor, Lucas and Peters fail to make big impacts next season (and I am not disagreeing with you on this likelihood), then Self is going to have to do an even better job of coaching next season than he did this season.

And this I think Self will have to do.

Last season required 4 players ready to come through to come through. And they did, however fitfully, at times. And when they fully matured, Self had the best starting five of perhaps anyone but Kentucky. His problem was lack of depth and how to milk the clock, so that he could play his best five against the opponent's best five starting about even the last 10-12 minutes of games. But when Conner and Kevin proved able to play ten to 20 mpg defensively, then he had 7 bodies, which was all a coach needed. Cal even pulled it off with only six. Frankly, based on managing lack of depth, it was Cal that was overlooked for coach of the year honors.

This coming season is much more problematic for Self than last season, despite everyone's euphoria about all the incoming talent.

This season requires three starting offensive glue men--EJ, Travis, and Jeff to come through as impact offensive players, plus it requires a skinny, 6'8" seventh man to become a starter, or at least stay a credible glue 6th man inside without a Superman to rebound for all of them, plus it requires two more maybe readies--BenMac and Traylor, plus two more freshman bigs that are rarely ready for more than glue roles--Ellis and Peters--to become capable glue bigs able to rebound for Jeff.

EJ seems a good bet to come through at PG defensively and can be expected to drive on offense nearly on a par with Tyshawn, but his trey shooting is unlikely to equal Tyshawn's 38% rate from last year, given EJ could not achieve even that taking open looks from the two this year.

Travis can now be expected to accomplish what ever Self asks of him, short of handling the long and strongs like Kidd-Gilchrist late in a tourney run.


Miguel Colón 2 years ago

I have a stupid question to ask. When these kids don't pick us and there are hats sprawled out all over the studios of ESPN, are those the hats the ESPN analysts are wearing when they come on their personal time to watch a game at Allen??


Joel Hood 2 years ago

Can anyone remember a signing day or recruiting circus that turned out well for KU? It seems to me that some of the best players we have had, signed quietly and made little of it. There is something to be said about modesty off the court (i.e., Perry Ellis.)

Remember when the Henry brothers decided to come to KU how these boards were crazy. Anyone remember the Terrell Jones fiasco? I may be wrong, but if Tony Parker decides to go somewhere else after dragging it out for so long, then fine - best of luck to him. Throwing a hat party is about "look at me" on my path to the league. We want players that want to be a part of something greater - I hope Tony gets that.


Jason Roberts 2 years ago

KU has such a dearth of big men coming in next year I wouldn't be surprised if Tony doesn't choose us for that reason alone. Then again, if he's up to a challenge and wants to win a national title in the next 1-2 years, there's no doubt that Lawrence should be his destination of choice as the other guys would work him enough that his weight would shoot down 10-15 pounds.

We will miss T-Rob's inside toughness but we'll have enough big guys to cover his stats. As for the backcourt, it is my hope that Tharpe will improve on his ball-handling and decision-making enough that he'll play more than 5 minutes per game. If not, EJ's legs will be spent before March.


Jason Keller 2 years ago

(Sigh......) I miss T-Rob :(

I've never had this much trouble letting go of a KU team. I'm going to miss Tyshawn's loose play and Thomas's thunderous dunks. I suppose next year is an all new team to fall in love with although, no matter what happens, I can't see them capturing our hearts the way this team did.


FarSideHawk 2 years ago

His dad has said that the announcement has been moved from this Friday to next Thursday.


bennybob 2 years ago

I have a prediction to make:

If Parker commits to KU, the overwhelming consensus on these boards will be that rankings do matter and the kid will be stud.

I Parker doesn't commit to KU, the overwhelming consensus on these boards will be that rankings don't matter and we never needed this kid.

ahhhh, the eternal optimism that is biased fanaticism.


Tony Bandle 2 years ago

The glamour of Hollywood, the bright lights of Kentucky, Georgia on my mind, the hat ceremony, ....I've just got this funny feeling when all signs point away from KU, come Friday, we'll all get a big, happy surprise!!


Fred Davis 2 years ago

I would be stunned if this kid picks Kansas. He's going to end up at UCLA. KU's going to be fine, this class they have now is already solid, and I like the makeup of the kids Self has already in the program. My question is how much is the departure of Manning going to hurt when it comes to luring big men to Lawrence... I guess we'll see.


jaybate 2 years ago


You speculated I might be the pitiful old fellow on the bench in a previous thread.

This is closer to my physical appearance and stature.

Yeeeeee hawwwwww!!!!


Ray March 2 years ago

he spent $150 and he's going to toss $120 of it on the floor and never wear them again?! why all the hooplah and why buy each hat for $30?! why not just tell coach Self that you're coming here and skip all the drama?!


phogphan2000 2 years ago

Hey let's all make a bunch of negative comments about a high school kid and then still hope KU gets good recruiting classes?

If Self is offering a big a scholarship I want him at KU. Hopefully he doesn't want to be overly influenced by other players in making his choice, wants to make his own decision. UCLA will probably lose their top two recruits after one year, and they have their frontcourt returning from last year's team. We've got more than just Hudy at KU, many reasons for you to pick KU Mr. Parker. You'll have every opportunity to get run this year and a great chance to anchor the front line in the future. You want to learn how to play against great defenders, go up against Withey in practice for a year. You want to learn the game from an absolute master, HCBS is second to none. You want the most incredible atmosphere in college hoops, Allen Fieldhouse is the cream of the crop. You want to learn from upperclassmen that have been there, we've got a great group of seniors ready to take you under their wing.


jaybate 2 years ago

"Recruiting, or What Is Wrong with this Picture?"

~UCLA has a coach, Ben Fouland, reputedly on the ropes, a coach the AD reputedly called on the carpet for losing control of his players, a coach that has never won a ring, a coach that has won only 65% of his games, a coach that finished 5th in the Pac 10 2 of the last 3 years, and a team that hasn't been a serious contender since 2008, yet OADs are flocking to Westwood, like the ghost of Sam Gilbert is throwing pool parties.

~Reputedly an outstanding, unretracted Chicago newspaper story reputedly alleging payment negotiations for a UK player from a previous season hangs over the UK program, yet the OADs keep flocking to UK.

~Self at KU, reputedly doing it the right way in recruiting, wins a ring in 2008 and comes in second in 2012, wins 8 straight conference titles, wins more games than any other program the last five years, and is losing recruits to Ben Fouland of UCLA.

~Donovan at Florida, reputedly doing it the right way in recruiting, wins two straight rings in 06 and 07 with two fine players, a nucleus that stayed four years, and fabulous coaching by Donovan, but Donovan is being beaten out for OADs and five stars by Ben Fouland.

~Consonants at Duke, reputedly doing it the right way in recruiting, wins a ring in '10, has more rings than any other active coach, is the winningest coach in NCAA history, and he is being beaten out for the best OADs and 5 stars by Ben Fouland.

Is it really just more PT that attracts players to UCLA this season?

Do the quality of coaching and the program really not matter that much to players?

Are Wooden's ten rings 40 years ago really that big of an attractor to kids today?

Or is it three straight flame-outs in the Final Four ending 4 seasons ago that attract OADs to UCLA?

And if it is Hollywood and the beach scene that are attracting them to UCLA this season, why do Hollywood and the beach scene attract them some years, but not others?

What is wrong with this picture?


William Weissbeck 2 years ago

Ninth grade and Coach Cal? Most high schoolers I know can't even name the VP. Says something about the prima donas masquerading as amateurs. I'll go out on a limb and blame baseball free agency. Gone are the days when most boys could come close to naming the starting rotations for most major league teams.


Adam James 2 years ago

I don't understand Big Men when it comes to signing with KU. When was the last time we had a top 10 big man out of high school. If you look at the success we have had with the development of guys that are anywhere from 20-100 it is off the charts. Why in the world would a top 10 Big Man not choose KU. Especially when our system is built for Big guys.


JayHawkFanToo 2 years ago

If he starts saying " I am taking my talent/game/lazy fat a$$/freight/load/carcass to..." I will be loudly hoping that he chooses to take his a talent/game/lazy fat a$$/freight/load/carcass to a school other than KU. Self-absorbed, LeBron wannabes are not a good fit at team-oriented KU.


REHawk 2 years ago

truehawk93, I am pretty much with you regarding that line, "Ultimately, I don't care anymore where he chooses." He sounds like a rational young man, other than his desire to emulate NBA cap mongers. But if he does sign with us, then someone from the current squad will have to transfer. And we already have a bevy of bigs packing their bags to come to Lawrence. Personally, I'd rather see Bill Self unearth a dependable point guard to make an immediate impact next year, preferably a transfer or j.c. recruit with solid experience. Unless, of course, Travis or BenMac is capable of playing some valuable minutes at the point. If that should be the case, then we could really use an immediate impact at the 4 position, to free Perry Ellis to play some 3.
Anrio Adams might yet hold a surprise for us, in the grand scheme of next year's lineup....


Joe Baker 2 years ago

Ok, ok, ok...I think we all agree about Parker and the hat trick. However, let's give the kid some credit. He seems intelligent. These kids are always talking to each other, trying to get others to their program of choice. It doesn't always work. Howland is desperate and hiring Parker's former AAU coach was pretty obvious under the circumstances. Howland is drowing in his own vomit of issues at UCLA. My guess is, he has this year to turn the program around in every way or he's gone. He knows it.

Parker knows he needs some physical training. He knows that his game needs work too. I really don't think UCLA will give him the tools to be successful. I know Georgia won't be able to help him. Dook is the only other school that might have a fair chance. He's already voiced his concern about a 5'11 coach teaching him post moves. I won't be surprised who he picks at this point.

If he picks UCLA, he's only doing it for all the wrong reasons. It will show that he's easily influenced by a bunch of overrated brats. If he picks Georgia and plays with all the homies, then he's not mature enough to leave home. Lastly, dook is not a place for bigs. They are a little like UCLA. It's all about the brand and the coach, not player development. If Parker wants to develop a competitve nature, work physically, and to be a part of the richest tradition in bball, KU will be his pick. I am amazed at how well the players mature and grow on and off the court. I don't think the others show that much of these abilities like KU. If he's smart, he'll make the right decision. If you think about it, KU is his absolute best choice in his situation. I'm not saying this as a KU fan. He's probably torn between working hard and smart or going somewhere and only maintaining the status quo. He will hurt himself in the long run if he chooses anywhere else. He will be much like Daniel Orton if he goes anywhere else who just fell through Calaprari's cracks. Calipari didn't develop Orton and screwed him big time.

Ultimately, I don't care anymore where he chooses. I like who we have coming and the next few years through 2013 looks pretty good. Parker will choose an easy path or a difficult. His choice will define his character and work ethic.


panalytic 2 years ago

I'm with Alohahawk and would like to hear what is the latest on Anrio Adams if anyone has heard - if he passed his SAT?


Bangkok_Jayhawk 2 years ago

Hats... Already questioning this kid.


ldjayhawk 2 years ago

Can't see Tony land in Lawrence to be honest, unless this young man want to do a Cole which means stays at scholl for multipul years and doesn't mind play behind Jeff for year 1. KU will have Jeff, Lucas and possibly Peters as centre so playing time will be very limited. Plus, don't we really need a point guard than another big? Anyway, if Tony puts his Jayhawk hat on on Friday that would be fantastic!


Jim Jackson 2 years ago

I know Parker said that Manning choosing to leave doesn't factor into his decision, but I feel as if it will be a deterrent for him.



Joe Joseph 2 years ago

No problem with the hats so long as they don't act like they're going with one then choose another. That's a pretty d*** move.


Robert Brown 2 years ago

I read the article and thought this kid is cocky and self absorbed. But after thinking about it, I realize that he did not create this media circus that makes mini celebrities out of high school kids. His comments were pretty thoughtful. I am curious among today's elites, what the true perception of Self and KU is. it would not seem to be a great place for the super-elite- the one and done, but would be a great place for the Top 30-50 players who want to take three years and Improve their game and enhance their chance to get drafted into the NBA. It would appear Parker would fit into the latter category


2 years ago

“Parker — he’s ranked No. 21 by ESPNU — scored eight points off 5-of-15 shooting…”

Can someone explain how you can only score eight points off 5-of-15 shooting?


IrishCharlie 2 years ago

There REALLY is NO "kansas university'........

Very weird how the LJW lives in their fantasy land...........


Brian Mensch 2 years ago

Perhaps he should pick UCLA over KU...good decision for J'mison "Bobo" Morgan and worked out pretty well. History never repeats itself.


Michael Pannacciulli 2 years ago

Usually where there is smoke there is fire and so I expect he signs with UCLA. They will be good but won't be this past seasons Kentucky. Then they break up and most go pro.

For us however I am curious to hear more about the Turner situation in AZ. Is he coming here?


jaybate 2 years ago

How can these cheap bastards at the networks not pay for the flipping hats?!!! They are probably making a quarter mil in commercial revenues bare minimum on the commercials wrapped around your content, if they only run you once. The hats are props in a TV PR production! It would be a deductible expense!


nativeson 2 years ago

It is likely that the rules are going to change with the NCAA in the next few years. My guess is that the 1 and done rule will be replaced with a go or stay rule. The players like Shabazz should be able to go straight to the NBA, but the 99% who need some level of coaching and development should stay for some time.


GabrielMichael 2 years ago

The character of the kind of players that come to KU typically don't have the time for the hat shell game...


Mike Barnhart 2 years ago

How many ESPN "hat jugglers" have we even landed? The janitor at ESPN has a closet full of KU hats he's picked up off the floor over the last ten years.

While Kansas has been just fine without them in the past, I'm worried about the future of my favorite sport in the hands of cocky 18 year olds. Kentucky was pretty darn lucky this year, their OAD's were rock solid but that had to be a fluke, didn't it? There's no way the future of college basketball is going to be dominated by "fab fives" least I hope not!


nuleafjhawk 2 years ago

OK - now I'll pay him 30 bucks to take the KU hat out.

We did kinda alright this year. I think we can survive without him.


midwest_muser 2 years ago

Prediction...1)Parker goes to Georgia..2)in the 2014 NCAA tourney, Peters kicks his chubby can all over the court..


RJ King 2 years ago

And buried in the debris is Andrew White's ink to paper. WELCOME Andrew!!! Everything indicates you are a CLASS act who understands both basketball and life. Can't wait to have to aboard!


Jack Rivers 2 years ago

Don't any of the parents say "you're a high school student, just say where you are going and get to class!"


prusso25 2 years ago

Haven't heard anything about Archie. I know I am bias, but I just don't see the appeal of Cal. He has always struck me as boisterous and annoying, but that is just me. I am sure he is a nice guy, but his personality is just too big. I don't get why kids line up to play for the guy.


KUDUDE 2 years ago



Konkis Dongington III 2 years ago

Honestly, I like our odds on Parker. As much as I'm sure he'd love to play with Shabazz and Anderson, he can't possibly look at Josh Smith, then look at himself, and think, 'Yeah, UCLA is the place that's gonna get me and NBA body.' The kid knows he needs to get trimmed down and ripped up to compete at the next level, and he knows Howland doesn't have the program to do it.

We may not have Manning anymore, but right now, Hudy is who he needs. He has the footwork, the soft hands, and the skills to score around the rim. He needs floor speed and the ability to elevate in order to score over taller defenders. Hopefully by the time he's ready to reach for that hat on Friday, he'll know in his head and heart that that's true and due the best thing for his future. The last thing he needs is to go Josh Smith and GAIN weight, then be huffing and puffing from one side of the court to the other.


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