Monday, April 9, 2012

Former KU assistant Vic Shealy named first-ever football coach at Houston Baptist

Kansas assistant coach Vic Shealy talks to reporters after being promoted to defensive coordinator on Tuesday, May 31, 2011, at the Anderson Family Football Complex.

Kansas assistant coach Vic Shealy talks to reporters after being promoted to defensive coordinator on Tuesday, May 31, 2011, at the Anderson Family Football Complex.


Former Kansas defensive coordinator Vic Shealy accepted the position of head football coach at Houston Baptist during a press conference at the school Monday.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Houston Baptist announced last year it would join the Div. I-AA Southland Conference in 2014. The Chronicle said HBU also could still play as an independent school in 2013.

Shealy, 50, spent two seasons as an assistant at KU under former coach Turner Gill. During his second year, he was promoted to defensive coordinator after Carl Torbush retired.

“We are really excited to be starting our football program under the direction of someone as experienced and successful as coach Shealy,” HBU athletic director Steve Moniaci said. “It is very special to be part of building a football program from the ground up, and we are confident we have the right guy for the job.”

Shealy has previously been an assistant at Richmond, UNLV, Air Force, Austin Peay State, Mars Hill College and a graduate assistant at Baylor. He also was the head coach at NAIA school Azusa Pacific from 1995-98.

“I am especially encouraged by coach Shealy’s commitment not only to football, but to the academic and spiritual mission of Houston Baptist University,” HBU President Dr. Robert B. Sloan Jr. said. “His outstanding coaching career and his commitment to college football will be a great asset in recruiting student-athletes and coaches for our football program, and I believe coach Shealy will provide great leadership both on and off the playing field as HBU’s first football coach.”


jaymar74 2 years ago

Take the over in all of their games


Ralster Jayhawk 2 years ago

Agree, I wont bash Shealy, as he admitted he was in over his head as D-coordinator. I shall reserve any and all bashing of the previous staff for Turner Gill. It will take some time for Weis+Grunhard+Campo+spec.teams coach+conditioning coach to totally overhaul our program-->so I will continue to point the finger at Gill for laying the negative foundation that will likely give us & Weis some residual adversity this season...

That goofballGill was known for cutting out early from film sessions, etc while a QB at Nebraska--> 30yrs later, his ku players werent going to class, failing classes, and had no toughness on the field, except for a few select commendable young men who kept battling for their own conscience' and futures' sake...(LB Johnson comes to mind).

I wish to thank Turner Gill for setting a perfect example of how "not" to run a BCS football program...(and I'd like to give him a long-distance 'bird' right about now!). Effer!


dlkrm 2 years ago

The Jayhawks' defense was awful last year, but Shealy didn't have great players to work with. I'm sure he'll be successful (as successful as one can be at a brand new program!) at Houston Baptist. Best wishes, Coach!


Brak 2 years ago

Show some class people, the former staff may have been a complete trainwreck but there is no need to keep trashing them now they are gone. Good luck coach, hopefully this situation is the right fit for you.


Bangkok_Jayhawk 2 years ago

Why are people bashing Shealy? The last two years were a complete train wreck, I get it, but Shealy was the D-Backs coach and the D Coordinator thing got pushed on him last minute. Before KU he was a head coach at a lower level and did well. I hope Shealy does well at Houston Baptist.


jhox 2 years ago

Guess they couldn't find a decent junior high coach in the area who was interested in the job.

I wish him luck, but after what I saw last year, luck is not going to be nearly enough.

I should have become a football coach. Once you're in the "fraternity", you've got paychecks for life.


Osceola 2 years ago

...and the tradition continues. LOL!!!!!


Ferd Magellan 2 years ago

Shealy will do fine when he's not taking orders from Gill. He's a great guy and I wish him nothing but the best.


jhawkrulz 2 years ago

I wonder if they will have to attend class?

Sorry that wasn't very classy of me.

Really I hope Vic does a great job. He hit KU at the wrong time, and especially when the DC had to retire. Clearly he was over his head at KU, but hopefully he can get some things going on there.

Best of luck!


Calijhawk 2 years ago

Actually, I live across the street from Azusa Pacific, and they say he built a pretty good team here in the late 90's. Probably a good NAIA - level or D-III coach -- in over his head at the D-1 level. And remember, he didn't sign up at Kansas to be a DC...only a DB coach. The DC job got pushed on him on short notice because Torbush resigned too late in the year to secure a DC.


Janet Scott 2 years ago

Houston Baptist football should be OK in the win column, if they join a league of convents that allow only their nuns over 60 to play on their football team.


ahpersecoachingexperience 2 years ago

Those baptist better start praying now!


Dickless Head 2 years ago

Turner Gill to a Christian school and now this guy to a Baptist school. Did we have ANY coaches under Turner Gill that weren't bible thumpers? And if 'preachin' the good news' is what they wanted to do, why did they accept the job at Kansas, KNOWING that it's all about winning and graduating players! (something Gill could do neither of)


Tribehawk 2 years ago

Shealy must have left the last two years off his resume, right? That's the only explanation I can come up with.


nuleafjhawk 2 years ago

Hope they have a really great offense.


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