Monday, September 19, 2011

KU football player pleads not guilty to misdemeanor obstruction charge


An attorney entered a not guilty plea Monday for a Kansas University football player accused of running from a police officer earlier this month.

Douglas County prosecutors have filed a misdemeanor obstruction charge against Cooper Kerns, an 18-year-old freshman walk-on player from Leawood.

Lawrence police have said Kerns was arrested early Sept. 3 after he ran from an officer who alleged Kerns was urinating in an alley in the 1300 block of Ohio Street and did not produce identification when asked.

Kerns’ attorney Tom Bath entered the not guilty plea for Kerns, an offensive lineman using his red-shirt this year, Monday during a first appearance, and Kerns is next scheduled to appear in court Oct. 12.

Kerns was arrested on charges of possessing a fake ID and misdemeanor battery on a law enforcement officer because police said he was accused of striking the officer in the face with his arm as he pulled away and ran. But Douglas County prosecutors did not file formal charges regarding those allegations, according to court records. Kerns is free on bond, and a KU spokesman has said the team was handling discipline internally.


Sparko 7 years ago

He is obviously innocent; the players seem unable to obstruct anything this year.

gardenjay 7 years ago

Now it's...peeing outside? I hope that prison bond gets paid off soon, or all y'all will be incarcerated.

Hail_To_Thee 7 years ago

For God Sake Gill. Your players are more out of control then Manginos ever were.

Where are all these "faithful" men you supposedly recruited?

johnnyhrdwd 7 years ago

John Randle called and said he would have been as good as his younger brother Joseph.

OKHawkFan 7 years ago

Hilarious!! The kid made a stupid mistake and now you're blaming Gill? I'll tell you what if the kid had died of alcohol poisoning I bet you wouldn't have had the balls to post what you just posted. Besides everybody knows how Gill recruits. He asks them to drop their shorts to see if they're circumsized. That's my understanding on whether or not a man is faithful or not right?

Hail_To_Thee 7 years ago

Died and running from the cops are two completely different scenarios. Apples and orages my friend.

vd 7 years ago

Do you understand the term "walk on"?

Hail_To_Thee 7 years ago

So a walk on is held to a different standard then one that is recruited? Nonsense.

My point being, how many articles have there been on KUSports withint the last 8 months in regards to one of Turner Gills players being involved with the law. Recruited or not, he still plays for Turner Gill.

When the basketball players are involved with the law, seems its ok to point the finger at Coach Self. "You should have your players under more control......."

Tracy Rogers 7 years ago

You don't think walk ons are recruited?

Christopher Hauser 7 years ago

He was going to pee inside his girlfriends house but........

KGphoto 7 years ago

Thanks for playing Cooper! The coaches have a lot of nice prizes, and some internally handled discipline for you backstage.

Douglass County Prosecuters, can you tell us who our next contestant is?

You bet KG. Ben Heeney! Come on dooowwwwn! You've been accused of under-aged drinking and racing your car on a hwy at 3am. You originally plead not-guilty, but in a strange turn of events, have changed the plea to no-contest. You've got one slick lawyer Ben. You've advanced to our mid-season lightning round on Oct. 18th. where you will probably accept a diversion agreement and pick up trash in the park for a couple of weekends before finishing the season hanging by a proverbial thread. Now go join Cooper and Bradley in the internal discipline area. See you on the 18th!

That's it for now folks. But don't go far, because you never know when we could be back in your living room with lots of fines and disciplinary prizes. And until then boys...

Go... Tackle... Somebody!!!!!

squawkhawk 7 years ago

I could almost laugh at this if it weren't so true.

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