Monday, September 5, 2011

Freshman lifts KU soccer, 2-1


Freshman Liana Salazar scored her first collegiate goal in the 81st minute to lift Kansas University to a 2-1 soccer victory over South Dakota State on Sunday at the Jayhawk Soccer Complex.

Kansas (5-1) won its fifth straight. SDSU fell to 2-4.

South Dakota State took a 1-0 lead in the first half, but freshman Ingird Vidal tied it in the 73rd minute on a pass from junior Whitney Berry. Vidal collected the ball and then turned and shot from 12 yards out to the upper-far-right corner. It marked the forward’s fourth goal of the season, all within the last three games. Berry has an assist in five of the team’s six games.

Salazar scored in the 81st minute from inside the box. After getting a pass from freshman Caroline Van Slambrouck, Salazar used fancy footwork to get around two defenders before getting a shot off from about 10 yards out. Her shot went low to the far-left corner. It also marked Van Slambrouck’s first point of her career.

“You have to give credit to South Dakota State. They played a really good game. They played very physical, and I thought they competed really well,” KU coach Mark Francis said. “I thought today we were out-muscled off the ball. I thought we played OK in the first half. We had some good chances, but the second half was a lot better. We have to come out a little bit better at the beginning of the game.”

Red-shirt freshman Kaitlyn Stroud played all 90 minutes in goal and made six saves as she improved to 3-0. One of Stroud’s biggest plays of the day came with just two minutes remaining in the contest. South Dakota State’s Cori Bonte broke away from the KU defense and found herself one-on-one with Stroud. Bonte fired a shot from just feet away from Stroud, but the KU goalie snagged the ball to prevent what would have been a game-tying score.

Kansas will travel Friday to West Lafayette, Ind., for the Boilermaker Challenge.

KU will face Dayton at 4 p.m. Friday and Purdue or Cal State Northridge at 10 a.m. Sunday.


eastcoasthawk 9 years, 1 month ago

Way to go ladies! Starting the season strong. Keep it up!

HAWKTOPIA 9 years, 1 month ago


The two most important elements of great soccer is scoring, and stopping the other team from scoring, and you young ladies are doing both. it is hard to complain at 5-1, but Coach Francis needs to get you out on the field ready to play better. The chorus of fast and hard starting from an opponent is scary, and elevates the opposition's expectations. But your defense has organized well in the final half. (should we give the coach credit....Hell NO! Games are won on the field!) This team is shooting from close range, and handling the ball close to the goal with poise. i hope that there is depth to your play and shooters have options too.

This team has shut out the opposition in almost every second half (completely not counting own goals and PKs), and scored most our goals then too. That is almost a winning combination. YOU MUST COME OUT STRONGER AND TAKE THE OTHER TEAM'S GAME AWAY!!!! The defense is strong enough. PUT UP THE FIRST GOAL, AND THESE GAMES WONT BE CLOSE. The other team will shut down and not take risks until the end, but by that time it will be over..

Coach Francis is blessed with a new Columbian Connection, and KU Soccer may be the next winning tradition. One player can make the difference for a team, BE THAT PLAYER! Good Luck Hawks

HAWKTOPIA 9 years, 1 month ago


Great save Keeper! most keepers are worth a goal a game. the question is us, or to them. Our goaltending has been awesome. And when a breakaway is turned aside at the game's close, your keeper is GOLDEN. You play 90 minutes of soccer for 60 seconds of magic. in this game you got 2 goals and a great save in your 60 seconds of magic. Without that save, the festivities of good carbo-loading may have been reduced last night. A great team is nothing without a great Keeper. And great Keepers make it look so easy. thats what they do. Great job Keep!

BURT 9 years, 1 month ago

Congrats to KU for beating South Dakota State 2-1. That is great with your Columbia Connection!!!! The University of Nebraska with it's KANSAS CITY CONNECTION defeated South Dakota State 8-1 in Brookings South Dakota!!!!!!! Maybe Coach Francis should recruit a little closer to home????? But maybe nobody in Kansas City will play for him?????

rafters 9 years, 1 month ago

Did you have a daughter that didn't get recruited by KU? This is a really sad and pathetic post. And you Burt, are one sad sad puppy. NOBODY CARES

rafters 9 years, 1 month ago

Burt, did it ever occur to you that these girls wanted to go play for Nebraska? One of the all time best programs in college soccer history? Maybe they were MU fans at heart and couldn't stand playing for KU...who at the time wasn't lighting the world on fire. And still aren't there yet. I hate negative people especially ones who have no facts and are bitterly posting dribble. Posting sarcastic awful posts on a story about a bunch of young women who are doing well and winning? Tough guy.

BURT 9 years, 1 month ago

Maybe you as a KU Soccer fan should care????? Been there and dealt with this dipstick you call a coach---sorry about the bad news but sometimes the truth hurts!!!!!

HAWKTOPIA 9 years, 1 month ago

I think Burt has it correct.

KCFC has one of the strongest clubs in the nation. the KCFC players are sought by all top college soccer programs. I think the Div 1 national champions, notre dame, last year carried 4-5 kansas city players, of various ages. This year KCFC also won the ECNL national title at U18. While these kids might want to go to KU, every player wants the best schools and the best teammates as players. This is clearly not Coach Francis's fault, YET!

That being said, 15 of KU's 22 players are freshman or sophmores, and the upperclass-women are great players. Vidal and salazar are freshman, and this core of young players could attract KCFC, and top Local talent, who want playing time and would seek to rise with the growing tradition of top womens soccer at KU.

Where Coach francis may be falling short is in the development of a top notch summer program for college bound players, and youngsters too, at KU. Girls in their mid high school years will always want to attend a great soccer camp before returning to play fall soccer, and girls eyeeing KU will always want to come and show their skills. The fact the coach was in Columbia, and maybe not developing his summer camp is a valid criticism. because he should be doing both! Most coaches accept head coaching based on their ability to run summer camps for profit at the school. generally summers are time off for players before they ramp up for spring.

I bet some of those KCFC players would love to know they could work a summer camp close to home every summer for school money and to hone their skills teaching some local kids soccer at KU. before long BANG, you have a top program, and you are attracting the best columbian players. Oh we already have that, nevermind....

rafters 9 years, 1 month ago

I completely agree. Lets keep it local! The midwest can produce some of the best players in the country and if Bill Self let players go that are KC based, we would have his head. Then again, that is KU basketball...known probably world wide. I hope we get to the point where players want to stay home and create a powerhouse like they have in Nebraska and North Carolina. Young players have to grow up thinking their dreams can be found playing for the hawks. That goes for all our sports... I know some great players that grew up in MU families...that lived near Columbia...But they wanted to get away from home. I think there might be more going on than one could guess in the mind of a high school senior with options and abilities. But I agree, create a culture of winning and pride...these girls won't be able to say no.

BURT 9 years, 1 month ago

Yes Rafters my daughter WAS recruited by KU!!! But all Francis offered was books while Nebraska, Marquette, Depaul and others offered much more with Nebraska being a fullride!!!! My daughter has been on the field and started the last five times Nebraska has beaten Kansas in both spring and fall games. She was on the field and started in Lawrence when Nebraska beat KU 7-4!!!!! She started when Nebraska went up 4-0 on KU last spring. Bottom line is that Kansas high level talent will not play for Francis--they will go else where as he offers no money and has a real bad reputation with former players. Sorry but as long as Francis is the coach at KU he will not be getting the high level talent from Johnson County! When Nebraska played Notre Dame in South Bend earlier this year in an exhibition game there were five girls from Kansas City that started for Nebraska and three that started for Notre Dame. All total there were seven girls from KC on Nebraska roster and four for Notre Dame. That says volumes about the talent level that we have in KC!!!!! KU has to make changes to keep that talent in the area. If they do not they are fools that have to go to Columbia to get talent!!!

rafters 9 years, 1 month ago

Burt, I guess that would be very frustrating. Congrats on your daughters success...It's too bad she didn't get more love from Francis. Lets hope these glaring miscues have taught him a thing or two. Probably not. It's one thing to coach talent and another to spot it I guess... It looks like there are Kansas girls in the squad but not enough KC talent I agree. I remember one player that was recognized nationally a while back that was from KC, don't remember the name...KC should be the first stop on the recruiting trail...And hopefully, the last. So many positives come from that. I am glad we have some players that played in a world cup, but we need to supplement that experience with homegrown talent...Take care

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