Kansas defeats McNeese State, 42-24

  • 6 p.m., Sept. 3, 2011
  • David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

Sunday, September 4, 2011

KU celebrates season-opening win

Kansas receivers Kale Pick (7) and JaCorey Shepherd bump chests after Shepherd's second touchdown of the game against McNeese State during the fourth quarter on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011 at Kivisto Field.

Kansas receivers Kale Pick (7) and JaCorey Shepherd bump chests after Shepherd's second touchdown of the game against McNeese State during the fourth quarter on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011 at Kivisto Field.


Sights and sounds from KU vs. McNeese State

The Jayhawks took down McNeese State on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011 at Memorial Stadium.

KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger comments on the uncertain future of the Big 12

KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger comments on the uncertain future of the Big 12 during halftime of KU's game against McNeese State on Sept. 3, 2011, at Memorial Stadium.

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Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

KU coach Turner Gill

Kansas coach Turner Gill talks to reporters following the Jayhawks' 42-24 victory over McNeese State on Sept. 3, 2011.

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The perfect opening-game scenario for Kansas University’s true freshmen must have looked something like this: Darrian Miller runs hard all night and has every carry but one go for positive yardage; Tony Pierson picks up a touchdown and delivers a few electrifying runs; and JaCorey Shepherd, the wide receiver teammates said all summer was nearly unguardable, picks up a TD in his first game.

Bing, bang, boom.

Led by three stellar showings from three of the Jayhawks’ youngest players, KU ran past McNeese State, 42-24, Saturday at Memorial Stadium. In doing so, head coach Turner Gill’s squad not only exorcised the demons from last year’s nightmare loss to North Dakota State, but also served notice that all the talk about how the team was improving was not lip service.

“I knew they had talent,” Gill said. “But (I didn’t) know if it was gonna come to fruition in this ballgame. But it was great to see it. When they got their touches, they produced. They didn’t get scared about the bright lights or playing on the big stage and all those things, and it was good to see those guys produce for us.”

“Produce” is putting it mildly. Running hard inside all night, Miller gained 63 yards on 13 carries. In eight fewer carries Pierson finished with 73 yards and a touchdown, including a 47-yard sprint in which he made two moves near the line of scrimmage that might have been missed if not for the replay on the video board.

And then there was Shepherd. All he did was catch three passes for 107 yards and two TDs. His 56-yarder in the first half was the longest by a KU receiver since Dezmon Briscoe in 2009, and his 100-yard receiving night was the first by a KU freshman since 1997.

“I actually thought it was gonna take me a little while to adjust to the speed of the game,” a humble Shepherd said after the win. “But I actually came out and played pretty well.”

So well, in fact, that he actually stole passes from his own teammates. Shepherd’s 56-yard TD pass from Jordan Webb, which put KU (1-0) comfortably ahead, 28-10, looked more like an interception at the time.

“It was actually for Kale,” confirmed Webb, who finished 7-of-10 for 146 yards and three TDs. “JaCorey kind of took it from him.”

Pick was the first to let Shepherd know about it, but not in the way that many of the diva wide receivers who litter the NFL might have.

“I just said that that was my ball and he lucked out and got that one,” Pick said with a smile. “I thought I was gonna catch it, but he made a great play, and he got the ball. If it’s a score for our team, I can’t get mad at the kid.”

Asked what happened on the wild play, Shepherd happily admitted his was acting on instincts.

“I was running my route, and my instincts were just to go get it,” he said. “If he wasn’t behind me and I didn’t catch it, it would’ve been incomplete, so I just went up and got the ball.”

Shepherd’s second TD catch of the game, a 48-yarder with 6:30 to play that fell into his waiting arms, came with the nearest McNeese State defender still 15 yards away. It also sealed KU’s victory.

While Shepherd and his fellow freshmen delivered highlights in bunches, the rest of the KU offense quietly pounded away on the ground. The Jayhawks rumbled for 301 yards rushing on 55 attempts, the most for a Kansas squad since racking up 334 in a victory against Northern Colorado in 2008. Lost in all the excitement from the freshmen was the fact that sophomore starter James Sims ripped off another 100-yard night, the fourth in his young career. Sims finished with 104 yards and a touchdown on 19 carries.

The Jayhawks, with four players with five or more carries, ran the ball on 85 percent of their offensive plays. The reason?

“When things are working, there’s no need to go away from it,” Gill said.

Added senior center Jeremiah Hatch, a man who took particular pride in the success of the ground game: “We’ve been under coach Gill’s offense for a year now, adjusting, learning. We still have to learn from this game, but running the ball is gonna define this team.”

For now, their record will. After starting 2010 with a 6-3 home loss to North Dakota State and struggling all season to escape the shadows of such an embarrassment, the Jayhawks went home in a much better mood Saturday night.

“It definitely feels good,” Webb said. “We knew people were talking about last year, and we just wanted to come out and prove that we’re a completely different team. It’s a complete 180 from last year. It’s 2011 now, and we’re gonna have a great year.”


gardenjay 8 years, 11 months ago

I knew it! Great job guys - loved the spectacular plays, but obviously the team as a whole has grown trememdously, and that's saying something with signif. contrib's from such young players. Get some sleep - you're going to need to recover for NI, they made some sick tackles in that game against Army. RC

johnnyhrdwd 8 years, 11 months ago

When's that one guy gonna post and mock how KU has improved speed? Looked like improved speed to me. Coach Gill can recruit, everybody needs to be supportive of their team and be patient. KU looked well coached and didn't make any stupid mistakes. We looked more talented than last year because we had no talent when Gill tookover.

Dan Harris 8 years, 11 months ago

Your referring to that jerk wad apher, don't worry his half glass empty posts will show up sooner or later.

Cmill1221 8 years, 11 months ago

Because gill recruited 80% of this years starters?? And as far as team speed goes I would hope we would have more speed than MSU. As far as improving from last year... YEAH!! We didn't lose our first game to sub division team. GREAT WORK GUYS! We even scored this year!! We still have a lot to prove. Let's see how we do vs a real team. We have a LONG season still to go. Don't get too excited. But at least we are 1-0 instead of 0-1.

Dirk Medema 8 years, 11 months ago

I think it is only 60% of the players on the team (F or RSF).

It certainly does help any team to be healthy (vs. the crazy number that were injured last year, not that many seemed to pay attention long enough to even notice last year while flaming.

Yes, just McNeese, and next week will just be a MAC team, and then it will just be a mediocre ACC FB team who would even be beaten by their BB team. Right, nothing counts until we play TT.

Let the pendulumn swing.

Dirk Medema 8 years, 11 months ago

Got to thinking, it was 80% of the scoring yes?

jhawkNKC 8 years, 11 months ago

The the sarcasm is definitely in full force with remarks scattered throughout. But the business about seeing how we'll do against a REAL team? I'm sure that's the mindset Notre Dame and TCU had yesterday as well. When will people realize that if you're not prepared and aren't focused, you CAN lose. Other than legit Boise St. fans, did anyone expect them to actually beat OU in the Fiesta Bowl? How about Davidson being as good as they were and almost beating KU the year of the championship? More often than not, the only people that truly believe a team can win any game are the fans who watch them all year. I'm not slating us in for the Orange Bowl or anything just yet, but I echo Jhawkclassof 02's remarks...there's a lot to be encouraged with from with this win.

jhox 8 years, 11 months ago

Actually, the turnout was much better than I expected. We were coming off of a 3 win season with predictions of a 1 or 2 win season, and playing the least appealing team on our schedule, on a night with thunder storms in the area. The stadium was more full than I expected. Those of us who showed up were rewarded with outstanding performances by the freshmen, and once the game started (after being delayed by the storm) we had perfect weather.

If we start to win regularly, people will come.

chodechadsby 8 years, 11 months ago

hey guys, I just bought an atlas of the united states. I just checked every page and could not find the state of McNeese. Has anyone else seen it? Is it a state in another country?

Scatterhawk 8 years, 11 months ago

McNeese State University is a public university located in Lake Charles, LA. They were founded in 1939 as Lake Charles Junior College, in 1940 they changed the name to John McNeese Junior College to honor a prominent local educator. In 1950 it was changed again to McNeese State College, and in 1970 it was changed to its current name- McNeese State University. Indeed McNeese is not a state in the USA, but the term "state" is also commonly used as a synonym for "public". As McNeese State University is indeed a public university one can infer that "state" is used in just such a manner.

I hope this helps.

1957 8 years, 11 months ago

Yes this helps, thanks for the info.

Jeremy Paul 8 years, 11 months ago

Who are some famous McNeese State alumni?

texashawk10 8 years, 11 months ago

Most famous sports alum from McNeese is Joe Dumars of the Detroit Pistons.

chodechadsby 8 years, 11 months ago

So it is in LA? You can't fool me LA is a city not a state. I am about to throw this on the ground.

Lance Hobson 8 years, 11 months ago

Are you serious? Everyone knows that "state" title on a college name has nothing to do with whether it is a US state or not. Is Wichita a state? Pittsburg? Weber? Jackson? Seriously, think before you type.

Steven Mathew 8 years, 11 months ago

Are you serious? Did you not read his post all the way through? He also said that the word 'state' is also commonly used as a synonym for 'public'. Seriously, think before you type.

Dan Harris 8 years, 11 months ago

Guys-I believe that chads post was tounge in cheek?

Dirk Medema 8 years, 11 months ago

20602 - Strike was commenting on the original post, not the first comment that you refer to. Check the indents.

chodechadsby 8 years, 11 months ago

You just answered my question with another question. That's not helpful. I don't know if Witchita is a state or not, could you tell me?

Scott Lippoldt 8 years, 11 months ago

OK, I'm getting old. I was watching another game and trying to see the KU score, and the half-time score flashed across the screen. I thought it was 3-2 in favor of McNeese. (I didn't see the 1 behind the 2.) All I could think of was how Apherwhatevershecallsherself must be partying herself into oblivion--maybe high on "speed"? Thank goodness my eyes are failing me!

nuleafjhawk 8 years, 11 months ago

swkahjayog - go to the opto...optha.......eye doctor. They can help you with that !! I don't want you thinking about ahotpoocouchexperience any more.

chriz 8 years, 11 months ago

Decent showing. Well be curious to see how they do against whomever they're playing next week. Defense was frustrating to watch, but I know they have a new DC. Hopefully they shape up before they play next week.

Chayse Patrick 8 years, 11 months ago

I wonder where the troll Aherpes J@ck@$$ is this morning? Probably scratching his head over the offensive explosion K-state put on!!!!

eastcoasthawk 8 years, 11 months ago

Plenty of the good, bad and ugly in this game for the Jayhawks. With the win we highlight the good and work to fix the bad and ugly. Biggest things that need fixing are the LB's and DB's getting off blocks and taking good angles to the ball. Then they need to learn to wrap up the ball carrier. Also, the offensive coach needs to get the plays in much faster. How many times were we called for delay of game or had to call a timeout because the play came in too late? Definitely shades of last year.

Webb and Pick shouldn't be talking about how Shepard kinda stole the ball. If he didn't Pick might be out for the season after being completely exposed coming back to a ball that was terribly underthrown. Pick had completely beaten his man and Webb should have hit him in stride.

Also, didn't see or hear of Greg "Lockdown" Brown much. Were they not throwing to his side of the field or was he not making tackles?

Lastly, have to say that the camera coverage on the internet feed was horrid. When you have fans paying for this we should have professionals instead of students manning the cameras and producing it.

Dirk Medema 8 years, 11 months ago

Sounds like DWill had a serious case of over pursuit, tho it would not seem wise to lump all the LB's together when Johnson had 15 (?) tackles, and heard Toben and Tunde's name plenty.

It's rarely a good thing to hear a DB's name much, and sounds like the secondary in general still has plenty of room to improve. As has been the case for some time, a better pass rush (appears to) leads to better coverage. No need to call out any one player.

tah 8 years, 11 months ago

Definitely enjoyed listening to the game!! Very impressed with offense and freshmen performance. Awesome speed! Defense Toben and Johnson had great individual games. I Echo sentiments from Chriz's post frustrated with McNeese third down conversions. Being undersized maybe more blitzing might be in order! Look forward to following to watching KU Build for the future. Hope they can get a couple d-lineman for next recruiting class. Vontrell Williams 4.9 40 would be a great start! Demonte Hood another HS possibility. Also 2 good size Juco lineman in Chaquil Reed from Butler Co. and Laudermill from a CA Juco. Good Luck Hawks! Keep up the good work!

Dan Harris 8 years, 11 months ago

I heard from his brothers best friends sisters cousin that he got deathly ill eating crow for breakfast!

Dan Harris 8 years, 11 months ago

I heard from his brothers best friends sisters cousin that he got deathly ill eating crow for breakfast!

Funhawk 8 years, 11 months ago

The last E in the word Believe means "enjoy the college football experience." These players believe. Wasn't last night's game fun?

Believe in each other and things not yet seen Empower people by encouragement Learn and press on towards the goal Influence others by being a positive role model Expect great effort all the time Visualize excellence Enjoy the college football experience

John McArthur 8 years, 11 months ago

Maybe we could have Pat Forde put out an "APB" for Ahper? I know its only the first game but I hope KU keeps winning just for the fact that Ahper seems to disappears...

greenworld 8 years, 11 months ago

Pass defense-F They threw the screen pass against us all night and we still were chasing it and acting like we still didnt know it was going to happen. Run defense-A- Defended pretty darn good against the run. We will see how we do against a good team to determine how good that is going to remain. Run offense- A/B Ran at will against them and made it look relatively easy at times. Both Simms and Miller looked impressive as ever and were getting 5-8 yrds at ease. Great Job!! Pass Offense-C Didnt pass much in the first half but did open it up quite a bit in the second half with a couple of TD passes. The good thing about this is when we did throw the ball it was for a couple of TD's so gotta like that. Overall grade for the game-A/B Still ended up blowing them out in the end and putting up 42 on them. Nice start to a great season.

Dirk Medema 8 years, 11 months ago

70% completion, and 15 ypa is a C?

Granted it was only 10 attempts and a small school, so maybe a b instead of a B? The alternative is no incompletions or a minimum number of attempts?

ahpersecoachingexperience 8 years, 11 months ago

Wow! Sorry to disappoint so many. We beat mcneese state.


We are supposed to beat McNeese State!!!!!! From what I saw we are still struggling. Our d looked like they couldn't take down a body pillow. Our qb threw 10, yes 10 passes. And my favorite offensive sequence went like this:

Ball around the 10 yard line Play is sent in Timeout Delay of game Timeout Finally snapped the ball Yes we did end up scoring. But it's McNeese State!

Dan Harris 8 years, 11 months ago

Eastern Kentucky gave your boys a scare

Dan Harris 8 years, 11 months ago

You would bitch about having to pay taxes after winning the lottery!

Mark Lindrud 8 years, 11 months ago

In some ways I will agree. We at least won a game we were supposed to and we need these wins. At least we won unlike last year. Letting them put 24 on us does concern me because I can't help, but wonder what will a good team do.

We can hopefully improve from this now that the first game is done and gone. Anyone know why Bourbon didn't run the ball? I was waiting to see what he could do. I knew our running game was going to be good, but we need to be able to throw the ball and so far we haven't seen a lot in that regard. We have lots of work to do, but at least we are 1-0.

Chris Bailey 8 years, 11 months ago

Bourbon did run the ball a couple times. I think Sims will give up more and more carries to the younger guys as they will get better and better! Rock Chalk!

Dirk Medema 8 years, 11 months ago

Pass coverage was bad, tho it sounds like a bunch was yac from bad tackling, which is very fixable. The Run D on the other hand, which was suppose to be a weakness of the 3-4, shut down what was suppose to a D-1 caliber back.

As for O: If we're getting 5+ ypc, with a team where we want to establish the run, and up by 3 scores, why pass? And of the 10 passes that were thrown, 7 were completions (plus 2 drops!) for 70% and 15 ypa!

That sequence get me at first. Ball was actually inside the 10; around the 5 if I remember right, and we had already run 1 or 2 times in the same situation. After starting to get frustrated, I realized that we were trying a couple of non-standard plays with a bunch of new/young players at the end of the half with all of our timeouts remaining. It will be nice to see us run that better in the future, but then that's also why we play the McNeeses of the world.

Or maybe Gill said, "I really don't want to read completely nonsensical, juvenile comments, or hear about Buffalo, so let's throw Ahper a bone." Maybe.

Ken Sedgwick 8 years, 11 months ago

Ball around the 10 yard line Play is sent in Timeout Delay of game Timeout Finally snapped the ball

You just described half the NFL teams.

Did you miss all the new SPEED?

kranny 8 years, 11 months ago

Whether you like his posts or not, he's right. Our D-line is just too small, speedy yes, but too small. All night, save for a few series, they were being pushed backwards off the snap, If it wasn't for his speed, Opurum would have been right there with them. He had 11 tackles but how many beyond the line of scrimmage. And what's with staying with 2 linebackers all night when they're running screen after screen for big yardage? It's not rocket science what they were doing-send 4 receivers out to take care of the d-backs, throw a screen pass and outrun to the edge 2 L-backers. Our d-backs were getting cooked also. Patmon was lucky on both deflections because he was toasted. Lucky the QB had a poor arm. Lot of questions to be answered. Given that, there is definitely a difference in the talent level and speed. Gill is getting some players. Now we just need some defense.

KGphoto 8 years, 11 months ago

I guess you didn't see my post for a past article on the DL. KU has almost exactly the same size DL as every other Big 12 team. Look it up. The biggest guy is Babtiste at Baylor and he's 318. Next biggest DL is 308. DEs are all between 240 and 270.

They just need to get a little time together.

ahpersecoachingexperience 8 years, 11 months ago

those two fat twins on a motorcycle in the genius book of world records are also good sized. wonder why they never played on a d-line?

kranny 8 years, 11 months ago

+1-Point being, same size doesn't equal same talent.

Jayhawkgurl 8 years, 11 months ago

The "genius" book of world records? I've never heard of that, I'll have to check into it......

Sam Brockert 8 years, 11 months ago

You are actually using that the QB only threw 10 passes as a negative? You know when you have a team built to run, the less passes your QB has to throw THE BETTER THINGS ARE GOING.

Kevin Kelly 8 years, 11 months ago

Yeah but more than that, you putz, the team looked WELL COACHED, PREPARED and FOCUSED. I know never being wrong is tough....but you are wrong about Gill. The man is a top quality coach and the right hire for KU.

Win or loose Gill is going to make you eat turd burgers all season long just by showing improvement you claim is impossible under him. I would recomend going away once it starts in full swing. But who are we aren't going anywhere.

Kevin Kelly 8 years, 11 months ago

Oh and it was Gill's players performing out there, Fat Man supporters. Raw tallent and good focus. I'm not crazy optomistic. But I like what I see and that is how it starts.

Randy Bombardier 8 years, 11 months ago

Great game. We planned on running, we did run, they knew we were going to run, we didn't fumble and they couldn't stop us. This is solid. And after Shephard was on display I don't think too many teams are going to be putting 8 in the box. Showed just enough pass game to keep our opponents guessing. We difinitely would have been Misery last night. Just need some work on kick coverage and some on D.

Michael Bratisax 8 years, 11 months ago

Hate to bring the bad news after the great start... Schools have called Pac-12; Big 12 days numbered? And that is that.

KGphoto 8 years, 11 months ago

Crazy. But not really, considering it's inevitable. KU had better start looking real good in football, real fast, in hopes of looking attractive to the Big 10.

No Big East talk please. The ACC can have those teams when it dissolves. We just fit better in the Big 10. I don't even care about the rivalries as much as I do being included in one of the super-conferences.

rob4lb 8 years, 11 months ago

I saw the first half of the game on the Jayhawk network. KU does have more speed and more weapons. The defense was frustrating to watch and they gave up alot of 3rd down and plays. But maybe some of that is related to players being new in their position with this being the first real game for some of the players in their position. Hopefully, there will be improvement.

It was McNeese State, but McNeese State is a better team than NDSU was last year so you have to say there is progress. I guess the team is trying to develop a run mentality and that is good, but the offense needs more versatility. I would have liked to see a few more passes because as the opponents get tougher, running the football will be tougher.

I like the way the schedule is set up. NIU will be a tough opponent next week, and a road game the following week at Georgia Tech.

Another measure of progress is that as writers throughout the league come up with their power rankings next week, KU will not be unanimous 10th place. Some will have the Hawks ahead of ISU and KSU.

Obviously this is just the first game against an overmatched opponent, but the outlook is much brighter than it was after the first game last year. We have to give this coaching staff a chance.

ahpersecoachingexperience 8 years, 11 months ago

                  them       us

1st Downs 22 23 Total Yards 420 447 Passing 325 146 Comp-Att 31-41 7-10 Yards per pass 7.9 14.6 Rushing 95 301 Rushing Attempts 34 55
Penalties 9-60 4-35 Turnovers 0 0 Fumbles lost 0 0 Interceptions thrown 0 0 Possession 34:47 25:13

you can see why i'm not as impressed as you are. 41 passes and no interceptions and i think we only had 1 or 2 sacks. i know they were mostly buble screens but could we not have figured out a way to stop them.

Andy Tweedy 8 years, 11 months ago

I don't want to speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. This is EXACTLY why your posts are stale. if you say you want the team to play hard for their coach, the CU game isn't a valid yardstick because CU sucks. If you say you want progress, 300+ yards rushing isn't good enough because the defense has a bad day. If you say you want a more athletic team, they should be faster than an overmatched opponent. The reality of your last post is, to me, there are some valid reasons for concern. Our defense WAS bad! But...not one mention of the positives. No mention of the 300+ yards rushing, no mention of the efficient passing game, not even one mention of the scoreboard. I imagine you are actually a KU fan, but you sure don't act like one. If your kid gets straight Ds and brings home a B, the last thing you should do is bitch and whine that they didn't get an A. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Randy Bombardier 8 years, 11 months ago

If enough people complain maybe we can have him banned for life.

KGphoto 8 years, 11 months ago

I have to say, he stimulates more conversation on this board than any other 10 bloggers combined. I invite, and enjoy his panache. It keeps things lively. Do I think he's a d0uche? Kinda. But if I met him in person at a party, I bet I would enjoy the back and forth. It's natural in-person, but we get lost in our new-gen, blogging randomness and forget our accountability.

His doubt is no more terrible than a drunk at a tea party. It adds a little life, and gives me something to poke fun at.

nuleafjhawk 8 years, 11 months ago

KG - well, I kept my promise for 16 hours, much of that spent sleeping. I think I'd feel about the same as you did if he would just come out of the closet and admit that he's a K-Stater.

The fact that he keeps referring to KU as "we" and "us" and so forth and then has does nothing but spew bile abut KU kinda chaps my hiney.

I have some "spirited" conversations with the K-State people at work and it IS fun. But the people that call themselves Jayhawks and do nothing but complain about them just tick me off. I guess I basically don't like whiners. Dang - hope this doesn't sound too whiney.

nuleafjhawk 8 years, 11 months ago

I think our best game plan is to just completely ignore him. As long as we keep picking the scab, it's going to bleed. I'm pretty much done with him. He was probably crying after the Orange Bowl and posted that VT's uniforms were prettier than ours or some crap.

Randy Bombardier 8 years, 11 months ago

This was coaching, learning, getting the basics down, which will be built upon through the season. From a coaching standpoint we were not making decisions that were designed to create turnovers. This was vanilla "make them execute" defense and to their credit McNeese St did. I do not think we need to panic on Defensive effort at all. Tackling, yeah. Somebody owes Steven Johnson Steak and Lobster. Happy to see this.

KGphoto 8 years, 11 months ago


That is by FAR the most accurate and reasonable description of what took place last night defensively. I'm impressed.

Definitely looking for your posts in the future class02.

Randy Bombardier 8 years, 11 months ago

Why thank you KG. I don't read every post but I do notice yours. I have a few that I always read and yours are one of them. Somebody mentioned the other day a lack of Jaybate. I usually read his too. But about our defense I love Steven Johnson saying his goal is to lead the country in tackles and boy did he perform. You know we had a lot of things the players were saying and we had some people say here that they would believe it when we see it. Well, they told us so and am so happy to see it. Our players have been vindicated. So have the coaches. We were told these young guys can play and we saw that. I am very gratified.

jayhawkintx73 8 years, 11 months ago

Now go look at the box score when McNeese State played LSU a year ago. McNeese State was down by 8 in the 4th quarter in week 7. McNeese State would have beaten K-State, Missouri, and Iowa State on Saturday.

I'm not sure if we did, but I don't think we had any film of McNeese State. Our team is young and pretty much had their way on offense. In the second half our defense grew and got better. The video of the entire game is at if you want a subscription for $80 for the entire year. The replay is available.

This was the first game of the season. Very few penalties, very few mistakes. If Kansas played North Dakota State Saturday, Kansas would have scored 60.

esque 8 years, 11 months ago


Bourbon did run the ball later in the game and looked just as strong as the others. He tore off runs at 5-9 yards per clip just like the others. Many of you guys missed the link someone posted where I watched the game online free. Feed was a bit choppy but easier to deal with gratis.

While the performance wasn't perfect, I think we all should feel encouraged. If you look around the CFB world today, you'll see that many Div. 1 teams struggled with their FCS opponents yesterday with the KU score being toward the upper end among the D-1 teams. If you're not convinced, take a look at K-State and Iowa State's box score.

Mark Lindrud 8 years, 11 months ago


Even though it sounds like we didn't dominate like I would have preferred it sounds like there is lots to be happy about compared to last year. We have a long ways to go with our defense and that was the one thing that still has me concerned.

I still say we can get 4-5 wins and be more competitive this year. Next week we need to be better and I hope we are. We do need to be able to pass more because throwing it 10 times again won't cut it to truly be successful. Overall, it is still a better start than last year.

kufanman88 8 years, 11 months ago

4-5 wins? That is extremely optimistic. More like 2-3 wins with FCS Mcneese State being one of them. Who do you think KU beats to get to five wins?

Mark Lindrud 8 years, 11 months ago

We should beat Iowa State and KState. Northern Illinois, Missouri and Texas Tech are beatable.

Kevin Kelly 8 years, 11 months ago

There were a lot of 3 and longs that were missed. That was a huge improvment. Most teams we played didn't need that 3rd down last year. Sad but a sure sign things are going right. We'll give some FG's but we are not even close to being in the same positions as last year.

fromthatstandpoint 8 years, 11 months ago

Some other stats courtesy of the NCAA
Category, raw number, NCAA rank Tackles for loss 10 Tied for 8th Rushing def 95 39 Sacks 3 Tied for 22nd Rushing off 301 7 total off 447 39 scoring off 42 27 pass efficiency 291.6 2 net punting 45 11

Obviously plenty to fix as well, but some positives even on defense

mikehawk 8 years, 11 months ago

I didn't hear anything about serious injuries. That's good. Got to get better each week and the defense has got to find a way. I like what is going on with the offense. While old school, running the ball successfully keeps your turnovers down and your defense off of the field by eating clock, keeping liaibilities to a minimum. It gets tougher from here on out, but it is a start. Hate to bring this up but recruiting has already started for next year and few recruits, especially those from out of state, are hot to go to a school that has no idea what conference it will be playing in next year. This thing has to get settled, and soon, and hopefully with a good outcome.

greenworld 8 years, 11 months ago

Our QB Webb was injured in the game but later returned and Patterson suffered a groin injury and may be out next game or a gametime decision.

greenworld 8 years, 11 months ago

All the talk and blogs are irrelevant until we dont play a cupcake team. If we knock off Georgia Tech on the road or a conference team that is definately better than we our then we can talk the talk.

greenworld 8 years, 11 months ago

One thing I did notice is our safetys looked like under 6 foot 150 pd dudes. can we not recruit some size at that posistion. I notice other teams safetys are about 6-6'4 and are 180 plus. It just seemed like the pass over the middle deep beat us everytime and it was because our players couldnt jump up and break up the pass or werent tall enough to defend. I think if they would have went down the middle passing long they might have beat us. Anyway a good team will see this on the game films and go to town on us. Take note and watch what happens to us against OU and the TX schools.

kufanman88 8 years, 11 months ago

I am sorry if I don't find the same optimism in a three touchdown win over an FCS team that doesnt even count towards our bowl eligibility. This was at home as well. The competition gets much tougher here on out. I wouldn't be surprised if this were the only win Coach Gill gets in his last season.

Ethan Berger 8 years, 11 months ago

Because K state and Iowa state destroyed their teams also... if your going to talk mess about Gill about "His only win" then acknowledge what the other schools are doing.

kufanman88 8 years, 11 months ago

I don't have to talk "mess" about Coach Gill, his record speaks for itself. Iowa state might be the only team we beat in the FBS this year, so your choice of comparison is severely lacking.

Ethan Berger 8 years, 11 months ago

Really did you watch KSU? did you see Missou? How is my comparison lacking? He wins at buffalo but because he didn't have a winning record he sucks. Of course that is pure ignorance if thats what you believe. Yea we sucked last year. Were we much better the year before? The year we lost every main starter? Give the guy a chance.

kufanman88 8 years, 11 months ago

Terry Allen had a winning record at Northern Iowa. I see a lot of parallels between the two. It was the level of play that Gill was taken from and his mediocre record at that level that demonstrated that he was not yet ready for a Big 6 conference. The AD had an opportunity to capitalize on recent success and reach out to proven coaching talent-Tubberville for instance. He chose to go with unproven talent and pay him as if he had won the Orange Bowl. Recruiting was supposed to be his forte, but I have seen no evidence that he can recruit above the mid-major level he came from. He will be a bust, and so far he is proving me right.

Ethan Berger 8 years, 11 months ago

we just ranked 34th in recruiting above a school called Virginia Tech, Northern Iowa and Buffalo are two different things. Buffalo is a D-1 school. Tuberville was asked to resign because his teams were not winning anymore. Lets call Jimmy Johnson, he was great, I guess that means he still is. The pay was high. But your points are incredibly off base, esp recruiting. We go 3-9 and we finish in the top quarter in recruiting. He was finalist for the Nebraska Head Job, for the 3 years before we got him, he was the coach every sports network talked about how he was the next big coach. Pay attention a tad more.

kufanman88 8 years, 11 months ago

Note where Tubberville landed in that same recruiting ranking in comparison to Gill... We would be so lucky to have a coach that has one 5 win season every ten years in the toughest conference in the country, while taking his teams to bowl game after bowl game every year in between. A 13-0 undefeated season that almost earned his team the National Championship had the cards been different. The man was 45 games over .500 at Auburn. Can you understand what it takes to do that??? He is a proven coach and he offered his services to the KU athletic director when the head coaching job came open. Unfortunately, our great former AD found it more appropriate to go with an unproven commodity and pay him big boy dollars. Notice that Tubberville picked up his first season with 8 wins and a 20th ranked recruiting class, all while getting paid less than Gill is getting paid today. Enough said.

gardenjay 8 years, 11 months ago

I so disagree. First, it seems like it was more than 3 touchdowns. Second, I'm thinking KU is like an emerald found on the beach that no one recognized before because they are not mineralogists. Like an emerald, KU might be hard to beat.

Anyway, I would take the bet that the most negative posters on this site are also not scouts for football teams.

I will admit that I'm also not a football scout. But as a fan I look forward to this season with unbridled optimism. I don't care if it's baseless optimism, and I can't explain that one. I wish they wouldn't get injured, but beyond that I am so behind the idea of success this season since so many other things seem rotten. RC.

Ethan Berger 8 years, 11 months ago

Alot of Good and alot of bad. Our o line looked much better. Who cares about the talent, their d line barley got anything. Our frosh look good. Had good vision, good cuts, great speed. Webb, when he threw was very accurate.

The bad, our defense. Can't think of what our defense did good. Needs major improvement.

okiedave 8 years, 11 months ago

Congradulations to HCTG and all the players. One down and one at a time.

greenworld 8 years, 11 months ago

Despite all the negative BS...doesnt it feel damn good to wave the wheat!!!!!!!! I saw what are teams to the east and west did and feel damn good to be a Jayhawk!!!! Scoreboards dont lie and yes Kstate and Mizzou won but didnt see 30 plus put up on their teams that they played like they werent suppose to do. HAHA

Randy Bombardier 8 years, 11 months ago

I would like to make a comment if it is possible on behalf of the players and coaches. "I told you so." They told us they were faster. They were. They told us we would see some real play makers in our freshmen. We did. They told us we would run the ball. Boy did we. They told us we would control the ball. Did that too. No turnovers. No miscues. Defense was just vanilla getting down the basics, but the outcome of the game was never in doubt. I think that next week if we win the toss, we receive the first half (this was a good call) and this time we score on the first drive and it is catch up from there on out. We imposed our will this week. We will gradually get more sophisticated, more complex and our defense will get more aggressive and take risk when they need to. This game, we didn't need to. As for Steven Johnson, he even had the temerity to tell us that he wanted to lead the nation in tackles. As of week one, he does. They told us. Many did not believe and are still not impressed. I am.

Ben Kliewer 8 years, 11 months ago

By Tuesday we'll know that the Pac16 is happening and we'll be in the BEast.

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