Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fran Fraschilla touts Bill Self for Hall of Fame


Four active college basketball coaches — Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim, UConn’s Jim Calhoun, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski and North Carolina’s Roy Williams — already have been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla on Wednesday identified three additional coaches as locks to be enshrined, sooner rather than later.

They are: Kansas University’s Bill Self, Michigan State’s Tom Izzo and Louisville’s Rick Pitino.

“Bill Self has won 75 percent of his games as a head coach and has the Jayhawks’ 2008 national championship as part of his résumé,” said Fraschilla, who worked as head coach at Manhattan College, St. John’s and University of New Mexico before joining the cable TV network.

“In addition, Self has taken 13 straight teams to the NCAA Tournament, a run that included six Elite Eight appearances. Although this year’s Kansas team is in transition, it’s almost impossible to imagine that the Jayhawks won’t be a perennial power,” Fraschilla added.

KU’s 2008 national title assuredly will draw the full attention of Hall of Fame committee members. Another key factor in Self’s likely induction is his team’s record in conference play.

In the past 14 years, Self’s teams at KU, Illinois and Tulsa have won 11 conference crowns, placed second twice and third once.

Self’s KU teams have won seven straight Big 12 titles after a second-place finish in 2003-04.

The Jayhawks and Texas A&M; recently were picked to place first in the Big 12 coaches’ preseason poll.

“I’m not sure of that intelligence level of guys that I coach against in our league when it comes to that stuff,” Self joked, acknowledging that it’ll be difficult this year after losing seven players from a 35-3 team.

“I do think our guys were excited when they picked us one. I’ve been downplaying the whole thing with our guys. I think that was a little pick-me up: ‘Hey, people think we are going to be good.’ Our guys try hard. They care. Barring things uncontrollable, we could be a team that’s awfully hard to deal with before all is said and done.”

Perhaps the most important reason KU has dominated conference play in the Self era is the Jayhawks’ performance on the road.

KU has compiled a 47-17 record in league road games in Self’s eight seasons at KU. Texas (35-29) is the only other school in the conference with a winning record in the same span. Other teams and their road records in the past eight seasons: Texas A&M; (27-37), Kansas State (26-38), Oklahoma (23-41), Missouri (19-45), Oklahoma State (19-45), Texas Tech (14-50), Baylor (12-52), Iowa State (10-54). Colorado, now of the Pac-12, went 10-54 and Nebraska of the Big Ten 15-49 in that span.

“We’ve got some great venues in the league. The ones we have make you be tougher,” Self said. “There have not been a lot of road wins in our league. During conference play, the home team has historically prevailed. That’s a compliment to the venues.”


Trace Stark 9 years ago

I second the motion, coach Fran! Bill Self for H.O.F.!!!!

manginorhO0lz 9 years ago

Is there a poster-on-message-boards hall of fame? I'm going to be the first one in.

mojayhawk 9 years ago

hey manginor... what does your UT stand for?

JHawk74 9 years ago

TU stands for Tulane University.

JHawk74 9 years ago

I think you will be the poster-on-message-boards hall of idiots instead.

Chris Shaw 9 years ago

Franny has always been a Big 12 advocate and I love listening to him call games. Before it's all said and done........I think Franny has a great shot at the HOF himself.

Alohahawk 9 years ago

RCJHGKU - KU's HCBS for NMBHOF. Adding that to your resume wouldn't hurt when it comes to recruiting. The sooner, the better.

So, all time, how many of KU's head coaches have been inducted?

Alohahawk 9 years ago

Nice. I typed in cap's for all the initialized words, and only HCBS came through capped!

And, I assume because of all these new huge block shaped ads running on the site, it took fifteen minutes just to hook back up to the site. It keeps locking up whenever a new post is added, and especially each time a new news item appears on the site.

It takes a lot longer, and a lot of patience each time I return to this site. UGH!!!

Scott Oswalt 9 years ago

I really doubt it's because of the ads.....

Maybe it's your 2001 Dell computer...

Alohahawk 9 years ago

HP, bought in 2008, running Windows 7. Rarely locks up on any other site.

KGphoto 9 years ago

I'm running a brand new Mac and I use it for my business and maintaining my website. This is the only sight that gives me trouble. I've been meaning to say something for weeks but keep forgetting.

actorman 9 years ago

You said it, Aloha. That censoring the caps stuff drives me CRAZY!!!

Good question re how many of KU's head coaches have been inducted. I believe it's Naismith, Allen and Williams - a pretty decent percentage. And Larry Brown hasn't coached enough in college to make it, but is he in the NBA HOF?

It's always good for us to be reminded just how incredibly spoiled we've been over the last 28 years, since those last two years of the Ted Owens tenure.

actorman 9 years ago

That's pretty hysterical that it put in the caps for "CRAZY" but not for "NBA" or "HOF." The policy is so freaking stupid!!!

I'm also with you, Aloha, on the locking up thing. I'm glad to know it's not just my computer that's doing it so often. Hey LJW, is anyone paying attention?!?!? Please fix the problem (and get rid of your damn caps policy -- or at least only censor something if someone puts in four in a row or something extreme).

nuleafjhawk 9 years ago

“Our guys try hard. They care. Barring things uncontrollable, we could be a team that’s awfully hard to deal with before all is said and done.”

Usually, when Bill Self says something like that he means

"We are going to kick azz and take names., Go ahead and print that 8th consecutive Big _ _ banner up please."

REHawk 9 years ago

Yeah, regarding the W-L record and postseason possibilities, that is about as optimistic as we ever see Bill Self in print. This could be another Very special team and season. Hang on to yer jockstraps, Tigers!

jaybate 9 years ago

USA TODAY today..sports page pg 5c

Senators Rockefeller (wvu) and McConnell (ky) weighing in on conference realignment in US senate. Check.

T. Boone reputedly obstructing. Check.


Woody Cragg 9 years ago

All that money & still ain't happy.

HawkKlaw 9 years ago

"KU has compiled a 47-17 record in league road games in Self’s eight seasons at KU. Texas (35-29) is the only other school in the conference with a winning record in the same span."

The doubters on this board can say what they want about Bill Self losing in the NCAA tournament and missing out on one-and-done recruits, but nobody knows how to win games better than HCBS does. If you don't think KU will be up to standard this year, go take a look at Self's track record and you'll see that KU will be fine, just fine.

Tony Bandle 9 years ago are an unabashed, postive-thinking homer....keep it up!!! :}

jaybate 9 years ago


The truth is what it is.

Joe Baker 9 years ago

I've said it before and it's worth saying again: There are good coaches and players but it takes a great coach to create great players that become a team to win championships. This is the mark of a HOF coach.

There are no homers, the facts speak for themselves and most other fans from opposing teams would agree about Self being HOF. I don't like a lot of things but sometimes I have to accept facts. Bill Self is one of the greatest coaches of ncaa bball.

Congrats Coach Self on this great accolade given by a great bball analyst.

Tony Bandle 9 years ago

If the St.Louis Cardinals, with league leading stats of blown saves, hitting into double plays, starters and position players on the DL, and the goofiest, craziest manager in history, make it to the sixth game of the World Series against three of the best teams in baseball.......

well, I am convinced anything can happen.

The heck with the league banner......let's pick out a spot for that sixth National Championship Banner!!!!!!!

Mike Kendall 9 years ago

No surprise here, in regard to HCBS being a possible HOF coach. I like listening to Fran, too. He is a huge advocate of the Big 12. He basically, tells it like it is. Kind of like Jay Bilas.

Hey, Oakville---sorry about your Cards. Going for the Rangers. That's just how it is.

kranny 9 years ago

One thing that was left off was that his programs are clean. We've had issues with kids before they arrived but while at KU, we haven't seen issues. That is probably the most impressive stat. Calipari on the other hand can't even claim a national runner-up in 2008.

Clarence Haynes 9 years ago

Changes in NCAA rules are expected to keep defending national champion Connecticut from participating in the 2013 NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Is DeAndre Daniels having second thoughts?

Jack Wilson 9 years ago

Nah, he has to keep his one thought on his "theory of basketball" class.

Ok, that was cheap. I admit it.

Paul Brozik 9 years ago

Hope kt watched Arizona lose to Seattle pacific in a half filled building. Might help him make his decision.

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