Saturday, October 15, 2011

Crowd fires up Kansas women

Kansas forward Aishah Sutherland pulls a rebound away from Catherine Williams during the Late Night in the Phog scrimmage on Friday, Oct. 14, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas forward Aishah Sutherland pulls a rebound away from Catherine Williams during the Late Night in the Phog scrimmage on Friday, Oct. 14, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.



2011 Late Night in the Phog

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The Kansas men's and women's basketball teams performed skits and scrimmaged at Late Night in the Phog on Friday, Oct. 14, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.

After hitting the game-winning basket in Friday night’s Late Night in the Phog scrimmage, Kansas senior forward Aishah Sutherland talked about the extra energy she received from playing in front of a packed Allen Fieldhouse.

From now on, Sutherland said bringing those kinds of crowds are up to her and her teammates.

“We need to win games,” Sutherland said following the Blue team’s 19-17 win over the Red. “If our defense gets right, then people will come in. If they see in the newspaper that we’re winning, we’re winning, we’re winning, people are going to come watch us.”

The forward put in the final mid-range jumper just before the buzzer after scrambling for a loose ball.

She tied a team-high with five points, which included a three-pointer — a shot the 6-foot-2 forward rarely takes.

Carolyn Davis led the Red team with seven points on 2-for-5 shooting.

The scrimmage was sloppy at times, as two teams combined to make just 14 of 40 shots (35 percent).

Despite that, KU coach Bonnie Henrickson said she was happy to see the aggressiveness of her returning players.

She also warned against taking too much away from a 20-minute scrimmage.

“If it was really, really good, I probably wouldn’t be that excited,” Henrickson said, “and if it was really bad, I probably wouldn’t be that worked up.”

The eighth-year coach believes her team will have fun players to watch in 2011-12.

Henrickson called junior point guard Angel Goodrich one of the “most special point guards I’ve coached in my career.” She also said Davis’ ability to run in transition and finish at the rim and Monica Engelman’s outside shooting should add to the buzz surrounding this year’s team.

The KU women open their exhibition season on Oct. 31 against Emporia State.


ukanjhox 8 years, 7 months ago

Nobody cares about women's basketball. Not trying to be a jerk or rile anybody up. Just stating a fact...

OK, it's not a fact, but rather a generalization. I DO know that most people at Late Night could have done without the women's festivities. (Sorry for p*ssing a few of you off out there.)

MinnesotaJay 8 years, 7 months ago

Trying to figure out why you bothered to post. "Nobody cares...' 'Just stating a fact...' 'OK, it's not a fact...but...a generalization.'

What I do know, as someone who does care, is someone who doesn't, but bothers to drop in to make an ill considered generalization anyway, is a waste of everyone's time (OK, a generalization; s/b most people's).

Now, don't be gettin' pithed off.

Ashwin Rao 8 years, 7 months ago

I was very disappointed by the way the women's team played yesterday. I understand that they have not officially started practicing yet, but they were BAD. After all the talk about having the pieces to go for the tournament, I was hoping that we have a competitive team, but now I am not so sure!

TheGiftedOne 8 years, 7 months ago

Who gives a s? Its the first scrimmage of the year. In fact who gives a s about the non-conference schedule? Fans put too much importance on early season performances. It doesnt matter if the team doesn't play well in the conference season. Wait to judge until then...why throw the team under the bus after one scrimmage? Complete unfair and you know it.

bluzhawk 8 years, 7 months ago

TGO is back with a vengeance. I'll make my call now. The women make the NCAA tournament and Bonnie signs a top 25 class this season. And haters, it's a free country, but those of us who support all KU teams suggest you try the newly instituted "if you don't care, don't share" policy. I mean really, why waste your time? Cook some ribs, rake leaves, have a beer. Live what you love.

actorman 8 years, 7 months ago

You're right, ku_tailg8. It's a joke that millions of women have had the opportunity to compete in athletics who otherwise would not been able to. That Civil Rights Act was a total joke too.

LuckyJhawk 8 years, 7 months ago

I'm always amazed that fans like UKanJHox feel the need to express their negative opinions on this site. Nice of him to take the time to put a little hate on here for the women ball players. Late Night has involved into a celebration of KU Athletics, get over it. Neither the men's or women's team played well last night, nor should they. It was not a serious event, or maybe you didn't notice all the fun people were having...

TheGiftedOne 8 years, 7 months ago

Yeah you're right. Your opinion is ignorant and stupid but you're damn well entitled to it. Let me know when your time machine gets back from 1964.

MinnesotaJay 8 years, 7 months ago

Because you are unable to comprehend a metaphor, the person who used it is stupid???

What you fail to grasp is that no one is challenging your right to your personal views, but rather where you have chosen to express them. Everyone and his dog knows that there are plenty of people out there who aren't interested in women's basketball. But, most of those folks have enough common sense to know that it's in pretty poor taste to go onto the site where people actually do care just to raise your hand and say 'I'm one of them.'

The question is 'Why have you bothered?'

Excuse me. I have to run now. I'm going to pop in at my neighbor's house to make sure he knows I don't give a hoot about most of his hobbies. Catch you later.

TheGiftedOne 8 years, 7 months ago

One of the most followed college athletes on twitter is Skylar Diggins of Notre Dame. I think anyone with a pulse can tell that Women's College Basketball is a mainstream option for most sports fans. The players play with passion and the talent level is a better than ever. Idk if its ignorance or just plain stupidity but alot of KU fans need to wake up and support the womens program. I understand the wins haven't been there but the talent is now. This team has some legitimate stars and I hate to break it to everyone, but the mens team is about two years away from a bare cupboard. We can all see it, no one is talking about it. Bonnie is bringing in better recruits then Bill Self right now. Not saying she is a better coach but who knows in the future.

TheGiftedOne 8 years, 7 months ago

Obviously Coach Self is due for an awesome recruiting class and I agree that he is a better recruiter then Bonnie. Just merely pointing out that Bonnie has brought in some legit talent and to write them off because of history or sex is irresponsible KU fandom.

actorman 8 years, 7 months ago

This is really a make or break year for Bonnie. She's had more than enough chances. If KU doesn't make the playoffs this year, I think it's time to move in a new direction.

jayhawker97 8 years, 7 months ago

i'd say fans should do an 'occupy-AFH' to demand for a change in coaching roster. having Bonnie for another season is a waste of time & money. no offense, coach. we just want to see a change, a better one, hopefully. a calculated change.

go Jayhawk!

actorman 8 years, 7 months ago

Well, ralster, all I can say is that as with many families, the one that gets the straight a's gets the most love. The struggling students or troublemakers just get yelled at or ignored. So in that respect, Jayhawk Nation is definitely a family.

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