Tuesday, November 8, 2011

KU-Missouri football gametime changed to 2:30 p.m.

Kansas' Christian Matthews (12) goes up for a pass against Missouri's Kip Edwards (1). Kansas and Missouri met at Arrowhead Stadium Saturday for the 119th game in the rivalry series.

Kansas' Christian Matthews (12) goes up for a pass against Missouri's Kip Edwards (1). Kansas and Missouri met at Arrowhead Stadium Saturday for the 119th game in the rivalry series.


The Kansas-Missouri football game on Nov. 26 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., will now kick off at 2:30 p.m., the Big 12 announced Tuesday.

The game was originally scheduled for 11 a.m.


middleoftheroader 6 years ago

Gee this makes a big difference on how the game will be decided...NOT.

okiedave 6 years ago

could we change that to a night game -- without lights?

middleoftheroader 6 years ago

Side note: I hear Joe Paterno will be available to coach soon.

johnnyhrdwd 6 years ago

Leach can't tell a kid to go stand in the shed but Paterno can cover up child sex abuse at his program? Paterno should be charged with aiding and abetting, KU should hire Leach.

blackhawkjayhawk 6 years ago

June Jones - 1st choice

Jim Tressel - 2nd choice

tbbucboy21 6 years ago

June Jones over Jim Tressel ur crazy! Jim Tressel all the way!!!

JayCeph 6 years ago

If a football game happens in a stadium and nobody is around to care, did it really happen?

Yosemite 6 years ago

There will be plenty of Mizzou fans there.

JayCeph 6 years ago

Yosemite - I rest my case.

If the fans of team that doesn't matter show up to cheer a game nobody will watch (or can/will want to watch), do they still count as being present or are they just lost in the crushing silence of ambivalence?

Yosemite 6 years ago

KU fans don't care or watch football games. That's why KU will get left behind in realignment. Mizzou fans care deeply about their football team. They will probably make up 90% of the attendance at the game. Good luck in the Mountain West. I rest my case.

Jason Renfrow 6 years ago

"care deeply"?? mean for the last 4yrs?? Mizzou fans were ambivalent before 2007 and you know it!...getting pounded in the SEC is not going to help your fair-weather cronies stay on the boat.

And I would congratulate you on success these last 4yrs but for what??....No BCS Bowls....No Final Fours.....I guess 10-win seasons....well good job with 10-win seasons and NO championships!!

Yosemite 6 years ago

Mizzou fans still averaged well over 50,000 in the 80's and 90's. I guess that's why they're going to expand the stadium. Fans will still show up as the Tigers compete in the SEC.

And what did the BCS Bowl that Sweet Lou bought for KU bring? Certainly no success. He only gave you an incompetent coach and below average recruiting. Mizzou is sitting securely in the SEC, which isn't going away and the payout will far exceed the Big 12.

coolhand357 6 years ago

The fact that KU took the Orangebowl from Mizoo (and won it) will always be remembered more than anything you can ever say. The sweetness will last forever.

Cmill1221 6 years ago

Your stadium seats 71,000 so where have the extra 20,000 people been? Good thing u are expanding to let all the Arkansas fans have a place to sit when they come to town. Your attendance will be good the next few years but it will wear off very Soon when they start getting blown out.

As good as you think you are your not. anything. Seriously, when was your last national championship in anything? And don't avoid the question and pull out some stupid stat to try and make you look good. Honestly when was your last national championship. Even K-State had a National championship in the 90s in Livestock Counting!!! You have NOTHING in the last 50 years!!

But you are right about one thing the SEC is here to stay. So you will forever be non factor and wipping boy. Even more so now than before. You will be right there among traditional bottom feeder Vanderbilt.

I just don't understand why Missouri fans think they are sooooooooo good? You talk a big game but when push comes to shove there really isn't much there. Have fun. Now bye bye. You can go post on Arkansas and vanderbilts boards now.

Dyrk Dugan 6 years ago

Jim Tressel? let's see two schools on NCAA probation while he was head coach.....let's go for three then? give me a break.

June Jones? no as well. Let's let HCTG finish out the season and then we say yea or nay.

as for this news, it's obvious ABC thinks this will be the last game between these schools for awhile on the football they're counting on some ratings. and i would agree.

our job now is make sure we win the football game...or in the very least, it must be competitve. to go down 41-10 or something like that, would be unacceptable. Go Jayhawks!

DocBean 6 years ago

If Gill loses the rest of the games this season do you think he should return? If not, who would you go after?

Either Tressel or Jones would be a big upgrade from Gill.

I say Pinkel would be great. He's proven he's good at brining in QBs every year, which is what it takes to compete in this league, and he doesn't want to go to the SEC.

142466 6 years ago

I thought that Pinkel was urging Mizzou's move to the SEC. I thought that's what I had heard or read.

Assuming that you're correct, that Pinkel opposed the move, then that's one more reason to add to the long list of reasons why their departing the B12 is weird. The decision makers in Columbia truly are wizards of the wierd, kings of the kooks.

texashawk10 6 years ago

The game is still on FSN, not ABC.

Dyrk Dugan 6 years ago

i stand corrected. i assumed it would be moved since it's in that time slot...but it's always been a fox sports game so it stays.

JayCeph 6 years ago

I say KU should just forfeit the game, don't give MU the luxury of deciding the game on the field and issue refunds to all KU ticket holders. Let MU leave the conference with a sour taste of an unearned victory and no real exposure on a national stage.

The search committee for a new coach begins now...

Coach-Matt Koelling 6 years ago

What ever happened to the idea of Coach Sumlin from Houston?

Robert Brown 6 years ago

He has a Top 15 program. Why would he come here? Also, another great offensive team that can't stop anyone, just like Leach, Mangino, etc. etc

Coach-Matt Koelling 6 years ago

BCS conference, facilities, opportunity to become a savior of a program...

texashawk10 6 years ago

UH will have a "new" stadium very soon, they will be in a BCS conference, he's already the savior of a program so why would he leave UH.

blackhawkjayhawk 6 years ago

To me, he's a legitimate target. With Joe Pa leaving Penn State, the Ole Miss job open and possibly NC State, it's going to start getting harder to get a coach. Sumlin, June Jones, Tressel - all good choices in my mind. Leach would be okay, but not a homerun - just my opinion.

burnmu 6 years ago

I think we should offer the best PC move PSU could hope for, Turner Gill. They need the integrity (nothing else) that Turner Gill can bring to a program like PSU. Actually, I feel for all the children whose lives were ruined by the actions of the people involved. Jokes aside about how awful Gill is, nothing could ever be as horrible as what is going on at State College PA. My prayers are with those children.

justinryman 6 years ago

Very well said.

Don't care about the coaches, the administration or the football team at Penn. St. It's those kids who were(or are) taken advantage of by an adult male that was in a position of power that took their childhoods away from them and altered their lives for the worse.

Gary Wirsig 6 years ago

Agreed. For all the complaints about our current coach, if I had to choose PSU's situation or ours, I take ours every time. Not that I'm happy with our W/L record or competitiveness, though.

DocBean 6 years ago

Gary Pinkel doesn't want to coach in the SEC, I say let's go after him.

He's been good in the Big XII, he's got kids dropping their commitments because of the move, so he'll be able to bring some of those kids in right away.

I say let's bring in Pinkel. He'll do better at a real university anyway.

LSHawk 6 years ago

+1 but it will never happen. Pinkel will retire in the next year or 2 right when Missery starts to sink up the football field because they lost all thier Texas recruits.

nwhawk 6 years ago

Where are you getting that he doesn't want to coach in the SEC? Not questioning the truth of it, just like to know the source.

texashawk10 6 years ago

I've actually read a couple places he might become a serious candidate for the Ole Miss job.

Bill Kackley 6 years ago

What makes you think he doesn't want to coach in the SEC. He wanted to leave the Big 12.

Cmill1221 6 years ago

Did you know MUs last championship in ANYTHING was in the 60s, And it was track? What is it like to be such a non factor? I mean seriously you guys don't win anything. But you do talk a big game. Your kinda like the fat guy who gives weight loss tips. Nobody can really take u seriously.

John Boyle 6 years ago

are you talking national championship?

coolhand357 6 years ago

Does your mommy know you are on her computer?

Cmill1221 6 years ago

Jay"birds". You can't even hide your hillbilly twang in text. Well, it looks like u had fun w/ Baylor. But yes we will see you November 26. And you had better win. If you seriously can't beat KU this year then all hope is lost for u and the SEC. But just like typical Missouri fans you avoided the real issue. When was your last national championship? ANSWER: 1965 track and field. Before that 1956 in baseball. Why does Missouri bother to have a sports program? But hey, that will change once you get to the SEC..... Bahahaha

dtownhawkfan 6 years ago

That gives you extra time to make more meth.

thebigspoon 6 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

thebigspoon 6 years ago

I guess now we all know why they call it Happy Valley ????

ahpersecoachingexperience 6 years ago

Except "beaver stadium" might need to be changed???

nuleafjhawk 6 years ago


pay tenshun he say we. shuld keep mango ku. don' lissen cause, dey like fro money way dat y KU don' hab! good spots program atoll.


JayDocMD 6 years ago

With our football program on life support and dying, I find myself working through the stages of grieving:

Denial: Gill will get it done. Just give him time. Surely it's not as bad as it looks. Right?

Guilt: Why did I make fun of Mangino's girth? I didn't mean it. stupid. Stupid!

Bargaining: I will forego all future Birthdays and Christmases if somehow, someway, KU can miraculously put together 4 quarters of non-sucking and send Mizzery off to the SEC with an L.

Depression/Reflection: We will always suck, won't we? Is sucking really so bad?

Acceptance: Bring on Ft Hays State!

Daniel Kennamore 6 years ago

So this puts off Gill being fired by three hours.

blackhawkjayhawk 6 years ago

Yes. That is funny. I'm doing my best to stay classy - but this is a good one.

Mike Kendall 6 years ago

+200. Funny comment, dannylandulf!

741hawk 6 years ago

Game time moved because the media thinks the game is more that it's the "last game."

tntmac 6 years ago

Break out the Muck Fizzou t-shirts.

blindrabbit 6 years ago

Since some talk about a new coach, why hasn't Brent Venables name been tossed in. Know he is a K-State grad and seems dedicated to Oklahoma; but maybe he is waiting for one of those to open up. Seems pretty savvy and well thought of!

texashawk10 6 years ago

Venables name has been mentioned several times, but his background makes it highly unlikely that he would come to KU unless he wasn't hired as KSU's next head coach, and there's also a lot of people who don't want a KU coach to be affiliated with the Snyder or Stoops coaching tree of which Venables is part of both.

newmedia 6 years ago

Guess that's what fried Mangino. His KSU background?

texashawk10 6 years ago

The only reason I could see the administration not taking a serious look at Venables is because of the potential of him leaving for KSU when Snyder steps down. From a fan perspective, I personally don't care what the background of a coach or AD is as long as they are qualified for the job and there are plenty of other KU fans who feel this way as well, but there are also plenty of KU fans that don't want to see KU's next coach have any past affiliation with Snyder or Stoops and don't like that Zenger holds 2 degrees from KSU and was a former assistant coach under Snyder.

James Kiernan 6 years ago

Rex Walters incident comes into play here too. The Snyder/KSU coaching tree excuse is false: 1) Mark Mangino was an assistant at KSU with Stoops then went with him to OU. 2) Zenger (KU&KSU Grad)

northlawrence 6 years ago

i say we all tailgate on the kansas side of the stateline at kansas establishments - no more $ for parking or tickets should leave the great state of kansas for mo - that and it is time for kck and the legends to begin talk of a "google" arena on the kansas side and mo can keep the sprint center -

Maracas 6 years ago

The highlight of the game will be when the fat lady appears in the spotlight and begins to sing for Turner Gill and his incompetent staff.

troutsee 6 years ago

Unfortunately, on paper, this game is a mismatch and points to a blow out win for MU. I hope it does not happen but am pretty certain that it will. In fact, I think we will get blown out in our remaining three games, although we might hang around for a while against A & M, who has been overrated all year.

Kip_McSmithers 6 years ago

I'm sure this 'feminine hygiene cleanser' will be around a few more weeks to say "you're gonna get stomped" and/or to lay down one of the three other insightful comments they've come up with. yawn

Cmill1221 6 years ago

Bring back Quin!! He was your ideal fit.

James Kiernan 6 years ago

Agreed. He was a big proponent of Nose Candy

texashawk10 6 years ago

So is Haith, someone who couldn't win while cheating.

Steve Brown 6 years ago

Arrowhead has changed from a neutral site to an away game.

have players listen to Coach Famborugh all week in their sleep.

win last one for coach Fam.

boknowssports 6 years ago

Thank goodness people are talking about us getting a new coach. Not sure if we have the bucks, but this program is much worse than even last year's disaster, if you go by stats, margin of defeats, wins/losses. Gill can't point to anything.

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