Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook

Cole Aldrich to hold camp in Olathe

Kansas center Cole Aldrich declares his intention to enter the NBA draft alongside head coach Bill Self, Monday, March 29, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas center Cole Aldrich declares his intention to enter the NBA draft alongside head coach Bill Self, Monday, March 29, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.


Former Kansas University basketball center Cole Aldrich of the Oklahoma City Thunder will hold a basketball camp for youths kindergarden through eighth grade from June 27-30 at Olathe Northwest High School. Aldrich will be assisted by former KU players Jeff Gueldner, Tyrel Reed and Mark Randall.

Registration forms are available at

Clark speaks

Two-time Olympic bronze medalist diver Mary Ellen Clark was featured speaker at Friday’s Midwest Sports Performance Conference at KU’s Wagnon Student Athlete Center.

Clark is diving coach at Amherst (Mass.) College and Mount Holyoke College and also works with high school divers.

“It is a huge invitation for professionals like me to come in and see how they do it here,” Clark said. “Let me tell you, how they do it (weight, flexibility training) here is pretty amazing. I just saw a facility that blew me away because there are machines here that I have never seen before and I am in the business.”

Guest speakers Friday and today include Dr. William Kraemer, professor in the Department of Kinesiology at UConn; Jerry Martin, the strength and conditioning coordinator at UConn; Andrew Fry, chair of KU’s department of health, sport and exercise sciences and K-State director of strength and conditioning Chris Dawson.

“I think everybody just brings so much to the table,” Clark said. “It is the variety of people that are in this room that is making this conference a big deal.”

Aggies’ opening

Colorado basketball coach/former KU guard Tad Boyle is not interested in the head coaching vacancy at Texas A&M;, the Boulder Daily Camera reports.

The Aggies have contacted NBA TV analyst Jeff Van Gundy about the position. Van Gundy is a former Providence and Rutgers assistant who has coached the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets. He’s from Houston.

“I enjoyed my three years in college coaching very much but it’s been a long time,” Van Gundy told 1050The Game in Houston. “A lot has changed. The AAU basketball circuit has changed. The proliferation of agents involved in college recruiting has changed, so there’s a lot of things that have really changed incredibly since the last time I coached in college.”

He told Friday he’s no longer a candidate.

Basketball school big for Turg

Former KU basketball manager Ann Turgeon, the wife of new Maryland coach/former KU guard Mark Turgeon had this to say at Mark’s introductory news conference at Maryland.

“This is a basketball school, that’s first and foremost,” she said in an article in the College Station Eagle. “We’ve been in great areas. We have a great group of kids we left behind at A&M; and a phenomenal university. But he was really attracted to the idea of being at a basketball-minded school.”

ESPN’s Andy Katz reports that Turgeon on Friday interviewed K-State assistant Dalonte Hill for a spot on his UM staff. KSU coach Frank Martin told Katz he isn’t sure Hill will take the job if offered. Hill is from the D.C. area.


Trevor Lacey, a 6-3 senior guard from Butler High in Huntsville, Ala., will choose either KU, Kentucky, Alabama or Auburn on Wednesday, the last day of the spring signing period.

As to DeAndre Daniels’ plans ... nobody knows. Daniels, 6-8 senior from IMG Academies in Bradenton, Fla., has yet to say whether he’ll sign with KU, Duke or Texas on Wednesday. Players do not have to sign letters-of-intent. They can report to school and sign financial aid agreements at that time.

“After speaking with a few people, I’ve settled on the phrase ‘paralysis by analysis.’ To be clear, I have no hard-hitting inside knowledge,” said ESPN’s Dave Telep. “Frankly, I can’t even tell who is really in the mix. Could it be Texas? Duke? Kansas? Someone we've never heard of? All of the above are possibilities.”

One college assistant coach told Telep he did not think Daniels would sign with a school Wednesday.

“It’s as bizarre as a decision as I've ever seen. It could change on an hourly basis,” the assistant told Telep.

Jamari Traylor, 6-8 from IMG, who is considering KU, Indiana, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State, also has not announced his plans for signing day.


Cmill1221 7 years ago

" Could it be Texas? Duke? Kansas? Someone we've never heard of? All of the above are possibilities.”---doesn't that make every Ncaa program by default a possibility?

Kevin Studer 7 years ago

I think he meant that it is possible that he is going to end up on a team that isn't on his list.

nuleafjhawk 7 years ago

cusack - I may be the first person in recorded history to agree with I.D. - but he's right. This time, he's right.

dynamitehawk 7 years ago

What would be your alternative? For him to publicly dye his scrotum crimson and blue on signing day, then sue the NCAA four years later for irreparable damages received because he has to leave KU?

Kent Wells 7 years ago

Dude, I hang crimson and blue. Dang that ink hurt.

Chris Bailey 7 years ago

Ah now come on.... I mean nearly every recruit in the country has signed or will sign on the 18th. Why would it be out of the question for a team, coach or fans to expect a recruit to do make his mind up? It does sound a little dramatic. Sounds like a prima donna and we don't need one of those here! I'd rather play small next year and hope JW bulks up!. I have been hoping he would become a jayhawk but I don't want a circus show. That said I'd love for him to realize that becoming a jayhawk would be a smart decision!

Hank Cross 7 years ago

Odds are that it's more likely that he's waiting for Mr. Green to show up than pondering course catalogues from the various schools.

Dee Shaw 7 years ago

Time to move on. Middle of May and you still have not made up your mind. What a joke.

RockChalk26 7 years ago

I am over Daniels. This kid has been yanking us around for too long. He needs to make a decision soon because he is not winning over many fans at this point.

Russ Freeman 7 years ago

Daniels hasn't done anything wrong. He is about to make one of the biggest decisions of young his life. He is probably getting pulled in 100 different directions by different friends, runners, etc. I actually applaud him for trying to stay out of the papers concerning his decision. Hope we get Trevor and DD, but Self will put a great team on the court with or without them.

Steve Corder 7 years ago

Agreed. He hasn't done anything wrong, but if this kid (as reported!) is this indecisive then I feel sorry for his ability to handle real stress as he navigates life. Going to a high quality program with a coach like Self can only help this young man.

Michael Pannacciulli 7 years ago

its wierd, sorry. if ku duke or texas wanted most any kid in america they would be jumping for joy and itching to with all the nonsense swirling you think by NOW you'd be ready to shut all that down and make a decision.

Jayhawk444 7 years ago

This is WAAAAY better than having his father speaking out to the media every couple of days and causing all of the drama. No the drama here is coming from the media themselves. It's not Daniels.

Andy Tweedy 7 years ago

I think that's a really good point. When players say too much, we think they ought to shut up! Now, we have a player who doesn't say anything, and we wish they would open up! Maybe he hasn't made up his mind...

As for the drama queen label, that would be the kid who CAN'T shut up and keeps pulling everyone along.

Funhawk 7 years ago

Reminds me that life is a stage. "Drama queens" - that's a funny term. If the mass media creates drama, the drama queens must be journalists. And, to those of us non-journalists who always make comments on here, maybe we are drama queens, too! So, that leaves the person who is not a drama queen, Mr. Daniels. What fun it would be to read and laugh at all the drama queens!

Nick Cole 7 years ago

Look, the kid can take all the time he needs. I didn't sign my L.O.I. until early June when I went to college. And I wasn't being influenced by a million different people like I'm sure DD is. It can be very confusing. Not all of these kids grow up wanting to be Jayhawks like the rest of us. They have to think about how this will impact their future career. There is a lot to consider so I say take your time DD...but please pick Kansas. There will be more exposure and PT here than anywhere else on your list of schools. And same goes for Traylor. Coach Manning will develop you into an NBA player. Tell me what other school has sent more big men to the NBA over the past six years than Kansas.

Steve Gantz 7 years ago

I bleed C and B too, but other than Arthur, who's doing anything in the NBA among KU big men? Darnell has carved out a nice little10 minute a game niche, too early to call Cole a bust, but it's not a good start for him. Now Roy put some big guys in the NBA.

LAJayhawk 7 years ago

Valid point, but I think most expect the Twins to have a decent career. They are built to compete in the League. We shall see.

Steve Gantz 7 years ago

Yeah, I wasn't thinking of the future obviously. Hopefully they bolster KU's mark in the league!

Nick Cole 7 years ago

Mc. Morris Mk. Morris Cole Arthur D. Jackson Kaun (was drafted, overseas doing well)

It's all about getting drafted. After that, it's up to the player to make sure he continues to improve. And this is only the last 4 years. I was simply talking about developing bigs into potential NBA players that can get drafted, not what the do once the do get drafted. And you still didn't mention another school or coaching staff who has sent more bigs to the L than Kansas.

Hank Cross 7 years ago

KU ought to pull the offer from Daniels. If he's not sold on the program enough by now to commit, he'll never will be. If it's true that Duke was his first choice and he was just frustrated with its admissions dept, do we really want to be someone's Plan B? Even if he comes, it's obvious that he'll already have one foot out the door from the tip at Late Night. Time to move on.

Martin Rosenblum 7 years ago

Van Gundy's decision to withdraw from being a candidate for the TA&M job is interesting. The "..proliferation of agents.." comment speaks volumes in light of many scenarios over the past few years, The AAU basketball circuit comment also raises a lot of questions about the big picture of college recruiting and player's innocence and naivete vs. the intentions and core existence of AAU and other similar entities.

Reading between the lines of what Van Gundy said could be an indictment of where the process of recruiting has come from and gone to. The train is out of the station and picking up steam. If something isn't done to prevent true corruption, as the notable incidents have been discovered, the integrity of the college game is in jeopardy. There are too many well-intentioned players and programs to think that this corruption is the rule and not the exception. But, as each year's signing day deadlines come and go, less integrity seems to be felt and more aprehension as to what has happened or what could be revealed that would affect programs, coaches and players.

Kudos to the coaches who have avoided being implicated in any violations. Keep up the vigilance and determination to distance yourselves from situations where the system dicatates your futures in negative ways. It's like a minefield out there.

addlime 7 years ago

Wow! I can't believe how hard some of you are on this Daniels kid! How quickly we forget that Darrell Arthur tormented over his decision as well. Then, if I remember correctly, he said it came to him in a dream. That guy is awesome! He wasn't a spoiled pre-madonna, or some egotistical one and done self serving player. He was a great team player for two years, and easily the best big in that national championship game. There is no way KU wins without his clutch mid range jumpers down the stretch and in OT. Let's hope for a similar dream next monday or tuesday night. If I knew where he lived, I'd send him milk and cookies!

waywardJay 7 years ago

And then you would get tacked for giving him Milk and Cookies by the NCAA.... How dare you offer free milk and cookies to a perspective Amateur athlete!

mikehawk 7 years ago

Let's hope potential signees don't make their decisions based on the comments of flaky, primadonna, spoiled fans who blog about things they have no idea what they are talking about.

REHawk 7 years ago

Sad that the AAU circuits and agent influence stuff has disrupted the lives of so many young amateur athletes. As a high school coach several years ago I went to war with a local AAU coach whose presence and influence wrecked the competitive season of a few young athletes and the team of which they were a member. I found it amazing, the number of public school coaches who chummed with those outsiders and fell into the subversive territory of violation of state amateur rulings. The public exposure of violations by Selby, John Wall, Derrick Rose and others undoubtedly touches only the tip of the seedy underbelly of such influences upon amateur talents. It made for enjoyable reading a couple of years ago when young Harrison Barnes, one of Bill Self's top recruiting prospects, eschewed the AAU circuit after his jr. year of Iowa high schooling, preferring to focus on the game of golf which someday might augment his life in the professional business world. (No surprise that he chose to return to NC after a stellar freshman campaign.)

jayhawktalk 7 years ago

Meh, I'm burnt out on the recruiting speculation.

Kudos to Cole and the rest of the guys putting on the camp. Those guys represent and remind me of what I love about the college game.

jhox 7 years ago

As far as Daniels is concerned, I feel most sorry for all of the coaches involved. It's really not fair of a kid to put so many guys through the ringer for this long. He just needs to make a decision and stick with it. What he's doing is very selfish. I hope he's a better team player, than he is a recruit.

That said, KU is clearly the best choice for him in terms of exposure and immediate playing time. Duke would be a huge mistake. Texas may make some sense, but he has a better shot at a championship at KU.

Jack Wilson 7 years ago

You can say that they were heavily favored, were in the easiest bracket (at least in 2011; Duke had the easiest bracket in 2010), and that they flamed out. Not sure of your point, except for the obvious.

One might also say that it is easy to nit-pick and criticize every top 10 program, claiming underachievement over the past 10 years. UCLA, Kentucky, and Indiana ... top programs, haven't won titles in the last decade. What would one say about that?

jhox 7 years ago

You can say sh#t happens. You can also say this is the same program only 3 years removed from a national championship (and that championship wasn't cheap, with all 4 one seeds making the final 4), and a team who has spent most of the last 4 or 5 seasons consistently ranked it the top 5, not to mention a team with 7 straight league championships. How many has Texas won in that time? I believe they may have shared one or two, but there is no comparing the two programs.

Jack Wilson 7 years ago

Zzzzzzzzz. Recruiting stuff puts me to sleep.

No Daniels means Releford gets his well-deserved shot.

No Lacey means EJ has to step up.

Sometimes in sports things work out for the better. Sometimes chemistry can overcome the top recruits. Sometimes coaching can overcome top recruits. And one thing that we know, coach Self will get the most out of his players.

If Lacey and/or Daniels come, great. If not, so what. I won't lose one minute of sleep.

The real recruiting battles need to be fought and won early, not late. My hunch is that our 2012 class will be a big one .... and if we take a little step back this next season, so what? A run to the elite 8 with an overachieving team makes for a pretty fun March. My guess is coach Self's little step back will still be a pretty darn solid season.

Tony Bandle 7 years ago

Zzzzzzzzz. IrishDaddy stuff puts me to sleep.

actorman 7 years ago

"If it's true that Duke was his first choice and he was just frustrated with its admissions dept, do we really want to be someone's Plan B?"

Yes, yes, 1000 times yes!!! Who gives a flying f**k how someone gets to KU? The only thing that matters is how he plays when he gets there. And just because someone's first choice didn't work out and he had to "settle" for KU doesn't mean he's a bad person. You guys are so off the deep end on this recruiting stuff, it's laughable!!! In fact, we could just reprint the things that were said about Brandon, DA, etc., etc., etc. and it would look exactly the same. Every time a recruit doesn't decide in the time frame that some armchair point guards consider acceptable, apparently that makes him the second coming of Attilla the Hun. Addlime said it best when talking about how DA made his decision (although he also unfortunately used the term "a spoiled pre-madonna." Seriously??? Are you saying it would be better for someone to be spoiled AFTER he became Madonna?)

"Don't feed the TROLL!"

Ding, ding, ding!!! One of the best lines of the year! Guys, if we would just stop responding to the trolls on this board, eventually they would get bored and go away. Imagine how great it would be if no one ever responded to anything a troll posted. And yes, I realize I'm being a hypocrite here, since I've done my share of responding myself. But let's at least try to not engage with these pathetic creatures.

Tony Bandle 7 years ago

After each troll post simply type Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...they will eventually go away!!

BewareOfThePhogOnTheWater 7 years ago

Just like I have said several times, ignore them and they will go away. Now, just do it!

vd 7 years ago

No comment on Turg possibly taking Hill? Frank might be hurtin.

murph 7 years ago

According to yesterday's reports, Frank is pretty busy trying to save his own health. Blood clots aren't to be taken lightly. My friends just lost their 6' 5" apparently formidably healthy 25-year-old son to one. He was buried last month. Frank probably has other things on his mind than talking to the press.

Hope you're on the mend, Frank. Then I hope we hand your Cats their backsides both times we see you next winter...

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