Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bill Self, Roy Williams to participate in Mayetta golf event on Sunday

Kansas head coach Bill Self smiles as he listens to forward Mario Little's senior speech following the Jayhawks' 64-51 win over Texas A&M on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas head coach Bill Self smiles as he listens to forward Mario Little's senior speech following the Jayhawks' 64-51 win over Texas A&M on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.


Bill Self doesn’t like his chances in a head-to-head golf matchup against his Kansas University basketball coaching predecessor, Roy Williams.

“Trust me, he is a better golfer than me,” Self, a 12-handicapper, said of North Carolina coach Williams, who has a 10 handicap.

“When I played with him before, he was (better),” added Self, who recalls playing two rounds with Williams when Self worked at Oral Roberts and Williams was at KU.

The two coaches will compete against each other in a four-person Celebrity Skins Game on Sunday to highlight the grand opening of the Firekeeper Golf Course in Mayetta.

Self will be paired with four-time PGA Tour winner Notah Begay III, who designed the course. Williams’ partner will be Randy Towner, former Alvamar golf pro who is head golf pro and general manager of Firekeeper.

“It’s a nine-hole Skins match with two pros, one really good player and one hack,” Self said, referring to himself as the hack. “I’ll definitely be the weak link in that group. It should be a lot of fun playing with those three. Of course, Roy will be there and will add so much to it. Everybody respects the job he did at KU.”

First tee shot is 10 a.m., following a dedication ceremony to start at 9:30.

The two hoops coaches certainly won’t be in mid-summer golf form.

However, Williams has been on a golf trip this week; Self hit the course last week, though he says he’s busy again with work with Wednesday’s conclusion of the spring signing period and Big 12 and NCAA meetings.

“We’ve still got recruiting to do and meetings and stuff,” Self said. “I did play last week. So I can’t say I haven’t played.”

The event is free and open to the public. Firekeeper is Begay’s first signature course and sits on 240 acres owned by the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. It is across the street from the Prairie Band Casino & Resort. For more details about Firekeeper Golf Course, go to

Update on Robinson’s sister: KU sophomore forward Thomas Robinson’s 8-year-old sister, Jayla, continues to live with her father, James Paris, in Washington, D.C. Jayla has been with her dad since the death of her mother, Lisa, in late January. Lisa.’s stepbrother and his wife have since filed a complaint for custody of Jayla.

Jayla’s dad’s attorney has filed a motion to dismiss that complaint in Prince George’s County in Maryland.

Parties are awaiting a ruling of the circuit court in that county, where Jayla has attended school this year despite living in D.C., where she has lived most of her life. The matter ultimately may be back in a D.C. court before it’s over.

“What Mr. Paris can say is he has always been involved in his daughter’s life. The documents and records we submitted as part of our motion show he has always been involved in his daughter’s life,” Paris’ attorney, Ed Varrone, said Thursday.

“Jayla is in a good home. She is going to school. She is getting the kind of care and attention a girl in her situation is expected to get or you would hope to get, including mental health counseling,” Varrone added. “All that was put in place before the custody case was being filed because it was sort of the obvious thing to do, before he (Paris) had a lawyer and any of that was going on. He has the support network in place that Jayla’s mother, Lisa, had in place by document several years before she died. The child is being well taken care of.”

Jayla’s dad regrets the media scrutiny. “From his point of view it is a private matter. It is a little girl who does not need her business out on the street unnecessarily,” Varrone said, noting “at the end of the day, that does not help this little girl. At some point she is not going to be a little girl and in this era of Google, nothing goes away, and given that, I’m not sure at this point we want to get in the newspaper.”

KU coach Bill Self said: “I have no comment on what has transpired. I do think it’s sad anyone would play out (publicly) what is transpiring in the lives of a 20-year-old brother and 8-year old sister in a way that certainly could affect their lives.”

The attorney for Lisa’s stepbrother could not be reached for comment.

This, that: KU director of basketball operations Barry Hinson on Thursday celebrated his 50th birthday. ... KU senior-to-be Tyshawn Taylor, who had surgery to repair torn ligaments in his index finger of his shooting hand on April 8, is back on the court shooting and dribbling. He has not been cleared for full contact drills yet. ... Josh Selby, in an interview with Yahoo!Sports, says after weeks of three-a-day workouts in Las Vegas he’s seen his weight drop from 208 pounds to 195. Of his only year at KU, he said: “One thing I learned is that things don’t always go your way,” Selby said. “God made things happen for a reason. It wasn’t meant for me to have a great year, so maybe it was for me to rejuvenate myself. That’s the past, now I’m just worried about the present and the future.”


Andrew Dunlap 6 years ago

how nice. Ol Roy is still part of the family.

justinryman 6 years ago

I would like to volunteer to be a caddy in that group.

Ashtin Meerpohl 6 years ago

I will be working that day at Firekeeper. I cant wait. Its a great golf course. REALLY beautiful!

BigTimeJayhawk 6 years ago

I also work that day, suddenly dont mind working on a sunday

Brett Forreal 6 years ago

Smoke his UNC ass Coach Self! Kinda like we did in '08.

Mike Bratisax 6 years ago

After smoking Roy on the golf course..get Lacey and Daniels to commit. Then you will get the real bragging rights!

BigAl 6 years ago

After you smoke him, go ahead and buy him a Coke.

Kurt Eskilson 6 years ago

Please, kushaw, you are MUCH classier than that.

nuleafjhawk 6 years ago

Don't beat him too bad Coach, I've seen enough of his tears to last a lifetime.

4jhawks4ku 6 years ago

I thought he was tarheel dead. Hope he's not makin a little side trip down to Wichita.

nuleafjhawk 6 years ago

By calling us nimrods, you are stooping to our level. Dadgum it.

John Sheehan 6 years ago

I agree with most on here...Roy was great coach for us. Bill is great coach for us.

I appreciate all Roy did for Kansas and loved him while he was here.

Now that Self has a title I'm over Roy leaving. Plus Roy earned points for wearing the Jayhawk sticker in the NC game 48 hours after we crushed his team.

justinryman 6 years ago

I agree, plus you can never blame a guy for going home. It's not like he left KU for Kentucky, Texas, Arizona or UCLA, he went home.

That to me is very honorable.

Michael Pannacciulli 6 years ago

Roy's job at KU was to bring back respectability and build a clean program and win championships and graduate students. Several Alll-Americans later, multiple Big 8 titles, a Big 12 title or two, and several Final Four appearances he did just that. His teams had remarkable GPA's and high grad rates. He produced numerous pros that wore the crimson and blue and yet he still somehow gets bashed. So what, he left KU - but he left us in amazing shape! And the guy that came in to replace him has done ok right? Life is good being a Jayhawk fan folks! Perhaps that's the very reason why we moan because we have to invent problems that are superficial in the grand scheme. Roy left, we stayed great - Jayhawk B-Ball is better than ever.

Mike Kendall 6 years ago

STL_JHAWK---My thoughts exactly---great post that gets right to the point.

Beate Williams 6 years ago

Totally agree with you mikendal. I really don't understand some of these folks who call themselves "fans." If you have to hate, you should simply hate the Kansan that pressured him to come home. But with the success he brought and with the success we have had since he left, why is there need for hating.

Mike Bratisax 6 years ago

I don't get the animosity so many Jayhawks have for Roy. He did a great job at KU. If we had shot just 50% at the line against 'cuse..Roy would have had his NCAA title at KU. Still he had remarkable success...and maybe that is what cause most of the animosity.

wysiwyg69 6 years ago

Get over Roy leaving KU you losers. It goes to show everyone that reads your crap how much you really liked him when he was here.. He has every right to go where he wants to go. He has more class and gets respect from those who count, he probably laughs at people like you.

nuleafjhawk 6 years ago

My, my. People sure get ornry when others disagree with their opinions. Why all the name calling? That would make Coach Roy sad, fer sure. Might even bring a tear to his eye. And, Duuuuuuuh, we all did like him immensely when he was here. We GET the whole wanting to go back home, to the alma mater thing. It just would have been a little easier to swallow if he would have done it the first time. Anyone else remember the whole " I'm a Jayhawk and I'll be here as long as they will have me" thing? PARAPHRASE - PLEASE GOD, don't let the Grammar, Punctuation and Word for Word Quote Police get me if that is not exactly correct.

Rivethead 6 years ago

Roy's first season at KU was in the fall of 1988. Just like Glen Mason's. And mine.

In fact, I'm pretty sure we all sat through orientation together.

Funhawk 6 years ago

Roy and Bill are like two parents who spoiled rotten their kids. :) May they have fun together on the golf course. They deserve it.

Andrew Washington 6 years ago

I want to wish both of them luck! I agree, it was amazing what roy did here and i still think that hes one of the best coaches ever. I still hear roy mentioning KU on radio interviews and he's a classy guy for sure.

Cal Bender 6 years ago

Thanks for those positive posts about Roy and Bill. That's the true spirit of College Athletics!

Jayhawklegacy 6 years ago

Why do we have to know TRob's personal business? In my opinion I don't think we need to be putting his personal life all over the website. If I was Robinson, I wouldn't want it on here!! Let's have a little class and respect for the young man.

KEITHMILES05 6 years ago

Totally agree on TRob and his sister. So what if he is a KU athlete none of this need to be public.

madamhawk 6 years ago

I work across the road at the casino and we are VERY excited to have both coaches come on Sunday. The Firekeeper is a beautiful course!!!

Re: Jayla-how did this situation become public? I didn't think that custody hearings were public record.

timchuck69 6 years ago

There is one person responsible for Roy leaving...Dean Smith. He pressured Roy into leaving his Alma Mater for UNC. Dean is the villian in this.

Brett Forreal 6 years ago

Roy was Dean's little puppet. Can't upset Dean......Can't recruit East past the Mississippi River. No never ever...... I'm for one glad he left, and wished he would have left earlier after we got Self; who did what Roy did and even more. The guy couldn't even win a NC with Pierce and LaFrenz(sp?).

Tony Bandle 6 years ago

My first wife left me after 10 years. The last three years kind of sucked, but the first seven years were filled with much happiness. A bad ending cannot totally wipeout the good that came of a relationship.

I will admit, however, it would have been harder "to forgive and forget" had Kansas failed to get a coach of Bill Self's caliber and we were spinning our wheels in mediocrity.

My second wife died of brain cancer and I almost died two months ago. Life is too precious and too friggin' short to carry anger and resentment around. Let it go and enjoy each day like it would be your never may be!!

justinryman 6 years ago

“To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. And number three is, you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. But think about it. If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special.”

Jim Valvano

tis4tim 6 years ago

Jeez, Oak. I had no idea. Glad you're still with us and I hope your overall prognosis is good.

Scott Smetana 6 years ago

Wow, I guess that puts the VCU loss in perspective.

Keep up the great posts. Rock Chalk.

ahpersecoachingexperience 6 years ago

Is there anyone that tries harder to have his cake and eat than Roy?!?!?

BCRavenJHawkfan 6 years ago

Mayetta..... Near my home town, north of Topeka. So, is this part of the reservation or the casino resort on the reservation?

lama 6 years ago

Would be nice to see KU bring back Roy to honor some of his teams. He was a great coach for 15 years and loves KU. It would be great for KU, Roy and all the players from that era.

lionhawkward 6 years ago

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milehighhawk 6 years ago

I've read this post three times and still have no clue what you're talking about.

KPOP 6 years ago

get over Roy. Let it go. He was a great coach and he took another job. Doesn't diminish what he accomplished at KU. The man was a fantastic coach and a great steward of the program. THANK YOU Roy Williams and welcome to Mayetta KS, its a pleasure to have you in Kansas again.

Andrew Washington 6 years ago

yeah roy had some of the best d*mn teams that ive ever seen at kansas, shame he couldnt win it all here. Its not like he just jumped at north carolina tho, i appreciate that he stayed here when he could have went earlier on. Roy didnt leave because he thought there was an "upgrade" or better program out there, he never would have left for ucla, indiana, etc just like justinryman was saying.

theend 6 years ago

Kansas cannot compete on a national level evidenced in NCAA performances over the last 10 years. Next year.....this will be very apparent as they will lose by double digits against truw national powers UK and Duke. Yet.....there is hope. Becuase will will expose KU so badly......many will start to realize massive changes are needed. It's not good enough to beat Iowa State and Oklahoma.....we need massive changes.

All of you rah-rah KU fans need to wake up. it's not just bad luck that Kansas keeps losing in March. You need to read Jesse Newells article written 2 days after the most recent debacle .....all the stats are there to prove my point.

This team is not capaable of winning on a national level.

manunitedjayhawk 6 years ago

UCONN fans said the same thing about their team before the start of last year. You know nothing about basketball, "the end."

theend 6 years ago

That's not true. They did not. Why would they? UConn has won 3 (3!!!!) national titles since 1999. They have the program.....they have what it takes to win. And KU? Well.....KU chokes in March. KU has 2 titles in the last 60 years. You really think that competes with UConn??? does not.

manunitedjayhawk 6 years ago

"They have what it takes to win?" That is such a bland statement. You are a troll, so is IrishDaddy. No one is saying KU is winning it all next year, to think we won't be a top-10 team then you really are a simpleton.

theend 6 years ago

In denial much? sure are.'s your opinion that losses to N.Iowa and VCU were just flukes?? Just bad luck? Just coincidence? Bucknell? Bradley? GA Tech? UCLA? KU should have destroyed all of those teams.......ALL OF THEM!!!!!

theend 6 years ago

PS-Chelsea owns Manchester United......although I'm a Liverpool supporter. Well done, me olde son. Now.....lets be havin ya!

manunitedjayhawk 6 years ago

Chelsea owns Manchester United? You really don't know sports, that just solidified my comment. United just beat Chelsea this past weekend. United won the Premier League title and are in the European Championship game on May 28th. Man you are lost.

manunitedjayhawk 6 years ago

Chelsea owns Manchester United? You really don't know sports, that just solidified my comment. United just beat Chelsea this past weekend. United won the Premier League title and are in the European Championship game on May 28th. Man you are lost.

manunitedjayhawk 6 years ago

You obviously have not played sports at any level, let alone college sports. You are a guy who listens to ESPN and thinks anyone who posts on here knows squat about sports. You are clueless man, just by your comments I can tell you were not an athlete. I know this is hard for your to understand, but when you play sports at a high level (I played D1 soccer) you sometimes lose teams you "should destroy." That is not a "fluke" that is sports. I heard stuff like this from people like all during my 4 seasons as a D1 soccer player, all of them were un-athletic frat boys. You are just the guy sitting in the stands who always has something to say about something they haven ever been a part of. Those losses were unfortunate, but in 2008 most of us forgot about Bucknell and Bradley. By the way how many UCONN fans do you know? Not many obvioulsy.

theend 6 years ago

You only need to press the 'submit' button once. Playing soccer at a D1 level? That's kind of an oxymoron, isn't it? Soccer??? That's a real "man's" sport,eh? It's a penalty to even contact the opposing team.

manunitedjayhawk 6 years ago

You obviously have not played sports at any level, let alone college sports. You are a guy who listens to ESPN and thinks anyone who posts on here knows squat about sports. You are clueless man, just by your comments I can tell you were not an athlete. I know this is hard for your to understand, but when you play sports at a high level (I played D1 soccer) you sometimes lose teams you "should destroy." That is not a "fluke" that is sports. I heard stuff like this from people like all during my 4 seasons as a D1 soccer player, all of them were un-athletic frat boys. You are just the guy sitting in the stands who always has something to say about something they haven ever been a part of. Those losses were unfortunate, but in 2008 most of us forgot about Bucknell and Bradley. By the way how many UCONN fans do you know? Not many obvioulsy.

Mike Bratisax 6 years ago

Can't win at a national level? If you are serious then your BB IQ is very low. If you were attempting sarcasm, i recommend you stop. A parody? Not funny or articulate. 2008 proves you wrong.

theend 6 years ago

2008 was awesome......I'm just saying KU should have so many more titles it isn't even funny.......It's so sad.....we should have 10 or 15 and we only have 3(I can't accept the Helms titles in 21 and 22.....they don't count in my mind......and the NCAA doesn't count them either)

Mike Bratisax 6 years ago

With as many Final 4s as we have been to and all the upsets in the NCAA, I agree we should have more the 3. Still, 10 - 15? Just not realistic.

manunitedjayhawk 6 years ago

His sports IQ is low, don't limit it just to basketball.

manunitedjayhawk 6 years ago

Looks like Josh Selby has used some of the negative comments some Kansas "fans" made about his decision to turn pro as fuel to his fire.

A little artilce by Chad Ford on ESPNInsider.

Last year I was wowed by the play of Avery Bradley and Lance Stephenson at Impact. Both Bradley and Stephenson were high school phenoms and lottery-type talents who struggled as college freshmen in their respective programs.

"This year Impact has a similar player -- Kansas Jayhawks guard Josh Selby. Like Stephenson, he was considered one of the top five high school players in the country. Like Stephenson, he really struggled as a freshman. And like Stephenson, NBA teams have questions about his character.

Selby was, in a word, awesome in the workouts I saw in Vegas. At Kansas, Selby looked wild, out of control and oddly unathletic. He struggled to create space from himself and made a number of bad decisions with the ball and in his shot selection.

In Vegas he once again resembled the superstar we saw in high school. He was explosive athletically, got to the basket at will and shot the ball very well from range.

In 3-on-3 games, the UCLA Bruins' Malcolm Lee -- a terrific perimeter defender -- struggled to stay in front of Selby, who finished above the rim with a number of impressive dunks. Selby showed off an impressive floater and has the ability to create space with his crossover and then step back and nail the J. He really resembled Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis.

So how could Selby be so good here and so mediocre at Kansas? ESPN Insider David Thorpe had an excellent post concerning Selby in late January that sums up the thinking from a scout's perspective."

BCRavenJHawkfan 6 years ago

So how could Selby be so good here and so mediocre at Kansas?

Well, for starters, the college game is 5 on 5. The NBA is clear out and go 1 on 1. It's no wonder he was good in 3 on 3.....after seeing a game that spans the full 50 feet across the floor these workouts left the lane wide open for him.

Oh, and I'm sure he was able to wear his favorite shoes and headband for the workouts, which has to make a difference!

theend 6 years ago

Selby was an absolute,collosal failure. He was not mediocre......he was awful.

But I don't really blame anybody for that.....including Selby.

It's a roll of the dice........But I do know I will never again listen to any "expert" that ranks these recruits. It obviously means nothing.

Tony Bandle 6 years ago

If I was a Debate Master or, as we say in Missouri, a Master Debator, I would set up a tournament pitting two teams:

On the PRO's, I would list Jaybate, kushaw, ralster, HighEliteMajor and drgnslayr.

On the ANTI's, I would list theend, IrishDaddy,ahpersecoachingexperience, soobawls and anthonyzal.

The Battle would be Epic. It would be:

The Glass Half Fulls vs The Glass Half Empties The Uppers vs The Downers. The Dare to Dreams vs the Get a Grip on Realities. The High Roaders vs The Low Roaders. The Lincolns vs The Douglases. The Friday Afternoons vs The Monday Mornings The Crimsons vs The Blues The Ever Hopefuls vs The Sadder But Wisers. The Get A Clues vs The Get A Lifes. The JHawks Who Enjoy Hawk Ball vs JHawks Who Enjoy Dissing Hawk Ball.

We could sell out Allen!! We could sell out Memorial!! We could sell out Arrowhead!!

If I have offended any of the ten individuals above, please show mercy and consider this the musings of a prisoner of Friday afternoon.

PS I already know I have offended Lewbowski because I have once again left him off my lists!!

Tony Bandle 6 years ago

If that was your prediction at the beginning of the season, I'd say that was pretty darned optimistic and a gutsy pick.

I pick them to win it all every year.....or else, why play?

Something tells me you were never a football player.

Dan Harris 6 years ago

the only balls you've ever played with are your own or maybe SOOOOBAAAAALS?

Tony Bandle 6 years ago

Sorry, two years varsity basketball, as well as All-State Defensive End in football...but bowling and badmitten are good too. :)

Nothing you can say will upset me...instead I find you curiously amusing in a sad sort of way. I'll put you in my prayers!!

theend 6 years ago

Very funny!! Of course no offense taken at all. Very good post......and pretty much true. I guess I am a downer.....but I like to think of myself as a realist.

ahpersecoachingexperience 6 years ago

Can't. I'm currently training for my table, ladders, and chairs match with sheahon and turner.

ahpersecoachingexperience 6 years ago

But it would be the only sellout at memorial this year. Zing!

ahpersecoachingexperience 6 years ago

Oak can be the mc from the and1 streetball mix tapes. Afro wig, screaming "oh baby!"

Do it before late night starts.

theend 6 years ago

Irish Daddy and I may be the only true realists on this board. Of course.......we get attacked for finding the slightest fault with KU(not you,Oakvillejhawk-your posts are good....and funny).

But then.....I wonder why we are attacked with such venom. Could it be that we are hitting a sore point? Could it be that you realize KU's problems too but wont admit it? Could it be that you are in denial?

I doubt you would attack us otherwise. You know KU is currently(I said currently) not competitive on a national level. You know changes need to come. You just don't like hearing it.

Tony Bandle 6 years ago

I just wanted to post something to lighten the mood. I know you and Irishdaddy care. I guess I see no harm in hoping for miracles and magic. There's enough "reality" in this world already.

I am curious, however, by your constant reference to "changes". If you mean dump Bill then just say it. Just saying changes need to come, seems a bit of a coward's way out. Be specific. Fire Bill, put in Danny, go to run and gun, copy Calipari...just say what you mean.

You haven't cared what people have posted about you so far...why start now?

Just curious.

theend 6 years ago

Oh no......I am definitely not saying fire Self. He is a great coach. But he very obviously has problems in March. There are too many examples to just be coincidence or bad luck.

I don't know the answer....I'm no expert in basketball. But even the great players and coaches realize they have to change in order to get better. I don't know if it's game planning......or prep.....or strategy.....but something needs to change.

I the regular works great. But I think in's a completely new challenge that KU has been unprepared for. As I mentioned......Jesse Newell had a great article that's still up on this board. It was written 2 days after VCU. Jesse is hardly a negative or pessimistic writer.....but he actually makes my point. He realizes it, too.

Tony Bandle 6 years ago

Fair enough. Appreciate the clarification.I think we would be better off going in as underdogs. Our biggest problems seem to increase exponentially with the margin of our projected victories!!

theend 6 years ago

I agree 100% That may be at least part of the "change" KU needs.....I'm not saying it's all the coaches fault......change can be a combination of many things. Maybe Self should even hire an assistant that does nothing but strategize for March....and only March.

manunitedjayhawk 6 years ago

You have no method to you madness is why we all think you are a clown. You make statements like "not competitive on a national level." What does that mean? Not winning a championship? That means only 1 team a year is "competitive on a national level." Or is it making the Final Four? That means only 4 teams a year meet your criteria of "being competitive on a national level." Or calling Josh Selby a failure, I don't think any kid who makes a D1 basketball roster is failure, did you read Chad Ford's assesment of Selby at pre-drafts this morning? Seems to me he is working his way up the draft board, I didn' agree with him leaving or his performance as Jayhawk, but is he a "failure" if he gets drafted in the 1st round? You just have nothing solid to back up any of your claims other than Bradley, Bucknell, UNI, and VCU.

theend 6 years ago

Hilarious that you have this pathetic need to respond to all my posts......just proves I got to you, Mr. D1 Soccer. PS-I wouldn't brag to much about being "D1 Soccer"'s kinda embarrassing.

theend 6 years ago

Manunitedjhawk is having a tantrum and foaming at the mouth. Can anybody explain to Mr "D1 Soccer" that he only needs to click the 'post response' button once?

It's so easy to agitate some easy.........and fun!!

theend 6 years ago

Hey Manunitedjhawk-Why does almost every soccer player I have ever seen weigh about 120 lbs and look like a ballerina? I guess the wimps couldn't make the football team.

theend 6 years ago

Attention! Manunitedjhawk played D1 he knows everything about college sports so everybody listen to him. He is right about everything!!!!

Yes.....D1 soccer......such a popular sport in the college level, isn't it? what do you get......about 4 people to show up and watch? How could college sports ever survive without soccer???

I bet you get a real tailgaiting crowd for your soccer games, eh? A real crowd scene. How is there ever enough parking?????

KGphoto 6 years ago

What are you a child? You are taking such an easy path. To come on a board, bag the basketball program like this, throw insults at the fans and then beat your chest that your "getting" to us.

You and IrishDaddy are so proud to be realists, but you offer no solutions.

And it occurred to me. You have only been here since February 15th. You don't know how this board really works yet. You're used to all the idiot boards that use insults and negativity to express their feelings. Boards filled with guys who would like to see the team win, but cover their bets by predicting they'll lose. Filled with guys that are such poor losers that the only reaction to it, is sarcasm.

I'm guessing you won't last long here. You'll get bored when you realize that you can't change the fans into ignorant haters, and you'll to back to your insult boards. We've seen you guys come and go. I can wait it out.

KUsmoothies 6 years ago

Regardless of the sport, competing at the D-1 level is pretty cool.

Ethan Berger 6 years ago

His d1 sport is far superior to your junior high sport.

hawksfan08 6 years ago

Has anyone been reading the stories about Selby and been wondering whether our weight programs have actually hurt our guards? They seem to have a positive effect on every big man that comes here but a negative effect on our guards. Both Selby and Henry appeared to lose all explosiveness after coming here. Another example is Collins, but that could be merely an eating issue. Chalmers lost his and didn't regain it until his junior year, and russell never developed any expolisveness. Rush is the only person who maintained his athleticism all the way through and he didn't gain weight.

nuleafjhawk 6 years ago

I don't think you want to keep everyone but the "big men" out of the weight room. These guys take a beating every game and need to be in shape. I suppose it's possible to overdo it, but I'm sure the staff keeps a close eye on that kind of thing. I think most of what happens to these young men is mental. I don't mean that disparagingly, only that a lot of them are used to being the BMOC in High School and are pretty much a one man show and when it comes to D-1 ball it generally isn't all about them. Some of them probably lose confidence in themselves and that is what effects (affects - whatever it is, I'm obviously not an English major) them the most.

dynamitehawk 6 years ago

I think it's great that Roy is coming back to support a local course opening, and I hope that the fans who show up treat him with the dignity he deserves. Otherwise, I could give a $hit less about Carolina right now.

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