Thursday, May 5, 2011

Alabama prep to visit Kansas basketball

No. 24 Lacey eager to compare UK, KU


Blue-chip basketball prospect Trevor Lacey, who had spent the last 48 hours on an official recruiting visit to the University of Kentucky, returned to his tornado-ravaged home state of Alabama on Wednesday afternoon.

“The power was out for seven days. It came on just an hour ago,” Lacey, a 6-foot-3 senior shooting guard from Huntsville’s Butler High School, said in a phone interview Wednesday night from Huntsville.

“It (tornado) knocked a couple houses down in my city, but it wasn’t anything like Tuscaloosa (which had extensive damage).”

Weather concerns kept Lacey from making an official recruiting visit to Kansas University last weekend. He has rescheduled that trip for Saturday and Sunday and says he’s looking forward to seeing KU up close and personal so soon after checking out Lexington.

“I enjoyed it. It was great,” Lacey said of his visit to UK. “Just seeing how coach (John) Calipari is ... he’s passionate, always helping his players. He’s always on the go about them,” noted Lacey,’s No. 24-rated player who has a final list of KU, UK, Alabama, Auburn, North Carolina State and Connecticut.

Lacey, who averaged 31.2 points a game last season, said he’s “looking forward to getting to know coach (Bill) Self better this weekend. I met him one time. He seems like a cool guy.”

Lacey believes there’s a great chance of immediate playing time as a freshman at Kansas.

“Yes, sir,” he said. “That’s why I’m coming to visit.”

Lacey, who has also visited Alabama and Auburn, said he might visit either N.C. State or UConn prior to the May 18 conclusion of the spring signing period. He said he had no target date for his final decision.

Daniels update: No. 10-rated DeAndre Daniels, a 6-8 senior forward from IMG Academies in Bradenton, Fla., will choose between KU, Duke and Texas after visiting with his father at IMG sometime before the end of the signing period.

“I love the overall atmosphere at Kansas,” Daniels told on Wednesday.

“I love everything about Duke,” he noted.

Of UT, he said: “I like the style of play and think I would fit in well with it.”

Ware lists KU: No. 70-rated Kevin Ware, a 6-4 senior guard from Rockdale County High in Conyers, Ga., has decommitted from Central Florida in the wake of ESPN’s extensive scrutiny of his recruitment.

Ware, who signed with Tennessee in November but asked out of his letter of intent after the firing of Bruce Pearl, plans to visit Georgia and Louisville, his dad told Ware reported on Twitter that his list consists of KU, K-State, Georgia, UCLA and Louisville.

Dooley update: KU assistant coach Joe Dooley, who reportedly interviewed for the head-coaching job at George Washington University earlier this week, appears to be running neck-and-neck with Vermont coach Mike Lonergan for the job, ESPN’s Andy Katz reported.

“A number of sources close to George Washington, both inside and out of the A-10, expect the choice to replace Karl Hobbs to come down to Vermont head coach Mike Lonergan, who is in good with new AD Patrick Nero (the former America East commissioner), and Kansas assistant Joe Dooley, who played at GW and has plenty of booster support,” Katz wrote on


Mike Schell 7 years ago

Cone on down Trevor!!! We will show u first hand ku is better then UK see u soon.. rock chalk

Mike Schell 7 years ago

Cone on down Trevor!!! We will show u first hand ku is better then UK see u soon.. rock chalk

KUsmoothies 7 years ago

I didn't realize that Lacey had only met Coach Self one time. I think once he gets a chance to get to know Self better it will be an easy decision. I haven't heard anything about Ware. Would he be a good fit for our program? Also, I think Daniels will end up at KU. I know he plays a lot around the perimeter, but I think him and TRob would be a great duo together.

Gotta love Dooley and Wish him the best of luck. I really hope he stays, but he is a great coach and deserves a head coaching job eventually.

Mike Bratisax 7 years ago

Let's hope for another Julia Wright type moment!

lee3022 7 years ago

I think we are all looking forward to Trevor coming to visit. It is such a great campus and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in Allen Fieldhouse (of course that has to be experienced during the season). The opportunity for him to play immediately and play within a great system that emphasizes both defense and offense as team work will be excellent preparation for the next level while showcasing his talents. Best of all is being an alum from KU. Ask Paul Pierce, Nick Collison, Kirk Hinrich, among many others.

Waiting to hear your impressions and your decision Mr Lacey. Whatever you choose, let it be the best place for you.

KU_Alumn_2000 7 years ago

Out of all the recruits...I hope we can get Trevor Lacey. We probably NEED Deandre Danials the most though...since we're in need for some bigs to replace the Morris twins. If we can get these two guys...and with the awesome 2012 class we'll have coming in...KU basketball will not miss a beat during this player transition period.

truefan 7 years ago

Daniels is a 3, not a big. I know he's tall, but he plays on the perimeter, think Durant.

ClydeTurnbuckle 7 years ago

Daniels is a face up 4. He projects as a small forward for the NBA, but he would definitely play the power forward position for us.

Jayhawklegacy 7 years ago

Not so sure about Lacey's immediate playing then I am Daniels immediate playing time. You can't really say that though, any of these kids could have immediate playing time. If they put the work in it will be there for them. Lacey has some pretty tough competition coming in as a freshmen. I'm not saying he can't start I think he is talented enough, but he will have to work his butt off to beat out our guards. I agree with KuSmoothies that Daniels and Trob would be great to watch. I don't think they would start together though. Daniels is a 4 and his body frame is not going to change that much before he suits up. Then again maybe CS would play Trob at the 5 and start Daniels at the 4, who knows. It is a good problem to have on deciding who gets the playing time. Hope all these kids find their to the Phog!!!!!!!

Mike Bratisax 7 years ago

I don't know..if Lacey is the better player, give him some rope and start him. Let's not repeat last years mistakes...this is JUST my opinion.

Pretty close to what Jayhawklegacy stated.

I think we will play 3 guards most of the season. Taylor, EJ and Lacey. With Ben and Tharpe coming off the bench..Great rotation!

I'm sure some will disagree.

nuleafjhawk 7 years ago

As far as Lacey is concerned, " I love everything about Duke" doesn't seem to bode too well. It sounds like KU is iffy at best and Texas is pretty much out. ? I hope I don't read between the lines well.

John Boyle 7 years ago

That was Daniels that said that.

Sam Constance 7 years ago

Taken individually, the quotes about each of the 3 schools (Duke, Kansas, Texas) could be interpreted as him going to any of them.

Personally, I think reading between the lines of a recruit's comments about potential programs is a waste of time more often than not.

nuleafjhawk 7 years ago

Thank you very much for your personal opinion. It makes all the difference. You made the world a better place today.

Sam Constance 7 years ago

Last I checked, that's the whole point of this comments area, yes? To express personal opinions?

All I'm saying is that 18-19 year old kids are not only fickle, but say things that don't even necessarily reflect their actual intent/feelings. I'm not trying to make "the world a better place"

No need to be a douche about it.

Michael Pannacciulli 7 years ago

Daniels seems Duke bound and Lacey...still impossible to tell. I agree with the earlier poster in that if we were lucky enough to get both this would be a very succesful recruiting period and be much stronger going into the season.

Kent Wells 7 years ago

Usually I just scan the article for the word "ballyhoed". If I see it, I want the kid to come to Lawrence pretty badly. Neither of these kids are ballyhoed!

JJHAWK 7 years ago

I pronounce Daniels . . . ballyhoed! Lacy is . . . regular hoed!

I feel better somehow . . . my good deed for the day. Think I'll take a nap now!

nuleafjhawk 7 years ago

PLEASE forgive me for what I am about to post: According to (Merriam-Webster dictionary) ballyhoo is defined as

bal·ly·hoo noun ˈba-lē-ˌhü plural bal·ly·hoos Definition of BALLYHOO 1: a noisy attention-getting demonstration or talk 2: flamboyant, exaggerated, or sensational promotion or publicity 3: excited commotion

BallyHOED takes on a whole new meaning, as Bally is a euphemism for bloody and ..............well............there are probably many takes on HOED.

nuleafjhawk 7 years ago

I'm sorry - it's too early and I haven't had nearly enough coffee yet. I just realized it was Daniels with the " I love everything about Duke" comment. Note to (my)self - no more comments before 9:00 am.

FarSideHawk 7 years ago

Don't know why, but my gut feeling is that Daniels is headed to Duke. As for Lacey, I think our guard rotation is pretty crowded for him to feel certain about playing time.

I think we'll be fine even if we don't sign anybody for 2011. It'll be good to play as an underdog and overachieve. I'm more excited about the 2012 prospects; hope we can lock some of those early this time.


7 years ago

While DeAndre’s comments regarding Duke don’t appear to bode well for us, we may want to keep in mind that we have an ace in the hole with his IMG teammate and good friend Christian Garrett already here, walking on for the current semester.

Garrett on Daniels:

“I lived with him throughout the year and I’ve known him four years. He’s like family, like a brother,” Garrett said. “There were a lot of schools I was looking at he wasn’t looking at. We’ve always wanted to go to the same school. We said we’d do what’s best for each other. The only thing I can tell him is that there’s nothing like this place. I think he knows that. I think it’s just going to be him making the right decision (for himself).”

bradynsdad 7 years ago

That article state that Daniels will make his decision before the signing period ends. Isn't that kind of obvious? That's when they are supposed too. Daniels will get no more playing time at duke then he would here, in fact he will probably get more playing time here. I hope we land both these kids but if not I trust in thee T-ROB.

Robert Brock 7 years ago

He could commit, sign a scholarship agreement, and completely forego the formality of a Letter of Intent. And he can do all that after the "signing period" ends.

Ted Hume 7 years ago

Every time I scan a story's comments, I'm just flat-out embarrassed by the shockingly poor grammar and spelling of the posters. I know that the grammar police sometimes show up and fights result, but please people, let's stop making KU fans look like idiots with 4th-grade educations. And yes, I'm aware that typos happen (in this very post, in fact), but not in the vast majority of the cases that I'm talking about. A few points to work on, perhaps:

to v. too (wow) their v. there v. they're (some of you don't know about contractions yet- they're fun!) are v. our (won't even go there) then v. than (really?) good v. well (adjectives are actually different from adverbs- really!)

The list could really go on and on, but...please people, I know many posters aren't actually KU graduates, but let's try to aspire to act like we have at least high school educations in the state.

bradynsdad 7 years ago

If the grammar on this website was the only thing embarrassing about some of the people on this website I would be thrilled. My apologies for mistakes if I had made them. I doubt recruits are reading this site and saying to themselves "I am not committing to Kansas because of the grammatical errors in their posts. Nevermind the people saying coach self is a bad coach and an awful recruiter. Those things aren't a big deal but the grammar is awful."

RockChalkGuy 7 years ago

This is a systemic problem in today's society. I appreciate you pointing it out. Please recognize, though, that this is an informal forum for fans to voice their opinions and is not being submitted for a grade.

rwhawk 7 years ago

I ain't never been into all that book learnin' stuff...

Steve Gantz 7 years ago

you should of mentioned should of

Steve Gantz 7 years ago

I guess Lacey is polar opposites with KU because we hate everything about Duke.

Jack Wilson 7 years ago

The anxiety caused by the "will he come" and "what did he mean by that comment" stuff related to recruitment of these top guys is pure entertainment.

The ulcers aren't worth it

Tony Bandle 7 years ago

As I posted a week or two ago, Deandre would be one in a bunch of good players at Duke. If he comes to Kansas he would be the centerpiece of this recruiting class with almost guaranteed extensive PT.

Actually, I kind of like being the underdog in this recruiting process. we've been the "favorite" so many times just to see the kids move on.

hawkmaster 7 years ago

I doubt that Daniels is going to Duke, unless he thinks he can beat out Duke's current recruits. Most importantly, about a month ago Duke announced Alex Murphy was graduating a year early from high school and joining Duke. Murphy is 6'8" and probably eliminates Duke's need for another 6'8" Daniels, although Murphy may be more of a perimeter player and Daniels is listed as a "power" forward. Plus, Duke has another Plumlee coming in, 7 footer. But Duke may be greedy and Daniels may ride the bench there for a while.

kubball99 7 years ago

I believe the word on Murphy is that he is going to redshirt his freshman year leaving an opportunity for Daniels to get some PT early on.

tis4tim 7 years ago

"Lacey believes there’s a great chance of immediate playing time as a freshman at Kansas.

'Yes, sir,' he said. 'That’s why I’m coming to visit.'"

There has been lots of discussion on these boards about why Self seemingly has such a difficult time snaring some of the top recruits. I know these kids are individuals and it's probably not wise to make a blanket generalization for all recruits, but these guys play with and against each other in leagues and tournaments year-round. Kids talk and at that age there is a lot of conformity and "consensus" type thinking that goes on. More succinctly stated, Lacey's response, IMO, reflects the current culture of thought regarding college aspirations. It's all about immediate playing time. Period.

It's no secret there were some questions surrounding our team about which players were declaring for the draft and which were staying. It's also no secret that Self is not one to grant playing time solely on the basis of reputation coming out of high school. It adds up to one big clash of ideas. It seems that it's the coach that promises the path of least resistance (whether it's actually the case or not) that gets the spoils. Self's honesty and forthright nature will always betray him in this part of the recruiting game. Sad to think that a virtue like honesty has become a detriment.

My thinking is not a revelation for many of you, and I'm sure I'll appear naive for stating what is obvious to so many, but I'm one of the old-fashioned types who continues to clutch onto the notion that a beautiful campus, experienced coaches and educators, and an environment where a kid can grow, learn and develop into a pro-caliber player is a draw for these kids. Lacey's statement, more than ever, means I'm going to have to face up to the fact that I've been kidding myself.

Speaking of detriments, did any of you catch the Bulls/Hawks game last night? Calipari was there with his son, yammering away in his ear the whole time. Poor kid. The dude is always "on". He can't even dispense the used car salesman routine when he's out with his family. Personally, I don't think the guy can be alone with his thoughts for even a second because I don't think he would like what he finds. I contend that he has self-esteem issues and his constant blathering is a defense mechanism against confronting the fact that he's a seriously flawed individual.

HawkKlaw 7 years ago

Look at it this way, Trevor: If you come to KU and win a National Championship, you won't have to end up vacating it during the offseason. The same can't be said about UK. In fact, based on historical data, if you reach the Final Four with Coach Cal, there's about a 67% chance that you will have to vacate it. Juuuuust sayin'.

UKCats 7 years ago

At least Lacey would have a FF to vacate at Kentucky! Dream on Kansas fans, the going trend is that players UK doesn't want seem to end up at KU. Selby, and now Anderson. UK wants Lacey so that puts you Kansas ppl out of luck!

hawksfan08 7 years ago

On a per possession basis, so points per posession versus opponents points per possession, Bill Self is the best coach in the country over the last 5 years. 1.14 PPP v. .94 Opp PPP for an astonishing +.20. Bo Ryan is .14 Coach K .12 and Roy at .10 for comparison's sake.

Tuskin 7 years ago

...and we'd be even better if we played more cupcakes! What's the matter with Coach, scheduling those good teams?

Clarence Haynes 7 years ago

A little more than 40 years ago, a star prep player from Alabama came to KU and was a key member of the 1971 Final 4 Team! Bud Stallworth! Can Lacey help KU repeat this magic?

Robert Brock 7 years ago

I was in attendance when Stallworth put up 50 points (almost all from long range) on Mizzou. Man, had there been the 3-point shot...

Martin Shupert 7 years ago

and we were robbed in 1971. I was busy growing up in Indiana. I had no clue about Kansas. I didn't know anything about the university or team. But I remember that game because they should have won that game and were simply denied the chance to play.

Tony Bandle 7 years ago

martyks..are you talking about the semifinal game against UCLA?

I was at the Astrodome for that game that night. Wicks and Rowe didn't bother was Patterson and Bibby that killed us. And we weren't robbed...we were outplayed and outcoached.

[I remember it being the worst venue I have ever been in. All the students were on folding chairs located on the field surrounding a raised court. We all had to stand on our chairs the entire night, with our eye level about at the players ankles!!!!!]

KUsmoothies 7 years ago

I don't spend nearly as much time on these boards as most people and don't read all the articles or comments but you seem to pop up every where. I was just wondering if you were a KU fan? Do you go to lots of different boards and message about several different college bball teams?

Sam Constance 7 years ago

I'll save you the trouble of dealing with this noob.

He will claim he's a "realistic" KU fan, and that said "realism" is the source for all the comments he posts that seem to place KU in a negative light. But I can assure you that he is a troll. His "realistic" comments are nothing more than attempts to antagonize and rile up TRUE Jayhawk fans.

If you're wondering what John Wooden's 10 national titles have to do with KU being defeated in the 1971 Final Four by UCLA, or what UCLA's historical record against Kansas in the NCAA tournament has to do with that one game, you aren't the only one.

My guess is that they are--as usual--nothing more than tools, being used by a tool, to goad KU fans into responding.

rwhawk 7 years ago

Being "realistic" is most often a guise for cynicism.

redlegger 7 years ago

I'd say the only thing that you have a grip on is that chicken in your hand - quick choking it!

HawkKlaw 7 years ago

He's a Kentucky fan. Slightly more moronic than most Kentucky fans, too.

drwho127 7 years ago

My name is IrishDaddy. I am unemployed and I claim to be a KU fan and go on all day and post things that goes against everything that KU stands for. I get all my information from Wikipedia.

Mike Bratisax 7 years ago almost get me to hate the Irish. How about one of these.. PimpDaddy, PuffDaddy, MacDaddy or BigDaddy? Or go the other way..Daddy Warbucks or even Daddy Longlegs.. But stop giving the Irish a bad rep!

Kevin Huffman 7 years ago

I only consider Ware to be Lacey insurance. D.Daniels would, most honestly, probably make a biggest name for himself at UT given the names they ahve leaving there now.

ku1otaku 7 years ago

Would be interesting if Ware committed to KU considering the article on ESPN regarding Braeden Anderson (KU commit) and Ware (considering KU).

bradynsdad 7 years ago

Wayne simien came to my church a couple weeks back and hearing him speak has easily made him my favorite jayhawk of all time. When we get knocked out of the tournament it's very upsetting and there are constantly people on here ragging on our coach and team but something Wayne said really stuck with me. He said "we won the NBA title on Tuesday and were world champions and by Thursday it wasnt good enough. We were world champions on tuesday but by Thursday it wasn't good enough". He kept saying that over and over. It is true championships are forgot within days and I don't understand why. I am not sure why I bring this up I just thought maybe someone would hear it.

okiedave 7 years ago

The biggest difference Lacy will note, after his UK visit, is that Kansas fans have a full set of teeth.

UKCats 7 years ago

He will also notice the ignorance and disrespect from Kansas fans who cant spell his name correctly! "Lacey!"

honk_for_hawks 7 years ago

Off-subject, but I was told by my friend that works for the basketball team that while most of the players on the basketball team work out once a day pretty much every day, T-Rob has been doing THREE-A-DAYS since the season ended. Apparently he is taking his position as a leader on next year's team VERY seriously.

honk_for_hawks 7 years ago

My point: if he isn't already, T-rob should be the favorite for BigXII player of the year next year.

jaybate 7 years ago

jaybate Italian recruiting update:

Adriatic coast including Rimini and Senegalia--zip.




Ferrari Campus--zip.


Sestre Levant/Bay of Silence--zip.

Lots more cheerleader prospects.

Test drove Ferrari to help sell the program.

Have eaten very strange Ligerian seafood dishes to sell program.

Have driven 85-90 mph on autostrade for the program.


redlegger 7 years ago

Buona sera Jaybate,

If you find yourself in Sicilia, you must try the Pasta alla Norma (with smoked ricotta) - it is molto bene!

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

Maryland coach Gary Williams just announced that he is retiring. Wow! I have to admit that I wasn't expecting that to happen. It's kind of odd timing since this is right in the middle of recruiting, but then again Williams probably doesn't care because he's stated publically how much he hates recruiting and all the dirty money being passed around. I think he loved coaching, but just hated recruiting and that is what is forcing him to retire. I'm shocked, but not surprised.

Martin Rosenblum 7 years ago

Aw shucks, the wrong Williams is retiring!

waywardJay 7 years ago

Gary Williams is old, Man Seriously old.

They say the longer your with a place, the more you begin to look like the mascot....


Gary Williams.....

Lex Valdez 7 years ago

Come on down mr lacey and mr Daniels time to make the winners choice... Kansas all day! Rcjhku!

Steve Gantz 7 years ago

Wait a minute, every person I've known named Lacey is a girl. Is this a woman's team recruit we're getting all excited about? :)

Chris Bruning 7 years ago

wow wissoxfan83. that was some lame shizznit right there.

Steve Gantz 7 years ago

I've been operating under the assumption his first name was Lacey, just realized it wasn't. Yes it was lame, my bad!

dynamitehawk 7 years ago

“Just seeing how coach (John) Calipari is ... he’s passionate, always helping his players"

Yes. And if you cross him he will scream, "You selfish Mother F#$@er" in your (you're/UR??) face on national television, too.

UKCats 7 years ago

Haha funny thing too, Jones returned for his sophomore season. Just so you know ;)

redlegger 7 years ago

I think I remember seeing something about IrishDaddy on the History Channel - yes that's right, he is credited for inventing the first condom from a sheep's intestine (his avatar holding his sheep-herding staff gave it away).

However, it was later improved upon by a Kansan, who removed the intestine before using it.

And yes IrishDaddy, I do realize your avatar is in fact William Claude Dukenfield (aka W.C. Fields), who is considered one of the great comedic geniuses of all time. I suppose if idiocy was funny, you too would be a comedic genius (just stating the facts, which you are always wanting to face)!

hawksforlife 7 years ago

Irish. Perhaps you should never talk again, to anyone. ever

AZHawk72 7 years ago

The polls are closed, the ballots (L.O.I.s) have been cast, the final recruiting period is winding down...

...and yet we're still trolling along, cooler, tunes, and headphones at the ready, hoping someone will bite and help us bridge over troubled waters toward, what should be, a nice group from the 2012 class. I'd still rather have Traylor (don't call me "tractor" as that's already taken) and either Lacey or Daniels, but not both.

As a well-educated KU grad who happens to teach high school English--you can't humiliate or embarrass adults into language changes (kids--hell, yes!). You repeat their words in the correct form as part of your response. In time, they will recognize that they're the ones out of step and, on their own, will make the adjustment without enduring the taste of "humble pie."

So, yo: Lacey, Traylor, and Daniels--this is why you come to Kansas. A great education from motivated teachers along with a basketball mecca. I hope you guys took the time to read this.

AZHawk72 7 years ago

Well, it's true--UCLA probably had the greatest college basketball coach of all time...

...but he's no longer with us. His record is beyond reproach, but, unfortunately, we're talking about a school not a coach. Hey, I really liked Lavin, but your fired him, and he became a good announcer. Then, he became the St. Johns coach and recruited nine guys. Hey, some of them might make it. Wooden--not.

I used to make visits to Flagstaff and catch an occasional NAU game and catch their coach, but then he went to Pittsburgh and, finally, back to the West and, since no one else wanted the gig (excluding Calipari), Howland is now your coach. After Arizona takes what they want, and maybe Washington, too, UCLA picks up what's left and, lethargically, limps along in third or fourth place. This is what you get when your program is built on one man, a legend. You have no program because it was built on one man. The University of California AT Los Angeles is just another directional institution, sans the hyphen.

Lets talk about what makes a "mecca"--for starters, it's bigger than any one person, even bigger than Wilt or Lew (NY Power Memorial) Jabbar. Wooden is from Indiana, couldn't get a decent gig, so he settled for a directional school in southern California. Rupp, racist little Kansas kid, became the head coach at Kentucky--I hear our former graduate amounted to something--even has a building named after him. Smith, slow white guard, but on a great team, just fell short of a national championship, but he landed on his feet and even has a monster building named for him in North Carolina, where he learned how to win it all.

The University of California AT Los Angeles is in Woodward, is not very safe, is close to some serious gang action in a not-too-nice part of LA just up from the upscale Willshire Blvd, but you wouldn't walk there--at least with anyone you cared about. But I digress...

...for mecca is about forever, not just a brief period of coaching brilliance never to be repeated. It's about legends, the past, the now, and the future. Kansas is a mecca for great basketball minds and players--UCLA WAS about a great coach from Indiana who made you forget for at least four years that you couldn't qualify for Cal, which is located in Berkeley.

JayHawkFanToo 7 years ago

A couple of corrections. The University of California at Los Angeles. aka UCLA, is not located in Woodward; in fact it is located in Westwood, and hence John Wooden's nickname "Wizard of Westwood."

Second, While John Wooden was a great coach, lets not forget that his teams were head and shoulders (talent-wise) above every other school at the time. All that talent was obtained through gigantic rules violations by boosters, with "Saint John" conveniently looking the other way. I understand that it is "politically incorrect" to criticize Wooden, but if you do a little research, you will find out that the violations at UCLA make the Calipari programs look like pikers.

If you don't believe me, just Google "Sam Gilbert +UCLA" and you will be shocked.

Here is a little sample:

Sam Constance 7 years ago

Does reality include Mr. Sam Gilbert? Or the fact that Wooden coached for 14 years before Gilbert's (and subsequently, his paid-for talent) arrival as a UCLA booster and never so much as sniffed the Semis or Finals of the NCAA tournament in that 14 years? Odd how a coach could be one thing for a decade and a half, then become the most dominant coach in the history of college basketball, seemingly

I ask because while your "reality" is typically not blatantly false, most people can see that it involves a carefully selected set of facts. Apparently you don't subscribe to the idea of "lying by omission"...

I have a hard time giving any kind of crowning recognition to a program who's claim to fame is a bought-and-paid-for flash in the pan title streak (as compared to the 100+ years of college basketball) and has one title in the last 36 years. UCLA will always be remembered for their never-to-be-duplicated streak. But placing them ahead of any of the programs who've shown longevity and consistent winning tradition with no booster to aid it along is laughable.

I would say that I think your school is UCLA, but I know better--UCLA is just another tool because it provides you a method to antagonize KU fans. I will now await your short, off-topic attempt to respond in a snarky manor, since we all know you aren't actually going to address my point.

John Sheehan 7 years ago

Because you like to point out the incorrect spelling and grammar of others to change the conversation and try and make people look stupid, I will now follow your every move and make sure I correct your work.

Grammar police here..."thats" should be "that's"...use your apostrophe.

And it's not "ku", it's "KU".

jaybate 7 years ago

UK = point shaving + coach of team that forfeited a season for playing ineligible players and functional illiterates? :-)

Jayhawklegacy 7 years ago

Why so negative on KU Irish Daddy? If you are not a fan why even post on a Ku website? You are just waisting your time! You would probably be better off posting on a website that host your favorite team. Maybe a big least school would be better for you to post on.

jaybate 7 years ago

Always reply to NorthernIrelandDa by pointing out UK shortcomings past and/or present. It is good for the game and fun, e.g., UK near death penalty AD Cliff Hagen.

Jayhawklegacy 7 years ago

Irish Daddy you are a clown! Put some makeup on your avatar and you will be close to what you really are.

SoCalAlum 7 years ago

B. Knight just announced he's staying in the draft, so PT at PG just opened up at UK...

Jonathan Allison 7 years ago

it definitely would make UK all the more appealing to a backcourt recruit. With Knight gone, and Teague likely the heir apparent though, and Trevor more of a shooting guard, hopefully he sees that KU still has more to offer losing Selby, Reed, and Morningstar.

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