Tuesday, March 29, 2011


KU basketball tip: schedule Shockers


The Kansas University basketball team doesn’t play regular-season games against Colonial Athletic Association schools and other institutions from so-called “mid-major” leagues unless they take place in either Allen Fieldhouse or the Sprint Center.

Heavyweights tend to avoid scheduling home-and-home series with light heavyweights.

For the powerhouses, such games fall into the category of nothing-to-gain, everything-to-lose. Plus, the emotional edge falls with the underdog and that edge grows when the smaller school’s fan base gets more jacked than ever for a rare visit from a super power.

That’s all fine, but the thinking is too short-sighted, too defensive. It works against the big schools in March. Playing a road game against a team that doesn’t have a snazzy name splashed across the front of the jersey presents a challenge far more difficult than any computer rankings possibly could capture. It’s a different one than a tough conference opponent.

If such a matchup makes geographic sense, all the more exciting for the fan bases of both schools. Nothing wrong with adding an annual December rivalry game to the schedule.

Kansas, of course, has a competitive non-BCS school within the state that would circle the game on its schedule and would make for a tough opponent.

The time has come for KU to put Wichita State on its slate on a home-and-home basis with the games in Wichita played downtown in Intrust Bank Arena. Not likely to happen, but it’s an idea well worth considering.

Plenty of reasons not to do it, such as the Big 12 schedule expanding to 18 games, leaving just 13 nonconference contests. No deal-breaker. Just substitute one of the home-and-home, big-name series with Wichita State to prevent losing a home game every other year.

Here’s the only way I could see it happening: Shockers coach Gregg Marshall, who in 13 seasons as a Div. I coach (nine at Winthrop) has won nearly twice as many as he has lost, is considered a strong candidate at North Carolina State. Let’s say he leaves Wichita State for Raleigh or another school.

WSU would be wise to make a phone call to Kansas assistant coach Danny Manning to test his interest in running his own program. Someone as competitive as Manning just might look at the success of former KU players Mark Turgeon at Texas A&M and Tad Boyle at Colorado and be itching to head his own program.

“He would be a great head coach,” said KU junior Markieff Morris, answering before the question was finished.

Manning sees the floor as well as a coach as he did as a player. Players respect him, want to please him. He’s a great teacher of the game and he has a presence.

If all the dominoes tumbled and Manning ended up on Wichita State’s bench, no way Kansas could say no to a home-and-home with its most popular player.


Maracas 3 years ago

The history of WSU does not show a program that has been consistently "competitive". I don't know where this nonsense comes from unless Keegan is regurgitating WSU spin. I'm up for scheduling WSU at AFH for exhibition games now and again, but that's as far as it should extend. KU can play its non-con games in venues where recruiting makes sense or dollars make sense. Any potential recruit from Kansas can find his way to Lawrence just as easily as he can find his way to Wichita. Those non-con games shouldn't be wasted on the likes of WSU.


MinMax 3 years ago

NIT champs. Wooo! WSU is still trying to reach for mid-major status. Let's celebrate because they won the NIT! Guess what, the NIT was playing second fiddle to the women's tournament. If that doesn't give you perspective, then nothing will. Playing WSU to solely appease their crybaby fans is a net loss.


rhall42 3 years ago

Now that Wichita State has won the NIT, this would be a GREAT time to take the challenge and play a home and home with WSU.


gammimc 3 years ago

C'mon! Schedule the Kentuckys, Dukes, and North Carolinas. I'm sure they'd be willing to do a home and home. Quit filling up on cupcakes and get some real non-conference competition in there.

I bet it would help come Elite 8 time!


jayhawktalk 3 years ago

I have the world's best idea. Since the Big 12 (10) is horrible, and since playing more mid majors is the best possible way to better prepare for the tournament, KU should depart the "new" Big 10 after next year and join the MVC. KU would then have the much coveted home & home vs WSU, while also getting oodles of that ever sought after exposure to mid majors. It is so obvious that I cannot believe this has not been done already.


Steve Brown 3 years ago

Took me a longtime to get over the Darnell Valentine WSU no call. It's financial so play AFH then Intrust where we split the gate then AFH.

Old days they stopped playing us when they wanted 1:1 no longer the arranged 2:1 that we deserved and still deserve.

Play them, no sweat if we lose it would be growth experience. Also play SWMoState and Creighton and Tulsa regional middies so what. Also, let's start a home and home with Anderson and Arkansas..


HawkKlaw 3 years ago

I think it would be pretty sweet if KU and WSU played regularly. After last season, I really wanted to see KU play a tough non-conference schedule this year to get tested early, but that didn't really happen. WSU would be a good test early in the season (better than Washburn, Fort Hays State, Emporia State, etc) , which is something I think any team needs. A few tough losses early can help a team become more cohesive and learn from mistakes. Its not like KU has nothing to gain. That's why I'm really glad we scheduled Kentucky (Champions Classic is a great idea) and Ohio State next season; it'll give our players a glimpse of the level they'll need to play at to be successful in the NCAA tournament.


rhall42 3 years ago

Keegan...that's a GREAT idea! However, that will not happen because the CHICKEN HAWKS are afraid that they get BEAT again like they did in New Orleans.


gthejayhawk 3 years ago

Keegan, you're an idiot.


yates33333 3 years ago

I agree with the idea of playing home and home against more "mid-majors." The Missouri Valley lineup would be one close by, as would "mid-major" Iowa and Illinois schools. The problem may well be money as well as prestige. Their courts can't hold 16,000 fans, and they would demand the lion's share of the gate. Forget it, KU basketball already makes a gob of money.

What I don't agree with is Keegan's effort to ship Danny Manning to WSU. Their coach has done a good job. They are playing tomorrow for the NIT championship. Alabama will probably be favored, but WSU could beat them. I thought Manning was coaching at KU because he was tired of spending time playing golf or whatever a man in his position in life does with the leisure time. Anyway KU needs him.

BTW, Keegan has a knack for writing a good column and then ruining it with a hair-brained idea at the end.


William Blake 3 years ago

Here is the best reason why KU should play WSU every single year:

*The best thing that could happen is WSU beating KU.

This defeat would create a huge edge for our Hawks and would substantially lower them in the ranks. A low ranking adds to the edge. Let the team fight all year for respect and rankings instead of sitting on top and playing defensive all year.

I've watched the VCU game again. VCU had something to prove... we had nothing to prove and everything to defend. With college basketball having more parity every year, it has become a curse to be ranked high. We were the last #1 seed in this year's tournament (to lose).

A few more losses every year should help us toughen up, especially if we are embarrassed in an inner-state rivalry.

I don't understand how we can go 35-2 (or so) and hit a game where we "freak out?" We shouldn't play like virgins in March. Yes... it makes it tough to run the court wearing cast iron chastity belts.

For those asking "what do we get out of this?" What do we get out of playing ESU? A win? A win that counts for less than zero. Those games are ridiculous and just build unrealistic egos. I would do away with playing anyone that isn't a D1 school. WSU may not be Duke but in their worst years they aren't another Emporia State.

In the Ted Owens years I wouldn't want this series because KU and WSU were competing for recruits... but not now. Every since Danny and the Miracles brought home the gold we've been pushing up. We are not on the same recruiting level as WSU. If Perry Ellis picks WSU, he picks WSU... and it doesn't relate to this series. I am doubtful Perry will pick WSU.

I'm sick of hearing that the Kansas mascot is a chicken and not a Jayhawk. The WSU fan base has bugged me for years. I don't have an elitist attitude so I can't raise my chin and shoe them away. I don't have an answer why this series doesn't exist except the old "KU has everything to lose and nothing to gain."


We need as many emotional rivalries as possible! We need to show more emotion and play less robotic. The way to trigger out of stiffness is to be emotional!

VCU played with intensity and showed emotion... and we looked like robots.


klineisanazi 3 years ago

Coming off consecutive years where KU lost to a mid-major in the NCAA tournament as a #1 seed is the least probable time for Self to schedule Wichita State. He has responded to questions about it before, and did not rule it out, but indicated that as the new coach following Roy, the last thing he wanted to do is jump in the middle of a WSU series. I can't see Self and a new AD saying-"-Hey, just the ticket after 2 early exits in the NCAA tournament--lets play an up and coming WSU program! Let's extend them a helping hand! And in the bargain, maybe we will get upset so everybody can talk about how our coach can't beat mid-majors. " Won't happen.


Jack Wilson 3 years ago

Coach Self: Take one season .. play anyone, anywhere, anytime .. make it a national spectacle. Tuesday at George Mason; Friday at Wichita St; Wednesday at home vs. Gonzaga; Sunday at home vs. St. Johns; Thursday at Charlotte vs. Duke; Saturday at Western Kentucky. Bring 'em on .... anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Talk about creating an attitude.

I know, money generated by home games stands in the way. But perhaps an interesting thought.


lee3022 3 years ago

The KU fans are excited every year when KU is an #1 seed in the tournament. That #1 seed does not just happen. It is a function of careful scheduling by the Athletic Department to cover the bases that the NCAA uses to select. None of us amateurs (that includes you too Mr Keegan) know the intricacies of how that works but we must agree that is is working. If it is not broken, don't fix it.

As for preparing to play mid-majors, this idea is very limited. Each year the teams we do play are selected to be ready to play well in that year. For smaller teams that usually means a heavy senior presence on the team. Also used as a basis of selection is the type of system run both for offense and defense to provide broader exposure in readying them for the tournament. This year we played Michigan at Michigan. That game was excellent preparation for Richmond as both play the Princeton Offense. We had little trouble dealing with Richmond in the Sweet Sixteen. There was nothing unusual about VCU. They were simply a better team than KU that day.

Recruiting in Kansas, Oklahoma and surrounds has been lately good for KU. Playing Wichita State as if they were equal (home and home) does not help KU but only WSU. If Wichita State wants to play KU the door has been open for them in Allen Field House.

Finally I am not happy to see a LJW writer push for other schools to select Danny Manning as their head coach. Danny will get his opportunity in due time. But until that time comes his value is great to the KU team.


jayhawkinnebr 3 years ago

Maybe KU could hire Gregg Marshall as coach.


bbhawk234 3 years ago

No I dont like this idea. Enough as we have Kstate an Missouri. Playing Wichita state is a no win for us unless they are willing to come to the Phog. To much to lose in case we play like we usually do against mid majors. NO NO NO. Save us from being embarrassed. I would rather take on a BYU or hell even Big East teams. I hav an Idea lets play Arkansas I miss Anderson already.


jayhawkinnebr 3 years ago

Keep Manning and let Self go to Missouri.


jartiv 3 years ago

can we just not write any more articles about basketball for 2 months. Thanks.


DocBean 3 years ago

What the hell Tom? You totally just ripped off my post from an earlier article.

Here is what I said: I'm starting to think we should play a team like Wichita State. That's a lose/lose situation for us. You are supposed to beat them, if you don't you have to hear about it. However, that's been exactly what's been biting us in the tournament.

I think I'd offer to play 1 home this coming year, 1 away the following year, and 1 home the next year. They are a really strong "Mid-Major" and I think an early season away game wouldn't kill us financially. We obviously need some work playing against schools that are hungrier to win then we are.


kltbadboyz 3 years ago

As a KU fan living in Wichita, I would love to see KU play WSU. Even a series with 1 game in Allen, 1 in Sprint Center, and 1 in Intrust Bank Arena would be great. I bet half the fans in Wichita would be KU fans. If not WSU , schedule top teams from either the MVC, CAA, or Horizon leagues. I mean even if theres a threat of losing, I wouldn't mind because this would prepare us for teams like these in the tourney. I would risk losing a regular season game any day to be more assured of a tourney win. After all the main goal is to win a national championship, why not be prepared to battle the so call mid majors in the regular season so we can be more prepared to knocked them off in the tourney. I'm tire of being labeled chockers and hearing names like VCU,UNI,Bradley,Bucknell and so on... We need to do everything possible to avoid being knocked off by these smaller schools in the tourney, ultimately achieving our overall goal of a national championship.


Dyrk Dugan 3 years ago

never going to happen...a series with WSU.

3 main reasons: 1. Self has said as much. even with Turg there, Self said a lot of conditions would have to be put on it, just to CONSIDER it.

  1. it doesn't help us. How could a game at the Koch arena, be favorable? if we win big, well we're supposed to win big. and if we lose, we can't live it down...and it gives recruits from Wichita another reason NOT to pick us.

  2. it's a regional game, that's not regional. how many fans now, come from Wichita to watch KU play? a lot...probably a couple thousand. the coverage about our program is already huge in Wichita, Topeka, KCK, Johnson Co. (the largest pop. centers in the state). we would not boost already very solid media coverage.

the only way i see a series....would be one four game game in the Koch center...two in Allen...and one at Sprint Center...and that's it. not a home and home every year...and this series would probably be spread out a bit. that's the only way. and it would probably only happen in say year 2020 and beyond....when Self is planning his retirement, and it's a nice farewell. it won't happen in the next five years for matter who's the coach down there.


William Blake 3 years ago

I would like to see WSU and KU every year... but I'm not excited about Coach D heading to WSU in order to make it happen.

It would be a good thing for the state of Kansas... and it has much more appeal than playing the softer state opponents, like ESU and Washburn...

This game would give more people in Wichita an opportunity to see the Hawks play, too.

Mid-major ball is different than ball played in the Big 12. It is based more on enthusiasm instead of just skill... and we need lessons in enthusiasm. The best way to get a lesson is by example. After I watched WSU cream Nebraska it was clear that enthusiasm is important. Many in here didn't seem to agree... but enthusiasm is the reason we will be sitting home this coming weekend instead of playing in the Final Four.

I'm in...


Ryan McAtee 3 years ago

I think this is a great idea Keegan. I have lived in Wichita twice now since I graduated from KU in 2005. With the addition of the Intrust Bank Arena in Downtown Wichita, which is near all of the hotels, bars and restaurants in Old Town, I feel KU fans and alumnus would have plenty to do in Kansas' biggest city AND I am sure there is a huge alumni following here that would enjoy seeing a "home" game.

I recently attended both of the WSU NIT games at the "Roundhouse" (which were the first two WSU games I have ever attended) and I was very impressed with the atmosphere and loyal fan following. With the WSU fan base, as well as KU's fan base, the Intrust Bank Arena could easilly be sold out... seats and luxury boxes.

I don't know if a Home and Home event could be an ongoing event between KU and WSU every year, however it would be nice to see them on the schedule from time to time as opposed to Washburn, FHSU, PSU and ESU. The Sprint Center gets a KU game every year... why not add the Intrust Bank Arena for games every so often for the fans in South Central and Western Kansas and even Oklahoma... even if it's just for exhibition games?


Markspov 3 years ago

I met Danny Manning on a basketball court when we were in High School before a tournament. He wanted to shoot baskets, friends and I were walking to the stands cut in front of him. He was just dribbling, not taking any shots yet. He said " Get off the court". I wanted to say much more but friends pulled me to the stands a little quicker.

I was a basketball player too but not good as he was that age. I wanted to take a ball and play him in my street clothes.

He went to KU won the National Championship. Mooky Blaylock got fouled his eye swelled up affected that game and no foul was called.

NO! I have to shout! NO to Danny Manning coaching WSU!

It doesn't take him to KU to play WSU.

Sedgwick County paid for Intrust Arena, that's another Home venue for KU to play from.

We have a former standout Shocker named John Cooper who has been a long time assistant around the country and now head coach. He will get first consideration next coaching hire at Wichita State.

Gregg Marshall isn't going too soon. He can get a more money for winning the NIT but he must win the MVC Conference and make it to March Madness. He won't leave before doing that.

If Danny Manning is so awesome as a coach, OU can hire him. Missouri can hire him.

BIG NO to Danny Manning at WSU, every game the story how he won the National Championship at KU would be mentioned.

If the game takes financial considerations, marketing money can be found to sponsor "Meat Ups" between WSU, KU and KSU. KU can play WSU at Koch Arena, Intrust Area, of course at Allen and some year soon at Sprint Center. Money can be made at every game. Parity could happen or 10 losses in a row. It doesn't matter, for recruiting reasons, KU must play WSU if they are going to recruit players from Sedgwick County and Wichita High Schools. KSU the same thing.


ahpersecoachingexperience 3 years ago

nice to have tk and his "what if, try this, no you didn't hear it from me takes" the financial numbers of playing wsu do not even come close to matching. why would ku play wsu when they would want more money than say longwood (giggity). and even more so, why would wsu pay ku to come to their place when they could keep much more of the gate if they played, i don't know, longwood (giggity gittity). botton line is it will never happen unless one school is going to take a pay cut and it won't be us!

ok, got to run. i'm reading this weeks espn the mag with articles about our new ad bubba and his plans to schedule games against the "u" (nope, not that one. the univ of minn) coached by mangino and arizona state coached by mike leach.

side note: we are playing usc in wichita next year. hey wsu, do you like apples?!?!


billswinners 3 years ago

As a KU fan in Springfield I would rather have KU schedule Missouri State home and home. We have a nice new arena and also have a coaching job open. Danny would fit in well here.


kureignman 3 years ago

Outside of Gonzaga or Butler, the major problem with mid majors is that they don't have success from year to year. Didn't we already have a lot of teams on our schedule this year that went to the tourney last year? That didn't help us out. Even WSU only made it to the NIT. How much would that have helped us against VCU? I actually agree that we should schedule a few mid majors away from Allen but don't think it will happen due to losing a home game and it's revenue.


KansasBob 3 years ago

We play shockers every year. Last year it UNI. This year it was VCU.


Bear86 3 years ago

Bring the series back. As a KU alum that hails from Wichita this would be a good in state mini-rivalry game. Historically WSU has had a good program. There are a number of KU alums in Wichita that would love to see this game brought back. F-Texas!!!


CharmCity 3 years ago

Great article, Tom! WSU's basketball program struggled in the '80's because they were on probation for NCAA violations but now the program is back (Thank you Mark Turgeon). I think now is the time for KU and KSU to schedule WSU. Financially, it could be a win-win situation for all schools. Wichita has finally stepped up it's game by developing downtown with Intrust Arena, new hotels, bars and restaurants. It's become a great venue for basketball. Besides, playing KU and/or KSU would be great tune-up games for WSU!


Lance Hobson 3 years ago

I don't know why this is so difficult. We absolutely should be playing WSU every year. Roy was such a snob and ended the rivarly, which was very disappointing. This is another in-state school and we should play them once in a while.


Jayhawk1116 3 years ago

Schedule all the bad match-ups you can! I'd rather have a few more losses during the regular season and be much more prepared for the post season.


Rick Arnoldy 3 years ago

To those saying there's nothing to gain, how about learning to play against someone you are high and mighty about beating but get punched in the face when you realize too late they are coming at you with their best shot. Rhode Island, UTEP, Bucknell, Bradley, VCU, etc. etc. etc. Play the mid majors ON THEIR COURT. It's easy to get up for UK and Duke. That's not who we've been losing to in the tournament!


leawoodjayhawk 3 years ago

You had me until the Danny Manning talk.


Eride 3 years ago

They should play each other but the only way it will happen is if they play KU (at home). It is much more a financial issue more then being "afraid" of playing a mid-major in an away game.


Mike Ardis 3 years ago

We play Valpo and Miami (Oh) at home but a road game at WSU or others would help. The new Big 12 schedule will help a little as KU will have to play an additional road game, which KU needs. Look at the 2010-11 road schedule, two games in Vegas, one in NY, one in Calif. and one in Mich (plus a KC Sprint Center game) During the season there were the bus trips to ISU, KSU, NU, MU, OU (?), and then CU, Baylor, and TTU. KU thrives close to home but seems more challenged on the road. Do we really need home games vs. UMKC and Longwood?


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

If we don't want mid-majors occasionally beating KU (and all the other heavyweights in the tournament) then they need to be excluded from it.

By definition, NCAA basketball is played by players who aren't quite kids, but not really mature adults, yet, either. They're going to have lapses that come with immaturity and inexperience, even among the elite teams.

Which means that they aren't going to win every game, even against teams with less talented players. And in this era of one-and-dones, mid-majors tend to have older, more experience players who are less susceptible to bouts of immaturity, inexperience and inconsistency, so we get the "parity" we see in this year's final four.


Robert Rauktis 3 years ago

If mid-majors on a neutral court were kickin my as, I'd address the problem by bracket busting and beating their likes in their cracker boxes. Ultimately, a 30 + record in the Little 12 (?10) hasn't meant diddly in March, when it matters.

OR...we can hang a new banner for appearances in the Elite Eight.


Matt Bowers 3 years ago

I would like to see KU play more ACC teams as well for the non-conference schedule. Playing schools like GT and NC State is a good test for KU and a positive home and away. I agree with Keegan about Wichita State, not only does it offer KU a unique challenge, it also keeps a lot of money in Kansas.

ESPN has created a decent non-conference game for KU over the next four seasons, but it comes so early in the season, it does little more than give ESPN something to talk about.

Rock Chalk


Wichitawk 3 years ago

I'm as big of a Jayhawk fan as anyone, but consistently losing to teams with lesser talent in the NCAA is unacceptable. The argument about "nothing to gain" against home and home with mid-majors rings hollow when they keep losing to them come tourney time. We're Kansas and we should be judged and should want to be judged on Final Four appearances. Let's man up.


John Boyle 3 years ago

We already schedule a home and home series with a mid-major: MISSOURI !!!!!


jaybate 3 years ago

No point to scheduling WSU, except to replace Pittsburg State.


Patrick Leiker 3 years ago

There are no incentives for playing Wichita State, unless they want to come to Allen with no return trip. Otherwise, it is lose lose. We win and we were supposed to win. We lose and it is the biggest deal in Kansas since sliced bread.

We need to schedule teams who increase our national exposure in regions that have big time recruits. Who are the Wichita area recruits we are trying to get face time with that we don't already have top billing for anyway? I say continue scheduling as many Pac 10 teams as possible.


REHawk 3 years ago

JCAR2510, Missouri has a stable of very able players returning next season. Unless they botch their coach search and lose some of those kids to transfers, they are minus only a couple of big men to compete for a top 3 league position. A Matt Painter or Shaka Smart could work marvels with that program, right from the getgo.


AirCapJay 3 years ago

By the way, Wichita State plays Washington State in the NIT final 4 tonight. Could be a chance to see Wichita State play Colorado on Thursday for the NIT Championship. Go Shockers!


AirCapJay 3 years ago

There are a lot of fans in Kansas' largest city that would love to see a KU-WSU game at Intrust Bank Arena every other year. West Virginia coach Huggins is trying to get a KSU-WV game at Intrust so it might be looking up that Intrust will get some good games to watch soon. I would like to see both KU and KSU play WSU each year.


Justin Carlson 3 years ago

I for one am looking forward to 2011-12 season! I hope the noncon schedule brings some heavy duty competition, hopefully at home. Is a home court winning streak of 50 - 60+ plus games that important? It is too me but in the long run do home court losses to really tough teams refocus the team for a long march run? I think so! I am hoping the 18 game conference schedule will help and maybe starting next year a team goes 13 - 5 and wins it. (Prediction 16-2 Hawks run away with it) But I am concerned with the lack of quality in the "big 12" other than KSU's run 2010 and a Texas run the big 12 will be very weak probably the worst its ever been. New coaches at Missery, OU, and even Gill at tech has no talent in the 1st season. History has shown, other than our Jayhawks, the big 12 plain stinks in March. I know Self's winning % is off the charts but is it that great considering it is against a fluffy big 12. I think next season will be the worst big 12 season ever, and I predict other than KU no other B12 team makes it past the round of 32 with only Texas and KSU making it to the tourney if the tourney stays 68 teams

This folks will not prepare us of March and surely not April!!


kansas25 3 years ago

I agree completely. Both KU and K-State should play Wichita State. I think only positives come from these match ups because, nowadays, losing to a so-called mid-major isn't really a big deal. It happens all the time and, looking at the Final Four, they are just about as good as teams from the power conferences.

And to jhawkrulz...the Intrust Bank Arena seats 15,000 whereas AFH seats 16,300. Not a big enough difference to use that as a reason why the teams shouldn't play.


Jack Wilson 3 years ago

Keegan: Excellent suggestion. I am always puzzled why we duck these games, and why other elite programs do. To prep for the tournament, let's play a home and home alternating years with Wichita St. and George Mason ,, host one, go on the road vs. one. Someone mentioned above that it would reflect "equality" so it won't happen ... well VCU kicking our tails certainly might reflect "equality" too. Good topic.


Mike Kendall 3 years ago

I live in the Wichita, KS area and Bob Lutz, from the Wichita Eagle, for years, have requested Wichita State play KU, especially in Wichita. Since the new Intrust Bank Arena has been built in Wichita now, the door is ready to open. I would definitely attend the game, as a KU fan, for sure.

BTW, somebody above mention the KU @ WSU game in the old Henry Levitt Arena when Danny Manning was a Junior. The Jayhawks lost that game, with Larry Brown coaching of course. I was at that game in the arena. It was heartbreak hotel but one had to admit, the atmosphere was electric!


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

KU doesn't play home-and-home games with mid-majors for one reason-- money. KU sells out its home games, all of them, so they want more home games than away games, and giving mid-majors a guarantee of $70,000 to play one game in Lawrence rather than a home-and-home is the best way to fund one of the most expensive basketball programs in the country.

And playing Wichita State in a home-and-home series could create an image of equality in the minds of potential Kansas recruits, such as Reed, Morningstar, and coming up in about a year, Wichita native Ellis. So it's probably not gonna happen.


jhawkrulz 3 years ago

Really you want us to stoop down and play a home and away with teams that have gyms that are smaller than most high schools. Look at some of the footage of these schools, they have old camera setups and no seating.

Most mid-majors don't have stadiums that seet 3,000 people.

Additionally, last time I checked we played USC,UCLA, Cal, Michigan, Arizona in our non-conference. We also played Memphis and Colorado State. Memphis was in MSG.

Additionally, the Big XII has something going with the PAC 12 and TV drives this as much as anything. Every game between the Big XII and PAC 12 are televised. I'm not sure if a game between KU and "William and Mary" would be a game that would get national attention.

I also think based on some of the comments we use to play a 2 and 1 with the shockers. That is the deal when you play a Powerhouse. If WSU doesn't want to do the 2 and 1...blame it on them not us. We shouldn't have to do a 1 and 1 just because it helps their program.


CLARKKENT 3 years ago



Martin Rosenblum 3 years ago

Turg and Boyle are more than one dimensional when it comes to their exposre to coaching. Danny would make an effective head coach. But, even if I were WSU or others, I would rather he had some time on another bench in addition to KU's before handing him the HC whistle.

It would be a little cruel to annoint him as a head coach at WSU and then put him in a position to be beaten by his family at KU. Yeah, I agree that it would be a good gesture for the relationships between schools. Yeah, it would be a lofty goal for Danny to manage to actually come out victorious once every 8-10 years. But, if he was successful there, his stock would be so good that there would be top 25 teams lined up when they had needs for a new HC. Unless HCBS retires at a relatively young age, Danny won;t get his shot at KU. His days are numbered too. Coaching is becoming less of an older man's gig than it was in previous decades. Where are the Eddie Suttons, Dean Smiths, Joe B. Halls? Welcome Shakka Smart, Brad Stephens, Tad Boyle.


SaulGood 3 years ago

I am in support of us reaching out to different teams, especially to schedule a tougher non-con. Each year, I am consistently unimpressed with our safe "preseason exhibitions". It feels like a charity case: "Here, why don't you come to AFH, Emporia/Washburn/UMKC and have a chance to play some real basketball." Sure! WSU or whoever, let's bring in someone who could compete with us and really test our mettle early on! Seems to be a great way to put our talent to the test, and help Coach figure out rotations that work well against different teams. Take the risk - it's a smart one by my count! That being said, I have no idea what it takes to make these kinds of arrangements, so I don't know how realistic it would be to schedule a team like VCU, or Memphis like we have since the championship.


doolindalton 3 years ago

HCBS needs to hire a coach who can teach kids to shoot free throws and scheduling the Shockers would be a great idea. They were as good as any other B12 team this season.


RockCaCO3 3 years ago

Keegan, after just reading the first 3 paragraphs; Yes!

Our early season games are pretty damn fluffy.


Carter Patterson 3 years ago

I would like to see WSU on the schedule. Perhaps Dr. Z being a Kansan will also see the benefit.


scarletbhound 3 years ago

I could not agree more with Tom that KU should play Wichita State. It would b e great for both schools. I would, however, like to expand the idea and say that KU should schedule at least one Missouri Valley team each year. I have lived in several MVC communities -- Wichita, Carbondale, Omaha and now Springfield, MO. In each of those places, KU is highly respected and for the Jayhawks to play their local teams would be a major step for raising the university's image and influence across the Midwest. That could mean more out-of-state students and their tuition dollars, greater exposure for the university and other side benefits. Moreover, people familiar with the MVC know how fanatic their fans are and playing in their arenas would help the Hawk prepare for what will be a much tougher Big 12 schedule. KU plays too many non-conference cupcakes from small southern or eastern conferences that produce nothing but boring, predictable wins. Why not make these games regional events that would create high interest and draw attention to KU in every MVC community? You can be sure that should KU, for example, play Illinois State, folks from Cedar Falls to Evansville would be paying close attention. It also would help the MVC raise its profile -- especially strength of schedule -- and get more Midwestern teams into the NCAA tournament. It also might teach KU not to take mid-major teams lightly in the NCAAs. After all, recent history shows that such schools have a strong record in knocking KU out of the tournament -- losses, I think, partly due to KU's dismissal of the quality of basketball played by these schools and thinking that simply having KANSAS on the uniform is enough to scare them into submission.


frisbeenation 3 years ago

Bill Self doesn't need any tips from you or anyone else, Keegan.


okjhok 3 years ago

The premise assumes that these mid-major teams aren't anything like the major teams KU plays all year long. That's not the case. It's like Coach Self said: It comes down to matchups and making shots. KU didn't lose to VCU or Northern Iowa because they didn't know anything about them or because they played a crazy style of basketball. KU played other teams that had big men who could step out. VCU's previous four games along with the scouting report clearly gave away how to defend that team and KU just didn't get it done. That, on top of the shooting performance, led to a loss. I really get tired of hearing people try to complicate this more than it needs to be. KU couldn't make shots the other night; shots it normally makes. Because of that, they lost. That's basketball. I'm all for playing Wichita State, but not because it will prepare KU any better for March.


Funhawk 3 years ago

Thank you, Tom Keegan, for saying what some of us Jayhawk fans have wanted for years: play Wichita State. What a fun rivalry it would be. Pay back time.

The last time the two teams met, KU had no choice. KU had to play the Shockers.
2 seconds left in the NCAA game between KU and Wichita State, and KU is behind 66-65.

LJW, March 21, 1981. Headline: “KU’s ‘Sucker Play’ Doesn’t Score.” By Chuck Woodling.

“BOOTY NEAL was to throw the ball in from the WSU end of the floor. He was to fake a long pass downcourt, then run along the baseline where Valentine set himself like a rock hoping to draw a foul and, since the Shockers were over the limit, earn a bonus free throw opportunity. WSU defender Jay Jackson (local kid from Valley Falls, KS) bought it, crashing into Valentine, who went thudding to the floor. No whistle. "I think 30,000 thought it was a foul," said Owens, "except the three (officials) who didn't call it. It was very obviously a flagrant foul." Added Valentine, who spent several seconds jawing with the baseline official after Neal had called time again: "I positioned myself and he (Jackson) ran into me. I thought it was obvious." Maybe someday that sucker play will work for Kansas.”

By the way, don't ever bring up this final play with the WSU player, Jay Jackson. He doesn't want to talk about it.


HawksWin 3 years ago

Like it. Let's add VCU to the agenda! It'd give our team/coach a chance for redemption & one heck of a way to start the season! How about Northern Iowa? Then these mid-majors wouldn't be so foreign to us in March!


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