Virginia Commonwealth defeats Kansas, 71-61

  • 1:20 p.m., March 27, 2011
  • Alamodome, San Antonio, TX

Monday, March 28, 2011

A real tearjerker: Rams put end to Jayhawks’ run

Kansas forward Marcus Morris hangs his head in the waning moments of the Jayhawks' loss to Virginia Commonwealth on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Kansas forward Marcus Morris hangs his head in the waning moments of the Jayhawks' loss to Virginia Commonwealth on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at the Alamodome in San Antonio.



KU vs. VCU

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Kansas fell to Virginia Commonwealth in an Elite Eight matchup Sunday, March 27, 2011 at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

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Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

KU coach Bill Self

Kansas coach Bill Self talks to reporters following the Jayhawks' 71-61 loss to VCU on March 27, 2011.

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Podcast episode

Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

KU senior guards Tyrel Reed and Brady Morningstar

KU senior guards Tyrel Reed and Brady Morningstar talk to reporters following VCU's 71-61 victory over Kansas on March 27, 2011.

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— Marcus Morris, who tried but failed to hold back the tears, sat at his Alamodome locker with his head pointed straight down.

Kansas University’s junior forward spoke in a barely audible whisper after the top-seeded Jayhawks’ 71-61 loss to No. 11-seed VCU in Sunday’s Elite Eight shocker, which was witnessed by a tiny crowd of 14,299 spread out in the massive football stadium.

“I feel I let everybody down,” Morris said after scoring 20 points off 8-of-19 shooting in what could have been the last game in his three-year KU career.

The 6-foot-9, 235-pounder from Philadelphia missed three three-pointers without a make on a day the Jayhawks missed 19 of 21 from beyond the arc. Also, he was 4-of-8 from the free-throw line on a day the Jayhawks (35-3) made just 15 of 28 charities.

Meanwhile, VCU (28-11) hit 12 of 25 threes and 17 of 22 free throws, making it easy to see why the Rams of the Colonial Athletic Association reached the Final Four over the Jayhawks of the Big 12.

“They were the better team,” Marcus Morris said. “We couldn’t get any shots to fall. The lid never came off for us. We’d never played anybody like that all year that could shoot like that, with multiple players who stretched the defense.”

Morris was one of two Jayhawks who needed to be helped off the court by assistant coach Danny Manning after the final horn sounded. He wept on KU’s bench along with freshman Josh Selby, who scored two points off 1-of-5 shooting. Selby went 0-for-3 from three.

In the locker room 15 minutes after the game, senior Brady Morningstar, who scored two points off 1-of-7 shooting (0-for-3 from three), stood facing a wall, his hands placed behind his head.

Junior Tyshawn Taylor (14 points, 6-for-9 shooting, 2-for-5 from the line, 0-for-2 from three) sat with his head buried in his hands.

“It sucks,” Taylor said. “I feel I’ve been on the best two teams I’ve ever played on (last two years in which KU lost in second round and Elite Eight as No. 1 seeds).

“I know it’s going to be that much harder next year with us losing Tyrel (Reed), Brady and Mario (Little, two boards in five minutes).”

KU led 6-0 early, but saw things go downhill soon after. The Rams, who hit nine of 17 first-half threes to KU’s two of 11, went on a 30-11 run, turning a 10-9 deficit into a 39-21 advantage with four minutes left in the half.

“We didn’t get to shooters multiple times, didn’t play to scouting report several times. The basket got bigger for them and smaller for us,” KU coach Bill Self said.

“They were the aggressor. Our whole deal is, ‘They are a scrappy team. We’ve got to be scrappier. Attack. Attack.’ They were the ones on attack much more than us.”

KU, which trailed, 41-27 at halftime, did mount a huge comeback. Led by Taylor, who scored nine points, the Jayhawks went on a 17-5 run and trailed by just two, 46-44, with 13:05 left.

VCU made a quick statement, hitting KU with an 11-3 run to build another 10-point lead at 57-47 with 8:49 left.

KU lagged by just five points with 5:12 left, but actually could get no closer than that the rest of the way.

“It does,” Taylor said, asked if battling back from a huge 18-point deficit takes a lot out of a team, even one as talented as KU. “It’s fighting from behind. It’s like swimming upstream almost, going against the water. It’s tough, man, real tough.”

Of the comeback, Self said: “I don’t think that took much out of us. I don’t know. Maybe emotionally a little bit, but I don’t think physically.

“We cut it to two, and then we don’t hedge the ball screen, they get a dunk, and we throw the ball over in the corner and get trapped and turn it over. Next thing you know, two becomes seven. We just didn’t have it where we kept putting pressure on them. We kept saying the pressure would shift to them with the lead, if we can keep it within distance, and they did a great job keeping us at that four- to six-, seven-point range.”

Self complimented VCU for playing “great” — Jamie Skeen and Brandon Rozzell were the only two in double figures with 26 and 12 points respectively — but also lamented his own squad’s overall play.

Shooting 35.5 percent overall and 2-for-21 from three with 13 missed free throws isn’t a good formula for victory in the Elite Eight.

“They didn’t take our best shot today. That was not our best shot, but they had a lot to do with it not being our best shot,” Self said. “We shot it miserably. We turned it over so many times when our post guys had it. That’s not characteristic of us. We just didn’t have it today offensively.”

He was asked by a reporter if this one felt like a “kick to the gut.”

“Yes it’s a kick to the gut for our program and our players,” he said. “I think it’s kind of a microcosm of life. When you care a lot, invest a lot, it could be in relationships or whatever, when it doesn’t go well, it hurts. This is one situation where it definitely hurts. You could say kick in the gut, a lot of things, they would all be true.”

Yet ... “There will be a point in time we say 35-3 ain’t bad. Big 12 championship, tournament championship, Elite Eight, that ain’t bad,” Self said. “A lot of people would sell out for that. I will say without hesitation how hard these guys played, how hard they tried. This team has been through a lot. If you told us before the season we’d go 35-3, win a couple championships losing two lottery picks and best player, I’d say that’s a pretty good year, but when you put yourself in position to cash in, you have to take advantage of it. As much as I’d like to think it, these opportunities don’t happen every year. You’ve got to make most of them. We didn’t make most of ’em.”


Doug LeMoine 10 years ago

Dude, seriously. This is your big moment. Enjoy it. You're choosing to spend your big moment here taunting us instead of celebrating with the other (I'm sure more gracious) VCU fans. And you're wasting your time trying to start s***. Go celebrate. Your team won. They played great. Kick Butler's butts, and be happy. Run along.

Funhawk 10 years ago

Thank you, all Jayhawk players and coaches, for another fun year. Your accomplishments brought many weeks of enjoyment to your fans. You are all much to be admired for your hard work and can-do spirit. You guys are amazing, a real inspiration. You didn't fail - you succeeded! .....And, thanks to the LJW sports staff for your hard work, too. This website is incredible. It is always fun to be a Jayhawk even when you live in the Show Me State, like I do!

cklarock 10 years ago

Funhawk is fun. Also, Funhawk is right. +1

gchawk 10 years ago

Great post, Funhawk. While we didn't get to the place where we wanted to be, we still had an awesome year. After all, we did win 91% of our games.That's success in my book.

Richmonder 10 years ago

How does that piece of humble pie taste KU fan?

I attended the games in San Antonio and I must say.. I've never met a bunch of insufferable fans like the KU fans.

While its great to show team spirit.. I'd keep the nasty comments and bullying of other fans to a minimum.

Alex Berger 10 years ago

Thanks for showing us what class looks like...

HawksWin 10 years ago

Get the hell out of here. You are real big man coming here to show you can pound your chest too. I bet you were as quiet as a sleeping baby when our players were knocking the pants off yours! Then you suddenly discovered your whiny voice just now. What a chicken. Go & kiss your dog. Wait dogs are man's best friend & you sure ain't neither. So long chump.

HawksWin 10 years ago

So, if the ball went in as it did in 36(?) games & we won this, would you have kissed Self's ass? Why not fire yourself as a Jayhawker? Yah, that'd be better.

Mike Gammill 10 years ago

And Roy didn't choke too? Have you forgotten Rhode Island and UTEP?

Michael Bratisax 10 years ago

This was a team loss..No one person lost the game.

hayjawk 10 years ago

Its really not your fault that you are a fool, but do you need to be such loud fool?

Andrew Bary 10 years ago

Roy NEVER delivered a championship. Visit the Booth area outside the PAFH and remember why we have coach Self. No one else has as many wins over the last 8 years as us.

grrttweaver 10 years ago

I also live in the Show Me State, and I am still proud to be a Jayhawker. We had a good run, could have ended better, but nonetheless it was a good run.

Hopefully the Morris Twins stay!

Hail_To_Thee 10 years ago

VCUFTW, Please reveal your true self, you damn coward, or STFU.

And if you are a TRUE VCU fan, enjoy your one shining moment, and we'll have another of ours next year, like we do year in and year out.


murph 10 years ago

Hey! I think the troll's been obliterated already! "VCU's" stuff is gone from all the pieces where it was tonight! Nice work, LJW. Very nice work.

100 10 years ago

Troll below... This guy wasn't even at the game. Most likely a future Mizzou Tiger still working on his admissions essay, still in high school sweating it out if he can get into the "Butler Community College of the East"

Richmonder 10 years ago

Hey, Hail to Thee...

I witnessed on plenty of occasions Friday night your fellow KU fans barking at VCU fans who were celebrating their OT victory over FSU.

The taunts and "David and Goliath" comments directed at VCU fans were uncalled for.

Arrogance doesn't begin to describe the KU fan.

Enjoy watching the Final Four!

HawksWin 10 years ago

What are you, a speaker for Richmond? Why are you hiding behind Richmond to come here & yelp? Well I guess a little man has to yelp. So you know, we bark.

Richmonder 10 years ago

Ah... Maybe you need to change your username to "HawksLose".

Enjoy eating that piece of humble pie while watching the Final Four.

HawksWin 10 years ago

Actually I see it us as Winners! No matter what & in life. So if you think you came to haunt, think again loser. You as a man are a loser - for you to come here and show us what **** you are made of. Wait, I bet your brain can't process that. That'd take a real man, and real man won't be here. Shucks, I'd have to take myself out of here as you are a small whimp, not a match. Have a good life & don't let real man hit you on the head! When you fall, just remember God loves you too despite your pitfalls :)

Keith Kienzle 10 years ago

So you're saying a KU fan referred to VCU as David and KU as Goliath? This smells like bull dreamed up by a Missouri fan. How does one even taunt that? "Yerrrr Daaaaavid.. and we're Goliiiiiiaaaath..." or "YO! stfu. you're like david, and we're like goliath and stuff. IDIOT!"

As a real Richmonder, I can say the mood here is a general jubilation for VCU and there is no ill-will towards KU. It was a little rough hearing everyone at my son's daycare, at my work, and in public talking about VCU (they were rotating a slidedeck of a celebratory VCU team on the datashow in front of my desk) ... but it was all very positive.

Michael Bratisax 10 years ago

I've had the unfortunate experience of living in Richmond and other than the riverfront in Shockoe Bottom, the entire area is a real $hithole. The downtown area is dead w/boardered storefronts lining the main road through downtown. Other than the tobacco industry, just about every other industry has either left or been sold (Reynolds Aluminum bought by Alcoa) to competitors who then close down the unneeded competitors former factories. You see more crackheads downtown then business men who have smartly relocated to Charlotte or Atlanta. So enjoy the VCU success you had no part of because if your still within living city limits you're life must really suck...which is probably why you felt the need to register and leave your classless posts. What else is there to do while waiting for your next unemployment check?

lv_jhwk 10 years ago

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming, but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat." - Theodore Roosevelt, "The Man in the Arena"

One of my favorite quotations just as a reminder to all about to post that, as disappointed and frustrated we as fans may be, we are not the ones who made the true investments in this season. Sure, we were invested: money probably (tickets, merchandise, etc), time definitely (watching games, commenting on this and other blogs). But in no way, regardless how some may wish to believe otherwise, did any of us expend the effort that these players and coaches did throughout the course of this season.

And for that I have to remind even myself that, while I too bemoaned the missed free throws and three pointers or simply screamed at the turnovers, I do understand that how I can feel is only a small fraction of the pain and hurt they have. I will surely cringe at every mention of VCU during the week ahead, but that surely pales in comparison to the reaction of those who were in that losing locker room afterwards.

So I am left with but one response: to say thank you to the members of the team and staff for the season they provided us, one in which our current depths of despair are inversely related to the heights of success that were reached.

mojayhawk 10 years ago

BRAVO, lv_jhwk!

You are spot on. Great quote from Teddy. As bad as all TRUE Hawk fans feel, it DOES pale in comparison with these men who committed themselves to excellence. Sure it hurts, but pain from valiant effort is better than pain from not giving your all.

I, too, thank you Coach Self, Coaching staff, and ALL of the players who we have gotten to know by watching you in person, on television, and through our excellent website. We watched all 38 games this year. You gave us pleasure during the dogdays of winter. We have loved watching each of you mature as players and as men. Each of you is our "favorite", so I won't even mention names!

Best of luck to this team of "Overcomers". We wish you well, and will look forward to seeing those of you who come back, next year. For those of you who have earned the privilege of making a livng in this sport, best of fortune to you! You are Jayhawks forever!


David Robinett 10 years ago

Yes, leave it to Mizzou fans to "point out how the strong man stumbles". They have never been in the Arena.

planojayhawk 10 years ago

+1 Very insightful.

I was really disappointed and angry about the lost too. We care so much and we invested so much emotionally as a fan into our team, so it sucks and hurt badly when our beloved team lost in the way over hyped tournament created by the sport media machine to make $$$$$.

For those Jayhawk "fans" who let their angry emotion get the best of them, I am sure that they mostly feel that way because they are not man enough to take the taunting themselves from Jayhawk haters who will not wast a chance to call the Jayhawks one of the biggest chokers in sport history in their faces.

It is just 1 game, out of a very very successful season, 35 - 3. Think for a moment: 1) Why the media hype it as MARCH MADNESS. 2) How many other big name programs also lost; only one team can celebrate at the end of the tournament, and 4 teams can make it to the Final Fours. 3) Is it realistic to expect we can go the Final Fours most of the years, and even worst, that we can win the NC most of the years? Get real! 4) Even arguably the best ever player in the most recent basketball history, MJ, his teams could not win every game, including the NBA playoff and champion games. 5) There is always next year. As usual, we will have a almost guarantee chance to try again in the same round in the tournament next year, and many years after that!

Over the many years that I have watched the Jayhawks, I have finally learned to enjoy the WHOLE season, and will not let one game suck the funs out of all the other games during the season that I enjoyed so much.

So I am still very proud to call myself a Jayhawk fan, especially in front of the haters, and very proud of what the team has accomplished this season!

Thank you so much to the team to provide me with so much funs and enjoyments watching the Jayhawks this season.

Now for those players and coaches who will be with the team next season, take the lost as a lesson, learn from it, work your butt off during the off season, and let's try our best again, and hopefully the team can achieve its goals next season.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

While I agree with your post and I'm also proud of the team, I think what a lot of fans are sick and tired of is losing to teams that have career games against us while we play our worst game of the year. I don't think it would hurt quite as bad if we lost to teams we felt had equal talent but to keep losing to teams that go back to their talent level with the next game that they play(you watch, VCU will go something like 6-25 from 3 and get blown out by Butler) that hurts so bad! I am in no way mad at the team but only the outcome,RCJH we will always have good if not great years with Self at the helm!

SaulGood 10 years ago

Pure poetry, +a kabillion. If you post like this every time, you've got one faithful reader, without question. Your Roosevelt quote completely summed up how I felt about all the fairweathers that surfaced (I'm sure there's a dookie analogy in there somewhere), and your closing is a humble and beautiful signoff to a fantastic season.

I hope to see a lot more of this in the future.

OSUjayhawk 10 years ago

Born and bred a Jayhawk! We win some and we lose some, regardless I'm always proud! Great season, fellas! Thank you!

KUFan90 10 years ago

Thanks for all the hard work and enjoyment this year Jayhawks!

Great team, great season! FOE!

Curtis Stutz 10 years ago

Just a perfect storm of them shooting great, KU shooting poorly, some tough turnovers and the few tough early foul calls on TT didn't help either 35-3 is great, this loss hurts much more than last year's 'cause KU seemed so close and poised for a championship, but these players should hold their heads high, they will go on to do great things

Beate Williams 10 years ago

Exactly, and with all the hype about them not meriting a spot in the Elite 8 and with the pundits saying they had no chance against KU...I feel for the players, they gave so much this year and were on the brink, it is hard to imagine the pain they are going through; I know I feel like I'm going through an alcoholic hangover without the benefit of actually drinking the alcohol.

100 10 years ago

Troll below... Incredible how strikeweso went from having at least a little Jayhawk fan credibility to absolutely zero with one heartwremching loss where the underdog could throw it up from half court & it would drop. It's amazing how many fans troll our boards. It's the same at Duke & UNC I guess. Strikeweso have you ever checked on other big 12 chat sites? They might need you. Last I checked MU had about two comments a day... And get this... From "real" Missouri fans!

Lance Hobson 10 years ago

I wish Self would have taken Reed out of this game in the first half and left him on the bench. We'd be celebrating going to the Final 4 right now if he had. Just a total meltdown.

Justin LoBurgio 10 years ago

It is amazing the administration at KU passed you over when they hired Self.

Lance Hobson 10 years ago

Nice comeback. Why don't you say something germaine to the discussion like how Reed didn't actually blow the game for us? Because you can't think of one good thing he did yeserday.

SaulGood 10 years ago

Reed didn't blow the game for us. Name one player who took charge of carrying the three-point load. Is this the first game that Tyrel was off? Not at all the first game. His defense was great, and while nobody was perfect at the stripe, Tyrel got to the line on a couple of drives to the bucket and worked hard to keep whatever momentum we had. Sorry, Strikewso, you are off-base putting all this on one person. Again, no one had the touch yesterday. We all share your pain. But blaming this on Tyrel is not the answer. To quote Matt Stone in Baseketball: "I'd definitely say it was a team effort. It took the whole team working together to lose this one."

Dan Harris 10 years ago

The whole team sucked yesterday. Guess what? S##T happens, but to put the entire blame on Reed makes you LOOK like an idiot,areyou?

yates33333 10 years ago

You're too funny hail2olku!!!!!!

Steve Gantz 10 years ago

Reed was 1 win shy of tying for the all time record for wins in an NCAA career. Not sure if he was the problem.

Michael Bratisax 10 years ago

Who would you have replaced him with?

Hope_Inside 10 years ago

So Strikewso, way to be a fair weather fan. When the players are good, I'm sure you love em but when they have one bad day you turn on em real quick. All of those guys gave it there all and unfortunately it wasn't enough but effort was never an issue. As a fan that is all you can ask for and hope for the best. Kicking people when they are already down is pretty low. Even though everyone in this town loves Kansas Basketball, it is just a game and one game doesn't define their career or themselves as a person. They had a great year.

Lance Hobson 10 years ago

I've been a fan for over 30 years, and I was the one saying all season long that Reed was a liability and hadn't really done much in his career. Morningstar got a DUI during boot camp a couple of years ago, that showed us about his leadership skills. He also cost us the Michigan State game in the tourney two years ago with a meltdown then in the last three minutes.

Don't call me a fair weather fan, I've lived through all of the disappointments as much as anyone. Reed was the starting shooting guard this year and averaged less than two three pointers a game, and that was his major role. Yesterday he added bad defense, a huge turnover when we were about to tie them, and missed free throws at crucial times. He was never that good this year and Self stuck with him way too long yesterday.

Hail_To_Thee 10 years ago

Again, allow me to point out just how wrong you are.

You say that Reed had a huge turnover yesterday when we were about to tie them.

On the stat sheet, yes, Reed is the one who chalked up the turnover, but apparently you don’t know a damn thing about basketball.

One of the basics in basketball, taught in peewee league, is to go to the ball. VCU locked up a perfect trap on Reed, in the corner with nowhere to go. TT was standing about 3/4 width of the court away. Reed had no option but to throw it to an open Taylor. But see, here is where your blame is on the wrong player. Instead of just standing there waiting for the ball to come to him, Taylor should have went to the ball. Went and helped out his teammate. He did not. He stood there waiting for the ball to arrive from a locked down passer with a gap the entire width of the court between them, which in turn resulted in a turnover. This turnover you CANNOT put on Reed. When you see a teammate trapped, YOU MUST RESPOND TO THE BALL. If anything, that turnover was on Taylor for not adjusting to the trap in the corner.

You may be a fan of over 30 years, but its apparent you dont know a damn thing about playing the game of basketball.

championhawks 10 years ago

While Taylor may have been able to come to the ball better, Reed did a lousy job that play as well. He actually dribbled the ball further into the corner and then looked like he was afraid and didn't know what to do! He also had Morris under the basket that he could have (probably should have) given it to as soon as he got the pass.

So did Reed lose the game for KU? Obviously not, almost the whole team played poorly. But that was a pretty poor play by Reed

HawksWin 10 years ago

Strikeweso, I'd think 30 yrs of experience of watching KU basketball would shed some light. How can you put the loss on 1 player, and blame him? Wow. What a small minded man you are. Wait, perhaps you've been watching for 30 yrs, and forgot about the thinking part. Or perhaps it is your simplistic view that just dumps all the reasons/logic/everything into one bucket. When the balls don't fall in, that's the day a game is lost. Actually, blame the ball! That'd be much simple. In case you didn't watch, we lost 3 starters & all the know-it-alls (ie yourself) had KU ranked much low for the season. Did you watch that? Now have you thought about that?

100 10 years ago

Strikeweso.... You are not & you have never been a KU fan. You have more than proven it in the last 12 hours.

No one is buying it anymore.

Why not go back to your MU chatroom? There's only two comments there (both from real MU fans!) & they need some help getting a real conversation going.

Good luck in football next year. Pinkel is a great coach & recruiter. Still mad we lost to you guys in the fall of 2007. But you guys beat us fair & square.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

I rhink you may be right about the imposter!

jayhawkbymarriage 10 years ago

This morning I am reminded of all the mornings after every win this season - 35 of them - how fun it is to be a Jayhawk fan. On 35 mornings I'd get up and get on to read of victory. I'm sad for our coaches and mostly for our players that such an amazing season will be defined by many by one loss. I'm not going to let that happen to me. I am going to remember the joy I have had watching this team this year. I am going to remember how proud I felt when the Jayhawk nation rallied around Thomas. I am going to remember our seniors.

Last night I stored the celebratory bottle of Asti that I bought to drink after our win....and I'll open it next year. Because every year it is great to be a jayhawk fan.

Rock Chalk.

yates33333 10 years ago

Let's face it. KU's basketball team did a marvelous job this year. Picked to finish 5th in the Big 12 when it became apparent that this team was going to achieve far beyond expectations sportswriters were saying what a great job Bill Self was doing with his squad. They were right. He did a magnificent job making KU a member of the Elite 8. What hurts is that they lost to a team that is a "mid-major," whatever that is, that didn't have a particularly good record. However, KU lost to the hottest team I have seen in recent years. VCU's run will end. Probably against Butler, but again I must admit they have been spectacular given their talent. And if I were Butler I'd be worried.

AirCapJay 10 years ago

Actually the winner of the UCONN-UK game should be worried. VCU or Butler could win it all this year.

NebraskaJayhawk 10 years ago

Great season players, coaches, and fans. Unfortunate loss, but that's the NCAA tourney. Good luck VCU, I hope you win it all.

Okay.....Mr. Tait, please begin bombarding us with some of your spectacular football articles to prepare us for this fall. :)

kansas25 10 years ago

Sometimes shots just don't go in, I get that, but you can't expect to win a game of this magnitude going 15-28 from the free throw line. The free throw line is the one place you can control and KU struggled. The guard play wasn't what it needed to be, there were far too many turnovers and the transition defense was nothing to write home about. That said, VCU is playing great and shooting the ball lights out. If they continue to play like that, they'll win the whole thing. Sad ending but a great season KU!

Kevin Crook 10 years ago

When you are an elite program you realize that only one team is happy at the end of the season. When you are an elite program you want and you play for championships. There is no consolation for an Elite 8 season. The fact is, the NCAA tourney is one tough gig. Ask all of the favorites over the years in the BCS title game. So often it is easier to be an underdog. When you are the hunter, you have less to lose. VCU has been playing with house money for two weeks. They really are the ultimate example of an underdog playing with nothing to lose. Good on them, they beat the tar out of us. We'll be back though. Just remember next year, only one team is happy at the end of the season.

AirCapJay 10 years ago

Yeah, well after the twins, TRob and Selbe leave for the pros (Selbe will be just like Collins in this regard I'm afraid) we will be lucky to even make the NCAA tournament next year.

Alex Berger 10 years ago

Do you mean SelbY will stay for four years and have more wins than 99.9% of college basketball players?

AirCapJay 10 years ago

I can't speel win I tipe fast.

No, what I mean is Selby if he leaves now will be looking for a job 9 months after going "pro", just like Collins. And by "job" I mean any means of work to pay the bills.

hawkmaster 10 years ago

Another great year for the Hawks, by most measures they exceeded expectations..but still another disappointing end. Everyone played hard and did their best, and left it all on the court - no question. KU just does not have the talent at guard and it finally caught up. Before VCU, I told a friend I'm tired of every sportscaster lamenting that KU chokes against mid-majors, its time to stop and move on. Well, I guess I'm wrong, its now become KU's albatross to bear until proven wrong. Arguably, KU's 3 guards were the weakest among the final 8, or final 16, but the improved play of Tyshawn and Brady at year-end brought renewed optimism that KU might slide by. Self even waited until later in the year to reduce the number in the rotation. But I still don't understand why u stockpile players and talent if you don't use them to your advantage. Self and many coaches say that in the NCAA depth is not a big advantage because time outs are long and players can rest. But there are 2 other reasons for having a deep bench, 1) if some player is not hitting their shots or rebounding; 2) if someone gets in foul trouble. By the VCU game, KU's limited rotation of 7 (or 8) players with measurable minutes became a disadvantage, Releford had played so few minutes in the last 6 games that u can't really depend on bringing him off the bench in the VCU game because of rust, etc. All of sudden, KU has no more depth than a mid-major, in fact, VCU played more players with more minutes and had a large scoring advantage off the bench..ouch! KU plays old-school, it refuses to use a zone. While VCU was draining 3's KU was still playing man and using its guards to help with VCU's post players - - the 3 shot was consistently open for VCU. These mid-major coaches just want to win, they will use man, zone, box, whatever it takes to win, they don't get caught up in this macho old-school man-to-man stuff. Maybe KU needs to bring in an assistant coach to teach zone, Self consistently indicates that KU's zone is not very good because they don't practice it much. I thought the twins and Tyshawn (other than missing free throws) played about as well as possible, but Brady and Tyrell could not provide any punch. Ug, missed free throws, bad guard play/missed outside shots are becoming a common formula for KU losses in the tourney. Its time to find a guard that can create their own shot and take it to the rim...somehow these mid-majors manage to find these guys and KU doesn't.

Steve Gantz 10 years ago

I've harped on their schedule all year. In my opinion it was fairly weak. Yesterday may have turned out differently had we played a better non-con schedule.

More importantly, there has never been a more tumultuous season in my memory back to 1985. Suspensions, loss of composure on the court, too much yapping of the mouth, etc. Even a report of some talk at the pregame handshake. There have been similar teams that have won it all I suppose, however, negativity leads to poor play on the court and yesterday may have been a case of reaping what we've sown.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

According to Chris and Bob, VCU refused to shake hands.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

Yeah but Bill gets the girl in the end!

kubiggestfan 10 years ago

Congratulations guys on a great season. It was a great pleasure watching you all perform day in and day out. I was most impressed by the way everyone rallied around T. Robinson in his time of need (That is what I will remember most). No win or loss can overshadow what this team has done for this young man. You all are a great bunch on guys, and the coaches are great. Look ahead to next season, as there is plenty to be proud of !

AirCapJay 10 years ago

True. The problem with NCAA basketball is the emphasis on the NCAA tournament. You win it, you are national champion, plain and simple. I don't believe the NCAA selection committee did us any favors the last 2 years in the seeding process. Non of the number ones this year in my opinion got great seeding. I almost think their are too many teams competing in the tournament. They are adding teams for the sake of TV revenue. Number one seeds should get a bye and not even have to play the first weekend. They deserve it. Add more teams if they want for revenue, but the top seeds should get an automatic sweet 16 seed.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

Or drop about 8 of the Big East eleven teams. Nine of them lost the first weekend. Great showing.

HawkBBall 10 years ago

2 for 21 from the 3 point line; 15 of 28 from the freethrow line. 8 TO's from Kieff. Seems like we got rattled after such a fast and strong start. Good comeback in the second half, but not enough. VCU brought their A game; we submitted a C+.

Why do my Jayhawks always seem to be the subject of "the biggest upset of the tournament" time and again?

jchawkfan 10 years ago

It was still a good season. It was fun and I'm already looking foward to next year.

David Robinett 10 years ago

Let us remember, that KU is still among the elite programs, and that Final Four appearances are hard to do:

Total Final Four appearances

App. School 18 North Carolina, UCLA* 15 Duke 14 Kentucky 13 Kansas

sullyhawk 10 years ago

Prediction for what is coming for the rest of the Final 4. No champion in 2011. Let me explain. I believe Kentcucky will down VCU for the title, and in two years the title will be stripped away (see UMASS and Memphis).

Let's get our bigs to come back for another run next year.

Steve Kubler 10 years ago

How spoiled are we? Two championships, an elite 8, 35-3 on the season and it is considered by many if not most fans as a disappointing season. Gawd it is tough being a Jayhawk fan, (notice dripping sarcasm) I mean can we not get a perfect season?

Personally I'm proud of this years team for performing beyond expectations and like always sad to see another basketball season end. It's a long time until late night and I am already anxious for it to get here.


Lone_salina_kufan 10 years ago

It was a great year!! Hard to complain too much. This team way overachieved what I think a lot of people thought they would be. However,,,,,

I do think Self needs to alter the preparation in the tournament slightly. This is just a theory, but I think Self tries too hard to make sure his teams don't overlook mid-majors. He took one to an Elite Eight himself, so he knows what they can do. But I feel I hear a lot of "If we don't show up, they could beat us." My opinion is that this just causes the team to tighten if shots don't fall early, because they're thinking "Oh no, we could lose, we could lose, we might lose."

Id like to see more "We're the better team, and if we execute and show up, we will win." Just highlight the need to execute. Im not sure. I know it's easy to get upset after a loss, which I am just as guilty as anyone.

Let me stress this, Bill Self is the man for KU, no one else, and should coach here until he doesn't want to anymore. But this is becoming a trend. No longer just a one bad game. So something should be tweaked.

Sally Presson 10 years ago

Thank you lv_jhawk. These guys and coaches need our positive input. If you don't have any stay off the boards. 35 games are a ton of games to win and on the brighter side, maybe the twins will be back to get the championship as will Thomas, Josh is coming on and we'll have Tyshawn and Elijah who I know will step up to the plate and bring us another great year. The sun came up this morning guys, Jayhawk fans all over the country are feeling your pain, BUT know, once a Jayhawk always a Jayhawk!!! I feel so bad for the seniors, we love you guys, you made us proud. Wish you the best of luck in your next phase of life.

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

When is HCBS going to start realizing the importance of foul shooting??? I wonder if they practice FTs enough. Do it like the old days...make a player run (steps, laps...whatever) for every one they miss.

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

Let's was Calipari's cavalier attitude toward FTs that doomed him in 2008.

Ethan Berger 10 years ago

Id argue that the three was what killed us. I havent looked over the numbers but I Imagine if we even shot around 70 percent free throw wise, we still lose. 12-28, was what 53 so what 70 would put us at 17/18-28. We still lose, lets also remember the in 08,our free throw was what helped alot. Some teams are good, some arent. Like the 03 team, great all year until the last game. Seemed like one of those games to me.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

We had been shooting free throws well the last of the season and in the tournament. 80% or close to it in later games. When shots don't fall from out on the floor, apaparently they don't fall from anywhere else either.

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

Next year is going to be brutal!!! The twins and TRob are gone as well as, obviously, Tyrel, Brady, and Mario. I wouldn't be surprised if Selby makes the decision (albeit and unwise one) to leave too.

Jerry Mahner 10 years ago

Congratulations Jayhawks on a season that exceeded all your fans expectations and also the analysts! You rock JayHawk!

My 9 year old son and I cannot wait until next season. You are a class act Coach Self and you and your staff do a great or lose.

It will be interesting to see which school VCU will lose their coach too. Their wins will be a distant memory for those fans. Ours are on-going!

theend 10 years ago

I have mixed feelings when I look at the players crying after the game. I feel badly for them....but then again they didn't show up. This was an absolute blow-out. The score was nowhere near the 10 point difference. Kansas was never in this game.....not even in 2nd half when they got within 2. A complete,devestating loss. Sad.

AirCapJay 10 years ago

I disagree about not being back in the ball game in the 2nd when they got within 2. If Self would have called a time-out and settled his team down with the realization that a whole new game from that point on was for the taking... KU would have won I think. What happened after that was Marcus falling out of bounds with the ball in his hand when Brady was right there for him to throw it to. And 21 or 22 picking up the 2 quick fouls (although ticky tack) drained our momentum.

At the point of getting within 2, I would have sent the boys out (and fresh ones off the bench) to run the VCU players ragged with full court pressure.

lovemyhawks 10 years ago

i agree.... when we cut it to 2 i thought we were on our way and vcu was going to be our davidson of the year. but those 2 quick fouls on the twins 3 seconds apart just killed the momentum. evidently just like the refs wanted. man, i thought the zebras were HORRIBLE and really screwed with our mentality. we DID need to use the bench and i do NOT understand why we didn't. reed and morningstar were really struggling and maybe SOMEONE else could have kept the spark going. this one is still stinging badly today.......

Helen Gross 10 years ago

It doesn't when the refs totally controlled the first half> KU had no chance there. The refs let them play in the second until KU got within 2, then took it back. Makes it hard to win against 5 black shirts and 3 striped ones!

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

I am seething with anger still today! I may never calm down.

theend 10 years ago

A real shame for Ried and Morningstar to go out with such awful games......that's the way Sherron went out too.

WilburNether 10 years ago

This was a classic choke. Period, end of discussion.

theend 10 years ago maybe some of you will take down your Bill Self shrines and stop worshiping him. He is a good coach....but not a great coach. Teams in the tournament obviously have a very easy time preparing for his we have seen this pattern of losing to inferior teams. the same time......Self and his staff are incapable of preparing his team to play opponents. Period.

Frankly.....i'm sick of it and I'm sick of people defending Self. Sure....he won us a national title and that's great. But we a minimum.....should have been in several final fours and championship games. Yet here we are again......on this board blabbering like morons about another loss. Self needs to hire a guy like Larry Brown that understands what is needed in March Madness. Until then......I guarantee we wont see another title for 10 or 15 years.

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

Again...Bill can make the shots, make the FTs, or play D for them!!!

AirCapJay 10 years ago

One thing though is to other teams, beating KU is their National Championship. Opposing fans empty their stands and rush the court when their teams beat KU. Opposing teams cities dance in the streets all night when they beat KU. Almost every opposing team brings their A+ game when the play KU. KU has no margin for error. That is what is amazing with the KU wins. KU takes the best punches and still manages to win... for the most part.

championhawks 10 years ago

There are other programs that are in the same position as KU in regards to everyone giving them their best shot. However, it doesn't seem like those other programs lose to the lesser teams during the tournament nearly as much as KU has! That is what hurts the most, at least to me.

Hail_To_Thee 10 years ago

Your right. Lets higher another Roy Williams. After all, in his 15 seasons in the Fieldhouse, he hung more championship banners then.........

Oh yea, thats right. He never hung a Championship banner in the Fieldhouse.

Ultimately, heres the deal.

Even a Final Four appearance isnt sh!t without bringing home the trophy. So no matter how many Final Fours we make it to, some people still wont be happy unless theres more goods added to the trophy case in the Fieldhouse.

35-3 speaks volumes. Title or no title.

theend 10 years ago

I disagree. These teams should have made the Final a minimum.Brad Stevens has gotten Butler there 2 years in a row.......BUTLER!!!!!! Come on......wake up!!

Hail_To_Thee 10 years ago

My point is, its apparent for some of you that anything less then a championship every year is a wasted season.

ObiWan 10 years ago

Wow, I was a little hesitant to check the threads this morning, but for the most part I'm impressed. Losing sucks, but it happens almost every season. You play for those very rare years where you end it with a win. We had to wait 20 years between our last two rings, and it's only been three since the last one. I'm not ready to start complaining yet. I wouldn't trade our coaches or any of our players for anyone else in the country.

theend 10 years ago

Self is obviously not capable of preparing his teams to for the national title run. He is good at winning the Big 12.......big whoop. I couldn't care less about the Big 12. It means nothing. I'm sick of this BS losing.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

Then you should choose another school to support. Maybe Butler.

kuproud96 10 years ago

That is the scientific definition of "choking". Glad Marcus got to run his mouth before the game telling VCU players that there road ends here. Just not a fan of trash talk just win and you don't have to say a word.

100 10 years ago

Remarkable troll below...

"TheEnd"..... This guy has been on here all year. Obviously you are not a Duke or UNC fan... You come from a much lower portion of the food chain... Barely above vegetables...

Let's see.... Well I'm not even going to speculate because your attempt at bad humor/anger wraps it's head very nicely in an inferiority complex.... You are definitely not a Tiger, there's not enough hate here.

Anyway, whatever school you root for (Butler community?), just go hit your school's boards and stay off of ours. Last I checked any other big 12 sites, the average was 2 comments per day.

You know why your school doesn't have 3 comments?

Because you're giving The Lawrence economy more money by staying on our website, specifically our local sports newspaper.... Which does what?

Through supply/demand economics it feeds our University dummy! And specifically... All of these hits? It feeds our basketball team due to the type of product our community demands.... You're only helping us by being here dummy!

Spend time on your own site & help your school!

theend 10 years ago

This marks the end of the Bill Self era. He is incapable of preparing hisv teams to play in tournament and I'm %^&*(&^ sick of it. We need a coach like the guy at Butler that understands what it takes. Bill Self thinks he's playing against some Big 12 team like Nebraska ......well.....Nebraska doesn't work in the tournement, does it? No.....after so many pathetic doesn't. All of you should stop blindly defending him and realize he's not that great..........But hey.......he's great at beating Nebraska!!

ObiWan 10 years ago

I know it probably sucks to be 46 and to still live in your mom's basement, but you sound ridiculous. He's not capable of winning the tournament...except for when he DID win it. If you're counting, that was only three years ago. Go back to bed, loser.

theend 10 years ago

You're the loser. You're just another zombie that foams at the mouth when you hear Bill Self's name. Moron. How about a refresher course, loser? Lets see.....Bucknell, Bradley,Northern Iowa ring any bells? And now we have VCU. What a great resume. Oh.....and we were an inch away from losing to Davidson. He is a good coach.....nothing more. If you're satisfied with beating Iowa State....then he's your guy!!

ObiWan 10 years ago

The difference between Self's teams and those other schools is that they get their one moment in the sun, but Self comes back each year with a capable team. He will be back in the Final 4 in the near future, but will VCU?
Sorry for the name-calling, but your posts come off as downright ignorant. It's perfectly okay to be disappointed by the loss, but to call for Self's head is just foolish.

theend 10 years ago

You're more name calling. But I think it is safe to say there is a pattern here.....and I don't believe in coincidence. KU is rarely well prepared for this tournament.....I I guess you could even say that was true when Roy Williams was here. I don't know what the problem is......but it's more than just bad luck. Something is missing.

Hank Cross 10 years ago

I would absolutely trade Bill for Brad Stevens.

Ethan Berger 10 years ago

Would you? Remember Billy G at Kentucky? Some coaches are just better suited for different programs. Please watch the game tape again. You will see that the gameplan was carried out, the shots just didnt fall. 2-21 from three. 15 easily wide open. Dont bring in back ups because they didnt fare better. On go look at John Woodens history. Took him along time, and hes considered the best ever. Self is a great coach he lost 3 players to the NBA and 2 in the lottery but somehow we still make the elite 8. Look at UNC last year, the lose everyone and miss the tourney. It amazes me how close minded people are.

Andrew Dunlap 10 years ago

As an oldtimer who was at KU when Brady Mornigstar's dad played, we will get through this. I feel bad for the kids who only have 4 years to be on stage. KU without a doubt has the greatest college basketball tradition. We have been relevant for a century and will continue to be so for decades to come. I wish the best to all the young players who have held up our tradition. Bill Self will win several more championships. He just needs to learn how to beat the little guys. Maybe we need to be David slaying Goliath. Yesterday was a case of misplaced adrenaline. We beat ourselves. Our players need to live in the moment. possession by possesion, freethrow by freethrow. Thanks Young Men, you did us proud

100 10 years ago

Troll hall of fame below... "TheEnd"

theend 10 years ago

As long as Bill Self is the coach......Kansas will remain only a regional power.....not a national one. As much as a lot of you like to think we are this awesome national pwer team.....well.....I have news for you.....WE ARE NOT!!!

Duke,UNC, UCONN.....those are power teams that will vie for the national championship year after year.

Kansas? Well.....we're really good at beating Iowa State and Oklahoma!!

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

OK, you Missouri troll...go back to bed. Idiot!!!!!

100 10 years ago

He's not hateful enough to be a Missouri troll. He's a cheap shot artist with an inferiority complex. Though not a good cheapshot artist. His brain seems to stop at the word "go". We're 2nd in the history of college basketball with number of wins. UNC looks up to us now. We look up to UK, by just a few games. However, vacate any of their questionable seasons... Point shaving in 1948,49,51 or an ineligible player in 2010 & we & UNC surpass UK & put them where they belong... In third place.

hawkitup 10 years ago

Yeah, because KU doesn't vie for the national championship year after year...What a joke! KU has been to the Elite Eight 3 out of the last 4 years (one of those years we won it all). What do you call that? Some of the yahoos on here said they'd rather have Brad Stevens, but he hasn't been to the Elite Eight (and a national championship) the last 3 out of 4 years. Sure he's been to the final four twice and failed once at the title, but that puts him in the same spot as us...a loser. KU competes for the title every year and to think otherwise is to be completely ignorant. We'll see how well Butler competes next year without Howard and Mack...and I highly doubt VCU will even sniff the Sweet Sixteen let alone the round of 32 next year. While KU will be back competing for a title. I personally think if the Twins, TRob, and Selby all come back we will have a legit shot at the final four next year.

Ron Prichard 10 years ago

Your post is so idiotic it really doesn't justify a response, but I'm in a crappy mood, so what the hell.

First, as has been reported on repeatedly for the last two weeks, KU has more wins in the NCAA tourney in the last 10 years than anyone. Self has also won a National Championship in the last three years. I'll take that over Calhoun and UConn. Self also has the highest winning % of any coach in the country since he took over at KU. I'll take that.

UNC was in the NIT last year, so if your argument is they were vying for the NIT National Championship (Hooray, we're #65!!) then I guess you could be right. Not many people would argue that UNC had a better year this year than KU, either. Same goes for Duke. No. 1 seed losing early.

Izzo lost early, Pitino lost early, Coach K lost early, Jamie Dixon lost early, Motta lost early, and the list goes on. All great coaches, all good teams, all watching from home.

Go crawly back in your hole until you come up with an intelligent post.

100 10 years ago

In the last 10 years Kansas has more tournament wins than any other school in the NCAA.

In the last 25 years Kansas has more wins than any other school in the NCAA.

In the last 113 years Kansas has the 2nd most wins in college basketball.

Vacate even one of Kentucky's point shaving years ('48, '49, 1951) or vacate a year where UK boosters were proven by statements from the Kentucky players themselves that they were paid to play basketball at Kentucky ('48, '49, '50, 1951) or vacate last year's Kentucky team that played all year with a kid (Bledsoe) who didn't graduate high school....


Kansas has more wins than any other school in the history of college basketball.

jaymar74 10 years ago

we have 7 final fours in the last 25 years, that rates with anyone in the country and ahead of 99%. Look it up. Grow up and make intelligent comments.

Redlandsjhawk 10 years ago

I'm not going to tell anyone how they should feel. I'm not here to call people names or restate the obvious with a game analysis. We know who had a bad game and who didn't. My best wish for some of you, and I'm sincere not calling anyone out, is that someday you are able to gain some perspective in life. When you learn to appreciate the journey as much as the destination you will be amazed at how much there is to enjoy.

Marcus... you didn't let anyone down. None of you did. I mean that.

Remember there's always next year! Good luck and ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!

ObiWan 10 years ago

Great post! I caught myself getting sucked into the name-calling, and then realized that people deal with it in different ways. I still love me some Kansas basketball. Always will.

theend 10 years ago

It's funny that so many of you believe in "coincidence" and "bad luck". Well......I don't. There is a reason that Bill Self teams lose in the tournment. I'm not smart enough to know what the problem is.......but I do know there is a problem. Maybe more than one.

So when you guys are done with your little "rah-rah KU" session......maybe you will have the guts to admit there is a problem with this coach. I'll say it again.....if you're happy beating Iowa State.....then he's your guy!!

midhawktx 10 years ago

I think we beat a few more teams than Iowa State. Self can't put the ball in the basket for these guys. I'm happy with Coach Self.

Who else is out there that could give you 7 conf championships in a row along with a NC that is not already at Duke or UNC?

KPOP 10 years ago

obviously you've been drinking all night. I am happy beating Iowa State and the other 35 tems we beat this year. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't say this, but today is different.... thend is an idiot and so is anyone else that blames HCBS for this loss. He is clearly one of the 5 best coaches in college basketball today.

Alan Mills 10 years ago

The only thing better than the name calling here is those willing to dignify it with response!

Very tough loss yesterday for those true blue KU faithful. Would it have been better to lose to Notre Dame, or Duke, or Kentucky? Losing is the same no matter what. VCU was very good. We were not. To win, KU had to be off a bit, which they were. And, VCU had to continue shooting lights-out, which they did. Disappointing to see KU tighten in a big game...they've been in close games throughout the season, against lesser opponents. But, KU had everything to lose, VCU everything to win. That's what happens. Not sure what the secret is to get kids to play loose when they are the overwhelming favorite. As Bobby Knight would have said, it's human nature. I'll take Self any day. At least he was blubbering in tears after the game.

I believe they'll all come back next year. They want to win. The twins want to play together. They came up short. Robinson and Selby are not ready. Taylor doesn't even seem to be in the equation right now. With those 5 plus Releford, KU has a pretty good foundation to start with for 2011-12. Rock Chalk!

Richmonder 10 years ago

I'd like to thank the KU fan for being so arrogant. It makes the VCU victory that much sweeter.

I witnessed on plenty of occasions Friday night your fellow KU fans taunting VCU fans moments after their OT victory over FSU.

The nasty comments and "David and Goliath" barking directed at VCU fans were uncalled for.

Arrogance doesn't begin to describe the KU fan.

How does that piece of humble pie taste this morning?

Enjoy watching the Final Four!

theend 10 years ago

Yes.....VCU......that Mecca of college basketball!!!! You really want to compare KU to VCU???

Oh....and for those of you that aren't familiar with's a school in a nasty,disgusting neighborhood of Richmond. You take your life in your hands walking around there at's really like a ghetto. Most of the students are losers that couldn't get in anywhere else.

Richmond itself is nice.....but not where this filthy campus is.

Ethan Berger 10 years ago

Kind of make you a hypocrit. Now your being arrogant. "Well i just want to rub it in" well guess what buddy you aren't any different than they guys who were talking smack to you. Congrats on the final four, but grow up some. You won enjoy it. Don't come bashing about people who were talking smack when you clearly are doing no different.

FL_Jhawk 10 years ago

As another person here who watched Brady's dad play back in the day, I am upset at the behavior of a lot of KU fans. A little bit of good natured ribbing between opposing sides is ok and fun, but excessive taunting and nasty comments is not in keep with the Jayhawk tradition and a big part of me wants to say we deserved to lose because many of us (the fans) have been so rude and obnoxious. It is sickening to hear from others that say they USED to respect KU but no longer do. I think Marcus learned a valuable lesson and us fans need to face losing with humility. Some, of course, will say they don' t care what other fans think about us, but hey, what goes around comes around.

I wish VCU all the best and I hope they win it all. Why wouldn't we want the team that beat us to be the eventual National Champion?! VCU played with passion and they played clean and fair. As basketball fans, we need to get over the hurt and wish them well.

Al Salazar 10 years ago

Meth muddled tigger, gtfo! Only a tigger troll would keep posting repeatedly on a KU message board.

Richmond fans wouldn't be posting here over and over again. Daym tiggers should be worrying about their basketball coach...nevermind, they don't have a coach.

Lance Hobson 10 years ago

We'll have a young team next year but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The worst players on the court yesterday were our two senior starters, one of them a 25-year-old red shirt senior. Sometimes being young and unafraid is what we need to get through the pressure of the big games.

Ethan Berger 10 years ago

well they really weren't afraid. Actually I would say only two players held their own, the other 7 did nothing.

Ron Prichard 10 years ago

Nobody wants to hear you bash on Brady and Tyrel. Save it for another time.

theend 10 years ago

Yeah....shut your mouth about Reed and Moringstar....How dare you critisize them!!!!! They had a bad game, yes.....but they also are the heart and soul of this team and got them where they are.

They did their wasn't enough. So shut uo!!!

Ron Prichard 10 years ago

lv_jhwk (top of thread), you said it much better than I could have. Great post. I really have no desire today to read a paper or listen to the radio or listen to anyone talk about yesterday. Still, I wanted to post at least once and show my support to a team that has given me a full season of pride and enjoyment.

Great season, Jayhawks! As disappointed as us fans are, when we step back and try to look at yesterday with some objectivity, we know that the players and coaching staff, who actually invested every day for the past year working for this, hurt much more than we do as observers and fans.

I wanted a final four and NC so bad I could taste it, but I am still proud of our team, proud of yet another great season, and unbelievably proud of how the players pulled together in the most difficult times to become a family.

This year, more than any other, will be remembered by me as a year when players on a team became a family and learned as much about life as they did basketball. I will always be proud of this team and thankful they gave me another great season as a KU fan.

Thank you Marcus, Markieff, Tyrel, Brady, Tyshaun, Josh, Mario, Thomas, Travis, and everyone else! Thank you coaches! You guys were great!

Win or lose, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Ethan Berger 10 years ago

Hey everyone count with me, there are how many of the major 6 conference teams in the final four. Okay now count mid majors. Get out of the 50s-90s. Mid-Majors can ball now. You know that staggley Kentucky team. Yea they beat princton by a last second shot. That VCU team is a good team with a chip on their shoulder. We are the only team in America that when we lose in the elite 8, we want our coached fired. "Well we lost to bradley, bucknell, and UNI" Bradley loss was because we were a young team. Guess what that team would do, that right Win the Title. Self is one of three KU coaches to win the title. But firing him seems the end of all of our problems. Until the new coach finds that mid-majors can ball. Look at the past 10 years, Mid-Majors are better than ever. Thats why the claim half the final four and a sure fire chance to be apart of the title game.

RockChalk26 10 years ago

As a die hard Jayhawk fan, both win or lose, I would like to start off by saying thank you for a great season. We will bounce back from this better then ever and make another run next year.

Thanks to all the other posters. This was my first year engaging in conversation on this site. I must say, you guys/gals know your stuff. It was fun and I look forward to chatting next season.

Lastly, thanks to all the trolls. Your harsh words and ill timely post remind me why I am a Jayhawk.


Alex Berger 10 years ago

I am extremely proud of this team and proud how they took the loss like men (despite the flat performance). There was no finger-pointing or excuse-making. That's what kind of men it takes to look at one's flaws and strive to improve. Kansas will be back. RCJH!

theend 10 years ago

I mostly a whole I am very proud of them......but not in this game. They just didn't show up. We know because they went 12-28 on FT's. But they did their's not like the effort wasn't there. Just not there mentally. And VCU iswas great.

theend 10 years ago

I actually thought Tyshawn played pretty well in this game.......and in the last 5 or 6. He will come back next year......and I think Selby should too. He will be much better without the suspension and injury......and he will command a higher NBA salary I would think.

Ethan Berger 10 years ago

agreed, there was a point where we were riding on tyshawn and he was a large part we got the game to one point. A great sign moving foward if he so chooses to return.

championhawks 10 years ago

i agree... if he plays under control like he is capable of doing (and not completely out of control like he is also capable of doing!) then he is a very good player. If he works and improves more on his outside shot, he can be the best player we put out on the floor next year (unless the Morrii come back).

bakerkbm 10 years ago

Great hoop season!!! I am so proud of our hawks, just look at all the GREAT wins, and another big 12 championship. ROCK CHALK!!!!

HawkRealist 10 years ago

I want to provoke a thought that most of you will jump all over without first thinking it through, but respond rationally not emotionally.

My question is, would we be calling for Bill Self's head if he didn't win the NC in '08. Jayhawk Nation this makes 4 (COUNT EM....4!!!!) out of 8 tourney appearances under his leadership we have been sent packing by a MID MAJOR SCHOOL! There is a preparation error in the cut-throat, all out for 40 minutes type of mind set of our teams. Bill is not the one that goes out on the court and executes, but he is the one responsible for the mind set of our team. You look back over the years and we are NEVER prepared from an energy level standpoint when we play so called little guys. This casual attitude of "we have better players" so we'll be alright, is atrocious to me. There is an error in Bill's coaching that needs to be addressed, the x's & o's are all good and dandy but energy,grit, and we're here to embarrass you for 40 minutes and show you, you don't belong on the court with us mentality exceeds the x & o. I am proud of this team and all the previous teams and there accomplishments from a record standpoint, but would trade all seven of our Big Xll trophies for one NC trophy. Why is no one calling Self to higher standards? 4 MID MAJOR EXITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theend 10 years ago

I completely agree with you.....and would even go further as you can see from my previous posts that were jumped on and trashed by many people. This pattern is now beyond a coincidence or bad luck.....there is a major,decisive flaw in Coach Self tournament teams. But most fans slobber and gush all over him b/c of the 2008 title.

Look....Self is a good doubt. But a lot of you need to wake up and see 2 things. 1) he can't prepare 2)His teams are easily prepared for by opposing teams.

If KU cant make a Final 4 in the next 3 seasons........KU needs to look elsewhere.

Now.....I'm sure all of you Self Zombies will trash go ahead.

kuproud96 10 years ago

The loss sucks, i don't know if there is a better coach out there, however, it is obvious that we lacked defensive discipline throughout the year and 68% from free throw stripe is not something that you can continue to ignore.

Ron Franklin 10 years ago

Since 1990: “upsets” by Mid Majors/Mid Level Talent in NCAA Tourney

Duke: Eastern Michigan 1996 Providence 1997 Louisiana State 16 2006 VCU Rams 2007

Kansas UTEP 1992 Rhode Island 1998 Bucknell 2005 Bradley 2006 UNI 2010 VCU 2011

UNC Texas Tech 1996 Utah 1998 Weber St 1999 Penn St 2001 Did not make tournament 2002 Did not make tournament 2003 George Mason 2006 Did not make tournament: 2010

100 10 years ago

Excellent post brother Jayhawk.

Whenever a primetime program such as UNC or Duke has anything to say to us about Bucknell or Bradley, here is our list. The thing is most of Duke & UNC fans are too classy to go there with us & plus they know they've been there too. It's something bigtime programs share. A tough loss here & there that brings out the haters. Even if it's in the Elite 8. And your team won 35 games.

As for the other 300+ schools who seem to really get a joy off of trolling our boards & live for the day that we lose... Well, I guarantee the list of midmajors losses for the 2nd & 3rd tier programs is quite extensive.

To any KU fan who has to go to work/Church/grocery store with troublesome obnoxious fans of other big 12 teams....

Remember when they say "VCU"....

Some of them didn't even win one post season game this year. Or maybe they won one postseason game total, including the big 12 tournament, in a nailbiter nonetheless, after being picked to win the Big 12.

I only bring this up because the trolling from various big 12 programs on our site this year has been out of control.

But the truth is.... We have a lot to be proud of.

As does UNC & Duke.

Congratulations again to VCU. You guys played better than us yesterday & deserved the win.

HawkRealist 10 years ago

4 of our 6 on this list are on Bill's watch. What are our thoughts without the '08 title?

proudhawk25 10 years ago

It is difficult to have expectations that call for you to succeed. Most people will take joy in other's failure because they realize there is no way they will be able to succeed themselves. Making others feel worse is a way to make yourself feel better. In the end, this mentality will only further cement the fact that you are admitting that you are inferior to the one you are insulting.

It is the same reason why fans don't rush the court against teams they are supposed to beat. Why would you? Doing so would admit that you didn't believe you are truly better than your opponent. Beating them was all of the action that was needed. Taking pleasure in another's failure is no different. If you knew you were better than your opponent/rival, it would not be necessary to rub in their defeat. The defeat did more harm than your comments would and merely proves that you recognize you are inferior.

Great season guys. We'll be there to support you in full force in 2011-12.

JD Roth 10 years ago

I can draw you a picture, I can show you the way, I can give you the tools, I can show you the proper technique, I can motivate you to excel, but you have to take those lessons and experiences and apply them to the game at hand. I'm a giant Jayhawk fan, Dad of a Grad, I remember watching the 1966 Texas Western game, that's how far I go back. I wore my Jayhawk colors the day after the K-State loss and some snooty High Society female Jayhawk fan couldn't believe I would wear "those" colors after that K-State loss. There are some great KU fans and there are some fans that jump on the bandwagon when things are going great, (which is usually all the time). Yet a loss, albeit a big one, and they jump off without a parachute. KU would be nuts to get rid of Bill Self and any talk of it is a fans right in a free society, but I see National Championships down the road and Self is my man as head coach.

RAMAlum 10 years ago

I may be a VCU Alum, but I have rooted for the Jayhawks many, MANY times since I cannot stand the perpetual insufferable Longhorns/Aggies attitudes. Your loss was as shocking to me as it was to most of the country, and I look forward to watching the Morris twins and Morningstar winning in the conference next year, or when (not IF) they hit the big league NBA. I also can't say that I'm not surprised my team gets no respect, when you have to battle such ACC teams as VaTech and UVa IN ADDITION to your own conference rivals like GMU, JMU, ODU, and W&M, and THEN outside conference rivals like UofR, you always get kicked out of the spotlight. All I can say is we try to bring an A-game wherever and whenever we can, even when ESPN won't look at us without crossing their eyes funny. Even if we beat Butler (and that's going to be pretty tough...), we're looking down the barrel of either Kentucky or UConn. Wish we could garner more support.

gchawk 10 years ago

Good luck on Saturday. You guys had an incredible game and you should be very proud. I think all KU fans are going to be feeling pretty down about the game, but most real fans are going to reflect on the season with pride realizing that a 35 - 3 season is a great season. My hat is off to you and your team, you did what you needed to do to win.

okiedave 10 years ago

Actually, VCU's upset, though disappointing, is exactly what makes college basketball and particularly March Madness so intrigingly fun. Kansas was the underdog (6th seed) in 1988 with Danny and the Miracles, where Billy Tubbs remarked Kansas played its best game of the whole year in beating OU in the national championship (after being beaten by OU twice in the regular season). VCU was not projected to beat Kansas, but they did. Because Kansas can be beat by the underdog on occasion, it makes the game much more exciting. If the twins leave, we will probably be projected to finish about third or fourth in the conference, but who knows, we might just step up and win the Big XII or, maybe, even a national championship. I'm very proud of the Hawks and their season. Can't wait until next year.

theend 10 years ago

100-You're the real troll because you fail to see reality..'re one of these fans that has blind loyalty to Self. I don't. National titles mean everything.......all the other stuff means little. I want a coach that can prepare for the tournament. He obviously cant.

100 10 years ago

You want reality?

VCU beat us. They hit 12 of 25 three pointers.

Congratulations VCU.

I would agree (& so would Self) that we didn't guard the 3 like we should have first half.

But let me ask you something; if we don't step a toe out of bounds, down two, going on a fast break with nearly an entire half to play, would you be complaining today?

That was a critical moment in the game. Sometimes it's just not your day.

If winning is the only thing that matters to you, we still have more wins than any other team in the last 25 years. And the 2nd most wins in 113 years of college basketball.

If you're concerned about titles.... We still have five. And if you're concerned about calling 1922 or 1923 a title. It was a 16 game "tournament" back in 1923.

We won all 16 games that year. The only team to do it.

We hit a bump in VCU.

All we can do is congratulate them & root for them.

Michael Bratisax 10 years ago

I would call it a brick wall not a bump..but I guess it comes out the same. And in defense (not that it is needed) of 100..I give him credit for thinking before typing, especially after a tough loss. I've put my foot into my mouth many times which I always regret later.

Trey Hohman 10 years ago

I don't think there is anything wrong or anti-KU about being critical of this loss or Bill Self's NCAA record.....I probably love Bill Self as a person more than I love my parents most days, but there something wrong here when so many different KU teams with so many different pieces -- keep having the same problem with these Mid-Majors. My only conclusion is that you've got to point back to the coach/coaching staff, and that maybe they aren't getting through to their teams in the single biggest stages of the season. N. Iowa, VCU, Bucknell, Bradley shouldn't happen, at least not 4 times in 7 years.....Not for a school like Kansas that's been on the big stage, played a lot of big games during every reg. season, won a lot of big games, always has a bunch of big time players, etc...So something is obviously wrong with Bill Self & his preparation for these NCAA games against Mid Major teams -- bottom line: he HAS TO get a lot of blame, just as he should get a lot of the credit when we win big games in NCAA, which he has when we won the title back in 2008. That's the life of ANY big-time coach period....and also because this keeps happening over and over...Otherwise, if you aren't going to blame the coach or the players, then you have to blame the KU fans for these types of loses, which kills me to suggest because I am a KU FAN....Besides Coach Self & his staff, KU fans are the biggest extention of the team....I've watch KU fan watching big games, and truth be told during big games, KU fan neurosis make Woody Allen look like Gary Cooper..

Funhawk 10 years ago

"KU fan neurosis make Woody Allen look like Gary Cooper."

LOL. That's funny. Thanks for a good laugh. :) Personally speaking, outwardly I look like a stoic Gary Cooper during Jayhawk games, but inwardly during the whole game I am a neurotic Woody Allen!

Ha - we fun, crazee Jayhawk fans probably run the gamut from Woody Allen to Gary Cooper.

theend 10 years ago

My point exactly. Thank you. But you're wasting your time......most of the people on here have a love affair with Bill Self......they are blind to his problems in the tourney. There is a reason KU continues to choke year after year. It's not just bad luck.

100 10 years ago

Theend.... No this is not your point exactly. You have said your point several times. You say "fire bill"....

On the other hand, lhohman3 in a rather quick intellectual way discusses the situation. Hey we have had disappointing losses. His conclusion is completely different from yours. He is a thoughtful fan looking for a solution, an adjustment, a moment to question what the pregame routine is, are we jumping around in the lockeroom getting the blood flowing before big games, do we need to get a megaphone out for the scouting report etc. These indeed are Coach Self's team's losses.... But guess what?

Coach K has many more of these than Self does. And Roy, thanks to going NIT last year, has even more of these shocking midmajor losses than K.

You, a fan of another Big 12 school, say "fire him"....

You want to fire the head coach of a team who has won 7 big 12 titles, taken us to four Elite 8's, a national title & averages 33 wins a season in 8 years?

Robert Rauktis 10 years ago

"KU fan neurosis make Woody Allen look like Gary Cooper."

Great line! Original? Best words on this board.

kennethst 10 years ago

Yes,guys......this is a tough one to take. But I think our expectations are too high. The reality is that the odds of any team winning this thing are very low. Sometimes ateam can get on a roll and with a little luck win it all.

Lets face it........KU is probably only going to win a national title every 10-15 years. Really, that's pretty darn good. I Know that sounds rare.....but it really isn't.

And you know what? I'll take it ! I love,lose or disappointed.

Do we have a history of choking in the tournament? Yes.....but sometimes we make it all the way!!! The pain is worth that Joy we feel every so often.

See you guys next year......thanks for being on this board!

kennethst 10 years ago

Has anybody heard from Jaybate?????

I hope he is ok

kennethst 10 years ago

PS-This was not Bill Self's fault. Heck.....if we make 2/3 of the free throws we missed......then KU wins. It's that simple. And that's not even thinking about making just a few more shots......what was the fg %? Like 35%?????

The kids' game just didn't show up yesterday......but they did their's all we can ask.

Trey Hohman 10 years ago

I totally agree that the team obviously shot poorly and weren't mentally prepared to step up & hit any outside shots. Possibly no amount of coaching can help a team in the middle of a game when your players suddenly lose confidence in their shot, I dunno....? But if you are Bill Self and you make $3 million/yr. and you are the head coach for one of the top three college basketball programs in the nation, whose funds are limitless in terms of recruiting budget, internal staffing and facilities, and the only thing standing in your way to get to a Final 4 is VCU, people expect you to find a way to WIN THAT GAME!!!! It’s that simple….Maybe I’m overstepping my bounds as a human being, due to the fact that I couldn’t take a carpool of kids to Burger King, let alone take anybody to a Final 4 berth -- but then again, I’m not making that kind of $cratch, so I think it’s more than fair to express a modicum amount of anger and resentment c/o this season. BTW: I think everyone should come back, and if they do, I'm terrifically excited again for 2012...Nobody on our team is mentally/emotionally prepared to go to the NBA yet.

Selbyville 10 years ago


I remember my first final four

Funhawk 10 years ago

I was wondering the same thing, but Jaybate's comments are on other website articles from today.

kennethst 10 years ago

Thanks.....I was worried about him.

tophersdad 10 years ago

There have been quite a few teams in the final four. There are the familiar names. Duke has been there. UNC and UCLA have cut their teeth. Kentucky has done whatever it took, through the years, to get there. Indiana is one we all know, along with Purdue, Indiana State, Notre Dame, and Butler from that state. Michigan and Michigan State are familiar with the experience. UConn seems to visit the FF often. West Virginia and Virginia have been there. Florida is a newcomer. Other visitors to the final four have been Villanova, Memphis, Ohio State, Georgetown, George Mason, LSU, and Illinois. Louisville has won it all. Georgia and Georgia Tech have been there, along with Okie State, Syracuse, Texas, Marquette, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Arizona. Wisconsin has been to the FF, as have Utah, Stanford, Minnesota, UMass, and Mississippi State. Arkansas has been there, along with Cincinnati, UNLV, Seton Hall, Providence, St. Johns, Houston, NC State, and Houston. Iowa and Iowa State have both been. Other FF visitors have been DePaul, Penn, UNC Charlotte, and Rutgers. Providence has danced in the final four. So has Florida State, Western Kentucky, Jacksonville, New Mexico State, and Saint Bonaventure? Drake went? Dayton was there. And so was the school that is now referred to as UTEP. Loyola (IL) was in the final four, as was Oregon State, St Joseph’s (of PA), Cal and NYU!! Temple has been to the final four. Seattle made it, along with San Francisco U, LaSalle, SMU, Penn State, Bradley, and COLORADO?!! Washington went to the FF. So did USC, Santa Clara, Oregon State, Baylor, Holy Cross, Dartmouth, Wyoming, Washington State, Pittsburgh, Duquesne, and the City College of New York!! OHHHH!!! And all three Kansas schoold have been there, KU, K State, and Wichita State!! And Now we welcome VCU to the list!! Please note that I did not mention any institution from the state of Missouri…

Ethan Berger 10 years ago

Go Look at every coach in ncaa history. They have bad exits. Roy Williams had three strait 2nd round exits from 97-00. Look at coach K, has the majority of starters comeback, loses no one to the nba, and loses in the sweet 16. Remember just a few years back, duke lost back to back in the first round or second round cant recall. But we just lost in the elite 8. Why are we so ashamed of self? The coach has flaws, of course none are perfect. But everyone go watch the game tape. The gameplan was run well, the shots didnt fall. EJ and Selby provided no offense, infact when they came in, we gave up the lead again. VCU was not tired because of the OT game 2 days before. Theses are 20 year old kids. UCONN won the big east in 5 games in 5 days. The problems was an awful shooting night. Get over it being a mid major team, half this years final four is mid-major. They arent bad anymore. It disgust me that you cry and blame coach about losing in the elite 8 after losing 3 nba players. Thank God most of ya'll dont run basketball teams, giving the impossible standards you have.

HawkRealist 10 years ago

Allow me to remind you. This was the easiest path to a shot at a NC in THE HISTORY OF THE NCAA! Only having to beat 1 BCS team and 4 MID MAJOR teams to get to a title is not unrealistic standards. It is blue-blood championship program standards.

Ethan Berger 10 years ago

Is it the easiest shot? I dont think you are giving mid majors credit. Half of the Final Four are mid majors. So why do we still look down on them. Wasnt it duke who almost returned everyone but still lost in the sweet 16? How about Ohio State? A freshman Kentucky team that beat Prinction by a last second shot. Mid Majors arent laughing material anymore. Better start getting used to it.

kolliflowerkid 10 years ago

Well the run is over. They beat Boston U., Illinois and Richomond before running into powerhouse VCU (who lost 11 games coming into the tournament). May be next year Kansas will be invited to the N.I.T. where the competition is easier. Of course, they may run into a Northern Iowa or a VCU there also. But hey they had a great season, they found 36 teams they could beat.

Mike Johns 10 years ago

First of all - ROCK CHALK. Loyal to the end, even if we do not win a game...

would the game have been different if we only shot 5 three pointers? I wish we would have went BIG and jammed the ball to the rim every posession.

One more year boys -

100 10 years ago

Excellent thoughtful comment. I wonder what would have happened had we just scrapped everything since they had it so packed in underneath & just let TT drive every single possession for his floater or dish to one of the twins who would be sealed & open by a smaller guard's pick on that nutty interior zone package they threw at us. Partially joking here, but in all seriousness it would have been better shots than we were getting.

Of course the other problem with any schemes involving TT was he was on the bench during critical moments of the first half. Got hosed pretty bad with a couple calls, certainly changed the destiny of that first 20 minutes.

Sally Presson 10 years ago

Theend, let me see--you're NOT a Jayhawk!!! Why do you nit wits get on our board. Guess to make fans like me furious!!! Bill Self is the best thing that ever happened to KU and I bet money you're from MU and let me see your criteria for a coach is anyone who can beat KU. So you'd better go sweep up Sakaka or whatever his name is. Bill Self is the best!!! Our coaching staff is the BEST!!! Rock Chalk

Ty Mar 10 years ago

Next season is so farrr away! ARRRRRRGH!

Time for Football...i guess..........

phogfanatic75 10 years ago

All in all a great year..Yeah the lose is disappointing but with lets not forget where we were projected at the begining of the year. Supposedly 3rd in the BIG 12 but won it out right, then winning the BIG 12 tourney and then to the ELITE 8. I know plenty of teams that would love that resume for their 10/11 season. With an elite programs (which we are) expectations are always (and should be) high. Those fans who are looking at this a failure kill me. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK from a Southern Cali fan.

Choura 10 years ago

Jayhawks are not failures! Don't let the sad KSU and MU fans get to you. They are miserable and don't know what it is like to have a great heritage like KU. We are so lucky. We have an AMAZING coaching staff - Bill Self is the GREATEST Coach in the country. We have an AMAZING team - so proud of you ALL!!!! We have an AMAZING basketball heritage - NO ONE else can compare. I am a proud JAYHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock Chalk!!!

Hawkamania 10 years ago

Its like this damn near every year for us in the tournament. We always run into some team that truthfully should never be on our level in the first place and let them dictate how the game goes. They shoot lights out and we can't buy a bucket even though we go throughout the regular season as one of NCAA's best FG% shooting teams overall. It truly is like a perfect storm against us when tourney time comes around. Everything seems to go against us (besides 08') with the shots going in, ours not, other team getting the "lower seeded" team treatment which basically allows them to do as they please. The foul calls were nowhere near being even at all. The times we did get a call it had to be obvious as hell and that didn't always happen either. Yet, the other team gets the benefit of the doubt and they receive whistles galore for the weakest calls. The Morris twins have had the bullseye on their backs throughout their Kansas careers and with their "east coast swag" getting the best of them it doesn't help either. If that had been one of the Morris twins with the rock and we were up two driving to the lane with the shoulder down, you best believe they would have called the charge on them. Since it was one of the Morris' defending there their "reputation" caught up to them and they ended up on the wrong end of it. Had that play not have happened the way it did we wouldn't be here talking about the losing Jayhawks, we'd be here talking about our matchup with Butler....Believe that! That one play changed the entire aspect of the 2nd half and we went on and went 6-24 from the field the rest of the way from that point on.

Bill Self needs to seriously tinker with his offense too imo. Why is it always so difficult for our guards to drive into the paint and make plays? Meanwhile, you watch other teams that consistently break down defenders and get there with relative ease! Its not a coincidence that our guards miss freethrows when they do get to the stripe either....THEY RARELY GET THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Its like something new to them when they're there and it shows with our inability to make them most of the time. It gets old watching our guards sit on the perimeter passing the ball around the globe and waiting for an opening so they can just shoot the 3ball. We rely to heavily on the 3 and inside game so much when just one of them gets shut down its curtains for our entire offense imo.

Im praying next year that we see some guard penetration into the lane a bit more often with Taylor, Selby and Johnson running the show. If we stick to the in and out offense with these 3 guys out there waiting to take a shot we're in trouble people. They need to take the reins into their hands and create plays...not sit and wait for something to be created for them. Make it happen or else it will be yet another early exit from our boys next season.

Ty Mar 10 years ago

I agree, don't know why we don't attack the basket more. Seems like we neutralize our athletic ability constantly by just settling for jumpshots.That and they weren't calling fouls when the twins were getting mugged underneath the basket.

bbhawk234 10 years ago

Too late-We should have adapted during the game. Did not happen. makes me scratch my head.

LJ Gee 10 years ago

Great season but another disappointing end. I love the twins and I know they played great and all, but I wish they would stop running their mouths before games and just let their play to the talking during the games. Ive seen more technicals this year alone than in all my other years of watching KU basketball combined. The trash talking to Richmond and VCU was just ridiculous, especially given the weekend's results.

Brian Conrad 10 years ago

Great bunch , hope some guys stay. they all say on their page loyalty best quality. hope a few come back.. wish them all the best ... but have some fun.. the NBA likely to have lockout and another year of coaching will just make you better. the more prepared for the NBA the longer life in the league and way bigger second contract! SIDE NOTE hope MU hires Shaka Smart so we can gladly repay him with dozens of losses.

ChristopherHill 10 years ago

Thank you Bill Self and the entire coaching staff and support staff!

Thank you to the entire KU Basketball team - every one of you laid it out there every single game.

Sunday was a tough day - one of the toughest. I hope you are all able to appreciate the greatness you accomplished all year - and put in perspective the 1 loss.

Personally, you gave me so many great moments throughout the year - I can only say thank you!

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

Love those hawks. Thank you for another incredible season. Greatly successful and well appreciated.

Thank you.

Sam Brockert 10 years ago

here ar some facts for theend, Think duke vies for a national championship every year? Here is duke's stats in the same time frame Self has been coach at KU.

2003–04 Mike Krzyzewski 31–6 13–3 1st NCAA Final Four 2004–05 Mike Krzyzewski 27–6 11–5 3rd NCAA Sweet Sixteen 2005–06 Mike Krzyzewski 32–4 14–2 1st NCAA Sweet Sixteen 2006–07 Mike Krzyzewski 22–11 8–8 T-6th NCAA First Round 2007–08 Mike Krzyzewski 28–6 13–3 2nd NCAA Second Round 2008–09 Mike Krzyzewski 30–7 11–5 T-2nd NCAA Sweet Sixteen 2009–10 Mike Krzyzewski 35–5 13–3 T-1st National Champions 2010–11 Mike Krzyzewski 32–5 13–3 2nd NCAA Sweet Sixteen

And here are Self's Tournament stats.

2003-04 Bill Self 24-9 12-4 T-2 Elite Eight 2004-05 Bill Self 23-7 12-4 T-1 First Round 2005-06 Bill Self 25-8 13-3 T-1 First Round 2006-07 Bill Self 33-5 14-2 1 Elite Eight 2007-08 Bill Self 37-3 13-3 T-1 National Champions 2008-09 Bill Self 27-8 14-2 1 Sweet Sixteen 2009-10 Bill Self 33-3 15-1 1 Second Round 2010-11 Bill Self 35-2 14-2 1 Elite Eight

With the exception of the Fianl four duke has in that tine span, Bill Self's tournament record isn't bad. Look at all the sweet sixteen exits Duke has? They either reach the final four or lose in the sweet sixteen. They alos have first and second round losses. In fact that first year KU went to the elite eight the number 1 seeded kentucky in KU's bracket got knocked out in the second round by UAB. So obviously it happens...

COJHawk 10 years ago


when a team gets hit in the mouth, its' character (especially of their leaders) is revealed. this was not KU's strongest team character-wise. of their top 8 players...

taylor...too many indiscretions to list elijah johnson...suspended for "conduct detrimental"; ridiculous tech in k-state game for taunting tyrel...perhaps best character guy on their team, but more of a leader by example and not by words brady...DUI; taunting T in richmond game; selby...can tell he thinks he's the stuff; first to pound his chest when he makes one good play; pouts when not playing well TRob...good character guy, but not a leader in words either little...arrested this year mark morris...a number of flagrant/intentional fouls; bb gun incident; seemed to always be mixing it up, taking things personally, always talking trash; pouts frequently marc morris...flagrant/intentional fouls; same as kieff with being an instigator with physical and smack talk stuff; pouts frequently

i'm not saying that other teams are without their character issues, but the 3 guys who really set the tone for this team (taylor, morris, morris) are all MAJOR character issue guys. call me a hater, but teams with great leaders win in big situations, even if they get hit in the mouth, largely because great character helps great leaders to respond when the heat is on.

iamahawk 10 years ago

Wow you must be perfect and never make any mistakes or have any regrets about decisions made while you were in college. Quit keeping your tally of errors and give all of these guys credit for some accomplishments and wanting to better their lives. Ugh........can't stand the negatives and knocking people when they are down. Maybe, just maybe they are still developing the character you think they need since they have been part of this team.

COJHawk 10 years ago

never said i was perfect or that other teams were. just made an observation. instead of pot shots at me...perhaps a thought out response detailing why i'm wrong would be better. does character NOT matter? that was my question

HawksWin 10 years ago

Wow, you sure keep a laundry list! Perhaps you care to make one for say VCU? Duke? Kentucky? Ohio State? Let's compare our Jayhawks to other imperfect kids who are prone to mistakes? Say, may be you should have a laundry list with your name on it starting with "judgmental"?

COJHawk 10 years ago

didn't say other teams had no issues. leadership and character matter. that's what i said. call me judgmental if you want...this team lacked in those 2 areas and it showed in far more games than just the big one they lost. is that so off base?

ssw 10 years ago

You can make every excuse in the book for still 'liking' the Jayhawks/coach Self & not jumping off the bandwagon, but there was absolutely "NO" excuse for loosing this one with VCU. They played like crap & you all know it. Been a "Staunch" fan for decades but this one was pathetic. They were outplayed in "every" phase of the game. Guarantee you Coachs John Wooden/Knight would've won this game by 25 points. I don't need to make $3M to know if something's not working against a lowly team like VCU - you go to something different before you're behind by 18. One sure damn thing I'd know is they'd shoot a heck of a lot better free throws play'n for me. Just giv'n away free points game after game after game this & every Bill Self season. Lock them in the gym til they can make 80%+!! You can teach an 8-year old to make 80+%!! The taunting & chest pounding by lowly freshmen is another rediculous stunt. Bet your sweet behind Wooden wouln't have allowed that for a second! Just play the darn game without thinking you're the top dog - it's still a team game.

Robert Rauktis 10 years ago

We need a new banner ... first team taunter.

lionhawkward 10 years ago

I agree with this comment and we all are Jayhawk fans and faithful . I grew up a Jayhawk like the wonderful artwork 'Jaydreamin" like Tyrell without the skills. This post speaks volumes " A little bit of good natured ribbing between opposing sides is ok and fun, but excessive taunting and nasty comments is not in keep with the Jayhawk tradition and a big part of me wants to say we deserved to lose because many of us (the fans) have been so rude and obnoxious. It is sickening to hear from others that say they USED to respect KU but no longer do. I think Marcus learned a valuable lesson and us fans need to face losing with humility. Some, of course, will say they don' t care what other fans think about us, but hey, what goes around comes around". Having the good fortune of being born and raised in Lawrence with the opportunity to get my education from THE K was a blessing along with being coached in camps by Ted Owens, Larry Brown,Coach Williams ,Chris Piper and playing for the Chesty Lions with Danny as a leader. Danny was a senior at LHS and took us to a title game which we lost..To a powerful Wyandotte team with 3 or 4 D-1 players, as I observed from the bench LOL. However Brady won the title for my alma mater and has continued to live the dream like Tyrell "Jaydreamin" Those of us who are true Jayhawks and fans HURT after these learning losses in the tournament. This is what makes us THE BASKETBALL SCHOOL in the world. As kids we would play horse in JoJo Whites driveway in awe and hanging on every word and coaching advice he said , and he always said that it was a "honor" to be a Jayhawk.

lionhawkward 10 years ago

So to all you jealous trolls I could care less if in your eyes you judge as we recruit Jimbo Jones, Larry Cantgoleft, or any kid from small town USA that has the dream and integrity to believe in our school,academics,campus,debate team, track, tennis etc. We are Jayhawks and our history states the power of what is right ! I loved coach Williams and enjoyed his family Wanda, and Scott they were good people as well. Now we have Self and you haters try this story as it shows what Jayhawks DO. " In March 2005, a long-time sportswriter friend of mine who covered KU sports for a Kansas newspaper, endured an unfathomable tragedy. While going for a walk in Dallas with his grandson, who was riding a bike, the writer watched in horror when a large truck didn’t see his grandson enter the street and crushed the young boy to death.

At the time, Self was dealing with some emotional pain of his own after his second season at KU. Many Jayhawks’ fans were livid, questioning how Self could lose a first-round game in the Big Dance to No. 14 seed Bucknell(I was there)with all the talent he had inherited from former KU coach Roy Williams.But within an hour after learning about the tragedy in Dallas, Self tracked down the grieving sportswriter.“I don’t even know how he found me,” my friend later recalled. “All I could do was cry, so he did all the talking. And he stayed on the phone with me for a long time. He was incredible, a great comfort.” ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK . You can never stop the power of pride. Look out 2012 !!! All love to the hawk family !!!

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