Kansas defeats Boston University, 72-53

  • 5:50 p.m., March 18, 2011
  • BOK Center, Tulsa, OK

Originally published March 19, 2011 at 12:00a.m., updated March 19, 2011 at 10:04a.m.

At loose ends: ‘Tight’ early, KU rolls past Terriers

Kansas guard Tyrel Reed hoists a three from the corner against Boston University during the first half on Friday, March 18, 2011 at the BOK Center in Tulsa.

Kansas guard Tyrel Reed hoists a three from the corner against Boston University during the first half on Friday, March 18, 2011 at the BOK Center in Tulsa.



KU vs. Boston University

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Kansas defeated Boston University in the second round of the 2011 NCAA Tournament on Friday, March 18, 2011 at BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla.

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KU coach Bill Self

Kansas coach Bill Self talks to reporters following the Jayhawks' 72-53 victory over Boston on March 18, 2011.

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— Bill Self swung open the BOK Center locker room doors at halftime Friday night and immediately lit into his top-seeded, yet extremely tentative, Kansas University basketball team.

“He said, ‘I thought you guys said you were loose. You guys are tight as a drum,’’’ KU junior Tyshawn Taylor said of Self’s assessment of the Jayhawks, who led No. 16-seeded Boston University by just four points at halftime.

“We wanted to be loose, but we had the first-game jitters,” Taylor added after a strong second half propelled KU to a resounding 72-53 victory and spot in Sunday’s Round of 32 game against Illinois. “You want to be loose, but you understand the stakes are so high.”

Self, who had tried a lot of things this week to motivate his team — an assistant pasted a Sports Illustrated article about last year’s second-round loss to Northern Iowa in the Jayhawks’ lockers Tuesday — insisted he wasn’t surprised the Jayhawks were a bit nervous.

Yet enough was enough after a half in which Boston’s John Holland exploded for 15 points off 6-of-10 shooting as the Terriers trailed just 33-29.

“I said, ‘Guys, relax, have fun,’’’ Self said of the halftime message.

The Jayhawks, who put the game away thanks to a 21-4 run that upped a 47-41 lead (with 9:59 left) to 68-45 (at 4:10) were in much better spirits after the game than they were at halftime.

“Coach said we were tight as a drum. I was thinking he’d say tight as a calf or tight as a thigh,” joked KU junior Marcus Morris, who scored 16 points with nine rebounds and took a turn the first half defensively on Holland. Brother Markieff had 15 points (with eight boards), 12 points the second half.

“We were tight. It felt the same as last year against Lehigh (when No. 1 seed KU shook off a slow start to prevail, 90-74, in Oklahoma City). “We had to get the jitters out, but I thought they played well.”

“Coach said we were tight as a drum. I said we were tight as a belt,” kidded senior Brady Morningstar.

Morningstar had some serious things to say after 20 minutes as well.

“Brady was like, ‘Guys, it starts defensively and especially myself because he (Holland) got some good looks on me,’" Taylor said. "That’s all he said, and he (Morningstar) came out and did a good job in the second half.”

Morningstar knew KU couldn’t afford to give up 30 points or so to America East Player of the Year Holland if the Jayhawks (33-2) hoped to play another day.

“I came in here and called myself out, saying, I think it (bad defense) started with me,” Morningstar said. Boston (21-14) hit six of 13 threes the first half and three of seven the second.

“It started with me, and I felt like guarding Holland, their best player, was going to end with me. So I just took a challenge the second half to really focus in and understand that, hey, he’s going to hit tough shots, but don’t get frustrated. It turned out OK. I tried to make him a driver and hit contested shots.”

Self loved his squad’s defense the second half. KU held BU to 26.9 percent shooting (seven of 26) for the half and 35.3 for the game.

“I was concerned. Every coach would be lying if they said they were not concerned. We were up four at half and had not played a lick yet by our standards, and (Boston) played well,” Self said. “The second half we played well. We were able to grind it out. It reminded me of the Oklahoma State game (63-62 in first round of Big 12 tournament). The big thing is, we got stops. They didn’t score.”

The Jayhawks are hoping to return to playing carefree basketball Sunday. Playing tight is not a lot of fun.

“You can tell yourself not to be tight. If you are tight, you are tight,” said senior Mario Little, who was burned by Holland for two threes the first half. “A lot of things go through guys’ minds — last year, seeing Villanova lose (to George Mason on Friday). I think we’ll be loose next game.”

Marcus Morris didn’t consider this an especially huge scare. He’s ready for Sunday.

“I wouldn’t say this is a relief. I feel a relief is a last-second heave (misses) and you win. To me, it’s a game we played well the second half and won. We’ll play better,” Morris insisted.

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LAJayhawk 10 years ago

“Brady was like, ‘Guys, it starts defensively and especially myself because he (Holland) got some good looks on me.’ That’s all he said, and he (Morningstar) came out and did a good job in the second half.”

Who said this? It is not clear in the article.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

I think it was a continuation of Coach Self's remarks. At least I think it was Self since he said "they" played well. It was a bit confusing, as thought a bunch of separate quotes were just all dumped in together.

Jesse Newell 10 years ago

It was Tyshawn Taylor. It's been fixed above. Sorry about that.

actorman 10 years ago

Good point, LAJayhawk. Given the previous paragraph, it makes it look like Brady said it about himself, but I know he's not the pretentious type who would talk about himself in the third person like that.

Gary, you might also want to edit the sentence that starts, "The Jayhawks are, of course, are ..."

Scott MacWilliams 10 years ago

I noticed, too. Editors missed one there, for sure.

Okay Jayhawks, maybe you should all do the Hokey Pokey song before you go out to warm up next time? Illinois isn't going to let you get away with another 'tight' 20 minutes. They are on their game, from what I saw.

Just bring your game like the Big 12 final and we'll be chanting the Rock Chalk one more time in Tulsa!!

R O C K C H A L K !!! J A Y H A W K S !!! K U !!!

douggiejug 10 years ago

K-State= God ........ Good Luck + Pullen = better than wally judge pleeee

focojayhawk 10 years ago

i am thinking douggie got on here this morning when he returned home from the bars.....

Dan Harris 10 years ago

douggie-put the bottle down you've had enough.

LAJayhawk 10 years ago

Hahahaha.... I don't think it's the bottle that he needs to put down.... if ya know what I mean......

W.C. Beck 10 years ago

Yes, many edits and usage rules were missed which made this article difficult to follow. Many shots and opportunities were missed by Kansas which made the first half difficult to watch. The 'Hawks are going to come out many times stronger and faster Sunday which will make them difficult to beat.

Carpe Beak 'em

KU79 10 years ago

I think Marcus nailed it...

“I wouldn’t say this is a relief. I feel a relief is a last-second heave (misses) and you win. To me, it’s a game we played well the second half and won. We’ll play better,” Morris insisted.

We got the first one out of the way playing shaky, and improved greatly in the 2nd. Luckily, they watched the Illini -- not win a shaky game vs. UNLV, but an ass-kickin' -- so there won't be any overconfidence. Plus, it's the U of I, not a school with a direction in it's name. We'll be ready Sunday night.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

After sleeping on last night's performance these are my thoughts:

1) I picked Illinois and I'm glad they won in dominating fashion

2) I think KU playing a bigger name in "Ilinois" from the "Big 10" is better from a mental focus in order for this to fully prepare for tomorrow.

3) I think Illinois winning the way they did is somewhat of a wake up call for the Jayhawks. IMO, I think it's hard to take a team for granted when they just dominated a decent UNLV for 37 minutes of the ball game. Illinois lost their focus the last 3 minutes of the game last night.

4) I will say this and may start some controversey here, but The Twins inability to get off the floor in the post is a concern for me. I think the Twins struggle when other decent sized bigs (When staying out of foul trouble) play them straight up. With that said, the Twins and T-Rob have to get Illiniois' big's, especially Davis in foul trouble on Sunday.

5) This is my last comment, but twice in last nights game, 1 for Kieff anf 1 for Marcus, where I was like "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" because I thought they were terribibly timed 3 point field goal attempts and then I said, "Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, great shots!". I don't know, the twins shot selection and "Soft Play" in this game against BU literally made me shake my head thoughhout the duration of this game.

leonard 10 years ago


It's no wonder we're known as snob hill...when the first 3 comments after the opening round game in the NCAA tourney is about parsing the grammar of the sports writer.

LAJayhawk 10 years ago

I honestly just wanted to know who said that quote.

milehighhawk 10 years ago

I actually was curious who mentioned the story about Brady saying he'd lock down at halftime.

It definitely wasn't him, unless he really awkwardly mentioned himself in the third person like that....but no other person was introduced for that comment.

Not sure if it was Self or a player....

jaybate 10 years ago

"Saturday After an Unamped Friday Grind with BU, And Sunday Before a Amped Performance with Illinois:"

~Self sent'em out win...and to save their peak performance for Sunday.

~Game Distillate:

Holland, BU's top gun, shot well the first half, but not the second, so BU asphyxiated offensively.

Our second half press sped them up a bit, or at least got them out of their "slow down, screen for 20-25 seconds, and pop a trey offense."

Once out of it, the pace picked up and BU lost its composure.

KU's treys fell second half, BU's did not.

KU separated.


~Pre-Game Illini Distillate:

Self will probably amp his family versus Illinois, though he could easily grind another one just to keep the team from getting too giddy about its chances.

It will be very, very physical regardless.

KU will take the Illini down.

~Risk Factor: the only risk is if KU shoots treys poorly, because:

a) KU is shoots back to its average following the second half hot hand and 45% KU trifectation in the BU game; and

b) Self played his trey shooters--Brady and Tyrel--too many minutes versus Boston, so their trey percentage craters against Illini due to tired legs.

~Obvious Antidotes for 30 Minute Legs: Brady and Tyrel shooting poorly vs. Illini because of 30 minute legs may be treated with four players that will be fresh as daisies: Josh the Ripper, EJ, Little and Travis. But I said this same thing during the B12 three games in three day death march tournament, and Self pretty much told the starters: "Play till you drop, then play some more." So: hard to say for sure, but MUAs vs. Illini may encourage use of more players, even if Captain Death March wants to gut it out with a short bench.

jaybate 10 years ago

~jaybatian Self-Stroking: In my "Foreshadowing Boston" scouting report the day after the Texas win (the first scouting report of BU-KU of anyone pro or amateur I do believe), I said KU would win and that KU's most recent opponent that was similar to Boston U was Okie State. In the story above, Bill Self said:

“The second half we played well. We were able to grind it out. It reminded me of the Oklahoma State game."

Score one for amateurism. :-)

~Aesthetic Distillate on Orange Uniforms:

They suck.

As the late great poet and short story writer Raymond Carver might say: will some one please outlaw bright orange uniforms, please?

The first time I saw UTenn wearing their eyeball-bangers, and Bruce "Apparent Liar" Pearl barrel-chesting in his orange three button, I thought it was pretty fun and original--for a second rate basketball program trying to grab some attention. That was several years ago now.

Now the originality is as gone.

Now that UTenn, Okie State and the Illini all play in these hideous, eye-ball assaults that are at best called "too bright for TV camera orange," now they have made bright orange a visually painful cliche.

Watching any of these teams is like watching a team play in High Viz yellow Hazmat suits.

Watching a televised game with any of these teams is tantamount to having someone hold a lit warning flare three inches from your corneas for 40 minutes.

Will someone please outlaw these uniforms, please?

And the shoes, too.

Funhawk 10 years ago

Brain my numb, can't stop now For sure ain't no doubt Keep an open mind, Jaybate let it all hang out

KULA 10 years ago

These guys better start getting the ball inside (like Self said at halftime) and quit relying on 3 ptrs. They shoot their average and they're in a dogfight for 30 minutes with a 16 seed, not pulling away until the 3's start dropping above their average. Not a good sign when the next opponents will be better than 16 seeds. Why do these guys always stop at the 3pt line instead of attacking the basket?

waywardJay 10 years ago

Granted Illinois should be better thana 16 seed. I think 4th- 7th place in the big10-11-12, is marginally better than a 16 seed.

Fact. Illinois lost to Mizzou. Fact. Mizzou Lost to Kansas Twice. Fact. Illinois BIg's would be dominant players if they were coached by Self. Fact. KU's bigs would be underacheiving highly talented players coached by Weber. Fact. Bruce Weber held a mock funeral for bill self 8 years ago.

Prediction, Bill Self will hold an actual funeral for his former team's season, and possibly Weber's Job.

KULA 10 years ago

Gee, thanks for those facts. I can relax now. Illinois should present absolutely no problem.

Michael Bratisax 10 years ago

I found your your comments to be a pretty good read. Just guessing KULA is really KUCLA

Steve Brown 10 years ago

One shining moment: Did you see the end of CU Bugffs second round home game in NIT, and the team, the crowd was frenzied, boat load of enthusiasm.

2009.Did Mario last second shot win the game? not any more than any one of the shots against Davidson. In some sense, all the made shots over 6 games and all the stops or blocked shots over 6 games add together to win the big dance.

Therefore, find enthusiasm in every made shot, even the 2nd round games. It is imperative to get Illini and what is at stake -out of your mind and see the prize the big prize at the end of a string of successful shots, successful stops and successful rebounds, take aways, no turnovers, great shot selection, make strong passes, etc. etc. Lots to be enthused and excited about in every pass every dribble and every time out.

Ring the bell, one shining moment is not the end of game six, it is the string of great plays over time.

enjoy the moments, one shining moment, over next 5 games.

Paul Rupp 10 years ago

+1. Love the game. Love that you get to play the game. Don't take it for granted that you get to play the game....especially at Kansas, and for Coach Self!

jaybate 10 years ago

As a result of these two characteristics of Wooden, when he said we approach each game the same, regardless of who the opponent is, and we focus on ourselves and not the opponent, and that we want our players to maintain an even strain, never too high, never too low, what he was leaving out of the commentary that the even level that Wooden could ratchet his players up to was probably about as hight, as what other coaches could amp their teams up to for their teams' peak performances.

Put another way, Wooden could wind the spring as tight on average as anyone else could for a peak performance.

Self probably has as much, or more, of this wizard-like ability to wind his teams up than anyone else in coaching. But even Self does not yet appear to have quite as much of this remarkable capacity as Wooden possessed.

And even if he has as much, he seems to have a philosophy that leads him to choose to switch it on and off, rather than leave it on consistently, as Wooden did.

Watch Self coach and you see a wonderful, healthy, wide range of emotions bubble to the surface of his face and body, in his expressions and body language.

Watch old footage of Wooden, really watch closely, and what you see is a tightly contained nuclear reaction, a barely concealed weapon's grade lazer. He was supposedly merciless on referees, as he tore them to pieces under his breath. He hung on tightly to his rolled up notes for a reason. This was a man who had he permitted himself the escape, could easily have erupted with greater force than Bob Knight ever dreamed about on his worst days. But there was this difference between Knight and Wooden. When the buzzer sounded, when the competition ended, that was it. Wooden was in fact a freakishly meek and mild mannered person beyond the game. He appeared to feel know need to dominate. To him domination appeared to seem a sign of false prowess--a deception attempting to cover up one's lack of mastery, skill and ability. Wooden seemed to view beating someone in competition as entirely unrelated to dominating them. Wooden seemed interested only in force projection, as the wonks at the Pentagon say it. Wooden seemed uninterested in dominating an opponent. Wooden seemed interested in destroying the opponent. Knight has always been about domination. He never cared if he won by one, or 50, only if the opponent was dominated into losing. Wooden was almost uninterested in how an opponent felt, or even in what the final score turned out to be. The object of the game was to drive through them on the way to the goal and totally destroy anything in the path.

jaybate 10 years ago

Compare this with Bill Self.

Bill likes to win any way you want to play. He is not so one dimensionally about domination, as Bob Knight, but he is not single mindedly intent on destroying opponents, as Wooden was.

Self is as happy with a grind it out win, as he is with breaking a game open.

Self is fanatical only about two things: defense and offense that does not involve the ball sticking. He conceives the game as a test of using defense to keep you in the game, and using offense to peck away until you find an opponent's weaknesses and exploit them until you either get a one point win, or they break and you get a big edge.

Both men have won incredible amounts of games. So did Knight. There are as many ways to approach the game, especially from the POV of motivation, as there are human beings. But there are only a few guys with enough force of personality to win 80% of the time, and win rings. It takes a human dynamo transmitting his awesome energy and drive into a group of very talented players.

As must be done with a great author and his great novels, great coaches and their few great teams, must become their own criterion for success and failure. They must be judged finally, not in terms of other coaches, or other lesser teams of their own, but in terms of how well they have fulfilled the criteria they have crafted for their great teams' successes.

By this I mean we must judge Wooden and his great teams based on the standards that he set for them. Did they relentlessly demolish opponents with complete indifference to how opponents tried to beat them? Answer: yes, especially in the 10 ring seasons.

Did Bill Self and his great teams win either by 1 point, or a bunch, playing anyway that opponents wanted? Answer: Every season at KU Self's teams have done exactly that 84% of the time, and one season they went all the way.

Two great coaches. Two dynamic personalities able to transmit their formidable psychological energies to their teams--one consistently, the other when he wished to not when he didn't--to their players, so that they performed almost exactly according to each coach's differing philosophies and approaches.

jaybate 10 years ago

Self takes a calculated risk sending them out flat in either game of a two game series in order to save and channel their peak performance for the tougher of the two teams. But it is a risk designed to maximize the probability of winning both games. It makes sense to me. And, though I haven't watched other coaches closely enough to say, my hunch is that many other coaches of the top two seeds in each regional do it the same way. All strategies have trade-offs. I for one am willing to take the occassional first and second round upsets that occur in exchange for maximizing the chances of going all the way, when the MUAs and psychological intangibles break our way.

Wooden did the opposite. He tried to build an absolutely stable psychological framework, where each game was approached in exactly the same business like manner, or so he said. He always said he biased his recruiting toward fiery guys whenever possible, because they were easier to reign in the steady state, than were guys who needed a fire lit to get them up to the steady state.

Wooden's mantra was "we prepare the same way for each opponent. We focus on ourselves, not the opponent." By the last 3-4 years of the run, i have read that they hardly even scouted opponents Wooden had become so good at training his guys to execute the UCLA way regardless of what an opponent tried to do. Clearly, Wooden's approach, at least as he expressed it, was the more rationalized than Self's approach and, when it worked, seemed most able to steam roller through opponents regardless of opponents having good, or bad nights.

But two things persons forget about Wooden was that he was a fantastically competitive human being, once the whistle blew, even for a coach, and that he was able to communicate this ferocity (what he called competitive greatness) to his players almost as a wizard casts spells over persons.

jaybate 10 years ago

Oops! Read last one first, then the first two posts second.

Joe Ross 10 years ago

this is empty speculation that undoubtedly does not reflect reality.

jaybate 10 years ago

This is empty refutation that ignores reality.

xfitter 10 years ago

Unprepared? You really think that Self has his players "unprepared"? Dumb comment of the day winner is in!

jaybate 10 years ago


Who said unprepared?

Self prepares them in exactly the way that maximizes their chances of winning both games,

And yes, you do win dumb comment of the day...if you were referring to my post. :-)

nwjhawk 10 years ago

Good points. It seems like the only game the guys have genuinely been excited to play was against Texas in the Big 12 tourney - and that turned out to be one of best performances of the year.

The first two rounds seem to be difficult for us especially when we have a high seed. Sometimes I think our guys take it for granted that we're in the NCAA tournament every year. Our opponents are fired up that they're even in the field and are ready to go down swinging. We see it as a no-glam game against a no-name school, but they're jacked up that they get a chance to take down KU. We have to match their enthusiasm otherwise we've seen what can happen.

Come on guys! Find some swag! No mercy. Rip their frickin hearts out. Either you do it or they're going to tear yours out. Win or go home. You can't wait until the Elite 8 or Final 4 to get excited to play, it could be too late.

jaybate 10 years ago

You are exactly correct. More emotion. And Self will dial it up for Illinois, as surely as he dialed it down for BU.

Redlandsjhawk 10 years ago

I have never been critical of Coach Self before but come on, your actions have to match your words if you don't want to send a mixed signal. You tell them all week to be loose them you post an article on them choking last year in their lockers??? Does anyone else see the contradiction there? You may not want to and you might think your're not but you can put the pressure on them anyway with your actions/body language/actual language whatever. Coach, take your own words to heart...HAVE FUN LOOSEN UP!! (wow look at me. I have to loosen up myself). I'm with you whatever happens Rock Chalk.

wyansas 10 years ago

Exactly. Why in the world would he do such a thing?

jayhawk02 10 years ago

I'm with you on this one Redlands. I can see putting headlines from last year's UNI loss on their lockers, if you want them to be focused and not overlook their opponent. However, when you tell them to stay loose, then put that up there, it seems contradictory to me.

Dale Kroening 10 years ago

I live in Illinois and have watched probably 75% of the Illini's games. They have a lot of talent for one, and can really shoot the ball when they are confident. We need to be physical and stay in their face on d. They have size with Tisdale and Davis down low. Davis is the more physical of the 2, but Tisdale is a great shooter inside and outside as well as the free throw line, but he's easily pushed out of the post even though he's a footer. McCamey is a scoring point who can really pass the ball, but can be out of control at times and is vulnerable to charges. When you look at these teams they are pretty similiar, both have some depth, size, and are both good offensive teams. They both normally go with 3 guards and 2 bigs. All their guards can hit the 3 as well as Tisdale, and their best bench players are Richmond who is a 6'8" talented frosh, and Bill Cole who is a 6'9" senior who can also hit the 3, and plays solid defense, but not a physical player in the post. They Usually only go 7 deep, but talented freshman footer Leonard could see time if their bigs get in foul trouble. Bottom line KU cant overlook this team, even though we are better, Illinois is VERY capable if they get hot. The Jayhawks are better in every category, but the Illini will give them a game. Take it to them Hawks, be physical, play tough D, and dont let McCamey drive and we can win this game. RCJHGKU !!!!!!!!!!!

Redlandsjhawk 10 years ago

Thanks for the scouting report. Sounds like it could be a good game for TRob on the boards as well as the twins.

REHawk 10 years ago

Coach cain't be selling any wolf tickets re instructions and advice to his team to play loose. His sojourn to Lawrence has turned the site and hoops program into the magic of a Camelot...but for those 3 early NCAA Tournament losses. I suspect that he was wound as tight as his players during that first 20 minutes of action, and that they sensed the underlying emotional stress. When the Jayhawks notch a victory against the Illini in Game 2, then everyone is in for a giant sigh of relief, perhaps even a looser fun experience in that Sweet 16 matchup next weekend.

KULA 10 years ago

Teams reflect their coaches. They'll play as loose or as tight as their coach is. When you run as tight a ship as Self does all year, it's tough to understand what he means when he says "Loosen up."

bbhawk234 10 years ago

I heard that a couple of the Illinois players were talking some trash about this will be KU second time out of the tourney playing a 9 seed. Does anyone know if this is true? If so I sure home the players hear this trash talk.

100 10 years ago

If the Illinois players really said that....

Wow. Very hard to believe..... Talk about a shot of adrenalin for our boys.

But believable. Kids say the craziest things in this day & age of trash talk.

Webber has to be ticked off if this happened. No need to give KU more reason to go out there fired up with something to prove....

Will we see the triple post tomorrow, with Kief & Marcus hedging back & forth between the iron & the 3 point line, with Robinson sealing things up inside?

Will we just put Kief, Marcus, Trobb & Withey at the corners of the paint & let Taylor dish it to the elbow every play to punish their compact zone?

Of course we won't... That's only something you dream up in a bar on a napkin & only works if Chamberlain & Manning are on your team...

So what will we do?

We're gonna run the same stuff we've run all year. 90% of these Jayhawk contests throughout the year there has been a bunch of happy fans on these boards.

But if our guys don't get our warmup shots in before the game.... That's when the real complaining starts.... And even then, we still win some of these contests by 20 points, playing & practicing the style that will win us a championship.... Where other teams (cough UNC... Take the approach of allowing a 15th seed to score nearly 90 points).

It's all about being warmed up & psyched up properly. The twins O & team D are the key. We all saw what happens when we dedicate ourselves to real long range D yesterday.

The other thing is.... Give BU credit. That was a very very good team we saw yesterday. Great size inside. Great handlers & passers & shooters. Pretty good inside D.

So against Illinois, let's just have some fun. A challenge is fun.

Schematically we might change a thing here & there because they will have height advantage at one spot.

If it's such a big deal...

We can, in theory, have height advantage at the other 4 spots. But again, we are a team that is very dangerous in the eyes of an opposing coach... At all 5 spots. So we won't see any crazy lineup change like that tomorrow. Possibly see Withey unbundle a couple minutes to challenge their 7 footer (I thought Withey has really been coached up well by Manning, he looked really focused yesterday).

And Selby will get his chance to impact the game again.... If the point differential changes in a positive manner while he's in.... Illinois could very well be in deep trouble.... That's where they are susceptible, is a slashing guard who knows how to avoid the charge & score or dish for a dunk.

We make Illinois run around with their heads on a swivel enough.... It could very well be a very enjoyable game for Jayhawk nation....

We just need to go out there, have some fun (do some sprints & dance around before the game for crying out loud, get that blood flowing!!!!!!) & play intense clean D, which is the catapult to beautiful Jayhawk basketball on the other end.....




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