Baylor defeats Kansas, 86-51

  • 11 a.m., March 9, 2011
  • Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, MO

Originally published March 9, 2011 at 12:43p.m., updated March 9, 2011 at 11:56p.m.

KU women clobbered by Baylor at Big 12 tourney, 86-51

KU sophomore Carolyn Davis looks for a shot against Baylor defenders Brittney Griner and Melissa Jones. Davis scored six points during the quarterfinals of the Big 12 Women's Basketball Tournament in Kansas City, Mo., March 9, 2011.

KU sophomore Carolyn Davis looks for a shot against Baylor defenders Brittney Griner and Melissa Jones. Davis scored six points during the quarterfinals of the Big 12 Women's Basketball Tournament in Kansas City, Mo., March 9, 2011.


New game. Same result. Totally different story.

Seven weeks after being slapped around by Baylor at home, the Kansas University women’s basketball team suffered another blowout loss at the hands of the Bears in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 tournament Wednesday at Municipal Auditorium.

The scores of the games were not all that different. Baylor topped KU, 86-51, on Wednesday, a four-point improvement for the Jayhawks from January’s 76-37 loss at Allen Fieldhouse. But just because the scores were similar does not mean that the effort was. In the first meeting, the Jayhawks lay down and let the Bears walk all over them. In this one, KU showed up and played hard but simply was done in by Baylor’s superior talent.

“Yeah, it’s still disappointment,” KU coach Bonnie Henrickson said. “Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. But I felt like we competed. I watched that (first game) late last night, and it made me sick. I didn’t sleep. We had no fight, we had nothing. We just let it happen. (Today’s) result was the same, but it felt different.”

The Jayhawks displayed plenty of fight early on and actually held a 7-5 lead at one point. But Baylor, behind the dominant defense of Brittney Griner and a devastating transition game, answered KU’s hot start with a 12-0 run and spent the rest of the afternoon running away from the Jayhawks. By halftime, Baylor led 43-19. With eight minutes remaining, the lead was up to 69-32 and, from there, the only thing left to determine was whether the final margin of victory would be worse than the first time these two met. It wasn’t and that’s a credit to the way the Jayhawks approached the rematch.

“We all talked about coming in the game and being aggressive,” said sophomore guard Monica Engelman, who led KU with 16 points. “I think I tried to keep up with that goal and (those) expectations.”

Kansas also got big games from freshman forward Tania Jackson (12 points, 5 rebounds on 5-of-8 shooting), senior forward Krysten Boogaard (8 points, 7 rebounds) and sophomore point guard Angel Goodrich (7 points, 7 assists). But none of them were enough to offset Griner’s 19 points, eight rebounds and five blocks nor Destiny Williams’ game-high 21 points and eight rebounds.

In all, Baylor shot 56 percent, out-rebounded KU 43-24, blocked eight shots and forced four shot-clock violations. Kansas shot 36 percent and coughed up 15 turnovers. What’s more, Baylor was whistled for four fouls all game and KU went to the free throw line just twice.

The Jayhawks’ improved effort wasn’t the only thing that made this meeting between Baylor and Kansas unique. Far from it. That distinction belongs to Baylor guard Melissa Jones, a senior from Thornton, Colo., who played Wednesday’s game despite only being able to see out of one eye.

The story goes like this. Jones injured the optic nerve in her right eye a little less than two weeks ago after she fell head-first to the floor during a Bears’ victory. For the next 10 days, she saw nothing out of her right eye and was forced to step away from the game she’s played her entire life. Doctors told her that her vision would return. Eventually. Whether it would be in time for her to be the same key component to the Bears’ run at a national title that she had been all season, remained uncertain. Uncertain until Wednesday, that is. Tuesday night, for the first time since the injury occurred, Jones saw something other than black in the injured eye. After debating, day and night, whether it was worth having her play against Kansas, Baylor coach Kim Mulkey and Jones came to the conclusion that progress was good enough and she took her regular spot in the starting lineup. Her performance proved the decision was sound.

“I can see that there’s light,” Jones said after scoring eight points, grabbing nine rebounds, dishing seven assists and swiping four steals in the win. “I don’t know. It’s still dark, but I can tell that there’s light, if that makes sense?”

Wearing dark-tinted sunglasses — a precaution taken to protect her good eye — Jones played with the same passion that earned her a first-team all-Big 12 nod this season. On the first possession of the game, she calmly buried a three-pointer from the corner in front of the Kansas bench. Seconds later, this time on defense, Jones swiped a steal and sent Baylor (29-2) on its way.

“Can you believe what you just saw out of that kid today,” Mulkey asked reporters in the postgame news conference. “She hits the first three of the game, she gets rebounds, that’s the story of the game. She can’t see.”

The gushing did not stop there.

“I knew that she would compete, but to make shots, to get rebounds, to guard people... If you didn’t know (about the injury) and you were watching her play, you wouldn’t know it. I still can’t imagine that kid playing as well as she did today.”

Although not privy to the same kind of inside information about the injury, Henrickson said she was not surprised to see Jones fight through the injury and play well.

“She’s a no-excuse kid,” Henrickson said. “A leave-it-on-the-floor-every-night kid. It speaks volumes for her character and the pride she plays with for herself and her team.”

Ultimately, that was the point for Jones. She didn’t enter Wednesday’s game hoping to steal the spotlight or pull people into her sob story. She showed up to win. Coming dangerously close to recording a triple-double despite playing with just one working eye, is the way she does that.

“That’s just an unbelievable story,” Mulkey said. “It is 10 days now that she’s not been able to see. Each little thing that happens, a change, it’s like we all start hugging each other.”

As for Kansas, Wednesday’s loss dropped the Jayhawks to 20-12 and ended their hopes of making a run to the NCAA Tournament. A likely berth in the WNIT awaits, and if the Jayhawks are included in the field — they’ll learn their fate Monday night — it will mark the fourth straight year they advanced to that postseason tournament and the fifth time in the past six seasons.

“It drives us all crazy,” Henrickson said. “But we’re going to have to get over that fast because, in the NIT, those that don’t want to play in it don’t last very long.”

The Kansas University women’s basketball team on Wednesday fell to Baylor for the second time this season, losing 86-51 in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 tournament at Municipal Auditorium.

In mid-January, KU fell to Baylor, 76-37, at Allen Fieldhouse during a game in which it never really competed. Wednesday, the Jayhawks showed up early and actually held a 7-5 lead. But Baylor answsered that with a 12-0 run and the rest of the afternoon was spent with the Bears running away from the Jayhawks.

By halftime, Baylor led 43-19. With eight minutes remaining, the lead was up to 69-32 and the only thing left to decide was whether the final margin of victory would be worse than the first time these two met.

The Bears shot 56 percent, out-rebounded KU 43-24 and forced 15 turnovers. KU shot just 35 percent.

Monica Engelman led KU with 16 points. Tania Jackson added 12. Destiny Williams led Baylor with 21 points and national-player-of-the-year candidate Brittney Griner chipped in with 19 points, 8 rebounds and 5 blocked shots.

The loss drops Kansas to 20-12 on the season and likely puts the Jayhawks in position to play in the Women’s NIT. If the Jayhawks do in fact wind up in the WNIT, it will mark the fourth straight year they advanced to that postseason tournament and the fifth in the past six seasons.

Baylor, the nation’s No. 3-ranked team and the Big 12’s top seed, improves to 29-2 and advances to Friday’s semifinals, where they’ll meet the winner of today's game between No. 4 Kansas State and No. 5 Iowa State.

The pairings for the women’s NCAA Tournament will be announced Monday evening. Shortly after that, KU will learn its WNIT fate.


no_fan 8 years, 10 months ago

Get ready for post interview! Bonnie going to blame the girls! She never plays a part in it! NEVER!

no_fan 8 years, 10 months ago

WNIT. To answer your question NO! Probably not her last year either! Sad to say!

big12ku 8 years, 10 months ago

Yoo hoo, Good Grief. Well what can I say much better effort this time by KU - only lost by 35 instead of 39 the first time. Classic example of Bonnie being out of her league is the fact that she was down to one timeout (for the entire game) before the first half was over with. And to add insult to injury KU got killed by Baylor's Melissa Jones who was playing with one eye. Way to prepare your team for battle, Coach.

On a brighter note, I don't want you to leave the tourney empty handed Good Grief. I have attached an online spelling test to this blog to keep you busy while you wait on the WNIT "Consolation" tourney. RCJH Go KU!

GoodGrief 8 years, 10 months ago

Ah, bummer - that link you posted didn't work. It stated the following:

"We're sorry that the page you're trying to access isn't available. That may mean that the link was moved but what you clicked on still has an old link, or it could mean you misspelled the address you're trying to access"

Maybe you misspelled the link's address as well? It must be difficult to bother with spelling when one is so giddy after their team loses...

In all seriousness, I did go to the game today, and was disappointed with the pathetic showing by KU fans. Baylor's supporters outnumbered us by about 10 to 1, and Waco is a good 10 hour drive from Kansas City (and they don't have a ton of alums living in the KC area, either). I agree with you - it was a very disappointing game. Things need to improve...

big12ku 8 years, 10 months ago

Hmmm. Don't know why you couldn't access the link. It worked just fine for me. More often than not its the user and not the software, but I digress.

The Baylor fans have something to look forward to going to the games as opposed to KU. And you're right KU is my team even in defeat. Giddy is not the right word. I already knew the outcome before the game was ever played. I think you and a few others were the only ones in denial.

You mentioned that things need to improve, any suggestions? Oh, and you know I'm a giver so tell me how many words are misspelled in the sentence below:

Thiss iz uh blaug know won kares abott speling.

no_fan 8 years, 10 months ago

lol! big12ku I swear I look forward to your postings! I am not going to miss anything about this season except you when this is all over! lol

GoodGrief 8 years, 10 months ago

You know, if it were just a spelling issue then your comment wouldn't have raised my ire. Unfortunately, you used a completely irrelevant (and incorrect) word in your "witty" and demeaning description of the WNIT tournament.

I guess I felt compelled to respond because you, big12ku, are very indicative of the typical "Monday Morning Quarterback" mentality that thrives on these message boards. It must be so hard to criticize Coach Henrickson and her staff from the comfort of your anonymous online persona. But hey, if you were in charge I'm sure you could turn the KU women's program into a perennial National Title contender overnight. After all, you probably know tons about recruiting, and wouldn't have any problems coaching head-to-head against the likes of Kim Mulkey or Sherri Coale on a yearly basis.

To the simple, all things are simple. That's why seemingly everyone on these boards feels that the KU women will miraculously experience success that parallels the men's program as soon as Bonnie is fired. Unfortunately, it will take time to build a dynasty in arguably the most talented conference in the nation (even without Henrickson as coach).

Here's a novel idea: instead of waiting for Sheahon Zenger to pore over your every post on this website (which I'm SURE he does, by the way), take some initiative and submit your application to the Athletic Department so that you can be our next coach. When you turn the program around, I'll be the first one writing the KUAD a big fat check so they can put a statue of you next to Phog outside the Fieldhouse. Until then, I'm not going to waste any more time reading the drivel on these message boards.

big12ku 8 years, 10 months ago

Well Good Grief I would tell you that I'm sorry to see you go but I'd be lying. You seem to let things get under your skin as evidenced by your latest response, and a blog is not for the sensitive at heart. A blog is a place where everybody has a voice.

And no one on this blog thinks that a program can be built overnight. Henrickson has had 7 years to show us what she is made of and she has failed. At the end of the day it's about the program and not about Bonnie Henrickson and it would behoove you and Bonnie to remember that.

Oh, thanks for the suggestion that I apply for the coaching job, however, I don't have the experience to coach at the college level and have been honest about my abilities from the start. Wouldn't it be great if Bonnie were as honest?

Now, since you won't be reading the blogs anymore and have a little extra time on your hands would you mind helping me grade my kid's spelling tests? Send me your email address and I will scan the documents in to you.

Bloggers let's have a moment of silence for Good Grief has left the building.

no_fan 8 years, 10 months ago

lmbo!!!!! big12ku now you know Goodgrief was waiting on a response and has read it. He/She may say something about me writing lmbo! (laugh my butt off)!

Dyrk Dugan 8 years, 10 months ago

very disappointing to not even be on the same floor with them. i mean 43-19 at the half says it all. i think we were down 31-7 to them in Allen Fieldhouse earlier this year.....i mean, i'm not expecting a win against this stellar club, but definitely more competitive.

i said at the beginning of the year...when KU was hot, and winning some pre conference games.....kudos to the lady Jayhawks, but let's wait for the Big 12 season. Bonnie's best league record was 6-10 before this year...and that's all we could muster again.

the last week of the season, i said Bonnie, to keep her gig, needed to go 1-1...and she couldn't do it. the problem now is, with 20 wins, she WILL go to the WNIT again, and a deep run could be she will stay.

i'll say this now...and will repeat next year, (God willing.) nothing short of 9-9 or better in the league, she keeps her job...and that includes if she's 22-9 or 23-9. it's been at least 11 years since we had a winning league record...and with us now going home and home with folks, and CU and NU are out of the mix (we were 4-1 against those two schools this year), then the deal is tougher, but so what? next year, will be her eighth's time. it's a decent group of players, and we're YOUNG. so let's get 'er goin.

milehighhawk 8 years, 10 months ago

Eight years is way too long to accept mediocrity, especially at an institution with such a high potential ceiling for the women's team.

She has resources most women's coaches could only dream of and has failed to win more than 6 conference games in her career here.


big12ku 8 years, 10 months ago

And let's not forget folks the schedule is going to be tougher next year with KU having to play the teams in the south twice. I agree with you milehighhawk KU has the best facilities, the best trainers, the money, tradition, the best fans, etc. etc. If Dr. Zenger would just buy into the fact that the women's team could be just as great as the men's team and then go out and bring in the right coaches to make that happen. There is no reason KU should not be able to compete.

Again, it starts at the top. Henrickson seems to be okay with mediocrity and she is teaching it to her team. The school, the fans, the team deserves better. Bonnie, you need to take a good look in the mirror and be true to yourself and the game and admit you're not the right fit for this program and ride off in the sunset. Do the right thing for once, Coach.

kubiggestfan 8 years, 10 months ago

Wow, Baylor twice, OU Twice, Texas Twice, Tech (Who is steadily improving) Twice.....say no more!

no_fan 8 years, 10 months ago

This is the best part of what you said big12ku:

"Again, it starts at the top. Henrickson seems to be okay with mediocrity and she is teaching it to her team".

They will be satisfied to win the WNIT if they make it that far! Content with the TOs, no defense, and continue to play the same players who is not producing, etc....

big12ku she is not going anywhere on her own!

KU 8 years, 10 months ago

Bonnie must go. I've been saying it for several years. Where are her apologists now? Not a single one is backing her here. THAT is the first time and that is the sign that she has lost all support. She's a nice woman and a good ambassador for the University, but you have to win, period.

LeBo 8 years, 10 months ago

Good idea to put Davis and Boogard in at the same time. WNIT we humbly request a bid.

kubiggestfan 8 years, 10 months ago

A little late don't you think? Always thought Kristen should have gotten more minutes than allowed. Could have easily been the difference in the outcome of some games for sure.

Brian Conrad 8 years, 10 months ago

Hope the new AD reads the comments. FIRE this coach! she makes a ton of money and looses .. not just looses but gets killed AND to teams they should beat.. of course not Baylor, but she has had many years and this team not even having one up year . She needs to go

Brian Conrad 8 years, 10 months ago

KU men's team helps recruiting IF we had a coach. great high school women players have heard of KU! opens the door. not saying they will recruit like U Conn. Baylor proves you are 2 players away from NCAA bid at least. womens ball 3 real good players and GREAT coach + tourney bid

KGphoto 8 years, 10 months ago

Why isn't KU the preeminent women's college program? Honestly.

Tom Shelton 8 years, 10 months ago

All you posters are crazy, the program is getting better and the young talent will shine next year. This conference is very strong and it will take a slow building process to catch up with the top 5 to 6 teams. Look at Texas with their high prise coach who has been touted as a very good coach from Duke, they barely finished above KU, Most posters think the success of the men's program automatically translates to success in the women's program. Not necessarly so. Watch for next year, you will be happy.

kchawk18 8 years, 10 months ago

Texas has made three consecutive NCAA appearances since Coach G. came to their program. They also have a pretty good shot at making the tournament this year in spite of their loss to A&M yesterday. Coach G. also makes less money than Coach Henrickson.

Furthermore, conference play will get increasingly difficult next year for the Hawks. We will now have to face the south teams twice. We have already seen what two meetings with Baylor looks like. I can't imagine what will change to make that a prettier picture. Also, two of the teams we defeated this year are now no longer a part of the Big 12.

The conference is tough for all of the teams and coaches, somehow other programs, notably KSU with lesser talent, find a way to survive and advance to something other than the WNIT.

no_fan 8 years, 10 months ago

kchawk18 totally agree. fanfromafar is wishful thinking I guess? Bottom line Bonnie need to go and until then nothing is going to change! Weak pre-conference then conference a big disappointment! Talented young team this year should have done much better in conference. All start from the top!

no_fan 8 years, 10 months ago

fanfromafar, Bonnie did not know how to utilize the young talent this year! What make you think she will know what to do next year? There was two freshman young ladies who never touched the floor and I am sure with their resumes they could have contributed to the team somehow to help win some games.

From archives: "Freshman guard Keena Mays leads the way with 6.0 helpers per game. Mays ranks third in the Big 12 and seventh nationally. Freshman guard Keena Mays is turning in 9.3 points and team-best. Mays leads the Big 12 by shooting 51.4 percent from beyond the arc." Her minutes dropped? I don't believe in wait your turn while others (upperclassman) on the floor not producing. This is a team where everyone should have touch the floor. Because they are not BU, UCONN, or TN.

Fact from big12ku:

"And Bonnie needs to step away from this notion that the older kids are more experienced and should play over the younger ones. It really should boil down to whose effective on the court. Last night Bonnie had the freshman guards on the court in the second half who went on a run and just when they were making strides she subbed them out and put upperclassman in who had not been a factor in the game all night and they laid an egg for her. It is no secret though Bonnie's in game decision making leaves something to be desired and she appears to be a motivation and confidence kill joy as well."

Maybe, Coach G is coaching the same way that was successful for her at Duke and it is not working in the Big 12. Same as Bonnie!

I will be sure to save your post in my file to re-post next year when the same old thing happens. lol

kubiggestfan 8 years, 10 months ago

You never know what contributions each could have made this year.

Congratulations to Diara and Keena on very good freshman campaigns.

kubiggestfan 8 years, 10 months ago

Agree no_fan....but Coach G is dancing right now despite her techniques. We are once again WNIT bound and it seems to be the norm and acceptable for most. Very unfortunate to say the least.

kchawk18 8 years, 10 months ago

By the way, the "high paid coach" at Texas is going BACK to the Big Dance for the fourth straight year. Texas Tech has lead her team to the Big Dance after 5 seasons.

KU WNIT bound after 7 seasons. Carry on.

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