Kansas last in Big 12 in Director’s Cup

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kansas University’s athletic department ranked in 87th place of 263 teams overall — last of all Big 12 schools — in the current Learfield Sports Directors Cup standings.

The Directors Cup assesses points for all sports in a school year and ranks all schools Nos. 1 to 263. Final standings will be announced next month.

Oklahoma, which has accumulated 788.75 points, is in 12th place overall to lead all Big 12 schools, followed by Texas (No. 16, 703 points), Texas A&M (No. 17, 684.5 points), Nebraska (No. 28, 507 points), Oklahoma State (No. 40, 416.5 points), Missouri (No. 44, 386.3 points), Baylor (No. 45, 379.25 points), Texas Tech (No. 56, 308 points), Iowa State (No. 57, 296.3 points), Colorado (No. 65, 253 points) and Kansas State (No. 73, 206.5 points). KU currently has 159.5 points.

KU currently has more points than seven schools in power conferences — the ones that net automatic berths in BCS bowl games (Big 12, ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-10, SEC). Providence is ranked No. 94, followed by Pitt (No. 105), Mississippi State (No. 115), Cincinnati (No. 129), Rutgers (No. 138), DePaul (No. 168) and Washington State (No. 256).

Stanford is No. 1 overall with 1,387.50 points. Ohio State, North Carolina, Duke and Penn State round out the top five.

Final standings will be announced on June 17.