Friday, July 29, 2011

Free agent DE Laptad signs with Chicago


According to his Twitter feed, former Kansas University defensive end, Jake Laptad, on Thursday, became the third member of KU’s most recent graduating class to pick up a free agent offer from an NFL team.

“Going to the Chicago Bears!!!,” Laptad posted on Twitter around 1 p.m. on Thursday.

Later in the day, Chris Harris, who signed a free agent contract with the Denver Broncos earlier in the week, confirmed that he had talked to Laptad and the former KU defensive end was headed to the Windy City.

Joining Harris and Laptad as free-agent signees was offensive lineman Brad Thorson, who inked with Arizona.

The 6-foot-4, 260-pound end from Tulsa, Okla., joins the Bears after a stellar career at Kansas. After leading the Jayhawks in sacks in each of the last three seasons, Laptad left KU second on the school’s all-time sacks list, with 21.

Equipped with good strength, a great motor and a good football IQ, the biggest obstacle Laptad will have to overcome in order to make the Bears roster could be his size. Although he’s not small, Laptad is a little undersized when compared with other NFL defensive ends.

In order to earn a roster spot, Laptad must first survive a few rounds of cuts this preseason.

KU rallies kick off

Head coach Turner Gill, legendary running back Gale Sayers and new athletic director Sheahon Zenger will be the featured guests at a KU football kickoff rally this weekend.

The rally scene kicked off Thursday in Wichita, where several enthusiastic fans turned out at Larry Buds to support the Jayhawks and listen to Gill and Zenger speak.

Sunday, Topeka will host its version of the kickoff rally at 5:30 p.m. at the Fairlawn Mall. More info about that event can be found at

Several other similar events are scheduled for August in both the Kansas City and Lawrence areas.

The Jayhawks report to preseason camp Wednesday and open the season Sept. 3 against McNeese State.


100 10 years, 6 months ago

Always nice to see another Jayhawk go to the NFL.....

And to top it off he signs with the Kansas Comet's team....

Keep up the hard work, Jake, Jayhawk nation is rooting for you!!!!!!

Speaking of the Kansas Comet, someone made a great remark yesterday about Marshall's speed and style of running mimicking so closely that of the Kansas Comet.... First a point of clarity about the Marshall films. There was the freshman-sophomore films which most of us took a look at. They're decent. But his junior tape was posted a couple hours ago.....

Night & Day......

We are with 100% certainty....


Recruiting & LANDING the Jimmy & Joes Barry Switzer spoke so proudly of (how ironic Turner Gill wouldn't sign with Barry).....

Bilal. Marshall. Is.........


Marshall is relentless. Complete downhill runner with beyond ridiculous Kansas Comet shiftability, where his hips are left at the fifty yardline & the rest of his body ends up in the endzone with the football. Also his junior year tape is completely different with the zap on his crossing patterns. Still his a soft nice post but his pop on the 15 yard passes has obviously been a point of emphasis.

Great job Coach Gill & staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Gary Wirsig 10 years, 6 months ago

100, do you have the link to the latest tape? Thanks!

KGphoto 10 years, 6 months ago

Interesting that he wears #4. If he were taking handoffs, he would have been able to ad the zero. That and committing to Kansas, and the Gale Sayers comparisons could really start buzzing.

To me though, I see a lot of Randall Cunningham, right up until he releases the ball. RC had the most beautiful release in NFL history IMO. Bilal does not. But the way he holds the ball while he's looking for the receiver, and the way he scrambles in the pocket? RC. BTW, I didn't see him fumble once, but he does put the ball in some dangerous positions while he's dancing around back there. I'm sure that's something the coaches are already thinking about.

Then when he commits to running, I see a mix of a lot of players. Gale? Perhaps, but maybe even more, Marcus Allen. Both those guys are similar of course, but I kept seeing Marcus. Bilal also fancies the spin move, and uses it a lot, so I see another Marshal. Marshal Faulk. Bilal has Faulk's stop-and-go, and spin move.

But I don't see him as a running back. Mostly I kept thinking he would be a deadly YAC receiver. That lanky athleticism would be easy to compare to Randy Moss, but he's shiftier. More like Derrick Alexander. Maybe even a little shiftier than that.

There. So he's a tall skinny Marshal Faulk, who will play WR like Randall Cunningham played QB, and wear #4, in homage to Sayers' #40. Hey, I like this kid.

100 10 years, 6 months ago

Here's the Kansas Comet's running style as a Chicago Bear courtesy of kuclassof2002. Should make us all proud to be Jayhawks. Best running back the NFL has ever seen:

KGphoto 10 years, 6 months ago

Here's a look at the kind of QB that we can't quite get yet.

Bilal is nice. But Jameis is twice as nice. He can throw 20 yard darts on the run, and launch 60 yard missiles falling backwards. At 6'4" 200, he has the 4.5 speed to run past a linebacker, but seems to prefer running them over instead. Just when you catch your breath, he's 40 yards downfield throwing a block that finishes a TD run.

Every team with BCS hopes has an offer on the table. Even Baylor and Vanderbilt have an offer out. Kansas does not. But this is the kind of guy I'm hoping to go after. At least I'd like to see KU on this ridiculous list of takers, just to show that we're serious about getting back to the BCS.

I'm not bagging TG's recruiting for a moment. He's doing great work, and getting improbable recruits. But what could it hurt to extend an offer? He's TG's dream QB! I mean, we could make the jump to hyper-space and begin contending immediately, if somehow he decided to take a chance on a guy like Gill.

Believe, right?

number1jayhawker 10 years, 6 months ago

No reason to waste any more time and resources on the kid. I heard he told KU, thanks but no thanks.

100 10 years, 6 months ago

Kansas fans are great. Whether a coach, a player, a fan or an ahperse, this is where being part of a program is fun. We. Have. An. Amazing. Recruiter. This is what wins championships. So as a football fanbase that has been through great years as well as turmoil, isn't it time to start "Believing"....

I watched that quarterback you posted. I agree he looks great. Many think Alabama bound. A few think OU bound. Now I'm going to post one for you. Here's the tape of our newest recruit, Marshall as mostly a Junior (keep in mind he was injured most of last season).

Now let's all take a look at this new film. Then compare it to the QB you posted about.

Again your guy is heads and heels above most and I love those 60 yard bombs. But take a look at Marshall too in his Junior season. On film, he runs like Sayers as another pointed out. It's that 0-250 speed & tossing your hipbones into the turf while staying in ninth gear, only to retrieve them after the TD that is most incredible to me about Marshall. I might be wrong but from his junior film Marshall looks faster: Watch how many times Marshall gets caught from behind and also note the improvement of arm strength. What Marshall certainly doesn't have (yet) is the 60 yard bomb off his back foot... But man the kid flies as a Junior!!!

Dirk Medema 10 years, 5 months ago

Gill was ripped last year when he went for improbable recruits. Hmm. That being said, he is still going after some top recruits. Maybe not this one, but there are others that still have us on their list.

onlylookin2score 10 years, 6 months ago

We can recruit..recruit..recruit all day long.

What we the coaches need to be most focused on is notching more wins in our belt so that the program can halfway sell itself. Don't get me wrong, this past and the present recruiting seasons have been just...overwhelming considering the basement company standing KU football was in last season.

I just worry that if we can't get at least 2-3 quality Big XII wins, our recruiting gods will not be smiling.

onlylookin2score 10 years, 6 months ago

Sorry. Didn't mean "we the coaches" just meant "the coaches"

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