Kansas defeats Baylor, 85-65

  • 8:30 p.m., Jan. 17, 2011
  • The Ferrell Center, Waco, TX

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twin-spired: Marcus and Markieff Morris lead ‘beautiful’ showing against Baylor

Kansas forward Marcus Morris (22) fades for a bucket in front of the Baylor defense during the first half. Morris had 25 points in the Jayhawks’ 85-65 victory over the Bears on Monday in Waco, Texas.

Kansas forward Marcus Morris (22) fades for a bucket in front of the Baylor defense during the first half. Morris had 25 points in the Jayhawks’ 85-65 victory over the Bears on Monday in Waco, Texas.


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KU coach Bill Self

Kansas coach Bill Self talks to reporters following the Jayhawks' 85-65 victory over Baylor on Jan. 17, 2011.

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— It’s tough to find the right words to describe the ultra-productive, utterly dominant play of Kansas University’s basketball team in the first half of Monday’s 85-65 victory at Baylor.

So let the No. 2-ranked Jayhawks (18-0 overall, 3-0 Big 12) paint the picture of a half in which they hit 79.3 percent of their shots in building a 53-32 lead over a Baylor team (12-5, 2-2) that had won 15 straight games in Ferrell Center.

“Beautiful. I don’t think we could have played any better,” freshman guard Josh Selby said of KU’s best shooting half in the Bill Self era — the most accurate overall performance in a half since an 85-percent outing versus Missouri on Jan. 19, 1991, in Lawrence.

“I wouldn’t say ‘perfection,’ but ‘close to perfection,’’’ noted junior forward Marcus Morris, who hit six of seven first-half shots, for 13 points

His brother, Markieff, iced seven of seven shots for 15 points as KU knocked down 23 of 29 attempts and five of nine from three-point range in the first half.

“Efficient,” chimed in head coach Bill Self, agreeing with a reporter who chose the word, “improbable.”

“Very improbable, especially when the other team plays zone,” Self added after KU shredded the Bears’ 2-3 zone.

Self said his Jayhawks were “zoned in better than at any time this year.”


Well, Marcus Morris said the Jayhawks were playing angry in response to Saturday’s 63-60 victory over Nebraska.

The players, he said, felt the reaction amid KU nation was that the Jayhawks were fortunate to be undefeated and might be headed for a loss soon.

“I definitely feel we have something to prove every game,” said Marcus, who finished with 25 points off 10-of-14 shooting while his brother had 19 points off 9-of-10 shooting. KU as a team finished at 62.5 percent to Baylor’s 48.8 mark.

“I feel like nobody gives us credit. I feel those games that were close this year, people really thought we were supposed to lose those games. There was a lot of talk how we’d come down here and lose,” Marcus added. “We keep those things to ourselves. We’re a big family team. I love my guys. We go out and play hard every night.”

It was speculated the Jayhawks also might have been upset in a pre-game video which showed highlights from Baylor’s 55-7 football victory over KU last fall. The video also showed the end of KU’s second-round NCAA Tournament loss to Northern Iowa while highlighting the fact Baylor made the Elite Eight.

“I didn’t see that,” Marcus Morris said. “Hey, there’s only one Northern Iowa. I’m going to tell you that it’s only going to happen once.”

Finally, there was speculation the Jayhawks were upset at some BU student fans who yelled insults before the game and shouted things at the KU bench throughout.

Selby, who scored 12 points with three assists and three turnovers in 29 minutes, playfully spoke to one fan leaving the court at halftime. He uttered the words, “It’s over,” to the fan.

“I said that at halftime and after the game, too,” Selby said with a smile. “It didn’t upset me. I just wanted to keep my focus. Fans will always give me a hard time. It’s over with. We played well to beat a good team tonight.”

The Jayhawks led just 16-15 with 12:55 remaining in the first half, then played near-perfect ball the rest of the session.

KU officials said it marked KU’s best shooting performance in a half in a road game at least since the 1989-90 season when in-depth records were starting to be kept.

“That was by far as well as we’ve played in a half,” Self said. “In the second half (during which BU cut the gap to 12, getting no closer than that), when they went with that little 3/4 zone press, we were content to get it across instead of attacking.

“This might sound bad, but this is the most ready team that we’ve had play this year. Going through the locker room, our energy, all the guys on the same page, our focus. That’s something we’ve struggled with. We even struggled with it in the second half, certainly for 20 minutes we had it.”

KU was outscored 33-32 the second half.

Kansas will meet Texas in a 3 p.m. tipoff Saturday in Allen Fieldhouse.

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2010-11 KU men's basketball timeline


Bear86 3 years, 2 months ago

Baylor Beat Down! As noted in the article above this was the best 1/2 in the Self era. Maybe we should invite NBA scouts and GM's to every game. Great win! F-Texas!!


jaybate 3 years, 2 months ago


Another inspired headline.

Rock Chalk!


100 3 years, 2 months ago

Over the course of this season it appears we've moved up a full four notches towards the record that is rightfully ours...

UK is 14-4 KU is 18-0

Keep passing the ball like lasers Jayhawks & help us get back the alltime record!!!!!!


MrPilot 3 years, 2 months ago

Hey KY_Cats! How 'bout them Wildcats, eh!?


ku_tailg8 3 years, 2 months ago

Kudos! to the LJWorld. I tried to read an article about the game at the Waco newspaper and they wanted to charge money. What a joke! Way to go guys for keeping this free and allowing us KU fans to follow our team! :)


Redlandsjhawk 3 years, 2 months ago

As much as I loved the game last night the thing that pleases me the most is Marcus' quote about UNI that "it's only going to happen once." That's what I've been waiting to hear.


Kye Clark 3 years, 2 months ago

A couple of pretty funny articles on regarding the struggles of both K-State and UNC. Yeah yeah we should all root for K-State to be better because a better K-State is better for KU. Regardless, the article makes me laugh at how Frank Martin says (of his team's pre-season expectations) "Who says it wasn't supposed to be this way for us? You never asked me. You said it, not me. If you would have asked me, I would have told you we're young and we're going to go through some bumps on the road here." They're young? Maybe, but as he goes on to ramble about losing players of the ilk of Luis Colon, it perfectly illustrates why they are K-State and we are KU, why Frank Martin may be an entertaining figure, but Bill Self is the man. We lost 2 NBA lottery picks and the all-time winningest player in school history, and you're blaming losing Luis Colon as part of the reason you're 1-3 in conference play? Awesome.


dynamitehawk 3 years, 2 months ago

Life is too short to obsess on the negatives. For instance, I could look in the mirror every morning and shout, "dynamite!!! You're a fat bald retard!!!!" But what would that accomplish?

I suppose my point is that mostly the comments on this site are positive (or at least not mean-spirited), funny, and thought-inspiring. Here's to more of that.


IBRONNIEB 3 years, 2 months ago

When you have a coach who teaches you how to attack a defense, and you listen, and are motivated to play, and you also execute, it is amazing what can happen. It was a pleasure to watch KU working through the twins, simply destroy Baylor' s defense. And God forbid, have Bobby Knight actually make sense last night, as well. This was the Kansas team that should be ranked as high as they are. Focus is a powerful thing if you have it, to go along with your motivation. The team we saw last night, could very well be in the Final Four. Very proud to be a Jayhawk Fan.


Steve Gantz 3 years, 2 months ago

To those of you too young to remember, the first half of the 88 championship game against Oklahoma, you watched it last night. That's how we looked in 88. Of course in 88 Oklahoma was way better than Baylor and matched us point for point.


kufankam 3 years, 2 months ago

did anyone else find it humorous that bob knight asserted that KU would rather have thomas robinson shooting from the perimeter than the twins? c'mon coach, do your homework! another thing, i understand people confusing the twins... however, the geriatric couple of brent and bob mistake ej & selby for tyshawn, tyrel for brady, etc. it gets annoying when they are analyzing tyshawns play and then they refer to a play that was made by selby or someone else. espn - franklin and fran were money! the sweater party crew has gotta go... send them to espn U and give us the girl for big monday - at least she really knew her stuff and you could tell she did her research.


REHawk 3 years, 2 months ago

Hey, Nebraska! Here's another little word to pitch into your Brady reports. Winner.


ku_foaf 3 years, 2 months ago

I saw the Bail-ers leaving again before the game was over. I've been there 3-4 times since 2002, heard the fans get noisy and yell things at the KU players - then quietly file out when they get behind. I heard it firsthand when I set right behind the KU bench with the players families in 2005. I believe opposing players rated them as the poorest fans in the league a year or two ago. The team is better, they aren't.


jayhawkinnebr 3 years, 2 months ago

Well, looks like the jayhawks started to play together, its about time. If it wasn't for the forwards, Morris boys, Ku would be in a world of hurt. They sure covered for Clunker Brady. What a pathetic, insecure buffoon he is for a 5th year senior. Younger players on his own team, had to tell him where to go. Then the two other guards wouldn't throw him to ball, because they new he would just throw it back to them and wouldn't try and make a play. When is this goof going to realize that he is not a 3 point shooter. One shot and miss and done, no points in the last two games. Then has to foul his man after getting beat twice last night and his man makes the shot and then the free throw. This klutz can't guard a turtle chained to a tree. A couple assist and thats his whole game, for what about 16 mins, thats not going to win many games with his play. Little had what, 11 points or so, he is the one that should be getting the mins, not hapless Brady. It was good that, even though Withey, didn't get a mins or so, I was glad he got on the floor. He didn't contribute much but, neither did Brady Bonehead. Every time Brady came into the game the lead Ku had dropped. Ku had a 20 point lead, then Brady would come in the wheels would come off and when he went out it was down to about 8-10 points. That happened a least twice. Bench Arm Pit Brady. The rest of the team looked great, the Morris boys will have to carry this team with the help from Reed, Taylor, Little,Selby, and Releford when available.


KuKain 3 years, 2 months ago

I got a huge LOL out of the crowd singing Peanut butter, jelly time while one of the twins was shooting his free throws. At first I thought it was kinda dumb, but then it made me start to laugh. I couldn't imagine shooting free throws with that going on in the background.


Joe Baker 3 years, 2 months ago

Prove it again Saturday Marcus!! Prove it again all year through the NC!!!

You are the Man! Retain the focus, don't let down.

Great game KU! Well this was the game the critics were wanting. The scouts were buzzing about the twins!!!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU


irockhawk 3 years, 2 months ago

Theutus I have to point out that I agree with one point you made. It does seem to take a lot to get us motivated but you are way off on " our guards playing terrible". I coach an AAU team my friend and when you see a good match up zone you have to be patient. It may look like we throw the ball around the perimiter too much but we are simply being patient and looking for good passing angles to the post, finding gaps/holes in the zone and looking for a weak side shot when the zone breaks down.

I thought our guards played a great game in terms of finding angles and gaps and finding the post players. Keep in mind that the high/low looks like the pass comes from the point most of the time, but can be very effective with an entry pass from the wing as well. Our guards did a very nice job with it and they also played fantastic defense the entire night. Scott drew is a punk but that match up zone is the 2nd best in the country next to Syracuse. He runs that very very well and we made it look easier than it is most of the night.

Granted we won't shoot 79% from the floor in most games in a half but we exicuted very well last night with high % shots. Credit our guards for finding those holes and creating those high% shots. Very nice work by the post players as well for all the movement and seals they worked so hard to get as well. Best win of the year so far and that is not an easy place to play at all.


jayhawktalk 3 years, 2 months ago

That was beautiful to watch last night. Not in the mood to critique, just enjoying basking in the success of others' today - focused and intense defense, great breakdown of the defense by guard penetration, inspired rebounding (played like men last night)... Last night looked like the guys took that game personally, and it showed (thanks for the classless pregame vid, Baylor)... Great job Jayhawks.

Someone mentioned this was Selby's best game, and I have to agree. He looked more comfortable last night than I have seen. Anyone else amazed by how quickly he closes on a passing lane to get a steal? Forewarning, about to let my mind wander a bit. Please humor me... It reminds me of the Post Office's "flat rate" commercial where the family wants to return a clown doll they ordered. In the beginning of the commercial a visibly frightened family explains from their porch that they need to get this thing out of the house, immediately. The camera flashes to a little clown doll standing in the center of the living room, ~15 feet from everyone. Camera moves back to the family and postal carrier, carrier says something to the effect that "it's not that bad..." Everyone looks back to the room, gasps in horror, and the clown has closed the gap from middle of living room and is now standing at their feet in the doorway, looking up at them with an evil grin. Carrier's response, "Yeah, that thing as got to go." ...That's Selby... He's nowhere near the passing lane. Opponent goes to make a pass, blinks, and, in a flash, Selby, wicked grin on his face, appears from nowhere and is standing in the passing lane to pick off the pass. I love it. He's still a bit erratic and looks out of control sometimes, but the killer instinct is obvious.

In a game like that last night, towards the end, I would have liked to have seen EJ get some minutes as primary ball handler, but with TT still in the game to take some heat off him and to act as a release valve. I don't espouse sacrificing a win to get players experience, but with the game in hand and a little less on the line, it would have been great to let EJ stretch his legs a bit.


William Blake 3 years, 2 months ago

"Well, Marcus Morris said the Jayhawks were playing angry in response to Saturday’s 63-60 victory over Nebraska.

The players, he said, felt the reaction amid KU nation was that the Jayhawks were fortunate to be undefeated and might be headed for a loss soon."

Really? That's what motivated them?

Okay then... we just had a lucky game and now we'll go back to playing sub-par ball. This win shot up all the players' egos and they'll get a taste of reality when Texas comes to town and crashes our home court winning streak.

If that is what it takes to keep this team fired up.... count me in with the negative crowd!


kufankam 3 years, 2 months ago

paging bobbysfissure.... paging bobbysfissure....

your order of crow is ready; come and eat your fill!! what a tool! we probably won't hear from you until KU loses a game. only difference is that "level headed, rational" posters possess the capacity to still engage in dialogue - win or lose. you my friend are weak!


Ralster Jayhawk 3 years, 2 months ago

Great game, with a few moments of "wildness" by TT, which both he and Self managed. Selby had a great game except for his botched fastbreak charge/T.O. Attacking that zone was beautiful. The difference between Baylor vs. KU is pretenders vs. contenders.

Anyone else notice Baylor without Tweety Carter looked really bad from a guardplay standpoint? Granted we dont have Sherron, but are doing it by committee...Our strips and disruption-factor was awesome! On the road!

FINALLY got to see EJ drive the bucket, but he tried to assist it with a bad angle--anyone else think EJ shouda just dunked it with his left hand?

I also think we play "up" to the level of the competition. The 08 guys did the same exact thing, and we griped about them also. Hey if getting all amped-up means some jawing and emotional display, Im ok with it if the guys can produce like this. Blew up them Bears...couldnt be happier to hand that clown Drew an L! Something tells me we will be a real handful for TX. And WildBill has 5 days to prepare. Watch the aTm/TX game Wed nite to scout out both...RCJH.


Machawk 3 years, 2 months ago

What a great half of basketball and a great game all around. Last night's performance showed the potential of this team. I liked their focus and the pride they showed in KU basketball. They played under control with a chip on their shoulders and that's the pride they felt representing Kansas Basketball. Can they continue in this manner? I hope so.

Some random questions:

Where is KY_CATS1 today?

How does Baylor recruit so well? Baylor has no basketball tradition, no real fan support, and a dorky student section that is clueless about basketball. It's hard to imagine why a recruit would even consider Baylor over KU. (Thank goodness "Shady" had a dream a couple of years ago.)

I know it's early, but what were the Big 12 coaches thinking in their pre-season basketball picks? (Until someone takes it away, I would not bet against KU)

Is it any coincidence that the improvement in CU and A&M's basketball programs could be the KU connection at work?


TheWonderTwins 3 years, 2 months ago

Wonder Twin powers activate!

Form of:

44 points 14 boards 19-24 FG (79%) 4-5 FT (80%) 6 assists 5 steals 2 blocks

Nice! Me likey!


TaCityHawkFan 3 years, 2 months ago

Anyone else notice Markieff bear hugging Acy (Baylor #4) down low? Look close and Acy is holding 'Kieff! Great picture Nick.

Nice game twins!


kranny 3 years, 2 months ago

I personally think that this team plays to the level of its competition. The bigger the game the better the focus. I was a bit concerned with the amount of easy buckets in the paint. Perry Jones looked better than he should've. Thought our perimeter d was excellent. Tyshawn was a beast against Dunn. Texas will probably be the first "real" test. Should be a crazy atmosphere.


kushaw 3 years, 2 months ago

I will be honest and I may get chastized pretty heavily for this, but I want Mizzou and K-State to get on a roll (Except against KU) and win out if they can. I am pretty confident Baylor, Texas, and A&M will come out of the South for the Big Dance, but it's still pretty wide open in the North.

As much as I was completely wrong about K-State, I would like to see them turn around their misffortune. For them to finish 10-6 is going to be almost impossible with the way their playing at the moment and their murder schedule coming up in the next 3 games, but if they finish 9-7 that's good for the Big 12.

From a strength and RPI standpoint for KU I want to see K-State turn it around. Mizzou will be fine and at the moment Colorado is looking really nice to get into the big dance. They should have been ranked this week.

In the end, I still think the Big 12 has a legitimate chance off getting 7 schools in, but I these are the 7 I would like to see. These are in no particular order, but I do hate Baylor and Mizzou the most.

Kansas A&M Colorado Texas K-State Baylor Mizzou


BCRavenJHawkfan 3 years, 2 months ago

What good play against that zone. It's what many have been looking for. What was very nice is KU used intermediate jump shots as well as beyond the arc to go with the in the paint production. In short this is the way zone defenses were handled back in the day before the 3 point line.

Marcus looking very Carl Malone with the short turn around fade away.

Reed always going to the ball.

Bob Knight must have done some homework, he actually got the names of the players right, and as KUSHAW pointed out he was spot on with his breakdown.

At the expense of inflaming the Selbyites, this was one of his BEST games so far. In my opinion better than the USC game, even with 3 turnovers.

And finally, I am not sure who all the "scouts" were really there to see, but if the twins stock didn't just go up and have a dividend split then those scouts are blind.


Kye Clark 3 years, 2 months ago

And to those complaining about this team "losing" the second half...whatever. They outscored us by a single point in the second half. Big deal. To me, as impressive as the first half was, it was almost as impressive to see this team take Baylor's best shot in their house and not lose their composure but rather rally to still win by 20. They (Knight and Musburger) mentioned last night, but it is almost impossible for any team in any sport at any level to not become a little lax with such a big lead. I mean, the '08 team sure did in the second half against UNC. How'd that season turn out for us? I don't think anyone would accuse that team of not having a killer instinct. So, is there work to be done? Yes. Room for improvement? Of course. But give it a rest if Baylor outscoring us by one point in the second half is your major complaint.


Clarence Haynes 3 years, 2 months ago

Yesterday bobbyfissure posted the following:

bobbysfissure (anonymous) says… "This could easily be the start of four loses in a row. Let's face it, Kansas basketball does not have the talent to win the big twelve. For too many games they have looked mediocre. Not only is Selby not John Wall but so far he's also no Sherron Collins. Withy has not panned out and the Morris twins are too small to compete with the monsters of the midway (rebounding). Robinson is our only man on the floor. Can he guard Perry Jones? I doubt it. If Morningstar and Reed are your two best guards then it's all but over for this team. We have been fooled by too many dunks and layups. The current rank is a total joke. Sorry to be so negative. I wish it weren't so. Love to be proved wrong. On the floor, not the blog."

My reply was:

"I think that you are a bit critical of KU's talent level and If we were to listen to you, KU should not show up! To use the old saying "this is why they play the game"! We'll see!"

They proved you wrong big time! Need I say more!


Kye Clark 3 years, 2 months ago

It's early, but I want to see everyone of these clowns who were in here yesterday predicting a loss. Not that we should all be a bunch of homers that think we should go undefeated every year. Obviously even the best teams lose games here and there in this day and age. Nor should we do nothing but sing the praises of this team everyday. I think most of us nit-pick little things this team could do to get better, but amidst all of our little criticisms of this team (and some are perfectly valid criticisms) I think some fans lost sight that this is a really good basketball team. You don't "luck" your way into an 18-0 start, and predicting a middle-of-the-road Baylor team to beat us...please.

But what exactly was the rationale for Baylor beating us? Our mediocre play against Nebraska? Baylor had just gotten waxed by an Iowa St. team we defeated. Baylor's impressive body of work this year? They've beat NOBODY! Their elite 8 run last year? Simply not the same team without Ukepe Udoh. Maybe some fans were star-struck by LaceDarius Dunn and potential #1 overall pick Perry Jones. Then again, we've got some guys that can play too. The only marginally valid reason for predicting an upset would be that Baylor plays a zone. But again, it's just not the same zone without Udoh in the middle of it.

So while some of you doubters may be thinking of giving yourself a big pat on the back for motivating this team, maybe you did, but we all know that wasn't your intent coming on here with your doom and gloom yesterday.


Martin Rosenblum 3 years, 2 months ago

It would have been nice for Reed to have completed that alley oop. That would have been such a dagger that a guard was allowed to be set up for an oop.

Michigan should be thinking how fortunate they were not to have had last night's Jayhawks show up in their house. Same thing for Nebraska. In fact, this has to put some fear in the entire B12. If we can only walk the walk consistently. .


741hawk 3 years, 3 months ago

Regarding the pregame video:

Wow. I thought there were smart people at Baylor. (Oh, wait. One player killed another player and the coach covered for him.) I wonder who down there thought the pre-game video was a good idea? Only losers revel in their opponents' misfortune. Gee, that reminds me of an institution to the east that has never even sniffed the Final Four.


REHawk 3 years, 3 months ago

What a fantastic first twenty minutes of college basketball! I have been quite negative lately in my comments toward Tyshawn, and have not exactly risen to the defense of Brady. But am quick to proclaim today that those two players did an amazing job on Lace Dunn. At times, #24 stood almost bewildered during the heat of battle. By the final minutes I felt almost sorry for him, even a touch relieved when he scored that 3 to keep his streak alive. After all, Big 12 personal records are well worth maintaining in the national spotlight, even on teams which are coached by a weasel. The twins were absoutely stupendous throughout the first half, and guards did a fine job of breaking down the Baylor zone. NBA scouts might have come to take measure of the super frosh, but certainly departed with a more than positive take on the Morii.


tis4tim 3 years, 3 months ago

Wow. I was so jacked after last night's game, I didn't get to sleep for several hours afterwards. Yada, yada yada...I'm tired this morning.

What a pleasure to watch. I was so impressed with the speed of the game, and KU's domination in the first half. We did what we wanted when we wanted. Kushaw always does a nice breakdown of the individual players, so I won't try to do a Kushaw lite, but here is what I liked:

I loved seeing Taylor pick and choose spots in the zone to attack. He was a bit careless with the ball and he still makes those lazy one-handed push passes, but overall I thought he was great.

I loved that we controlled the tempo, especially in the first half and finished the half strong, unlike the the last 3-5 minutes of so many other halves over the years. I love even more that when the tempo slowed in the second half it was because we were the ones slowing it down.

I loved watching Bill Self try to suppress a smile every time his team went back to the bench for a television timeout. Even he couldn't hide his exuberance at how well the guys were executing his game plan. It was nice to see.

I loved the energy.

I loved the energy even more considering how we slogged through the NU game just two days prior and played our third game this week.

I loved Drew's quote at halftime with Holly Rowe after she asked him what his team needs to do better to control KU. He said something to the effect that it was the country's fault for saying Kansas was the worst 17-0 team they'd seen.

I loved hearing the Rock Chalk chant at the end of the game and had to laugh as the remaining fans tried in vain to drown it out.

I loved Bob Knight's energy. He is a pleasure to listen to for his knowledge of the game, but his monotone drone over the past couple seasons often turned into white noise over the course of a broadcast. He seems to be settling in as a color guy and I couldn't be happier. I watched brief moments of the SU/Pitt game with Vitale...'nuff said.

Finally, my wife loved the fact that I didn't curse during the entire broadcast last night thanks to the inspired play and the 21-point halftime lead.

I hope this performance will carry over to Texas and beyond. Rock Chalk!


Ron Franklin 3 years, 3 months ago

If the twins continue performing like this, they'll both be be first rounders.

Kind of a catch 22.


NH_JHawk 3 years, 3 months ago

We've come a long way since that "5th in the B12" prediction was made. Hilarious then and even more hilarious now.


jebloom22 3 years, 3 months ago

Wow! Damn proud to be a Jayhawk!


KU_FanSince75 3 years, 3 months ago

I was happy for the Twins. My Jayhawks did me proud. It was a great day and night of basketball on ESPN. All the teams I wanted to win, won, except I kind of wanted K-State to win. Just shows that the Kitty Kats were overrated to begin with.

One game at a time, right fellas? Texas is next. Not going to worry about other teams that are highly ranked with the Jayhawks. I have a feeling Ohio State will lose down the road and, I am not sure if I want the Jayhawks to have that #1 ranking right now. Mainly because the rankings right now don't matter.

I will say this. When the Jayhawks win like they did on the road, it silences a lot of critics and keeps all the stupid trolls away from this site. For that, I thank my beloved Jayhawks! Nice win, guys! Keep trying to improve and working hard.


JHawk74 3 years, 3 months ago

Not sure why Self didn't play Little more in the game. He had a great game for 7 minutes but the team seems to click better when he is on floor. He can hit the mid range shot, the 3 pt shot and post up inside. Maybe Self thought his size was going to be a factor against Baylor tall forwards and Center. Great game KU!


jhwkfan162515 3 years, 3 months ago

When it comes to class, Baylor is barely a step above Mizzoodle. And given that BU is a Southern Baptist school, I'd say they're a blot and blemish on the Southern Baptist Convention.


cmm889 3 years, 3 months ago

Really proud of the way the Jayhawks showed the critics. I hope they can take that fire with them into the rest of conference play

Way to go hawks.


Woody Cragg 3 years, 3 months ago

We can out "finesse" alot of these teams with the OAD's, blue-chippers, whatever, but the Big East teams put lots of bodies on you and those are the teams that we will struggle against. If these kids learn how to keep their poise when playing a Pitt, or even a Nebraska (their center looked like an offensive tackle also related to Dan Whitney), they will go a long way this year. But the trash talk & hot-doggin can't be out of control. I couldn't believe Jones' pounding his chest like Tarzan after a dunk when his team was down, count em, 21 points. I'm too old school for that garbage. Have fun yeah, but would like to see the upperclassmen do a little less of that stuff. Leave the acting out to the young guys and us old farts. We can get away with some of it too!


kushaw 3 years, 3 months ago

-The only two negatives were the "Spurts" by Taylor in the first half and the little run in the second half by Baylor in the second half with the multiple turnovers on consecutive possessions. However, Baylor is no slouch and you knew they were going to make some type of run.

In the end, this was the best game of the season by far and to compound that success, Knight had some great broadcasting analysis which was nice to listen to for a change.


kushaw 3 years, 3 months ago

Wow! Game wasn't flawless, but it sure was complete with intensity, focus, and sharpness from both sides off the ball. What a performance! Pretty pleased with the overall effort from start to focus! That's what we KU fans have been waiting for. Bob Knight was on top of his game last night announcing this game. He brought his "A" game along with the Jayhawks last night. Most of things Bob Knight pointed out from a teaching standpoint where the Jayhawks need to get better were right on. Here are some his snipits:

1) Taylor is a little "Wrapped Tight". He couldn't have said any better considering the shaky start Taylor had last night with his ball handling. Taylor had a very good game last night from a decision making standpoint, but it would be nice to show a little more consistency. Up and down game, but his positives outweighed his negatives.

2) Josh "Showtime" Selby needs be called "Shotfake Selby". Knight's analysis on Selby was right on. He does have a lot to learn and I enjoyed is take on the AAU/HS vs College conversation he was having. As Knight was saying, Selby needs to pump and go out on the perimeter. I've been saying it since his second game.

3) I was actually very shocked to see Baylor go to a man at times last night. They haven't done that in almost two years. Knight also caught exactly when Baylor switched from the zone to man. I'll be honest, I really enjoy Knights calm presence on air. Sure is different from his sideline antics.

4) Knights illustration on the backdoor that Morningstar got beat on was great. Not because Morningstar got beat (Some of you out there loved it I'm sure) but how he took the time to illustrate it for the viewers. You get beat defensively, but Morningstar knows better than to compound it with a foul.

5) T-Rob had a rough game taking care of the ball, but I loved it when Musberger and Knight were talking about his energy coming off the bench.

Other Notes:

-Offensive rebounding was awesome tonight. The quartet of T-Rob, Twins, and Little played the best I've seen them play together. Granted, T-Rob got yanked on his last turnover, but I'm never worried about T-Rob anymore. Even when he's struggling he'll find a way to make an impact.

-Defensive gaps were awesome tonight. Help defense and on ball defense was terrific on Dunn. Yeah, he got his points, but the defensive effort was fantastic on him by Taylor and Morningstar. Selby was everywhere defensively getting his hands on the ball. I love to see it. Anybody else chuckle when Reed was guarding Anthony Jones?

-The work Little did in only 7 minutes was awesome. If he keeps that efficiency up the rest off the season, Wow!!!!!!!

-3 point shooting was a lot better. Reed was great. Selby needs to pump and go. I didn't agree with 2 of Marcus' shots from the corner, but oh well.



Dyrk Dugan 3 years, 3 months ago

i predicted a loss in this game, so it's nice to see it not come true. Of course, i didn't realize that Baylor would play a pre game video showing our UNI loss in the NCAAs and the Baylor FB team beating up on our football team.....that's embarrassing since the coach had his team walk out on our pre game video last year (and that showed zero Baylor losses.)

But we attacked in this game....ATTACKED. that's how we need to play. get after it, use our athleticism and play through the twins. it's not that hard...and when we do it, we have great results. Baylor may be underachieving right now, but no way should they give up 80% shooting for a a lot of credit goes to the Jayhawks and the coaches for the hardcore focus.

can we do it again this Saturday? maybe not 80%....but a win over UT is always good.


jayhawkintexas 3 years, 3 months ago

The sleeping giant awoke and he was mad!! Great game, guys. That was pretty classless of Baylor to show the football highlights and the UNI game highlights. Beat Texas!!


eastcoasthawk 3 years, 3 months ago

You could just see some of this coming together over the last 3 games and have to say how much fun it was watching these guys play last night. Seeing Marcus attack the basket, Selby putting up a left handed layup instead of crossing his body to shoot with his right, TT and BStar shutting down Dunn. It was all coming together and I just hope this is our team finally gelling for the season. Wow!


jayhawkinATL 3 years, 3 months ago

I wonder where that Baylor troll is who posted on this site after the football whoopin' we took saying that we were going to get the same on Big Monday??? Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


clevelandjayhawker 3 years, 3 months ago

Give Danny "Assiantant of the millenium" award for the work he has done with big men over the last few years?

What were the baylor fans saying? Why was Kieff yelling at them in some of the close ups?

Really that is their pre-game video......Stay Classy waco


Tony Bandle 3 years, 3 months ago

The reason I predicted a victory was simple...everything said we were going to lose. It felt like KU although undefeated and favored by 4 was the big underdog. In college basketball that's a sure sign to look for the unexpected.

My personal highlight.......Scott Drew looking even more clueless than the Baylor players!!

Basketball Ability Yet Little On-court Reasoning......................................:) :) :)


Woody Cragg 3 years, 3 months ago

Looked like boys vs men last night. Guards get alot of credit for finding the seams and then the men knocking down the shots. Guards defense was really tough on Bears ball handlers-lots of doubles & quick switches. Wow, 79% in the first half? Are you kidding me?! The Brady bashers need to stay in the woodwork after this one. Don't think "four losses in a row" has much credibility either. I think those guys must be relatives-or just senile! Maybe they're in the same "home". LOL


fansincewilt 3 years, 3 months ago

Best half by the Jayhawks since we trounced the Tar Heels in the first half of the final four in 2008. If I remember correctly, that became a four point game before the end. It's hard to fault anything this team did last night. They did let up a little in the 2nd half but that looked like it was by design. Taking the air out of the ball in the second half restricts the opposing team's ability to come back. You could see this team putting on a little more pressure when the score got to within twelve. Anyway, great game by what is becoming a great team.


Janet Scott 3 years, 3 months ago

Terrific performance by KU; just special. The Jayhawks were ready to play from the opening tip. A pleasure to watch....and a statement to the league.


Alohahawk 3 years, 3 months ago

Oh, by the way. I doubt any of you trolls who crawl out from under your backwood's distilleries will admit reading about today's game, but you can go ahead and type in your comments anyway. You'll still be wasting your time because I still won't read your troll dodo!!!


Alohahawk 3 years, 3 months ago

According to some of the above player's quotes, the "coconut wireless", as it's called in Hawaii, did reach the ears of the team. If it took board talk and its discussion of the game results against Nebraska and the Hawks other recent games to help bring about a win, so be it. I considered the difficulties encountered in the Nebraska game a Godsend. It appears that it did give incentive to the Hawks: An impressive frame of mind to prove to those fans, doubtful as some have been, that the Hawks are deserving of their high ranking. I think Nebraska plays much tougher defense than Baylor, and this game illustrated that NU's national defensive ranking is well deserved. The Hawks learned a lot from that Nebraska game, and it carried over to today's game.

While I thought the Hawks would win against Baylor, I admit that I'm surprised at the margin of the final score. There are many reasons I've always been proud to be a Jayhawk fan and today's game is one of them.

Now, on to our next opponent, Texas. One at a time, Hawks. RCJHGKU


ParisHawk 3 years, 3 months ago

I was going to just disappear from this site because I don't want to be lumped in with the nattering nabobs of negativism, but now I see that it's motivating the Twins!

So: lousy second half! Sit Brady! Sit everybody! We're gonna lose to Texas!

Marcus, you hear me?



waywardJay 3 years, 3 months ago

Agreed. He got all 10 players in the shot, and Selby looked gassed :)

Not what I was expecting 'Hawks. Got the text at Half and immediately called from work to see what had just transpired..... especially in such a short time.

It appears the Morri's have official become leaders, and There was one moment i noticed in the first half that stung true.... Markieff slapped down on a Baylor big who was dribbling near the basket, he immediately recoiled his hand away from the player as the ball went out of bounds of Morris, and surprisingly no foul was called. That's autmoatic, especially considering the officiating crew was a particularly Aggressive bunch. hartzell and higgins have both been two I have groaned about having call our games. Markieff got the benefit of the doubt, which on the road, in an impact game in the conference, and against such talented bigs, was a huge advantage. Had he picked up a foul there he likely wouldhave had to go to the bench, thus his portion of the scoring might not have happened later in the half.....

two weeks ago that would have been a whistle on him, and likely Trob coming in.


LAJayhawk 3 years, 3 months ago

Also have to give Self a lot of credit. He had these guys fully prepared on how to beat this zone, and they executed brilliantly.

Well done, coach.


LAJayhawk 3 years, 3 months ago

"...when they went with that little 3/4 zone press, we were content to get it across instead of attacking...."

Exactly right. KU played an excellent first half. Tremendous. Best they've looked all season, by far. Not even close. Now they just have to find a way to do it for a full 40. And to answer your question, Otownhawker, when we face top competition in the tournament, playing a full game will be the difference between a possible Final Four birth and watching from home.

That being said, I mentioned a couple of times that if we controlled Dunn, we'd handle Baylor fine (in Baylor's now 5 losses, he's shooting under 30% from 3), as we match up well with their athletic bigs. Obviously one of the main reasons why KU was able pull away in the first half was the tremendously aggressive attacking of the zone on the offensive end. It was quite impressive.

But credit has to go to the defensive effort on Dunn. We let some other players go at times by not being in proper position, but whomever was guarding Dunn (TT, Brady, et al) was in his jock the whole game. Take away the 3 LaceDarius made with 35 seconds left when we weren't even playing anymore, and he went 0 for 2 for the game.

2 attempts for 39.5 minutes.

Bare in mind he averages 9.9 three-point attempts a game (and took 18 attempts when he scored 42 against Morgan State).

We attacked relentlessly (for 25-30 minutes at least) offensively and did what was needed defensively.

Now just imagine if that happened for 40 minutes.... there is no one in the country that could beat this team playing that hard for a full 40.


Otownhawker 3 years, 3 months ago

Who cares about the second half score?

Point is we kicked as*, best game of the year, this was never really a game. And another thing, if they don't go to the line to shoot 30 free throws we win by 30


rockchalkchampionship 3 years, 3 months ago

I haven't even read the article yet. Before I do, I have to congratulate Nick Krug on this photo. That's an incredible shot by Nick (and by Marcus too, I might add).


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