Kansas defeats Colorado, 68-58

  • 8 p.m., Jan. 12, 2011
  • Coors Events Conference Center, Boulder, CO

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kansas women’s basketball balanced in victory over Colorado


— Three Kansas University players scored in double figures as the Jayhawks claimed a 68-58 victory over Colorado on Wednesday in their first Big 12 Conference road game of the season.

Aishah Sutherland had 15 points and nine rebounds, and Carolyn Davis added 12 points and eight boards, while Monica Engelman contributed 11 points and a career-high eight assists.

The Jayhawks (14-2 overall, 1-1 Big 12) shot 45.8 percent from the field and a season-high 79.2 percent from the free-throw line.

Colorado (9-6, 0-2 Big 12) had standout performances from Chucky Jeffrey and Brittany Spears.

Each posted a double-double, with Jeffrey scoring a game-high 23 points and 10 rebounds and Spears scoring 16 with 10 boards.

After a close first half, the score was tied four times in the early minutes of the second half, but KU went on an 8-0 run to take a 49-43 lead.


kubiggestfan 8 years, 1 month ago

Not impressed with the win! If we play like that against Baylor, A&M, UT, Oklahoma and the likes of the powerhouses in the Big XII, we will get blowed out of the gym.....Not being negaitve, just a fact. I have watched these teams play consistently and if we are going to compete, we have to be more impressive than we were last night. Gotta get tougher on defense and stop throwing the ball away over and over again, period!

Phillbert 8 years, 1 month ago

I agree it wasn't the most impressive performance of the year, but it is always good to get a road victory and I was pleased to see KU stay strong in the final minutes to seal the win.

big12ku 8 years, 1 month ago

I am glad that the ladies came away victorious in last night's game and Phillbert, it's refreshing to see your acknowledging that the team's peformance was not impressive even in victory. Having said that - I don't know where to begin. I guess I'll start with Bonnie's Texas Tech post conference response on bouncing back after a loss:

“We did it after a tough loss at Michigan and then played Alabama at home awfully well, so that’s where myself, the staff and the upperclassmen have to lead. We just have to figure out what we need to fix, get our heads together and bounce back.”

Okay, I would be hard pressed to find anyone that calls last night's performance bouncing back convincingly after a loss. As a matter of fact, the ladies looked like they took some steps backward. There was no intensity coming out of the gate, KU was not agressive on either ends of the court, got manhandled and outhustled by Colorado's team the entire game. I know what you're thinking though - it's a win right?

Colorado looked more polished than KU (particularly in the first half) and you want to know what the kicker is? Colorado's Coach Linda Lappe was hired on April 12, 2010. KU's team looked confused and unmotivated and once again the lineup rotation was questionable. And did I hear the commentator call the team one dimensional.

Something's wrong fans. And, sadly, the schedule is only going to get tougher. Oh, but they won. Yayyyyy!!!!!

kubiggestfan 8 years, 1 month ago

big12ku, it is the younger players (freshman) that are making the difference. Yes, our center is the franchise player, but she looked overwhelmed last night (she will get hers, but she still requires rest time to regroup as well in order to be effective throughtout the entire game for the team to be successful)....being overworked/over utilized, when clearly the lone post Senior that could replace her came in and made a big difference - only to be pulled out of the game. Can't figure it out! I just hope that Senior is rewarded with getting in the 1000 point club, as this team does not look happy at all. Not the look of a team that has one of the greatest starts in school history, look at their faces..............Makes me say mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

ShockNAwe 8 years, 1 month ago

It's a road victory in the Big 12. Jeez, give 'em a break!

big12ku 8 years, 1 month ago

ShockNAwe, I want to apologize if my post in response to your post offended you. That was not my intention just having a little fun. The last thing I want or the team needs is to let these blogs get out of hand. I will put more thought into my responses moving foward. My sincerest apologies. And I agree with you a road victory in the Big 12 is great.

big12ku 8 years, 1 month ago

Man the apologists come out of the woodwork don't they? ShockNAwe maybe you should change your name to ShockNDismayed and as you said its the Big 12 they don't get a break unless you're talking about the players then yes I don't think its their fault at all. KU won a game they should have won but should have won it with a little more hudzpah than displayed last night. Let's see how pleased Bonnie was with last night's performance.

truefan 8 years, 1 month ago

Aplogists come out of the woodwork? There is 1 poster on here that said anything to the effect of "give'em a break!" that opposed the 5 people that posted so far to rip on the women's team as always. You've never said anything remotely positive about the women's team, and you don't normally post on their stories at all, so may I ask, where the hell did you come from?

The women's team doesn't need more negative posts from whinny fans who don't even go to the games, so why don't you give ShockNAwe a break. Shock didn't even say that they were impressed with the win, but that's it's hard to win a road game in the Big XII no matter who you are playing. But you're right, we should have played better and won by more, the men's team never struggles on the road against inferior opponents like Michigan, Cal, or Iowa St so it makes no sense that our developing women's team should struggle against a team that before Bonnie got here would have mopped the floor with us.

big12ku 8 years, 1 month ago

Truefan, I beg to differ (and since this is a blog I'm entitled) what the women's team doesn't need is a bunch of people making excuses for them. Bonnie is a big girl she can take care of herself. Now what I find interesting is how personal you're taking the posts. I can almost see the steam coming out of your ears. Hmmmmm. What's your connection to Bonnie?

And if you want me to stop being critical maybe you should try using the word "please" or better yet how about the team start looking better and prove me wrong. And as you said there are more critical posts than anything so you seem to be the odd one out. Also, "please" get your facts straight I've been more critical of the coaching than anything else. I was extremely proud of the ladies effort in the Tech game.

I'll say this about you, you'll loyal. I am too having been to quite a few games and/or watched them when not in attendance. Now, if no one has extended thanks for your loyalty, I want you to know I appreciate you if that helps.

Phillbert 8 years, 1 month ago

In terms of taking things personally, you're the one who seems to have the single-minded obsession with/hatred of the coaching staff. And the reason there are more critical comments is that almost half of them are by you.

truefan 8 years, 1 month ago

How personal I'm taking the posts? You were the one who got all over Shock about his/her 1 comment about giving the girls a break for a tough 10 point win on the road. You're not entitled to anything. You're not a coach, and you didn't write the blog. It's a privelage to comment on a message board, but I can see why you would use the word "entitled" as it's clear you are a know-it-all. I don't need your appreciation, and the women's team doesn't need your posts.

What's my connection to Bonnie? She's the best coach we've had in years and I'm a fan of all KU sports...that's it.

big12ku 8 years, 1 month ago

I was wondering where you were Phillbert. If you're going to post a comment try to refrain from posting misinformation. I'm not the only one or leader in posting critical comments. In particular, it would behoove you to read the message board comments. They are very critical and none of them are from me.

Now, let's make one thing perfectly clear - I ABSOLUTELY SUPPORT THE WOMEN'S (AND MEN'S) BASKETBALL TEAM. It is because I see their potential (some have said this year's team is the best team they have had so far) that it bothers me when for whatever reason more often than not watching the games is a cause for concern. I BELIEVE that they have all the pieces to make a serious run at the NCAA tourney this year. That is how much I believe in their abilities.

And I don't hate anybody. You used that word not me - a word you should really refrain from using because it tends to incite the wrong kind of responses. I'm surprised at you, Phillbert. You're usually so chipper and positive. Please don't lose that sunny disposition. And finally, as I told the other blogger I appreciate your loyalty to the team.

truefan 8 years, 1 month ago

I agree that watching my teams not play to their potential is frustrating to no end. But as I alluded before, Bill Self has a great team this year, and yet they have had some early struggles thus far but they have top tier talent and are able to overcome their bad play when it matters most. The women's team has it's best talent in years, but it's not UCONN type talent. Do I think they could be 16-0 right now realistically, absolutely. The loss to Michigan shouldn't have happened either. They blew a big lead in the second half once again and it killed us. I don't think it's poor coaching though. Some of our best players are young and they disappear in tough stretches or just make freshman mistakes.

I'm glad that you are disappointed with the losses and the subpar performance at Colorado because it means you care enough to actually watch a game or look up the score later online. My point is that the small group of women's basketball fans on this site don't need you jumping down their throat for making one positive comment. Your opinion is no better or more important than theirs. They didn't attack you personally, they just gave their opinion. I wouldn't have posted a single thing to you or about you and your opinion of the team if you hadn't snapped at another poster for giving their opinion. I see you posted an apology and that is appreciated.

Hope to see you at the next home game, Rock Chalk!

big12ku 8 years, 1 month ago

Good to hear from you. Sorry for the late response. Busy day. It seems we're both passionate about the ladies so even though we disagree about their struggles the important thing is that we can come together at the end and support them because as you said the fans are few and far in between.

These blogs are supposed to be an avenue for one to fellowship with other fans, express their opinion and have a little fun with each other. I believe that everyone on this blog is a fan of KU Sports. Just because one is critical does not mean they are not fans. And I am going to have to disagree with you one more time just to kick off the weekend with a bang. lol

I was in great spirits when I posted my comments and was trying to be witty and not offensive when I made the comment to ShockNAwe that upset you. However, thank you for pointing it out to me (as maybe being a little harsh) and as you said I posted a reply to the blogger and immediately apologized.

Also, I don't think for one minute that my opinion is any better than anyone elses - it just happens to be my opinion and everyone has the right to disagree with it. What I don't want to see happen is this blog get vicious like some of the previous seasons or other blogs. I'm sure we can agree on that as well.

Now, TrueFan have a wonderful weekend and maybe I'll see you at the Nebraska game. I'll be the one in all the KU gear. Rock Chalk JayHawk. Go KU.

kubiggestfan 8 years, 1 month ago

Wow ! Let's just hope for a great end to the season for all concerned.....The girls deserve it, and so does the University and its basketball tradition.
Go Jayhawks.

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