Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tyrel Reed emerges as ‘face’ of KU basketball team

Kansas guard Tyrel Reed helps to lead a group of kids through the fundamentals of how to properly execute a left-handed layup during the Holiday Hoops Clinic on Friday, Dec. 31, 2010, at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas guard Tyrel Reed helps to lead a group of kids through the fundamentals of how to properly execute a left-handed layup during the Holiday Hoops Clinic on Friday, Dec. 31, 2010, at Allen Fieldhouse.


Just one Kansas University men’s basketball player has started all 13 games this season.

That person is senior combo guard Tyrel Reed, who takes a 9.1 scoring, 2.8 rebounding average into Wednesday’s 7 p.m. home game against UMKC.

“One thing that has happened that is very positive for us ... I think Tyrel Reed has emerged as the face of our program,” KU coach Bill Self said on Monday’s Hawk Talk radio show.

“Of course, he is a great role model. I think he has the genuine respect of everybody of how hard he tries and what he’s done. Brady, too,” Self added of fellow senior/fellow Kansan Brady Morningstar, who has started nine games and come off the bench in four.

“Tyrel is playing well. The whole thing about Tyrel that’s impressive ... we’ve always counted on him to be a shot-maker for us. He’s not made shots like the past, but is still playing very well.”

The 6-foot-3 Reed, who has 15 rebounds in KU’s last three games, has made 40.9 percent of his shots, 33.3 percent of his threes.

Recruiting: Ben McLemore, a 6-5 senior guard from Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Va., who attended Sunday’s KU-Miami game, likely will attend another KU game this season before choosing either KU or Missouri, his former AAU coach tells

“Ben wants to see what it’s like the actual day of a game, pre-game and shoot-around, so we’re planning to return,” Darius Cobb of the St. Louis Majestics said.

“Ben isn’t going to make a quick decision now that he's returned home from Kansas,” Cobb added. “It’s a two-horse race. For Ben, it's just a matter of gathering all the information about each school and making an informed decision.”

Cobb said McLemore loved it when the KU fans chanted, “We Want Ben.”

“To hear 4,000 to 5,000 people calling your name and saying they want you to attend their school, what kid wouldn't enjoy that type of attention? Ben didn't know whether to shake, wave his hand, tip his hat or whatever,” Cobb said.

DeAndre Daniels, 6-9 senior from IMG Academies in Bradenton, Fla., is expected to choose either KU, Kentucky or Texas any day now.


Lebowski 3 years, 3 months ago

Very interesting posts by a lot of people. Way too many to comment on since I last checked in!

Unfortunately... while a player is here, I absolutely cannot agree to disagree. As long as people continue to volunteer their two cents on why a current KU player deserve their two cents on the pine, I will continue to state my opinion on the subject.

If Brady doesn't read the internet himself, I'm sure a friend does. I'm sure a relative does. If a prospective recruit who's trying to make a college decision doesn't check out this website, I'm sure a friend or relative does. It makes no sense to me to let Brady, or Sasha, or any other number of players get one-sided criticism. Because of the internet, we have some degree of influence on the culture at KU. I'd rather fight and argue with people than sit here and keep my mouth shut.

I have all kinds of negative things I could say about some current KU players. There's one or two I can't stand at all, for personal reasons.... no one here has any clue who those players are or why, because I keep my "bashing" of them OFF the internet.

It's hard telling what recruits we may have lost in recent history because of the negative, player-bashing culture on KU websites. There's no way of knowing. A recruit is never going to say he chose a different school because KU's fans are a-holes. But it may very well be a reality we do not know about.

I wish everyone felt this way, but not everyone is in the same place. I can't fault them. I haven't always felt this way. So that being what it is, I must say I disagree Oakville, there is a point to it. Maybe never a conclusion... but as long as there's someone speaking out, that IS the point.


Truthhawk 3 years, 3 months ago

Just read the continuing Jaybate -- HEM debate.

I have an idea. Can we call a truce on this? I'm not normally a peacemaker but I like both of your posts and analysis, if that is possible. You two are the best two out here .. next to drgnslyer (IMO). You both bring different insights and many times say the same things, but different ways.

Truce? Agreed?

I'm going to post this on the other threads.


Matt1958 3 years, 3 months ago

To those complaining about Tyrel being the "face" of the team: I'm with ya! Why would you want an in state kid that works as hard as anyone in practice, never causes any problems, is never in trouble, is respected by every team member and coach for his work ethic, and gets it done in the classroom to be the face of your team? Preposterous, preposterous, preposterous statements. In my book, Tyrel exhibits EXACTLY what Kansas Basketball is!


Tony Bandle 3 years, 3 months ago

What the heck are we all going to argue about once Brady graduates:

1] Uniform colors? 2] Pep Band Song list? 3] Intro Video? 4] Color of Bill's Toupee? 5} Allen Fieldhouse to serve Cheese or Buttered Popcorn?

This constant arguing while comparing mental manhoods is becoming: A] Ridiculous B] Unseemly C] MU-like or UK-like D] Pointless E] All of the above

Just agree to disagree. If you don't like the post ...don't read it, don't blast it and don't belittle yourself by making personal insults to someone you don't even know.


Larry Smith 3 years, 3 months ago


My name is Bill Self. I am the head coach of Kansas Basketball. I play who I want to play. I could care less what the rest of you think. I make decisions based on what I see day in and day out in practice along with my evaluations of the game film. I want to win. I will play whomever gives us the best chance to win. I do not care what you think. Carry on with your assinine opinions on who I play and why I play them. That is all.


jaybate 3 years, 3 months ago

You are not an ideologue, because I say you are. I am merely mastering the obvious and being the messenger.

Your posts are getting longer and longer HEM, not because you are right, but because you are clinging to being wrong about more and more board rats that refute you.

I go long and short. I go long for fun and to entertain and to practice. I don't go long out of fear, or out of a need to show how profound I can be. I go long to explore language and the way it works. You appear to long out of desperation. If I have an important point I want understood I get to it.

You're an ideologue.

See? I put that at the top, didn't I? :-)

I notice each time you resist sensible counter arguments. I notice that you don't change your mind, because of the validity of sound evidence. You just provide more parsed evidence to try to refute the sound evidence, or your resort to the false framing of the discourse as the pro Brady's, or the Anti-Bradys. these are odd things to do, but they are what ideologues do.

And I notice that when you try to obscure this ideological tendency in you that you point to how you changed your mind about some player (Taylor, if I recall correctly), but I also notice that you do not change your mind, because of the evidence that someone presented to you. You change your mind, because some time passed between when you made your last assumption and decided to make a new assumption about the same subject. You aren't really changing your mind based on counter arguments presented to you. You are just making new assumptions that you will then argue ideologically again.

You finding an error I have made, or a mistaken judgment I have made, or a gross stupidity on my part, or even just an error, or mistaken judgement you wrongly "believe" I have made, does not change how you are. If I go stand on my head, swear I am a pink rabbit, and insist Bill Self is a female impersonator from Belize, that does not change the record of your refusal to accept facts that contradict your POV, without trying to rationalize them away so as to preserve your ideological assumptions.

Ideologues often accuse persons that differ with them of having zero ability to argue. They do this especially with persons that have considerable ability to argue. But what is really fascinating about ideologues is that they go ballistic when confronted with their ideological behaviors by fair persons who care about them; this they really seem to despise. It makes them use unecessarily acrimonious words like asinine. :-)

I am sorry, it hurts, HEM. But coming face to face with your ideological addiction is going to help you in the long run.

I really do care for you.

Best, jaybate


jaybate 3 years, 3 months ago

HEM is resorting to increasing amounts of parsed data, after having been refuted by what you and others have presented. He has done the same after I have knocked the pilings out from under his piers with the fallacies in his reasoning. He has done the same again and again and again. Nothing must threaten the assumed premise. The assumed premise is sacred. It is the god head and the ego anchor. Oh, and at the same time he is projecting what he is doing onto lil' ol' jaybate. This too is classic ideologue stuff.

"I am right, because I say I am. You are wrong because you have zero ability to argue."--Quoted from "HEM's Ideology for Those Too Fearful to Think without the Linus Blanket of Ideology"

But trust me, once he gets off the ideological binging that he is on, once he returns to Ideologues Anonymous and dries out, he's going to be a good board rat.


Dear HEM,

You're an ideologue.

The valid empirical and logical refutations to your arguments keep accruing, not just from me, but from others and it does not matter than you claim they do not refute you. The truth is the truth not because I, or someone else, or even you say it is true. The truth is the truth. It endures. It becomes harder and harder for more and more to ignore. The ideologues are always the last to admit to truth that is contrary to what they assume. They are still arguing the old argument, while the rest simply move on with the admission of the truth to the game space.


jaybate 3 years, 3 months ago

Dear Lebowski,

Study HEM's post closely. This one is definitive. This is textbook ideologue.

HEM is able to say who is wrong, because he knows what is right. HEM is able to know that which defense of Brady is the best among those that are not as good as HEM's. HEM knows. Isn't it strange that in this world of emergent complextity rife with uncertainties HEM knows that quite a number of persons that present data contradictory to his POV, and others that explain the logical fallacies in his reasoning, are wrong, but he is right?


He is right, because he is right.

I am wrong about him being an ideologue, not because he is not an ideologue. Nooooooooo, I am wrong, because I have " ability to actually debate an issue."

Surrrrrrrre. :-)

That pretty much covers it.

Or does it?

If I have zero ability to actually debate an issue, then why is he arguing this issue?

Maybe because this is not about Brady at all, but about HEM being right?

Anything HEM says is right, because he first assumes it to be right and then keeps insisting with parsed data that suits him.

Reality is crowding in on HEM. His posts are getting longer and longer. I go long for fun and entertainment, to work out, to experiment. He goes long out of frustration and fear. He is trying harder and harder to be "believed," apparently because the longer he argues the more facts and fallacies surface to challenge his POV, not necessarily to prove another POV, just to bring his further into queston.

Ideologues always want to be believed, because the premise is always ideological, not a rational one. The chief virtue of an ideologues premise is always that it is his. If you read HEM's posts he even talks about believing things he has assumed to be right. He somewhat remarkable in this respect, even for an ideologue.


Ralster Jayhawk 3 years, 3 months ago

Or maybe, Tyrel Reed and Brady Morningstar just remind Bill Self of his own playing days as a tough-nosed combo playing for a BigXII team (Big8 then...)? I would agree with Tyrel Reed fitting the "bill"...

Or, Self just giving a couple of seniors some respect? Unfortunately events dont allow Little to be included in that senior grouping...


Ralster Jayhawk 3 years, 3 months ago

Just some not-so-simple questions regarding Brady: Where did 2/3rds of his game go? Lockup-D in 08-09, 40+% trey shooter, feed-the-post...well he still feeds the post. Why the 4 t.o.'s vs. a cupcake? It is highly puzzling why a 3shooter would miss open 3s in his own gym vs. a cupcake? And for the past year, really...The type of game where even the walkons seem to hit 3s...

Jaybate, Ive seen alot of Brady's and Reed's 3attempts with their feet right near the 3pt arc, just like rhythm, with a nice assist from whoever, as usual, but the shots not falling (for Brady). My question is why is Brady's form different? Its not like they are suddenly taking NBA-range 3s.

Why does WildBill have so much patience with Brady? This is the same coach who will yank a player fasterthanyoucansayTravisReleford after 1 bonehead play, yet he almost praises Brady in the press conf. (ok, maybe its about his work ethic, and senior leadership, etc..., and less about on-court miscues...). Why the preferential inconsistency, coach? We've been watching you, Mr.Self, for a long time, and this is seemingly outside your own words of wisdom?

Just had to ask...


Jack Wilson 3 years, 3 months ago

(cont) You are easy to peg, though. You're the guy that didn't. That's ok. You are what you are. But it explains things and your perspective, and your insecurities .. this comes out in your posts. You're the guy that talks about it and never did it. The reason it is easy to peg is because you have no practical insight into the game. You have no idea what it takes to compete and to win. You have no idea what it takes to prepare young men for competition. Your thoughts here are an insight into that lack of knowledge. I see right through guys like you. All talk, no substance.

As an example, one of the things that sealed the deal for me on that was your asinine statement that coach Self told Marcus to get tossed from the game at Cal. Definitive evidence, I would suggest. It's not just the suggestion, but the suggestion that coach Self, at KU, with his star, with the possibility that the team would find out, with the possibility that he (Self) could face suspension .. I could go on. Seriously deficient of any practical knowledge. But theorizing? You're the king.

The whole "ideological" stuff is the smoke screen because you have zero ability to actually debate an issue. You try overwhelm a subject with the volume of your words vs. actually refuting a point. You don't assign value to information you disagree with .. you ignore it. Or you take it as your own. For example, you suggested that any comparison between Brady and EJ was meritless because they didn't play the same position (the 3). Then you later post how EJ did well at the 3 vs. Memphis and suggested how he could man that spot. Comical for those that pay attention.

And you're best defense of Brady .. the best one .. is, well, if his shots were going in we wouldn't be having this discussion. Well, great point. And if I had a billion bucks I'd be a billionaire. But I would have to agree. You have me there. If Brady was shooting 3 pointers at EJ's %, and going 55% from the field, and scoring 10 a game, and not turning the ball over, playing lock-down defense, etc., you would have me there.


Jack Wilson 3 years, 3 months ago

Jaybate: What is a combination of comical and pathetic is your statement: "HEM and ict et al will parse the facts with as much bias as it takes to make them able to sustain their wrong headed notions and the typical crux of all their arguments: A is right, because A is right."

I challenge you to find some examples of your assertion. Go back and look. I'm interested.

Actually, my arguments are A + B = C. Logic. Touchy feely folks like you have trouble with that sort of approach. Makes you uncomfortable. What you do is ignore arguments and factual points that aren't to your liking. I have never ducked a stat, an issue, or an argument. I have never said I'm right .. because I am right. I back it up with information, observation, and/or statistics. I have an opinion, but I'm always willing to change my opinion. Give me proof and I'll listen. You, on the other hand, name call and ignore arguments and objective evidence. It is your routine. And your cover is volume.

Folks like you surmize, hypothesize, and theorize. You remind of a college professor or two I had .. those that can do; those that can't, teach. Right? But with it is arrogance. Talking down to people as if you are somehow intellectually superior. And condescending. Folks like you are at the heart of the matter, insecure. You project that insecurity routinely.

But as I posed to you sometime before, on a few occasions. and you never answered ... have you ever played this game or coached this game at a high level? And as an add on, how about football or baseball .. coached or played at a high level? Real sports, real team competition? Not racing your bike around a lake. Can you tell us your experience level? Again, information helps.


waywardJay 3 years, 3 months ago

To brady or not to brady.....

I use my eyes and then read the stats from what my eyes see, and my brain analyzes.

My brain is not a super computer. It is more than often running at Windows 98 specifications. Decent operating system, capable of handling many tasks, but certainly not XP or 7.

My eyes see brady as two steps slower than our opponents, and I see Brady's adapation is being 3 steps more IQ than opposing players. When the problem seems to amplify when the players are then 4-5 steps quicker than Brady.... He doesn't get any SMARTER in those moments and then makes mistakes. He Doesn't have Tyrel's grit. He doesn't have Tyshawn's step. He doesn't have Travis's overall length. He doesn't have Elijah's leap. He doesn't have Selby's all of the above. He's just Brady Morningstar, Super Genius.

He's VERY , yes I said VERY, effective at teams with his level or less athleticism. Brady would have been 15 point per game guy at a Bradley. However, He's at Kansas.

People point to the effects of Brady in the game and his intangibles, but I see others playing up those same intangibles. Travis's defense has been on an uptick, just as his shooting. Elijah'sgrowing more and more effective as combo/point every day. Tyrel has already Outbodied Brady and Outgunned brady. Playing Brady just because of his IQ on the court at this point is an exercise in backwards progression. We still get better when he plays, but we lose the mistakes young players would make early and work through later on in the season.

PLaying Brady the amounts of minutes we play him directly hurts us when it comes to tougher teams in the tourney. Our youngsters ( IE Travis and Elijah ) in the past have not been allowed to make mistakes in previous ball we are focused in on a shallower bench. It eventually becomes Brady tyrel and our Bigs against teams that have that same level of IQ as Brady ( Great example of this was Northern Iowa )> Brady did nothing to pull himself out of the game, yet Brady did not Impact the game in ways ELijah might have.


jayhawkinnebr 3 years, 3 months ago

Jaybate, atleast I don't have to write a book that says nothing, to get my point across. This suggests you don't know what you are talking about.


Jack Wilson 3 years, 3 months ago


As with any statistical analysis, this isn't the gospel. There can be quirks, head scratchers .. but there aren't a lot. Understand it is meant to determine efficiency per minute played .. multiple items that happen on the court.. But I would simply say that this has weight. (I qualify it this way so as to attempt to stave off the "yea but" that it isn't perfect argument .. I get that). Particularly when you use in conjunction with the actual game stats, this is an effective, somewhat objective way to look at performance

The PER stats rated the top 100 players in the Big 12 (again expanding on hawksfan08). Here are how the players on our team that have average over 6.09 minutes rate in the Big 12: 1) Kieff 32.09 2) TRob 30.19 3) Marcus 29.69 12) Withey 24.09 (he had the least amount of minutes averaged by nearly 3 minutes than anyone in the top 100 .. 7.4 minutes. Interesting though) 31) Releford 20.13 35) EJ 19.12 53) TT 16.36 58) Reed 12.09 87) Brady 12.09

In looking at the above, the only head scratcher is Withey, right? But perhaps we should look closer at what Withey does.

Really, are any of the above surprising based on what we've seen? What I find interesting is that Brady isn't even in the ballpark with the others. I'm looking for the stat that measures crisp passes around the perimeter, "keeping stars out of foul trouble" per Lebowski, and kind of being a kind of threat to kind of score even though he doesn't, per Lebowski.


Jack Wilson 3 years, 3 months ago

Lewbowski: Again, I go back to the side point .. what causes you to refer to someone as a "jackass"? You seem to have problems with folks that disagree with you. Relax.

I agree, the Roland numbers from the StatSheet are numbers to be considered. But as Theutus pointed out, correlation does not necessarily equal causation. However, it may. The points a team scores when a player's on the court may have very little to do with that player, but it may have a lot to do with the player. It's tough for me to give it a lot of credence, but it is evidence.

One of the stronger assessments of player's value comes from Hollinger's player efficiency ratings, as mentioned by hawksfan08. This is a follow up to his post.

Here is the methodology for those that don't know as pulled from the college page, for those that don't know- *To qualify: a player must have played 6.09 MPG. AST: Assist Ratio - the percentage of a player's possessions that ends in an assist. Assist Ratio = (Assists x 100) divided by [(FGA + (FTA x 0.44) + Assists + Turnovers] TO: Turnover Ratio - the percentage of a player's possessions that end in a turnover. Turnover Ratio = (Turnover x 100) divided by [(FGA + (FTA x 0.44) + Assists + Turnovers] USG: Usage Rate - the number of possessions a player uses per 40 minutes. Usage Rate = {[FGA + (FT Att. x 0.44) + (Ast x 0.33) + TO] x 40 x League Pace} divided by (Minutes x Team Pace) ORR: Offensive rebound rate DRR: Defensive rebound rate REBR: Rebound Rate - the percentage of missed shots that a player rebounds. Rebound Rate = (100 x (Rebounds x Team Minutes)) divided by [Player Minutes x (Team Rebounds + Opponent Rebounds)] PER: Player Efficiency Rating is the overall rating of a player's per-minute statistical production. The league average is 15.00 every season.

Next, to judge perhaps the credibility, here are the top 10 rated NBA players using PER: Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Deron Williams, Kevin Durant, and Kevin Love. Last season, the top 3 were Lebron, Wade, and Durant. This just gives it credibility or weight.


jaybate 3 years, 3 months ago

Post Script to Lebowski:

Regarding jayhawkinnebr, how shall I put this politely?

jayhawkinnebr gets neither the premises, nor the analysis, nor the conclusions right at even a random rate.

This suggests to me some basic wiring problems. :-)


jaybate 3 years, 3 months ago

Until that time, HEM and ict et al will parse the facts with as much bias as it takes to make them able to sustain their wrong headed notions and the typical crux of all their arguments: A is right, because A is right. :-)

Theutus seems to be an interesting, anomalous and separate case. He seems not to be an ideologue, at all. In fact, his instincts for premises are some times good on many subjects, even though he and I often disagree. Whereas HEM and ict tend to get the premises entirely wrong, Theutus tends at least occasionally to intuit the premise correctly, but then bog down in the analysis.

Theutus' problem is exemplified by his response to you immediately above. He does not agree/disagree with you, despite the clarity of the presentation of your argument allowing him full well to either admit error and agree, or stubbornly ideologically persist, as HEM and ict are prone to do. Instead, Theutus manifests a combination of analysis paralysis (he won't agree or disagree), coupled with ad homming (implying you are a hypocrite) and logical contradiction (i.e., while saying he won't agree, or disagree with you, he then states categorically of your sound analysis that correlation does not equal causation). He is then someone with decent instincts and challenged analytical abilities, which, when frustrated by these shortcomings, resorts to name calling.

Regardless, always good to have you pop in and slap them around for some fun, when I know you prefer an informative discussion instead.

Rock Chalk!


jaybate 3 years, 3 months ago


Thanks for getting down and grinding it out with the aliases you mention.

I cannot believe I have goofed so, and did not compare minutes with and minutes without Brady. This is why we can never have too many sane minds around the logonasium. :-)

As you post here less frequently these days, HEM is an ideologue that has potential for reasoned thought, while ict is an ideologue that would perhaps have to go through a rigorous deprogramming process to even begin to grasp what an ideologue is. :-)

HEM has a good mind that apparently slipped into the bad habit of premising argument with ideology, understandable for a youngster in these days of logic free education, and he uses that ideology to help him organize his posts. The latter, i.e., at least trying to use something for a theme, is at least a sign of a mind that might be salvaged. HEM understands that posts benefit from conscious use of theme, or conscious violation of theme to make a counter-point about theme. If we can get him to surrender the indeologically based thinking, he will naturally adopt rationally derived and empirically defensible themes, as opposed to ideologically based ones supported by improperly parsed data, and his reasoning will shine brightly and articulately and add much to the board.

Alas, poor ict shows little promise in this regard. He is the basketball posting equivalent of a neocon vulcan chickenhawk who lacks all awareness of how ridiculous his arguments are in the beginning, and how outcomes refute his expectations over time. :-)


jayhawkinnebr 3 years, 3 months ago

Lebowski, I don't know if you were watching the game the other night with Miami Ohio. Brady is a dud for the mins he puts in. Several times he lost his man and got pushed off of his man three times, while on defense. Committed two fouls trying to stop a offense drive to the basket. Had a charging foul, dribbled the ball out of bounds, threw it away 4 times. Now what he accomplished, two baskets, two assists. Looks like for a 5th year senior, he isn't holding up his end at all. Actually he is more of a drag then anything else. The new players coming in which haven't had the mins. have shown that they are more talented then Brady. He is one of the poorest players at KU in a while. He just a nonfactor and needs P.T. (Pine Time). I think Bill is playing him only because of his dad, Roger.


Lebowski 3 years, 3 months ago

Its refreshing to say I can agree with someone Blown.What's funny is I'm not a huge fan of Brady, to be honest... just sick of the lack of objectivity! :)

I just want my anti-Brady fan club to know I'm off work and out of here... have fun.


Ron Franklin 3 years, 3 months ago

Although I'm not anti-Brady, I do believe Elijah & Travis are beginning to earn his minutes.

I believe the strongest line up has become Taylor, Selby, Reed, Marcus & Kief w/ EJ the next best option at the guard off the bench & TRob the next best big off the bench....Relaford should spell Reed at the wing before Brady does. Not only is Relefords 3 falling, but he can also create for himself. That's something I have not seen Brady do.


Lebowski 3 years, 3 months ago

hypocrisy? really? that's your word of choice? These idiots are throwing out stats like they're the end-all be all of why Brady sucks or something. I can't use some stats in rebuttal? Some stats that BETTER demonstrate how successful the team is when he's on the floor than the stats they're using?

And seriously, you use the whole "we're dominating teams" point when I just got done showing you OUR FOUR CLOSEST GAMES?!!!!! Good God... make a point that hasn't already been shot down!

I have one jackass telling me stats are a standard measure of success like a non-union public job, and another jackass telling me stats are junk and only a correlation. And these junk stats are the same exact stats that yet another jackass tried to use to prove the point that KU was WORSE w Brady on the floor!!!! Yet I didn't see YOU telling HIM how irrelevant those stats were, did I? Or did I just miss that?

I'm done owning you jackasses in this argument. Get together on your whole anti-Brady raid and decide what rules we can follow and what ones we can't... because I'm wildly guessing some of you are the same jackasses that ragged on Sasha his whole career until he carried us past Davidson and into the Final Four.


kellyrojo78 3 years, 3 months ago

wow..Ron Franklin just got canned from ESPN. Guess they will have to put someone else on our games. I really liked his coverage but sounds like he's a bit of an a so good riddance!


Lebowski 3 years, 3 months ago

Just wanted to make sure everyone got what I posted above. Here you go.

Oxcal, HighElite, hawksfansince08 (imagine that!)... did you get this? Here it is again. If you need me to paint you a picture let me know!!!! This all derived from the website hawksfan gave me. Thanks HF!

Brady is on the floor in the 10 measured games for 234 minutes... not on it for 166 minutes.

In those 234 minutes, KU leads by 123 points. In the 166 minutes without him, KU leads by 57.

On a per 40 minute basis, that's KU at +21.03 WITH brady on the floor... and +13.73 W/O brady on the floor.

UCLA > +18.75 with him and -70.00 without!!

USC > +7.27 with him and -4.44 without

ZONA > +9.66 with, +3.64 without

MEMP > +14.29 with, +10.00 without

Those are our 4 closest games....

Anything else you guys need?


duanep5ku 3 years, 3 months ago

Yide I tend to agree with you about the two sources I've seen today because it seems to me their just guessing so far to drum up their site hits I mean the sites both know what this information will do for their hits today from both Kansas and UK fan bases combined but I hope for the best on this one.


William Blake 3 years, 3 months ago

DeAndre: It happens when it happens, not a second sooner.

Replay Terrence Jones at Washington for reference.


Yide 3 years, 3 months ago

For those wanting insider info on Daniels I can't help. I would caution jumping to a conclusion just based on the headline.

Whispers: Daniels appears headed to KU

The key word is "appears" in the headline. I can't remember a specific example but I feel like has put up similar headlines about recruits in years past and been wrong.

I'm with all of you hoping we get some great news about this soon.


justanotherfan 3 years, 3 months ago

I am not a Brady hater, although I have been critical of him, and of the minutes he has played. This is not because I don't think Brady should play. I think he should play. This has more to do with tailoring his minutes on the floor to match his skillset.

We have a predominantly uptempo team this season. The last two years, we were more of a half court team because that allowed us to take advantage of Cole's size inside. Although Cole ran the floor well, he wasn't a guy that you wanted to get into transition on every play. He had much more of an advantage in the halfcourt.

In the same way, Brady is better in the half court than he is in an up and down game. Obviously, the reason for this is different than it is for Cole, but the point is the same. Brady is better in the set offense and set defense than he is in the open floor.

That's great and useful, but at the same time, most of this years team benefits from getting out in transition, and we happen to have several guard/wing type players that not only play well in transition, but thrive in the open floor. Selby, Taylor, Johnson, Releford, Reed, pretty much all of our guards are very good in transition. In addition, our three main big guys all do well in the open floor.

So what's Brady to do? Well, he has to find a niche with some of the other halfcourt game players. I mentioned on another post that Brady may need to be used primarily with a bigger lineup, which could take advantage of his post feeding ability, while also letting him get his feet set for his three point shot. Brady is a much better stand still shooter than he is running off picks or filling the lane in transition. Because of that, playing with a big lineup (where teams will double the post) gives Brady a chance to catch the ball on rotations rather than working off screens or in transition. That should help him shoot the ball better than he has so far this season, when he has seemed out of sync.

Defensively, it would allow him to defend 2 guards rather than some of the taller 3s we will see as we get into conference play. And of course, playing with a bigger lineup means there are more guys to protect the rim behind him if he gets beat off the dribble by some of the quicker guys he will match up with.

How many minutes would Brady get if he was used this way? Probably only 10-15. However, I could very easily see Brady posting a very solid line night in and night out with those minutes (a made 3, a couple of assists, a steal and a rebound or two).

Meanwhile, guys like Johnson and Releford could take advantage of the leftover minutes and give us a spark off the bench in transition similiar to what happened against Miami (OH).


jaybate 3 years, 3 months ago

Erratum: Drop that last sentence fragment. I meant to, but forgot.


jaybate 3 years, 3 months ago

It is obvious why Tyrel and Brady's shots were screwed with technically. The coaches wanted them shooting more this year and from farther out and so they did the seemingly rational thing: they assumed these guys were such terrific natural shooters that they could adapt their shots to a new mechanic--dribbling/running and jumping up and forward, instead of straight up--to extend their range and reduce the blocking of their shots. It works fabulously well, in terms of keeping their shots from being blocked. Brady and Tyrel hardly ever have a trey shot blocked this season, and hardly ever have to start a shot and then stop to avoid a block. Forward jumping when already moving horizontally also gets you to the top of your jump quicker, which distills to a quicker release and the forward motion amplifies range.

But forward jumping has just one flaw: it appears so far to have lowered their shooting percentages from the low to mid 40s to the low to mid 30s. This is exactly what KU did not need. Anyone learning to shoot this style of jump shot needs more than one off season and one season to perfect it.

With Selby on the team now, it would be better to have Brady and Tyrel go back to their traditional shooting mechanics for the rest of the season, cut their FGAs back to wide open looks and let Selby take the extra FGAs.

Solution 3: Take a game or two, and green light EJ and Travis to shoot the trey, for designated 5 minute stretches, since they have shown preliminary signs of being able to pot the triceratop much better than in the past and are protecting more. See if they can sustain their heretofore open look percentage, when shooting more often with less open looks.

Post Script: The trey shooting has to get better, and we have to have at least two viable perimeter trifectators on the floor constantly, to make the inside game work. Selby, though apparently so far highly variable (streaky) in his trey shooting, appears on the way to becoming one. Self needs at least two more--one on the floor and one on the bench to bring in when either of those on the floor are cold. Fortunately, Brady and Tyrel can almost certainly return to their high percentage forms, if they return to their old mechanics and limit their looks to the wide open variety, and, further, Self has EJ and Travis showing strong signs of being able to be viable trinitarians as their floor games continue to show improvement. The problem is solvable, but I doubt it is solvable by standing pat and hoping Tyrel and Brady break out of slumps. Someone has to admit the experiment in new mechanics did not work, even though lots of shooting consultants advocate for the jumping forward jump shot off a bounce, or a pass, especially in transition, as a means of achieving greater range. Some experiments don't work. Jettisoning them and adapting next is key.

Travis or/and EJ may be have to drafted into dutythat would mean that we would have to rely on Kieff and Josh for trifectation


jaybate 3 years, 3 months ago

"Tyrel @ 33% from Trey and Junking the Experiment in Jumping Forward:"

~Scary Point 1: He could keep shooting 33% all season and still just be shooting back to a 39-40% average, after last year's blazing hot 46%.

~Scary Point 2: KU cannot afford Tyrel shooting 33% all season, despite his virtuous floor game; or good teams will box and one on Selby and clog the lane, or play a sagging man that doubles and bumps Selby all over the place.

~Solution 1: The core of all shooting woes of this kind is to get Tyrel to take better shots, not just keep shooting.

~Solution 2: Tyrel appears to have been taught the same disruptive shot mechanic that Brady was taught...jumping forward on your J. Let this be a lesson to the players and coaches: never fix what ain't broke, especially a jump shot. I always recall Dick Barnett for person in this regard. His form was horrible, but it worked and he was a great professional basketball guard and solid shooter on the old Knick teams.

Tradition teaches the jump shooter to go straight up and start to release an inch or so prior to the top of the jump, so the upward force of the legs acts as partial propellant on the ball and so the actual release and follow through completes at the highest point of the jump.


duanep5ku 3 years, 3 months ago

I second plasticjhawk motion on asking does anybody on here have that information on the Daniels story. I have been checking and so far their seems to be only 2 sources saying anything and Rival's seems to want new subscribers to the site. So does anyone know anything new?


William Blake 3 years, 3 months ago

Brady VS anti-Brady

Will this ever end?

Brady is trying to adjust to the quicker tempo played this year. So far, it has been a struggle for him. If you replay the Miami game you will see he played probably his best ball when he was in the same time as Jeff. Why? Because Jeff and Brady are on the same frequency. Those two play best together. Brady had the great feed to Jeff that he slammed home. So why can Jeff catch Brady's passes but not Josh's or EJ's? It is all a frequency thing, relating to the speed of the players and of the game. Josh's moves are lightening fast, and he even fakes out Jeff. Jeff can't mesh timing easily with Josh, EJ or Tyshawn. Brady makes more traditional moves at a slower pace. I believe Brady should be in the game whenever we put in Jeff. The two compliment each others' play.

Tyrel deserves a great deal of credit. I thought he would suffer with the same struggles Brady currently has with the uptempo but he's fought through it and found ways to contribute. He was one of the first to make adjustments to Josh's presence. And now Tyrel realizes he can snag several long rebounds a game... credit his hard work in conditioning that helped him adjust to a different game of KU basketball this year. I just hope he starts banging down those 3s again! He needs to shoot 500 or so 3s after practice with float defenders jumping out on him. He seems to only be able to hit 3s when he is extremely wide open. Come March, those kinds of shots will be scarce. If he can learn to shoot against a charging defender he'll be a monster! He can easily bang 15 ppg!


Jonathan Allison 3 years, 3 months ago

can anyone with access to Jayhawk Slant give a "cliff's notes" version of the Deandre Daniels story?


ABeesus 3 years, 3 months ago

He doesn't need to visit either school again, it's likely for other reasons. Many reasons he might want to take all the visits he can at the two schools.

Lots of pretty girls at both. Who knows what perks potential recruits get when they visit? Lots of things the NCAA never mentions, never monitors, that many would wish for...

This is big-time biz. Almost impossible to calculate the potential $ involved for the University w/a top program.


Lebowski 3 years, 3 months ago

From my perspective... you're using that word "objective" very loosely. Its the same 4 or 5 people looking for ANYTHING Brady does wrong, on or off the court, to pick a bone about. If you are going to talk about objective standards, at least try being objective yourself. That's the whole point of my stance on Brady. I defend Brady BECAUSE I'm objective. Believe me, I'm not excited about his numbers, and I don't want him launching 10 shots a game in the NCAA tournament. But the point I have is for stars like Marcus Morris & Josh Selby to stand out, you need some guys like Brady, like Russell Robinson, like Sasha Kaun... who aren't taking bad shots, who excel at doing the things that don't show up on paper. Things people don't even give thought to like:

1) keeping our stars out of foul trouble by taking the assignment of the opposing teams best scorer. Some people view him getting scored on as yet another negative... which isn't rational. His job is not to keep a 20 pts a game guy from scoring at all. His job is to make scoring difficult, and to keep from having to double him all the time. To not foul and put em at the line. To keep the ball OUT of the guys hands as much as possible. But this player is usually the STAR of the other team. It's what he's best at, and what they game-plan towards. Anyone guarding these guys will get beat sometimes.

2) being just enough of a "threat".. Brady doesn't have to shoot and make threes as long as the other team respects him enough as a shooter. No matter how bad his % is right now, he has that respect. People aren't daring him to shoot it. This opens things up for the stars we WANT to see taking lots of shots.

3) tipping balls, keeping them in play, and otherwise not being so selfish that you have to log points, rebounds or assists.. as long as you help the team get a score, a stop, a turnover.. you don't really care.

Self sees these things. Many KU fans see these things. The people who don't I believe simply aren't looking for them. If someone is being objective, I can respect an opinion on almost anything. I don't believe most of the Brady "attackers" are being objective.


Hank Cross 3 years, 3 months ago

Tyrel, I get. But, what has Brady done to merit being called a role model? I'm sure he's a nice kid and works hard, but I'm sure the same could be said for rest of the team. And Brady's defenders wonder how we can claim that Brady is Self's pet. By any objective standard, Brady's performance does not merit his minutes.


JHawk241 3 years, 3 months ago

It absolutely has to do with McLemore's AAU coach and his ties to Misery. If you get a chance read George Dohrmann's book "Play Their Hearts Out". It documents the seedy world that is AAU basketball. Basically these AAU coaches get kick backs and sponsorships for funnelling players to certain schools. I'm not certain of it, but I would bet anything McLemore's AAU team is sponsored by the same shoe company as MU's.


Lebowski 3 years, 3 months ago

"Even if you had to experience some bumps in the road in order to get you on the right path, it is all about the path you are on. We are fallable creatures by nature, meaning that we are bound to screw up from time to time. But we are also rational creatures by nature, meaning that we can learn from our misteaks and do right. It is never too late to start doing the right thing"

Agreed. In fact.. I question whether you can be a real effective leader and role model if you have NOT made some of your own mistakes.


Lebowski 3 years, 3 months ago

"WilburNether (anonymous) says…

Get real, Bill. "Great" role models are not arrested for drunken driving on the Interstate in the wee hours of the morning. It is utterly disgusting that Self would say that."

Why don't you just go out in public and start judging every person you see. Probably everyone who's drank has driven while over the legal limit at least once in their life. Most college kids with a life have done it far more than they are proud of. Doesn't mean they are incapable of being outstanding people and role models. You tell us who is a great role model in your eyes and they'll probably tell you they've done many of the same things you're judging Brady for. Until Jesus comes and suits up for KU, I don't see how you could be happy with anybody.


Brianna Zaleski 3 years, 3 months ago

So you can't be a role model if you've made a misteak? Anybody who does the right thing and is living their life the right way, is a role model. Even if you had to experience some bumps in the road in order to get you on the right path, it is all about the path you are on. We are fallable creatures by nature, meaning that we are bound to screw up from time to time. But we are also rational creatures by nature, meaning that we can learn from our misteaks and do right. It is never too late to start doing the right thing


USAF_J_Hawk 3 years, 3 months ago

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WilburNether 3 years, 3 months ago

Get real, Bill. "Great" role models are not arrested for drunken driving on the Interstate in the wee hours of the morning. It is utterly disgusting that Self would say that.


duanep5ku 3 years, 3 months ago

Wow, another visit is needed by Ben why? How many times have you already visited Kansas?What's going on here. I mean Ben you pretty much recruited KU first, hoping for a scholarship offer to come to Kansas. KU offered you the scholarship you claimed you wanted for a long time,So why the holdup. I mean please just make a decision soon, if you want to come here why wait to give your word. Ben the longer you drag this recruitment out the worse it we be for you in the long run because you can't make everyone happy,either MU or KU will be upset with your decision. I also get you may be getting presure to stay at MU but if that's the only reason and you do have to go to MU just make a decision soon and get it over with.

This scenario is strange at best for most Kansas fans to grasp because if it's only KU or MU right now that you will choose from then Ben you certainly did not need to bring up Kansas as your dream school to be recruited by Missouri. I believe MU had offered you the scholarship way before KU did and another frustrating aspect to deal with is all the information about this keeps coming from his coaches handling the out going info on him. Kansas posters on here who know don't you usually go to teams practice when you visit? and how many times has Ben already been to Kansas or late night. I would like to add one more thing,I'm sure glad that I am not in charge of recruiting the high school kids nowadays or my face might have the same look as BlownJays avatar does at times.


Greg Lux 3 years, 3 months ago

Make it 16,000+ fan saying "We Want Ben" will guarantee a commitment. As coach would say " Step it up a notch "

Rock Chalk


bradynsdad 3 years, 3 months ago

Here is my thought. If you are looking at two programs and you are one of the elite players in the country, and will probably end up in the draft in a year or two, then think about this. The first program runs a high low offense that prepares you for the NBA. The program also turns out pros year after year. The other program runs a full court press which requires alot of stamina but no strength training leaving you small for the pros. This other program rarely has anyone go pro to boot. Now aside from conference championships and national titles I still think I would trust the guy who knows how to create NBA players. Just my opinion, hope it wasn't too hard to understand.


Ron Franklin 3 years, 3 months ago


I guess the Kansas & Missouri BB programs are so close in quality, that it comes down to whoever has the best pre-game walk-through?

What a joke.

DeAndre is going to commit to KU and Ben will end up elsewhere.


Jonathan Allison 3 years, 3 months ago

Hopefully Reed gets his shot clicking again. It seems like pure shooters like himself can be the most streaky shooters on the team. Ray Allen fr example. He can go cold as ice for long stretches, and then come back and nail 10 in a row.

How sweet would it be to have Reed and Selby both hitting near 50% from three point land?

I like Coach Self's comment on how positive it is that Reed is the "face of the program" I wonder though if that means that he is the leader in the locker room?

I also think I need to hear the context of the question to see why Coach Self threw Brady a plug, too. Maybe Coach is trying to rebuild Brady's confidence.


nicka 3 years, 3 months ago

Also, i'm pretty sure that selby is the face of the program right's SHOWTIME!!


nicka 3 years, 3 months ago

Is this the first time y'all have followed the recruitment of elite high school basketball players? You guys act like it some big conspiracy. Did we learn nothing from xavier? If he's truly a jayhawk, then he'll bring his game to ku when its all said and done.


billhawk 3 years, 3 months ago

Starting to get a bad vibe about this kid now. Another article had him quoting that he's going to try to make a decision this week. I guess this is his AAU coach though not him... Just seems like if you can't decide now its just an excuse for something else going on.


kcphantom 3 years, 3 months ago

I almost feel like there's some sort of "cam-newton-ish" thing going on. You are being offered a scholarship to one of the nations all-time elite programs or one of the 2nd/3rd tier programs.

What more information is there to consider?


Brian Conrad 3 years, 3 months ago

wish you would just copy and paste.. not all of us can afford shiver


KEITHMILES05 3 years, 3 months ago

How in the hell can it be he has to make an "informed" decision when he's been to KU numerous times and has always wanted to go to KU? He and/or his camp has been saying for many weeks he's ready to make a decision but now he's not going make a "quick" decision? Too funny! It's pretty obvious what is going on with everybody steering him another direction compared to where he wishes to go.


kushaw 3 years, 3 months ago

Lot's of rumors going on about Daniels at the moment. You may want to read these two threads to get caught up.

1) The latter part of this thread covers most of the rumors

2) Mascott addresses the rumors in this thread


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