Kansas defeats Colorado, 89-63

  • 1 p.m., Feb. 19, 2011
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blame it on ’Rio: Visiting Mario Chalmers inspires Brady Morningstar in victory over Colorado

Kansas forward Markieff Morris turns for a bucket and a foul from Colorado forward Andre Roberson during the second half on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas forward Markieff Morris turns for a bucket and a foul from Colorado forward Andre Roberson during the second half on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.



KU vs. Colorado

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Kansas defeated Colorado, 89-63, Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.

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KU coach Bill Self

Kansas coach Bill Self talks to reporters following the Jayhawks' 89-63 victory over Colorado on Feb. 19, 2011.

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Mario Chalmers, who is spending the NBA All-Star break in Lawrence, stopped by buddy Brady Morningstar’s apartment Friday night.

Chalmers, the third-year Miami Heat combo guard who hit the biggest shot in Kansas University basketball history, encouraged his former KU teammate to fire away during Saturday’s Big 12 Conference matinee against Colorado — one attended by NBA Jayhawks Chalmers, Cole Aldrich, Sherron Collins and Xavier Henry.

“I told Brady, ‘You’ve got to come out and dominate,’’’ said Chalmers, who spent an hour and a half with his 2008 NCAA title teammate the day before KU’s 89-63 rout of the Buffs in Allen Fieldhouse.

Morningstar received the message loud and clear.

The 6-foot-4 senior from Lawrence hit four three-pointers in five tries and scored 16 points in the first half as KU blazed to a 48-31 lead. He missed his only shot of the second half, finishing with those 16 points to go with five assists, no turnovers, four rebounds and two steals in 36 minutes.

“He (Chalmers) told me to go out and ‘ball’ ... have fun and hit some shots,” Morningstar said after a game in which KU hit 11 of 22 three-pointers to CU’s two of 16. Tyrel Reed (13 points) and Tyshawn Taylor (10) each hit three of four threes, while inside player Markieff Morris exploded for a career-high 26 points and tied a career high with 15 rebounds.

“It felt good to hit some shots and was really good to see him,” Morningstar added of Chalmers, who was welcomed by coach Bill Self into the winner’s locker room with Collins, Aldrich and Henry.

“I asked the guys to tell the team what they thought. The first thing ’Rio said (was), ‘Yeah, you guys are fun to watch, but you don’t guard anybody,’’’ Self revealed.

“That was his way I think of telling the guys, ‘You’ve got a chance, but have got to improve on that end.’ Maybe we took a small step forward today, but it (defense) is still not where it needs to be.”

Chalmers’ challenge surely will be accepted by Morningstar, who, along with Taylor, Reed and Elijah Johnson, helped hold high-scoring Buff guards Alec Burks (15 points, 6-of-12 shooting) and Cory Higgins (14 points, 5-of-11 shooting) in check.

“I think me being on that (2008 NCAA title) team with Mario, I know what he is talking about and where he is coming from about playing defense, getting stops, forcing turnovers,” Morningstar said, “because that team was really good at doing that. We are not nearly as good as that. If he tells us, some people might understand it and believe it more than if a coach is saying it, because it’s somebody in their shoes who played here just a couple years ago.”

Chalmers conceded, “Our team (in ’08) was more a defensive team. This team wants to score points. (Overall) I thought the guys played excellent, came out with a lot of energy after the loss to K-State (84-68 on Monday in Manhattan).”

The Jayhawks, who Self said left Manhattan Monday “a mad team, an embarrassed team,” were in much better spirits Saturday.

“It was definitely more intense,” junior forward Marcus Morris (16 points, nine rebounds) said of practice this past week. “We had a conversation, had a team meeting, and everybody said everybody needed to do their part. It starts with one person. Everybody has to look in the mirror and see how they can make the team better. We need to get better on the defensive side, so we’re going really hard.”

The hard work Saturday — coupled with Nebraska’s 70-67 victory over Texas — leaves KU just one game behind the Longhorns in the league standings.

“It’s good for us,” Morningstar said, “but we control our own destiny now. We can’t worry about Texas losing. We already put ourselves in position we have to win the rest of our games and hope Colorado or somebody else can knock ’em (Longhorns) off in the next week or two. All we can do is keep winning games and see what happens from there.”

Noted Self: “Whether Texas wins or loses shouldn’t affect how we play or how we prepare (for Monday’s 8 p.m. home game versus Oklahoma State), but we’ve got life as far as the league race. We have to win out, but there is life to the point nobody is out of it yet. I am not going to lie. I am glad Nebraska won. It was a big win for Doc (Sadler, NU coach). They needed a signature win. We’ve got work to do. We need to worry about ourselves, not what everybody else is doing.”

— Assistant sports editor Gary Bedore can be reached at 832-7186.


KULA 3 years, 1 month ago

Bill Self's offense is awesome!!! (as long as we face undersized big men and shoot 50% from three)


Vittorio1224 3 years, 1 month ago

@ Wissoxfan LOL! Amen to that ;)


FLJHK 3 years, 1 month ago

Great work all. Here's hoping to hear from Oakville soon.


Vic Janeway 3 years, 1 month ago

And I'm gonna say it again......Free throw shooting has GOT to get better!


Kye Clark 3 years, 1 month ago

The thing I took away from this game is that I absolutely loved what I saw from Selby. What I saw from him is what I want to see out of a starting point guard. Driving the lane, looking to create. How often during the '08 season did we see Robinson and Chalmers drive the lane and throw it up to the rim for a teammate's dunk? It was great to see him do that a couple of times yesterday. Even in the waning seconds when he had a chance to pad his point total and improve on an otherwise sub-par shooting day, he made the high bounce pass to Releford for the dunk.


jhwkfan162515 3 years, 1 month ago

Adios, Colorado! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!


PhogAdvisory 3 years, 1 month ago

We held both their lead scorers a few points under their season averages and held the entire team about 16 points under their average, forcing them to shoot 7 percentage-points below their FG average (47% average, held to 40%) and a whopping 24 percentage -points below their 3-point average (37% average, held to 13%).

It wasn't a marquee win by any stretch. But beating Colorado is worth more than a "just." And whooping them like we did might even be something to be proud of, particularly when you consider that we held one of the best scoring teams in the nation to so few points.

That having been said, I'm not gonna get arrogant. I want to see us do this against a team with an actual inside presence before I bust out the champagne. But this was a good win particularly from a defensive standpoint, and considering our recent defensive woes, that's definitely something to be optimistic about.


PhogAdvisory 3 years, 1 month ago

As always, some great posts, constructive criticisms, and well thought out reviews of yesterday's game. Wouldn’t have expected anything less from this board!

The general consensus from the boardhawks seems to be that yesterday was a nice win but it was “just” Colorado – nothing to get excited about. Furthermore (say the boardhawks), this game was just the ‘Hawks returning to form, not offering anything new. We should revel in our good O and resign ourselves to some mediocre D.

I respectfully disagree.

If anything, I’d say the CU game proved there’s still hope for our defense, provided they can keep the sting of the KSU game fresh and maintain their focus for (the majority of) a forty-minute stretch.


In defense of yesterday’s defense, I offer up some statistics (different from the Newell stats, so don't worry about a read-peat):

First, in reference to our opponents: Maybe they were “just” Colorado, but Just Colorado ran the table on KSU, beat a no.8-ranked Mizzou team, took A&M to overtime, and played us to within 4 points the first time we saw them. Until yesterday, the Buffs had lost their B-12 games by an average of 7 points. Barring an embarrassingly-bad away performance at NU and an expectedly-bad away performance at Mizery, they've been within striking distance in all those other games.

Colorado is a bubble team dangerously close to bursting, but they've shown flashes of talent this season and are definitely an "any given night" sort of team. They'll probably get creamed by Texas, but they have a good shot at going 8-8 in a league where the middle is a veritable clusterfu - ah-hem - clusterfudge of battling teams.

True, they have zero inside presence, not much defense, and have been up-and-down all season (particularly on the road - but then again, besides KU and Texas, who hasn't?), but they also have two of the most explosive scorers in the league (Burks and Higgins are ranked 2nd and 8th for B-12 scoring/game, respectively) and are 15th in the nation in average PPG (79.3).

And we beat this team by 26.

Some perspective: If Markieff Morris had not scored a single point, CU would have taken us to overtime. They wouldn't have won. They'd have TIED us.



jaybate 3 years, 1 month ago

"Some Ways You Know Okie State Is Next"

~Self had maintenance put elevator shoes in front of the Travis Ford' seat on the opposing teams's bench.

~Self overheard humming "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys."

~Okie Baller Mafia staff cars, i.e., 1970 International Travelalls with "I Heart Tom Joad" bumper stickers and rear window transfers from UTEP, MIssouri, Illinois State, Oregon, UNLV, Marquette, NU, Florida State, ORU, and Baker, are showing up Lawrence.

~Boone Pickens seen standing road side at I-70 Exit to Lawrence with sign reading "Will sell wind for food."

~Some one looking a lot like Travis Ford just won a watusi contest at The Bird by slinking under a yard stick spanning two shot glasses.

~Ghosts of Allen and Iba seen late last night in the Allen Field House rafters toasting Billy Boy's success in Lawrence.

~OakvilleJHawk seen driving toward Lawrence wearing his old Mattel Fanner Fifties he got for Christmas in 1962 and his Sheplers chaps that he bought to wear at a barn party 35 years ago in Larryland. He is synched up in a longline girdle to hold his viscera in, and shouting, "Yippee-yi-o-kie-yay, gallopin' all the way, here comes Quick Draw McGraw," as he anticipates his first post surgery KU game vs. the OSU Cowboys.

~Crowds in Stillwater begin annual burning of KU flags as a protest of KU hiring Bill Self before OSU could.

~Maintenance seen putting Eddie Sutton's rocker and case of non alcholic beer two rows up at mid court, so the ranking Don of the Okie Baller Mafia feels comfortable and quenched before the game starts.

~Travis Ford seen stuffing feather pillows into the back of his pants to ease the get-even spanking he is going to be given my Bill Self for upsetting KU last year with those mini-me guards of Ford's.

~Louisville's Rick Pitino annouced he will attend the game wearing Hugh Hefner style satin pajamas, looking to interview potential female assistants, and lend Travis some moral support.

~Florida's Billy Donovan has also announced he will attend saying, "Travis needs my suport, but the real reason I'm coming is to figure out how Bill keeps reloading, when I have to keep rebuilding."

~Oklahoma Carl Henry surfaced in Lawrence and announced that he has advised CJ to quit his current NAIA team, have plastic surgery, change his name to JC Henry and make himself available for a recruiting war between OSU and KU starting Monday night. Self and Travis have announced that they would both love to have CJ/JC, but only if Carl agrees to being locked down in Gitmo during CJ/JC's second round of eligibility.

~Travis found begging Eddie out at his cabin out on Grand Lake of the Cherokees, "Please, please, pretty please, tell me how this whole Okie Baller way of playing works?"

(Note: All fiction. No malice.)


William Blake 3 years, 1 month ago

We can bank an extra 5 turnovers every game and knock 5 to 10% off our opponent's FG% if we just learn to turn up the defense when teams reach 10 seconds left on their shot clock. And that doesn't mean bail them out with a foul!

We have to realize that we have an advantage when we know our opponent has to shoot the ball in a few seconds.


DevilHawk 3 years, 1 month ago

KU, UT, Ohio State, and Pitt all lost this week.


Steve Gantz 3 years, 1 month ago

I really enjoy reading the comments to a point. However when so many feel compelled to write 3 consecutive posts that are longer than the original article itself, it gets to be a bit much. Ya'll are awesome Jayhawk fans, I just hope you have a life besides KU basketball!


Greg Lux 3 years, 1 month ago

I wish Reo had given him a two half talk .. Brady was smoking but quit pushing it the second half and the team showed the letdown from his lack of scoring. When is this team going to play two halve with the same intensity. We continue to let up defensively when we have a strong lead coming out of half time. I know CO probably stepped up the defense on Brady but Zero point and only one shot means he quit trying to score and thats a concern because it seems to effect his teammates in a negative way. Yes he played less minutes but he still should have scored some points. Anyway .. Great game as a whole Brady .. Keep it going you are doing great overall

Rock Chalk


Vittorio1224 3 years, 1 month ago

Drgnslayer & High Elite Major: You two dudes need to replace Bed(B)ore in analyzing the Hawks' play LOL Defense DOES win championships unless you are Phi Slamma Jamma of the 80s or UNLV of the 90s. KU's best chance is with the Twins playing 35+ minutes of D and Tyshawn needs to get his head right with ball & tighten up his defensive prowess. Otherwise we may be looking at no further than a Sweet 16 appearance fellas. Lastly, I agree with ABeesus: it's JUST Colorado. Our two biggest games of the year -- UT & K-State, we didn't show up for 40 mins & got hammered. Talk is cheap -- Coach Self should impose a gag order on the team until the NCAA Tournament. Rock Chalk!


William Blake 3 years, 1 month ago

I believe many of us, including CS, has mentioned the lack of leadership on this team.

Our offense, clearly the best in the country, shouldn't be touched. Leave it alone and continue to tweak and add plays.

We need defensive leadership.

I suggest a co-captain system on defense. Tyrel, Brady, Josh, Travis and TRob are our defensive co-captains. They have the ability to toughen down, focus and lead our remaining players to follow their lead.

We will always have at least one of these players on the floor. When we have more than one, then they can also help keep the other co-captains on the ball, too.

These players need to start the defensive momentum. No more standing there perfectly still while the other team brings up the ball. We need to see energy, arms in motion, constant slight repositioning which may include a bouncing effect, call outs for defensive help, and playing their men tight. While doing this, encourage the non co-captains to do the same thing. Stay on them, all game. It is now your responsibility.

From here on out the practices sessions must have this defensive intensity and when it isn't there the coaches have to stop the play and chew some rear! Make it your defensive norm, not the exception!


William Blake 3 years, 1 month ago

Third, playing good team defense (or weak side defense) will make up for several weaknesses and make it that much tougher to give up the basket. Somewhere in your mind you must always keep a GPS of where the goal is and where the ball is, and where the movement is. You have to also be aware that you may be suckered into help while the feed goes to your man for an easy score. So on any help out you have to also know where your man is and where he is going, and you play your hands in a position to try and deny the pass to him, right up until the end, then you shift your hands to defend the goal. You do the same defensive move when you are the one back on a 2-on-1 fast break. You never ever ever see college players play this right, even on the best teams, and I have no idea why!

Half of good team defense is handling screens... leg hooks, binding arms, weak side jump out to receive a charge... it's a fight, so make it one but make it legal.

Playing hard on defense requires being tough; hustling much harder and picking up plenty of bumps and bruises...

This team needs to toughen up. This team needs to add "tough" to their skill set! We have plenty of bodies to throw down on the battlefield... which is exactly what it becomes when a team decides to play real defense!

This team has plenty of tough players... the obvious ones are Tyrel, Brady, Josh, Travis and TRob. These guys can quickly adjust to playing better defense and the others will start to follow when the momentum comes!


William Blake 3 years, 1 month ago

Playing good defense requires a different "skill set" than playing good offense.

Good offense comes from both the individual player and team play. Lots of repetition, learning, tweaking, positioning, mechanics...

Good defense comes first from hustling. Repetition, learning, tweaking, positioning, and to some degree mechanics, play a factor in becoming a great defensive team and mastering team play is vital... but playing good defense requires lots of extra effort and knowing you are going to get beat up plenty of times with hard screens and other bumps picked up along the way.

I played basketball and football, and felt just as "beat up" the day after a basketball game as I did the day after a football game. Fighting through hard screens, body-banging positioning for rebounds, catching lots of elbows and hand checks, taking charges, hitting knees, going down hard on the wood, jamming fingers constantly...

Go back to your DVRs and study how we play defense. We put very little or no pressure on the offensive players. So teams can stand there and wait for an easy bucket, or at least play down the shot clock and then get a good shot and in doing so reduce the # of possessions each game and control the pace.

First, the ball handlers get no pressure and can pass freely (or hold the ball) as they want. Especially when playing a man-to-man defense, the ball handler should have a defender glued to them, with wavy arms and vibrating position. If we just did this one thing... where everyone was responsible for bothering who they are guarding when they have the ball, we would be vastly improved on defense. When played right, it becomes tougher for the ball handler to drive on the defender, because he is being hassled constantly and has no split second to plan the drive, plus playing so tight opens the chance to bother their dribble, plus vibrating positioning makes it harder for ball handlers to understand where your position is and easier to force a charge, plus it becomes so difficult to see a driving lane, plus the ball handler typically has to position more of his body between the defender and ball and in doing so limits direct driving lanes.

Second, just because your man doesn't have the ball, it doesn't mean you just stand there. You must keep slightly moving your position and attempt to distract them from making moves... after all, effective team offense is a result of good execution off the ball. You also have to watch for screens (especially back), pick and rolls, etc. The more movement you have on your man the more likely you are to deny him the ball. Show some anticipation but don't commit unless you are going for a steal.


Martin Rosenblum 3 years, 1 month ago

Has dementia started for me? I don't remember Gary Bedore giving out his phone number before. Pretty gutsy on his part with some of his "op-ed" pieces that he writes. Maybe it's really not his number and some sort of joke! Who will be the first to try it out?


Jack Wilson 3 years, 1 month ago

(cont) 5. More gambling on defense: The only guy that gambles regularly is Brady. And at times, you can see coach Self cringe when it fails. It is obvious coach Self coaches against the gamble. But gambling, over-playing, etc., is a great way to mask head-up deficiencies. Gambling can be more subtle .. like working harder .. and extra step .. to deny wing passes ... look what KSU did to us last week. Excellent gameplan. 6. More doubling vs. inferior players: We could consider more active doubling of certain offensive players, as well. I consider hard double-teaming gambling .. we could do it much more often. And doing it against inferior players. We tend to do it on the better players, when they're hurting us. But doing it on inferior players can create turnovers even more easily. Use it not as a "stop the stud" tool, but as a "create a turnover" tool.
6. Mix in a box and one/diamond and one when there is a hot shooter, like you've done in prior seasons. Remember Self doing this in other games? We did it with our stud D in 2008, right, vs. Stephen Curry. It won us the game. Might have been an interesting thought vs. Pullen. But when you get the hot shooter, you can be the best defensive team in the world, but that hot shooter is going to kick your butt. But a junk defense, so to speak, can attack the hot shooter.

Just a few thoughts. Coach Self knows what he's doing, knows more than all of us about coaching. But coaches get caught into their own way, sometimes. And with teams that are failing, a coach many times can become entrenched, insisting that the team get it right. Then, with a team that succeeds in getting the basics right, the coach may be more apt to open the playbook a bit, much like coach Self did on the defensive end with the 2008 team.

Coach Self sees this team as failing on defense. No doubt. And there's no doubt, he's right about the importance of playing tough D. But is it time to recognize that his team can't do what he's asking? Whether it be focus, selfishness, lack of skill, lack of commitment .. whatever .. does it matter?

To mask some of the defensive deficiencies, I hope coach Self will look at other options to help overcome them .. instead of beating his head against the wall. Because, after all, you just have to score more points than the other team to win .. it doesn't matter how that is accomplished.


Jack Wilson 3 years, 1 month ago

(cont) 2. De-emphasizing post feeding: Not abandoning it. De-emphasizing it. Against good defensive teams, they will work hard to take away the post-feed. As opposed to the post feed being the focus of your offense, you make it just another option. Spread the court with more of a 2 man game, or play a pure, unscripted, motion offense with some basic principles (like when you screen, when you flash high, etc.), or play high low with a sideline to sideline low post, or go with more 1-4 flat looks. It doesn't mean you don't go with your regular offense, you just change your look significantly half the time. We have two big guys .. Kieff and Marcus .. that can play in space. Use that. And in using that, their effectiveness on the post may increase when it is not emphasized. Personally, I think the focus on running the ball through Cole last season was a major inhibitor on our offensive production. Coach Self has all of this in the bag of tricks .. it's just choosing to use it, and with what frequency. Against top teams, a change-up could be very effective .. like a football team coming out in a spread offense when they've been an I-form team all season. 3. Work in the 3/4 court press used in December for periodic pressure: Remember back in late December when we ran the 1-2-2 3/4 court press? Lots of message board chatter, etc. Then it disappeared. A 3/4 press will not work all of the time vs. good teams, of course. But consider tossing this on every 7th or 8th possession in two forms. One, the catch them off guard with a quick jump and trap; and two, as a more of a sagging, trap as they move the ball up the floor, with particular reads. And in situations, when a weak ball-handler has the ball -- you can do this even off a miss (not a zone press, of course, but a hard double). Just a flow changer. You don't press unless you need to at the D-1 level as it can be a game-changer the other way. Just pick the spots. 4. Mix in the 3-2 zone from 2008 10-15% of the time, or to break flow: How soon we forget. The great defensive team of 2008 played zone. A stud 3-2 with Rush up top, in the middle of the zone. It was a terrific look vs. a team with guards up top that could shoot, because out of the 3-2, you can apply some pointed pressure, to certain guys, or spots. Zone have negatives .. skip passes, tough to box and rebound .. but one negative that is overplayed is that you can't guard the three point line as well. That is a myth. Since we're not a zone team, some of the negatives would surface quicker ... but there is no suggestion to do this all the time .. just as a change-up look. I find it interesting that we get all whimsical about 2008 and their man defense, yet they played zone some of the time. The KSU game would have been a nice game to try that 3-2 in the second half.


Jack Wilson 3 years, 1 month ago

I find this discussion on defense pretty interesting. It is understood that coach Self is a defense oriented coach, and as he's said, he believes that " defense wins championships."

The question is, what happens when you do not have a championship caliber defense?

As an aside, I don't buy the "defense wins championshps" adage in basketball, completely. I buy it in football. In football, a defense can hold the opposition to zero points, and the defense can actually score points. In basketball, no team is limited to zero points. And every point is scored offensively (understanding defense can create points in basketball). The point is, defense does not impact a game in basketball like it does in football from a points vs. points standpoint. Defense can be stifling, and it can be an equalizer .. see Nebraska this season at Allen, or Southern Illinios in the 2007 tournamant, as examples of inferior talent led by defense. Great defenses in football overshadow everything.

So back to the question .. what do you do if you don't have a championship caliber defense? More precisely, what does coach Self do, on Feb. 20, knowing he doesn't have a championship quality defense?

A reminder .. coach Self is saying the same thing about this team defensively, that he was saying in December, right? We have lapses, we aren't great, we need to get better, etc., etc. A lot of that goes through the "coach-speak" filter, but he's right. We pretty good defensively. That's it. That is all we'll be. It's February 20.

The answer to the question above is -- you adjust. You think outside of the box. You move outside of your comfort zone. You perhaps deviate from your tunnel-vision focus on the only right way to play the game and win. You recognize that, actually, championships have been won by very average defensive teams. You recognize that you have to do things you otherwise despise (or at least frown upon). You do not stick with something simply because your know it's the right way to do things.

Here's a list to consider:

  1. Play your best offensive team the most minutes: This is pretty simplistic, but it involves focusing on game to game situations. Play who's hot, sit who's not, but having patience if there are some mistakes. The best offensive team may align in coach Self's eyes with our current lineup, but it may not. I see this as less important than the other points below.

dynamitehawk 3 years, 1 month ago

Blame it on Rio was a great movie... Man that's an obscure reference..


ABeesus 3 years, 1 month ago

Lengthy comments about the 'Hawks today!
Guys, it was Colorado.

At least wait until after we've played a 4 year college :), to over-analyze the team.


Eric Bernauer 3 years, 1 month ago

The '08 team can talk all they want about defense. They deserve it, they walked the walk. I have never, and I'm not using hyperbole here, never seen better defense than the first 15 minutes of the '08 semi-final game. UNC, the overall well deserved number 1 seed, could get a basket. They could hardly get a shot to the rim, and often times not even get a shot. Kansas simply took the ball from them. Ask Ty Lawson. RusRob, Rio, and Sherron were more all hands than a fifteen-year-old with his first willing girl. There were no feeds to the post, ask Psycho T. If he touched the ball, he was stripped, left standing confused and bewildered in front of a few million viewers. If he was so lucky as to get a shot up, it didn't go far as it met fate in the form of Kahn, Arthur, Chalmers, or every Jayhawks favorite Grim Reaper of the Paint on that night, Cole Aldrich. Offensively, the KU big men had only played a bit role all season. As was demonstrated that night, if you play great defense, you don't need to play great offfense to win. KU didn't build their big lead with great offense, afterall running a layup line isn't great offense. A layup line is the result of great defense. Cole, having played only limited minutes all season, taught the 2007-2008 National-Player-of-the-Year how different his season would have been in the Big 12.

2010-2011 Hawks, please watch a video of that game. And watch the first half again. See what can be.


Vittorio1224 3 years, 1 month ago

KansasComet: Great post. Every team has a "texture" of its own. Just like the sand in Hawai'i is different from the sand on Miami Beach, the texture of each team is unique. Our 2011 Jayhawks are different from the 2008 National Champs, so let's end the comparisons, however entertaining they may be. As Coach Self remarked during his PC, defense and rebounding will separate this team from its competitors. Being in Texas now, I'm looking forward to another Final Four on Texas soil --- San Antonio in 2008, and hopefully Houston in 2011! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


Greg Lux 3 years, 1 month ago

Mario (Rio) go to practice and show our guards how to play defense .. You the man .. Help your buddies out ... ( OH NO you have another team you play on that needs you ) Great job making an ole Jayhawk proud ..

Rock Chalk


REHawk 3 years, 1 month ago

What a terrific game, Brady! Your first half shooting magic blended into second half determination to post some fine stats, overall. No turnovers, no fouls to accompany solid assists, steals, scoring. Dependable combination of head, hands, feet. I've rarely enjoyed watching a Jayhawk play a better and more complete game.


Ron Franklin 3 years, 1 month ago

@Jaybate....good">p>@Jaybate....good fictional insight. I always enjoy your ideas. Interesting thoughts, to say the least.

I cannot believe Tad tried to run with the boys yesterday. I thought for sure he understood the only way to make it a game in AFH was to slow the game down and melt the clock. If I were coaching against Self, I'd run the clock down to 10 seconds on every possession then go for the shot, and every offensive rebound bring it out and do the same thing. Imho, there are few teams that have enough athletes to run the court with the Hawks.

I am now completely convinced this team cannot improve on defense. It is what it is at this point. That's okay. As someone said's just a different identity that what we've come to expect from Bill Self Team. I think Reed & Morningstar are our only solid defenders. Unfortunately, they just lack some of the toolsets needed to make them great defenders as Chalmers & Rush were. I never question their "want to" in the words of Roy Williams.

Ty cannot stay focused. Can anybody in the game explain to me what happened on that inbound pass around the 9 min mark of the first half? CU inbounding, Ty late to the play and ran his hip into the offender....Self shouted. I rewinded several times & evey other Hawk was in position, but it looked as if Ty was racing to the block from the top of the key....where the heck was his head on that one?

The Twins are just not mentally tough enough to play good defense.

The Twins ARE JUST NOT mentally tough enough to play great defense. Their lack of mental durability is also evident by Kief not playing the entire game hard, and by the Twins lack of ability to maintain compusure when times get tough. I'm not a hater, I undrstand the twins do way more good than bad, but I see these weaknesses as important ones.I've questioned them since the beginning of the season when they were playing cupcakes. They don't slide their feet well, and they pretend to try hard closing in on shooters, but to me it's obvious they aren't really going for the stop.

Does anybody else notice when Marcus shooots a jumper on the wing he does this weird jump back thing for style points....he bounces w/ swagger backward toward the front row of the sideline. It usually covers 8-12 feet. Why do I bring this up? Because. Why does he do it? It is unnecessary....he needs to either be following his shots for offensive board, or getting his ace back down on the defensive end. He must think it looks cool when he does it, because it definitely adds nothing to the game.

I'm not gonna take too much from that game. There was no inside pressure put on the twins & T.Boyle had an awful gameplan that fell into the hands of the hawks strength.

I agree w/ a poster above. It was nice to see Self is tired of taking the Big 12 Refs crap calls.

BTW, who is this new Brady Morningstar....with him the 2009 & 2010 team would have likely been F4 teams.

Rock Chalk!


upinsmoke 3 years, 1 month ago

OK AZJAYHAWK. I am one of the "haters" of the twins. One game does not constitute a change. It was good to see them play as well as they did without opening their mouths or whining about any foul calls. But again, it is just the first game after all the crap. The games are all going to be more intense as the season continues, lets see how they hold it together going forward. And for the record, I am not a "hater", I just hate the light they have put on KU and the team itself. I can't stand a team that whines and plays cheap like they have been doing the last few games. I don't care that they come from Philly and that makes them tough, Darnell Jackson came from Oklahoma and was one of the toughest players we have ever seen, and I don't recall ever seeing him go after anyone in a game.


NJHAWK 3 years, 1 month ago

It was good to see Self going after the refs yesterday.


Funhawk 3 years, 1 month ago

Mario came to town with the Ghost of Roger Morningstar.


kushaw 3 years, 1 month ago

And the Big 12 just got interesting again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I predicted, the Nebraska/Texas game was the game I was amped to watch and it didn't disappoint. Although, I wanted to kick the TV in the last 2:26 for that almost choke job by Nebraska, but a "W" is "W" nonetheless.

It's going to be very very interesting to see how Texas responds to this loss. They are playing 3 out of 4 teams left on their schedule that are fighting for their lives for a tourny bid in @Colorado, KSU, and @Baylor.

Right now, the Big 12 is taking shape and IMO it's 7 deep with K-State and Nebraska 6th and 7th. How important is the game on the 23rd between Nebraska and K-State @Nebraska? Wow! Loser of that game is on the outside of looking in. Also, I know some might think Mizzou was a "Lock", but they have the toughest schedule to conclude their season and if Mizzou isn't careful they could finish 8-8, but I think that is still good for them to get into the dance. At the moment making predictions this is what I think. I'm only going to do the potential tourny teams and these are my final predictions.

K-State: currently 6-6 (below puts them at 9-7) @Nebraska - Win Mizzou - win---------->They can not win on the road @ Texas - LOSS---------K-State always plays Texas tough Iowa St. - WIN

Nebraska - currently 6-6 (below puts them at 8-8) Nebraska has a great opportunity to do something special K-State - Loss @Iowa St. - WIN Mizzou: LOSS-------Mizzou plays terrible on the road so I could just as easily see Nebraska win-This is a Pick Em @Colorado - WIN

Mizzou: currently 7-5 (below puts them at 9-7 ) Baylor - Win This is a Pick Em @K-State - Loss @Nebraska - WIN Kansas - LOSS This is a Pick Em

Baylor: currently at 6-6 (below puts them at 8-8) I actually had Baylor penciled in at 7-5 and finishing 9-7 until that catastophic late last night to Tech. Baylor is in trouble. Mizzou - Loss A&M - WIN @Ok. State - WIN Texas - LOSS

In the end, I think after today unless something crazy happens, Big 12 is pretty solidified to get 5 and I'm almost pretty certain that they get 6. Depending on what happens, 7 bids is definitely not without the possibility.

Kenpom rankings also have the Big 12 at 7 schools in the Top 50:

3 Kansas

4 Texas

23 Mizzou

37 K-State

43 A&M

47 Nebraska

49 Baylor

57 Colorado-Going to need some upset wins to have any shot.

ACC - 5 in the top 50 Big 10 - 6 in the Top 50 Pac 10 - 3 in the Top 50 SEC - 5 in the Top 50 Big East- 11 in the Top 50-Actually, it's 11 in the Top 40 which is pretty amazing.

Note: this post was another thread, but thought I would copy and paste it.


joeloveshawks 3 years, 1 month ago

I love this KU team, but it is simply does not have the defensive talent that the 08 team possessed. I honestly think we are heading to another Final 4 and hopefully another title, but this is a different team, with a different identity. I am glad that the NBA guys came back to spark our current players, but we will make a run to the Final Four this year if we play great offense, as I don't see our defense becoming miraculously great in the last month of the season.


KansasComet 3 years, 1 month ago

The 2008 KU Basketball Team was one of a kind. It will not happen again. The 2011 KU Basketball Team is one of a kind. We have two post players with guard skills. The Morris Twins or the "Marx Brothers" are unique players because they can play all five positions on the court. That is a great luxury to have. We have a great defender and rebounder in Thomas Robinson. He will be back soon and we will be that much better. I think the only thing the current KU Basketball Team does not do as well as the 2008 KU Basketball Team is create turnovers by stealing the ball. I think Chalmers and Russell Robinson were to of the best. I feel the Marx Brothers and Thomas Robinson are Double-Double threats every game. So far, we have had what amounts to 2 bad halves. 2nd half against Texas, and 2nd half against K-State. I still say Kansas is the best basketball team in the nation. Every team has flaws. As great as the 2008 team was, they were down by 9 to Memphis with about 2 minutes left, and most of us thought it was over. They pulled the game out and became legendary! This KU team is a very emotional team and I feel they need our support. We may lose another game or two along the way, and that is okay, because they are still our Jayhawks regardless. Too much hate, and name calling when things don't go right. I was ashamed to read some of the name calling on this site after a loss. Could this talk come from the same group of folks that rallied around Thomas Robinson? It really makes me wonder? Basketball is a physical game and there will be hard fouls committed by our team as well as by our opponents. It is going to happen again, so please be prepared. It does not make any of these young men "Thugs". Most "Thugs" are probably not at a major university, attending classes and living the life of a student athlete. KU has a great team this year. I enjoy watching every game. There is just something special about Kansas Basketball. Think about it, all we have heard about Texas and Kansas State this year is that they beat Kansas. We made them famous. Kansas is Basketball!


rwhawk 3 years, 1 month ago

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think this team will get where they need to be defensively. Its February 20th. The '08 team had some struggles about this time of the year, but they played defense long before this time of the season.

If they do turn it around defensively, I can only attribute it to one of three reasons: First, Coach Self is a miracle worker. Second, this team has always been capable, but lacked the devotion on the defensive end of the court (which ironically, would only vindicate those that have been ripping this team this past week). Third, this team hasn't realized defense is important and has just now at the end of the season come to the light (surely, these guys are smarter basketball players than that, though).


John Randall 3 years, 1 month ago

In a man-to-man defense, it's just as important to pay attention before your man gets the ball as it is after he has the ball. Position, position, position.


AZJayhwk79 3 years, 1 month ago

Where are all of the haters on the twins this past week on here posting about them and their attitudes? Twins played really well tonight and from what I saw did not speak a word to the ref's! After all the negative talk last week about it from this site (and nationally), I hope that we tell them when they did a great job keeping their attitudes in check. Not only that, but Kieff, way to come and play tonight! Great job, team. Keep it up and lock it down on D!


jaybate 3 years, 1 month ago

~Tyshawn shot 1 for 6 from the FT line. His taped fingers have to be major screwed up and not getting better.

~Rio says they don't guard anybody. I trust Chalmers and its what Self has been saying for awhile. So which players are the weak links, Rio?

~Bringing the grads in for this game was a good thing, especially for Selby, and the Twins. Selby is an injured great that hasn't really seen the full Monty of KU swagger, because Brady and Tyrell are pretty mellow. Selby needed to walk by some guys in the KU locker room that aren't even a little impressed with him. And he and the Twins needed to see some guys in the L that respect Morningstar and Reed more than the Twins and Selby. IMHO Rio was talking about The Twins and Selby needing to make the commitment to defense. These three players are offensive machines, when they are right. And they try to play good defense, but they keep saving energy for offense. These three guys have to start busting guts on the defensive end of the floor to take this team to the next level. I saw Tyshawn busting a gut on defense at the end of the game, when the Twins and Selby were back on cruise control on defense. I don't think Tyshawn, Tyrel, or Brady can make the Twins listen about defense. But Aldrich can. Aldrich guarded the post and hedged the pick and rolls with more skill and intensity than the Twins ever bring. Cole had very little fuel in his tank his last season, but what he had he burned to the last drop. The Twins have to play full bore on defense. They just aren't good enough to coast. And Rio can make Selby listen. Selby thinks he's playing hard on defense, but he's not. He's just aggressive by nature and so he gets in their faces, which is all well and good, but it is not substitute for expending as much or more energy on defense as he does on offense, and thinking as much about how to stop someone one, as he does about creative bounce passes for dunks. Great craftsmen in any profession require high seriousness and commitment to be good. The Twins and Selby, good though they are on offense, and for stretches on defense, so far lack that high seriousness and fanatical commitment that Self defense requires. Its up to them now. They've been taught and told by a great defensive coach. And they've been dinged by pros who played on ring teams. Listen up guys. Defense wins championships. The '08 team proved that.


Scott MacWilliams 3 years, 1 month ago

Well alrighty then!!

Glad to see the Hawks could put that Monday night embarrassment behind them. Seems lots of posters here got pretty upset, and mistakes were made. But hey, now the mildcats can claim they are NO. 1 and hope they aren't going to the NIT... Good luck with that one, kitties.

In the grand scheme of things, it's just one game. If a good smack in the face is what you guys needed to get serious on the D end of the court, it works for me. Still, kind of embarrassing, Nothing that a good run to the end of the season can't cure, though.

As always and forever, ROCK CHALK, JAYHAWKS!!!


KU_FanSince75 3 years, 1 month ago

If this team can improve on defense and play defense like the '08 team, they will be scary good. Then, I can say other teams "are scared"---not have to read that Stupidmichael is scared----LOL.


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