Monday, February 14, 2011

Long snapper Tanner Gibas signs with KU football

California prep joins Class of 2011


While the Kansas University football program has turned its attention toward the Class of 2012, Turner Gill and company are not finished with the Class of 2011 just yet. reported Sunday that Tanner Gibas, a long snapper from Charter Oak High in Covina, Calif., signed a letter of intent with the Jayhawks late Saturday, making him the 28th member of the 34th-ranked class in the country.

Serious interest between Gibas and KU first surfaced on signing day, Feb. 2, when KU received official commitments from one of its strongest classes in the past decade.

Gibas had a scholarship offer from Colorado State and was set to sign with the Rams, but a call from KU special-teams coordinator Aaron Stamn inspired Gibas to put things on hold so he could visit Kansas, which previously had shown interest in the long snapper who figures compete for the starting spot immediately.

Gibas researched the Jayhawks and found everything he learned online to be true when he got to town.

“It was good to get to see everything,” Gibas told Jon Kirby of Rivals. “It just confirmed everything for me and my parents. I loved the town and all the hills. I liked being on Mass. Street. All of the coaches were like one big family.”

Gibas, whose brother was a long snapper at Texas A&M;, already knows two members of KU’s incoming class. He and Grapevine, Texas, place kicker Alex Mueller worked together at a skills camp last summer, and he recently got to know La Mirada (Calif.) High offensive lineman Bryan Peters at a recruiting day in California.

Junior Day attracts talent

Saturday was the second Junior Day of the year for the Jayhawks, who welcomed a handful of recruits from the Class of 2012 to town for a tour of campus and an introduction to Kansas football.

While signing day for these guys is still a year away, Gill and company know there’s no such thing as an day off when it comes to enticing future players to come to campus.

As Gill put it last fall, “If you’re awake, you’re recruiting.”

The list of names in town this weekend included two of the top defensive tackles from Missouri, Ondre Pipkins, 6-3, 325 pounds, from Park Hill in Kansas City, and Edmund Ray, 6-5, 290, from St. Louis.

Also visiting from the Show-Me State were Luke Knott, a 6-1, 185-pound quarterback who led Lee’s Summit West to the state title last fall, and Rockhurst High teammates Jordan Walker and Michael Rose. Walker is a running back, and Rose is a 6-foot, 210-pound linebacker who has committed orally to Nebraska.

Kansans in town this weekend included Liberal running back, Justin McPhail, 6-2, 220; Wichita Northwest linebacker, Bennett Moore, 6-2, 210; and K.C. Sumner tight end Vernon Vaughn, 6-3, 185.

Other recruits who toured KU’s facilities, met with coaches and took in the KU-Iowa State basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse included: Garrett Adcock, a 6-3, 275-pound offensive lineman from Dallas Christian; Tavarius Bender, a 6-2, 195-pound quarterback from Lincoln (Neb.) Southwest; Boone Feldt, a 6-3, 275-pound offensive lineman from Pilot Point, Texas; Jermane Littell, a 6-4, 190-pound QB from Stillwater, Okla.; Riley Nolan, a 6-3, 280-pound O-lineman from Norman (Okla.) North High; Donovan Roberts, a 6-foot, 220-pound running back from Norman High, who is known as one of the top running backs in Oklahoma; and Quan West, a 6-5, 200-pound receiver from Willis, Texas.


100 7 years, 2 months ago

Keep 'em coming Coach Gill!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Tweedy 7 years, 2 months ago

So I think I understand the recruiting caps, but is this a case of over recruiting? I know the JUCO guy goes against the 2010 class, but there were already 27 kids in class. For some reason, I think one of them also counted against 2010, but that still leaves 26, one above the limit of 25. What am I missing or is this just over recruiting in case one or more doesn't qualify or show up on campus in the summer?

justanotherfan 7 years, 2 months ago

Since Gibas is walking on, he doesn't count against the number at all, but could still be awarded a scholarship later on.

jaydee909 7 years, 2 months ago

Gibas is not walking on; he has a scholarship. We had one available scholarship and that was given to him. Berglund, Admire, and Miller can all count against the previous class since they are already enrolled and attending classes this semester. In addition to the 25 scholarships per class limitation, we are limited to a total of 85 players on scholarships on the roster.

number1jayhawker 7 years, 2 months ago

Julius Green is the other mid-year player to show up.

Ryan Gerstner 7 years, 2 months ago

rockchalk, some of the kids count against last year's class. 4 of the recruits are already on campus.

Chris Bruning 7 years, 2 months ago

i was a long snapper in JUCO funner position on the field. I did it for free.

Paul Mitten 7 years, 2 months ago

I have no problems spending a scholarship on a very important position on the field. Anyone who is a guarantee to handle the ball at crucial moments of the game is an important player to me.

Dirk Medema 7 years, 2 months ago

I think it was at that I read an article by Owen regarding the weekend and the workout Gibas had. I'm remembering a comment about NFL caliber snapping. That's definitely worth a scholie!

beebe1 7 years, 2 months ago

Man, you sure can't fault Gill and his team for recruiting! Amazing, really.

Just hope that their coaching lives up to their recruiting. Poor execution last year. Too many penalties; too many punt blocks; inadequate pass coverage; no one counting the eligible receivers; too many defenders protecting a territory with no receiver in it or coming. Not clear to me how their recruiting expertize translates to top level coaching. Guess we'll wait and see!

notigers4me 7 years, 2 months ago

The player who typically scores the most points on any football team is the place kicker and it only makes sense to get a long snapper to compliment the kicker. Let's also don't forget the holder and how important he is to the kicking process.

ahpersecoachingexperience 7 years, 2 months ago

“If you’re awake, you’re recruiting.” gill then turned to his staff and quietly spoke out of the side of his mouth "recruiting, players away from Colorado State." the staff then chuckled to themselves knowing that most jayhawk homers would think this was a good get.

kranny 7 years, 2 months ago

Of course we do! Anybody with a pulse knows you can't win a national championship without stealing a good long snapper from CSU. Wait a minute, did I say National Championship....Hope rests eternal.

truefan 7 years, 2 months ago

Most long snappers walk-on and then earn a scholarship within their first two years on campus. In this case, CSU offered him a scholarship early and he committed in order to assure himself a full-ride in college. We had to offer him a scholarship in order to get him here and he's a top 5 long-snapper, but I'm sure you already knew that. He had preferred walk-on offers from a bunch of big time programs who would have eventually given him a scholarship, but we had a specific need at that position and couldn't afford to let him go if we had a schollie to give.

Dirk Medema 7 years, 2 months ago

Truefan - Why are you bothering with facts and truth when there illusion and inuendo to spew negativism.

kureader 7 years, 2 months ago

Tait, you continue to do a great job with football coverage during the offseason. Great article. Thanks.

100 7 years, 2 months ago

Really appreciate this renewed coverage of recruiting by the LJW. This really is a 365 day story at only a few select schools, and finally we are part of this elite group. I mean when was the last time we could see a lead ESPN story like this (pasted below) & actually have a feeling if Coach Gill could actually somehow get this boy on campus, the speedy kid actually just might change his college choice:

"ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Jadeveon Clowney, the No. 1 overall prospect in the country, committed to in-state South Carolina over Clemson and Alabama on Monday from his school auditorium at South Pointe High School. He made the announcement live on ESPN's "SportsCenter.""

.... Coach Gill.... If you get a free moment in the next few weeks, there's a rumor circulating that Jadeveon Clowney's mother realizing her son has given a non binding verbal to South Carolina, would love to meet a college coach, who has been on a staff of multiple NCAA national championships, who knows something of being a premier athlete as well as understanding the pressures of handling the excellence of leading a top team while being included in the Heisman race, who is also a gentleman in mind, manner & spirit, who really cares about a recruit's character beyond the NFL, and who also is putting together a team full of speed in tandem with huge linemen on both sides of the ball (much unlike South Carolina) to protect her son's NFL future as he primes his game for the NFL. According to this rumor, she would love to meet a college coach who has coached a kid who won a Heisman trophy, won an NCAA national championship, or even coached a player who eventually made it to a Super Bowl as an NFL player.... Maybe even won a Super Bowl as a starter, if possible.

Keep bringin in those speedsters Coach Gill!!!!!!!!!

100 7 years, 2 months ago

Of course the kid's signature is probably on the paperwork by now, so obviously my post on this particular recruit is more tongue & cheek....

But for the future, Coach Gill really does have the ability to meet these 5 star kid's mom's & get them on campus....

Let's get a top 15 class next year Coach Gill!!!!!!!!!!!

gchawk 7 years, 2 months ago

Great job in recruiting, feeling better all the time about the upcoming year in football. Rock Chalk!

beebe1 7 years, 2 months ago

Probably have hit this year's limit of 25, only "one scholarship left". Seems it was well used. Probably pretty close to the 'total' limit of 85. Next year the limit of 85 may be controlling.

hawkalumN2011 7 years, 2 months ago

If this player does his job and does it well....this will probably be the only article or even mention in an article for Tanner Gibas.....generally long-snappers will only get press if they make a mistake!!

Enjoy these 15 minutes, Tanner.....great choice coming to KU!!

Bear86 7 years, 2 months ago

Coach Gill understands how vital recruiting is in order to build a successful program. When he was hired HCTG stressed recruiting multiple times in his press conference. Glad to see he kept his word. Let's see if his high paid assistants can put all the pieces together. Great Job HCTG!! F-Texas!!!!!!!

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