Friday, February 11, 2011

Testily, K-State coach Frank Martin says Curtis Kelly will play

Kansas State head coach Frank Martin protests a call with an official during the first half on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas State head coach Frank Martin protests a call with an official during the first half on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.


— Kansas State forward Curtis Kelly will play Saturday at Colorado, and that was about all coach Frank Martin would say about the senior on Thursday.

In a tense back-and-forth with reporters, Martin declined to discuss any other details regarding the 6-foot-6 Kelly, who averages 9.9 points and 4.9 rebounds.

The Kansas City Star and the Topeka Capital-Journal, citing unidentified sources, reported this week Kelly had been accused of violating an unspecified department policy and could be subject to dismissal from the team, pending an appeal.

When asked to clarify Kelly’s situation, Martin said, “What situation?”

Asked if he would play Saturday, the coach said, “Have I said something differently? I love great questions.”

Asked again for clarification, Martin said, “Ask your source. Whoever reported it, ask their source. Don’t ask me. If you ask me a question, I answer your question. For four years I’ve answered every question. I was asked two minutes ago if Curt was at practice. What did I answer? Then I was asked is he playing Saturday. What’d I answer? Yes. Right?

“So I thought I dealt with it. Now go ask the source that reported to you fine people whatever they said.”

At that point, Martin was asked if Kelly had appeared before a university body Thursday in regard to some policy violation.

“Not that I know of,” he said. “Why? Were you at one? Ask your source.

“I’m telling you. He’s on my team, and he’s playing Saturday. I wasn’t at any appeals thing. So ask your source.”

Kelly, picked for the preseason All-Big 12 first team, graduated last summer with a degree in social science. He was suspended for six games earlier this season for receiving inappropriate discounts at a Manhattan clothing store.


kumax 10 years ago

Frank Martin... definitely his own worst enemy. He sounds not only testy, but defensive, childish. Good luck to the 'cats with this guy in charge. Looks more and more like a sinking ship.

actorman 10 years ago

Funny how his "feisty, energetic personality" doesn't seem quite so pleasant any more when his team is struggling, eh?

KEITHMILES05 10 years ago

I bet AD Currie isn't too pleased with Frank and his snippy attitude. LOL

kureader 10 years ago

kumax, actorman, and keithm are exactly right. This guy's the Head Basketball Coach for a team that began the year ranked #3 in the nation. He should have enough intelligence, experience and class at this point to deflect questions he doesn't want to answer without making a fool of himself. Did he think the subject wasn't going to come up at his press conference? Kelly is arguably the best player on the team. Fans and reporters aren't supposed to be anxious about what's going on?

After all the positive press Martin has received this year, I was on the verge of admitting I haven't given Martin enough credit and respect. I always maintained that Martin was just kind of a classless thug and that he wasn't really qualified to be a head coach at a major school ... maybe I was right the first time.

100 10 years ago

Lets yell at the press for asking questions!!!!!

Could he make it any more obvious Kelly got caught smoking Pot for the 3rd time?

What is even more weird about his deflection of the questions is that the Manhattan newspaper had reported the same thing yesterday & followed up on another story about it saying students had seen Kelly going into file this appeal (which would give him a couple freebie games before the appeal court rules that he was asleep while inhaling so had little control of his actions).

So apparently the students, the Manhattan paper & administration know about this appeal but Frank doesn't?

gchawk 10 years ago

100, you're a lot more knowledgeable about this than I am, so that's why I'm asking this question. If Kelly got busted for another dirty u/a wouldn't that create an NCAA violation and thus warrant their wrath? If that would be the case, then I don't believe this violation was drug related, maybe another Dillards-gate.

phi4life940 10 years ago

It was a third-strike for marijuana.

100 10 years ago

The only knowledge I have on this is what's been reported in the KC Star. They have athletic department sources that confirmed he had a hearing with the Financial Aid & scholarship group at KSU yesterday. The only matching violation this could possibly be is drug/alcohol according to the KC star.

So it's pretty obvious what he did. He's a three time rule breaker on a rule the KSU athletic department set up.

However, after the hearing according to the KC star, "it turned out favorably for Kelly."

The article is in yesterday's KC star.

Really there's no question that he broke the rule for the third time. The strange part is on the second infraction he was forced to sit for 10% of the games.

On the third offense he was supposed to be kicked off the team barring a hearing. So he had the hearing, Frank yells at some people & walla, he's back on the team without even having to sit out 3 games again.

Strange procedural dynamics.

gchawk 10 years ago

Thanks for the info. Would be interesting to know the whole story but sounds like we might never know.

Michael Leiker 10 years ago

Kelly is 6-8...had to check, that seemed really short when I read through this.

TanMan 10 years ago

Smokin' the Hippie Lettuce stunts your I've heard...LOL

Michael Pannacciulli 10 years ago

What a wreck. This team imploded in all facets. Martin will bear some degree of this mess as his doing. You want to recruit questionable guys, you better be accepting of their faults when it all comes crashing down. I agree with an earlier poster that Martin is his own worst enemy. The man is feeling the heat, he sounds frustrated and I bet he assumes he's out after this season. With that said I do enjoy going head to head with him. The only thing that can save Martin now is a final four appearance - all this mess will be forgotten.

Stan Unruh 10 years ago

What if a KU player were in the situation Kelly is? The media, in an effort to be FIRST, is so inaccurate and creates so much drama. This is why Frank Martin is telling the reporters to go to their source on this story. It didn't come from KSU. Kelly may be in hot water but remember everything reported in the media is far from accurate. Can't wait for the Jayhawks to whip the Cats again on Monday! RCJH

bad_dog 10 years ago

Darrell Arthur's HS grades sure got a lot of speculation and attention even after scrutiny by the NCAA Clearing House. Any speculation regarding their propriety should have been a private affair IMHO. Nevertheless, someone at his HS went to the media to air their grievances and it thus became "newsworthy".

From what I've been hearing on sports talk radio, someone in KSU's athletic department or more likely KSU's administration is the source. I mean really, you don't believe someone just made up the story and ran the risk of being sued for libel/slander because it was a slow news day, do you? There would be strict liability for defamation under these circumstances, if untrue. Martin's beat around the bush manner of handling the issue doesn't make the story look inaccurate to me-it's not even a plausible denial from my perspective.

Austin Meek of the Topeka Crapitol Urinal indicated on 810 this morning his belief there is a power struggle going on between Martin and KSU's admin over how to address the situation. Apparently some wanted Kelly gone for a third violation of the Student Athlete Code of Conduct. Others didn't want to ruin his collegiate career this close to the end and wanted to give him another chance. While Meek is "just another" media source, he is KSU's beat reporter for the TCJ. While I believe he was being candid, it sounded at times like it pained him to even have to address the topic.

As for the media creating drama, many news items are inherently dramatic. Reporting them does create public awareness and often adds to the drama. Disclosure of this issue however, had to come from those who knew about it, i.e. someone within or closely tied to KSU.

Don't blame the media for telling the public what has been disclosed to them. While they are ultimately responsible for accuracy and vetting sources, it's the job of the 4th Estate to do so.

100 10 years ago

True. Well we've been through occassional things as all schools have so this isn't about throwing stones. It's about a messy situation. This could be anywhere. It happens to be with Frank. Not so much KSU. This is a Frank deal.

Two souces today have confirmed the kid was caught on whatever this mysterious violation was three times.

There is no doubt a wrestling match going on with the KSU Administration & Frank.

His press conference yesterday pretty much spelled that out. In fact his saying "For four years I have..." pretty much sums up what's going on right now.

The KSU people (a respectable bunch) aren't happy with Frank's leadership & are hoping putting up with this Kelly situation (letting him slide by in the hearing) will be worth the gamble.

It is amazing that a kid is going through something like this and Frank won't stick up for him (my point is it's obvious Kelly is guilty because Frank deflects by yelling at the press).

If he didn't have the hearing, Frank would have answered questions.

I respect KSU's adminstrators for standing up.

I don't respect them for letting Frank call the shots on the hearing, which is quite obviously what happened judging from the yelling that took place yesterday from a man (Frank) who was quite clearly, "not at any hearing!!!!!!!!!!!"

KU_FanSince75 10 years ago

I saw this exchange of testiness by Frank Martin on my local news last night. His "dog and pony" show is getting really old. He tries to be like Bobby Knight when Knight was coaching at Indiana and the relationship he had with reporters. It is quite childish. Just damn glad that we have HCBS with the way he deals with the press!

Steve Brown 10 years ago

Oh the irony, that the K-KellyGate radio show wednesday in KC went on and on how only Martin enforced the rules and our HCBS was so lenient and let transgressions slip by without penalty and how unfair this was to K-KellyGate U...

Mitch HOltus happened to be on the show at the time and told Kevin to settle down that if in fact Kelly had violated dept. rules for a third time there should be enforcable consequences. Don't sacrifce long term goals for short term gain.

Now it is all swept under the rug, let the cover up begin.

Monday night will be the Octogon of Doom or AFH West, one toke over the line.....can you say 7-9 and NIT.

100 10 years ago

That makes three sources who have confirmed he broke the rule for the third time. Again all athletic departments have been through problems, but what the KSU administration is upset about is there they are trying to mantain stability with their rules & consequences, and Frank is able to make a deal of some sort behind the scenes.

The story was out already, Frank is still trying to run from it (or yell at it). Students on his own campus confirmed the hearing took place. His local newspaper was one of the first to report the third infraction to begin with. It is just a bad scene for the KSU administration, they are in between two unfortunate forces. I respect the rules they set out. I have a hard time respecting Frank, which it appears more & more is the driving force behind the cover-up.

Does he really think a reporter isn't going to ask him again just because he yelled? Let's put it this way; by freaking out yesterday, he made it into a headline story on ESPN which made him look like a fool.

So now local reporters (KC Star) get their names in the bright lights & they're obviously on to something.

Does he really think by yelling the local reporters are scared of him?

There is an obvious story there he is running from.

The bigger story to me is "For four years I have answered your guys questions...."

Does that mean the KSU administration is sick of his stuff & had their ultimatum?

If so I say good job KSU. Frank does not reflect the values of a decent hard working community. He would make a great coach at a little school in Miami.

douggiejug 10 years ago

Can you say bucknell, northern iowa etc... By the way Texas will win the Big 12 this year and you will lose early in the tourney ........ but its great that you can hang your hats on a lot of wins and nothing to show for it

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

Yeah, like 5 national titles?!?! Moron.

10 years ago

Here are a few other fun things we have to show:

All-Time Wins (to date): KU: 2026 K-State: 1480

Head-to-Head Wins (to date): KU: 181 K-State: 90

All Time League Titles KU: 53 (most recent: 2010) K-State: 17 (most recent: 1977)

rockchalk_dpu 10 years ago

It really was only a matter of time before a K-State "fan" got on the boards here and tried to remind us of our recent tourney upsets. I've told my friends this when they try to talk junk, but it needs repeating here as well... As disappointed as Jayhawk Nation may be with losses to the Killer B's or schools like Northern Iowa, it also is nice to have that pressure and the constant expectations that we should do well each year. Some of us crumble when faced with expectations of a great season cough K-State cough and others go on to win 25+ games each season and continue to be the biggest game on opponents schedules.

One thing I think we can agree on douggiejug is the fact that you have missed Clemente a lot more than you may have guessed since you are clearly lacking leadership and someone to draw attention from Pullen. Without him, K-State has turned into a one-trick pony that relies on chucking 3's to stay in and win games you would have easily won last year. Best of luck in the NIT this season.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

gchawk 10 years ago

Along with our 5 National Championships you can also toss in 2 Orange Bowl games, one of them being a BCS victory, not bad for a basketball school. You are a pathetic little person who can't tout the successes of their own team, granted there aren't very many, so you do what most people with acute inferiority complexes do and that is to bash the team you're most jealous of. I hope you get the help you so desperately need.

Dale Kroening 10 years ago

What a tool. We have 5 National Titles, and we make the tournament EVERY year, Ksuck has no titles, and again struggling to make the tourney, which is the norm there in Kitty land.

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

Yeah, he/she is just upset that the wheels came off the KSU wagon back in late December.

Michael Leiker 10 years ago

The thing KSU fans don't understand or wrap their mind around with the tournament is that you have to go every year, year after year to win national titles. You don't just show up one year with a good team and go the distance. If you go 25 straight years you are going to lose in the 1st round, 2nd round, 3rd round, etc. It's just how it works. There are 65 (or whatever now) teams. And they're all good.

How about 5 Elite Eights in 7 years. One NC to show for it. KU operates well above average.

bad_dog 10 years ago

"Can you say bucknell, northern iowa etc... "

Sure can. They were disappointing losses but I'm not all choked up over them. At least I can take some comfort in the fact they occurred in the NCAA tournament. It's kind of like the lottery douggie. You can't win (or lose) in the tournament if you don't play in it.

How many consecutive appearances does KU have? 20+ KSU? Mizzery?

HawkTronic 10 years ago

Too bad you can't use your school (KSU) as a tool to make us feel shame. Speaking of tools...

jayhawkjed 10 years ago

I think Martin might soon have, what I like to call, a Mangino moment... i.e. personality and coaching characteristics used against him when the losses start piling up.

KU_FanSince75 10 years ago

The "second coming" of Bobby Knight, he is not!

kumax 10 years ago

Frank would probably flunk an emotional intelligence test. Its no wonder that his players seem to have the issues they do. He's apparently not the guy who can model positive adult behavior. While most all 18- 22 year olds are challenged with growing up (god knows we've all been there)... Frank isn't that far ahead of those he coaches. LOL

kcglowboy 10 years ago

Why is it that when Mike Gundy unleashed a similar hothead diatribe against the press, most people praised him and lambasted the journalists covering the team; but when Martin did something awfully similar, people are trashing Martin? I found Gundy's tirade obnoxious, but I understand that he thought he was standing up for his players. I view Martin's actions similarly. News reports openly speculated (or reported, whichever) that Kelly was facing suspension from the team (and possibly worse) for drug-related violations. Whether it's true or not, those reports should be pretty embarrassing to a player who has already had plenty of reason to be embarrassed. Personally, this KU fan doesn't find fault with Martin trying to protect his players (or at least give them the impression he's still willing to go to the mat for them).

And to posters on this site, what do our national championships have to do with any of this?

10 years ago

“And to posters on this site, what do our national championships have to do with any of this?”

See douggiejug's post above.

Michael Leiker 10 years ago

The thing that drives me nuts about Martin is his "Make Shots" comments. During their spread for College Gameday you heard him yell a couple of times, "you've got to make your shots" or something like that at players, then every single halftime talk. I mean the guy's a GD basketball genius. Make Shots, 1.2mil. KSU look like fools for hiring this guy. He just seems to have a very unsophisticated basketball mind.

Jacobpaul81 10 years ago

As always, a lot of geniuses on KUsports. Most of you would pee your pants if someone offered you 1.2 mil to coach a basketball team... and it wouldn't be due to excitement.

kureader 10 years ago

Lost? Disappointed? Confused? Trying to make a point, but don't know what it is? Can't find your blog? You'd be less offended there. Try keying "Manhattan newspaper". Leave us geniuses alone. We're having a really good time today, talking about your classy basketball coach.

100 10 years ago

The ex President of Egypt is worth 25 billion dollars.

1.2 million is a spec of water vapor in the bucket.

KSU is much better than this. I for one am glad the KSU administration, though obviously pushed around yesterday by Frank, now sees that having Frank on board is like having a 6 foot rat on the Mayflower.

KSU administration will step up and do what is right.

Their money sport is football since the 90's. Keeping a rat like Frank aboard will eventually suck the life out of the other passengers on the rickety ship.

He might have gotten his way yesterday but he's gone at the end of the season.

JayDocMD 10 years ago

Updated headline: "Testes!?! " K-State coach Frank Martin says, "I have no testes! Curtis Kelly will play."

dynamitehawk 10 years ago

A couple of quaaludes, and he'll love you in the morning.

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