Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kansas hoops busy over break

Kansas head coach Bill Self has some excited words for the Jayhawks during a timeout in the second half on Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011 at the Galen Center.

Kansas head coach Bill Self has some excited words for the Jayhawks during a timeout in the second half on Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011 at the Galen Center.


College basketball coaches can only work with their players 20 hours a week when school is in session.

During semester break, however ...

“There are no limitations, so you don’t have to give the guys a day off. You can go as long as you want, as many times as you want, whenever you want, that kind of stuff,” Kansas University coach Bill Self said on Monday’s “Hawk Talk” radio show.

So from now until the Jan. 17 start of second semester, “we’ll have unlimited time,” Self said.

The first post-winter-break practice session was set for 7:10 Monday night, shortly after the conclusion of “Hawk Talk.”

“You will not practice 10 hours a day,” Self said. “Last year we did practice eight hours one day. I told our guys (last Thursday), ‘We need to beat USC. It’ll probably be to your benefit if we do because if we don’t play well, there’s a great chance we won’t enjoy ourselves a lot after we get back after Christmas.’

“I said, ‘Remember last year we had some eight hour days, and that’s when we were undefeated.’ I don’t know how our guys are going to react this year,” Self added.

There’s more than practice time on the immediate horizon. KU, which holds its annual holiday clinic for youths this afternoon, will meet Howard at 7 p.m. Thursday and North Dakota at 3 p.m. Saturday in Allen Fieldhouse.

“This is the only week we have left in our season to get better. Think about it. Because of the new 18-game (league) schedule, there is not an off week, so it’s two games a week every week,” Self said. “This week there are no classes. We have two games, and we will take those games very, very serious, but it is a time we just focus in on ball and don’t really worry how tired they are.”

Self said he’s seeking improvement in a lot of areas, including setting screens and running offense to score, as well as defending for the entire shot clock.

“If I was going to pick something I’d want to happen more than anything else ... we don’t play with a personality,” Self said. “We do not play with the personality where it shines through, and there’s energy exuding all personnel out there on the court.

“I don’t feel that yet. Certainly that’s something we’ve always done a great job in. It doesn’t have anything to do with trying hard, nothing like that. It has more to do with understanding: ‘OK, this is what we need, and if we do this, we’ll become better defenders; we’ll do this; we’ll do that.’”

“I don’t want a hot dog, but I want somebody to bring some bounce, some energy that is contagious.”

He cited some bouncy players of the past.

“The twins at times were unbelievable,” he said of Marcus and Markieff Morris. “When Sherron (Collins) was good ... that cat brought it. You go back to Cole (Aldrich), who had that bounce and energy. It’s kind of contagious. You go to those good teams we had in ’06, ’07, ’08, those teams definitely had it. Jeff Hawkins was so valuable to us because he could slide better than anybody, was the best on ball defender we’ve had since we’ve been here. He played with a bounce and energy and toughness level that was contagious and ran through our team. Darnell Jackson played that way. Our guys try hard. I wish we had a bit more bounce to us now.”

The Big 12 portion of the schedule begins a week from Wednesday when Kansas State comes to Allen for a 7 p.m. tipoff.


Funhawk 10 years ago

Happy birthday to all Jayhawks and non-Jayhawks born this date. Some people born on Thursday, December 27, 1962: professional golfer Sherri Steinhauer; 10k runner Timothy Hacker; “scream queen” actress Barbara Crampton (Wikipedia, however, claims 1958 instead of 1962); actor/director Joe Mantello; Lew Barnes, former Chiefs wide receiver; Lester Lyles, NFL cornerback; Mark Few, Gonzaga’s head basketball coach, and Mr. Bill Self, born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

Don’t believe in astrology, but this is a fun read about those born on December 27: “Their authoritarian nature makes them good at handling others, particularly in the workplace. They are demanding and have a perfectionist streak and can, at times, seem intolerant of others' mistakes…. They're loyal to friends and will provide emotional support in times of trouble…. People born on this date are excellent at getting others to work at their highest potential so make good supervisors and bosses.”

EverRisingHawk 10 years ago

Some of that bounce seemed to shine through against USC in a few crucial moments - specifically, when our guards pressured the passing lanes around the perimeter and forced some explosive offensive opportunities off USC turnovers.

I hope our team doesn't buy into the all-too-prevalent classification of them as under-talented and underwhelming. Lots of programs would kill for a potential All American, a four year starting PG with a laundry list of skills, and a five star guard who shows flashes of brilliance / explosive athleticism. Sure, our depth may be suspect, but you can build a seriously successful season around that cast of characters if you gel and get hot at the right time (preferably around March). In 1988, Manning was the linchpin for a team that was otherwise fairly bleak in the talent department. There's too much parody that goes into winning it all for fans - some fans, but not all fans - to be underselling this squad.

Tuskin 10 years ago

Parody...parity...what's the difference among friends?

yates33333 10 years ago

" You go back to Cole (Aldrich), who had that bounce and energy." There must have been a Cole Aldrich before my time. The recent Cole Aldrich many worried was suffering from asthma or some respiratory problem, or mononucleosis.

dylans 10 years ago

How about against North Carolina? Or when Cole felt better? You can see the "bounce/energy" that certain players give off. EJ, when his shot is falling, has great positive energy that he gives off just with his smile, extra energy on the defensive end, and praise for teammates. I think Thomas could do the same with his infectious smile and high motor.

Ron Franklin 10 years ago

I sure hope they can figure it out before conference play begins. I watched the KStaterCats completely destroy Long Beach St on a neutral court this weekend. KSU might be peaking right now. I can't imageine they can play any better. But, if the Hawks don't step up their game, I believe the Cats will take 'em.

NebraskaJayhawk 10 years ago

Wouldn't it be fun to lose to Missouri in basketball this year? That would definitely leave an empty hole inside every coach, player & fan. These guys need to step it up now...and right now. Very big season for Kansas Basketball in my opinion.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Yeah, I saw the K-State/Long Beach State game, too! I am a little worried (or as Stupidmichael would say, "a little scared") if we come out flat against the purples. K-State opens up at KU, hosts Missouri and Baylor, then goes to OU. Tough schedule.

tom123kufan 10 years ago

There are going to be many close tough games this year. K-State is always a big game no matter the year. Play defense and play into the offense coach has drawn up and we will be fine. Rock Chalk!

jaybate 10 years ago

"Once Upon a Time in the Big Twelve"

Produced, written and directed by sergio jaybatone

(Cue weird Ennio Morricone harmonica music briefly on black screen then silence. No titles.)

Ext. Train Station-Lawrence KS-Day

Hot, sweaty Antlers hang around the platform waiting for a train.

Ext. Series of Angles-A Moment Later

Antler 1 mouth breathing.

Antler 2 scratching hair teeming with body lice.

Antler 3 using battery powered hand drill switched to reverse cleaning out right nostril.

Antler 4 thumbing through upside down National Inquirer.

Antler 5 drinking his own urine from a tin cup.

Antler 6 salting a grub worm and eating it.

Antler 7 smearing feces on his chapped lips.

Antler 8 picking teeth cracked from too much meth.

Antler 9 leering lecherously at a picture of a sheep on a calendar. The date circled is the day of the KU game in Lawrence.

Ext. Clock-A Moment Later

Loud ticking.

Ext. Train Tracks-A Moment Later

Train approaching.

Ext. Train Whistle--A Moment Later

Ear splitting whistle.

Ext. Platform--A Moment Later

Antlers holding Daisy air rifles stand and begin positioning behind pillars and barrels and women and children for ambush.

Ext. Train Tracks--A Moment Later

Trains slows and stops.

Joe Ross 10 years ago

Title of article, "Kansas hoops busy over break."

Evidently, Jaybate isn't. In fact, is he EVER?

jaybate 10 years ago

And a merry High Mass Christmas to you too, sir. :-)

jaybate 10 years ago

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A series of angles on the antlers waiting tensely.

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No passengers get off. No conductor.

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Train pulls away revealing a stranger, "The Basketball Coach with No Name," looking like Bill Self with ten days growth dressed in some hot, sweaty western duds, lipping a bitterroot cigarette and peering through slit eyes.

Cue harmonica music.

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The Coach with No Name extends his shooting arm with the hand-held M-16 and aims.

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Close on the Coach with No Name

                    Coach with No Name

                     God, I love this job.

Fade to black.

(Note: All fiction. No malice.)

Joe Ross 10 years ago

Dumb. All malice. No fiction.

"The soul of wit is brevity."

jaybate 10 years ago

I'll try to get better just for you.

Say, what year did you graduate and play for St. Benedicts up in Atchison, wasn't it?

Bion Ostrander 10 years ago

I remember HCBS being quoted earlier in semester as saying that Robinson needed to at least touch the ball every possession for this team to win (similar to the days when KU had a limited post presence and required this also for Manning and Simien), that is NOT EVEN CLOSE TO HAPPENING WITH THIS TEAM.

The Davidson game was horrible, there were many times only 1 or 2 players touched it, of course because there were only 1 or 2 passes on many possessions with EJ gunning it from 3-point land numerous times.

I know EJ had a good shooting game against Ohio State, but KU will not win with EJ as a spot up 3-point shooter, he is not a consistent outside shooter and he is too valuable driving the ball to the bucket...which he has done very little the past 3-4 games. And I have only seen the back side screen lob to EJ for a dunk this year several times (probably the only guard that KU has ever run this play for).

Not sure why EJ has lost his aggressiveness taking the ball to the bucket, he is not the greatest ball handler in traffic, so perhaps that is part of the reason.

I'm sure HCBS will get this and many other things corrected over the break, and there will be some long practice sessions!!!

Alohahawk 10 years ago

+1 Would love to see EJ getting to the basket, whether by lobes or by driving.

KU has some great shooters, during practice. But they're just not consistent enough under pressure that KU can rely on their 3 pointers. Some games they're spot on, but if they aren't, they can't seem to hit s***.

I give credit to TT because he does drive the line. EJ could develop more spacing to shoot the 3 if he did drive more often. Keep the defense honest.

jaybate 10 years ago

What law says EJ can't shoot 40% from trey spot up?

I bet he does. Brady fell to something like the high 20s in trey percentage during the depths of his slump last season.

EJ's slump just came early this season.

The only valid argument against him doing it is Slayr's: EJ's shoulder has never recovered from last seasons separation and it is hampering his shot.

My counter argument is that if that were the case, then it is improbable that EJ would have any hot shooting nights at all, and that he would have real problems shooting from long range. He has had at least one hot night, and has evidenced great range.

I can only conclude a slump.

Still, I think you will see a few plays added for EJ to drive baseline the way Tyshawn did as a freshman, and over the top and down the lane, as Tyshawn perfected last year, in this the week of getting better...same with Travis.

The reason it is not done much is because Tyshawn is faster and when Tyshawn drives from the point, then he gets to dish between TRob and Jeff...either way, or kick out either way.

We are only seeing a small portion of the offense run that we will see in the conference.

That's pretty normal for this time of year.

We got all excited early, because Self used a bunch of offense against Duke. But since that time, he has pulled in the reins to help the guys learn how to run the simple stuff and reduce TOs. The high early TOs are the price he paid for installing a lot of offense early with a young team. It was a gamble to try to get a split with UK and Duke. It didn't work. But it was a good gamble IMHO.

Bion Ostrander 10 years ago

jaybate...too much eggnog I'm guessing!!

jaybate 10 years ago

Too much unspiked egg nog. :-)

You accidentally raise some interesting questions, however.

What exactly is a Nog?

Where are Nogs raised?

And how many eggs does an average Nog lay per day?

actorman 10 years ago

To raise those questions, wouldn't it have to be a nog egg instead of eggnog?

jaybate 10 years ago

Obviously not, because I did? :-)

But if you mean to raise them validly, then I will have to defend myself, won't I?

Eggs Benedict, if two.

Egg Benedict, if one.

Eggs jaybate, if two.

Egg jaybate, if one.

Eggs Nog, if you made with two.

Egg Nog,if made with one?

I dunno. Maybe you've got me. :-)

TexasHawk44 10 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

REHawk 10 years ago

The guy with the best bounce is still learning to play BIll Self defense. Kevin Young. EJ sometimes shows promise in that regard, but his current tendency has grown to avoid it. IMHO.

jaybate 10 years ago

How would you like to have your coach say make fewer turn overs and play more aggressively.

Don't be a hot dog but play with more bounce.

In which the team gets a holiday dose of paradox therapy from Coach Self to ready them for his real suggestion: guard the whole 35 seconds.


Funhawk 10 years ago

More fun from Bill Self’s date of birth, December 27, 1962:

According to Billboard magazine, the #1 song on December 27th of 1962 was Telstar by the Tornados. Click now to hear Telstar, Bill’s birth date song; good song to listen to as you read Telstar was the first record by a British group to be crowned #1 in the U. S. Telstar was also the name of the first satellite to successfully relay television pictures, telephone calls, and fax images through outer space. Supposedly, the 171-pound Telstar is still up there today. Owned by AT&T, Telstar was launched on top of a rocket July 10, 1962. That same year the first satellite television signal was relayed from Europe to Telstar, then back down to America. The first satellite transatlantic broadcast was to have been a speech by President Kennedy, but the president was not quite ready, so the satellite briefly broadcast a baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. The batter was seen hitting a ball to the right fielder. See here Kennedy’s short 1962 Telstar speech after viewers saw the ballgame.

Funhawk 10 years ago

Being unbelievable to many living at the time, Telstar was a big conversation piece in 1962. “We’re now living in the space age,” exclaimed old-timers who could remember communication without even the common telephone. Telstar was now a new word in American’s every day vocabulary, and the one-hit-wonder Tornados capitalized on the new 1962 buzz term, “Space Age.” More about the satellite Telstar here.

Funhawk 10 years ago

At the time, the record’s weird opening and closing sounds were presumed to be the actual outer space sounds transmitted by the Telstar satellite. Verbal tradition, however, supports the surreal sounds being created by Joe Meek, the song’s creator and producer, in his small London apartment/recording studio. The record’s unique “space-age” sounds were Joe’s flushing toilet recorded backwards at various speeds, plus his pen moving around the rim of his ash tray.

Funhawk 10 years ago

“High tech” in 1962 rock recordings produced unique, low cost sound effects. An example is those space-age sounds beginning and ending the record “Telstar.”

Funhawk 10 years ago

90 minutes - a little more than twice the number of minutes in a basketball game. It took Joe Meek 90 minutes to teach his Telstar tune to the Tornadoes and record it.

Funhawk 10 years ago

Another result of early rock-and-roll creativity was huge record sales. Telstar sold five million copies. This 1962 instrumental had the right name and came along at the right time. The song’s unique name fits its weird sounds. Odd mix of instruments created the outer space mood, too. Hot wax mental images of outer space, stretching and melting your imagination, post toasty to the bitter. Roll tape of backward flushing toilet…..countdown…T minus ten and counting…three-two-one… guitar, harp, clavioline- blast off! Click to read more about the 12-27-62 #1 song.

Funhawk 10 years ago

Being a creative producer of rock records could be lucrative in Bill’s birth year of 1962. In that regard, perhaps Bill Self in 2011 is similar to the 1962 record producer of Telstar, Joe Meek. Recruit teenage kids in order to secure a lucrative job career. Joe, however, did not receive royalties from his Telstar record. He was served a lawsuit that claimed plagiarism. Joe Meek eventually committed suicide, immediately after he murdered his landlady. Click to read the wild bio of Joe Meek.

Funhawk 10 years ago

1:52.8 – the winning time in the 880-relay race. The winner - KU student, mile record-holder and future Olympian, Jim Ryun. The location - Allen Fieldhouse. The date - February 3, 1967, the exact date Joe Meek’s life ended. His race was a musical 880-relay, a space-age partnership with drugs, sexual deviancy, and the occult. By the way, the plagiarism lawsuit was settled three weeks after Meek’s suicide. He won.

Funhawk 10 years ago

No known suicide has resulted from college basketball recruiting, but local suicide hotlines are jammed following another Hawk upset in the NCAA Tournament. Life goes on; there’s always next year; that is, if you are still alive on planet earth. Arrange a satellite to be ready for a casket and blast off into outer space.

Funhawk 10 years ago

Joe Meek's 1967 suicide was held on the eight year anniversary of Buddy Holly's death, February 3, 1959. Being infatuated with Buddy, the suicidee claimed that Buddy was communicating with him in his dreams.

Funhawk 10 years ago

Instrumentals were very popular records. Without words these raw sounding instrumentals like Telstar evoked fun, powerful images for young listeners. Truth be known, groups like the Tornados who recorded nothing but instrumentals did so out of necessity. Instrumental groups typically had no band members who could sing.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

Please vote TRob for POY. Just go to the link and review.

As of this entry, Denmon was leading all candidates. We all know better.

Funhawk 10 years ago

More fun from Bill Self’s date of birth, December 27, 1962:

On Bill Self’s date of birth, December 27, 1962, the annual Big 8 Pre-Season Basketball Tournament was being played in KC’s Municipal Auditorium. KU and K-State kept winning and advanced to the wild championship game, which was played on the 29th when screaming baby Bill was two days old. The championship game was a 4-overtime thriller! The 1962 underdog was the victor, 90-88. Brainy senior Nolen Ellison had 32 points; sophomore George Unseld, 26. These two Jayhawks were the heroes, unless you were rooting for Tex Winters’ Wildcats.

Funhawk 10 years ago

The loser, K-State, had won the previous two tournaments. 1962 was the period of K-State’s basketball glory years; the following season the Wildcats went to the Final Four. Basketball was king in the state of Kansas. Both schools annually produced basketball teams that were incredible, as did Wichita State. The Wheat Shockers went to the Final Four in 1965, losing to UCLA.

Funhawk 10 years ago

The loser, K-State, had won the previous two tournaments. 1962 was the period of K-State’s basketball glory years; the following season the Wildcats went to the Final Four. Basketball was king in the state of Kansas. Both schools annually produced basketball teams that were incredible, as did Wichita State. The Wheat Shockers went to the Final Four in 1965, losing to UCLA.

Funhawk 10 years ago

The annual Big 8 Pre-Season Basketball Tournament was started in 1946. It was played after Christmas and before New Year’s Day. The tournament ended in the late ‘70s when the Big 8 post-season tournament was started. The old Big 8 holiday tournament was a basketball junkie’s dream, a total of twelve games in Municipal Auditorium. The tournament was the annual kick-off for Big 8 conference games. Downtown Kansas City was still thriving in 1962. Old Municipal was rocking.

Funhawk 10 years ago

Playing Iowa State for third place was Hank Iba’s Oklahoma State team. Besides being their basketball coach, Mr. Iba was also the school’s Athletic Director. Ole Jayhawkers remember his defensive-minded teams slowing the game to a crawl - Aaarrghh!- the complete anti-thesis of Jayhawk basketball. No shot clock back then, so our Hawks might be doomed playing Iba’s rough-and-tough Cowboys. Bill Self is a protégé of this famous, long-time coach. Read Coach Iba’s bio and you will understand why:

Funhawk 10 years ago

Henry “Hank” Iba was born near St. Joe, MO, not far from Forrest “Phog” Allen’s birthplace of Jamesport, MO. Our Kansas-Missouri area produced numerous, famous men who were coaching basketball around that time period of 1962.

Funhawk 10 years ago

More fun from Bill Self’s date of birth, December 27, 1962:

Bill Self’s birth year of 1962 was the period known as the Golden Age of Television. Fun TV the evening of Bill Self’s date of birth, Thursday, December 27, 1962: Mr. Ed, the Flintstones, Donna Reed, Perry Mason, Dr. Kildare, Alfred Hitchcock, and Leave it to Beaver. Take your pick, ABC, NBC, and CBS were the only networks. As with most TV of 1962, the shows were in glorious black-and-white. However, two of tonight’s shows were in color, Hazel and the Andy Williams Show. Unfortunately, color TV sets were cost prohibitive for most Americans in 1962. The few owning color TVs were considered rich. If you were watching Hazel or Andy Williams on a black-and-white TV, you saw Hazel and Andy in black-and-white.

Funhawk 10 years ago

Actors in black-and-white shows like Perry Mason and Alfred Hitchcock appeared more stark, more emotional and desperate looking, don’t you think? You can easily see all the lines and pock marks in the actors’ faces in their 1962 TV close up shots, even in Mr. Ed’s, the talking horse. And, how did they get that horse to talk anyways, we little kids often asked. Never could figure that out.

Funhawk 10 years ago

In 1962 you longed for a Jayhawk game to be shown on your scratchy TV. All was not lost, your little transistor radio beamed into your ear Max Falkenstien’s calm, soothing voice. Your little radio could conveniently fit tucked under your pillow, thus you were listening to the game when your parents thought you were asleep. Just like the images evoked by the instrumental “Telstar” and the outer space satellite, Max guided your imagination through the outer limits of another basketball game. Wasn’t it easier to fall asleep after a Jayhawk win?

Funhawk 10 years ago

Perhaps somewhere today, in black and white outer spaces of your imagination, another Jayhawk coach like Bill has been born.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Funhawk needs a new avatar. The little girl with pony tails is getting old.

{Note: No malice}.

ancient_hawk 10 years ago

LOL Little girl? That's Mary Hartman (Mary Hartman).

lurkerhawk 10 years ago

goodness gracious! someone outdid jaybate

actorman 10 years ago

The difference is that while jaybate is spouting opinion and sometimes going in some pretty bizarre directions, Funhawk is providing a good dose of nostalgia. They each have their good points, but I always look forward to Funhawk's reminiscenses.

Brianna Zaleski 10 years ago


You have to be f ing kidding me. Not ONE of those posts was readable and then you double post them? Please tell me you copied and pasted all that. Otherwise you have a lot of time to waste. Jesus, how about a "Happy Birthday to HCBS" and be done w/ it.

actorman 10 years ago

Speak for yourself, ZIG.

I (like, I would imagine, many true Jayhawk fans) LOVE Funhawk's trips down memory lane.

Today's posts have an added bonus for me, since I was also born in '62.

s6u6r6f 10 years ago


How interesting. Tell us more.

As the locals say in Thailand, 5 5 5 5 5!

Happy birthday, Coach Self.

Rock chalk.

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

Funhawk..thanks for nothing..I was a freshman in high school the year HCBS was born and thank you very much for reminding me!!! :(

Probably half the posters on this site don't even know that your avatar is Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman or that it is Louise Lasser, who was incidently married to Woody Allen.

But I know because I am old as dirt, as old as water, so old, I reminded God to take a break on the seventh day.

Posted with no malice and tongue so far into cheek it hurts!!!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Oakville--- So funny I forgot to laugh-----NOT!

BalKUrog 10 years ago

I am late but to EverRisingHawk comments:

+1. Astute observations.

Watching Danny Manning's team every single game from AFH vantage point, that team lost to KState down the conference season stretch but it did not take a practiced eye to see they were gelling at the right time. They were playing with confidence and each team member understand their role as defined by L Brown.

Considering this team's pieces they too can put together a similar timely run through the tournament (at least to the final four in my opinion, then anything can happen).

It will be fun to watch them develop and see if it happens.

Alohahawk 10 years ago

Recent article on has a list of the top 8 colleges with players in the NBA. Kansas and N.Carolina are tied at 6th, with 12 players each. Duke has the most, with 17. Others in top 5 are Kentucky, Texas, Connecticut, and (?) forget the other.

Alohahawk 10 years ago

UCLA is the one I forgot. They're tied for 2nd with Kentucky, with 15.

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