Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Charlie Weis’ search for D.C. ongoing

KU football coach might be eyeing NFL assistant

Charlie Weis laughs at the podium as he addresses media members during a news conference in which Weis was announced as the new football coach for KU on Friday, Dec. 9, 2011 at the Anderson Family Football Complex.

Charlie Weis laughs at the podium as he addresses media members during a news conference in which Weis was announced as the new football coach for KU on Friday, Dec. 9, 2011 at the Anderson Family Football Complex.


Kansas University’s search for a new head football coach is long over, but the Jayhawks’ quest to find a new defensive coordinator has moved into its third week.

When Charlie Weis was introduced as KU’s coach on Dec. 9, he gave no timetable for when he would have his coaching staff in place and said his focus was on bringing in the best fits.

“I hired a bunch of good coaches (at Notre Dame), but never really got it right,” Weis said. “Whether it was chemistry on offense or going through multiple coordinators on defense … if I had got it right, I would still be there and still be the head coach.”

Instead, Weis was fired after five seasons, which eventually opened the door for him to come to Kansas. While the hiring of Weis made an enormous splash, it also intensified the interest in KU football and has left many clamoring for information about everything from Weis’ staff and the players he is recruiting to whether the names would return to the backs of the uniforms next season.

Weis, a former NFL offensive coordinator with the New York Jets, New York Giants, New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs, may draw on all of his pro football experience to fill what many believe will be the most important position on his coaching staff at KU. Sources have indicated to the Journal-World that at least a couple of current NFL defensive coordinators have landed on Weis’ short list.

That could explain the delay in nailing it down. With the NFL now in its final week of the regular season, Weis could be going the courteous route and waiting for NFL teams to wrap up before he has formal discussions with any potential coordinators.

Speculation about the names on his list might lead to San Diego and Miami. Both teams have been eliminated from postseason play and will have new head coaches next season.

San Diego defensive coordinator Greg Manusky has 11 years of experience on an NFL sideline. Prior to joining the coaching fraternity, Manusky played 12 seasons in the NFL with the Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs.

While 2011 marked his first season as the Chargers’ defensive coordinator, Manusky, 45, worked the same job for the San Francisco 49ers from 2007-10. Prior to that, he coached linebackers for the Chargers from 2002-06 and broke into NFL coaching by overseeing the linebackers in Washington in 2001.

A native of Pennsylvania and 1988 graduate of Colgate University, where he was the Colonial League’s defensive player of the year in 1987, Manusky retired in 1999 after a playing career that included a stretch of 113 consecutive games.

The Chargers’ defense, which ranks 12th in total defense, 10th in pass defense and 20th in rush defense, operates out of a 3-4 set. During his stint as the 49ers’ defensive coordinator, Manusky’s defenses ranked in the top 15 three times, including two seasons as the sixth-stiffest run defense in the league.

Reports surfaced earlier this month that San Diego intends to fire head coach Norv Turner at season’s end, which could mean that Manusky, too, soon will be looking for work.

Miami DC, Mike Nolan, 52, a native of Baltimore, has coached in the NFL since 1987, including 13 seasons and six stops as a defensive coordinator — most notably with Baltimore from 2002-04 — and a four-year run as the head coach of the 49ers from 2005-08. Nolan is in his second season with the Miami, which fired head coach Tony Sparano two weeks ago. During his time with the Dolphins, Nolan has elevated the defense into the top half of the league, including taking a unit that ranked 22nd in total D in 2009 and transforming it into the sixth toughest defense in the NFL in 2010. Like Manusky’s in San Diego and some of Weis’ teams at Notre Dame, the Dolphins’ base defense utilizes the 3-4 approach.

At his introductory news conference, Weis spoke of bringing in a veteran to run the KU defense, allowing him more time and freedom to focus on upgrading the offense. While it’s still too soon to tell if Manusky or Nolan is a finalist for the job at Kansas, both seem to fit the profile Weis is seeking.

“What you would like to do is get involved (with the defense) early in the week and study the opponent’s personnel and say, ‘Hey, this is where I see them vulnerable,’” Weis said. “Ideally, that’s what you would like to get to. (I have) a couple of candidates for defensive coordinator, and if one of them comes to fruition you will see what I’m talking about. In the beginning, I would like to let somebody run the defense and let me run the offense.”


Mat Davis 10 years ago

If he does bring in someone from the NFL, it'll be interesting to see how they handle the college game. The spread is prevalent in the Big XII, and having not seen it in the pros, there may be some growing pains. Also, there is the recruiting piece, which is a non-factor in the pros, but is imperative at KU. Defense is the emotional side of the ball, and I'd love to see a little fire from whoever is brought in.

LAJayhawk 10 years ago

Mike Nolan was an LB/DB coach for 5 years in college before moving on the the NFL. Just FYI, that he has at least a little experience with recruiting.

dhawk87 10 years ago

I agree with all. However; there has some some spread offense's in the NFL throughout the last few years. The Patriots, Packers, Bills, Saints and even the Chiefs when they had Gailey as OC and Thigpen slinging it around. So in ways I do believe that NFL DC's can be prepared to stop spread. Im keeping my fingers crossed for a big name.

Blake McFarland 10 years ago

The only thing that worries me about hiring an NFL DC at KU is the development of raw talent. In the NFL there is the old saying, you are just renting your jersey, the best teams in the NCAA develop young guys who come in as freshmen and redshirt a year and the DC's, and position coaches develop them into talented players by their junior, and senior seasons because they stuck with them when they weren't good. I don't feel like that happens all that often in the NFL.

Jeremy Bolinger 10 years ago

Michigan's defense was vastly improved from last year under their former NFL DC. I'm all for Mike Nolan. Sign him up!

waywardJay 10 years ago

At that was Greg Mattison, Baltimore's Worst Defense Coordinator since their Inception.

stevemize 10 years ago

The NFL pays their players huge $$$ and have a gameday roster of only 45 players with a small practice-squad. Div. I college teams can have over 100 players on the squad. There is room for underclassmen to be on the team and develop strength and learn a coach's system. The NFL has smaller rosters and if a player doesn't show development quickly, they cut their losses and move on.

Bangkok_Jayhawk 10 years ago

In college sports you are simply the product of those who you recruit. Hiring an NFL D Coordinator would great for 2 reasons... 1. They obviously understand the game at a high level. 2. Their NFL past would be a fantastic recruiting tool. Nolan, Leavitt, and Manusky would all make fantastic hires and really keep the interest rolling.

On a side note... I would love to see the names on the back of the jerseys. I understand the mentality of playing for the name on the front rather than the back, but I don't see the names on the back of the jerseys really making any difference for the players. As a fan, I really enjoy seeing the names. We are fans of both the team and fans of the individual players.

shelleysue 10 years ago

I don't understand how leaving names off jerseys accomplishes anything. If a player is all about himself leaving his name off isn't going to solve that problem. Personally I feel that name gives the players a sense of pride that they deserve.

Ethan Berger 10 years ago

Its a mentality thing. " Its not the name on the back that matters, its the name on the front." It attempts to make the team bigger then the individual. Does it work? Perhaps we will never know.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

I agree. Not having your name out there could make everyone feel kind of anonymous, and as a result, maybe not accountable for their mistakes. Or even noticed for their successes.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

Whoops! I was agreeing with Shellysue,and my response ended up below Hawk90.

T_Man_JayhawkNation 10 years ago

I say put the names back on! It did not seem to make much difference by taking them off! It makes the players accountable when their name is on their back and hopefully that makes them give 100% effort!

Bee Bee 10 years ago

The way KU played this year I m sure they were glad there were no names on the jerseys! I m not worried about jerseys, they can be pink and green for all I care. Win games!

shelleysue 10 years ago

I don't understand how leaving names off jerseys accomplishes anything. If a player is all about himself leaving his name off isn't going to solve that problem. Personally I feel that name gives the players a sense of pride that they deserve.

willie_fu_fu 10 years ago

I just want to see a staff that stays in tact for a few seasons. I hate to see KU as a Mid Major football team.

Mike Barnhart 10 years ago

Mike Nolan's HC was fired which makes him a free agent after the NFL season. Isn't Weis' buddy Romeo Crennel in the same position? Weis has already proven with Grunhard that he'll let his coaches commute from KC to Lawrence.

Mark Lindrud 10 years ago

Romeo Crennel is trying to get the head coaching job with the Chiefs at the moment so he currently is not an option.

Bangkok_Jayhawk 10 years ago

Romeo is unlikely to get the job. Consider him as a candidate.

GabrielMichael 10 years ago

Nolan's wiki site already has him listed as Kansas DC for 2012.

Jayhawk1116 10 years ago

Until it comes from a reliable source I won't believe it.

Matt Tait 10 years ago

Pretty sure that's been corrected... As I'm sure you all know, it's pretty easy for just about anybody to get into Wikipedia and change stuff around. That's likely what happened when Nolan's wikipedia page showed what you're talking about.

Nothing official yet and no word when anything will be announced.

Stay tuned...

brooksmd 10 years ago

And even when it was on wiki if you had looked at his list of jobs on the side bar, at the bottom of the list after Miami someone had put "2012 to present North Korea". All has been removed now.

Dyrk Dugan 10 years ago

no DCs without college experience. that's why Leavitt is still the obvious first choice here....since he knows SZ well.

i can't believe we'll hire a DC that's never recruited or coached a college athlete before. i would think that would need to be a prerequisite.

LAJayhawk 10 years ago

As was stated above, Mike Nolan coached in college (Stanford, Rice and LSU) for 5 years before moving on to the NFL.

He was also a graduate assistant for Oregon before that.

Bangkok_Jayhawk 10 years ago

I disagree. The pro DCs know what they are doing and should adjust just fine. Their added benefit in the recruiting realm would be HUGE. In college, you are who you recruit.

Jayhawk1116 10 years ago

How about somebody with experience coaching kids?!? Just a thought...

jakzhumans 10 years ago

How about actually checking whether the coaches in question have coached "kids" - as Nolan did for six years as a college assistant - before posting nonsense? Just a thought...

Jayhawk1116 10 years ago

Dude, why the venom? Yes, you're right, Nolan coached in college - 25 years ago!!! How about some recent experience with kids? Things have changed.

Andy Tweedy 10 years ago

C'mon dude, you know it's venom that keeps this site going!!! Isn't it crazy how personal some people seem to take posts??? Every time I sign on and haven't been called an idiot I feel fortunate!

Dennis Mahorney 10 years ago

Aint it the truth....We are just people talking, but the fact we may never meet our fellow posters, causes some to act rudely. No accountability, I guess.

rockemchalkemrobots 10 years ago

Right. Just think if, instead of putting the names on the back of the jerseys, Weis let them make up nicknames comprised of names, numbers, and a small image (if they had the time to find one), and let them come up with a new one each time they made a mistake, or looked stupid. Utter chaos!

fljayhawk 10 years ago

How about Steve Spagnolo, he may be out as the Ram's head coach. Steve did a fantastic job while being DC for the NY Giants.

Joe Ross 10 years ago


I'm not an editor and I don't mean to be hawkish about the way articles are written, but shouldn't an individual's name be printed in full somewhere in the piece before referring to him by last name only? As in "__ Nolan"?

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

@ jross1972---I noticed that, too! I was looking for Nolan's first name and couldn't find it. Great minds think alike.

Matt Tait 10 years ago

It's fixed... Thanks for the note.

ahpersecoachingexperience 10 years ago

We're still using qoutes from charlie's first press conference, geesh?

I'm not to concerned with the dc as everyone else. See okie state for what a good qb and wr combo can do with an average defense.

I'm not sure how these NFL names make sense financially or for longevity. Isn't someone like Nolan joint to leave after a year when another NFL job opens, offering more money?

LAJayhawk 10 years ago

Zenger already budgeted good salaries for assistants. It's part of what brought Charlie in, knowing he could hire top guys. Could they leave? Sure. So could Weis.....

Weis already made a point about the college game being more conducive to having a family. There may be NFL guys who are looking for more of that, and if they can make equivalent money... or close to it... why not?

willie_fu_fu 10 years ago

Weis said he was going to be here 5 years and then retire. I think it was part of the contract which makes me think he here mainly to groom a staff for Kansas rather than be just a HC.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Yeah, I read about that. Kind of funny. Fire the guy in the suit. Heck, everybody else is getting fired.

BTW, did you see that LSU sent a full-page ad in the Shreveport, LA newspaper telling Missouri, "Congrats on being a new member in the SEC?"

Really makes me want to see Alabama win now, over L - S - U!

actorman 10 years ago

Translation: Congrats for being another doormat that we can kick around, and thanks for making our schedule a little easier. We needed a break from playing teams like Alabama, Auburn, et al., so it will be nice to have a few delusional tiggers on the agenda.

brooksmd 10 years ago

You got it right actorman. LSU needed an extra bottom feeder to start the season with. Mizzou players will cr@p their drawers when they walk into a real tiger stadium in Baton Rouge. That plus LSU fans know they won't have problems getting tickets when they go to Columbia. As for Bama, "LSU at home in da dome, Geaux Tigers!"

LAJayhawk 10 years ago

If you want to cheer for Alabama, do it to so that the BCS will be shown as more of a joke than it already is. That Alabama, a team that didn't even win it's own conference, can be National Champion. Just to show that in college football you get do-overs, and the team that went undefeated, beat the other team IN THEIR HOUSE, and had to do a play-in game (SEC championship) also has to be forced to beat that team twice to get the title, while the other team can simply split the games.

That's why you should cheer for Alabama. Because the entire system is insanely ridiculous.

actorman 10 years ago

Excellent point, LAJayhawk. But damn, it's still really hard to root for Alabama.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

@ LAJayhawk--- You pulled the Tiger by it's tail--or, uh, hit the nail on the head. That's why I am for the Tide.

Jeff Coffman 10 years ago

I still think that it will be Romeo Crennel (sp?)...he has been solid as a DC. One year with CW at KC was enough to form a good relationship plus several years with him at the Patriots. Many think he might be in line for the KC job, but look at the history of promoting an assistant in the NFL to coach: Mike Singletary, Jason Garrett, Leslie Frazier, and who could forget Gunther Cunningham from the Chiefs. Promoting your assistants usually is a small bump and then trails to mediocracy the next year. I do think Romeo will get a realistic interview, I just don't think he will get the job (and personally I don't think he deserves the job).

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

I think Romeo would be an excellent choice! Getting him to say yes, could be a different matter.

Lance Hobson 10 years ago

Either of these two would be fabulous, I hope we get one!

Ross Cargo 10 years ago

If KU gets a DC from the NFL, the guy will have to be able to adjust to the limited practice hours, recruiting and player development (teaching) aspect of the college game. I think Weis is ready for that having his stint at ND and Florida. Grunhard should be somewhat ready from his HS coaching experience.

I'm anxious to see how this goes. Are we overlooking anyone who may still be tied to a bowl team? (the reason for the wait?)

BigBlue4KU 10 years ago


How can we afford an NFL DC?

We have paid off Mangino $3m, Turner Gill $6m, pay the new HC $2.5m.

I'm sure NFL DC's don't work for Christmas Cookies.

LAJayhawk 10 years ago

Exit fees from CU, Nebraska, mizzou and TA&M also help cover some of the money that has gone out.

And, reportedly, boosters have raised a significant amount for new coaches.

A successful program will more than pay for itself. If they start selling out 50k every game, whatever they pay the DC will essentially be Christmas Cookies, relatively speaking.

BigBlue4KU 10 years ago

Oh, I forgot, we gave away $3m in tickets to administrators.

Martin Shupert 10 years ago

1) We already have Santa's body as head coach. 2) This notion that, if Weis had hired the right assistants at ND, he's still be there is ludicrous. He throws them all under the bus and takes little, if any responsibility for his utter failure as ND head coach. Look out, KU. 3) KU needs the defensive coordinator now for more than game plans. We need another recruiter and recruits need to know what the scheme will be and what the approach will be and how they fit into it. 4) Weis taking the curteous route? Give me a break. He's more aggressive than that, isn't he? Or is he suddenly "Mr. Nice Guy" ?

Sam Brockert 10 years ago

In the quoptes I don't see the part where he blamed his assistants at all... HE said that he hired GOOD coaches but maybe not the RIGHT coaches. Which in my estimation is putting the blame on himself for not hiring the right people...

Martin Shupert 10 years ago

chiefs, just don't be naive. I'm from South Bend. I saw it happen. This guy sells snake oil.

Joseph Kuebel 10 years ago


Here's to hoping ND gets what they truly deserve... No national championship games FOR ANOTHER 20 years as well!

JayHok 10 years ago

Here's footage of a committed TE, Jordan Smith. With Crist, Heaps, Weis and Grunhard he should be getting a lot of catches. Blocks extremely well too.

blackink 10 years ago

You can have Chris Cosh. #Cosh4KU

Randy Bombardier 10 years ago

Wow, so what was it that got KSU to 10-2, their explosive offense? I think we would be wise to take him if offered. At least we could hang on to BIlly. Could have hung on to Bryce Brown too if he had had the sense to come to KU.

TheSportsDon 10 years ago

On the search for a defensive coordinator I hope the media continues to say they just don't know. It's ok to report the fact's of NOT knowing instead of giving us a laundry list of guesses like the media did on the head coaching hire. Sometimes in journalism the news of the day is, there is no news. Refreshing from a fan stance that we are craving ANY news from Weis, even the name on the back of the jersey's! Oh how time changes. Season's Greetings KU fans.

TheSportsDon 10 years ago

Forgot to add - look for the DC to be a Catholic. Seems to be the one common thread in his past KU hires. Just saying.

BabyJay2009 10 years ago

Mike Nolan -- Devout Roman Catholic! Would love to welcome him Home any day!

roosey 10 years ago

Maybe the Chiefs will decide to look elsewhere for a new head coach and KU will get Romeo Crennel as defensive coordinator? lol

danmoore 10 years ago

Just get a real DC and that will be a major improvement. In Gill's defense Shealy got tossed into the fire at the last minute. Any team would have had a tough year under the same circumstances.

Mark Lindrud 10 years ago

It seemed that Shealy was over his head as DC, but either way now we have time to find someone ready to take on the job and if anything our defense can only go up from here.

KGphoto 10 years ago

Not only was he thrown in the DC fire, we lost our secondary coach. I feel like it was a two-bird stone moving him away from his specialized duties coaching the secondary. Our secondary came in as one of the bright spots on the team and ended up one of the worst units. I realize the QB pressure wasn't there and that no CB can cover forever, but it wasn't always the problem. They were missing assignments and getting burned deep too often. I think we would've been much better hiring almost anybody, rather than slide up an inexperienced coach.

I felt bad for the guy quite honestly.

danmoore 10 years ago

As a lesbian I am disappointed the LJW pulled my post. C'mon guys, work on developing a sense of humor.

jgrobb 10 years ago

dan, you're as much a lesbian as shellysue is a female.. :/

danmoore 10 years ago

I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body.

danmoore 10 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Jayhawk1116 10 years ago

I'll take a solid DC (or OC, for that matter) who wants to take over (and has experience at) the head coaching job once Weis invariably leaves in a few years.

Micky Baker 10 years ago

Either of these two guys or Leavitt would turn heads around the Big 12 and the nation as they are wondering including other teams like UCLA and A&M. They'd be wondering, why didn't we at least talk to Weis instead of just assume he didn't learn from his stint at ND. Although, Lawrence might have been the only place Weis would have went. If we get one of those three guys as DC, I can realistically see Kansas getting big name recruits on both sides of the ball for a couple of years, and then, well, a Big 12 Championship or 2 and maybe even a bid in the BCS Bowl Championship?

Hey, there is some big potential brewing if he can get either of the guys he's listed, and I'm thinking there are a couple of others on that list that have clinched play-off spots already. The DC over there at Arrowhead may be one of them, as they were in the playoff hunt until Saturday's loss to the Raiders.

Martin Shupert 10 years ago

YES! KU goes undefeated and wins the Big Twelve... all because we hired Weis. Weren't we lucky to snag him away from Notre Dame, which, as we all know, was headed straight to the top with Weis as coach. Are you people from the Earth?

Bangkok_Jayhawk 10 years ago

martyks... Thanks for the negativity towards a guy who hasn't even coached a game. Who do you feel would have made a better hire?

Larry Ewart 10 years ago

If we get a strong DC that will truly make a difference after the debacle this past year. I know we had some injuries at the DL position but the way our DB's played all season was a travesty. Shealy is probably a very good position coach but being thrown in to the DC job was not a good move on TG's part. Michigan had a poor defense in 2010 and brought in a very experienced DC from the NFL and presto the defense was shutting people down. Weis will make the right move.

ColoKU 10 years ago

What about Jim Leavitt? Any word on him still being a strong candidate to not only take over as our DC, but also "Coach in Waiting?"

Matthew Pritchard 10 years ago

Highly doubt it will be Leavitt. Weis will bring someone in who he has coached against in the NFL or who he has strong ties with. I would like to see him hire Clint Bowen as DB coach since he coached up great players when he was here. Plus, he can recruit Texas well and will be happy to come back to Lawrence.

danmoore 10 years ago

Don't think it will be Leavitt either but I would be happy to get him. He's got DC and HC experience and would be a good coach in waiting.

Bangkok_Jayhawk 10 years ago

What?! How would hiring Jim Leavitt be a stretch at all?

  1. College coach
  2. Kansas connections
  3. A college D Coordinator position would be a better situation than an NFL positions coach
  4. The positions most likely offers a large amount of autonomy and a high salary compared to most DCs.

Not saying it will happen but your post is a little bit ridiculous. Leavitt is attainable.

TheSportsDon 10 years ago

Anyone else ever wonder who the other head coach candidates might have been? Or who Zenger spoke with during the process? I would find that curious to say the least.

TheSportsDon 10 years ago

Thanks bunches. That was a interesting read and good piece of journalism. Season's Greetings to you and yours.

beebe1 10 years ago

Terrific KU article! Very professional! It made fascinating reading for me.

Those mentioned seem OK, but I had hoped for a DC that might rate a bit above 6th in the pro's. New Orleans showed well the last game.

rockemchalkemrobots 10 years ago

What, no daily football fix? Can't we see what Baby Jay thinks of the pro-style offense? Gimme sumthin', Matt!

ahpersecoachingexperience 10 years ago

Players leaving, coaches recruiting, staff being put together, heck even an article on what T Geezey is doing at Liberty would be nice. We been feed almost nothng from the ljw since HCCW was hired Hate to ask but is there another site (one of those pay ones) that could feed my addiction?

rockemchalkemrobots 10 years ago

Here, I'll even write a football story to get the ball rolling.

Where We Are Going From Here: Kansas University to Officially Change Its Name During Track Re-dedication Ceremony by Rockem A. Chalkem

(Lawrence) In a strange twist, Kansas University is changing its name from Kansas University to Kansas University. The official change will come next Fall when Kansas University, formerly Kansas University, opens its football season against the University of South Dakota State. The name change has come after several years of self mis-identification as "Kansas University", instead of the arbitrary, but usage guide correct, "Kansas University". It will co-incide with a multi-million dollar ceremony to re-dedicate the track surrounding Kansas University's football field. The track, which has hosted the Jayhawk Relays for, we'll say, 100 years, will be resurfaced due to anticipated usage over the next 100 years. The resurfacing is estimated to cost an estimated 100 million dollars, and will take approximately 24 months. The ceremony will kick off the resurfacing which will render approximately 30 feet inside of the track unusable during Kansas University's home games. When asked about the significance of the event, former Jayhawk running back Jon Cornish asked, "How did you get this number?" Former coach Turner Gill commended the move, stating that the distance from the field is an added benefit [of Memorial Stadium], and that because players do not have names on their jerseys, eye strain should be minimal.

A previous version of this story contained an expletive laced tirade directed at Jaybate.

JayHok 10 years ago

Where's the football story today? Time to check NY Times and Chicago Tribune.

squawkhawk 10 years ago

This is starting to smell like the head coach hiring fiasco. The longer this drags out the greater the likelihood we'll end up with other school's leftovers. And the points made above about hiring a DC with college experience with the spread offense is dead on. If not, we'll be in the same position on defense (or lack of) that we have been.

JayHok 10 years ago

Yes. 4 superbowl rings. Two five star players in 20 minutes when KU has never signed a five star player ever. There's a KC article about it if you want proof. Grunhard on staff. Mitchell. A five star wide receiver considering us.

Weis more than likely has his DC chosen. Just wait until the bowls are over and the playoffs start. If he doesn't have a DC nailed down yet, it's all the more incredible if you take a look at the Defensive players that have chosen to play for Kansas since Weis signed on with Zenger.

Happy Holidays Squakhawk

jhawk2325 10 years ago

Not to be a downer, but although Jake Heaps was the number one qb from 2010, he was a four star recruit. Apparently it was an off year for qbs?

Randy Bombardier 10 years ago

I don't know about that. I, too, was skeptical but time will tell. I was not initially on board but admit I could be wrong.

wildjayhawk 10 years ago

What a great win for Missoui in their bowl game.

KGphoto 10 years ago

Let's see. Football news...

2012 Missouri SEC Conference football schedule.

Sept. 8: GEORGIA Sept. 22: at South Carolina Oct. 6: VANDERBILT Oct. 13: ALABAMA Oct. 27: KENTUCKY Nov. 3: at Florida Nov. 10: at Tennessee Nov. 24: at Texas A&M

I translate this to about 2-6 in conference since they do get Vandy and Kensucky at home. Have fun being Misery! Guess that clumsy moron Truman won't have to worry about mis-handling any more trophies.

Randy Bombardier 10 years ago

I would like to see us to continue to hand them their last loss each year, the finishing touches on a bowl-less season.

Micky Baker 10 years ago

Is it true? Justin McCay transferring from OU to KU?

JayHok 10 years ago

Wow I just googled it and a lot of Weis/Kansas speculation abound on this. He is leaving the OU program and he is a five star. How amazing would that be, three separate 5 stars in one week?

Also the 5 star in Missouri is more than likely in conversation with Weis.

RCJ Zenger!

Kansashawk 10 years ago

Haven't found that on ESPN, OU student paper or Not sure where you're getting your info??

ahpersecoachingexperience 10 years ago

Don't you have to sit for 2 years if you transfer in conference? Or is that an old rule?

JayHok 10 years ago

From what I read stoops did a gentlemanly thing and signed a waiver so McCay won't lose a year. He'll still have to sit out a year. But like Heaps he'll have two left if he reunites with Grunhard. Class of 2010, #6 overall WR according to rivals, a solid 5 star.

According to the article he's rumored to be leaning towards reuniting with Grunhard.

RCJ Weis!

Kansashawk 10 years ago

Hopefully Pick can show him how to run crisper routes

jhawk2325 10 years ago

Found this on youtube. Possible configuration of memorial stadium with field lowered.

TXJAYHAWK7 10 years ago

We need a D coordinator that's experienced with recruiting in the south east mississippi, alabama, louisiana we need some strong d linemen aggressive and quick off the ball. Yes a nfl name looks good but so does Kim K doesnt mean im going to marry her. Lets hope ol CW can recruit on the college level effectively. Lets be honest the winning seasons he had at ND were while utilizing most of the players Ty Willingham recruited. If we are going to be competitive we have to get in the homes of some game changers and make a good impression on them and their families. Im interested to see what the signing class looks like this year keeping my fingers crossed for some great d linemen Rock Chalk

Jayhawkhank 10 years ago

DEFENSE IS AT LEAST 40% of the BIG 12 CFB game ---------- gotta compete with U Texas's Defense, K State, OK State, OU Sooners, TCU and Mountaineers West Virginia, not to forget Texas Tech, Baylor and Iowa State ( all 2012 teams in BIG 12 ), and outgoing Texas A&M 7-6 and Missouri 8-5.

Our peer groups IMHO are: Cincinnati 10-3, Louisville 7-6, Brigham Young 10-3, Rutgers 9-4, Houston 12-1, Tulsa 8-5, Notre Dame 8-5, Georgia Tech 8-5.


diehardjhawk 10 years ago

Hearing thru the back channels that Al Groh from GT is the leading source has a back connection to Weis....Groh has a nice resume and is a Parcells guy

Vernon Riggs 10 years ago

I heard that very same rumor on Saturday from a very good source.

JayHok 10 years ago

Georgia Tech made us look terrible in the second half. Apparently he makes second half adjustments!

Kansashawk 10 years ago

Grog me no likey

Koenning likey

Leavitt likey

squawkhawk 10 years ago

With Koenning or Keavitt, why not complete the KSU sweep with Bill Snyder?

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