Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Charlie Weis undergoes successful hip surgery

Newly appointed Kansas University head football coach Charlie Weis is introduced at halftime of KU's men's basketball game against Ohio State on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Newly appointed Kansas University head football coach Charlie Weis is introduced at halftime of KU's men's basketball game against Ohio State on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.


Kansas football coach Charlie Weis had successful hip-replacement surgery Monday in Florida, KU announced on its Twitter account Monday night.

Weis will return to Kansas next week after the holidays.


gardenjay 3 years ago

Great news! Here's to hoping you're out of the hospital and into the fresh air already. Remember to use your assistants during recovery you go-getter you.

okiedave 3 years ago

+1. I was a Weis skeptic at first, but have totally changed my opinion. I think we have a winner in HCCW

Matt Bowers 3 years ago

When exactly will HCCW be back in Lawrence and is there any new information on recruits or coaches?

Rock Chalk

ardy682 3 years ago

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Bangkok_Jayhawk 3 years ago

Classy ardy682. Can you at least wait until the guy is out of the hospital before you start with this crap?

Bangkok_Jayhawk 3 years ago

We wish you a speedy recovery Coach!

bradh 3 years ago

I'm glad everything went all right and I wish you a speedy recovery coach.

BTW, we haven't announced a DC yet have we? I thought the coaching staff was supposed to be in place last week, so I'm hoping this means we're picking up someone at one of the bowls. I would guess that means we won't know about the DC until sometime after New Years.

Displayhawk 3 years ago

Actually Ardy, CW has already had gastric bypass surgery back when he was at Notre Dame. If I remember correctly, he didn't think it went as well as it should have and sued the doctor, but the doc was found not guilty. So go be an insensitive jerk somewhere else.

Bville Hawk 3 years ago

Nice football article, LJW. Keep up the good work.

Luke Kay 3 years ago

Just for arguments sake... what exactly was nice and good work about a two sentence "aticle"?

Bville Hawk 3 years ago

Sarcasm, krazy. Do I need to draw you a picture?

squawkhawk 3 years ago

Maybe one day CW will fully commit to KU and move his family here. Next we'll be reading about the root canal he has done in Florida followed by a vision test. Coaches can't coach when they aren't in town. Just sayin'.

Casey Gee 3 years ago

Well since he already had the hip replacement planned before coming to KU, I'm sure he didn't want to change doctors this late in the game. It's kind of a big surgery.

Eric Dawson 3 years ago

Maybe one day (1) you'll realize that Weis has stated he's looking at coaching KU for 5 years, turning the program around, handing it off to a successor and retiring to his home in Florida and (2) you'll come to terms with the cards we've been dealt and allow some time to see how the playing of them goes. Just sayin'.

railer20 3 years ago

Maybe it's the dead period so he can't anyways

Randy Bombardier 3 years ago

Well, one can hope, but my guess is that Snyder is going to embarrass him a couple of times and just the opposite will happen. His "winning the state speech" is going to be his equivalent to Gill's championships speech. Why take aim at anyone? Sure wish he had not done that. Snyder was put on notice. You think we have seen K-State's best game? It just got harder. He underestimated Bill Snyder and he will pay for it. Why couldn't he just have been clever and say "One thing I can promise you. A Charlie Weis team will never lose to Missouri".

Mangino_Maniac 3 years ago

I'm guessing this has been asked before, but if so I missed the response (if there was one).... Why does this site wait until midnight to post all it's articles??

Mangino_Maniac 3 years ago

By the way... for those of you who don't want to wait until midnight tonight, Brannen Greene is now a Jayhawk.

Bville Hawk 3 years ago

Thanks for the update on Brannen, Mangino_M. I'm afraid this year and probably at least half of next year are going to teach us all some humility and maybe make us truly appreciate how incredibly good KU basketball has been since Bill Self arrived. Hopefully next year by the time conference play begins we will have returned to that level.

kugrad93 3 years ago

Possibly because by midnight the Star, the C-J and everyone else has gone to press. The J-W has a later print deadline than all the other papers that cover KU (they can do that because they have a small circulation area to cover). If they put stories on the web sooner, the competition has time to come up with their own story if they don't already have the information.

jgkojak 3 years ago

HCCW injuries stem from a sideline hit he took several years ago - it messed up his knees and his hip and he is just now getting the final piece of that surgery done.

I'm also a little peeved at the fat remarks that have resurfaced- so let me get this straight...

1) Most coaches are former football players

2) Most football players are bigger dudes (see Grunhard) and

3) As young men they are encouraged to put on xtra weight and have habits to gorge/become bigger

4) so they're supposed to do all that, and then take it all off and remain thin like some hollywood actor?

5) You go into age 35+ with 100 extra pounds of muscle that turns into fat when you get a real (i.e. non pro athlete) job and can't work out 20 hrs a week, and see where you're at

Eric Dawson 3 years ago

Facts, please, please check your facts. These are irrefutable --

First, muscle does not turn into fat, and fat does not turn into muscle. Muscle cells grow and develop and fat cells are kept at a minimum in number and size with exercise. Muscle cells die and atrophy and fat cells grow in size and number when physical activity decreases.

Second, Weis may have graduated from Notre Dame, but he never played football there or anywhere else after high school. There might be other medical reasons for his weight issues (e.g., the limited mobility he has had the last few years since his sideline accident is one), but playing competitive football past HS didn't contribute to his obesity.

jhawkrulz 3 years ago

At one point in time, Charlie Weis, Mike Leach, and Mark Mangino were the three coaches that never played D1 football that were coaching D1 football.

ironhead80 3 years ago

I just seen the hit Charlie took on the side lines. That was terrible for him, Now I know why he has had these pro longed health issues form this hit. He hasn't given his body time to heal and he is just getting this hip replacement and the coaching jobs hasn't helped him.

jgrobb 3 years ago

Or it could be he weighs 800 lbs

JayHok 3 years ago

First of all here's wishing Weis the best on a quick rehab. With a new metal hip, he's rehabbing today already if you can imagine it. That's one tough human and he deserves a lot of respect today no matter what colors he wears for the next five seasons.

Also I'm curious how this newspaper continues to allow mean spirited posts. Curious if a monitor is even looking at these posts. So I will post a link below to see if there's a monitor. This is a band's link that has nothing to do with football, surgery or Weis. I've seen this band in person before and they're pretty good.

Bville Hawk 3 years ago

Hey, JayHok. I don't think the site is monitored very closely. You can remove any post you find objectionable by clicking on 'suggest removal.'

jgrobb 3 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Jason Keller 3 years ago

Charlie! I hope your feeling better and ready to go when the dead period is up because you have recruits to steal from Ohio State!!! Rest up and then let's go get em'!

ahpersecoachingexperience 3 years ago


Looks like Crist is a Wisconsin lean unless the OC gets the Pitt job.

Jason Keller 3 years ago

Yeah, hopefully the OC gets the Pitt job.

gardenjay 3 years ago

Looks like Crist has not made up his mind yet, and, oh my gosh, I'm going to cite a source:

blackhawkjayhawk 3 years ago

Interesting that Crist is going to make his decision in the "dead" period, when coaches can't speak with him. If he were my son, and he asked me for my thoughts, I'd probably recommend taking the sure thing. Go to Wisconsin at the risk of not winning the job decisively in spring and then who knows what the fall shows?

That said, UW is solid as a rock.

rockchalknation 3 years ago

Anybody have some information on Dayne Crist now that he has completed his 3 campus visits? Really want him to sign with us and jumpstart our recruiting class for this year.

jgrobb 3 years ago

I do.. it's just in, just follow this link: www.howdumbaresomeoftheseposters

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