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Lawrence commissioners considering renaming street after former KU football coach Don Fambrough



Don Fambrough

Presumably Missouri motorists would still be allowed, but Lawrence city commissioners will soon consider renaming a city street after former Kansas University football coach Don Fambrough.

Commissioners are expected in January to consider a proposal that would rename the stretch of 11th Street north of KU’s Memorial Stadium after Fambrough, who died in September.

“This really isn’t about his win-loss record or anything like that,” said City Commissioner Hugh Carter, who presented the idea. “This is more of a community thing and a chance for the community to say it remembers Don.”

Fambrough was twice head coach of the KU football program in the 1970s and 1980s and played for the Jayhawks in the 1940s. But he is known by many in the region for stoking the rivalry between KU and Missouri. Fambrough often addressed the KU football team before games with the Tigers, invoking battles between the two states leading up to the Civil War.

The city previously had considered naming a portion of Missouri Street after Fambrough, but that idea sputtered after some residents along the street expressed concern over having to undergo an address change.

Carter now is suggesting renaming the portion of 11th Street that runs from Mississippi Street to West Campus Road. City officials believe there are only a handful of properties that would require an address change.

Carter said he has had about 20 individuals approach him with the idea of naming a street after Fambrough. Carter said the city perhaps could more easily name a new street after Fambrough, but he thinks it would be more fitting to have a street near the football stadium.

University officials, Carter said, also are planning on naming a street that runs on university property for Fambrough. Carter said university officials told him they are planning to name the road that runs along the west edge of Memorial Stadium — currently unnamed but would be Maine Street extended — Fambrough Way.

But Carter said he thought naming an official city street after the coach would be appropriate, too.

“This really would be a chance for the community to do something,” Carter said.


57chevy 3 years ago

If we are going to rename streeets in Lawrence, how about after somebody that actually accomplished something instead of a coach or basketball player.? If that is the highest form of success in Lawrence, I am living in the wrong town. Lets find a preacher or doctor or soldier that actually made the world a better place instead of the strongest, fastest guy that managed to win a few games that are forgotten as soon as they are over. Maybe a writer or a poet or a musician? Sports (especially football, not exactly a reason to move to Lawrence)? Really? Who cares. Here's an idea. Lets name the road Obama Blvd. I'll throw in to buy the signs.

phi4life940 3 years ago

Don't be a hater and a Debbie Downer....

Show some respect.

p 3 years ago

"If that is the highest form of success in Lawrence, I am living in the wrong town."

Glad we got that sorted out. Please GTFO.

Clarence Haynes 3 years ago


MDHawk 3 years ago

It's all about perspective.

Depending on who you are and how you're raised, the work of a man like Fambrough is just as heartening, enjoyable, and lasting as the words of a poet or a musician. One difference between this and your proposed Obama Blvd is that Fambrough absolutely loved the city of Lawrence, whereas Obama likely would never have heard of it were it not for the University of Kansas and our athletics (namely basketball). You should also be careful not to underestimate the impact the university, particularly it's affluence through sport, has on our community here in Lawrence. I'm from a small town in KS, and although there is no way to prove it, I'm quite convinced that Lawrence would be no more than another small Kansas town without KU. However, largely due to KU, I've made Lawrence my home and contribute to one of my favorite communities.

Clarence Haynes 3 years ago

There are some sick Maryland Farmers posting here!

tical523 3 years ago

Whoa! What relevance do musicians, poets or Obama have to Lawrence, KS. The great thinkers, entertainers and politicians get national pub and dedications. Fambrough was K.U. through and through.

KCRvrRnnr 3 years ago

You contradict yourself when you link Obama with "somebody who actually accomplished anything".

Otherwise I see your point.

actorman 3 years ago

KCRvrRnnr, I'm surprised you could break away long enough from your Fox News brainwashing to find the time to post here.

Lost_in_the_Phog 3 years ago

Yeah man if you're anything but an obama lover, then you must be one of those fox news right-wing nut jobs! By the way you wanna go smoke some dope later?

Ryan McAtee 3 years ago

It's a street right outside of the football stadium, which would honor a great football coach, KU supporter and missouri hater... makes sense to me. If you want a street to be named after a doctor, whynot name one by the hospital? Street for a preacher, perhaps by a church... for a soldier, perhaps by an armory. Poets, musicians, teachers, etc... pick a school...

Your Obama comment did make me laugh... perhaps by Mass St., I suppose.

kureader 3 years ago

Who cares? You're kiddin' right? Obviously, you ARE living in the wrong town. So, there's a poet in Lawrence who should have a street named after him? If you don't like KU sports, stay off the blog, you bonehead.

Christopher Hauser 3 years ago

Don Fambrough made Lawrence and The University of Kansas a better place for not only the players that he coached but all that are a part of the KU family and the Lawrence community. You have no clue what you are talking about sir and you should be ashamed of yourself. You are not understanding the fact that Fambrough was much more than a football coach for The University of Kansas.

Hurinfan 3 years ago

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Don Everett 3 years ago

You are a moron. You would complain no matter who was being honored with a street name change. Unless you actually live on the street in questions, just take your bunny huggy views elsewhere.

Jordan Smith 3 years ago

Ummm... Obama hasn't accomplished much, but I digress. It appears you really are living in the wrong town. Feel free to leave immediately.

lurkerhawk 3 years ago

What you've done with your post is called thread crapping. Feel free to Google the term. It's generally considered bad form.

danno1313 3 years ago

Obama? Thought you said someone that made the world a, "BETTER" place. What a joke! All about Coach Fam getting a street named after him.

actorman 3 years ago

Another well-informed right-wing hate-monger, I see ...

actorman 3 years ago

Have you guys ever considered the fact that this was posted intentionally to get the numerous reactions that we've seen? It's clearly posted by someone who's a Misuse or KSUck fan or is 12 years old (in maturity level if not actual age) and gets his/her jollies out of seeing how people react to some inane comment.

justajoe 3 years ago

A preacher, you say? Does that mean priests aren't allowed? Would we allow the Rev. Al Sharpton Blvd. to intersect with Pat Robertson Way? There might not be enough tow trucks in town to haul away all the mangled cars.

KUbsee69 3 years ago

57chevy ... you drive that chevy to the levee, but the levee way dry? Instead of the levee, you need to drive out of town. You are living in the wrong place!

ku_foaf 3 years ago

You contradict yourself. You said someone who has accomplished something.

rockchalkblock 3 years ago

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Pat Sullivan 3 years ago

It's about f#%£ing time. I wont drive, park or walk down that wretched street. The idea that it's taken this long only makes this decision that much more satisfying. Too bad Coach Fam is not alive to relish in the honor.

BTW, I bet you could auction those signs for some cash. I would pay to watch them crushed.

phi4life940 3 years ago

I wish renaming Missouri street went through... Why does Lawrence even have a street named Missouri?? Makes me sick, and to close to the football stadium...

Joseph Kuebel 3 years ago

"They didn't want address changes"... That's just sorry. These qausi-"fans/ KU representers" or shd I say blind Lawrence residents... Makes me sick. "THEY" care less about KU than I do, am I'm on the other side of the country


lurkerhawk 3 years ago

I'd rename it Quantrill Blvd just to publicly shame them. Good thing I'm not a commissioner.

missouri_street 3 years ago

Sorry Cali, the humiliation would be on the citizens of Lawrence to rename a street out of sports hate and bigotry. We are sorry that you believe this is a way to honor and care about KU. Because it isn't. It would dishonor KU and Lawrence. The Civil War has been over for a long time. If you want to honor Fam, put up a statute at the stadium.

missouri_street 3 years ago

The residents of Missouri Street strongly disagree. Feel free to rename your own street, and deal with the resulting confusion.

The city fathers, who lived in a time much closer to Quantrill, were not so shallow of thinkers as we have today. The change the name of Missouri St because of a sports rivalry really just shows everyone that we are lesser people.

Feel free to recommend the renaming of the street you live on.

Clarence Haynes 3 years ago


Don Everett 3 years ago

Are you for real? Demeaning moosouri is a bad thing? You are worse than a politician. I am going to assume that you are from New Jersey and if so, just stay there and enjoy the least coast crap that you are obviously swallowing.

Trace Stark 3 years ago

Outstanding... Let's make it happen!

jhawkrulz 3 years ago

I agree...rename the entire Missouri street to Fambrough...he would be so proud of getting "Missouri" out of Lawrence. And who cares about a few people that have to go through a name change...golly it sounds like getting a root canal or something horrific. I on the otherhand, if by some chance I found my way on Missouri Street, I would have been trying to find ways to get the name of the street changed.

inthemiddle 3 years ago

How many of you actually read the story? They are not renaming a portion of Missouri Street, they are renaming a portion of 11th Street. Did he also hate the number 11?

Benjamin Piehler 3 years ago

We read it; we would just rather have Missouri St. renamed than 11th.

missouri_street 3 years ago

The residents of Missouri Street respectfully suggest you name your own street instead.

FinalFinal 3 years ago

Is there a new unemployment office we can name after BHO?

Missouri street should be Fambrough Blvd. a true rememberance.

danno1313 3 years ago

Bingo, FinalFinal! Very nice! As always the truth hurts.

missouri_street 3 years ago

The residents of Missouri Street strongly disagree.

Feel free to rename your own street, and deal with the confusion.

Renaming Missouri Street would just be sports bigotry. Are we really so small?

kureignman 3 years ago

I only wish that it would have been done last year. Better late than never though.

Benjamin Piehler 3 years ago

Yep, bout time to rename missouri st.

Mike Kendall 3 years ago

It kind of rubbed me the wrong way that Turner Gill didn't have Fambrough more involved in the Missouri games. I know maybe his health had something to do with it. The idea of having a street named after Fambrough is a fabulous idea. I hope it happens. His family would be proud. RIP Coach.

Calijhawk 3 years ago

Name the street. It should have been done while he was alive. As one of the hundreds of the young men whose lives he impacted, I am offended beyond words at the implication that he accomplished nothing. I have lived in California for a few years, but don't I remember Lawrence having a school named after a poet? And I would certainly welcome naming another portion of Missouri Street after Robert E. Foster, whose bands were consistently among the nation's best, and yet another block for Clark Bricker, who won the Hope award twice (that I know of). But the idea that Coach Fam's name doesn't belong there due to insignificance is insulting, not to him (he wouldn't care), but to the men he helped build.

57Chevy, you are absolutely right on one count. You ARE living in the wrong town. You'd fit in much better out here.

I'd switch addresses with you in a freaking heartbeat.

Al Martin 3 years ago

Amen, brother. Foster and Bricker are also long overdue. Let's get 'em all done.

coloradojayhawk 3 years ago

She'll never be forgotten by her former students, including me.

The_Tic_Tac_Kid 3 years ago

It's not like Lawrence has never named a street after a losing coach that made an outstanding contribution to the university and the city before. Unless of course you think we should rename Naismith Drive too.

JackSwartz 3 years ago

Don Fambrough was a texan, who was fired as coach at Kansas not once, but twice. He had a losing record, finishing over 10 games under .500. He lost the only two bowl games he coached. He is only notable for hating Missouri so much.

Is that all it takes to get a street named after you? How about you at least reserve it for a coach that only got fired once? Or won a bowl game? Or finished with a .500 record?

Naming a street after Fambrough is just pathetic.

NWKhawk 3 years ago that logic, we should re-name Naismith Dr.????

Coach was arguably one of the best ambassadors to the city of Lawrence, and the University of Kansas. He was sought out by children, teachers, businessmen, and coaches for motivation, humor, his generally great disposition. The man devoted much of his life making KU/Lawrence the place that most of us love.

JMO, but if there is anyone MORE deserving of having a few blocks named in their honor, they would be in truly elite company.

JackSwartz 3 years ago

Would have been nice had he motivated his players to more wins.

Great guy? Sure, I guess. Deserving of a street named after him? No, absolutely not.

Don Everett 3 years ago

If this is pathetic, then please tell us what would make you happy?

JackSwartz 3 years ago

Reserving the naming of streets after successful, instead of unsuccessful, coaches would be a start

justajoe 3 years ago

And what person or group would be charged with determining whether a coach had been "successful?"

--Would having just one more win than loss qualify? --Would an equal number of wins and losses qualify? --How would ties be counted? --Would a winning record that fell below expectations qualify? --Would graduation rates be a factor? What about strength of schedule? --Would a winning record that came with NCAA sanctions qualify? --Would a coach with a winning record who "embarrassed" the university qualify? --Would we need a "subcommittee on embarrassment" to advise the "committee on success?"
--Would streets already named after losing coaches (Naismith) have to be renamed?

Good grief! The idea of renaming a small section of a street near the stadium after Fambrough has been around for a long time, and it's not like there's been a rash of movements to rename other streets after other coaches. How about we give the guy this short stretch of asphalt and move on.

jayhawk02 3 years ago

Is that you Tiger Jack? Aren't you on the wrong board?

ku_foaf 3 years ago

Everyone that knew him personally seemed to really like him, including his players, so he was obviously a great guy. He wasn't considered such a hero until maybe 10 years ago. I was a student all through his 2nd stint. I knew one of his players at the time.

But... he got KU into some very serious NCAA trouble. It was strongly hinted a couple players from California were involved. There was talk of an "athletic death penalty" in 1989 after the Vincent Askew incident. That was very soon after SMU and they were gunning for "lack of institutional control."

I enjoyed his pre-Missouri speeches as much as anybody, but the Civil War hype is ridiculous. He seemed to forget his home state was on "the other side." Most people wouldn't have a clue what side their family was on, and they might be surprised if they searched. A huge number of Kansas residents have Missouri roots. It was the migration pattern of the time, especially AFTER the war.

dipweed 3 years ago

OK, name a street after Don Fambrough, but why in the hell do they want to rename another numbered street? It's absolutely ridiculous that 15th street was renamed to Bob Billings Parkway. Anyone coming in from out of town has no idea where Bob Billings Parkway is, but they would know where 15th street is. Same thing with renaming 11th. I'm all for renaming Missouri Street. It makes so much more sense.

missouri_street 3 years ago

The residents of Missouri Street strongly disagree. Please feel free to rename your own street and deal with the confusion.

Kansas1241 3 years ago

I like the idea!! Turner Gill wouldn't approve because Fambrough used bad words...but that's why I like it even more because it's anit-Gill! Rock Chalk!!

ahpersecoachingexperience 3 years ago

In a related story the street leading to the city dump will be renamed Gill Way

Alan Braun 3 years ago

If they're going to do this, why couldn't they have done it when he was alive to enjoy the honor? Also I still don't understand why it can't be Missouri St, at least the portion of it that runs closest to the stadium.

missouri_street 3 years ago

The residents of Missouri Street strongly disagree. Feel free to rename your own street, and deal with the resulting confusion.

Janet Olin 3 years ago

Bite the rest of us who don't want to see a Missouri street...

Lawrence Morgan 3 years ago

Have you ever heard, like in San Francisco,of having two names for a street? One sign goes beneath the other.

You have the traditional name, and above it the new one. Both are acceptable.

In Lawrence's case, we should first name the streets with their old names, as well as their present ones, and then contribute some history for each of these names.

Is there a street named Amos in Lawrence? He should be the first one to have a street named after him, since he was the founder of Lawrence.

jahawkdave 3 years ago

Rename Missouri! Any Lawrence resident should be more than happy and willing to change their address and remove Missouri from me that is a weak reason not to get rename the entire street of Missouri, to someone that disliked Mo more than anyone. City Council grow a pair and rid Lawrence of that awful street name.

Joel Hood 3 years ago

They tried to rename the stretch of Missery between 9th and 11th street, but the sniveling vocal minority was too loud. City commissioner Bong Highberger threw a fit and killed the idea quickly.

missouri_street 3 years ago

The residents of Missouri Street strongly disagree. Feel free to rename your own street, and deal with the resulting confusion.

missouri_street 3 years ago

Renaming Missouri Street is not about honoring anyone. It is about dishonoring Missouri.

Taking out your sports animus on a neighboring state would just confirm to Missouri residents what small minds some people in Lawrence have. It is based in sports bigotry.....or just hate.

The wrong reason to rename anything. And something we should have less of in the world.

Fam was a great guy. But his locker-room speech, which I attribute as kitch or vaudeville performance, should stay in the locker room, and not on public buildings or streets.

Jayhawdave, feel free to rename your own street, and put up anti-Missouri flags in your front yard.

Janet Olin 3 years ago

So what. Same, same. RIP, Fam. I bought your book and I support the street name change. Fan and neighbor forever...

ahpersecoachingexperience 3 years ago

Isn't "Mass St." named after Mangino?


Jim Williamson 3 years ago

Anyone who can't see -- no matter how many times it's said -- that this isn't about coach Fam's record by rather his decades of ambassadorship on behalf of a community and university that he loved is a crack baby.

missouri_street 3 years ago

Let's just put a new name on the new library: "We hate Missouri."

How would that make us look?

Boston_Corbett 3 years ago

I thought all the sports-jocks were going to pony up and write checks for a statute next to the stadium.

Renaming a street is just a cheap way out.

Janet Olin 3 years ago

Coach Fam was the Real Deal. RIP, coach and neighbor. He was the Ultimate Jayhawk.

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