Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tyshawn Taylor has successful surgery on right knee

Evan Ravenel (30) and Tyshawn Taylor (10) collide going after a loose ball during the second-half of the Jayhawks 78-67 win over #2 nationally ranked Ohio State University at Allen Fieldhouse, Dec. 10, 2011. ..

Evan Ravenel (30) and Tyshawn Taylor (10) collide going after a loose ball during the second-half of the Jayhawks 78-67 win over #2 nationally ranked Ohio State University at Allen Fieldhouse, Dec. 10, 2011. ..


Kansas senior guard Tyshawn Taylor had surgery on his right knee on Sunday morning and a full recovery is expected, KU coach Bill Self said.

"Tyshawn had surgery this morning and I spoke with the doctors and it went as well as expected," Self said on Sunday afternoon. "Nothing had changed in the time frame for recovery, which is one to three weeks. He will be up and around tomorrow morning and will be back in the shortest time possible. The time for recovery depends on swelling and how he reacts to rehab."

Following KU's 78-67 victory over No. 2 Ohio State Saturday, Self announced that Taylor tore his meniscus in practice prior to the Long Beach State game on Tuesday.

Through nine games this season, Taylor is averaging 15.9 points and 4.7 assists per game. He had nine points and a career-high 13 assists against Ohio State.

KU will face Davidson at 8 p.m. on Dec. 19 at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.


Mo Golany 6 years ago

Get well soon Tyshawn! We need you healthy! I know we are not that deep but this team has shown it can compete with the best! We have a chance to go further than our last 2 #1 seeds!

Chayse Patrick 6 years ago

Good luck on your recovery but don't rush it. We need you 100% later in March and April. ROCK CHALK!!!!!!!

BalKUrog 6 years ago

A fast and complete recovery is expected! Tremendous news as we need you Tyshawn. The toughness you display on the court will serve you well in your rehab. We need you back quickly to keep us steadily improving. Thank you for your effort and gritty play through injury. Rock Chalk!

Steve Reigle 6 years ago

Good news! Looking forward to TT being back on the court for us.

SoCalAlum 6 years ago

In the wash of the disclosure yesterday that Tyshawn had a torn meniscus and a sprained MCL, it sort of got lost that his injury occurred before the Long Beach game and that he played injured in not just the Ohio State game but also in the Long Beach game. That's a tough dude - he deserves and gets my respect. Maybe the upside for him will be that he slows down a bit.

okiedave 6 years ago

It amazes me how quick these kids recover from miniscus tear surgery. It must be great rehab plus youthful healing. Tore my miniscus (20% removed) and it took two months to feel like I was back at full speed.

ahpersecoachingexperience 6 years ago

If you could get Crist to come here but it ment no more Tyshawn would you do it?

rob4lb 6 years ago

Not really. Crist has one year of eligibility and if he comes he will play for a bad team. It's not even clear how good he really is.

Taylor is a key member of this year's basketball team. I think this team can be a Sweet Sixteen team which means it could play in the regional final if it pulls a mild upset. If they get that far, they will need Taylor.

Aaron Carpenter 6 years ago

Man, not to be rude but that is just a dumb question. Hey, if the moon were made out of barbecue spare ribs, would you eat it?

Jeff Coffman 6 years ago

Come on everyone knows it is made up of cheese!

I like your was a dumb question.

gimmetheclaw78 6 years ago

Heck! I know I would.Then I'd wash it down with a tall, cool budwieser. Hey!

LAJayhawk 6 years ago

Depends on how the moon ribs are prepared.

GabrielMichael 6 years ago

Get well soon Tyshawn! We're praying for your recovery!

gchawk 6 years ago

God speed to you Tyshawn, hope your recovery is speedy and complete. Definitely appreciate your toughness and dedication.

Brennan Keller 6 years ago

Godspeed! We need you back out there!

machinegun 6 years ago

Great news--we need you healthy! Without you, we are a ship without a rudder and a team without its leader! Yesterday afternoon, you gave us one of the most inspirational performances in the history of Kansas basketball! And you did it with guts and determination! What a huge win for KU! Thanks Tyshawn!!!

DDDHawk 6 years ago

Tyshawn- Thanks for being so tough, and for helping the team get a great victory! You have a lot of people pulling for your recovery. Hope to see you back on the court soon!

jcw3691 6 years ago

Rumor is that Tyshawn turned the ball over twice on the way to the hospital

VaJay 6 years ago

Both of you can get lost! He was a warrior the past two games, playing injured, AND AS COACH SELF SAID - we would not have won without him. And picking on him when he goes in for surgery - you're both really showing your class.

VaJay 6 years ago

You can't even say "get well" without the requisite slap in the face. Way to go!

Ryan Mullen 6 years ago

Then your mom must be real ugly.

Ryan Mullen 6 years ago

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hawk_of_ages 6 years ago

We wouldn't have been close in the Duke game without him, and he was the only one keeping us close vs. Kentucky as well.

master16 6 years ago

relax VaJay... he was making a joke, it's a love hate relationship when it comes to TT. he's troublesome, makes air headed mistakes but he also can be very very good and our success this season is heavily dependant on which TT decides to show up. either it's going to be Tyshawn Taylor or Turnover Taylor. his choice.

with that said... wishing for a speedy recovery!

Kye Clark 6 years ago

Easy with the "warrior" comparisons there Kellen Winslow Jr.

Martin Shupert 6 years ago

He has had horrible judgement both on and off the court. We won in spite of him. Look at the stats, but he did worse than simply the number of turnovers. How many times did he dribble into trouble, throw up prayers that were never answered or put his teammates into jeopardy? No. He's not playing well. When I heard he was hurt, I thought, hopefully, his poor play is due to that. I seriously doubt that's all there is to it. I hope he gets well and proves me wrong.

Mike Kendall 6 years ago

Great news! Young boys heal fast---LOL. Okiedave beat me to the punch, but it is amazing how fast these athletes recover from surgery. Timing of this surgery is spot on and can't wait to the conference schedule. And Lo! We have the Wild Kitties and Frankie baby coming to Larryville! Yes!!!!!!!!

Tyshawn---just the right game to be 100% for!

Mike Kendall 6 years ago

Thanks for asking. She will out for a week from kidney surgery. This is day #2 being home with her coming from the hospital. I will be with her for probably one or two more days. I was fortunate to see most of the KU/OSU game on the small TV while a close female friend helped out at home. You know, I would have rather been blogging on the site during the game with Jesse, but I didn't want to push my luck! My wife understood and she knows my passion for the Jayhawks. I was so glad the Hawks won. And thanks for your advise you gave. Take care, kuwells.

dylans 6 years ago

Get well soon! The 'Hawks need you more than they know.

Ryan Mullen 6 years ago

Tyshawn you are truly an inspirational man. May you heal quickly. Allen Field house needs your mojo!

Kye Clark 6 years ago

Didn't he get suspended for spreading his "mojo" around the Fieldhouse last season? LOL

Dee Shaw 6 years ago

Glad to hear it. Take your time and make sure you are completely healed before rushing your time back. I would advise that you come back to play at the end of March. That should be plenty of time to relax and sit back and make sure you don't rush things.

REHawk 6 years ago

Hey, Tyshawn, I'm gonna send to you an extra wide dig yer way back to Allen Fieldhouse through the muck deposited by some of these craphounds posters. Hurry back. We can use lots more of those 13 assist nights. And next time the pundits warn that some team is sending a determined guard to rattle your cage, remind them of the Merry Christmas gift you delivered to Aaron Craft and Co.

Xanthe Sherman Swan 5 years, 12 months ago

Tyshawn, hope your recovery is a smooth one. Look forward to seeing you back on the court!

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