Monday, December 5, 2011

Victory gives Larry Fedora boost

Southern Miss coach hot commodity after win over UH

Southern Miss coach Larry Fedora looks at a play against Prairie View in Hattiesburg, Miss., in this 2010 file photo.

Southern Miss coach Larry Fedora looks at a play against Prairie View in Hattiesburg, Miss., in this 2010 file photo.


It turns out Southern Miss’ victory against Houston in the Conference USA championship game Saturday might have been a major development in the coaching search at three universities, perhaps more.

At kickoff of Saturday’s game in Houston, it looked all but certain that Cougars coach Kevin Sumlin had emerged as the clear-cut favorite at Texas A&M;, which fired coach Mike Sherman abruptly late last week.

Then the game began, and USM torched Sumlin’s previously unbeaten Houston team, 49-28, making Southern Miss coach Larry Fedora a much more popular man with athletic directors across the country.

Fedora, now in his fourth season in Hattiesburg, Miss., had emerged as one of the top candidates at Kansas. Deemed by many to be a serious candidate for the Jayhawks both in 2009 and this time around, Fedora’s Texas ties and Big 12 roots seemed to make him an solid candidate to replace Turner Gill at Kansas.

But now Fedora’s name is being floated for just about every BCS opening, including A&M;’s, and KU’s chances at snagging him appear to be up in the air. Mississippi, another school interested in Fedora heading into Saturday’s game, had all but closed the book on hiring Arkansas State coach Hugh Freeze by Sunday night.

Kansas officials have been quiet throughout the first seven days of the coaching search and figure to stay that way until it’s over.

Although Fedora remains in the mix for Kansas, his mass appeal elsewhere has to mean that other candidates are still alive for the KU job. Most popular among them are: Dave Christensen (Wyoming), Dave Doeren (Northern Illinois), Sonny Dykes (Louisiana Tech), Mark Stoops (Florida State defensive coordinator) and Dirk Koetter (Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator).

Other names that have surfaced in connection with Kansas during the past couple of days include Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn and Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst. SMU head coach June Jones, a man some have said would be a good pick for KU, appears to be the favorite at Arizona State.

Elsewhere on the coaching landscape, NFL guys Jim Mora Jr. and Herman Edwards recently have pushed their names for college jobs.

On a recent Seattle sports talk radio show, Mora said he’d be interested in openings at both Arizona State and UCLA. Mora has 24 years of NFL experience, including head-coaching stops in Atlanta (2004-06) and Seattle (2009).

Edwards, also a former NFL head coach (New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs), is rumored to be interested in a number of openings.

Recruiting rolls along

Although the identity of the next leader of the KU football program remains a mystery, interim head coach Reggie Mitchell is doing his best to keep the train on the tracks while the Jayhawks attempt to fill their coaching vacancy.

This weekend, KU welcomed to town five members of the Class of 2012 for official visits that were set up before Gill was fired. Included among the visitors were a couple of junior-college defensive linemen, along with two of the top prospects in Texas, Wilmer-Hutchins High (Dallas) teammates, Damien Lawry, a 6-foot, 175-pound athlete, and safety LaDarrell McNeil, 6-1, 190. Wide receivers coach David Beaty is the lead recruiter for both.

Mitchell, who served as KU’s recruiting coordinator the past two seasons, said many of the recruits he had contacted since Gill’s firing said they understood that college football was a business.

“When you go to a school, you try to pick it because that’s where you want to be, not because of who’s coaching there,” Mitchell said. “Right now, the big thing is to calm them down and say, ‘Listen, there’s gonna be a head coach hired (soon), give him an opportunity to come into your home and sell himself and sell his vision for Kansas.’”

While coming up with the pitch was easy, Mitchell said being convincing was a little more difficult.

“You’re selling them something they can’t see,” he said. “So you just have to talk to them and calm them down and let them know that we’re gonna find a guy who’s going to take the program in the direction we all want it to go to.”


Billy Derringer 6 years ago

Hurry or not, just make the right choice, well any choice is going to be a upgrade so im at ease!!

Dee Shaw 6 years ago

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Bville Hawk 6 years ago

"Hurry or not, just make the right choice, well any choice is going to be a upgrade so I'm at ease!!"

How do you in any way, shape, or form read racism into that statement?

jhawkchuck 6 years ago

Racist?? Where is racism displayed here? Oh I get it, if you criticize someone in leadership and they are not Caucasian (head coach, potus) you are racist. You are brilliant!

Jim Roth 6 years ago

I believe he is being satirical.

Russ Harms 6 years ago

Good God I hope you're kidding!! Great Leader? Rodney King? Bout spit my coffee all over the monitor. That being said, I think Fedora would be a great choice if we can get him!!

Chicago_JHawk 6 years ago

Careful dlshaw - NO ONE on this board can read sarcasm even when posts are dripping with it.

nuleafjhawk 6 years ago

That's what they tell the fans when they know there's no hope of getting an outstanding coach.

Chris Bailey 6 years ago

Ah come on nuleaf. You know full well that no matter who we get it will be an upgrade over Gill! I mean you and I could lose 9 straight no doubt! :-)

nuleafjhawk 6 years ago

Dude !!

Let's DO it! We can team up - I'd be willing to work for 1/2 of what Gill made. (or maybe even SLIGHTLY less).

At least you and I have some passion for KU. At least we'd be ticked off if/when we lost!!

Brandon Pope 6 years ago

False for sure. The coach is a HUGE part of the decision. But when you don't have a coach, what are you going to say? It's the truth at KU right now.

arizonahawk 6 years ago

2 thoughts.

If the school is a perennial powerhouse, then the coach may not really matter in recruiting. UT has always signed top talent regardless if the head coach was Akers, McWilliams, Mackovic, Brown, etc. Pretty sure the same can be said for USC, Notre Dame, Bama and a handful of other schools.

If the school is a perennial middle of the pack performer, then the coach will definitely matter to the recruit. The recruit could be swayed by the connection to the coach, potential playing time, optimism about the school's future.

arizonahawk 6 years ago

2 thoughts.

If the school is a perennial powerhouse, then the coach may not really matter in recruiting. UT has always signed top talent regardless if the head coach was Akers, McWilliams, Mackovic, Brown, etc. Pretty sure the same can be said for USC, Notre Dame, Bama and a handful of other schools.

If the school is a perennial middle of the pack performer, then the coach will definitely matter to the recruit. The recruit could be swayed by the connection to the coach, potential playing time, optimism about the school's future.

Dillon Davis 6 years ago

I'm sorry but I will not be behind the hiring of a Wyoming or La Tech coach and neither will a lot of fans and alums. It needs to be right and it needs to make a bit of splash. Fedora, Malzahn, and Stoops would all do that.

Luke Kay 6 years ago

How would Stoops qualify as a "big splash" hire? I didnt realize that because your brother can coach automatically rockets you to impact status.

sevenyearhawk 6 years ago

The Harbaugh brothers might disagree ...

and look at the Bowdens.

Luke Kay 6 years ago

LOL I will agree with the Harbaugh brothers as a good combo, but four years ago you wouldnt have said that. (maybe even 3) The Stoops havent shown anywhere near the same level of success. The exact opposite so far. Mike just got drummed out of Arizona mid season, and has returned back to his comfort level on Bob's staff. Mark is in his second year at Florida State as a DC which is his FIRST major job not apart of Mikes staff. My point is this... There is no way you should EVER be considered a "big splash" hire based on family name alone. It should be based on proven success which Mark has not shown. If Name is what makes you a coach lets interview Patterno's boy, he will be looking for a job next year. Lue Holtz son coachs somewhere, bring him in!

Chris Bailey 6 years ago

I agree with both of you but the name Stoops still brings with it a buzz! He will be a better coach than Gill regardless. I think the name Stoops would be a splash. You don't coach at FSU and not have some talent and I think he could assemble a staff. You know his brothers and especially Mike could give him a hand. Who knows maybe he brings Mike with him to coach the D. Is that really a bad thing? I think we could do MUCH worse.

Luke Kay 6 years ago

I hope anything would be an upgrade over Gill. Mike is already back on OU staff wih Bob. I would personally just really hate to see us hire a coach based on name alone. If you remember, Turner was a hot name in certain communities and we hired him based on name and recognition alone (because he sure didnt win anywhere he was at). This hire is a big deal for KU, bigger than its been in the past. A program like ours cant handle two crap coaches back to back. It would leave a hole too big to dig out of in a decade. I would hate for us to hit the "early 80's K-State" status

gardenjay 6 years ago

Let's see .... so now KU is paying off Perkins, Mangino, Gill and.....omg.....we don't have any money left.

OK, just remember my great idea of having the KU engineering department deal with making a programmable 'coach'. It could win some games and be a real crowd-pleaser, and a favorite for ESPN interviews.

gardenjay 6 years ago

Gardenjay, what a cool, awesome idea!! It gives money to KU, the academic institution that is supposed to be supported and entertained by its sports namesake, and provides all the know-how of a coach for a lot less money. I can see having different 'coach' chips, such as an Urban Meyer chip, since we have thousands of downs of data on these red-blood coaches over the years.

Your ingenious idea comes at a time that robots are taking on all the unpleasant tasks not suitable for humans, and the unhealthy abuse loaded onto the coaches after every KU loss makes such a great application for robots.

What a win-win. Each time you bring up this idea Gardenjay, I will support it 100%.

The_Real_Hawkman 6 years ago

You are incorrect with one name, I asked Tait and he said we are no longer paying Mangino.

Dee Shaw 6 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Geekinout 6 years ago

Dang, I didn't even get to see what someone put...

DocBean 6 years ago

Herm could get any kid he wanted once he gets into that kid's living room. He's that charismatic. Which is 75% of the battle in College, something that didn't really help him in the pros.

I would LOVE that hire; however, it will NEVER happen.

Dee Shaw 6 years ago

Whats wrong with that. My favorite #69. Hire him.

Luke Kay 6 years ago

+1 After his years in KC I dont think I could handle hearing anymore of his useless babble in press conferences after the games.

Brandon Pope 6 years ago

Sure there are a thousand factors that go into the outcome of a game, but the coach is a big one, and somehow the great coaches all seem to keep the W:L on their side. Curious.

okiedave 6 years ago

Agree, it's great players who should get credit. A mediocre coach can look like a coaching genius with great players. Howvever, the coach recruits the great players. Need to bring in a good recruiter. I think we had that in Gill, we just did not give him time to recruit. KU will probably regret their coaching merry-go-round approach to coaching football. OSU stuck with Gundy after several terrible years and look what perserverance did for the cowboys -- Perkins' money did not do any harm either.

kokopelli 6 years ago


OSU only had 1 losing season with Gundy, his first year after kicking 11 players off the team (academics & character) the Pokes went 4-7. Since then they went 7-6 in 06 & 07, 9-4 in 08 & 09, 11-2 in 2010. Also it is Pickens, Boone T.

dylans 6 years ago

Yeah, Bill Self sucks! He only wins 84% of his games, but that doesn't matter because he has no input on the outcome of the game. KU bball would win with Quin Snyder as coach, right?

dylans 6 years ago

How about a winning tradition like Snyder's at KSUck. That guy does nothing but win. Gotta be the school or the players (but the talent at KSU is on par with KU's according to NFL scouts) couldn't be that a coach has created a winning environment. Or could it? I'd say the coach is 80% responsible for wins the other 20% is up to the players and luck.

Learn to not be a dic*.

Robert Brock 6 years ago

He is a young whipper-snapper compared to the K-State coach.

johnnyhrdwd 6 years ago

What about Bobby Boucher, bourbon bowl?

Mike Kendall 6 years ago

As Stupidmichael would put it best---- "I am getting really scared now!"

Brandon Pope 6 years ago

Herm Edwards would always be good at the press conference, but 56-78-0 career record? When he inherited the Jets they were veteran and somewhat loaded so he had a couple winning seasons but then it was all down hill from there. Same at KC. Inherited the team, one mediocre year, and then all down hill to a 2-14 year in '08.

2-14 sounds way to familiar to me.

No college coaching experience and less than mediocre head coaching performance at the next level? No thanks.

DocBean 6 years ago

"It's not about the Xs and Os, it's about the Jimmys and the Joes." Herm would out-recruit any other name on the list, and has coached at the highest level, and had kids watching him on ESPN for the past couple of years. Neither is something any other KU coach has ever done. He'd fill the stadium, get us national recognition, and could tell recruits what they have to do to get to the next level. He would be a much better college coach then he ever was as a pro coach.

KU would be LUCKY to have him. If I were the AD, I would at least give him and Jim Mora a call.

However, neither will come to KU, no way.

JayHawkFanToo 6 years ago

If he is such a great recruiter, hire him as recruiting coordinator not head coach. Herm did to the Chiefs what Gill did to the KU FBall program.

Matt Kenton 6 years ago

Even when he was head coach of the Chiefs, I thought Herm would be better suited for the college game and he would make a great coach. And this is the first I have finally heard of him being interested in being a college coach. Think of the players that would come play for him, not to mention assistant coaches. A household name, national personality, charismatic, motivating, one of the hardest working people out there, not to mention his experience and connections in the NFL and ESPN. "No thanks" are you kidding me!? He would instantly vault KU to the national spotlight and be in the living room of just about any recruit in the country. But honestly, I don't think he would take the job. He's a California guy, an NFL guy, and now an ESPN guy that travels all over the country. I could be wrong, but I can't see him settling down in Lawrence to try and build up a program from nothing.

railer20 6 years ago

He loved KC though, and is still on the radio stations there every week...wouldn't suprise me at all if he was interested in the KU job.

dylans 6 years ago

The US bobsled team needs a coach like Herm. NO ONE can drive a team downhill faster!

Mike Kendall 6 years ago

Fedora's our man. Come on SZ---meet him in a diner, find a booth and give him a contract he can't refuse. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Dyrk Dugan 6 years ago

Fedora is really the focus now....has to be. his season is over (i mean, he does have the bowl game, but not a game this week) so he can be interviewed and asked about extensively.

if Fedora takes the aTm gig, (and that it would appear his only other option unless he really opens it up nationally) then I would still be very comfortable with a Dave Doeren, or a Mark Stoops. I really don't want a former Mizzou coach to be our head coach.

i think it will happen by Wednesday....Thursday at the latest. It would be nice to have someone talk to the crowd at the Ohio St. basketball game on Saturday. Go Jayhawks!

shelleysue 6 years ago

Well there are a few names On that list that I would be pretty disappointed with so I hope its one of the others. Looking forward to the announcement ands getting on with KU football. I would also like to see us take a big step and pay what it takes to get a great DC at KU.

Mark Lindrud 6 years ago

I have to say I was on the fence on how much I wanted Fedora, but after all the background information on him and watching the USM vs Houston game I am impressed. He has a solid program built, with a good offense and an aggressive defense. He is very popular right now but hope we can be aggressive in going after him. This will be a big week for us I just know it.

sheahoRn 6 years ago

Well fell Kansas folks it appears I've been had. When I left town a few days ago I stated I would not return until I had hired the new football coach. Well apparently Ahperse saw this as his opportunity to get rid of me and has called every football coach in America. Seriously, I spent all day yesterday calling volunteer pop Warner coaches and Ahperse had already told them about me. Not to be out done I will be traveling to South America interviewing futbol (get it?) coaches so I can return to my post as athletic director of this university we love so much.

EMAW sheahoRn

Tony Bandle 6 years ago

I am still waiting for anyone...and I mean anyone answer the one question I have been asking since the minute Gill was fired.

Why would any decent coach come to Kansas if they had other options? Why?


shelleysue 6 years ago

Money. KU is a great institution. The challenge of building a great program.

dylans 6 years ago

BCS conference. #2 football conference just behind the SEC and ahead of the Big 10 also.

Mike Kendall 6 years ago

It would be a chance to rub shoulders with Bill Self.

Randy Bombardier 6 years ago

How many jobs offer $50,000 per week, anyway? Not many. Especially not many that have to do with football. There are lots of quality names out there. We will never know who was on the list.

Now, follow me as I am going to adopt your attitude. Suppose that GuyA "will talk" to KU but is more interested in A&M or Arizona State. His name is out there as being in the mix in all three schools but the projection is that he will end up at ASU, his alma mater. A&M offers him the job and gives him 24 hrs to accept. He tells them he needs more time. They are silent because they are now talking with their no. 2. So, A&M is already moving on and the rug is completely pulled out from under him when his alma mater tags someone else, but it is too late. All, of a sudden he has nowhere to go except KU or Akron, or Memphis. Now where do you think he will go?

These kinds of scenarios are playing out all the time, not to mention the fact that KU is in the no. 2 football conference. Generally, coaches prefer to go to better conferences, not lesser ones.

You are no doubt a Kansas native or you have a bad case of disassociation, which means you want to deny your roots. You have such a poor sense of self that everything related to you is also inferior. I bet your elementary school sucks too, right?

Bville Hawk 6 years ago

"I bet your elementary school sucks too, right?"

How did you know???!!!

Tony Bandle 6 years ago

Thanks for your reply. you made some great points that I can take heart from that this next hire may be the one. My post was harsh and more a result of frustration than true feelings.

However, your last paragraph pretty much confirms you are the a$$hole you profess me to be. By finishing with a mean, vindictive, acid-laced indictment, you pretty much negate any true validation of your character or your motives.

You ask if I am a native Kansan. I am not...I am better. I am a native Missourian, who has fought through all my state's crap to become a Jayhawk.

You're a Kansas Jayhawk because you were born to it. I'm a Kansas Jayhawk because I wanted to settle nothing else and I didn't let anything stand in my way.

Living in the St.Louis area, I stand up to Missouri Tiger fans every damn day...can you say the same?????

shelleysue 6 years ago

Well there are a few names On that list that I would be pretty disappointed with so I hope its one of the others. Looking forward to the announcement ands getting on with KU football. I would also like to see us take a big step and pay what it takes to get a great DC at KU.

squawky 6 years ago

rumor has it Fedora would rather stay at Southern Miss unless KU can put up some serious cash.

DocBean 6 years ago

I've been hoping for Fedora or Leach. Leach isn't an option, and now I'm afraid Fedora might not be either.

Still keeping my fingers crossed.

squawkhawk 6 years ago

Fedora won't come to KU. He'll use his new popularity to re-negotiate a bigger contract at USM which is where he'd rather be anyway.

Benjamin Piehler 6 years ago

theyve been in negotiations for weeks already to raise his salary... thanks for the "insight"... did u find that on a 2 week old espn article?

NebraskaJayhawk 6 years ago

Why is everyone so set on hiring a coach that is winning a Conferance USA championship? Big deal. Do you forget that Turner won the MAC? Big Deal.

Let's get someone with some real experience in here to get our program to where it needs to be to hire a real coach. Fulmer would be an excellent choice and his name is not even being mentioned.

railer20 6 years ago

maybe because Fedora has had success over the years and has built a team with a good offense and a very aggressive defense...Gill didn't do squat in a conference that is terrible.

NebraskaJayhawk 6 years ago

Oh my gosh. How man times do I have to tell you. I am from Kansas, you ignoramus. You are one of the dumbest people that posts on here. Not because you can't write or speak English, but because you don't understand anything anyone types. I hate being rude to someone, but you seriously need to wake up. I was born in rural Kansas and raised in rural Kansas. I moved away for work and am now back in the state of Kansas. Guess I'm going to have to change my screen name so you can look beyond someone's screen name to make sense of their post.

NebraskaJayhawk 6 years ago

And not only that, but Gill is from Texas you not-right. Not Nebraska!

NebraskaJayhawk 6 years ago

Has Fulmer been the head coach of a major football conference? Fulmer has and has won two national championships. I'm not saying he's our long term ticket, but maybe someone that can come in and right the ship.

Joe Baker 6 years ago

Why do I see SZ calling some of these coaches only to get the "run around" with leaving messages and failed return calls from prospective coaches? I just don't see coaches eager to jump their current positions to KU. I bet SZ is getting patronized big time by these coaches.

I think our options are now Doeren or Mark Stoops in no particular order.

It appears the options are dwindling fast. I just don't see too many jumping to a program with so much baggage. The leadership has really fumbled this whole situation.

Andy Tweedy 6 years ago

How has the leadership fumbled the situation in your opinion? Should they have kept Gill? Should they be leaking every interview? Should they have just had a knee jerk reaction and hired someone the same day the fired Gill? You may or may not be right about who is interested, but I just don't see how you can make the argument KU fumbled the situation unless you think they should have kept Gill.

actorman 6 years ago

Common, rockchalk, haven't you been paying attention? Clerly, Truehawk knows all, sees all and has complete insight into everything that SZ has been doing. From his tremendous inside knowledge of the situation, he has concluded that we're down to only two possibilities: Doeren or Stoops. You really need to get with the program, rockchalk, and stop questioning the posters here who clearly know far more about what's going on than anybody else.

Joe Baker 6 years ago

I don't think anyone knows much at this point, not even Tait, who seems to know more than most at this point with his research and connections.

You can call it what you want. We will never get the coach we want. My point is, we go for someone like Fedora and the rug is yanked. There may be a chance, hopefully, but after reading all the sources of Tait and his findings, we are down to the bottom few choices. IF the scenerios end they way Tait has outlined.

I really don't care. I just want a winner and someone that will take us to the next level.

Joe Baker 6 years ago

SZ is cleaning up a mess. He inherited it and seems to be doing his best. You assume I'm accusing him or attacking him. I'm really encouraged by who he may get. This will define his AD career at KU. I'm in no hurry at all. Let's let Mitchell lead the team next year and take our time. Maybe that's the solution.

It appears Petersen is in the mix now. My hope is Fedora, Petersen, Doeren and Stoops.

shelleysue 6 years ago

Please tell me why we should be happy with Doeren?? I don't think I could get on board with that.

55jayhawk 6 years ago

The way I see this going so far I think we may blow this coaching position and end up with a "wanna be". There are too many coaching positions opening up this year and our track record is not our friend other than we will pay pretty good money. If we don't like them, we will pay off their contract and tap the alumni again with the need for another 6-8 million dollars because we screwed up again. I think Doeren is a good pick that if successfull will stay at KU, Fedora will help the program but will move on to bigger times, & Stoops may or may not be ok but is not his brother.....look how hard his brother has had it at OK and considered to be a good recruiter, good coaching staff, & money to back the program. I'm glad I don't have to pick the coach this time because our A.D. has his hands full now and I wish him the best! I wish there was a way for the new coach to keep Mitchell and Reggie because they are good recruiters and would fit in very well with the new coach whoever it might be.

actorman 6 years ago

"I wish there was a way for the new coach to keep Mitchell and Reggie ..."

Are you trying to tell us that Reggie Mitchell has a split personality? Just wondering ...

Will Hamilton 6 years ago

I hope the new HC keeps Reggie Mitchell on as RB coach and recruiting coordinator. It probable the new coach will want his own guy, but I sure hope he'll take the time to listen to Coach Mitchell.

RockChalk26 6 years ago

What's the deal with Huston Nutt? I thought his name would be tossed around more then it has. I would take a guy, like Nutt, who has coached in the SEC over a coach from the Mountain West or the Mid-American conference.

squawky 6 years ago

anyway KU bring back Gill if no one wants the job?

Kansashawk 6 years ago

Interesting thought RockChalk26, for that matter what about Mike Sherman. Either way, I know HN has expressed interest just as he did 2 1/2 years ago.

On another note, what's with all the haters on here? It's one thing to express a different opinion. It's another to be downright rude. Aren't we all wanting the same thing

Finally, I heard on one of the KC radio shows that Leavitt has been asked if he would be interested. The jist of the source said he is but doesn't want to do the whole dog and pony show. So, what was the story with him and USF; he got canned because he punched/hit a player at halftime or something like that. All I know is remember seeing an ESPN special on him and how he was busting hump getting USF going. Curious on any thoughts?


Randy Bombardier 6 years ago

Leavitt would be good. He would be an excellent fall-back position. So, if SZ does his due dilligence and determines that JL is the best option I can see that happening. Since we do not have a whole lot of schollarships this year I can see the AD taking his time and really being certain. I am okay by that. Since we have had two consecutive buy-outs we do not want another. The next guy will be here awhile, for better or for worse. So, he is doing his best to make it for better. That being the case, I think there will be a bias for active coaches where Zenger can do a 360 degree evaluation of program building. It just might be that Leavitt is the standard by which all others are being measured.

KGphoto 6 years ago

If we hire Herm Edwards I'll shoot myself. Everything out of that guy's mouth sounds like a sermon. Not that he's overly religious, but it's those dramatic pauses, loud hand gesturing and unnecessary over-expressiveness. (insert Michael Irvin or Deon Sanders here) He could be making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and it would sound like he's trying to teach you about life.

"Okay now... what time is it?... That's right... It's time to but the peanut butter on the bread!!... Uh huh... Now you don't just throw it on there now do you?... Nosir... you gotta spreeeeaad it around like that... spreeeaaad it around you see?... spreeeaad it around like that... You just throw it on there and whatcha got!?...Lumpy bread... No sir, you gotta spreeeaad it on there... That's right... See now you have a sandwich!... Now you have a PB and J!!!... (sticking his chin out) and that's all that really matters!!...(hand slamming down on the table) That's All That Matters!!!"

Somehow just by talking like that, he knows more about life than you? I hate that!

Personally I think he uses this tactic to cover up his lack of football intelligence and I don't like the idea of having our coach in some kid's living room trying to fool his parents into thinking he has some divine aptitude for winning, or success in general. If anybody here thinks Gill was all talk, wait till you see Herm's personal football-drain-circling technique. He jazzes it up with dramatic speech, which many might prefer to Gill's monotonous mission statements, but the results would be the same. Probably worse.

By the way I think Herm would probably do well in those living rooms. I worked with a kid whose dad coached with Herm in New York. Special teams coach I think. He was the special teams coach in Indy when they won the SB. Anyway this kid's mom was... In... Love... with Herm, and not in a football way. So I could see him wooing some moms, but that was where it would stop, and those kids would probably be confused and tired of his coaching sermons by the end of spring workouts.

I'll take Turner's more simple "Believe" over Herm's false football/life acumen.

RockCaCO3 6 years ago

This is what's great about PB&Js. This is what the greatest thing about PB&Js is. You make them to EAT them. Hello? You make them to EAT them. You don't make them just to make them. That's the great thing about PB&Js: you make them to eat them, and I don't care if you don't have any jelly. You make them to eat them. When you start tellin' me it doesn't matter, then retire. Get out! 'Cause it matters.

Luke Kay 6 years ago

+1 I am seriously laughing while reading my computer at work.

arizonahawk 6 years ago

I've lived in Arizona for the last six years so I've seen Dirk Koetter and I really don't want him to represent KU. Koetter was the head coach at ASU before Ericson and while he had some success, he had issues with compliance and managing his star players.

troutsee 6 years ago

Agree. A big mistake to hire Koetter.

bradh 6 years ago

I'm not sure why he's even in the mix. Matt has said Leavitt is out because he's in the NFL and they don't want to wait until the end of the NFL season to get him. Koetter's in the NFL too, so why are we willing to wait on him and not Leavitt?

Gregor Southard 6 years ago

Herm Edwards in the mix possibly? I thought I couldn't get anymore depressed about KU football.

jayhawkintexas 6 years ago

Maybe SZ should consider someone who has not even been mentioned yet. A guy with a solid football program, learned the game under a winning coach, and has ties to KU. That person is.........Sheahon Zenger. By naming himself head football coach he could save KUAC millions and be guaranteed that the head football coach and AD would get along. Hire some good assistant coaches and there you go. If I remember right, Vince Dooley was head football coach and AD at Georgia so it can be done. Probably couldn't do any worse than Turner Gill.

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