Monday, August 8, 2011

KU football notebook: Sacks bother KU line coach

Grimes: Coaches, players speaking same language

Members of the offensive line, Trevor Marrongelli, 69, Riley Spencer, 79, Jeff Spikes and Tanner Hawkinson, 72, converse during a break in workouts on the first day of practice, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011.

Members of the offensive line, Trevor Marrongelli, 69, Riley Spencer, 79, Jeff Spikes and Tanner Hawkinson, 72, converse during a break in workouts on the first day of practice, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011.


When reflecting on last season, Kansas offensive-line coach J.B. Grimes said there was one area his unit needed the most improvement.

“We gave up far too many sacks a year ago,” Grimes said Sunday night. “There’s no question about that.”

Last year, KU allowed 3.1 sacks per game, ranking last in the Big 12.

After watching film, Grimes said most of the breakdowns were either technique errors or offensive linemen simply getting beaten by talented defenders.

In his second year at KU, the coach believes that his players will benefit from already knowing the team’s terminology.

“A year ago at this time, I was talking in French,” Grimes said, “and they were hearing in German.”

Hawkinson on ESPN list

On Friday, ESPN’s Bruce Feldman released his losing-record all-star team, made up of “some of the best players around the country who play for teams that probably won’t have winning records in 2011.”

Kansas junior Tanner Hawkinson was selected as one of the five offensive linemen on the list.

In the article, Feldman wrote: “An all-state tight end and defensive lineman, Hawkinson has emerged as an excellent O-lineman in the Big 12, starting 24 straight games at left tackle for the Jayhawks.”

Hawkinson, who was named a freshman first-team All-American by three publications in 2009, was moved to right tackle in the offseason — a switch Grimes said was made to try to correct bad habits Hawkinson had developed at left tackle.

“It’s really been a positive move for him,” Grimes said. “He’s a young guy that was thrown into a situation as a freshman with (KU quarterback Todd) Reesing here. To be quite honest with you, Todd Reesing, I think, got Tanner out of a lot of trouble. That guy was a magician.”

Baby Jayhawks

Grimes commented Sunday on KU’s youth.

“I think this is my 35th season to coach. This is the youngest football team I’ve ever been associated with,” Grimes said. “I’ve never seen a football team younger than the one we have right now.

“Count ’em up. I think there’s either 59 or 60 sophomores, freshmen and guys that just came out of high school. We’ve only got 85 scholarships now, guys. Do the math. I mean, it is a young team.”


waywardJay 6 years ago

Channeling Ahperse....

Err Um,,,, the worst part about giving up sacks... is not getting them back... Err um... this is why you need a coach who can errr umm coach on bot sides of the ball.....

They shouldn't judge on how many sacks a game you give up.... they should gage differential like +/- in Hockey.... it's a truthful stat.... You can give up 6 sacks and still win a game.... especially in college.... But if you aren't getting any back you are just giving away field position.... The do the plus minus with turnovers... honestly, I think it would be great with Sacks, too.

texashawk10 6 years ago

That actually sounds a lot more like Dave Lapham from FSN who has got to be one the worst analysts on TV. He says a lot of crap that doesn't make any sense and the few times he has a coherent statement, it's the most obvious statement ever. If this was an apher reference, it would include some kind of statement about Gill being a horrible coach.

100 6 years ago

Keep up the hard work linemen, you guys are the key to KU's future success, whether it's this season or four years down the road....

Jayhawk Nation is rooting for you guys!!!!

Andy Tweedy 6 years ago

Sacks will be down for sure if we can run the football!

Jeff Coffman 6 years ago

I believe we were ranked 87th in the country in rushing last year...sorry, but I don't think that is reasonably well.

huskercarpenter 6 years ago

70% of the team is sophmore or yonger, wow. Still KU will be the most improved team in the Big XII,

nuleafjhawk 6 years ago

“A year ago at this time, I was talking in French,” Grimes said, “and they were hearing in German.”

Maybe it would be to everyone's benefit if he talked in English and they listened in English.

ahpersecoachingexperience 6 years ago

Ahperse Football Notebook: Sacks bother me. As does Special Teams performance. Same with Turners sideline demeanor. Let's not forget about our undersized defensive line. Oh and horriable play calling. Oh oh oh my favorite all the stupid team rules Turner has.

gdkadjayhawk 6 years ago

To all true fans...there has been a disturbance in the Force. Please ignore it and continue on with your regular posting.

huskercarpenter 6 years ago

You have a crush on turner don't you.

Chris Bailey 6 years ago

Come on man. Let's see how this all plays out on the field. Are you saying our recruiting class wasn't better this season? I doubt you would say that. I don't agree with everything Gill has done and certainly the play calling was poor last year, the execution was even worse. Here's to hoping a year longer in the system has given both players and coaches a better feel for each other and that translates to better play! I truly believe Gill will be a good coach and a winner! Rock Chalk!

Dennis Mahorney 6 years ago

Matt Tait used that photo yesterday...Its a good one though.....

Dennis Mahorney 6 years ago

Tanner Will have a great year...This is when it will all come together for the young man with unlimited potential.

Ron Prichard 6 years ago

"Grimes said most of the breakdowns were either technique errors or offensive linemen simply getting beaten by talented defenders."

As opposed to...?

ahpersecoachingexperience 6 years ago

Please tell me you guys are listening to the DP show?

Oh, and how about Grimes stepping up and taking a little bit of the blame for the o lines performance. I half expected him to use Turners line of "got to execute" placing 100% of blame on the players.

Laurence Cooley 6 years ago

well, to be honest...its not the coaches out there missing assignments (like what happened a lot last year). all the coaches can do is teach the system, tell them their assignments in the different situations that could happen and put the best players on the field to execute. they cant do it for them. the blame was equally on the players and coaches; players for not executing (which they will be much better at this year) and the coaches for not drilling the assignments into them better.

Randy Bombardier 6 years ago

Assuming our recruiting is at least as good as this year or even better with all of our youth we should be a contender in 2013. Only thing is I hope we can get all these guys playing time. Maybe do the Oregon thing and run a speed drill, shifting players in and out. Avg for Oregon last year was 15 seconds between plays. They would just wear you out. Anyway, we should be in good shape for 2013, maybe 2012 won't be bad either.

okiedave 6 years ago

It makes me very uncomfortable when coaches start dwelling excessively on facts such as "youth" of the squad. It sounds too much like they are starting to rationalize a projected poor win-loss record.

number1jayhawker 6 years ago

In this case it's just the truth. Go down the roster and see for yourself.

Larry Smith 6 years ago

So mentioning it, is dwelling excessively?

texashawk10 6 years ago

Isiah Barfield (CB), Tim Biere (TE), Brian Blackwell (LB), Anthony Davis (CB), Patrick Dorsey (DT), Jeremiah Hatch (OL), Stephen Johnson (LB), Richard Johnson (DT), Rell Lewis (RB), Michael Martinovich (DT), Ted McNulty (TE), Quinn Meachem (QB), Daymond Patterson (WR), and AJ Steward (TE). Those 14 players are the only seniors listed on KU's roster. About 10 of these guys will be starters or major contributors this season.

Tunde Bakare (LB), DJ Beshears (WR), Greg Brown (CB), Tanner Hawkinson (OL), Brandon Hawks (S), Tyler Hill (S), Tyler Hunt (LB), Chase Knighton (WR), Trevor Marrongelli (OL), Bradley McDougald (S), Toben Opurum (DE/LB), Kale Pick (WR), Corrigan Powell (CB), Josh Richardson (DE), Lubbock Smith (S), Jeff Spikes (OL), Malcolm Walker (LB), John Williams (DT), Isaac Wright (LB), and Duane Zlatnik (OL). These are the 20 juniors listed on KU's roster. Look for at 14 of these guys to be starters or major contributors this upcoming season.

34 out of 111 (30%) players on KU's roster are upperclassmen so it's not a stretch to say this is the youngest or one of the youngest teams in the country. With the youth of this team, it's not a stretch for 2013 to be the season that KU really starts to compete with the better teams in the Big 12 and make a run for a top 3 finish in the conference. 2012 should be the year that KU gets back to a bowl game and show that are an up and coming team that can compete with anybody and occasionally beat teams better than they are.

Laurence Cooley 6 years ago

i think ku will compete this year and steal a couple of games that they maybe shouldnt. i am excited and cant wait to open some eyes this season!

troutsee 6 years ago

I also can't wait for the FB season. I am always so optimistic. But, I can't help it. I think we are going to be better than a lot of people think.

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