Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hoops recruit Jamari Traylor to visit Kansas


Jamari Traylor, a 6-foot-7, 230-pound senior power forward from IMG Academies in Bradenton, Fla., will visit Kansas University this weekend, Traylor told

Traylor visited Oklahoma State last weekend. He also has Indiana, St. John’s, Texas Tech, Memphis and Mississippi State on his list.

Meanwhile, Alex Murphy, a 6-8 forward from South Kingston, R.I., has decided to reclassify into the Class of 2011 and enroll at Duke next school year.

This may help KU in the recruitment of DeAndre Daniels, also a 6-8 senior forward, who visited Duke last weekend. He also has Texas, Kentucky and Oregon on his list.

KU men’s golf trio

on academic team

Kansas University seniors Jeff Bell and Nate Barbee and sophomore Alex Gutesha earned Academic All-Big 12 golf team honors Tuesday.

Bell and Barbee were named to the first team, while Gutesha was named to the second team. Barbee earned first-team honors for the third straight season to become the fifth Jayhawk to be named three times in KU’s Big 12 history.


Ozarkace68 3 years ago

With Daniels concerned about playing time it must not have been very comforting for him to see that Murphy had reclassified himself to the Class of 2011 and Duke approved it so now he has more competition from a 4 or 5 star forward depending on who you believe.

If he is looking for a place where he can come in and compete for serious playing time KU would be a nice fit both for him and for the Hawks. As for the California connection, it seems to me that is his home and CU could work that angle as well.

While one must take every thing said during recruiting season with a grain of salt I did like the comments of Lacey's father, following Coach Self's home visit.

Angel needs to have a visit with all her boys!


jhawkr 3 years ago

Traylor ! Something soothing about the words power forward coupled with 230 lbs. and KU needing big men. The recruiting class is shaping up and with Kentucky already loaded with talent sending some of their recruits to seats waiting on the bench, KU should benefit.

Speaking of Calasleazy, any possible violations shouldn't be earthshattering. To me it's the NCAA saying "Cal, we can't continue looking the other way and pretending that your worthless underlings did all the wrong doing." When Calasleazy threw his name into the NBA coaching carousel during the NCAA march madness, that told me a lot ......... Like the NCAA wolves are closing in and he is wearing a cheap skirt steak suit !


jaybate 3 years ago


No word on kushaw. I figure he has gone undercover to learn the real scoop on Daniels, Lacey, Traylor and Aaric. More than likely he is in Lexington getting first and second sources on reputed hair raising violations by Cal and Wes.

Also, don't even think of throwing in the towel, because of this bad bounce on the gut surgery. I can tell you are pretty sapped by the struggle, but you have to martial your resources and hang in. This is the off-season and a time for getting better. You will get better. Even though you are all Jayhawk, you still have some Missouri mule in you and a lot of kick left, too. Kick the stall for all you are worth, bray as much as you need to, but don't give in to the idea you are not going to get better. Don't ask me how I know these things, but I have a pretty good track record on these things. I can't make people get well, but I can tell who has a good chance to beat the odds. You are going to make it. Believe, as Self says.


Alohahawk 3 years ago

Completely off topic, but nowhere else to bring it up: ESPN reporting that Thomas Robinson was involved in a fight outside a nightclub. Anyone know anything else about the incident?


bennybob 3 years ago

I bet Self adds a Daniels clause to this guys scholarship offer: If he doesn't come to KU, you don't come to KU

This kid, who is way below the average talent level KU brings in gets a scholarship after KU just brought in another below average talent to play the same position ? While at the same time KU expects to reload its whole front court with the next years class?

yeah, this kids recruitment has nothing to do with the top 10 player who Self wants to sign badly, who happens to play on the same team as him. Nothing at all!


loyal2thaphog 3 years ago

I like the idea of signing Traylor. If he comes to Kansas, playing time, in my opinion, is definitely available. It sounds like he would be very similar to Matt Pilgrim and Marshall Moses who both played for OSU this past year. Both these guys were good and gave KU fits in the Big XII tounry...Who knows if he has any growing left to do, but if he adds one-two inches and puts on another 20-30 out!....Really thought Daniels would have committed to Duke by now, especially after his visit. It sounds like he is taking his time and will ultimately make a good, informed decision, although he can't go wrong with the one that leads him to Lawrence.... On a side note, when was the last time KU's roster had so many unknowns heading into the off season?


d_park 3 years ago

He's orally committed to Marquette.


madamhawk 3 years ago

Great news! My HUMP day just got even better!!!


William Blake 3 years ago

Traylor is like a little shorter TRob, though I believe he is still growing. He has the perfect body for Hudy to work on and in his sophomore year would bring the beef just like TRob did. I've heard he has a motor, too.

Lots of upscale, and can add valuable PT to the mix, even in his freshman year.


sydhawk 3 years ago

DeAndre Liggins, Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight just declared for the draft. I'd say this makes Kensucky the front runner for Daniels.


Tony Bandle 3 years ago

1] I think we all need to send Alex Murphy a thank you card for recommitting early. I think a 50/50 situation between Duke and KU just went 80/20 in KU's favor. 2] Traylor would be valuable at the very least as a "daily practice banger' to keep TRob in shape and spur Withey to actually do something with his career. 3] Lacey sounds like a winner.....but is BenMac a PT rival? 4] I wish Brock would elaborate on his comments when the list includes two top 25 players, a pure, talented point guard, a dead-eye three point man, three big bangers with a load of potential ready to be Manninged and Hudyed, plus one of the top players of 2012!! I don't get it?? 5] Jaybate..have you heard from kushaw or is he cruising the Carribean?


ahpersecoachingexperience 3 years ago

when reached for comment traylor said he was excited to play for college basketballs version of the cincinnatti bengals.

(no harm, malice, or trolling. just kidding)


xfitter 3 years ago

At 6'7" and 230lbs already he could be a good fit to replace Trob as a banger down low when needed, i see him getting more than 5 minutes a game if he comes here.


gutter 3 years ago

I saw Traylor play a few weeks ago in Chicago. He was very good and has a lot of skills. Danny can help him improve to the point where he could be a decent NBA prospect. I'd like to see him in a KU uniform but I doubt he wants to come off the bench for 5 minutes a game his Freshman year.


bradynsdad 3 years ago

What a great day to land Daniels and Lacey if it happens. I still think we will have some growing pains next year but at least none of these kids are highly touted one and dones. It would be great to get a solid freshmen class that stuck around two or three years.


jaybate 3 years ago

P.S. And remember. Self usually signs one no one is even talking about!


jaybate 3 years ago

Self is a flipping genius at recruiting, too!

If he lands DD, Lacey, Traylor and Aaric to go with Ben Mac, Nadiir, and Braedon, plus Zack and Perry next season, well, Self is apt to win two, maybe three rings the next couple of years.

It is just awesome what is taking shape.

Screw the home run metaphor.

The guy is going for a perfect game!


Bizzy0712 3 years ago

Haha Love how Braeden Anderson send a UK pussycat troll to GTFO of his FB with his bitter comments...

Love his attitude!! If he show this in and out of the court, he will be loved by everybody in the Jayhwak Family...RCJH!!!


LaJHawk666 3 years ago

It's Traylor, not Taylor.

I think he's along the line of Anderson, so a real-deal pick-up but he's not expected to be an immediate big-time force. Three stars. Role player, not star....for now. I hope we get him.

T-Rob will get tons of minutes, but with the Twins gone, Withey still a question mark, and a freshman and a walk-on transfer...I think our front court is still wide open for pt. And with injuries and suspensions an inevitability, even Wesley may start a game or two.


Great coach? Check. Playing time? Check. Top program? Check. Awesome Big Man coach? Check. Recent history of PFs going to the NBA? Check. Play with a huge home court advantage? Check. Potential to win tons of games and a NC? Check. Hot chicks and a cool school? Double check.

Come be a Jayhawk, Jamari!

Replace PF with SF and the above applies to you, too, DeAndre. Don't you guys and Christian all know each other already?

I think these guys would be crazy to go anywhere else, but I'm hardly objective.


Chris Bruning 3 years ago

self is after him, he is either real good or almost real good


ldjayhawk 3 years ago

Daniels to KU! At this sensitive moment another big man commits to Duke definitely puts another twist in his decision making. How good is this Taylor? I recalled he isn't ranked...


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