Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frank Martin happy at KSU, but would listen to Miami


— Frank Martin says he’s happy coaching basketball at Kansas State.

Still, in a radio interview on Tuesday, the South Florida native indicated he would listen if Miami calls.

Martin, who’s had four successful seasons at Kansas State in his first job as a head coach, was born and raised in Miami and was a well-known high school coach in the area.

Martin said no one from any other school has called him about a job.

“I’ve got a great job. I work with great people,” he said in an interview on a syndicated radio show hosted by Tim Brando. “I look at it like this: 10 years ago as we speak, I was a Div. I unemployed assistant basketball coach collecting no paychecks, having no idea how I was going to pay my rent or my son’s day care bill. Ten years later, I’m at a great place.”

Martin was the Big 12 coach of the year in 2010 and led the Wildcats to the Elite Eight. This year, after a rocky start that forced him to change his offense in January, Kansas State finished strong and made the NCAA Tournament for the third straight year.

“If people want to throw our name out there, I look at that as a compliment and I look at that as being lucky and fortunate that I’m in a good place right now and that people out there respect what we’ve done,” he said. “But, I haven’t talked to anybody. In this business, it’s hard to ever sit back and say, ’Never say never,’ because then you get called a liar.

“But I’m extremely happy. I’m not going to tell you there’s never going to be change, but I’m at peace where I’m at right now.”

Volatile, outspoken and highly animated on the sideline, Martin is very popular with Kansas State fans who appreciate that he’s brought the program out of the doldrums. They especially like that he’s beaten Kansas twice, including this season when the hated Jayhawks were No. 1.

Bramlage Coliseum is frequently sold out.

He signed a five-year contract extension last year that would average out to about $1.5 million annually. But his top players, Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly, will be gone next year and he faces a rebuilding job.

Miami, in contrast, does not draw well. But Martin, whose mother fled Cuba with her family in the early 1960s, speaks fluent Spanish and recruits in South Florida and the Caribbean.

Neither Martin nor athletic director John Currie have returned calls to The Associated Press. A school spokesman said Martin was “out of pocket” and Currie was traveling.

Late Tuesday, the school issued the following statement:

“We do not comment on any speculative situations. Coach Martin is under contract here at K-State and we are excited about the future of Wildcat basketball under his leadership.”


KEITHMILES05 7 years ago

Martin is an asset to the Big 12 and hope he stays.

Cmill1221 7 years ago

Yes BUT I would rather see k-state suffer!!

Ron Franklin 7 years ago

KSTATE without a good coach is nearly as bad for KU as it is for KSU.

Think globally, my friend. The better coaches we get in this conference, the better off we are. Remember how the conference almost disintegrated this past summer? That's because we are weak. We need all the strength we can get.

archimago 7 years ago

While I agree that a strong conference strengthens KU's play, the conference issues last summer were due to football, not basketball.

100 7 years ago

Ahperse is our new prophet if this goes down. He practically called this before Miami even lost their coach.

Miami is stacked with some nice players next year who might respond better to Frank's big city mean streak.

If Ahperse got this right I will write an apology letter to Ahperse for all the mean things I've called him over the last year (truth be told this apology letter, if I have to write it, will be made much easier because Gill is stomping Mizzou & most other big 12 schools in recruiting, taking 4th in conference, which I really think partially had to do with Ahperse giving Gill so much hate mail publicity)

Spencer Goff 7 years ago

I agree. I actually enjoy that KU has to get up to play at Bramlage now. I would hate to see him leave, but would understand the desire to head back to that area.

ahpersecoachingexperience 7 years ago

The more you read from the miami side, the more it looks like he won't even be offered.

1) miami is wanting to do things on the cheap. remember the football coach they just hired? neither do i, see cheap! frank has a big buyout and would require pay in the 1.8-2 mill range and mia isn't going to do that. there are a lot of small college coaches in florida or current assistants with ties to mia that someone will be willing to take less.

2) no ad at miami. let's be honest, frank isn't the get along with everybody type so whoever they hire would have to get along with frank. easier said than done.

3) frank knows what he is but ksu fan doesn't get it yet. remember he didn't bring in pullen, and his first win against ku was also with huggies players. now he is on his own and hasn't brought in jack! squat! you see it, i see it, franks sees it, but ksu fan is so blinded from sitting so close to the tv watching the replays of the dvd that they can't. franks will be able to coach for as long as he wants at ksu based on those two dvds

so he will play the game and milk a couple of more bucks out of ksu but he isn't going anywhere.

Jeremy Bolinger 7 years ago

A genius you are not. Actually, your first comment couldn't be further from the truth. Try doing a little homework before posting info you know nothing about.

ahpersecoachingexperience 7 years ago

And how do you know what Miamis trying to do? Are you guys friends? Are you their agent? Advisor? Just wondering.

Jonathan Allison 7 years ago

he brought in good players. But they deserted him.

jayhawkgrad97 7 years ago

KSU fans do not have DVDs it's more like VHS.

JayhawkRock 7 years ago

Martin is trying to use Miami to get more money out of Kansas State just like Painter did to Perdue.

Jeremy Bolinger 7 years ago

Perdue? And how do you know what he's trying to do? Are you guys friends? Are you his agent? Advisor? Just wondering.

Jonathan Allison 7 years ago

easy there killer.

these comments and blogs are where fans post their thoughts and opinions. We are not reporters, and are not required to post only the facts.

And why the stickler on spelling? I don't know, but it could be that Mr. JayhawkRock is intentionally misspelling Purdue as a way of demonstrating the disrespect that Matt Painter showed them when he leveraged with Mizzou (similar to what Bill Self did to KU when OSU came calling after the championship season).

Jeremy Bolinger 7 years ago

Perdue? And how do you know what he's trying to do? Are you guys friends? Are you his agent? Advisor? Just wondering.

Dale Kroening 7 years ago

Who is Perdue ? Former Bull big man Will Perdue, or do you mean Purdue ?

phi4life940 7 years ago


Because you have nothing better to do but Heckle people about stupid things like "Perdue?"

You couldn't deduce from the way the word was used that it was meant to mean "Purdue?"

You had to google the word "Perdue" so that you could post on he and act like a "big man" yourself?

Chill out......

Dale Kroening 7 years ago

Sorry bud, no need to google Perdue, Ive been a Bulls fan for a long time and just thought it was funny. You need to chill out there superman, I was just poking fun at notabandwagonfan. Im sure he can fight his own battles.

LSHawk 7 years ago

FUNNY! My son works with a bunch of ksu grads and I sent him this reply, he's still laughing too!!!

Mike Barnhart 7 years ago

Hope Frank Martin Stays! Mizzery just took a big step backwards and waxing a buch of Big 12 turkeys doen't prepare anyone for the post season. Our 10 TEAM league needs to be like the old ACC -- a dog fight each night!

Martin Rosenblum 7 years ago

Recruiting in the Caribbean must be such a chore!

Can you imagine him going to a recruit with a package trying to sell a kid and his parents on going from the Bahamas to Manhattan, Kansas? There couldn't be any misunderstanding that the school was KSU and not KU being discussed, could there be? And, how convenient that they would hear about living in Manhattan. Now, I'm not suggesting that misrepresentation could take place, but there is that possibility.

Bradly Moore 7 years ago

I hope that freak leaves. I would love to see the hillbillys set back a decade. He is gone. His mom lives in Miami, and when momma calls, you go home. Remember when Roy went home?

Jeremy Bolinger 7 years ago

I wholeheartedly agree. I think Frank's style, his personality, and his entire demeanor just screams Miami. Its just him. People can say what they want to about his recruiting ability, but his coaching is better than Frank Haith and it will be easier for him to bring kids to Miami than to Manhattan. I believe Frank Martin will be excellent at Miami. Plus, if anyone knows about the high school scandel, it will give him the opportunity to fix his reputation in South Florida.

KUbsee69 7 years ago

"Martin is very popular with Kansas State fans who appreciate that he’s brought the program out of the doldrums. They especially like that he’s beaten Kansas twice"

Yeah, twice in how many games? A record to be really proud of.

I say ... "Martin is very popular with this KU fan. I especially like that he's only beaten Kansas twice."

archimago 7 years ago

It's all about perspective - KSU beating KU twice in his tenure probably has him nominated for their HOF.

Spencer Goff 7 years ago

Considering the previous quarter century prior to Frank Martin, I would say beating us twice is moving on up.

milehighhawk 7 years ago

Interesting to see such a weak statement from Frank - if they call, I think he's gone.

Jeff Coffman 7 years ago

With more and more scrutiny on TV for Coaches poking players, yelling at players, I think that Martin is on borrowed time, he has already had to make a public apology once.

With some of "his recruits" already leaving (I think 3 left in the past year), plus using his stability of his 2 stars, they are in a rebuilding year, and the recruits coming in are raw (I think a 7'0" 205 lb center will have to put on significant weight to play in the Big XII).

I like it when K-State is tough to play against; however, KSU won't be stellar next year, in fact, I could see them in the depths of the Big XII (and we already got rid of two of the basement dwellers).

KSU would be wise to hold onto the coach because if you look across the landscape there aren't a lot of up and coming coaches available.

Sally Presson 7 years ago

Frank Martin is a great coach, I would hate to see him leave.

Tim Bingaman 7 years ago

It would be bad for the Big 12, but doesn't sound like there is any merit to this story. A REPORTER asked him if he'd leave for Miami... How does that constitute an offer.

They held onto that dude that Mizzou just hired, so clearly there is no commitment to winning.

However, if I lived in Manhattan, KS and could move to Miami, I would do it in a heartbeat. To state the obvious, Manhattan is terrible and Miami is amazing. Have you ever tried to find good Arroz con Pollo in "the little apple?" nuff said.

IF Miami offered, he'd be gone.

jaybate 7 years ago

"Some Ways You Know Frank Will Leave If Miami Calls"

~Keeps walking around Bramlage muttering, "Finally, I'm gonna get some decent bistec empanizado."

~Frank seen out celebrating in Aggieville and shouting, "Bar tender! A round of Malta Hatueys for every gringo in this dump."

~Frank's PC wall paper is aqua and orange and reads, "South Beach, or bust!"

~Just bought an RV he calls his "Havana guagua," and told AD that he's driving down to the Keys to do some fishing with Jimmy Buffet and Tony Montana.

~Overheard telling Dalonte, "I'd stay here, if I could just get some platanos maduros fritas out at Tuttle.

~Email leaked that reads, "Dear Mom, Beating Duke and UNC would be a lot easiter than KU and Texas. I'm moving in a week or so."

(Note: all fiction. No malice.)

Iandhi 7 years ago


Not all fiction, beating Duke and UNC would be a lot easier than KU and Texas.

kansas25 7 years ago

First of all, I'm fine with anyone pointing out grammatical errors. If you can't spell or write properly, the chances of anything you have to say being taken seriously are not that great.

Secondly, it's good for the Big 12 for Frank to stay. It sounds like he was being honest in the interview and, I would imagine, he would like to get back home sometime. A lot of coaches would.

Finally, he's got some good recruits coming in. Sure, he's losing Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelley, but there are three 3-star guys coming in that should be pretty good. It's a good thing if KSU is good and stays that way. That's not just for the Big 12, but for KU as well.

Mike Kendall 7 years ago

And the line from Will Smith's song comes to mind, "Welcome to Miami!"

Spencer Goff 7 years ago

Miami, regardless of Frank Martin, really has no excuse to be terrible at basketball. You are in one of the most fertile recruiting beds for all sports in the United States. You are recruiting kids to "bring their talents to South Beach," if you cannot sell that just retire.

They play in the ACC, ESPN's darling wonder child of the (L)East Coast, and according to Dickie V., one of the only two conferences in America (the other being the Big (L)East).

I don't understand how they cannot compete for every four and five star athlete not illegally funneled to John Calipari.

And before we say that they don't spend enough money there... They spend less money on their basketball than Butler? VCU? Their in-state/in-conference rival Florida State? Exceedingly less? No excuse.

I could sell South Beach to any 17-18 year red-blooded dude in the country. Just ask Lebalogna James.

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