Saturday, October 30, 2010

KU vs. ISU: head to head


When Kansas has the ball

Kansas rush offense vs. Iowa State rush defense

Considering the current state of Kansas University’s football program, it would be rather easy to give the Cyclones the advantage in every category and be done with it. But when it comes to KU’s ground game against the Cyclones’ rush defense, it’s not quite as cut and dry. Through eight games this season, ISU has surrendered an average of 204 yards per game on the ground and also has given up 15 touchdowns, nearly two a game. The Jayhawks are averaging 145 yards per game, have scored seven rushing TDs and are coming off a game in which they went over the 200-yard mark in rushing yards. Of course, if you’re looking to the immediate past for an edge in this one, you have to look at the job Iowa State did in upsetting Texas last week. The Longhorns gained just 96 yards on 29 carries in the loss.

Edge: Iowa State

Kansas pass offense vs. Iowa State pass defense

Iowa State is vulnerable against the pass, as it give up an average of 250 yards per game through the air. A huge factor in determining ISU’s success in defending the pass comes from its ability to get pressure on the opposing quarterback. When the Cyclones can get to the QB, they typically keep the yardage totals down and can create turnovers. When they’ve struggle to get pressure, they’ve been picked apart. Considering KU’s offensive line has been less than impressive in pass protection and the fact that KU’s top two QBs are dealing with injuries, it’s safe to say the Cyclones get the edge here.

Edge: Iowa State

When Iowa State has the ball

Iowa State rush offense vs. Kansas rush defense

Alexander Robinson is a manchild, and the Kansas rush defense is struggling. While the Cyclones average just 147 yards on the ground, KU has given up more than 200-plus per game this season. Through eight games, Robinson has racked up more than 600 yards and seven TDs. While he burst onto the scene as a bit of a surprise in 2009, Robinson has been the focal point for several opposing defenses this year. Some have been successful. But when putting his size and speed against KU’s lack of team speed on defense, the easy nod goes to Robinson and the Cyclones.

Edge: Iowa State

Iowa State pass offense vs. Kansas pass defense

Iowa State quarterback Austen Arnaud has not been spectacular this season. He’s averaging 149 yards per game, has thrown just 10 touchdowns and has a completion percentage that’s just a smidge higher than 56 percent. While those numbers don’t jump off the charts, they have been good enough to get Iowa State four victories against ultra-tough competition. Part of that is because Arnaud has been efficient and good when he’s had to be. That, combined with his experience, makes him a dangerous player for the KU defense.

Edge: Iowa State

Special teams

There are very few things about the Kansas special teams that bring to mind the word special. The kicking game is in shambles and the return game hasn’t given the Jayhawks a real spark in four weeks — and that was against one of the worst teams in Div. I football. While Iowa State hasn’t done anything spectacular in this department, it also hasn’t done anything terribly wrong.

Edge: Iowa State


Ashwin Rao 9 years, 3 months ago

Whoever authored this (shouldn't someone claim this?) had the easiest slot! I bet they just filled in the "Edge" slot and then worked on the logic... In any case... I hope at least one of these winds up being "Kansas" and we come back with a "W"!

Marc Frey 9 years, 3 months ago

I hope they can hang some scores on the board as well, but until they show us they can move the ball, score, and prevent a team from scoring, I have to agree with what is above.

Robert Brock 9 years, 3 months ago

ISU's passing game is lousy; if KU would play a liittle tighter and challenge receivers a little more we might keep the score down in the 30s instead of these awful blowouts.

And one of these days our offense will wake up. Could this be the day?

Michael Leiker 9 years, 3 months ago

Seems to be a pattern developing in the "head to head" column.

grandpa 9 years, 3 months ago

Tomorrow's sports news will read:" Kansas third string quarterback is too much for Iowa State with an upset that surprises everyone!"

Dirk Medema 9 years, 3 months ago

"they have been good enough to get Iowa State four victories against ultra-tough competition."

ISU's W's are against Northern Iowa, Northern Illinois, TTech, UT. This is not ultra tough competition. The 2 texas victories appear to only be above average. ISU does 4 L's against ultra tough competition, but no victories.

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