Thursday, November 25, 2010

Aldrich sent to NBADL


— The Oklahoma City Thunder are sending first-round draft choice Cole Aldrich to the Tulsa 66ers of the NBA Development League.

Thunder general manager Sam Presti announced the move Wednesday. Former Kansas player Aldrich has played in five games this season for Oklahoma City, averaging 1.0 points and 2.2 rebounds in about 9.6 minutes per game.


Ryan Mullen 9 years, 3 months ago

Where unfathomably he will spend the rest of his career.

champion_veiw 9 years, 3 months ago

He's way too slow for the NBA style...especially on the Thunder. He needs to do about 5,000 100yd sprints...then he'd be great.

yates33333 9 years, 3 months ago

He had trouble his last year at KU playing any length of time. I do not think this is unfathomable. I feel sorry for him, but he got a big down payment which I never expected he would get. He probably is too slow for the style of play.

Ashwin Rao 9 years, 3 months ago

I agree with Yates. I felt that he struggled with the pace at Kansas too. This year we are much faster because of the athleticism in our big men.

AsadZ 9 years, 3 months ago

Sorry to hear this about Cole. Hope he can come back and play in the NBA

Brad Avery 9 years, 3 months ago

There were two problems: 1) He signed late and didn't play this summer 2) the Thunder was a bad match for him since they play an advanced version of YMCA pickup basketball, mostly involving getting the ball to Kevin Durant and their peremeter players whereever they may be on the floor and letting them jack the ball.

A player like Nick Collison, an offensive force inside at KU, never sees the ball, unless by accident. Cole also may have been hurt. When the Thunder played the Celtics in Boston recently, he was in street clothes. Ironically, Cole would have been an excellent match for the Celtics, a team which actually plays defense and has the mindset of finding the open man.

Andrew Moore 9 years, 3 months ago

I don't think that the Thunder is a bad match for Cole. Cole just needs to pick up his pace a little bit. Last season, I thought the Thunder were an inside presence away from beating the Lakers. This season, it looks like that guy may be Serge Ibaka. In any case, Aldrich has the tools to be their guy, he just needs to work harder at adjusting to the speed of the NBA game. Its nothing uncommon for rookies to go through an adjustment period

Brianna Zaleski 9 years, 3 months ago

Totally agree w/ you afmoore06. They obviously liked Cole in his workouts for the team and liked him enough to spend millions of $'s on him. He's a bit os a work in progress no doubt. I think they are sending him down to get into more of game shape as he is only avg 2 min now. Not that he is going to be a starter anytime soon, but I believe he will be part of their plan down the road

REHawk 9 years, 3 months ago

No matter what, if he is healthy Cole needs lots of playing time. At this stage, being sent down might not be a bad thing for him. NBA players don't get the practice time that Div. I players get between games. A player his size is going to become rusty riding the bench. Thunder can always bring him back up quickly if one of their big guys goes down to injury. I wish him the best. His heart was with the Jayhawk program from adolescence. His bank account won't suffer for three seasons.

Greg Lux 9 years, 3 months ago

No matter what happens he was able to help his family financially and that was his second goal. I like most KU fans hope he can return to the NBA as a positive force. I know this is a disappointment but it's a chance for him to improve his game and get back to his dream. All the best Cole.

Rock Chalk

ajhk 9 years, 3 months ago

I love what Cole did for KU but I can't say I'm surprised. At least he did make that cash. I really didn't think he should have gone as high in the draft though happy he did. I also thought he went to the right team. The thunder doesn't need him to make or even take shots, just play some D and grab boards. That's good because his shot is terrible, too easily blocked from behind, takes too long wind up and his post moves are just as slow. Seems like mobility is the issue. He labored having to go up and down last year. Supposedly he was sick, but...? Wish Cole the best. He was a freakish monster to watch on D and on the boards at KU.

Jaminrawk 9 years, 3 months ago

I'm starting to think this is going to be the trend with young big men that need to work on offense. Look at Thabeet last year. He went to the NBADL. Patrick Patterson this year too.

kufankam 9 years, 3 months ago

thunder/sonics have done this with other players in the past that have resurfaced to play significant minutes in the NBA... not the end of the world. cole's NBA career is still in the VERY early stages. give him time - he is a hard worker and will hopefully develop and be back. good luck to ya, Cole!!! rockchalk

Steve Gantz 9 years, 3 months ago

On a related note, I've been checking box scores all year and wonder when the same thing, or a trade, will happen for Mario. His PT has shrunk to apparently mop up duty, or a quick spell for one of the superstars. I hope he can land somewhere where the obvious skills he showed us and Miami the last two years can be utilized.

KU_FanSince75 9 years, 3 months ago

Well, that is disappointing for Cole. I hope it doesn't damage his psyche. Hope he can come back strong to the NBA. Good luck, Cole.

Steve Gantz 9 years, 3 months ago

Ostertag made a decent career out of it though. I'd be happy if Cole was as successful.

Michael Bratisax 9 years, 3 months ago

I was thinking the exact same thought. Personally I thought Cole was better all around then Ostertag.

Dwayne Mudd 9 years, 3 months ago

He's comparable or better that Pollard ($38,060,161 career earnings) or Ostertag ($48,251,390 career earnings). KU haters like to dog our guys for not being NBA stars but we got a lot of guys that make it to the league and stay around long enough to cash in on some serious jack. At the end of the day that's what it's all about. I doubt Cole will ever have to ever work a cubicle job or sell used cars for a living.

Martin Rosenblum 9 years, 3 months ago

NBADL will be a better league with him in it. At least he's only going to Tulsa. It could be a worse place.

(I'm in a positive mood today - it is Thanksgiving!)

phogphanatic89 9 years, 3 months ago

The move is simply part of the learning process. Cole is behind Krstic and Mullens on the depth chart so he's not going to get the needed reps. They did the same thing with Mullens last year, he did three stints in Tulsa to get the playing time.

Jg33 9 years, 3 months ago

Cole will be fine. The NBA is about about chemistry,matchups, and unfortunately business and politics. They traded for him for a reason. He will never be a stat stuffer. He was hurt in preseason but is fine now and just needs to play and learn how to play NBA basketball.

jaybate 9 years, 3 months ago

"On Cole Trains T-Day Demotion"

Thabeet got sent down.

Hell, Mickey Mantle got sent to the minors.

Getting sent down early only matters, if his problem is not fixable.

Cole was always considered a big who could run the floor.

Back in high school, when he played in the NYC Rucker League game and in some of the all star games he could race up and down the floor.

Cole could race up and down the floor his first year starting until his nose was broken and his knees got sore.

Then came the Hudy weight gain program, which bulked him up 15-20 pounds.

Cole's cardio vascular his last KU season was no where near what it was his first starting season before he broke his nose, got sore knees, and was packing extra weight.

It was no where near what it needed to be for D1. He went from being a 30 minute man to being lucky to go 20 hard minutes.

And that was light years from the CV he would need for the L.


Broken Nose Cascade: When he broke his nose, it healed in a way that obstructed his breathing that compounded with his allergies and weight gain to reduce his CV efficiency to inadequate levels. Solution: see an ENT specialist about surgery to open the ventilation, then find a simple, baseline medicine regime (like Allegra for eyes and nose and Ewing Kauffman's drug for lungs, lose the lung inhalents except when acutely ill).

Michael Bratisax 9 years, 3 months ago

Maybe they can just give him a tracheotomy which he opens up for game time.

jaybate 9 years, 3 months ago

Acute allergies: OK is probably as bad as KS for certain allergies. I left the Midwest, because of allergies. Allergies are acute in spring, simmer down in high summer, then recur in late summer and autumn, when the daily swings in temp get big. Winter is good when it stays cold, as it does in Coles Minnesoat, but in the central midwest it hops around all winter. Things get acute in spring with the triple whammy of pollen, mold and temperature swings. Then sneeze, wheeze and repeat. It is living hell. Solution: Cole needs to go to a team on the "west" coast, where his baseline living condition is non allergenic, then a simple pill regime will keep it under control when venturing on the road. Give him a baseline of minimal allergenic inflammation and he will become Cole Train again, despite occassional outbursts on the road. He cannot live in a highly allergenic region full time and ever manage it effectively. It is impossible. In the off season, especially, he needs to live right at the ocean. Marine layer climates up to a mile inland up and down the West Coast, especially SF to Seattle, are the best for allergic folks like Cole and me year round. Allergic persons run hot and the cool in this region, coupled with the high winds clearing out the pollen and mold (mold is the enemy here) and minimal earth tilling agriculture keep down the pollen and mold counts. Within a mile of an SF to Seattle beach the temperature range is 45-65 year round. Perfect for controlling allergics' thermostat. The best place of all for Cole would be living in SF. This city of concrete has very little biomass. The farther north you go on the coast the mold problems spike August through October, as the rains slow and the coniferous rain forest undergrowth, bogs and meadows combine with a spike in inland valley harvesting to create a two month irritant even at the beach. But SF has super steady temps and nothing green by the Presidio and its harmless trees. A modest sun belt house on Pacific Heights keeps one bouncy and would be affordable on his salary. None of Seattle's perma drizzle either, though I like Seattle too. Portland is too far inland. The beautiful Willamette and Columbia Valleys can be worse than Kansas when cultivation is in high gear. SF has hills to jog and bike for fitness. It has civilization. Cole can buy a plane and fly to Tahoe, the high mountains being another great year round spot for allergics.

jaybate 9 years, 3 months ago

Almost zero pollen in SF. And they need a post man. :-) If he winds up going to Europe, he has to live at the beach there, too. Europe away from the beach is even worse for allergies than USA, because their ag is more intensive and closer to the cities. Paris to Amboise is the worst place for allergies in the world. More cotton wood trees there than Kansas and cottonwood seed tufts, or something coincident with them falling, are one of the worst allergens we respiratory wimps can deal with. The first time I went to France I went in summer and literally had to flee to Rochelle and Biarritz on the coast to survive. Horrible! Worse than Kansas at its worst. They farm wheat in France big time and everything else, too. Combine serious humidity with all that ag driven pollen and mold and cottonwoods and lack of wind in the interior of France and I was incapacitated...nearly unable to make love, but not quite. :-) Thank god for Rochelle and Biarritz. They aren't much to look at, but when you can breath at least you can go to cafes and do France. They saved me. Normandy still had too much of something.

Bum wheels: Cole seemed to have chronic knee problems. Solution: become an investment banker friendly with the Rothschildes, make lousy investments, get bailed out by the Fed and the President's Plunge Protection Team, live in Cannes, laugh about America's falling standard of living, eat excrement and die. Well, not Cole, but the rest of the arrogant, indifferent, often incompetant, frequent nepotists, and too often thieves masquerading as top flight investment bankers. But I digress. :-)

Chronic mono. Don't even know if this exists. Solution: If it exists, quit the game indefinitely until fully healed for a year.

jaybate 9 years, 3 months ago

Excess Weight from Weight Training: some guys can carry extra, others cannot. Cole may be one of those that cannot. Solution: If not, he should lose the lower body weight he gained to play the post, muscle up his upper body some, achieve a net weight loss of about 10-15 pounds, get the legs and cardio working again, then recraft his game completely from a post man, into a lock down defending 4. The goal for him would be to become a long Dennis Rodman. Never shoots, except on stick backs. Defends and rebounds like a mother bear in sneakers. Screws big time with opponents minds. Cole could make this transformation. He is a natural rebounder and defender. And he has something Rodman never had: shot blocking ability. He is too small to play the post in the L. Not tall enough. Not heavy enough. Not strong enough. If the Thunder leadership had a brain, they would model their team off Jordan's Bulls. Durant is that good. They need a Scottie Pippen at the 3. Put Durant at the 2, you stupnagels, as my dear departed mom was fond of saying, then put Cole/Collison at the 4. Then find a couple of wide body enforcement lugs for the post. Then get a PG that doesn't care when Durant takes over down the stretch of each half. Then get a sharp shooter sub for the PG, when Durant takes over. Add the triangle offense. Stir. And wait one year for rings. Easy recipe, but it won't work, unless Cole gets fixed and becomes as special as Roddie was.

One thing for sure: the OKC Thunder GM and HC are not intellectual giants, whether the owner is friends with Bill Self, or not. Cole showed all his problems all last season. They knew what they were getting. They have had one of the best players of the last 15 years now for a few seasons in Durant and have shown no clue of knowing how to build a team around him. If I'm a team not likely to have a high draft choice this season, and need a backup big, I pick him up for sure for next season.

Michael Luby 9 years, 3 months ago

I totally agree about Durant. The guy is nearly unstoppable. 3 - 5 years from now, maybe sooner, everyone will be like, Lebron who? D wade who? Here's to hoping Cole can be apart of the Durant lead national champs.

Steve Gantz 9 years, 3 months ago

I think Jaybate should be sent to the NWDL, Nat. Writers Dev. League.

jaybate 9 years, 3 months ago

Cool, if you'll go to Class A in Boise.

Steve Gantz 9 years, 3 months ago

I'd like Boise. I live in Baton Rouge, Boise sounds real nice, like snow, mountains, no AC on Thanksgiving day...

Martin Rosenblum 9 years, 3 months ago

I've lived in Baton Rouge. ANYWHERE would be better to live! Hell, I'd live in Columbia, MO or Manhattan, KS rather than going back to B.R.!

Steve Gantz 9 years, 3 months ago

Heck memhawk, I'd rather live in Memphis!

Geekinout 9 years, 3 months ago

I look at it as a positive for him and I think he'll be back. He'll see a lot more real-time P.T. and get more on court confidence in his own game. Hopefully, he fixes that janky shot of his also. My God, if only someone would have broke him out of that bad form at an early age. He should have a much higher release point. A good plyometrics coach wouldn't hurt either. If nothing else the man got paid...

Brandon Hull 9 years, 3 months ago


It's an increasing annoyance to have to scroll down, down, down, to see what others have to say when one person feels the need to post three times straight at 500 words per post, or whatever they are. Makes me, and I'm sure others, generally avoid reading the comments at this site. It might seem clever, or cute, or important to some people to post post post, and I don't know where that need comes from, but it's annoying.

And it's a shame. It's not like there are many other KU-loaded sites like this. As an early '90s grad and living out in southern California, I like coming here regularly to see the more "inside" articles than I'll ever see at ESPN. But the comments are pushing me away from spending significantly more time here.

Not that will miss my decrease in pageviews or visit duration. I'm just one man...but I'm just not sure how it's good for the site.

jaybate 9 years, 3 months ago

Awesome technique. I like it. I'm going to use it too!

Dear Editors,

If brandonh keeps posting here, many will quit visiting the site and if brandonh stops posting here, many more persons will visit the site.

Its all about the clicks. Rid the site of brandonh, if wants its click counts to spike up and trigger more ad dollars.

Just kidding. brandonh is just upset because Socal Edison is raising his rates and making his blow dryer more expensive to use. And the state is bankrupt and his state taxes are about to sky rocket.

Ron Franklin 9 years, 3 months ago

one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand.

That's exactly how long it took me to scroll past Jaybate's post by holding the down arrow key.

Get a life dude. Most of the regular visitors and posters enjoy the TripplePostinJJJ's insight.

Brandon Hull 9 years, 3 months ago

Got a great life, BlownJay, this site doesn't change it one way or another. But thanks for the hostility -- way to fly off the handle.

I don't remember saying it took me a long time to scroll. I also don't remember insulting anyone, telling someone to get a life, or anything like that. I do remember commenting that I'm not sure how it's healthy for a site to have one person post such long commentaries that are multiple and long. That's it. Short and sweet.

I'm a KU fan just like everyone else here. Pretty sure it's okay for people to share dissenting opinions, particularly if the epic commentaries are fine.

brooksmd 9 years, 3 months ago

brandonh (anonymous) says… jaybate,

"It's an increasing annoyance to have to scroll down, down, down, to see what others have to say when one person feels the need to post three times straight at 500 words per post, or whatever they are."

I took that as saying it took you a long time to scroll down. In any case, some of us enjoy the insight provided by jaybate and kushaw. I personally enjoy just watching the hawks play and don't get into all the analyzing or mechanics. Shoot I had to lookup what the position numbers were when guys were talking about the 1 spot or the 3, 4. So if their posts offend you, just grab the slider on the side of the page and zip past them.

Ron Franklin 9 years, 3 months ago

Once you've finished reading th L.A. Times, do you then call the editor and complain to him about all of the useless articles that you skipped over that day? I know I sure do. I hate I call in and ask why that has to be in the paper when it does ME no good. I really loathe turning through that extra page to get to the sports section.

Brandon Hull 9 years, 3 months ago

Go Cole, fight your way back to the League!

gratefultyler 9 years, 3 months ago

Ugh, the DL is just a bunch of And1 ballers dunking and turning it over every other play. I hope this isnt the kiss death for Cole like it has been for so many other NBA "prospects'. Keep fighting Cole.

I will never forget how you played that game against UNC on our way to the '08 Championship. Greatest game ever.

Steve Gantz 9 years, 3 months ago

It was a great game, but goodness, 50-50 at the half on the way to the NC against Oklahoma in 88 would certainly rank above that UNC game.

Brianna Zaleski 9 years, 3 months ago

Jaybate- If Cole moved to SF he would have to put up w/ the liberal atmosphere there and that witch Nancy Pelosi. If their climate does a body good, then her policies will f you up. So my advice to Cole would be to stay as far away from that screwed up city/ state as he can. No supreme sinus condition is worth subjecting yourself to that torture. Blownjay- Mind your own business. Jaybate does not need you to take up for him. He is obviously an intelligent person who can fend for himself on a literary level. He doesn't need some d-bag defending his long posts. He has defended them countless time before you. Why don't you provide some meaningful insight on KU hoops instead of taking up the cause on Jaybate's posts. Judging by the time you were on this site yesterday, your wife's cooking must not be a whole lot better than your posts, because instead of spending time w/ family and eating your wife's cooking, you were jumping to another man's defense on a sports website. Hmmmmmm.

slowplay 9 years, 3 months ago

FYI "Aldrich joins the 66ers for the team’s home opener against the Iowa Energy on Friday. Thunder fans can keep track of Aldrich and the Tulsa 66ers by logging onto to watch every 66ers game live, online, for free."

Michael Bratisax 9 years, 3 months ago

Open question.... How would Cole fit in on this year's team?

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