Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top-ranked Duke outlasts K-State at CBE Classic in Kansas City


— Freshman guard Kyrie Irving and senior guard Nolan Smith both had 17 points and led No. 1 Duke’s outstanding defensive effort on Kansas State’s Jacob Pullen as the Blue Devils beat the fourth-ranked Wildcats 82-68 on Tuesday night to win the O’Reilly Auto Parts CBE Classic.

Duke (5-0) made sure the sellout crowd of 18,696 at the Sprint Center, most wearing something purple, was never a factor, taking the lead for good 71⁄2 minutes into the game and then going on to lead by 17 points midway through the second half on the way to their 15th straight win.

The win was No. 800 at Duke for Mike Krzyzewski, making him the fifth coach to reach that figure at one school. His overall win total is 873, three behind Adolph Rupp for third place on the career list.

And it was another November win for Duke. The Blue Devils have won 27 straight games in the 11th month of the year and under Krzyzewski they are 107-10 in November.

This was the fourth straight year Duke won an inseason tournament and the Blue Devils won the one that comes after the season last April, their fourth national title under Krzyzewski.

Kyle Singler and Andre Dawkins both had 11 points for Duke, while Mason Plumlee added 10

Curtis Kelly led the Wildcats (4-1) with 19 points, while Pullen, the preseason All-American who led Kansas State’s run to the Elite Eight last season and made wearing a beard at a college basketball game fashionable, finished with four points on 1-for-12 shooting, including 1 of 8 from 3-point range.

Irving had the job of defending Pullen most of the game but all the Duke guards got a crack at him as well as some of the big men after switches on defense.

Duke took the lead for good when a 9-0 run took them from a 13-12 deficit into a 21-13 lead. The run started with a four-point play by Seth Curry and ended with a 3 by Dawkins on a nice pass by Curry.

The Wildcats trailed 47-39 at halftime and with the crowd imploring them on in a big game being played just two hours from campus they could get no closer than six points. They were within 51-45 on a jumper by Nick Russell with 17:09 to play. The Blue Devils went on a 10-2 spurt with five players scoring in the run. Irving’s drive with 11:51 to play made it 64-47 with 11:51 left and Duke was never threatened.

Kansas State finished 27 for 56 from the field (46.8 percent) although the Wildcats made just three of 17 3-point attempts. They finished with 21 turnovers that Duke turned into 25 points.

Duke shot 48.1 percent overall (26 for 54) but the Blue Devils made half of their 12 3-point attempts.

Kansas State is 3-14 all-time against No. 1 teams.


Jared Grillot 10 years, 3 months ago

Quite a spanking. Unfortunately, the Eastcoast SPorts Network bills it as "Duke played like #1", rather than, "KState didn't look like #4". Man I hate Duke, but wow, did the Purple Kittens stink tonight.

KU_FanSince75 10 years, 3 months ago

K-State isn't as good as advertised. Give credit to Duke. As much as I hate Duke, they are the #1 team in the Land right now. I think KU could be as good as Duke if the Jayhawks play their cards right in March & April. Kind of funny that Dick Vitale thought that, with Selby, the Jayhawks might be the only team that could beat Duke. Nice!

michaelaho 10 years, 3 months ago

Dick Vitale is horrible. He's a windbag for Duke. Time to retire.

NorthStarHawk 10 years, 3 months ago

Here! Here! His schtik is getting tiresome.

Funhawk 10 years, 3 months ago

Bidder coil uh T-OH! Bidder coil uh a T-OH!

gchawk 10 years, 3 months ago

Since North Carolina is off to a rough start, Vitale's allegiance has shifted to Duke.

ahpersecoachingexperience 10 years, 3 months ago

Love it! Reminds me of football season when the kittens were puffing there chest out and Nebraska punched them in the stomach.

Duke just laid the blueprint out for how to beat ksu. Stop Pullen and let the others beat you. Dribble penatrate on pullen because he plays defense like a 3rd grader. Some All American ya got there kittens!

kureader 10 years, 3 months ago

You're probably right. Pullen can't do it without Clemente's help. The Cats will certainly work on this, and they'll be tough in Manhattan regardless. But, I didn't shed any tears.
They need to resume their rightful place BELOW KU in the basketball rankings.

Kyle Logan 10 years, 3 months ago

Dick Vitale might be a Duke Lover, but did anyone else hear his 5 minute rant telling all K-State fans that the Big 12 championship always has and always will go through Lawrence? Rock Chalk

eckertdj 10 years, 3 months ago

I heard that as well. And all I could think is, is this the same Dick Vitale that picked KU to finish 5th in the Big XII?

That pretty much tosses all of his credibility out the window if you ask me.

tis4tim 10 years, 3 months ago

Duke may be good, but for once I'd like to see them perform 5-on-5 instead of 7-on-5 or 8-on-5. Once again, they were the beneficiaries of questionable calls by the refs. Gripe, moan, complain and flop - that's their style and it's disgusting to watch.

Dickie V. said at the beginning of the game free throws would be the difference. At one point during the game Duke was 12-14 and KSU was 1-2. I'm not for calling fouls evenly if one team is clearly committing more, but the disparity in favor the Blue Dummies is astonishing, especially early in games. The refs may try to even it back out later, but damage done by then.

I cannot stand Duke with every fiber of my being.

That said, Pullen was awful. And MacGruder couldn't hit water if he shot the ball into the ocean.

packywacky88 10 years, 3 months ago

KSU has the talent, but they sure didn't play as a team. Maybe if "Frank" doesn't yell at them everytime they leave the court they might. Did anyone really think Pullen was an All-American??? Selby will burn him.

Michael Leiker 10 years, 3 months ago

Just watching the opposing coaching staffs last night was awesome. You could visibly see millions more neurons firing in the heads of the guys on the blue bench than the guys on the purple bench. I don't think Delonte Hill had a coherent thought/idea all game.

He's an empty suit.

Brianna Zaleski 10 years, 3 months ago

This is what happens when a typically average or below avg team gets good for a minute. They can't handle the pressure or the spotlight. Nothing against Martin or KSU, I was pulling for them, but they looked out of their league. And I think a lot of it had to do w/ the stage they were on. It takes more than just talent to win big games like that. It takes experience IN them as well. I live in Wichita and it is the same thing w/ WSU. I have to hear all year about how much KU sucks and chokes in the tournament, but when WSU and KSU are in big games and have a chance to legitimize their hype, they fall flat (WSU just recently choked away a late lead against UCONN). I want those teams to do well but I also take a little pleasure in seeing them get whats coming to them. You have to be really good to be at the top consistently, especially when your team is expected to be good and you can't take anyone by surprise. KU never has the luxury of taking anyone by surprise. Martin got outcoached and looked like a fish out of water towards the end of the 1st half. Best of luck to KSU and they will figure it out come confrence and March, but I think they got exposed as a little bit of a pretender and we (KU) remain the contenders.

vmwskywalk 10 years, 3 months ago

KSU got about as fair a shake from the refs as anyone will get all season. Play that game east of the Mississippi and see what happens. Didn't matter anyway, KSU can't make free throws and can't do much when Pullen isn't on the floor. They aren't as good as they were last year. Now the rest of the country knows it.

David Lara 10 years, 3 months ago

Abso-friggin-lutely. I was shocked at how evenly the game was called and how much respect the cats seemed to get from the refs. Never in a million years would I expect that.

Andrew Moore 10 years, 3 months ago

The refs were not at all fair last night, but they didn't lose this game for KSU. KSU played stupid.

They shot terribly from the FT line and from the field.
They pressured Duke's guards 30 feet from the basket and then were surprised when they blew by them. They were letting the spacing of Duke beat them. How many backdoor cuts and dribble drive and kicks did we see end in points for Duke? Had to be 90% of their points. Their defense wasn't working at all, and they didn't adjust at all, so naturally, they lost. Pullen MIA

stravinsky 10 years, 3 months ago

KSU could still be a very good team this year, but I think they were exposed a bit last night. The top 5 ranking was far too high.

My main complaint about KSU bball over the last two seasons has been their off-the-ball movement on offense. It's especially obvious without the Clemente-Pullen combination this year, but even last year I felt there would be maybe two guys involved with the offense and the rest would be standing around.

Add that to the incredibly poor defense they played last night, and you get a game like that. Too bad -- I really could have went for a home state Big 12 team upsetting Duke.

Justin Lindsley 10 years, 3 months ago

does anyone think K-state can compete with the Hawks? Vitale is an idiot!! The only hope they have is because they will be pumped to play us. otherwise, they are going down.

Justin Lindsley 10 years, 3 months ago

I think MC. Morris could become an All-star at the next level. He could be like Pierce. The improvement he has made since freshman yr. is incredible. He may not have reached his ceiling yet....

KU_FanSince75 10 years, 3 months ago

This game is definitely a blueprint for all Big 12 teams to beat K-State. Seemed like if K-State played like they did last night, it will be an easy game plan. Free throws were terrible. That is why I am happy, extremely happy, that the Jayhawks continue to shoot a pretty decent % at the charity stripe. In regard, to Frank Martin outbursts----I saw that he broke his $25 dry erase board that had K-State Wildcats on it. Man, that was a nice board. Next time out, he had a plain white board----probably an extra one that in the bag. HA, HA! Pelini, eat your heart out---LOL!

kureader 10 years, 3 months ago

Good post.

Can't decide which coach I'd rather NOT play for ... Martin or Pelini? I bet there are serial killers with kinder dispositions. They both make Bobby Knight look meek.

Michael Leiker 10 years, 3 months ago

Teams are going to back cut KSU to death all year until they learn to play some basic form of helpside defense. Even as a KU fan it was frustrating to watch their players out in the passing lanes while the Dukies they were defending were 3 passes away from the ball. Just flat out outcoached, which I guess isn't that much of an insult considering who they were playing.

Michael Leiker 10 years, 3 months ago

Had great seats for the game last night. Martin just has a different way of looking at the game of basketball. It's funny watching the looks on his players, opposing coaches and referee's faces when he says things, seems like they're always befuddled and wondering what in the hell he is talking about or what in the hell his team is doing.

KSU will learn with Martin that coaching heart, effort and hustle can only get you so far. At some point you need a guy who knows a little more about the game than what Martin appears to know. Maybe they can get Winters to come back and teach Frank some tactics.

KUChiefs2703 10 years, 3 months ago

First I just want to ask how any of you can cheer for the kitty cats? I HATE KSU and MIZZ and I will never cheer for them, EVER!! I don't care if you think it makes the Big 12 look better. I am not a Big 12 fan, I am a Jayhawks fan. Period. All I care about is if KU takes care of business, and I hope that my rivals fall flat on their face every chance they get. You can also look at it this way if you still do not agree. Let's pretend that K-state won that game. A win against the number 1 team in the country is a big boost of confidence and that will only help them when we play them. I am happy to say that is not the case and now K-state should fall back behind us where they belong!!!!

stravinsky 10 years, 3 months ago

Because I am a Kansan. And I love my state, almost all of it (Fred Phelps not included).

(Also, I hate Duke).

There's a lot of mixed blood around here. My dad is a Mizzou grad; one of my first memories is Faurot field. And plenty of my friends either went to KSU or their parents did. It's just not necessary for me to blindly hate the schools they love.

It also makes me happy that basketball power in the Big 12 lies in my state. The Big 12 title will always go through Lawrence, but I don't mind having KSU actually be good.

I'll always be first and foremost a KU fan. I've loved my time spent as an undergrad at KU. But I'm also a Kansan.

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